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“The nightingale, with its evening song, is the bird of love, sheltering secret lovers from prying eyes”.

Nightingale                                                                                                                           By:Shenronprincess                                                                                                               

Summary: To the victor go the spoils or so Goku was told before someone he once considered a friend and ally ruthlessly took away the last of his innocence. To what lengths would his tormentor go to seek forgiveness from the man he betrayed in the worst possible way? [Vegeta/Goku]

Edited 2/18/17

Chapter 1


“Don’t know why I’m surprised. He has been training for the last seven years straight,” Goku sighed in a defeated tone, grimacing in pain as he was being held up unceremoniously by one of his wrists.


Vegeta’s grip was like the hardest of steel traps and looking at the other saiyan now all Goku wished was for a burst of energy to overcome the utter and complete trouncing that Vegeta had dealt to him and his body.


But Goku would not get his opportunity just yet. His anger had made him rush headlong into battle unprepared and he was beginning to realize that he had seriously underestimated the rage and capabilities of his opponent.


Hearing a deep guttural laugh, Goku blinked as Vegeta’s lips curled into an evil smirk, his wild eyes reflecting a promise of something dark yet incomprehensible.


The thirst for battle and vengeance still appeared to be at the forefront of Vegeta’s mind as he dangled Goku over the cliff precariously, but looking into teal pools so much like his own, the earth saiyan briefly caught a hint of something that was all together disturbing.


Maybe it had something to do with all the blows Goku received to the face or the droplets of blood trickling down into his eyes blurring his vision, but it was a strange look and he didn’t have a good feeling about what it would lead to.


Striving to get a grip on his agonized state, Goku’s instincts screamed at him to move, punch, kick at his rival, do something but he was battered to the core and his limbs were now refusing to cooperate.


“Vegeta?” Goku strained, speaking in a low husk, voice barely heard over the thudding of his own heart.


Glancing up at his rival, Goku’s apprehension was suddenly renewed as the smirk deepened on Vegeta’s face and that same look from before passed over the surface of those glittering teal eyes, making Goku shiver despite the heat of his injuries raking through his body. 


All the verbal insults and bone crushing kicks and jabs had not surprised the younger saiyan in the least, expecting no less from his rage fueled counterpart.


So why was the look in Vegeta’s eyes bringing such a disquieting feeling to the pit of his stomach?


Goku didn’t have time to ponder this or any more thoughts as he was suddenly hurled into the side of the mountain by the laughing prince, a large crater forming around his battered body.


Screaming in pain, Goku barely managed to look up as ki rings were fired at his appendages and around his neck, locking him securely to the jagged rocks behind him.


Goku, feeling like a trapped animal at this point, was very close to panic. 


Just what is Vegeta up to? Goku’s mind screamed in alarm, watching with bated breath as the prince teleported towards him, a look of triumph coloring his twisted but handsome features.


“What’s the matter, Kakarot?” Vegeta taunted, “Not winning as easily as you thought?”


Gritting his teeth against the pain of his injuries and pushing down the nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach, Goku strained a reply “I never said it would be easy.”


“Hmph, you won’t be winning at all,” Vegeta countered mockingly, slapping him across the face with a gloved hand.


Goku raged inside at the humiliation of such an action, growling his frustration at his inability to do anything. Why was the man so insulting at every turn? Had his recent actions not caused enough suffering to those around him? Why couldn’t he ever let this kami forsaken grudge go?


The face of his tormentor was mere inches from his own, and Goku held his breath at the scorn directed at him from Vegeta’s blazing eyes.


“Are you feeling angry, humiliated, is that it?” Vegeta bellowed as he kneed him roughly in the abdomen.


Perhaps the older saiyan had read Goku’s unspoken thoughts because it only seemed to instigate him further as he continued his verbal and physical assault.


“Fool, you don’t know what humiliation is,” Vegeta exploded with unbridled fury, punctuating each shouted word with kicks and punches to Goku’s face, abdomen and anything the enraged prince could land blows upon.


Goku took every shot helplessly, feeling the bitter tang of blood gather into his mouth after a particularly vicious punch to his gut, felt his breath, the last air in his lungs, exhale out in a pained cough. 


Vegeta, however, was far from done.  The air between them was thick with the rage and hatred spewed forth by the saiyan prince as he viciously continued his tirade.


Harsh words erupted from Vegeta’s mouth, a speech about honor and lost pride and a resolution to no longer be Goku’s second. Clenching his eyes and trying to ignore the pain, Goku listened to all of it.  He could practically feel the searing heat of Vegeta’s words carving wounds straight into his heart, permanently embedding their barbs in like a thorny rose.


“The way that you have cut down my pride,” Vegeta now roared at him with finality, his right hand rising up in the air.


When the prince made his last promise to finish him off, Goku opened his weary eyes and gazed up into the determined face of Vegeta. Now shivering uncontrollably, Goku watched as the gleam in those feral eyes deepened, taking on a rapacious air; the eyes of a predator ready to devour its wounded prey.


Vegeta felt his whole body tense as the upraised hand stilled above him.  He was about to deal the last blow to his fallen rival, but saiyan instinct called to his blood, making it burn with the need to dominate and reap the spoils of their little war.


Vegeta slashed instead at the ki rings suspending Kakarot to the rock and released him from their bounds but before the taller man could fall onto his face the prince was there to grab him firmly around the throat.


Slamming him to the floor ruthlessly and eliciting a scream of pain from his throat, the impact nearly rendered Kakarot unconscious but Vegeta would not let him pass out just yet.


Vegeta snatching the man’s ridiculous orange gi with his free hand tore the material right off Kakarot’s lower half, leaving him fully exposed to his hungry lust filled gaze.


