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She hadn't seen him smile in months…

Bulma watched the brooding youth as he walked into the living room, eyes downcast to the floor. Gohan spent most of his free time at Capsule Corporation, as it was much closer to the towns the Androids usually ventured than his home in the woods with his mother. Trunks was already asleep, luckily still relatively unaware of the dangers that loomed over them in an endless cycle.

He said nothing as he sat down on the couch opposite of her. Bulma observed the teen that she thought of as a surrogate son; small scars stained his face, but they didn't conceal his handsome features. Sadness enveloped her aching heart as she took note of his eyes, showing hardships that did not beseem a boy who had only recently turned eighteen. She wondered what he'd be like now had the Androids never appeared. He would probably be on his path to become a scholar.

"When was the last time you spoke to your mother?" she asked him to pierce through the silence.

The teen shrugged in response. "A while ago," he uttered in whisper, eyes still glued to the ground.

He'd probably be more responsive, too, she thought bitterly. They didn't talk much nowadays; mostly due to the youth's unsocial qualities. For the last few months, Gohan was an uncommunicative wreck who only responded with short answers. When he first came here, he was such a joyous boy, despite all the peril he was facing.

Then one day, it all changed.

Gohan came home battered up like never before, wounds pouring with blood all over. It was a sight she would never forget; Bulma still shivered from the thought of that nightmarish scene. It had been life threatening, and Earth's last line of defense had almost drawn his last breath that day. From that point on, the spark that had kept the youth going through all his trials seemed to fade away. He still fought the Androids whenever he could, but it was almost like he'd given up.

She'd do anything for him to reclaim that light. Gohan was destined to destroy the Androids and enjoy a peaceful life. He would finally be able to go to school. She chuckled at the prospect of him arriving for his first day; heavy, book-filled bag in hand. The ladies of his school would be all over him…

Gohan had given up so much for Earth's safety. He was a good kid, who took everything that happened to him in stride. He deserved to experience something worthwhile for once, and there was only one thing she could think of that she could do to relinquish his troubles. She determinately snatched her pink cap from her head, laying it down next to her on the couch.

Gohan heard Bulma lift herself up, but paid her no heed. The ruffling of fabric intrigued him, but it wasn't until he heard the descend of a zipper that his eyes finally left the carpet to indulge his interest, just in time to see Bulma slide out of her pink overall. It wasn't as curious a sight as it might sound; Bulma was still decent underneath her work attire, wearing a simple blue top and light jeans, but she had succeeded in getting the young Saiyan's attention.

It wasn't that hot in here that such a sudden change was necessary. "What are you doing?" he asked curiously. It was the first time in a long while that Bulma could detect a hint of emotion in his voice. Gohan's interest was piqued when Bulma sauntered towards him. Why was she smirking like that? When Bulma stopped in front of him, his lips parted as if to speak, but they sealed before he could utter his confusion. He could not, however, contain his shriek when she suddenly got down on her haunches in front of him.

"Just relax, Gohan." He was surprised by her motherly tone. The times had forced Bulma to become a harsher, gruffer woman, but now she used a voice she usually only reserved for Trunks. His breath hitched as he realized the position she was in as she shifted a bit to support herself on her knees; she was dangerously close to his crotch. His heart skipped a beat as she placed one hand on his thigh. Though a lot of time had passed, Bulma was still as beautiful as the day he met her all those years ago. Despite his best efforts, he felt himself grow bigger inside his underwear from the sultry position she was in.

Bulma was surprised how composed she was during all of this. She expected herself to form some sort of doubt for what she was about to do. It must be her certainty that kept her heart from beating faster or her stomach to flutter with nerves. Gingerly, her hand trailed along his thigh; she heard the black-haired youth inhale sharply from the sudden motion.

“What are you…?” It was no secret for Gohan where her hand was going as it came closer and closer to its destination: his crotch. His eyes focused on her hand attentively. However, when it came to the final brush forward, she halted. His pupils rose up to meets hers in bewilderment, wordlessly querying why she stopped so suddenly.

