The Reign of Queen Caulifla

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Author's Note: This story will include emasculation and harem antics in future chapters.

The saiyans of planet Sadala were largely at peace following the restoration of the universe. As savage and prideful a race as they were, there was an unusual calm following the return of their saviors. In the last month they had even shaken off the poisonous influence of Lord Frost as he had been revealed as the monster he was.

It was now that the proud King Sadala looked forward to inviting the young participants in the Tournament of Power to a banquet in their honor. Though the tournament was initially unknown by the monarchy, news traveled fast following the brief erasure, the only comparison of which the population could make was a cold amnesia.

At any rate, the dining hall were set to receive them with a feast and a reception. That was until King Sadala realized the slender, wild-haired woman sitting on his throne at the end of the long table. She was barely dressed and sneered evilly as she shoved morsel after morsel into her mouth. Her feet rested  haphazardly on the plate in front of her. Chunks of meat fell into her cleavage as she chewed and winked at the king with a passive belligerence only she could muster.

At her right a woman in red clothing and equal in her stature, stood and giggled ceaselessly. To her left Cabba stood, his head darting around nervously.

“Cabba, would you mind telling me what the hell is going on?” The King’s eyes were wide and a vein bulged on his forehead.

“My King…er, uh,” he faltered as the girls glared at him. “Former King Sadala, it is with a heavy heart that we present you with a coup and an ultimatum….”

The King blinked for a moment as palace guards swarmed the room and surrounded the trio. Cabba, the most trusted member of the Sadala Defense Force was giving him an ultimatum while an insolent bitch tarnished his throne. His guards stood, ready for his command.

Sadala threw his head back and laughed. Though it was severely out of place, he could handle a joke given the circumstances. They were back from the verge of extinction after all and levity was a gift not often seen among saiyans.

“Hahaha! Well, I take it you were victorious in your dealings with other universes? Is that—is that the criminal daughter of Renso sitting on my throne? My dear, despite your uncooperative past, you are more than welcome here as warriors of Universe 6, you have earned your place! Hahaha, let us enjoy ourselves!”

“Relinquish your throne or suffer under her rule.” Cabba’s head drooped.

“And just who is this that dares challenge the King of all saiyans?!” Sadala’s expression turned to stone. A violent gust of wind rushed from his person as a storm of ki. 

His raw power alone made the guards shudder and fall back. Sick musculature was unmistakable beneath his armor and more angry veins came alive on his arms. His cape billowed back at the release of  energy.

Caulifla leapt onto the table and kicked dishes out of the way as she finished a slab of meat and discarded the bone at the King’s feet.

“You will be bowing to me. Your new ruler.” She stated smugly and pointed at herself. “Queen Caulifla.”

She inhaled and screamed fiercely rattling the dining hall and the palace itself to its foundation. In a flash of yellow light her bed of spiky black hair rose and turned a vibrant gold. Her aura filled the room and surged outward, pulsating like a heartbeat. Beneath her the table broke in two and splintered, sending shards in every direction, as the stone beneath it trembled and cracked. Above her the ceiling threatened to give way as the roof blackened and caught fire. The guards were forced against the wall by the sheer onslaught of her transformation, leaving only the King to gasp and take in the might of his new god.

Still he gritted his teeth and withstood. He would never give up his throne without a fight. He would quell this heresy at all costs. Caulifla smiled as she saw the doubt in his eyes, at the possibility that he could still challenge her.

She inhaled again and roared as Kale giggled and blushed behind her. Lightning consumed her countenance as her hair once more reeled upward. Rubble now showered the gawking crowd, as a rift formed beneath them.

The power of super saiyan 2, gripped her lithe, sweat-drenched body. He needed to see it, they all needed to see what to worship. Her magenta top was the first to go in flames, followed by her purple pants. It was bothersome to make sure they stayed in tact, she wouldn’t need to be impeded by them anymore. It was only her black wristbands that were left to humble her.

