The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

BY : Cool Burn
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I'm back after a hiatus of a few months! Welcome all to my new story! What will this story entail? It'll be the story of Master Roshi as he lives out his dream of getting it on with the many desirable girls in the Dragon Ball world!

Now, without further ado, let's get to it!

Warning: lemon

Chapter 1: A Brief Time with Bulma Briefs

Master Roshi woke up with a drawn-out yawn, stretching his arms and shoulders gingerly as his feet met the cold surface of his wooden floor. Despite the early morning, the sun already shone brightly through the semi-open window in his bedroom. It promised to be another fine day on his small, secluded island. Even if it was a bit mundane…

Life at Kame House was good, but somewhat isolated. His only true friend nowadays was Turtle, but even the shield-wearing reptile hadn't visited in quite a while. Turtle had lived even longer than him, so he was sure he could survive without his constant protection, but he was starting to worry – even if only a little.

"I'm sure he'll come back soon," Master Roshi assured himself as he walked down the steps leading to his living room. He snatched the purple shell in the corner of the room and threw it over his back. It didn't seem like much of an achievement, but no one would expect the shell to weigh a hundred pounds! Most men in their prime would've a hard time walking around with such pressure on their back all day, yet it was no problem for the old master. The cane he held in his hand was just for show. Though he might seem fragile, Master Roshi was one of the strongest people in the world! Most would even describe his might as something akin to having super powers! Then again, what good was it to have such prowess when you live like a hermit?

Wake up, eat breakfast, watch some aerobics on television, lunch, bathe in the sun whilst reading lewd magazines – inherently suffering a nosebleed as a result, amongst other things – dinner, sleep, repeat; not a very excitable life, but it was the way of the turtle hermit. He was quite content with his life, though he certainly wouldn't mind seeing some more nimble girls and flashes of actual skin! Television and his magazines could only do so much to excite his withered body. He hadn't left the house much the last few decades. He hadn't seen any young, excitable women in years, much to his chagrin!

Ever since he got old, women didn't give him the time of day, quickly labeling him as an old pervert. They weren't wrong of course, but it still stung. He had been instrumental in the sealing of King Piccolo! Did he not deserve some side boob or a flash of a girl's panty every once in a while?! Was that truly too much to ask for his old soul?! His head dropped dejectedly. "What I wouldn't do to be young again…" Back in his prime, he was actually considered to be quite attractive, with a strong body to boot! Though certainly not successful enough to call himself a womanizer, his exuberant nature was quite the hit with the ladies and the ones who decided to party with him never left disappointed – it wasn't a boast; it was just the truth. Nowadays though… "At least I still have my magazines," he sniveled.

His honed senses alerted him of something approaching his island. That was rare. Living on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean meant he didn't get many visitors. He calmly exited his home to welcome his guest. "Turtle!" he greeted the reptile warmly when he saw that his old friend had finally returned! He smiled brightly. "It's been quite a while, my friend. What have you been up to?"

Roshi listened attentively as Turtle told him his story. Apparently, while gathering mushrooms, he got lost and couldn't find his way back to the ocean and had been trying to find his way back ever since. This morning, he finally met some young folks kind enough to escort him back to the ocean. "I promised them a gift as thanks for rescuing me. Can you come with me so we can thank them properly?"

Any savior of one of his oldest friends was a hero as far as Roshi was concerned, and he'd happily accolade such a group! And so, it was decided that Master Roshi would travel with his old friend to meet and reward the duo. Unbeknownst to Roshi, this event would be a turning point in his life. The compensation that never came for his role in beating King Piccolo, was about to be received!

"Uuuugh" Bulma growled as she planted her feet in the salty water, raising her gown slightly so it wouldn't get wet. "If I knew we were gonna come here, I would've brought my swimsuit." Beside her, the young boy she was traveling with – Son Goku – once more confirmed to her he was from the boonies by trying to drink the salty water. She rolled her eyes. What an idiot. Kami, they'd been waiting for what felt like hours. When was that turtle coming back? He'd promised to come back with a gift, but how long was that going to take? From the corner of her eyes, she could see some sort of silhouette on the water. "Hey, what is that?"

"Huh?" Goku squinted his eyes. With his honed senses, he could see much further than Bulma. "It's the turtle, but… something's riding on its back!"

How could Goku even see that from so far away, she wondered? As Turtle got closer to the shore, Bulma too began to identify the turtle. And on his back was a… a person? And not just any person; it was an old man! An old man was riding on the turtle's back! "What in the world?"