“To the victor go the spoils, Kakarot.”


Vegeta saw the momentary confusion reflected in Kakarot’s eyes, followed by expressions of shock and horror when he roughly separated the man’s muscular thighs and inserted two of his gloved fingers into the warmth of his opening.


“Ahh…Vegeta,” he heard Kakarot painfully cry out, “What are you doing?” Disbelief but now a tinge of outrage colored the voice of the saiyan beneath him.


That was all the incentive Kakarot would need to kick and struggle wildly at Vegeta with what was left of his resolve, trying to force the prince to remove the punishing digits from where they were deeply embedded.


“I’m taking what is mine by right,” Vegeta laughed harshly above him, “So you might as well give up your pathetic struggle.”


Tightening his grip around the neck of his rival Vegeta continued to violate Kakarot with his fingers, but when he felt the saiyan trying to escape his hard grasp Vegeta quickly removed them and reached into his pants to liberate his hardening cock.


With Kakarot still maintaining his fight, Vegeta swiftly positioned himself between his longer legs, poking at the thrashing male’s opening with the tip of his erection.


“Vegeta, stop it, damnit.” Kakarot howled one last time before Vegeta shoved himself fully and violently into his unprepared entrance causing the pinned saiyan to convulse, a cry of pain sounding from his throat.


Vegeta, grunting at the heat of Kakarot, whose body was clenching tightly around his cock as it was ruthlessly plundered, thought he would die at the sheer dominating pleasure of it all.  Never giving Kakarot even a small chance to adjust, the saiyan prince began a hard and fast rhythm, pumping into his victim with a force that shook the rocks around them and pulled more tormented howls from the other saiyan’s throat.


Fire consumed Vegeta’s powerful form, triggering the oozaru spirit within him to life.  Feeling it churning inside him, burning him at his very core, gave Vegeta an exhilarating high.  Muscles rippling and hips colliding into his victim’s, Vegeta trilled and vocalized harshly in his wild and barbaric native tongue.


Thrust after powerful thrust was rocking the body underneath Vegeta’s own as the steady whimpers and cries of pain Kakarot released vibrated between their glistening bodies. 


Retracting his lips from sharp teeth and arching his back, he felt the other saiyan’s ki pulsing against his own, caressing it, and waging a duel even as Kakarot writhed in exquisite agony.  And the scent of blood in the air mixing with the earthy musk of the male beneath him only heightened Vegeta’s aroused state, making him roar out his conquest to the canyon bearing witness to their ancient saiyan ritual. 


At this rate it wasn’t long before Vegeta reached his peak and climaxed as the adrenaline he felt during the forced coupling had heightened all of his senses. One last howl of triumph and a few more thrusts had the prince releasing into the torn flesh of his victim, who had become oddly quiet and docile beneath him.


Panting heavily and still buried inside Kakarot, Vegeta noticed a single tear that was shed from the other man glistening on his flushed cheek. Vegeta murmuring underneath his breath as he came down from the blissful high, studied the bruised and bloody face intently for a few moments longer.


The idea that his rival had been crying unnerved the cruel prince, allowing regret to begin worming its way into his conscious.  Vegeta’s hand naturally reached out and swiped at the salty moisture, causing the younger saiyan to flinch and avert his gaze from his tormentor. Somehow this also felt wrong to Vegeta, who was feeling the normally strong-willed Kakarot begin to tremble underneath him with a look of utter defeat and sadness marring his features.


Pulling out his softening cock, Vegeta didn’t miss the pained grimace made by the other male and the sound and feel of warm blood and semen dripping out from Kakarot’s violated body onto the hard ground.


“Kakarot,” Vegeta whispered more to himself, as he fought the last hold the majin possession had over him.


In response, the younger saiyan shifted from his place on the ground and sat up bringing his knees closer to his torso and laying his head on them, seemingly uncaring about the fluids still trickling out of him.


Vegeta wasn’t so low as to blame his recent actions completely on his possession but Babidi’s magic had brought out the worst of what Vegeta had buried deep inside him and the catharsis of Vegeta’s deep seated anger and resentment towards the other saiyan had come with a heavy price.


Vegeta now observed Kakarot’s position, back hunched forward and head down with another pang of guilt and remorse.  His mind flashed briefly with an image of a smiling and happy Kakarot greeting him at the start of the tournament and Vegeta couldn’t help but contrast that to the current state of the younger saiyan.


Kakarot’s outward appearance still held that of a strong warrior but now Vegeta could sense the shame, anger, and sadness coming off him in steady waves. All the emotions twisting together now gave Kakarot the appearance of a nightingale slumped on the cold unforgiving ground, nursing a broken wing but determined to survive.


“Why, Vegeta?” came the whispered question that sounded more like a plea from the saiyan across from him, breaking Vegeta out of his thoughts and observations.


Goku chose that instant to look up and stare directly into Vegeta’s eyes, hoping for an answer as to why the man he once considered a friend had raped him so savagely.


Had Vegeta been harboring such plans for a while now? Did he really hate him that much?  These questions and more were running through Goku’s mind and he wanted, no he needed, them answered.


“Saiyan instinct, Kakarot,” Vegeta replied as he gazed into the angry and hurt eyes of the one before him, seeing to the depths of his soul how much Vegeta had broken the man’s trust in him.


With that answer, the expression on Kakarot’s face turned into one of bewilderment and horror, but Vegeta would not get the chance to explain further.


A pulse of power came from the distance, making the rocks around them vibrate with its earth shattering intensity


It was Majin Buu - the terror of the universe had finally awoken and Vegeta’s actions had made it possible.  


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