Reviews for The Lost Footage Part 2

BY : BadEndXXX

  • From cookietherookie on December 30, 2016

    This is utter perection! Words can't convey how much I loved his fic (as well as Part 1)! I usually skim fics of this length, but in this case I read it line by line. I just neeed to know what Cell would do next. Cell had me dying of laughter. Though I do wish that Vegeta's utter humiliation was given a bit more focus, his reactions are perfectly in character for him. What I wouldn't for more of his POV. I'm really glad you didn't hold back in terms of humilating him. I love how you write the sex; I vehemently disagree with the other reviewer who said this wasn't erotic.Gohan's thoughts are hilarious. I wish every rape fic had a morally bankrupt narrator. I hope there'll be a sequel where he claims his spoils.

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  • From ANON - OneOfDaCellJrs on August 26, 2016

    Love iiitttt!!!,!! Cannot wait for more! Will keep an eye on your accou t for updates! ☺

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  • From Iuvenes on August 08, 2016

    This shit is hilarious. Mildly erotic, but mostly hilarious. I should have known it was written by a dude, but certain anatomical descriptions made me doubt that. Whatever. I would read (or skim) Part 3: The Victor Claims His Prize.

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