As Master Roshi got closer, he could recognize the two who had rescued his old friend. One was small; a kid most likely. The other seemed to be a girl! His lecherous soul quickly grew anxious and he could already feel his heart skip a beat at the prospect of ogling a luscious beauty, but he was still too far away to tell whether she was a looker. As he got closer though, all doubts left his mind. The girl's attractive features and long legs were top-notch! Even in that less-than-flattering gown, she was very alluring~! "Good afternoon!" Roshi greeted the duo as he jumped off his friend with a spryness unbefitting for a man his age – and with a cane no less! When Goku asked him to introduce himself, he chuckled mischievously. "I am Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit!"

"Turtle Hermit?" Bulma repeated questionably. What kind of stupid title was that?! And why was he the gift that the turtle had promised? He didn't look like much. In all honesty, he seemed like any other old geezer. If he was a prize, then she was the freaking lottery! She exhaled a short, letdown sigh. How disappointing…

Master Roshi ignored the girl… for now.

"So, which one helped you?" Roshi asked his turtle friend after his introduction. According to Turtle, one of these youngsters had safely escorted him back to the sea. Such kindness had to be rewarded! Turtle responded by nudging to the boy. "I see, I see!" he approved earnestly. "Allow me to commend you for your hard work! I have a wonderful present to give you as my thanks!"

The first present that came to the old hermit's mind was the immortal phoenix to grant the boy eternal life, but… the immortal phoenix had already died. Luckily, his second gift was still alive and kicking: The Flying Nimbus! A magical cloud that could fly any pure-hearted individual all over the world. Roshi planned to give the boy a demonstration, but… it seemed he had lost his pure heartedness somewhere along the way. He jumped onto the Nimbus… and fell right on through, landing on his buttocks with a heavy thud – much to Bulma's amusement, who laughed heartily at his failing antics. Luckily, Goku didn't lack any of the requirements. He jumped onto the cloud, and the Nimbus happily accepted its new owner. The boy flew high into the sky, showing a natural aptitude for cloud handling.

“Wow!” Bulma couldn't believe what she was seeing. A magical cloud that could transport you anywhere in the world with incredible velocity. She was a girl of science, but this was impressive. Something like that would help her greatly in her travels! "Hey, hey, grandpa! Can you give me one of those too?!" The old man looked at her – and Bulma could swear his eyes lingered just a bit too long on her… feminine parts, giving her the creeps. Was he some kind of pervert? – before he asked Turtle whether she helped him too. Unfortunately, the ungrateful turtle answered denyingly. "What? I gave you the saltwater, didn't I?!"

"Hmmm..." Roshi wouldn't mind granting the girl a gift if she truly helped his friend, but who knew whether she truly had? Turtle seemed to deny it. Of course, he wasn't opposed to rewarding her if she did something for him first. He chuckled perversely. Oh yes, this was the perfect excuse for a little bit of excitement in his prosaic life! "Unfortunately, there's only one Nimbus. But I can give you something else in its place. As long as you… you…" His heart was almost jumping out of his chest and he felt weak in the knees. Even with his perverted nature, it was a bit embarrassing to make such a bold request. No backing down now. Just ask it, old boy! You deserve it! "…show me your panties first!"

"Ehhh?!" Bulma yipped, a crimson hue painting her cheeks out of embarrassment! "My… my…" – her fingers pointed at her crotch – "…my panties?" So he was a pervert!

“Master, how could you?!” Turtle was quick to condemn Roshi's request. This was not a proper way to behave around girls! Roshi, however, paid him no heed. Even turtle hermits – no, especially turtle hermits! – needed to see a flash of skin once in a while! After decades of scrutinizing dirty magazines, his eyes needed some new variety of stimuli, dammit!

While the duo bickered, Bulma made her decision. "O… okay…" Bulma agreed with rosy cheeks, feeling her heart thump faster in some sort of bashful excitement. Though a bit embarrassing, she supposed she could handle this if it meant acquiring a cool reward like a flying cloud! It's… it's only some underwear! And she had flashed Goku the first time they met. This wasn't any different, she told herself. She planted her feet apart widely in the sand, bending forward slightly to snatch the hem of her gown. "If that's all you want, then…" Taking a deep breath, she counted to three in her head and raised the gown upwards! "Get an eyeful!"

Unbeknownst to both Roshi and Bulma, Goku had taken off Bulma's underwear in her sleep, and with Goku's discovery of Turtle abruptly ending her morning ritual, the teen hadn't the time to change her underwear and discover the young boy's foul actions brought about by his innocent curiosity. If she had, she surely would've reprimanded the fighting prodigy before putting on a new panty; instead, her gown now slipped past her knees, then her thighs, slowly lifting upwards to reveal her…! Her…!

