Reviews for Nurse Zechs

BY : SailorBluestar

  • From Rezalda on November 19, 2006

    I quite liked this story. It was cute and lighthearted, yet erotic at the same time. There are only a couple of things I'd suggest.

    I understand this wasn't really the point to the story, but there was no explanation as to Duo and Zechs' relationship except the fact that they were lovers. I felt as if I were dragged into the story without any explanation or introduction to what was going on. Granted, this wasn't supposed to be a very "deep" story, so I can forgive that.

    The only other real beef I had with this story was one bit of punctuation. It's a very common mistake, which is one of the reasons it bothers me.

    "For someone so short, he can pack a punch." Duo said, rubbing the injured area.

    When a quotation that would normally end in a period is connected to a phrase like "Duo said," "Zechs suggested," etc., the period should be replaced with a comma:

    "For someone so short, he can pack a punch," Duo said, rubbing the injured area.

    If it were "said Duo" instead of "Duo said," then the word "said" would not be capitalized.

    One more thing: It's "prostate," not "prostrate." :) "Prostrate" means when you're bowing before someone.

    But other than those things, I felt this was a great story. I liked the way you worded things, and your spelling and punctuation were nearly flawless. I'd recently read some other stories that had terrible punctuation, and yours was a nice breath of fresh air.

    Well done! I truly enjoyed reading your story.

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  • From ANON - entervixen on January 15, 2003

    hehe, I love this story! It's one of my favorites. I think I saw this before on, no? So I was really happy to find it once again! Stupid Oh, well, their loss. Great story.

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