Dance Night

BY : Shiori_Chai
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Pairing: ?/Max
Warnings: Yaoi, M/M slash, PWP


"Coming, coming!", Max yelled as he hopped off his couch to answer the door. He checked the peep-hole and smiling brightly as he unlocked to door and flung it open.

"Tyson! Hey, what's up?", Max said as he moved to let his friend in.

"Hey Max, it's been a while", Tyson said with a grin as he entered the apartment and removed his shoes.

Max closed and locked the door and followed Tyson as they entered his living room.

"Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you something to drink?", Max said as he went into his small kitchen.

"Water would be great, thanks", Tyson replied. He plopped down on Max's couch focusing on the TV that was showing a silly cartoon.

Max came back with a glass of water. He handed the drink to Tyson before sitting on the couch, one leg tucked under him.

"So, how's life? You and Oliver ok?", Max asked.

Tyson placed his drink on the low table in front of the couch before replying, "Life's good man. Oliver and I are doing well; it'll be three years now since we started dating. He's on a business trip right now so I decided to drop by and see if you wanted to go out."

"Wow, congrats. Actually I'm not too busy this weekend and I haven't been out in awhile. I know a great club we could hit up. They play great music and I know one of the bartenders. Just give me some time to get dressed", Max said as he got up and went to his room.

Max went straight for his closet and opened the double doors. Pants hung on a low rung metal bar while his shirts hung on the metal bar above.

"Hmmm…I wonder if he'll be there?", Max mumbled as he eyed a red tight fitting, sleeveless shirt.

"If who will be there?", said a sly voice behind him.

Max jumped two feet in the air before turning around.

"Ray!", Max yelled as he blushed bright red.

It didn't help that Tyson was laughing his ass off by the room's door.

"Hahaha, sorry Max. That moment was just too prefect", Ray laughed as he avoided the seething blonde.

"That's not cool man. Also, I thought you wouldn't be back till tomorrow", Max pouted as he turned back to pick out his clothes.

"Yeah, but the trip ended sooner because of some complication. Personally, I think the old stiffs at the convention didn't want to bend to our company's offers. Too bad for them, I guess", Ray shrugged as he went back to the living room.

Max was currently roommates with Ray Kon. Max had been looking for a roommate to help with the bills and had gotten lucky when he had met Ray at his job. Max worked as a secretary for Hiwatari Enterprises and Ray was a minor IT tech for the same company.

"So, who is this guy Max?", Tyson asked as he leaned against the door frame.

"A hunk that Max saw at the club one night. He says the guy has "gorgeous purple eyes" and "a body to die for"", Ray said as he started making some tea in the kitchen.

Max flushed again as he chose a pair black leather pants that were comfortable. It also helped that they showed off his round butt.

"Ohhh, Max has a crush", Tyson teased as he snickered.

"Whatever, you guys have never seen him." Max huffed as he picked out a shimmering navy blue, sleeveless shirt that had rips on the side to show a little skin. He also picked out a pair of simple, black boots that went up to his calf. Max laid out the outfit on the bed before going to his tall dresser to pick out jewelry.

Tyson went to living where Ray was flipping channels and sipping his tea. He sat and started up a conversation while he waited on Max.

The two men talked for what felt like an hour before Max finally came out of his room. Tyson felt his jaw drop at the sight of him.

Gone was the normal boyish look. In its place was a sultry temptress decked out in smooth leather and gleaming with sliver. The black leather made Max's legs look long for 5'5 and the shirt hugged his torso like a second skin. He had a black choker with a small dangling ruby around his neck, a silver cuff around upper left arm, a black stud in his left ear and two black bracelets on his right wrist. Black mascara outlined his eyes and made them stand out more and his lips looked glossy. His hair was styled in a way that made the layers of blonde blend together in waves.

"Ok Tyson, let's go", Max said as he grabbed his keys and wallet. He tucked his cell phone in a back pocket that seemed to magically appear. Tyson wondered how he got into those pants anyhow. The man his closed mouth and followed after Max.

"Have fun", Ray said as the two men left.