"Gyaaaaaaaaa!" Master Roshi could not contain his astonishment as he was presented with his first gander in decades at a real physical pussy! His face grew as red as Bulma's as blood squirted out of his nose on its way down from his head to a place much, much lower. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets! Good thing they didn't, as they surely would've broken the shades of his sunglasses. Thank you, Kami! But this girl… To just show him her pussy like that… What indescribable kindness! He brazenly eyed her budding tender folds, still so smooth and youthful, with a clean-cut tuft of turquoise hairs decorating the top! What a spectacular showing! This girl knew how to treat her elders all right!

Bulma giggled sheepishly as she eyed the perverted old man. For a moment she feared he might suffer a heart attack. He was crimson red, laughing perversely like a madman, his full attention on her undergarment. His reaction was kind of adorable to be honest – even if it was criminally shameless. She gave the old perv five more seconds to snoop at her undies before she released the hilt of her dress. She turned her back to the old man and turtle and shook her head a few times, a red hue still covering her cheeks. "Kyaa! How embarrassing!"

"D- did you see that?!" Roshi whispered to Turtle, scooting a bit closer to his friend so the girl couldn't hear him. "What an unthinkable harvest! I've really outdone myself this time!" He was so excited he couldn't even stand still, bouncing like a restless child after receiving a present.

"M- Master Roshi," Turtle chided him unapprovingly. To think his old friend had grown so impure as an elder. Unlike the Turtle Hermit, seeing a young girl's private parts was not stimulating in the slightest for him. "No wonder you couldn't ride the Nimbus!" Of course, riding the Nimbus was the farthest thing on the pervert's mind. He wanted to ride something – or rather someone – else right now!

By now, Bulma had recovered from her bashfulness and eagerly made her way to the old man. "Hey! Hey!" she cooed, claiming the elder's full attention once more. "So what kind of present will you give me?"

"Eh?" Present? What was she…? Oh right! Her present! He had forgotten all about their little deal. "T- that's right!" But… what should he give her? The girl surely deserved a reward for her efforts, but… Did he even have other good stuff like the Nimbus? She'd probably get mad if I offer her my briefs…

As Bulma was growing impatient from waiting, arms crossed, her fingers erratically tapping against her triceps, something caught her eye: a little orb attached to the necklace the geezer was wearing around his neck. "Huh?" It kind of looked like a…! "Wait a sec!" Bulma edged forward a bit to get closer to the trinket. "Let me see that!"

"M- my briefs?" Was he thinking out loud? Now it was Roshi's turn to develop a red hue around his cheeks. Was… Was this girl a pervert, too?! No wonder she was so daring.

"Why would I wanna see something like that?!" Bulma berated him with a glower. She pointed at the star-clad sphere. "I mean the thing hanging around your neck!"

"Eh?" Roshi's brow furrowed, his fingers gingerly stroking his treasure. "This?" He hoisted the necklace over his head. "Pretty, huh? It's a necklace I found a hundred years ago at the bottom of the sea!"

"No way…!" Bulma collected the orb with the care as if it could break at any moment. This… this is a Dragon Ball! This morning, a Dragon Ball appeared on the Dragon Radar. This had to be the one that'd shown up! "We're so lucky! If it was actually under the ocean, it would've been a pain to find! Thank you! We'll be taking this if you don't mind!"

"I didn't say I'd give it to you yet," the old hermit corrected her. Sure, he promised to reward the girl if she showed him her panty – which she technically hadn't, but he'd happily forgive that technicality – but he hadn't said he'd award her with the star-clad ball. I might be able to sell it for a lot of money!

"Oh, don't be like that, mister!" Bulma purred at him, eagerly bringing her hands back to the hem of her dress. "Here~! Here~! Here~!" With each cheerful "Here~!" Bulma would raise her pink gown past her stomach, unknowingly giving the old man another ogle at her young tender womanhood. It was still a bit shameful to show someone she just met her undies, but if it meant attaining another orb for her collection, she would happily put her panties on display for the old man!

By now, Roshi's cock was almost painfully throbbing inside his trousers, yearning – begging! – to be released to leap into the delectable snatch that was presented to it time and time again. Kami... how many times was she going to show him her muff? This girl had to be the most valorous woman he ever had the pleasure of meeting! All this for only a little jewelry. It made him wonder: how far was she willing to go to acquire it? He frowned deeply. As much as he liked the show of her tight-looking cunt, Master Roshi saw an opportunity unlike anything he'd ever seen before. Could his luck finally be changing? Before he could change his mind, he raised his cane and bellowed a mighty "Stop!"