She wanted him to watch her the moment she brushed against him the same way she watched him. He whimpered softly as the anticipated contact was finally made with his semi-erect penis. The red hue covering his cheek was adorable, face scrunching when she began to squeeze him to get more blood pumping through his member. Already, she could tell he was a tad bigger than she envisioned him to be.

Gohan was already having a hard time retaining his usual collectedness, a drip of sweat dribbling down his heated head. A woman was touching his prick! And not just any woman either. Bulma Briefs, the beautiful genius whom he thought of as a surrogate mother, manipulated his sensitive manhood with her smooth, gentle rubs. He wanted to ask her what she was doing, but all that came out were the low groans that hiked from his shackled throat.

Pride filled Bulma as she watched Gohan's reaction; though less shallow than in the past, leaving such a handsome, young man awestruck with her beauty was still a boast to her ego. Then again, he was not the only one affected. She could feel herself slowly moisten from her actions while she played with him when she shuffled her knees, her panty dampening underneath her jeans. Perhaps it was a bit foolish to assume someone with her abstinence to remain unaffected from this kind of debauchery; it would be best for both their sakes to continue. He had hardened considerably after all. "Raise your hips a bit."

Gohan heedlessly did as instructed, allowing Bulma to snag and pull the elastic waistband of his trousers and underwear down to his ankles. Her fingers were warm as they scraped past his skin. He sighed relieved as his cock was freed from its tight confinement, already pulsing with excitement.

The view of the beating muscle on display caused Bulma to take pause. Transparent liquid seeped from the glistening tip with every throb, oozing down to the black, well-managed bush decorating his towering rod. It was the first cock other than her son's she'd seen since the death of Vegeta years ago; her legs squirmed with need.

The fixated stare on his cock was embarrassing to the teen. If only because it was impossible to say whether it was due to impressiveness or disappointment. He'd never really thought about it, but could it be other men around his age were much bigger than him? He maneuvered his hips in bashfulness, which awoke the beauty from her trance. She laughed sheepishly, complimenting him for his "impressive piece". The cajole reaction to his cock caused him to exhale relieved.

Bulma bit her lip when Gohan looked at her expectantly. With his penis out and her down on her knees in front of it, it wasn't hard to guess what was to be expected of her. Her hand came up and caught the rigid price. Immediately, another dose of pre-cum leaked from the tip and rolled down her hand. She'd almost forgotten how hot an excited cock was. Squeezing his shaft tightly, she began to pump her hand up and down his cock in a steady motion.

Gohan rolled his head from the pleasurable ministrations. Her hand was so smooth; it felt like silk rubbed along his cock. "Bulma…" he grumbled when her hand caressed the sensitive head, squeezing him like a sponge. His head came back up to watch her; she was looking back at him, eyes locked together as the bobbing of her hand accelerated, taking advantage of the ample amount of liquid that served as an effective lubricant. Their eyes were filled with desire. Before Bulma truly realized it, she had hefted her knees and claimed the youth's lips.

His first kiss… Gohan moaned eagerly into the genius' mouth as she curled her tongue against his own while stroking his length. Hands that had been frozen to his sides came loose to snatch her hips, his deft finger curiously tickling the cushions of her ass.

It was one thing to break the kiss, but when her hand left his cock as well, Gohan whined somberly. He gazed at her as she took a few steps back to create some distance, wondering if he'd been wrong to touch her. He looked miserable…

"Don't worry, Gohan," she consoled the teen who looked like he was about to cry; a pure contrast to the emotionless teen of not even an hour ago. She doubted he'd feel so dejected for long though. She heard him breath excitedly through his nostrils as she clinched her top and rose it past her head.

Now with only a blue bra to protect her swollen attributes, Gohan licked his lips in revelry, but when the casing also descended, her breasts sprung into view for his marvel. "Wow…" They came free with a generous bounce. Her tight physique emphasized the heavy jugs that were her breast, her peachy nipples perfectly sized to match their volume. The first pair of tits he'd ever seen, Gohan's cock pulsated fervently. They looked heavy, he mused, and he felt the animalistic urge to mash them with his palms. When he tried to pull himself up from the couch, however, Bulma cautioned him to stay in place.

