Saiya Academy

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Saiya Academy

“Chapter 1: First Day at the Academy”

Nerves wracked the wild-haired fifteen-year-old as he crossed the threshold of his new prison for the next semester. It really sucked moving in the middle of the school year. His father had moved them once again, so here he was stuck as the new kid once more. He’d had it! He didn’t care what his father said; he was not going to move again unless it was out of his father’s house and into his own. He would not—

Boof! Ow! . . . Oh, just fantastic! Why couldn’t I just keep my thoughts clear for just a moment? Just had to run into a major jock on the first day!

“Watch the hell where you’re goin’ dweeb! I don’t give a shit if you’re new or not. No one messes with—”

“Burori, what did I tell you about your behavior in my school?” interjected the slightly-shorter-than-average heighted yet svelte dark-eyed boy with raven upswept hair that seemed to defy even gravity.

The much taller and muscular jock scowled in exasperation but answered nonetheless. “I was just welcoming the new kid to our fine institution,” answered Burori with a false smile. He hated the “Prince” with a passion. But their fathers were old buddies and deep business partners, so, although he could easily kick the prince’s ass, it just wouldn’t be in his best interest to. Moving to brush the new kid’s shoulders off, yanking him up hard; Burori did his best to keep up the façade of giving a damn.

“Well Burori, I do believe you could stand to work on your people skills. But since you have morning practice, it will have to be on your own time,” concluded the “Prince” with a haughty smirk, knowing his word—just like his father’s—was king there.

Burori did his best to maintain control; clenching his fists and biting his lip before answering. “As you say, Your Highness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I do have practice,” all but growled Burori before storming through the halls away from him and to the guys’ locker room.

“Well now, don’t thank me all at once,” quipped the upswept-haired teen.

Not a chance in Hell. He hadn’t asked to be helped out of that situation. And it’s not really help if you’re expecting something in return. “I do not recall asking for your aid,” answered the new kid calmly, letting the “Prince” know he owed him nothing in his book.

“Welcome to Saiya Academy . . . Gokuu Son,” said the “Prince”, absolutely dismissing the new kid’s words and attitude. “While I am the headmaster’s son, I hope you can find it in yourself to treat me like everyone else. All I want is for everyone here to have a good experience while we all grow and learn from each other as we prepare ourselves for the outside world.”

“What was all that with the jock then?” curtly inquired Goku, not at all pleased that the headmaster’s son already had his face and name memorized.

“Unfortunately, petty school politics do apply here, but only to those primitive-minded enough that they still seem to need such hierarchies in order to function decently around others. But you do not seem to be that type. I would prefer that we become real friends,” amicably murmured the headmaster’s son a bit more softly.

“I didn’t get your name,” uttered Gokuu and then mentally facepalmed. How could he not know the headmaster’s son’s name?! How embarrassing!   

“I am called Bejiita Saiya—unfortunately—just like my father; though only in name,” answered the headmaster’s son, unconsciously folding his arms as he became visibly peeved.

Gokuu couldn’t help but grin at that; to have the exact same name as your father really had to suck, even if he did own a multi-billion dollar empire. But his smile left just as quick as it came as his thoughts began to claim him once more. Bejiita had obviously seen his name and picture on the school roster; which he really wished he had taken a better look at before coming to school… But there was just so much that… It no longer mattered though. He had promised himself that he would have a good year for once. He would not allow him, his father or the past to get in the way of that, or some pompous headmaster’s son. While he still wasn’t quite sure what to think of Bejiita, he could at least remain cordial until he was certain.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Bejiita. I hope to have a great year here,” spoke Goku politely, feigning a smile.

“I am sure you will,” answered Bejiita with a smile, slightly relieved and hopeful; enthused that Gokuu had used his first name as if they were already friends. “I’ll see you in homeroom in an hour,” he finished, winking at Gokuu before strolling away.

Gokuu’s face flushed heavily at that. The headmaster’s son was interested…in him, like that?! Wow. And he was gorgeous with his flawless deep bronze skin, dressed cleanly in their black and silver school uniform (black slacks, sheen black dress loafers, silver dress shirt, socks and belt); the little silver Saiya insignia broach (signature and personal ID of the academy and each individual member) on the lapel of his sable jewel-buttoned vest accentuating his beautiful keen ebony eyes all the more… No, he didn’t really want to go there. He had gone there once before. He could not take that again.

“Good Morning,” said a new amicable voice, forcing Gokuu out of his thoughts once more.

Gokuu looked around feverishly but couldn’t see anyone until he peered downward and to his right. A short but muscular bald monk-looking kid grabbed his attention. He seemed friendly enough, but Gokuu had to bite his tongue to not gasp once seeing his face closer. The poor guy was missing a nose. Though you couldn’t tell if he was born that way or had major plastic surgery after some horrid accident, it was still an uncanny thing to witness.

