Reviews for Afterthoughts of Discourse

BY : Vega-Lume

  • From Eremi22 on May 27, 2010

    It's been some time since you updated, but I hope you haven't abandoned this story. I like it quite a bit and would like to see it through to the end.

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  • From Aki-Chan on August 12, 2009

    I'm really upset......WHY WON'T YOU UPDATE!!!!.......I LOVE this story to bits but you won't update and its making me so anxious to know what will happen. For example will Duo faint at the fact of having to take care of 4 children orrrrrrr Heero telling everybody the truth of what he is and having to go back and tell Duo about the baby???? i don't know i have too many senarios in my head going on for this one and its killing me not knowing of whats going to happen next

    so please for the sanity of your readers please please UPDATE SOON!!!!!

    PS: I love your story its so awsome!

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  • From Aki-Chan on February 22, 2009

    Your next chapter button disappeared!! haha joking but i do love this story and have read it like a zillion (yes i know that word does not exist) times, and i really want to read the next chapter hope you update soon!

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  • From lady_naruto_chan on October 31, 2008

    It's a really cool story ! I hope you will update soon ^^

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  • From Lilyoda on October 30, 2008

    Wow triplets I wonder what Heero is going to do? I wonder if the other pilots are going to find him and what will Duo think?

    Please update soon cause I want to know what happens next. Thank you!

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  • From fairywm on October 29, 2008

    nice, sad story... little fast flowing for my taste but hey i read all there is so what is taste to a good story.... triplets huh?... in a man?.... are you a woman or something, cause that is just cruel?... funny but cruel... pssst fairywm

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  • From sweetangel23 on October 24, 2008

    omg. this story was really good. it makes me want to cry.. so what happens??? cant wait to find out. update soon please

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