"Kyaa!" Bulma stopped dead in her tracks, jumping lightly in shock from his sudden outburst. Her fingers released their hold on her gown to shield her slit from the man's hungry eyes, much to his chagrin. "Wh- what's wrong with you!" she spat at him, glaring angrily and waving her finger accusingly. "Haven't you ever been taught not to scare a woman like that? Men your age should know better!"

Master Roshi shrugged and shook his head. "I've changed my mind, girly. I'm not parting with my treasure in exchange for something like that."

"Are you serious?!" she shrieked at him. Who did this senile perv think he was, changing their deal like that? "Listen up, old man. We had a deal, and I've kept up my part of it. Now it's time you give me that Dragon Ball!" The perv only shook his head and repeated that he had no plans to part with his treasure. He never promised to give her his Dragon Ball, he reminded her; he only agreed to reward her. Bulma clenched her teeth, seething with anger – and that was without knowing she had already gone above and beyond the perv's request by showing him much more than he asked! She was about to turn around and leave this ancient perv behind, but… if she did that she could never wish for her perfect boyfriend. And that was something she couldn't live with. She'd gotten too far to give up now. "Well" – Bulma's eyes narrowed, a repulsive feeling of dread enveloping her – "if that isn't enough for you… What do you want for it?"

And here it was: the moment Master Roshi had waited for. The girl was smart enough to know that his next request would be even gutsier than the first, and yet she'd decided to stay. She was willing to hear him out. That thought emboldened his growing confidence, yet it did not calm his nerves completely. "How about..." Roshi could feel his heart beat rapidly, drumming in his ears. His throat was as dry as a savanna, his voice faint as he gave into his perverted urges – the kind of urges that would surely make Master Mutaito turn in his grave in shame. But his old mentor was dead, and this young excitable girl had egged him on more than any other in the last century. Daring enough to show him her pussy shortly after meeting him... Who knew whether another bold beauty would ever present herself like this?! No, he wasn't about to take any chances. This audacious girl wanted his trinket, and she seemed to be willing to do almost anything for it. He had to make the best of this opportunity! "H- how about a blowjob?" he blurted out before his nerves could get the better of him.

"Wh- whaaaaaat?!" Bulma screeched with a volume so loud even Goku heard it high in the air. Did… Did he just say…?! "Wh- what are you talking about, you old creep! I'm not doing that!'' she yelled heatedly. ''You perv!'' Bulma couldn't believe what that old man had just suggested. She was not that kind of girl!

"Hmmmm..." Master Roshi hummed knowingly. "I see." Honestly, he had expected some sort of resistance. "That's not a problem at all, girly." He gingerly stroked his white beard as his lips twirled into a corrupt smirk. "I have plenty of other treasures that you can choose from."

"Tsk." Bulma begrudgingly acknowledged that the old man had the upper hand. She did need that Dragon Ball. It was the only one of its kind! It was hard to imagine a better bargaining chip. Still, there had to be something she could do! Her lips pulsed. As her brain worked in overtime, her eyes suddenly lit up. Of course! Her father was Dr. Briefs, the richest man in the world! "I happen to be from the wealthiest family on Earth. Whatever price you ask for the Dragon Ball, I can double it!"

So, she could make him rich. That was good. He could always accept her money if she stayed devoted to her defiance. But experience was going to be the deciding factor here. The girl had already shown all of her cards; as long as she showed no indication of walking away, he had no intention of accepting her money. And if she did walk away, he'd happily sell the orb for millions of Zeni. His manhood was throbbing with desire inside his shorts. This was his first chance in years to be intimate. He would not back down easily! Much to Bulma's chagrin and horror, he shook his head. "No deal, girly. I've already given you my terms."

Bulma felt all color leave her face. "Wh- what?" she muttered in disbelief. He… didn't accept her money? Just who was this man? Something else then! There had to be something else she could offer! But… what?

Roshi was bemused as the teen frowned sternly in her attempts to think of something else to offer for the Dragon Ball. The girl should never play poker; she was far too easy to read. It was time to make the teen stunner despair. "Well, I think it's about time for me to go, girly," he bluffed without a hint of feigning. Turning his back towards Bulma, he began to walk away in a sluggish tempo. "Such a shame, too. We really could have helped each other out."