Gokuu strove to remain as normal as possible anyway. It wasn’t right to treat others differently for the way they looked, for things beyond their control; to do such would be ignorant and stupid to say the least. It had never been his style and he wasn’t about to start. A person’s merit or lack thereof was in what they chose, not what they couldn’t. Plus, he really hoped they could be friends. He just had a good feeling about him and really did need a real friend.

“Good Morning,” he finally answered. “I am Gokuu Son. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Kuririn Monk, and the pleasure is all mine,” he said smiling, a slight twinkle in his eye. “I’ve seen you standing here for a while now. If you want to catch breakfast and have some time before first period, I’d get there soon… I could show you the way to the cafeteria if you want,” he finished, hope shining in his dark round eyes.

Just then Gokuu’s stomach growled rather loudly—causing him to blush something fierce—but he managed to answer Kuririn anyway. “I-I would like that, thank you.” Kuririn smiled and began perkily leading Gokuu to their destination.

Gokuu sighed softly once he sat down across from Kuririn at one of the many round stainless steel tables that each sat four, across an expansive sterile white room. If nothing else, at least breakfast wasn’t a bust. At that moment, he didn’t give a damn who was watching him—beginning to scarf down his chosen wholegrain blueberry waffles, real maple syrup and spicy tofu sausage with gusto—he just wanted to eat in peace.

Kuririn watched him for a moment in quiet awe before digging into his brown sugar oatmeal; alternately taking a bite of pear and sip of fruit juice in between. Gokuu was absolutely stunning to behold. While he already yearned to be more than friends, he would settle just for being allowed in his presence for now. One could always hope though.

By lunch time, Gokuu had had it. Every single teacher just had to make him introduce himself at the front of the class and pry into who he was a person before allowing him to sit down. His history, hobbies and personal activities weren’t anyone’s business! He had done the whole song and dance so many times, he should be used to it, but he wasn’t. It sucked every single time! And Bejiita didn’t help any; flashing him sultry looks and waving at him. And why in the hell was he in all of his classes so far?! If for once he could just—

“Gokuu! Come sit with us for lunch. Come on now! Don’t be a stranger,” called out an eager voice.

Gokuu searched the cafeteria for Kuririn hard; wanting to sit with Kuririn or alone. But after moments of not seeing him, he finally gave in to his loud caller so he’d shut up. Faking a smile, he casually sat down in the spot afforded him; beginning to dig into his vegetable stir-fry and wild rice in an attempt to forego conversation.

But his dashing short-spikey-haired caller was having none of that. “Slow down Gokuu. We have over half an hour for lunch. The food’s not going anywhere.”

“Let him eat how he wishes Gohan. If he wants to get indigestion, that’s his business,” quipped the masterfully tall, carved-from-granite, immaculate bald ebony-skinned jock who sat next to him.

“I was just trying to be thoughtful Pikkoro,” begrudgingly murmured Gohan, his exuberant smile morphing into a frown.

“You’re both right,” interjected Gokuu. “I have a right to eat as I please. However, it’s not the best health or manner wise to scarf food down. Though, if I’m not really welcome I’ll—”

Gohan quickly told him he was more than welcome; shooting Pikkoro a sharp look should he feel the need to say more. Pikkoro rolled his eyes and began cutting into his steak. As adept as he was in both his body and mind, his Love Gohan was the one person he could never win a fight against, so he had stopped trying to a long time ago.

Gohan returned his gaze to Gokuu then. “So, what do you think about this place so far?” he asked, before biting into his juicy red apple in such a way that it made both Pikkoro and Gokuu swallow thickly and look down, uncomfortably earning them both a half-boner, the question absolutely forgotten.

Dammit Gohan! I wish you wouldn’t do that. Have some respect and self-restraint; if not for him or yourself, for me. Damn. If I didn’t love you—

But you do love me Pikkoro, and I love you more. I just want to figure this kid out. I can sense something off about him. And with what has already happened behind these walls, I need to know he’s on our side—or at least not our enemy.

He’s that powerful? But he’s human, and I don’t sense anything in his aura that—

I don’t know what it is Pikkoro. But I’ve never not been able to read the mind of a human before. He’s not a warlock or a spell castor of any kind—the only humans capable of blocking my mental probing. You know I can blast through most telepaths’ barriers… But, something is clearly off about him Pik. I don’t know what to think yet. I just hope he’s on our side.

“Are you guys using telepathy?” asked Gokuu only joking after watching their eyes lock for a time. But he regretted it when they both turned to stare at him in slight dread. “I was just joking,” he said quickly. “I mean, the way you two peer into each other… Lovers have been known to communicate without verbalizing; kind of like how a mother can feel her child when in danger no matter where they are… Love is an amazing thing.” Gokuu facepalmed and groaned then, turning bright red. Why did his mouth—or rather his brain—always have to mess things up for him?!

Gohan and Pikkoro both let out a breath they hadn’t realized they’d been holding. The poor new kid was just struggling to get through his first day at a new school. Perhaps they better not jump to conclusions. There would be time to find out about him.

