Reviews for R Two: Sequel to Ruminations

BY : setbl

  • From ANON - Akai on November 07, 2016

    So now I'm here. Hehehe... very interesting beggining, very nice narrative. Good touch you mentioning Goku's 6th sense acting. People use to forget that he has some strange mental powers (like when he read Kuririn's mind). I like that your Goku is not perpetually happy, he wasn't like that in the anime nor in the manga... I think the fandom got so used to the ff characterizations that it kinda got embraced as truth by everyone.

    I hope not to take ages to be back here, but AFF isn't my main place for reading, specially after dbz section got jumbled with gundam wing and beyblade fanfics, it's kinda hard to browse.

    Thanks for writing more of this fic. Hugs!

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