No… The old man was walking away! The Dragon Ball was walking away! Her perfect boyfriend was walking away! "W- waaait!" she pleaded, running towards the old man and snatching his hand to force him to stop. "Please wait a moment!"

"Hmmm? I don't see why, girly. If you don't accept my terms, then we're wasting each other's time by continuing, aren't we?"

"I… I…" Bulma stumbled over her words. What was she supposed to do? She needed that Dragon Ball. Without it she couldn't make her wish in front of the magical dragon. So… what was she supposed to do? Did she really have to do… that? Her eyes locked with the geezer's, her dubious ones clashing with his resolute ones behind his shades. "G- Goku and the turtle will see," she reminded him. Wait, what was she even saying? That should be the least of her worries! Was... was she actually considering this?!

A problem that could easily be rectified! Not only that, but the girl was no longer denying his request; she only pointed out a potential hindrance. The fact that she didn't reject his proposal anymore emboldened his confidence. He chuckled haughtily. With her fingers still wrapped around his wrist, Master Roshi led the girl to a more secluded spot on the beach, out of sight from the child and turtle. "Seems like we're in the clear, girly." Master Roshi was eager to proceed. Before Bulma even gave her consent, he was already fumbling with his shorts. In his impatience, it was a lot harder to unbutton his shorts than it should be. He ignored Bulma when she asked him what the hell he was doing. He'd waited so long on a delectable girl like this one, that his mind was slowly getting clouded with arousal. He was starting to forget the most basic of things! After some trial and error, he finally succeeded. Sliding his fingers underneath the sides of his underwear, he tugged both his shorts and underwear down in a trice, finally releasing his erect manhood from its tight prison. "Ah...~! That's better!"

Despite her misgivings Bulma couldn't help but leer at the piece of meat that had been freed. "Ah!" she inhaled sharply in surprise, taking a step back and raising her hand to cover her agape mouth. What the...?! It was so... so big! Nine inches of hard, thick muscle throbbed eagerly as if to greet her. Already, pre-cum dribbled out of the tip in a steady stream. It still seemed to have so much vigor. Ignoring the old man's own boast about his impressive piece, Bulma had to wonder: was this really the cock of an old man?! It certainly was a lot bigger than the boys Bulma had been with in the past.

Wait…? The boys she had been with in the past? Why did that thought suddenly pop up in her head? Could it be that… she had already made up her mind? So… was she going to do this then? She sulked and gulped audibly. She needed that Dragon Ball to wish for her perfect boyfriend. It was as simple as that. She pouted her lips as she eyed his throbbing prick. If that old perv refused anything other than a blowjob then…! "A… all right. I'll do it."

"Heh-heh!" Master Roshi could swear his cock grew even harder than it already was after hearing her concurrence. "Then let's waste no more time, girly!" The old man was impatient; grabbing Bulma by the shoulders in an attempt to beckon her down on her knees. Now that she had given her consent, he truly couldn't wait anymore. After all this time, a stunning woman had finally decided to indulge his sexual urges, and he would not wait a second longer!

"Sl- slow down, will ya!" Bulma ordered in annoyance, pushing the geezer off her and glowering at him before she hesitantly got down on her knees. "I can do it myself!" She placed one hand on the old man's waist for support. Her lips pursed as she eyed the pulsing boner in front of her. Even without touching it, she could feel the warmth radiating from it. She still couldn't believe how big it was… and its girth…! Her free hand came up to cover his shaft, but faltered halfway. Was she really going to do this, she wondered, sucking her teeth? No, she corrected herself. She had to do this! Taking a deep breath, her hand continued its appointed path, and she wrapped her fingers around the old perv's shaft; he moaned approvingly. She was surprised about how hard it was as it pulsed in her hand. It felt like pure concrete! The old man was so excited that his foreskin easily rolled down to his shaft by her touch, exposing his pink glans to the teen.

Roshi looked down at the teen kneeling before him with her hand on his cock, and tried to keep his nosebleed from appearing. "I can't believe this is happening.'' He sniffled out of pure bliss, wiping a tear out of his eye. He had come to accept that his days of being sexual with women was over, but it seemed that he had accepted his fate too early. Thank you, Kami! Which was better, he wondered? The feeling of the nimble teen playing with his dick or the sight of her playing with his dick?

"Ugn! Girly…!" Master Roshi grunted when the luscious girl down in front of him hesitantly began to stroke him. Feeling her playing with his dick was much better, he quickly decided! Somewhat gawkily at first, the girl kept her fingers tightly around his shaft and proceeded to let them rise and fall around his cock. She'd heft her hand till her top forefinger scraped past the sodden, bulbous part of his glans and then sunk back down. It was easy enough. Though the size was somewhat intimidating, it really was no different than when she'd jacked off her smaller-sized bedpartners. And all the while, Master Roshi grunted and groaned like an old man dying on his deathbed.

