If the chamber is a rockin'

BY : Shenronprincess
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If the chamber is a rockin’                                                                                                          

By: Shenronprincess


Summary: Set months after the events of Shaky, Shaky! When the gravity room is pleasantly occupied by the older saiyans, Goten and Trunks go looking for a place of their own to enjoy some kinky alone time. But the eyes of the lookout and their curious fathers are forever watchful.  [Goten/Trunks] [Goku/Vegeta]



Chapter 1


Goten yawned and stretched his tired arms in the morning breeze, looking to his father who was standing just beside him in front of their domed-shaped house.


“Ready, Goten?” Goku, flashing him a smile, placed two fingers to his forehead and glanced at his youngest son expectantly.


“Yeah, Dad.”


Goten sighed tiredly but held on to Goku’s shoulder as he transmitted them both to a familiar location – The gravity room at Capsule Corp.


“Training should be fun today,” Goku beamed at him once they arrived, winking at the grumbling teen by his side, “Vegeta said Trunks will be joining us too.”


Goku had let the last statement trail off as if there was something the elder was waiting for him to reveal.


“Dad,” Goten groused, giving his father an irritated look as they approached the gravity room’s door.


Goten absolutely refused to get baited by the older man today.  The teen was sore enough from the training session just two days ago when Vegeta and his father had taken turns pummeling him around the gravity room until Goten thought he would pass out from exhaustion.


I mean he didn’t even see it coming. Goten thought he was holding up OK until both saiyans turned SS3 and went all out on him, firing ki-shot after ki-shot followed by hard jabs and kicks to his entire body.  You would think with all the sex those two were having that it would take the edge off them, but no – both saiyans were amped up and determined to lay into him.


So nope…he was not in the mood for more punishment today. Goten’s body ached even down to the last toes on his feet.


Goku, noticing the sour expression on Goten’s face, chuckled and gave him a quick pat on the shoulder, “Seems like someone is extra grouchy today.  If you had only kept up your training than you wouldn’t have had such a hard time two days ago,” Goku finished, gently chiding his youngest.


“Ugh...Come on, Dad,” Goten mumbled, staring at Goku like he wished they were going anywhere else.


Goku, laughing deeply from his chest, ignored the put out look and entered the vast gravity room followed by his reluctant son.


“About time, we’ve been waiting an hour for you two,” Vegeta barked as they both walked in on the other saiyan and Trunks messing with the settings on the control panel.


“Sorry,” Goku smiled playfully, glancing back towards his son, “but it was tough convincing Goten to wake up so early.”


Goten, grousing under his breath, now looked past his old man’s shoulder as they approached the center of the room, hoping to catch a glimpse of his best friend Trunks.  The only thing that would make today more tolerable was him being there too. The two of them might even get a chance to fuse and turn the tables on their hard-hitting dads.


Vegeta now smirking in Goten’s direction spoke up again. “Nice of you to show up, boy.  You took quite a beating the last time. Serves you right though for neglecting your training.”


Yup, Goten thought, He and Trunks definitely had to fuse and kick Vegeta’s ass.


Vegeta’s mocking had sparked the fire in Goten’s belly and he finally caught the eyes of his best friend who was giving him a meaningful look, a mental nod of understanding passing between them.


With the gravity turned up to 200G to start, Goten spread himself to one side of the room with Trunks just to his left.


Now raising their hands to the right position, Goten smirked at his friend who mirrored him precisely as they continued with the rest of the dance.


“Fu-sion, Ha!” The demis shouted, joining the tips of their index fingers together and merging into one being.


“Oh shit,” Goku cursed, giving the fused warrior that sprung out a battle-hungry look, “So soon?”


“Get ready, you old farts,” the combined voice of their boys echoed arrogantly back to them, “It’s time for Gotenks to kick some saiyan tail.”


“Little punks,” Vegeta sneered, “You’re no match for us even together.”


“Bring it on then, old man,” Gotenks taunted defiantly, pointing at both full bloods in challenge, “Show me what you’ve got.”


“We can fuse too, you know,” Goku declared, glancing toward Vegeta.


“No,” Vegeta growled vehemently at him, “I refuse to pose like that, Kakarot.  We can beat them separately.”


