The Internship

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Chapter 1: Graduation Day

The principal of Orange Star High turned around after introducing the valedictorian to give her speech. She approached him with a beaming smile on her face. After shaking her hand, he returned to his seat behind the podium. She began her speech by thanking him for the introduction and cracked a joke about their interactions. The crowd laughed at her antics and he simply smiled back at her. Then she faced forward and began her speech.

The principal continued to smile as he thought about his interactions with the valedictorian over the years. She was a very smart and astute student. He would expect nothing less from the daughter if Bulma Briefs. She was well-liked and admired by her classmates. She made friends easily and was very kind to even the most awkward of outcasts. It was somewhat rare to find that combination in a pretty, popular student. Bra Briefs had many different sides to her, though.

The principal’s eyes, which had been trained on her beautiful eyes, dropped to her lips. Bra had such beautiful, perky lips. He’d become quite familiar with them in the last two years of her tenure. He would be lying if he said he would not miss seeing her beautiful face. He remembered the first time he’d gotten acquainted with those plump lips...

Bra walked merrily down the hall. School had been over for some time and the halls were bare except for a janitor or two. Most of the teachers had gone home. Bra had stayed after for a student council meeting. The rest of her classmates had already left. Bra just had to drop some things off by the main office and then she would be on her way home.

When she rounded the corner, she saw that the main office was mostly dark. Just the emergency lift was on. However, when she went inside, she could see that the principal’s office was still lit up. Smiling, she scurried towards it and knocked. There was a deep “come in” so she entered.

The principal looked up and saw the pretty heiress. “Oh Bra. What can I do for you?” he asked, leaning back in his chair.

“I’m just dropping off the latest treasury reports. I wanted to make sure YOU got them, sir.” Bra walked forward and set the manila folder down on his desk.

“Thank you, Bra. It’s nice to finally have someone so efficient on that council.”

Bra giggled. “I don’t think our previous treasurers were THAT bad,” she said. The principal raised an eyebrow beneath his glasses. “Ok maybe Shira had been a bit flaky and Kyosuke couldn’t do math.” The principal chuckled as well. Bra watches him go back to looking at his work.

He was very attractive and young for a principal. Bra found most older men attractive though. It was why she never showed interest in boys her age. She regularly sneaked into clubs with her friends just to hang with older men. There was something to be said about their experience and maturity. She knew she could’ve just been naive, but it was fun being with them. They couldn’t hurt her anyway. Not with her Saiyan strength.

But this was not the first time she’d ever paid attention to her principal. She’d been eyeing him but he’d never paid as much attention to her. The other male teachers hardly hid their lust when it came to her. She’d given a few of them handjobs just to tease them. Nothing more, though. But she wanted to principal. She definitely wanted to see where she could go with him. So she turned around and walked over to the door.

The principal heard the office door close. He looked up to see Bra engaging the lock. Confused, he removed his glasses. “Is something wrong, Bra?” he asked as she turned around. The expression on her face was one he’d never seen. It was one that belonged on a grown woman, not a 16-year-old high school junior. He watched her unbutton her school sweater and take it off. She unbuttoned the first three buttons on the white uniform shirt. For the first time, the principal noticed that Bra had quite an ample bosom.

“Nothing is wrong, sir.” Bra walked around the desk and sat down on it right in front of him. The principal was flabbergasted at her brazenness. He could do nothing as she just sat there looking at him. “Do you like me, sir?” she asked.

“Huh? Oh yes. Yes, Bra. You’re one of my favorite students. But... What are you...” He was silenced as Bra slowly spread her legs. She took hold of his tie and pulled him closer to the desk. He placed his hands on either side of her. She was unnaturally strong for a girl her size.

“Do you want me, sir?” Her voice was low and seductive.

The principal pulled away from her slightly. “Bra, this is highly inappro...” He stopped when Bra released him. She began unbuttoning her shirt. She unbuttoned down to her navel. The shirt hung open and he could see that she wore no undergarments. Her breasts were naturally perky and sat up. With the cold hair hitting her bare skin, her nipples hardened right before him.

Bra took his hand and placed it on her right breast. At first he did nothing. Then he gave it a small squeeze before jerking away like he’d touched something hot. Bra smirked and opened her shirt a bit more so that her breasts were impossible to miss. “It’s ok, sir. You can touch them.”

“Bra, this is VERY inappropriate. I’m your principal. I’m going to need you to leave.” He tried to sound as stern as possible. However, the entire time he was talking he was looking at her erect breasts. He barely noticed Bra scooting forward in the desk.

“Touch me,” she said authoritatively. Predictably, the principal did just that. He touched her right breast, cupping it in his hand. It was soft and at the same time firm. It felt heavy in his hands. He cupped the other one with his free hand and massaged them. Bra closed her eyes and moaned while he flicked her hard nipples. “Suck them,” she said.

