Reviews for It's a bit Cold.

BY : shinigamitenshi

  • From ANON - KasumiCho on September 30, 2006

    Wow... that was the first yaoi I've read is about a month... and it was the hottest thing I've read in a year.
    Keep writing, you're great!

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  • From ANON - Lady of Teh Fiction on June 08, 2006

    Fucking right!!!

    *gets a nosebleed and drools*

    Oh Jess, Queen KaRe. Now I want to write smut. xD I think the best word in the whole story was 'tonguing'. That word is so brilliant. I know it can't compare to every other exquisite word you've used, because all together, they make this masterpiece.

    Yush! I say that, with your new pr0n available to all, the KaRe BJ competition should be open. You know, this will get the creative juices flowing, or other juices...maybe some strawberry milk. *coughs*

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  • From ANON - Arsinen on June 08, 2006

    Hmm...very shmexy I was tingly all over. ^_^ Very nice maybe you should write more Kai/Rei because the Ty/Ka ones I see are starting to get on my nerves...badly. And its enlightening to see somether than Ty/KA or Kai/Hil ewww. Anyways very good I liked this one the vibrator scene was very funny. "what the hel is that?" that was so incredibly funny and hte whole pink vibrator thingy. Maybe you should write a threesome or something. "Hey do you wanna try something new?" door blasts open "Did someone call me?" blue eyes red hair and a sexy smirk. "Tala" Mmmm yeha a Kai/Tala/Rei threesome I happen to like that one actually it's very Russiany. XP NAyways very good work. ^_~

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  • From ANON - lunartigergurl on June 08, 2006

    only you could make saliva hot like that! i wish i could put this story on my fav list. i'll have to add the link to my profile page! it was awesome! keep up the insanely great work. your stories always leave me smiling!!!!

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  • From chinohana on June 08, 2006

    OH MY GAWD THIS WAS MARVELOUS!!! CX I cacn't usually imagine a red Kai, but WOW here my imagination is going haywire!!! CX YOU ROCK!!!

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