"How's this, old man? Feels good, right?" Bulma spoke soothingly. So close to her nose, she tried to ignore the musky smell of the geezer's prick. Despite her situation, she smirked cockily. She still had a trick up her sleeve. Though there were at least a thousand things she'd rather be doing than jacking off an old perv, it was still better than blowing him – much, much better! And that was her plan: keep stroking him till he sprayed his white seeds over the sand beneath them. Already, he was overly excited and more and more pre-cum dibbled from the tip of his throbbing cock. It was pulsing so eagerly. She figured it wouldn't take long for him to cum. Hey, it's not my fault if he can't hold on long enough for me to take him between my lips!

And holding on, Roshi tried. His hands had tightened into fists at his sides and sweat rolled down his bald head. He had underestimated the effect of having a young excitable girl servicing his member would have on him after such a long period of abstinence. Already, he tried all he could not to empty his testicles, but when the girl started to up her pace, he began to feel the first signs of his climax emerge! No! Not yet! Could her plan be to make him cum prematurely?! That clever little tease! "S- stop!" His hands came up to seize the girl's bobbing hand. He wheezed rapidly, slightly of out of breath. That was close… He almost came right there and then! She had to take him between her lips – and fast! ''Just start sucking already, girly. You won't get the Dragon Ball otherwise you know!"


''I- I know that! I… I'm just preparing myself,'' Bulma spat at him, more frustrated than anything that her plan got thwarted. Shit… and she almost got away with it too! Ugh… Best to just get it over with. She had hoped that the old man would cum before she had to take his prick into her mouth, but it seemed the old perv wouldn't give her his Dragon Ball if she would choose to take that route. She gingerly tucked her hair behind her ear to remain out of the way before placing her tongue underneath the crown of his cock, her lips slowly closing over him. For the Dragon Ball, she reminded herself as her taste buds registered his pre-cum for the first time; it tasted… weird. For the Dragon Ball! Closing her eyes, she gently began to trek forward, taking inch after inch into her mouth. She kept her hand wrapped over the base of his prick, making small pumping motions to excite him further. It wasn't until she embedded four inches of his long rod inside her mouth that she began to waver and was forced to temporarily cease her alleviation. The old man was quite a mouthful – literally! – and she had never sucked such a thick cock before!

"Wow!" Roshi couldn't believe how good the insides of her mouth felt. It was so warm and humid! "You're" – he gulped – "really good at this, girly!" He should have known a bold girl like this one would know how to give head!

Bulma cocked an eyebrow at his praise. It wasn't like she was trying nor was she very experienced with this kind of stuff. Though no longer a virgin, she had only given head twice before; not nearly enough to be considered an expert or anything. Nevertheless, she persisted, dropping her jaw a bit more to accommodate another inch of his long cock past her lips. By now she'd taken about half of him in; more than enough as far as she was concerned. Any other men would be ecstatic with how much she anchored, it wasn't her fault the old perv was hung like a horse!

Happy with how much she'd taken in, Bulma began to pull back until only the man's tip stayed stuck between her lips and then retraced her steps, jolting forward. Back and forth, back and forth; simple yet effective. She kept her eyes closed as she went down on the old man. Her head bobbed back and forth on him, her turquoise tresses mirroring her movements. And all the while, she kept pumping him with her hand. Each time her head moved back to the top, her hand would retreat towards the base; when her head advanced forward, her hand would rise up till it met her lips, after which the whole procedure would begin anew. Occasionally, she'd unenthusiastically twirl her tongue over his sensitive crown. As disgusting as it was, it'd speed up the process, and Bulma wanted her humiliation to be over as soon as possible. More often though she simply rested her tongue beneath his shaft. It still generated enough pleasure for him to sing her praises. Kami, just cum already!

Roshi felt like he had died and gone to heaven! He wondered whether the girl was getting into it a bit. It did seem like she was beginning to sip him more enthusiastically. He couldn't imagine her sucking him off didn't have any effect on her body whatsoever. "You know, if you want to pleasure yourself, don't let me being here stop ya, heh-heh!" A jest, of course. Though Roshi wasn't about to complain if the girl down on her knees would suddenly decide to slip a finger or two up her gown!

