The Mud Planet

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball GT, nor any of the characters involved. I am not making any money from this story. This is an original fictional story and all resemblances to events real or otherwise is entirely coincidental.

This is a first draft that I intend to improve in subsequent revisisions. Please leave constructive criticism as I'm still new at this. Thank you.

Pan, Trunks, Giru and a de-aged Goku continue along in space on their Grand Tour. In between trips to two planets with Dragon Balls, the ship passes through a meteor belt.Trunks tells the rest of the crew they’d need to stop at the nearest hospitable planet for repairs.

They pinpoint such a planet and proceed to land on it. After touching down, Goku hops up on a seat to look out the window. “Whoah, it’s a jungle! Looks steamy!”

Trunks sits on the ground near a control panel and proceeds to pop the side off, then digs into the wires immediately. “Yeah, the whole planet’s covered in thick trees and pure mud swamps. No animal life except some herbivorous birds. The area we’re in remains a balmy 35 Celsius (95F) year-round.”

Goku and Pan go “Ooooh” in their childlike way.

Trunks gets up and walks to a nearby monitor. “Actually, there’s a mud pit nearby that’s basically a hot mud bath on Earth. And there’s a pure water hot spring next to the ship.”

“What?! That’s great!” Goku’s eyes pop out in excitement.

Trunks looks back to the wires he was messing with a few moments ago and sighs. “Tell you guys what. Giru, you stay here and help me fix up the ship. It’s still gonna take a few hours though, so in the meantime why don’t you two enjoy the mud springs?” Giru shouts out in the affirmative, "Giru!"

Pan’s eyes turn into cartoon hearts -- she’s been too far from Earth’s feminine conveniences, and for far too long. “Sounds good to me! Let me grab my swimsuit.” Pan then pauses for a second as Trunks gets back to work and Goku starts back towards his room. She catches up with him quickly.

“Wait, grandpa, you’re not going to be, umm… naked… right?”

“Sure am! This is gonna feel great, Pan. Just what we needed!” Goku grins widely, oblivious to his granddaughter’s conundrum.

“But can’t you wear shorts?! They can even be boxers! Just something!” Pan pleads as Goku crosses into his room. Pan hovers outside the door exasperated, but then notices something. Goku is undressing right now, in front of her. Her thought the first moment of this, as he lifted his shirt overhead, was incredulity. “OK, he’s only taking his shirt off, then he’ll shoo me away.”

Goku didn’t. Instead, during the second moment as Goku dropped his pants and revealed his boxer shorts, Pan’s thought was “Oh man, is this real? Is this real?”

Then Goku dropped his underwear and shuffled out of them, disgarding the undergarment on the floor. The view Pan had of the cutest butt she’d ever seen disappeared as Goku turned towards her, and Pan saw his maleness. It wasn’t the first time, but the previous times she had feigned outrage and bashfulness to deflect from her curiosity. This time was different though -- it was the first time Goku had taken his clothes off in front of her since she had first masturbated.

At her age, and being a child prodigy, she knew all the functions and stages of sex and sexual development. She knew eventually she’d masturbate. But she hadn’t counted on becoming helplessly addicted to it. It was to the point Pan was slipping away two-to-three times a day to “get it out of the way.”  She also realized the feeling intensified on planets with moons, and was at its zenith on a full moon. But that knowledge doesn’t become handy until a later chapter.

So when Goku dropped his underpants and turned to face her, she didn’t pretend to freak out or chastise him like normal. She just stared. Goku for his part was oblivious to the eyeful he was giving his granddaughter -- his large-for-his-biological-age flaccid dick hung over some fairly complementary balls, all hairless. Pan realized Goku must be growing in real-time too, since it looked like his boyhood had grown since the last time Goku “flashed” her.

Goku walked up to the door, Pan slowly backing up, her gaze not breaking from Goku’s torso down to his thighs, but her face glowing absolutely beet red. Goku still hadn’t realized that his nude body was turning his granddaughter on, but he had realized she hadn’t yelled at him like normal. He turned to face her, fully.

“What’s wrong Pan? I’ve told you before being naked doesn’t bother me and shouldn’t bother you. We even used to talk baths together!” Pan doesn’t say anything, still. She can't. “Well if you choose to join those of us who want to take baths with our bare butts out, feel free to leave your clothes here.” Having issued that, Goku pressed a button on the wall opening the ship door, then proceeded naked down the extending ramp and disappeared into the forest.

Pan looks at a panel on the wall. Goku is being tracked, and he seems to have stopped not far from the ship. Pan turns the spectrometer view on and it reveals a large but shallow purewater lake with 30 degree Celsius water (86F) a mere dozen meters from the ship. On the other side of the ship, about 50 meters from the ship was a series of small/medium hot mudpits, heated the same temperature as the water.