"It isn't that far so we can walk there", Max said as they went down to the first floor.

"Think you'll see him there?" Tyson asked as they walked down the sidewalk, party-goers out in full swung even though it was 9pm.

"Hope so", Max sighed as he thought about the handsome man that he saw sometimes at the club.

When Max had first seen him, it was like he had been struck by lightning. The man oozed sex appeal. Even though the club was dark, Max could make out the man's eyes clearly. Sharp purple eyes gazed around the club lazily, as if the owner was bored with being here. Which he shouldn't have been because he had two women fawning and rubbing up against him, one on each side. Max felt interested and disappointed at the same time. He wanted to catch the man's attention but the presence of the women made a strong indication that the man probably didn't swing his way. His lack of attention to them gave him a little hope though; they seemed to get more desperate with each passing minute. Max had looked away before the Adonis could see him staring and blushed as his friend grinned at him from behind the counter.

"Like what you see?" Miguel said as he glanced in the Adonis's direction.

Max hummed in agreement before spending the rest of the night peeking at the man before he went home.

Max snapped out of his day dream as they came upon the club. Midnight Desire was the club's name. A little cheesy but Max enjoyed coming here when he need a stress reliever.

"Come on Tyson. I'm familiar with the bouncer", Max pulled Tyson towards the front, ignoring the complaints from the people in the line.

"Hey Spencer!", Max said as he stopped in front of the tall blonde. The man was around 6'3 with short blonde hair and very muscular build. Spencer turned when he heard his name and smirked as he spotted Max.

"Yo Max, it's been awhile", the man smirked playfully. He opened the door to let the shorter blonde pass.

"Aww, miss me?" Max teased as he paid for him and Tyson's entry.

"Heh, you wish", Spencer replied as he turned back to work.

"Uh huh, I know you've been eyeing me when I start dancing. Guess my dance sessions are working", Max laughed as the door closed. He and Tyson walked up the small stairwell before walking into a pulsing atmosphere. The club looked small on the outside but the actual inside was large. There were two floors. The first floor held the bar and a large dance floor. The DJ booth was on an elevated platform and lounge booths lined the walls. The second floor was more secluded and was for people that wanted a little privacy. Mini tables were scattered up there as well as private room for VIP members. The décor of the place was modern with hints of red and brown; it was meant to inspire sensuality and decadence. It helped that the lights were dim or off in some areas.

The club was already in full swing with throbbing techno music and caused excitement to flow through Max's body. For some reason he felt like it was going be a good night.

Max led Tyson to the bar and claimed two seats that were recently vacated.

"Hey Miguel", Max said loudly over the music as the spiky-haired blonde approached them.

"Max! It's been ages. Your friend?" Miguel said as he glanced at Tyson while clearing the bar top.

"Yeah, he offered to go out so drinks are on him tonight", Max laughed as Tyson made a noise of surprise.

"Way to warn someone Maxy", Tyson said as he shook his head but didn't disagree.

"Thanks buddy. I'll have the usual Miguel. I have a feeling that tonight is going to be great", Max said as he relaxed against bar, letting the music wash over him and moving slightly with the beat.

"Heh, it just might be your night because guess who just walked in", Miguel said as he started making Max's drink after handing Tyson a beer. Max froze, his eyes widening and he had to control his initial instinct to whip around.

Tyson had no such reservation.

He looked towards the entrance and was surprised when his eyes met a pair of purple ones that bore into his.

'Max was right', Tyson thought as he sized up the man standing by the entrance.

The guy was at least 6'1, with slate grey bangs and the rest of his hair must off been black; or dark brown considering the lighting in the club. He had on a black muscle shirt with dark denim jeans. Heavy, combat boots with silver plating in the front were his choice of shoes. The man's eyes narrowed at him before flickering over to Max, who was taking a sip of his drink. Tyson was surprised when the man's eyes darkened and took a slow exploration of Max's body. Those eyes seemed to devour Max. The eyes sparked with lust as Max licked his lips before locking with Tyson's again. Tyson felt a little intimidated as the eyes sized him up quickly before the man began making his way to the bar.