Frustrated at first, those bothersome feelings ebbed away when she began to strip the rest of her clothes. Gohan appreciated the sway of her dangling tits as she slithered out of her jeans. The moment he spotted her damp underwear, Gohan could no longer contain himself. He rose from the couch, gazing at Bulma with lust. He wanted her. Desired her.

Bulma matched his intent without fear. She was, is, and would be in control, she thought, sticking out her chest with great aplomb, making them bounce. "Just a little longer, Gohan," she assured him. To illustrate, she rolled her underwear down her legs. The curls of her pubic mound crowned her snatch, adding to her maturity. Her dripping folds had swollen with excitement, ready to receive his cock.

"Get undressed," she ordered him as she walked to the table in the corner of the room. She heard him carry out her will behind her while she made herself comfortable on the table. Planting her buttocks on the cool furniture, she spread her legs and beckoned Gohan to make his way towards her.

Gohan gulped audibly at her coaxing. With each step, he could hear his heart beat rapidly. He had an inkling of what was to come next, and it would prove to be one of his biggest accomplishments in his short life. He stopped inches away from her. He was close enough to feel the heat she exuded from her snatch. He ogled her glistening folds with great interest. Had Bulma not been so heated, she would have educated him some about the female vagina, but her lust-filled mind was too clouded for such hospitality.

Despite his earlier bravado, when it came to the final step to claim his manhood, he lacked initiative. He remained still, unsure on how to proceed. He whimpered softly when Bulma wrapped her fingers around him and lined him up with her pussy. She chuckled when he asked if it was truly all right. It was a little late to be asking such questions now. "Are you ready?" He nodded anxiously. "Then push it in."

Gohan's breath was hitched in his throat as he inserted himself into Bulma, lust-filled eyes leering as his cock forced her folds inward before granting passage. As his cockhead disappeared from view, the rest gradually followed. He voyaged through her, plunging himself deeper and deeper. "Wow," he gasped at her tight warmth. The thrill of losing his virginity to such a beautiful woman snagged his voice when he tried to utter his adulation of the wonderful warmth that surrounded him. All he could offer were his guttural sounds of approval.

Although not the biggest she ever had, Bulma whimpered softly as he spread her. Her hands latched onto his shoulders, clamping tightly. Being the first man to bed her since the passing of Vegeta, Bulma felt him quite intensely. She inhaled sharply when he suddenly spasm forward, nestling himself completely inside her.

Such sensations! So warm and tight around him, Gohan fought the urge to gibber. Already, he could feel his balls rising.

He didn't immediately pull away when he bottomed out, preferring to cool down and marvel at the warmth surrounding his sensitive prick. If he proceeded to fuck her right away, he wouldn't last long. "You're a bit…" he gulped audibly. "…overwhelming," he explained when she asked him if something was wrong.

Bulma supposed she could understand his apprehension to commence. Not to boast her own ego, but he probably felt like he died and gone to heaven from experiencing her taut body. She might not be the youngest woman around anymore, but she was still a beauty in her own right. "That's okay, Gohan." She stroked his black, spiky hair affectionately, almost like a mother. "Take your time."

They continued to stay relatively still for the time being. Bulma could already feel him throbbing inside her while he donated a healthy load of pre-cum inside her deepest depths. Though she wouldn't be opposed to some added motion against her slick walls, the throbbing alone was actually quite significant. She nodded encouragingly when he announced he was going to move. Settling his hands on her wide hips, he seized her tightly to keep her in place whilst he retracted his piston; he groaned roughly, his throat clogging as her walls tried to keep him in place.

The inexperienced boy slowly humped against the mature woman, establishing a sluggish rhythm while employing his hips in ways he'd never practiced before. He'd tardily nudge his cock into her until his black hairs would tickle her turquoise curls, enjoying the low whimper of the beauty receiving his thrust, and then retract himself till only the head remained firmly anchored, motions he heartily repeated.

Despite his inexperience, Bulma enjoyed the young man's efforts. He felt pleasant enough inside her; he filled her nicely and his current efforts were enough to leave her hunkering for self-gratification. He wasn't overly talented; at times, he'd get too excited to maintain a steady rhythm that she could enjoy, but he had heart. She grunted roughly when the teen jerked suddenly from a sudden spasm, bumping against her cervix; the jutting force caused her bountiful assets to wobble alluringly. "Sorry…" he groaned out when she warned him to me more careful.