Pan sighs, then thinks for a minute. Finally, she makes a compromise. She takes her shoes, socks, and bandana off, then drops her trademark jeans. Finally, her fingerless gloves and jewelry. Pan disembarks in just her crop-top red shirt and light pink panties. Pan sticks her chest out, trying to act proud and unashamed, making the moment as dramatic in her head as possible. She’s not doing what her Grandpa says! But she’s not hiding away in a convent either. She’s out here and in charge! Yeah!

Twenty seconds pass but they seem like two hours as Pan makes her way down the ramp to the Mud Planet. After which, she realizes how ridiculous she’s acting, especially with the empty jungle around her.  Pan chuckles to herself, then hops in the air and follows her grandpa’s path to the mudpits.

She finds him much like she’s seen him and her dad relaxing in the big metal “bathtubs” back home. Goku’s upper chest is above the steaming mud, his arms resting on the grassy ground surrounding the pit while he leans back.

Pan realizes his eyes are closed and he hasn’t seemed to have noticed her presence yet. Thinking quickly, she realizes she wants her top dry for the short trip back to the ship (or the hot spring so she can wash off.) In a flash, she lifts her red shirt over her head and drops it slowly to the ground. Then, she sticks a foot in, then her other foot, before easing herself into the mud -- her only piece of clothing being her tiny pink panties. The heat feels good and Pan realizes this is the first time she’s relaxed in the last twenty-seven days. She lets out a content, but loud, sigh.

Goku snaps to and looks across the mudpit to Pan. He grins his typical Goku “Gotcha!” smile. Pan blushes.

“Feels good huh?! It’s really getting into all my nooks and stuff.” Goku giggles and Pan sways, suddenly feeling light-headed. She hasn't realized it before now but the while the sky was a lighter blue (as expected), the clouds were bright pink -- almost super-saturated. That seems odd, and so did her head rush. She brushes it off.

“Feel OK? That happened to me as soon as I got off the ship. The air here is really sweet! It’s so humid though.”

Pan watched a bead of sweat trail down Goku’s chin, to his neck, down his chest, into the mud. She gulped. “Yeah, I’m OK. The mud is so relaxing.”

“It sure is! So wait,” Goku lowers his voice and leans in, even though he knows no one is listening. “Did you decide to wear a swimsuit?”

Pan’s jaw clenches shut and she blushes again. Her angry defense mechanism finally kicks in. “As a matter of fact, all I have on is my panties. I took my shirt off when I got here.” She crosses her arms.

“Ah I see.” Goku smirks, mischief on his mind. “Isn’t it so much better? Why not go all the way?”

Pan can’t decide whether to take the bait. Is he joking? He jokes a lot.

“I won’t tell anyone! And you’ve seen me. Especially a lot today.” Goku grins defiant, the moment of Pan leering at Goku undressing earlier makes Pan stutter for words. She looks back at him with equal fire, and reaches under the mud. She manages to pull her legs up and get the pair of undies off her ankles, but then loses it beneath the mud. “Oh no, I lost them! My undies!”

“It’s OK Pan! We’ll just go to the hot spring next to the ship like this, then I’ll Instant Transmission us inside. Nothing to do now but just enjoy it! Being naked is great!” Pan sighs again and begrudgingly agrees.

Pan and Goku lean back in the same way, mere minutes passing before both lapse into a deep slumber. They wake up a few hours later, eyes slowly blinking open.

Pan feels something is different. She feels… altered? Inebriated? Could this be what it is to be drunk? High? She doesn’t know, but something is making her skin tingle and her inhibitions fall away. The very-slowly bubbling mud Pan is submerged in is also having an effect -- Pan notices for the first time it has a mild purple hue, and seems to have small microcurrents keeping the flow circulating.

Pan only has a moment to wonder if the undulating micro-streams she sees in the mud are what are causing her young pussy to enjoy waves of pleasure at the moment. Another wave chases the thought away and Pan begins losing herself to her body’s desire to mount something male and ride whatever it is until the next day. She moans and stuffs her right hand under the mud so she can ride her middle finger until her orgasm is over.

Goku stirs, hearing Pan’s moans, and opens his eyes to see her right arm moving desperately under the mud, and her left hand roughly groping her own breast. Pan finishes cumming. She’s relaxes and breathes a sigh of relief. Goku doesn't know whether Pan knew he saw her, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t entirely understand the feeling, even now, but he knows for sure his cock his rock hard. The mud feeds his lust as well, it feels electric, sending pulses and currents up and down Goku’s length, teasing his taint and balls, and even working its way a little up Goku’s ass. Once a small amount of the stuff makes it to Goku’s prostate, his lust completely overpowers all his other thoughts. All he wants now is to fuck.

Still, Goku suppresses it. He is the universe’s hero! He can't enjoy something so carnal as… as… bending her nude body over the side of the pit… and plunging myself into her… what am I thinking…?