“Ok Ok, sheesh,” Goku giving his lover the side eye, bent into a fighting stance and charged head first.


Three exhausting and rewarding hours later, the demis were now sprawled on the grass outside the gravity room basking in the warm glow of sunlight and stretching out their sore muscles.


It had been quite the session today and their plan had gone better than expected. Goten, who was content to just lie on the ground for hours breathing in the smell of the warm earth next to Trunks, hummed in pleasure as the blades of grass tickled his bare arms. 


Trunks, now looking over at the serene face of his best friend, took notice of how Goten’s hair stuck feverishly to his sweaty forehead. Blushing he wondered what the texture would feel like beneath his palm, if the hair was as soft as it looked and if it would run through his fingers like silk. 


His hand trembling in anticipation, Trunks imagined the scenario in his mind. He and Goten tumbling together in a heap and stroking each other like intimate lovers as the sun warmed their skin.  Trunks would then run his hands in the unruly black hair and bring Goten in for a heated kiss.


Coughing and shaking his head to clear the daydream out of his mind, Trunks looked away hastily as he burned at the direction his thoughts were currently spinning.  The demi was still puzzled at how little control he felt as time went by and he and Goten grew closer. So he wasn’t shocked when he nearly caved and gave in to the urge that was enticing him to reach out and brush the ebony locks off the other teen’s face and more.




His obsession’s voice interrupted the secret pining and Trunks turned back to see the dark eyes of Goten staring right at him.


“Yeah, Goten,” he replied, though Trunks swore the words sounded a bit hoarse coming out of his mouth.


“We kicked major butt today, bro - Gave our dads a good fight.  I don’t think they expected us to fuse and power up to their level that fast,” Goten happily spoke, glancing at Trunks lying beside him on the grass.


Trunks laughing, chimed in. “Yeah, you’re right. Did you see the look on my dad’s face? I thought he was going to either pat us on the backs or kill us for getting in so many good shots.”


Goten laughing just as hard now twisted his body fully to one side to face Trunks, his outstretched hand accidentally brushing against the soft one of the other teen making both demis stop abruptly and stare deep into each other’s eyes.


Swiftly turning his own body on its side, Trunks came face to face with Goten, only a scant few inches separating them now.


All of a sudden everything felt so surreal, like they were floating on fluffy clouds in the sky and watching the world go by beneath them. Trunks could still hear the croaking of pond frogs nearby and the steady hum of the gravity chamber being use by the pure bloods inside sparring, but now it was like those noises were just in the background. 


Nothing existed except for himself and his companion and both teens were frozen in place, unblinking and mesmerized by the steady lub-DUB of each other’s heartbeats, their warm breaths mixing between them as they continued to stare shyly at one another.


It seemed though that the proximity was entirely too much for Goten and he nervously drew in a deep breath but before he could exhale out again his lips were covered by the timid ones belonging to Trunks.


In shock, Goten released the breath into the hasty kiss as the other teen deepened it and pressed awkwardly but firmly against his mouth in a searing embrace.


Soft and warm were the thoughts running through Goten’s mind that accompanied the full body heat the kiss had ignited in him. He never dreamed this would happen between them so quickly, but ever since that fateful day when they caught their dads having sex in the forest the friendship between them had developed a romantic undertone.


At first Goten had scoffed at the amorous feelings as if they were simply brought on by teenage hormones but over time he came to realize he felt a strong pull towards Trunks and a warm ache in his chest whenever he was around him.


“Unnn,” Goten hummed, now smiling and pushing back into the sloppy but passionate kiss, swallowing the moan Trunks made into his mouth.


Trunks, sucking in Goten’s bottom lip between his, relished the feel and sound of the murmurs vibrating through their link.  Aroused, he cupped the back of Goten’s neck to pull him closer, running his thumb along the hairline of his friend’s dark strands.


Hair like the finest silk graced his fingers and Trunks voiced a breathy moan as he twisted his head and retracted his lips briefly before making contact again at a different angle, feeling pure shocks of pleasure and electricity passing through his connection to Goten.


Goten released a pleased sound in the back of his throat at the gentle caress and he reached out with his hand to clasp the one belonging to Trunks, his fingers curling around the slightly moist palm.