Gohan eyed the lively jiggle of her spirited bust each time his groin clashed with hers. He enjoyed it very much and he felt the urge to see them flounder entrancingly. Hands clutched to her broad hips, he began to yank her towards him in line with his thrusts; pulling her to him as he delved in, and away as he retracted.

"Ahn~!" Bulma whimpered as the warrior discovered a faster rhythm. She grunted and groaned, sometimes squeezing her eyes shut when he dug deep and pounded against her cervical wall.

Gohan's martial arts training came in handy to prolong the phenomenal debauchery; self-control was the key. He would slow his thrust to cool down and recover some before resuming to smack his hips. Her dazed eyes regarded him; eyes screwed shut, face deep red and dripping with sweat. He did all he could to last as long as possible. She supposed it was somewhat flattering that he wanted this to last. Her hands ruffled his spiky hair while she dragged him to her lips. "Keep going…~" she whispered affectionately into his ear. She heard him breathe excitedly through his nostrils from her vocal incitement as he accelerated his tempo. "You're doing great."

Though Bulma could feel her orgasm building up, toes coiling in quiet delight, Gohan was an inexperienced boy for whom these sensations were all too new. Bulma was the first women he ever bedded, and what a fine specimen of female splendor she was! Tits out for his amusement, tight walls constricting around him, and her whimpering voice egging him to keep going, it was no wonder he – a virgin not long ago – was already at his limit. He'd tried to hold on as long as he could, but he had no choice but to concede to his limits. Gripping her tightly to keep her in place, he fell forward, head pressing against her shoulder. "Bulma…!" he whined roughly; it was all he could do to alert the panting woman of his impending release.

"Just a little longer…!" she implored him. She was so close! Though she had started this for Gohan's benefit, she was desperate to reach her own satisfaction now that it was almost palpable. She was on the verge of gushing! She wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him to keep going. "You can keep going, right?" His rasping voice whimpered in response, declaring that he'd try. Her stiff nipples brushing against his rugged chest helped, but at this pace her climax would elude her. Taking one hand away from his sturdy shoulders, she slithered her hand down her sweat-stained body until her nimble fingers found her erect clit. She pinched the nub; the tightening of her damp corridor didn't do much for Gohan's efforts to subsist. While the young Saiyan warrior willed himself not to cum, she rotated her clit in a crazed frenzy, restless in her attempts to discharge.

"Oh god yes…~!" Gohan was worried for a moment when Bulma's legs suddenly tried to squeeze the air out of him and a sudden gush of liquid sprayed his cock. The older woman arched her back, breasts jumping before she pulled him towards her, pressing against him. Finally, those long-forgotten sensations had arrived to claim her.

Bulma's climax was the moment Gohan succumbed; her walls came crashing down around his pulsing member, resolving to milk him for all he was worth. Considering her wrapped legs around his waist, she obviously didn't mind him bursting inside her, though the thought of pulling out didn't even enter his mind.

After only a few more jerks of his hips, Bulma felt the first spurt of cum fill her insides, the warm spunk heightening her own release. "Hmmm…" she droned as the teen released a long, extended groan of relief. Though the thought of fertile swimmers did cross her mind, she had the necessary precautions in her bathroom. Thank god, she added as an afterthought. Judging from the quality, she'd spurred him on more than even she expected!

Even when he was completely spent, Gohan kept himself inside while he shriveled. It wasn't until he withered completely that her vagina ejected him, along with a good quantity of semen. Even then, he preferred to stay in Bulma's warm embrace while she lovingly stroked his drenched head whilst she commended him.

They stayed relatively still for a couple of minutes, savoring each other's embrace. At some point, his right hand came up to her breasts to test the weight. Eventually, his head came up from her shoulder.

"What will you do now?" she asked the teen – no, the man – leaning against her.

"I think I'll go visit my mom," he muttered. He pulled back to meet her eyes. As she looked back at him, joy filled her stomach as the teen's lips – for the first time in months – finally twirled upwards into a gentle, tranquil smile. "Thank you, Bulma."

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