“I didn’t mean to offend you,” whispered Gokuu with tears in his eyes. “I won’t bother you anymore. Excuse me,” he all but whimpered, making to stand with his tray.

“Oh, you didn’t offend us honey. Pikkoro can just be such a grouch sometimes,” offered Gohan, urging Gokuu to stay gently with his hand, to finish eating with them. Pikkoro gave Gohan a look but remained quiet as he began tearing into his steak and baked potato again. “But we are lovers though Gokuu. I’m so glad that doesn’t bother you. Some people can be real jerks about it. But the reality is, nothing could be more beautiful and natural than genuine love shared between those that are true—regardless of the form it takes. There really is way too much hate, greed, cowardice and ignorance in the world—so much destroyed and so many lives stolen, tainted and lost for absolutely nothing of genuine value,” declared Gohan with fiery conviction.

“I agree,” answered Gokuu, beginning to stuff his mouth in hopes of ending the heavy conversation. He didn’t think he could take any more deep stuff that day, but was hopeful that he might have made two new friends.

Gohan had wanted to say more but decided to let everyone eat. Plus, he was surely famished himself as he dug into his fresh garden salad. There would be time to get to know him better anyway, and surely they would.

When the last bell rang, Gokuu sighed heavily. Finally. Once at his locker, he grumbled to himself. He wasn’t ready to go back home but neither did he want to stay at the academy. If only he could—

Gokuu,” suavely purred a familiar voice, Gokuu feeling a hand squeeze his shoulder. “If you join one of our afterschool clubs, you can stay a bit longer…or you can come with me to—”

“Bejiita, I appreciate how…accommodating you’ve been all day, but I just need—”

“Are you sure you want time alone? It’s okay to let loose sometimes. There are times we all need it,” Bejiita urged, his hand not yet letting go of Gokuu’s shoulder, even squeezing a bit tighter.

“Thank you Bejiita, but maybe another time. For now, I need to get back home.” Bejiita casually removed his hand from Gokuu’s shoulder then and nodded, before moving to go down the hall.

He stopped and turned a moment, still hopeful. “I’m here if you ever need me for anything.”

Gokuu nodded nervously; both going their separate ways after, Gokuu’s hand sliding through his thick wild locks anxiously. He knew Bejiita and his father lived in the mansion behind the school—owning everything within a certain radius of both. No, he did not want to stay. It really sucked. Since it was now known throughout the academy that Bejiita wanted him, even the girls stopped looking his way. And he hadn’t seen Kuririn since after first period; probably avoiding him like everyone else. Yes, the first day really stunk and going home wasn’t going to be any better.

Gokuu suddenly stilled when he heard a continuous thumping noise. Though his first instinct told him to let it go and just go home, curiosity got the best of him. He found his feet taking him down the long crimson hallway and down a few floors to the basement level. The farther he went, the louder the sound got, the faster his heart beat in his chest. But try as he might, he could not will himself to stop moving towards the persist sound.

He swallowed thickly as he continued; uncertain which was louder—his heartbeat or the horrendous eerie thumping that continued unabated down the eerie corridor, darkness seeming to close in on him from all sides. He thought his chest might explode he was so afraid, but his feet would not listen to his anguished pleas to stop and turn back the way he had come.

Finally reaching his hand out to grab the brass doorknob of the foreboding grey door his body had finally made it front of, Gokuu felt his heart leap into his throat as a cold hand covered his mouth to stifle his scream from behind; strong arms pulling him backward and to the wall for leverage. He struggled with all his might, but to no avail under the vise-like grip; shuddering in trepidation as he felt a viscous arctic tongue lick up and down his neck.

Just when he thought he might go mad with terror, he felt an arctic gale suddenly blew past him. The frigid arms and body that he’d felt holding him captive seemed to vanish without him getting even a glimpse. And as he fell hard to his knees then, tears filled his eyes as his body continued to shudder and move him into the fetal position.

All sense of time had left him; leaving him unsure of just how long he had shuddered there alone in the dark. Once he regained enough composure to stand he did and ran all the way back upstairs and outside the academy. He ran as fast as he could without looking back or acknowledging his surroundings, terror and shame still pervading his person the entire way.  

Once finally there, he hurriedly opened the front door to his and his father’s new residence, swiftly shut and locked it behind him and rushed upstairs to his room. He was grateful his father was still at work; not willing that he would witness his distraught form and tears. It had become a habit of both of them to keep their true feelings from each other; it was how they both survived after… If only he could make his father understand.

As hot rivulets of steaming water ran down his naked body, Gokuu strove to shake away his terror and the memories it brought up. Though he willed the heated shower to wash away the day—to wash away all that continued to ail his spirit—tears continued to squeeze past his weary eyes. Somehow, he had to get it together. He would not allow his father to move them again—for him or any reason. This time it all had to work out.


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