The teenage lovers continued exploring each other for several more minutes, tongues eventually meeting and wrestling before Goten reluctantly broke the kiss for some much needed air.


“Whoa,” Trunks whispered dreamily, fixing Goten with a passionate stare when their lips parted.


“Yeah, I felt it too,” Goten whispered back, hot breath fanning over his friend’s face as he panted and slid even closer.


Now with a crimson flush blossoming over his cheeks, Trunks hesitantly asked, “Goten, do you think we can find someplace to go just the two of us?” hoping the other teen would not turn down his bold request.


But the lavender haired demi’s fears were unfounded because Goten gave him a bright smile and nodded his head in acceptance.  Trunks, smiling back just as eagerly, was relieved Goten hadn’t turned him down. 


Leaning in again but this time for a chaste peck, Trunks kissed his soon to be boyfriend sweetly on the lips followed by a second one pressed to his forehead before sweeping a hand across the sweaty locks he longed to touch again and brushing them away from Goten’s temple.


“Trunks,” Goten began to speak, “Maybe we can g-”


But the moment was broken as Vegeta’s impatient voice suddenly loomed behind them, making both teens jump apart and release each other’s clasped hand, “Lazy brats, you should be in here training with us.”


“Hey Dad,” Trunks nervously saluted and both teens turned back to stare at the prince, who was looking at them with a raised brow from the gravity room’s doorway.


“Is something going on?”


“Hmph, maybe I should ask you that, boy,” Vegeta retorted.


“What do you mean, Dad? Goten and I weren’t doing anything,” Trunks blurted out, but he couldn’t stop the blush that was now spreading down his face and neck.


“Nothing, eh?” Vegeta began smugly, “Then why are you both rolling on the ground like wild cublings?” 


“Uh-?” Goten began but was cut off by Vegeta’s next observation.


“You also pulled away from each other a little too fast just now,” the prince continued, giving them a scrutinizing but highly amused look, his inhuman eyes glinting knowingly.


“We were just stretching,” Trunks managed to squeak out, not liking the gleam in his father’s dark eyes that picked the situation and them effortlessly apart.


“I see,” Vegeta chuckled and flashed them a toothy grin, “Well, while you two frolic in the grass, I’ll just finish up my training with Kakarot alone.”  And with that said Vegeta turned away to walk back into the gravity chamber.


Goten and Trunks now breathed a collective sigh of relief as they watched him go but just when they assumed it was safe Vegeta paused in his steps and uttered these final words, “Come join us if you both get tired of doing…nothing.”


Oh god he knows. Trunks’ face was a flaming shade of red as he listened to the way his father had just said nothing, but he was determined to go through with his plan and spend some alone time with Goten.  So he bravely jumped in with a question just when the older saiyan was about to shut the door.


“Hey Dad?”


“Yes?” Vegeta now turned and regarded his son curiously.


“Goten and I are going to the lookout for a while. Is that OK?”


“Hn, alright go ahead then. We’ll come find you after we train,” Vegeta grunted, shooing them away with his hand before pressing the button that closed the door.


“The lookout?” Goten questioned when the coast was clear, “but Piccolo and the others will be there.”


“Yeah but they have all those magic rooms we can get lost in for hours. We could ask Dende for one to hang out in,” Trunks proclaimed excitement shading his voice.


Goten, smiling and quickly warming up to the idea, agreed, “Ok, let’s go,” before grabbing the other teen’s hand to help him off the ground.


Trunks, smiling back at his friend, threaded their fingers together and they were about to take off when the harsh noise of a body slamming into the side of the gravity room along with someone howling like a feral animal echoed to them outside.


Trunks humphed with a twinkle lighting his eye and glanced toward his friend, “Hey Goten, I bet they’re not even training anymore by the sound of that.”


Goten coughed to clear his parched throat, understanding exactly what Trunks meant by that, “So who do you think is on top this time?” he mumbled under his breath.


“I’m thinking your dad, Goten,” Trunks flashed a crooked grin his way as a louder bang reverberated and this time they clearly heard Goku’s roar of triumph.


“Yup, definitely my dad,” Goten blushed, “Now let’s gets out of here.”  

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