The King’s face was nothing but fear and astonishment. Even as a fist was brutally driven into his gut, and he felt his spine crack and buckle, he could not fathom what was happening. He vomited a pool of blood and viscera into his hands before falling to his knees. “Q-q-q-ueen C-caulifla.”

“Don’t ever forget that.” She grinned and summoned a red ball of energy from her fingertip. In an instance he was flung from the room in cloud of dust and debris, it was only a few seconds later that she heard the detonation of her attack a good mile away. 

“Cabba, would you go and collect that garbage? If he survived, then he’s still got work to do.”

“Yes, my Queen.” Cabba shrugged and flew off.

“Would anyone else like to challenge me?” The naked goddess laughed at the cowering guards.

Kale threw herself into Caulifla’s arms and hovered lovingly against her chest. “I mean besides you, my beautiful protégée. Would you like to be a queen too?”

Kale shook her head and teared up. “No, I’m here for you, I’ve always been here for you, Sis.” She panted and wrapped her arms tighter to her frame.

“Let, Sis take care of it then.” Caulifla caressed her doting face and shoved her tongue dutifully down her throat.

Kale shivered and returned the gesture. Her ki flared up as the two embraced and rotated slowly in the decimated dining hall. She felt more alive than she’d ever been, holding onto her unclothed master. It didn’t matter if her inner strength eclipsed Caulifla’s own. She would always serve her, she would always be made wet by witnessing her power.

Lust overtook Kale as she pawed at the tight glowing ass under her palms. She could feel nipples as hard as tacks press through her top against her own, yet they couldn’t do it here, could they? Not in front of so many people.

Caulifla answered for her and torn off her clothes in one swift strike.

“Don’t, I’m so embarrassed!” Kale covered herself.

“Shut up, you will learn to love it.” She licked her fingers and caressed her protégée’s privates, making sure her legs were fitfully spread to those below them.

Like her own, Kale’s pussy was hairless and soaked with want. With feverish speed the queen hooked her digits between her quivering lips and rocked. Basking in her radiance, Kale bit her lip and squealed as a long feral tongue ran the length of her neck and gnawed selfishly at her earlobe.

“You see this?” Caulifla asked of the onlookers and continued her mindless fingering. “This is what is given to those who obey. Now are you going to obey?”

Kale screamed and flared up as a dash of liquid fell between her thighs and dripped to the cracked marble below.

Cabba had returned with a broken and barely-breathing Sadala under his arm, just as the royal guards bowed their heads to the ground in reverence. His legs were mangled and he had clearly been paralyzed from the waist down.

“Oh, good you’re just in time.” The pair landed in front of him and Caulifla instructed him to the the pool of clear squirt on the tile. “Clean that up with your tongue, would you?”
Sadala grimaced and tried to brace himself upright with his arms. Following a punch from Cabba he tried to obey. Like a wounded animal he crawled to the liquid and began to lap it up.

“You like watching men worship your cum, Kale?”

“I…do.” Her teeth chattered as she pawed her pussy more and more. “I never thought I could feel this good.

“I know you’re still a virgin, Kale.”

“Don’t, ugh, don’t tell them that!” she began to fingerbang herself, spurred on by the humiliation of Caulifla’s words.

“How about I get you a nice harem of boys and girls to please you?”

“I just need sis. I only need sis!” She cried.

“You’ll get me, but only after you fuck all these strangers, understand?”

“Yes, sis. I want it. I want them all. I want them all because I want to be with sis!” Another squirt arched from between her fingers, raining down on Sadala and adding to his duties.

“Good girl. I’m going to enjoy watching you get fucked silly everyday. And as for you Cabba…”

Cabba looked up and grew red at the sight of her naked, glowing form. “Yes, Caulifla-sama?”

“You’ve done well, so why don’t you be the first? If you do really well, I might just let you take that spiked dildo out of your ass, so I can fuck it myself. How does that sound?"

To be continued....

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