Killing the Curiosity

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“Don’t you ever yearn for pussy?”

“Excuse me?”

Gohan wasn’t sure he heard the old man right. He was on his second glass of fruit punch which was laced with alcohol; a fact not withheld from his knowledge.

He had been visiting Muten Roshi and Kririn to tell them of the good news: that he and his darling dearest were having their second baby! Upon which the two old friends insisted that it was cause for celebration (even if only a drink or two and some catching up) as he waited for his husband to be done with his “check-up” at Capsule Corporation (only because Bloomer wouldn’t let up).

They had a brief -and very mature- dispute about it; Piccolo explicitly stating his refusal to be treated like a typical Earthling mother who needed a maternity check-up, because he wasn’t! To which Bloomer happened to overhear via the communicator and his hapless hypersensitive Namekian ears were given a thorough boxing. Their firstborn was birthed in another planet with the most advanced technology, and even then, he went through all levels of hell giving birth to a powerful hybrid. And so, he was finally convinced (well, more of nagged) to own up and accept that this was how Earthlings cared for soon-to-be-mothers and their soon-to-be-offspring.

Gohan insisted on accompanying him, but the pregnant Namek shot the idea dead on the spot, saying that if he were to be made a fool of as a kooky lab woman’s science project, he would rather keep what little dignity he could while being subjected to it; and having his hand held by his husband like he was some helpless child as he was poked and prodded under glaring laboratory lights was not his idea of accomplishing that.

And so, that’s what finds the happy father-of-their-second-child-to-be at the Kame House, waving his handsome Namekian spouse off with assuring words like ‘Bloomer-san really does care, she isn’t just curious about your superior (and bombshell sexy) Namekian anatomy as you suspect’ and then muttering to himself as an afterthought, ‘Well, maybe a teensy bit…’ then out loud, ‘But I’m sure you’ll be fine!’ It is Bloomer Briefs of Capsule Corporation after all, Gohan assured himself. No other company is far more technologically advanced and best-equipped to handle a not-so-routine prenatal check-up for a pregnant Super Namek; all the best medical professionals and institutions on the face of the planet would be struggling to compare. In fact, even the best would clamber to pay zillions of zennies to be under the CC logo’s care. “You’re in good hands! Don’t worry your pretty little nose over it, love!” Gohan boomed into seemingly nothing but clear skies and open breezy beach all around. But he knew that his husband was still within earshot – what with those superior ears that could hear a pin drop within a kilometre radius (and even galaxies apart if he wanted to).

After Roshi and Kririn did their best not to show the happy young lad their twitching faces at all those soul-scarring mushy words, they put on stiff smiles as Gohan faced them and gamely marched inside to have their humble “celebration”.

Which brings us to the lewd question posed at the beginning of our story; one that could only come from the mouth of a lecher as old and legendary as Kame Sennin.

Gohan laughed out loud when the question was repeated with an explanation that he was referring to a pussy that had nothing to do with the ones that went 'meow', which made Kririn’s clean-shaven head resemble a steamed tomato about to pop.

“I wasn’t joking.” That effectively stopped Gohan in his tipsy mid-chortle. “I really am curious, you know.”

Awkward silence filled the room.

“You are a man, after all—I know a straight one when I see one—and a damn good-lookin’ young lad at that! even more than your old man – since you’ve got, not just the looks but a lot of the brains too! If you really wanted it, you could make any woman lick your feet—and any part of you for that matter! So I reckon, you must really love that green lug husband of yours that much to give up all that pu—”

“Aaaaahhh! Look at that! All gone! I’ll go get us some more sake and fruit punch, and oh, I dunno, maybe never come back?! Ladidah!” Kririn jumped to his feet and made himself scarce in a wink. The direction the conversation was going used to be a path he had no qualms traversing – especially during his “hot-blooded” phase when he was much younger.

But now that he was in a serious romantic relationship with a lovely bionic woman who could “accidentally” snap his neck like a twig with a flick of her thumb, he was now proudly a reformed man who did his best to regard all women (pregnant Super Nameks who could do just as much damage to him included) with utmost respect. Tragically, Roshi was a different incorrigible matter altogether. There were many a twisted aberration that all the age and wisdom in the universe could never cure.

The truth of the matter was that Roshi had always been curious. He didn’t swing both ways, no ma’am, he didn’t. Heck, he didn’t swing for anything but sweet and soft and juicy, bouncy—well you get the idea. He had a special sense for that, and he prided himself for being able to sniff out the sweetest nectar from even the most unlikely flowers. And in so far as that he has lived—which was a very, very long time—his “nose” has never failed him even once which is why he has never had reason to doubt it.

That is—

Until Piccolo happened.


End of Sequence 1

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