Reviews for Disclosure

BY : TristaML

  • From dinamicus on July 31, 2019


    I don't logged in this site since years  ago.

    I recently  return to  this fandom, I was in another fandom for a few years but I think I will always return to Dragon ball, because I have never been passionate about other characters like this relationship and Vegeta.

    I begin to read stories  again and even ,I started  watched Dragon ball Super  I was always your reader, and now when I return  I found a bunch  of stories written  and complete for you

     I want to leave a review  for this story,because I can't believe I have so few reviews being so good  work.

    This is very good! It's, indeed, a story that is shocking at many times (I really am not very fond of thresomes and the  sex violence , and the escene with Bulma  means for me , a  hard gulp. I  am a lot   pervy and creepy in m my taste  in fandom,  but I more  inclined to the shame  as pet peeves , more than violence  per se ) but  in the understanding  the rules of genre,  it's appropiate, and it  got perceives as necesary , for  get the sensation of catastrophe  that the awake  of Kakarotto, means for his social and familiar settings.

    I really liked your version of Dark!Goku, I know that a trope used in other stories (even Toriyama / Toyotaro used it now), but in a few occasions it reaches the depth and complexity that you manage to capture here.the realization between Kakarotto and Vegeta, is very interesting.When vegeta unleashes his wild side, and  Bulma  and  the fans what the true nature of the Saiyans is about, and what kind of problem the universe has gotten into. 

    I like the fact that you describe their relationship as something marked by lack of communication ,distrust and competitiveness, but in spite of that, there is an irresistible sexual attraction underlies all these elements at times,  superpass all of  them, sometimes. And that can also be seen, to In spite of all the mutual instinct of possession and of marking superiority over the other,  manifests is the feeling in both that the other is the only one who can understand totally   in the end. 

    Love your dialogues ,and love  your Vegeta's characterization.


    I really do not know if this review is going to come to you, and perhaps at the end of this story, you finally reached your last stage in membership in the KKVG fandom, which usually happens and has nothing wrong, but I could not stop telling you.


    I agree with you that it is a shame that this site is dying, and this fandom is very abandoned, although in the last weeks I have seen several new works, maybe there are more people apart from me having a nostalgic attack.


    Anyway, I still recommend that you upload this story on other sites, it would be a shame if it were lost if they close the site from one moment to another, and and although it is a bit squicky, it deserves to be read by more readers.

    Love your dialogues.

    and now, 

    and now I'm going to finish reading "All my hate", which is the story I started reading before I left, but then I stopped reading, when I temporarily stopped this fandom dazzled by the lights of another hahah

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  • From CalicoSoneji on May 29, 2019

    I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to come to this site and I was so excited when I came back to a complete story! I’ve just binge read it all and I’m so happy with how this turned out, I love the character development in this fic, every chapter has kept me on the edge of my seat. I felt so sorry for Vegeta at the end, I’m glad he found the message that Kakarot had left for him - I’m not great with reviews so I’ll wrap it up, I absolutely loved this story and I’m so happy to see you’ve wrote previous fics! I’m going to read all the others so expect some random reviews :’) 

    please keep on writing! I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future <3

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  • From Herpb4uDerp on May 20, 2019

    I really felt for Goku. I thought him still leaving on his own was perfect for how you've characterized him so far. I liked the way it ultimately happened too. No show, just disappears. Leaves a hidden message for the one who needs it. Satisfying. But UHG Vegeta in his slump is driving me crazy haha! In a good way. But I want to see him get closure too :D So looking forward to your last chapters!

    Your writing has developed a lot throughout this story by the way. Their voices and characterizations became much more pronounced as the story progressed. Particulalry Goku at the end. I actually had a lot of trouble telling Goku and Vegeta apart at first. I'm not sure if that was on purpose to some degree because Goku had reverted to his 'more saiyan' nature but I had to double check whose perspective while I was reading fairly often because their internal voices sounded so similar in word choice, sentence structure and how they seemed to process things. But now it's very clear who's narrarating and they feel much more fleshed out. Kudos dude. It's so awesome to see that happen as a story unfolds. I hope you continue to write other stories, oc and fics alike.

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  • From Herpb4uDerp on April 04, 2019

    aw, this was so nice and so satisfying. Still wondering what the exact wish was and if anyone else remembers... hmmmm seems we're nearing the end of this harrowing experience for Vegeta and Goku ;_; but I suspect there's still a little more to be told. What a journey it's been so far.


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  • From Herpb4uDerp on March 07, 2019

    Oof! So curious to see what the wish is!! What a way to leave your readers hanging! :D Hope you update soon after a cliff hanger like that!


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  • From Herpb4uDerp on December 05, 2018

    Bro, I've been reading this since like ch 3. It's interesting and I like the moral quandries Goku is struggling through. Please keep working on it! I'm very curious to see where you take this.




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  • From CalicoSoneji on May 22, 2018

    You’re very welcome! 

    Very interesting chapter, i wonder what Vegeta will make of Kakarots recent activities! I really enjoy your writing style - hope to read more soon! 

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  • From CalicoSoneji on April 19, 2018

    Hi there! 

    I used to lerk around here years ago and I recently got back into reading fanfiction. I created an account just to tell you how awesome your writing it! Really enjoying your fic, it’s unlike anything I’ve read before - hope to read more soon! 

    Calico x

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  • From Eevee01 on April 12, 2018

    please OMG! Continue 

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