“Umm… uhh... “ Pan was zoned out too, her eyes half lidded, her chest heaving as she breathes huskily. “Pan.” Goku finally gets the first word out. “Umm, can you get the Dragon Radar? I brought it with me and left it on the side near you.”

Pan turns and sure enough, there it is. She and Goku stare hard into each other’s eyes, both panting hard. Pan gulps, then reaches over for the Dragon Radar. Even though this necessitates Pan standing up so that her entire chest is exposed., Pan is unashamed as she does it, reveling in her exhibitionist side that just moments earlier had brought her to climax right across from her allegedly-sleeping grandfather.

Pan turned and stepped through the mud toward Goku with the radar, her chest still above the surface -- almost as if Pan was issuing a dare. “See, I’m not a prude like you thought!” Her mind was also being affected by the air of the planet, which increases mating-related hormones in biological life. The mud supercharges libido as well.

Goku fought a valiant battle, making a deal with himself to distract himself with the Dragon Radar to calm down... but he knew it was just a cover. His lustful side was pulling the strings the whole time, and it had a plan. Now was the time to enact the rest of it.

Goku stood up fully and offered his hand to take the radar, exposing himself from the knees-up. Pan's lust-clouded eyes fall from Goku’s needy, blushing face, to his mud covered body, starting with his his sexy chest, then drinking in the site of Goku’s cock. Now, for the first time Pan had seen, hard. Very hard. Though covered in a layer of warm mud, it was still very visible, pointing clear to the pink cloud-adorned sky. His balls hung a bit lower too.

Goku’s voice was a raspy whisper. “Thanks Pan. You can hand it over now.”

Pan looks to Goku, then to the radar, then back to Goku. She stands just as defiant and just as nude. Her steps seem agonizingly slow as she makes her way to Goku with the radar. Finally she stops in front of him, so close they could kiss each other. Their eyes are locked, neither wanting to make a definitive first move, but wanting it so badly all at the same time. She puts the Dragon Radar in his hand. After a quiet moment, Goku notices Pans arm begin to move. It drifts towards Goku's body, with a purposeful slowness.

She takes another step forward. Goku swallows hard, sweat dripping down his entire face. There’s now barely an inch between them.

Pan looks down between them at Goku’s erection -- it’s still hard, and still pointing straight up. Pan notices it throb enticingly with Goku’s heartbeat. She looks back up to him and he doesn’t look away. His eyes are almost pleading, which Pan would think is amazingly cute, if her pussy wasn't throbbing with need every other moment.

With her slow-moving arm, she finally grasps Goku's hard length. He moans out, loud enough to scare some nearby birds away.

Pan knows there’s no going back. “Might as well go all the way. This feels too good to resist.”

As soon as Goku finishes moaning Pan shoves her face against his, roughly making him kiss her as she smashes their young bodies together. Goku grabs Pan’s ass with both hands, feeling his granddaughter grind her bare cunt along his stiff cock. He grunts animalistically, the whole act looking from afar like a rough animal mating session.

Grabbing Pan by her naked butt, he lifts her and then impales her on his throbbing dick. They both cry out, surrendering themselves to the lustful base nature of their young, overstimulated bodies. Lust is all that exists for either of them now.

Goku thrusts roughly into her, pumping Pan’s pussy so hard and fast her vision goes dark for moments at a time. Goku walks their copulating bodies over to the edge of the mudpit and lays Pan down on her back, before resuming his rough fucking into her horny cunt. Pan gasps for more, "Fuck my cunt grandpa! I love your cock!" In response, Goku grasps Pan’s chest such that his thumbs are massaging and tweaking her nipples, before he leaning down to kiss her.

Pan relaxes and moans into the kiss, all the feelings becoming overwhelming. She feels her pleasure beginning to build, and it seems to her like Goku’s is too. Goku removes his hands from Pan's breasts and braces himself above her with both arms, before going into thrusting overdrive. Pan cries out, ecstatic, stupefied that such pleasure even exists. Nothing will be the same after this.

Goku’s hairless balls slap against Pan’s asshole, and in response she grabs Goku’s butt as he thrusts into her from on top. Noticing the mud makes a good lubricant, Pan sticks her middle finger into Goku. He cries out and doubles his thrusting, not just sawing in and out but throwing some rotations and twists in there too. Goku's eyes roll back into his head and he loses any ounce of self control he previously had, looking almost like Broly in this moment.

It’s all too much and they both cum at the same time. Goku explodes into his granddaughter as her walls clasp around his spasming boyhood. Their pulses of sexual pleasure feel like they goe on for minutes, not second. As Goku’s balls drain into Pan, she chuckles -- she had seen them so many times, and now they were actually being useful. Goku pulls off her and collapses to her side. Both spent, they take a quick nap.

There’s probably two more parts to this at least, don’t know when I’ll post them. The next part will have some slight noncon bits (but mostly still clean), and the third might include a bisexual threesome with Trunks.

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