Max had to bring his breathing under control from how nervous he felt. Usually he was more confidant than this. Miguel smirking at him was not helping and he took a quick gulp of his drink to gather his courage, licking his lips of the excess moisture. The burn of the alcohol did make him feel better and gave him the extra push to look towards the entrance.

What he had not expected was for his crush to be standing right next to him.

Max gulped slightly as he took in the powerful figure standing close. The man's arms were well muscled and the shirt he wore was pulled tight over his torso. The man's six pack was obvious and Max had to control the urge to drool. The dark denim jeans he wore hugged his waist but looked slightly baggy near his boots. It just added to the man's already overwhelming natural good looks. He had a body to die for alright, and a face that looked to be sculpted by angels. He had a strong jaw that went well with his nicely shaped nose and a pair of kissable lips.

Max wanted to know if they were as soft as they looked.

The man's unique purple eyes looked sharp with intelligence and his overall stance screamed confidence, with a hint of arrogance.

Max felt himself stiffen by just having his crush near him so close.

Currently his crush was talking to Miguel, ordering expensive vodka and other liquor to be taken up to the second floor. His voice was a deep baritone that sent a pleasurable shiver through Max's body. 'So, he's here with a party', Max thought as he turned back to Tyson. With the man's voice and body imprinted in his memory, he would be able to satisfy at least some of his burning desire. Imaging the man saying his name in the throes of passion was going to haunt him for a torturously long time.

Tyson had just finished his beer when Max had turned to him.

"Hey Ty, I'm going to the bathroom real quick. Watch my drink for me?", Max asked quickly, nerves getting the better of him.

"Sure, no problem", Tyson nodded as he ordered a glass of water.

"Thanks", Max mumbled as he got off the barstool and walked to the men's room.

Tyson felt eyes staring at him from his left. He had no doubt it was Max's crush again.

He looked over and sure enough, purple eyes were sizing him up again.

"Sorry pal, already taken", Tyson said as he flashed a ring on his left hand. Purple eyes didn't even blink at the gesture.

"He's yours?", the man asked as his eyes inspected Max's abandoned drink.

"No, we're friends. Why?", Tyson replied defensively.

"Hn", was all the response he got before the man picked up Max's drink and took a sip. He licked his lips before mumbling, "Sweet", and leaving with said drink.

"Hey wait!", Tyson got up to chase after the guy but Miguel stopped him.

"Don't worry about it. If Max wants another one, I won't charge you. Though I have a feeling he did that on purpose", Miguel said as released Tyson's shoulder that he had grabbed.

"Weirdo", Tyson shook his head before going back to club watching and guarding Max's seat.

Max sighed as he came out of the bathroom and washed his hands. Jerking off to his crush's image and imaging the man calling his name had Max releasing in a few quick strokes. Max shook his head, feeling pathetic and exasperated at himself. He dried his hands before heading back out into the throng of people and worked his way back to the bar.

"Hey I'm back", Max said before pausing and looked at Tyson in confusion. "Where's my drink?"

"Your crush carried it away when you left", Miguel answered while making a drink for a nearby patron.

"Wha?", Max was confused. He was also secretly happy. That meant they had a shared an 'indirect' kiss.

He felt like a dork for just thinking that.

"Yep. He took a sip, called it sweet, and then whisked it away with him up to the second floor", Tyson said as he got off the barstool. "Let's dance Max. From that comment to the bouncer, I assume you've got some moves to show me and make me look good" he winked when he said the last part.

"Just make sure that Oliver doesn't come chasing me down. I like eating his cooking but I don't wish to be an ingredient", Max chuckled as he led Tyson to the dance floor and found a good spot that was less crowded.

The song that was currently playing was fast paced but with an undertone of sensuality. Max let the music's beat flow into his body as he started swaying and swinging his hips. He moved his arms above his head and twirled when the song changed. He felt Tyson come closer to him but not touch him. Max smirked but knew Tyson was respecting his space and being a bodyguard for the unwanted attention he was gaining fast. Max closed his eyes as he imagined blazing purple eyes looking at him from a distance while he danced. The eyes would look at him up and down while the owner stalked him like a predator. That's what he wanted. He wanted to be captured by that man and submit to his overwhelming dominance. Max felt himself dance more erotically at the thoughts of his crush and didn't care, he just hoped that his crush could see him if he was looking at dance floor.