Yeah right! As if an old man like him could ever get her wet enough to even entertain the thought! Kami, how humiliating! Down on her knees, servicing the cock that belonged to the most perverse geezer she ever had the displeasure of meeting. And for what? An orb that supposedly was able to grant wishes? Who was to say the legend was true? What if her journey was for naught? Bulma felt her belief waver. Why was she doing this? Why had she agreed to any of this? Could her entire journey be... pointless?


No! The Dragon Balls will grant my wish! Bulma assured herself. I will get my perfect boyfriend! And the first step to getting him is to make this sick perv cum! Feeling rejuvenated and keen to get the job done as soon as she could, she released her hold on the geezer's thick prick, grabbed the old man's lanky thighs for support and jolted her head forward as far as she could!

For the Dragon Ball!

"Uhh...~!" Master Roshi couldn't contain his pleasure when the girl took him in even deeper than before. His tip had gone past her tonsils now! She had taken him so deep~! "G- girly!"

Bulma kept going until she felt his tip breach into her throat. She kept herself still for a moment, holding on closely to his thighs, and swallowed for his pleasure; she heard the perv whimper in delight. She'd never deepthroated anyone before and having such a pole in her throat was uncomfortable, but Bulma persisted. It was somewhat difficult to breathe, but she learned to inhale through her nose. No, the uncomfortable part was fighting her gag reflex. Fending off the urge to gag, she kept his meat deep inside until she couldn't take it anymore and had to dislodge him. A line of spit connected Roshi's prick to Bulma's lower lip before breaking off.

Coming up for air, she kept her left hand on his waist – gingerly tickling him – and embraced his warm pole with her right. It was time for the finishing blow: her seductive prowess that made any guy like putty in her hands! "I can't wait for you to cum, mister!" she pleaded in the sultriest voice she could muster. "I want to see you blow your white cum, mister~! Please~! Please cum for me, mister~!"

"G- girly!" Roshi's head lolled back in response to the pleasure. That minx! She was pulling out all the stops now! Her deadly combo of hands and erotic urging; how was he supposed to survive an onslaught like this?! But as wonderful as this felt... she wasn't going to pleasure him more orally? How maddening! This could've been the last blowjob of his life! He wasn't ready to let it end yet, not after experiencing such bliss after decades of nothing more than dirty magazines and his own hands! More! He needed more!

"Ahh?!" Bulma yelped in surprise when Roshi caught her hand to cease her hand job, grabbed the back of her head and, taking advantage of her surprise, rammed his cock to the back of her throat. "Gnnnn?!" the teen gurgled in surprise, her eyes bugging out. She tried to order him to get off her, but her words came out as gibberish as Roshi's long cock filled her and he began to fuck her mouth! Now that she was at the geezer's mercy, no longer in charge of the tempo, it was a lot harder to breathe through her nose. It felt like she was going to choke! Her hands came up to his pelvis to push him away, but the old man easily stood his ground.

"Sorry, girly, but this is just too much!'' Gurgling sounds filled the air, their volume only surpassed by the rough force of Roshi's thrust as he smashed his dick past the girl's lips time and time again. Roshi moaned blissfully the entire time; Bulma on the other hand winced as the old man's testicles slammed against her chin, not used to be taken this forcefully.

"Ugh… Girly! I…! I...!'' As good as it felt, Roshi couldn't endure any longer! The pervert released a heartfelt cry and withdrew his member from Bulma's mouth – finally giving her some much-needed air – grabbed his cock by the base and gave it a single squeeze before he erupted over the teen's face.

"Kyaa!" Bulma hadn't even the time to catch her breath before she felt the first wad of pearly whites cover her cheek. She quickly closed her eyes. Her arms came up to shield herself, but by then a second spray of seeds had been ousted to shoot against her left shut eyelid. Even with her hands safeguarding her face, she felt another load scatter against her, followed by another, and another…! Geez, just how much had this old perv saved up?! Had the perverted geezer decided to finish in her mouth, she would've drowned!

Roshi continued to stroke himself during his release. He was surprised. It hadn't been that long since his last release, and yet he was firing more cum than he'd done in decades. He had no doubt it was thanks to the delectable girl that his discharge was so plentiful. She'd really done a number on him! But any ejaculation, no matter how bountiful, had to come to an end. Though it took some time, his prick eventually released nothing more than small streams of sperm accompanied by less-than-enthusiastic thumping before coming to an end. "Ah…" the hermit wheezed. "Much better~!"