Without giving much thought to the request, the principal continued kneading the left breast while closing his mouth around the nipple of the right. Bra scooted forward more, arching her back into his face. The principal switched breasts squeezing her thigh with his free hand. Bra’s short skirt had risen a little and he could see the crease where her leg met her pelvis. He began to move his hand back towards her knee but Bra grabbed hold of it. She guided it up her leg and beneath her skirt.

She was wearing no panties. The principal’s finger came into contact with her warm center. He was initially shocked but the moan that came from Bra from his touch spurred him on. In the back of his mind, a little voice was yelling at him to stop. But all he wanted to hear was Bra’s soft panting and gasps. He pulled her off the desk and into his lap. Her legs spread wider and he pushed a finger into her while biting softly on her breasts. Bra gasped and giggled girlishly as he began pumping in and out of her.

After a few minutes, Bra suddenly stopped him and stood up. The principal seemed to come back to his senses but only for a moment. Bra kneeled between his legs and looked at the tent that had risen there.

The principal shook his head. “No. I should... We should...” He weakly mumbled while Bra worked on his zipper. She smiled and reached inside his pants and boxers. He felt shameful when his erection was freed from its confines, standing proudly and beading with precum. “Bra...”

The teenager was too busy staring at the hard appendage in her hand. He was of average size but he was very thick. She just knew it would stretch her lips in that pleasing way she loved. Ignoring his meek protests, she licked the precum from the tip slowly. The principal went quiet while he watched her lips close around the tip. She sucked gently, swirling her tongue around without lifting her mouth off. She gave it another suck before lifting off. She licked up and down the shaft, playing lightly with the thick vein.  After it was coated with her saliva, she took it into her mouth quickly and completely.

The principal threw his head back when Bra took him all at once. She worked her throat muscles around the tip, which almost caused him to cum. She stopped just in time and came up slowly. Then she went back down. She set a slow but steady pace, never slowing or going faster. Each time she took him completely in. The principal lowered his head and looked at her. The way her plump lips were stretched around his thick rod was even more of a turn on. He could not believe he was allowing his student to blow him. If anyone found out...

Bra picked up speed. She had yet to come off completely. With her increased speed, the principal’s pants turned into winces and moans. She was relentless. She sped up more and she could feel the pulsing signaling he was close. She came off completely and got to her feet. Confused and so close, thenL principal watched as Bra climbed on him. Before he could protest, she sat down, his erection entering her hard and fast. He took hold of her waist as she started to bounce on him. He was close again, but he didn’t have much control this way. He lifted Bra off of him and got to his feet. It was her turn to look confused.

“Turn around,” the principal said, a little huskier than he’d intended. Bra did as she was told while he stood. He bent her over the desk and kicked her legs apart. He lifted her skirt and thrust in hard and fast. Bra threw her head back as he began a fast and needy pace. Her bare breasts rubbed against the cold surface of the desk. A loud moan escaped her from the feeling of him moving inside her. A few minutes later, she was cumming. He followed soon after, only pulling out just before he did. Instead, he sprayed his seed all over her ass and legs. Bra turned around to face him. A sneaky smile was on her face.

‘What have I done?’

Since that day, he’d been fucking her and letting her suck him off whenever she wanted. He could not say no to her. They’d almost been caught several times. She’d even given him head throughout the entirety of a conference with a parent. He thought back to what had happened an hour before the ceremony began...

The office was quiet except for soft panting. Bra sat on the principal’s desk with her legs spread wide. Her dress was hiked up above her waist. Her hands were gripping the hair on the head nestled between her legs. The principal was sucking on her clit. Bra released his hair and leaned back in her hands when he started fucking her with his tongue. She was close to cumming when he stood up and I did his pants. Bra laid back on the desk. He gripped her hips, pulling her forward and impaling her with his solid meat. He pumped in and out, faster and faster until Bra was practically chanting his name. She came and he pulled out.

Wasting no time, Bra got to her knees and engulfed his glistening cock with her mouth. He held her head still and fucked her mouth. He’d discovered over the years that Bra could take anything he threw at her, no matter how rough he was. He fucked her mouth like he was fucking her pussy. Soon, he was cumming in her mouth. He didn’t stop though. He kept thrusting. His seed spilled out around her mouth. Bra tightened her lips around his invading cock and sucked hard. While he had begun to go soft, he was now hardening again.

The principal did not stop. He was hard again and Bra seemed to want to make him cum again. He held her head stationary with both hands and thrusted mercilessly. A few minutes later, he stopped with his dick completely down her throat and came. Bra worked her throat muscles around him as she swallowed everything he deposited in her. He felt himself softening and came out slowly. He stood still while Bra cleaned his cock of cum. When she was done, she noticed he was hard again.

“Someone is eager today,” she said with a giggle. She turned around and presented her ass to him. He wasted no time and pulled her back on him. It didn’t take long for him to cum again.

Yes. He would miss her. He would probably never have another student like her. If he did, he doubt it would be one who could pleasure him like Bra did. She was truly one of a kind.

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