Tyson was doing a good job of keeping most of the men and some women from getting too close to Max. Max's lean body moved gracefully and sensually with the music and Tyson had a hard time keeping his eyes from straying up and down Max's body. He felt a presence come up beside him. He turned to tell the person to back off when his eyes met burning purple. Tyson stopped dancing and faced the man. "Mind if I cut in", said the man as he watched Max; it was more of statement than an a request. Tyson looked the man over one more time before he nodded his head. He stepped close to Max and put a hand on his shoulder to get his attention.

Max opened his eyes when a hand touched his shoulder and glanced back to see Tyson smiling at him. "Hey, I'm going to the bar. Someone wants to dance with you", Tyson smiled briefly before disappearing through the crowd. Max turned his head and almost jumped when he came face to face with his crush. Those purple eyes were moving up and down his body like they were examining a feast for a ravenous lion. Max could feel the places those eyes lingered on heat up. If he could blush throughout his body, Max would swore he would look like a humanoid lobster.

Seafood jokes aside, Max ducked his head a little in sudden shyness, "Hey".

Strong fingers gripped his chin gently before lifting his face up. An arm snaked around his waist and pulled him closer to a firm and very defined body. His hands automatically came up to rest on the his crush's chest. The smooth texture of the muscle shirt left nothing to Max's imagination as he felt firm muscles bunch and relax under his hands.

Max felt dizzy from being close to his crush as well as the alluring scent the man had. A heady mixture of cinnamon and smoky spice, along with the man's nature musk. Max felt an incredible urge to bury his nose in the man's neck and take a deep breath; which he promptly beaten down due to nerves.

The Adonis leaned close to Max's face and for a wild moment, Max believed the man would kiss him. "Dance with me", came the deep voice in his ear as the man pulled Max closer till he was almost flush against him.

"Yes", was Max's breathless reply.

"Your name?" the man asked as he loosened his hold but kept Max close.

"Max, yours?" Max asked, smiling softly before hesitantly moving the man's hands to his waist and turning to place his back to the man's chest. Max noticed that their bodies fit perfectly and Max flushed when he felt the man's excitement digging into his back.

The man's hands had clamped almost possessively onto his hips and Max shivered when the man's lips caressed his ear. "Kai", he said before nuzzling Max's ear and nipping it playfully.

Max groaned before letting the music take over, moving his body against Kai's. He didn't dance like some of the people in crowd, all harsh gyrating, grinding and humping. He danced like he usually did but this time he made sure that Kai felt all of his movements and seductive twists. He danced for the man's attention and worship. He could tell Kai liked his body from the way he was grinding into Max's back when he would rubbed against him.

They danced like this for awhile until Max felt slightly fatigued. He placed his hand on Kai's chest as he stopped dancing. "Let's get a drink", Max said as he got his breathing under control. Kai nodded before taking Max's hand and leading him to the second floor. As they climbed, women cooed and whimpered at Kai as he went past but he paid them no mind. Max felt the jealous glares thrown at his back but he shook them off.

The hold Kai had on his hand gave him a rush of courage to smirk back at the envious vixens; blowing a teasing kiss as they left the stairs. Max blushed as Kai gave his hand a squeeze, the man aware of what Max had done. They walked to the third door on the right and Kai nodded his head at the VIP bouncer as they entered the room.

Max had never been in a VIP room before and he was impressed at the décor. The room had beige lounge chairs and a couch in the middle. The floor was covered in plush dark blue carpet and the walls were blue with art deco of brown and red. The lights were dim and gave the room a relaxed feeling. The club's music came through a set of speakers on the wall but was a lot more muted than on the first floor.