Easy for him to say, Bulma thought bitterly. Kami, she felt his gooey jizz run down all over her hands and arms in steady streams. Her fingers came up to brush against her cheek and sure enough, there was more spunk to clean up. Geez, just how much had he cum over her? At least she didn't get any of it in her mouth... Now that she could finally repose, Bulma was able to reflect on the debauchery she'd committed. She'd truly done it; she'd given an old perv a blowjob – performed a sexual act! – in exchange for a Dragon Ball. Kami… did that make her a slut? Would her perfect boyfriend even forgive her for committing such unchaste acts? Then again, if he truly was perfect, he probably would.

Master Roshi lustfully leered at the girl, his mind clouded with desire. So long…! It'd been so long…! He wanted more of this girl! He wanted to touch her tits, their supple form so infuriatingly hidden behind that gown! He wanted to see her pussy again! He wanted to push his cock inside her! "Sorry girly, but…" – he pointed at his crotch – "It seems I'm not satisfied yet. You don't mind continuing and helping this old man out, right? Heh-heh!"

"Huh?" What was he talking ab- "Ah! You…! You're still…!" He was still rock-hard, even after his ample climax! How was that even possible after ousting out a gallon of sperm?! And what the hell did he mean with helping him out?

Master Roshi's cheeks were bright red, his teeth on full display as he presented her a foul, perverted grin that betrayed his dark intentions. Drool dribbled down from the sides of his lower lip. He took a step towards the girl, which was quickly followed by another. It seemed like he had been taken over by his desires! "I'm sure blowing me roused you quite a bit. Why don't you allow me to take care of that for you, heh-heh!"

"Wh- whaat?" Did he plan to…?! "N- no! Don't come any closer, you sick perv!" She used her feet and hands to slide herself away from the man, but he walked up to her in an alarming pace! Bulma shamefully admitted to herself that she felt somewhat heated, but all she wanted to do now was leave before the old man did the unthinkable. When he was inches away from her, her arms came up to defend herself. Crap, what was she going to do?!

But just then, a voice echoed throughout the palm trees. "Bulma! Are you there?!"

Bulma sighed in relief. It was Goku! She'd been saved! "Goku! We're here!"

Master Roshi came to a stop. Swiftly, he lifted his shorts back up, his hard cock quickly tenting against his trousers. Geez, what the hell was he thinking? If that kid hadn't come along to bring him out of his fevered state, he would've…! He shuddered at the thought.

Goku had finished his ride with the Nimbus only to notice that Bulma and the old man were gone. Not even Turtle knew where they were. He sighed in relief when he heard Bulma's voice. "Geez, why did you guys have to disappear on me like that?" As he found the old pervert and young genius, though, he noticed something. "Huh? Bulma, what's all that white stuff?" For whatever reason, Bulma's face and arms were coated in some strange liquid. "Hahaha! Your entire face is covered in it!" She looked absolutely ridiculous!

"Sh- shut up, you little freak!" Bulma spat at him, her relief to see Goku quickly substituted with anger. She finally got up from the sand, and marched towards the old perv who had taken advantage of her. "I think I deserve that Dragon Ball, you fucking perv." Not only had he almost suffocated her and painted her in sperm, he even tried to do the unthinkable for crying out loud! She deserved all seven Dragon Balls for that act alone!

Roshi rubbed the back of his bald head, laughing sheepishly under the weight of her glower. "Sure, sure!" He unclasped the orb from his necklace and gifted it to the girl who had bestowed such pleasures to him. "You truly deserve it after doing such fine work, girly!

And so, Roshi and Bulma's debauchery came to a close. After cleaning herself up using the ocean's salty water, Bulma added the Dragon Ball to her collection and she and Goku left the pervert and Turtle behind towards their next adventure. Their first stop was the capsule home they had left behind when they decided to escort Turtle to the ocean. Once there, Bulma finally changed her clothes and made the unwanted discovery of her lack of panties. Needless to say, Goku was punished for his actions… severely.

And as for Roshi. Well… as good as it'd felt to have the girl's lips wrapped around his cock, he was still as hard as a rock. Not only that, but he felt… awakened? Yes, awakened seemed to be the appropriate term here. It was as if he'd finally been freed from a rut he'd been stuck in for decades. If he didn't want to still his perverted urges with nothing more than dirty magazines and television shows, then he needed to be more proactive! He noted the rock-hard tent in his pants, and furrowed his brow. Something had to be done about that, no? "Hmmm... Now how am I going to remedy this?"

Master Roshi's lecherous adventure had begun!

And that's it for chapter 1! I hope you like the start of this story! Also, Bulma will get a dedicated chapter in the future where she and the old hermit will do a bit more than a bj. So this isn't the last you've seen of her

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