Kai released his hand as he went over to the bar that had some of the liquor that he ordered. Max hesitantly sat on the couch as he let the situation sink into his mind. Here he was in a VIP room with his crush, Kai. He let his eyes take in the man's backside and he wasn't disappointed. Max wanted to squeeze Kai's butt to see if it was muscled like the rest of his body. He quickly averted his eyes when Kai turned back to join him on the couch.

Kai handed a glass of amber liquor to him before sitting close to him. Kai's knee touched his and the man's right arm went up on the couch behind his head. Max sniffed the drink lightly before taking a sip and placing the glass on the table. Max felt nervous being alone with Kai but also aroused. This was what he wanted but he didn't want it to be a one night stand. He jumped when a hand lightly touched his thigh, pulling him from his spiraling thoughts. Kai didn't remove his hand but didn't move any further.

"Relax", he whispered into Max's ear. His thumb moved in small circles and Max felt his body slowly relax. Kai nuzzled Max's neck and gently kissed behind his ear. Max groaned as Kai found one of his sensitive spots and hesitantly placed his hand on Kai's chest. Kai's arm moved from the top of the couch to wrap around Max and pull him closer, still kissing along his neck. Max tilted his head to give Kai more access while he gently massaged Kai's chest, finding and teasing an covered nipple.

Kai moved from Max's neck to place a gentle kiss on his lips. Max gasped which gave Kai the chance to deepen the kiss. Both men groaned as their tongues came together and moved to dominate the other. Max backed down after a minute because the sensations were overwhelming. Kai's tongue plundered his mouth, mapping out every spot he could reach and sent Max's mind into a dizzying tailspin when he pulled back for air. Max panted as he moved his hands to cup Kai's face and pull him back for another passionate kiss. Kai leaned into him and gently pushed him to lie on the couch. Max ran his hands through Kai's hair and tugged lightly. The answering groan went straight to his cock and he tugged again as Kai broke the kiss.

"I want you," Kai said, his voice husky with controlled desire. "I want you too", Max moaned as he arched under Kai's hands.

Max panted as he tried to catch his breath from the most intense orgasm he had ever had. He laid his head on Kai's chest, feeling exhaustion take over his mind and body. He felt content and warm but knew that he had to get up. He was sad to leave and didn't want to let go of Kai. It was foolish of him but he didn't care, he wanted the man for more than his body.

Max felt arms wrap around his body and was moved so that he and Kai laid on their sides facing each other. The fold out bed was big enough for them sleep comfortably but, Max wanted to cuddle before he had to face reality. The arms tightened around him, holding him close as Kai kissed his forehead, "Sleep little one". Max nodded, tilting his head up and kissing Kai before snuggling into his chest and drifting to sleep.

Max struggled to open his eyes as consciousness returned to him. His back was sore, aching with a dull throb in an area that made him blush to his ears. Remembering last night's events, he knew it was well worth the pain. Soft breathing stirred his hair and he glanced up to see Kai still asleep. He imprinted the man's sleeping face into his memory because he wasn't sure if this was the only time he would get to see him this close. Max sighed quietly as he settled closer to Kai and wish that the moment would never end.

Unfortunately from him, it did end as he felt Kai stir and awaken. Max pretended to sleep but was thwarted when Kai gently rubbed his back, "I know you're awake". Max's blush returned as he opened his eyes but didn't look at Kai. His chin was gently lifted but he averted his eyes. "Look at me Max", Kai said quietly. Max closed his eyes tightly before looking at Kai. He could feel tears creep up but he pushed them down and bravely waited for Kai to say that this was a one-time thing.

"Max, I know this is backwards but, would you like to have dinner with me?" Kai asked quietly, as if speaking loud would frighten Max.

"I-, W-What?" Max stammered, surprised and elated all at once. Hope filled his heart as he stared into the suddenly nervous purple eyes.

"I wish to have dinner with you. I want to know more about you", Kai confessed, a cute blush heated up his face.

Max felt as if he couldn't breathe, air refused to enter his lungs. His wish was coming true and he didn't know if he was dreaming or not. He pinched himself to make sure.

Ouch. Yep, definitely not dreaming.

"Yes", he breathed as he wrapped his arms around Kai's neck and kissed him soundly.

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