The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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A/N: Hope all of you are doing well in these crazy times! The next chapter is finally here! It took a long time to write, but that's partly because this chapter is much bigger and longer – giggity – than the previous chapters. It's without a doubt the largest chapter so far, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

The last chapter has left Bulma stranded on Kame Island. How will she cope living with Master Roshi and the two versions of Launch who are all-too eager to indulge the old hermit's yearnings? Read further to find out.

Warning: lemon

Chapter 10: The Climax of an Era

How had it come to this? Bulma wondered as she felt the foul eyes of the old turtle hermit upon her from behind. She'd been trapped on Kame Island for a week now. She, Launch and Master Roshi were dressed in tight spandex outfits as they all followed the aerobics instructor on tv. Keep your legs straight, lean forward as much as you can, and move from side to side with your obliques. Simple enough; it was too bad that the old perv had long stopped the exercise to shamelessly leer at her butt... She told herself that it was important to exercise as long as she was stuck on Kame Island to retain her sanity, but this was truly a large price to pay.

It hadn't been going her way at all these past few days. Now that he knew he'd gotten her heated enough for her to mount him on her own accord, Roshi was more shameless than ever before. He went above and beyond to show her just how perverted he was. Each time they were in the same room, he'd lecherously peep on her, most of the time even commenting on her 'ripe and mature' body. When she showered, she checked the bathroom at least ten time for any peeping holes before undressing, and even then she could swear his eyes were on her. Since she was stupid enough to give him the microband, she supposed he could hide pretty much anywhere without her ever finding out.

Now though he had even gone beyond such lewd behavior to watch her perform her exercises, and it wasn't to help her better her form or anything like that. Each time she peeked over toward him, she could tell where his eyes fell; onto her thighs and her butt stuffed in her tight purple spandex shorts that Launch's blue-haired version had been kind enough to lend her. If that was all she could've tolerated it. As bizarre as it sounded, by now she was used to the old man's dirty gazes on her body. She'd accepted it was something she could never escape from. No, what made it so embarrassing was the pulsing bulge in his shorts. The sheer size of the lump made it undeniable. Kami, Roshi's such a perv...

Roshi... Without realizing it, she'd begun to call the hermit by his name. She supposed it was inevitable to get close like that once you were living together. Even if she hoped that this situation would end as soon as possible...

"Fuck, this one's kind of difficult." The rough uncouth voice of Launch brought both Roshi's and Bulma's attention to her. Dressed in a loose shirt and yellow spandex, she followed the exercise vigorously. It made sense for Launch to work out so diligently to keep her body tight considering her ample need for alcohol and other unhealthy habits that could be disastrous for her athletic frame. "Hey, old man! How about helping me out with this one?"

Oh no... Not again... Bulma sighed dejectedly. She knew what was coming next, and she wasn't looking forward to it.

"Heh heh. You got it, Launch!" Master Roshi stepped forward until he was behind Launch. He leaned against her, his hands rolling along her midsection as he moved her from left to right and vice versa. Her blonde locks entangled around him as he sniffed her curls. "You need to keep your legs straight." His hips pushed against her rear, and she felt the bulge press against her ass. With his ramming against her buttocks, she could feel the hardness and pulsing of his prick quite significantly. "Heh heh, much better!"

Launch snickered as she felt the old man's long piece push against her as his hands roamed over her body until they found her breasts. He cupped them through her shirt, giving them a slight squeeze. Though she never would've expected it when she first me the old fart, they got along really well nowadays. He wasn't her type, but his dick was incredibly and he was eager to please in his own way. He encouraged her to act on her tainted urges, and accepted her violent tendencies. "It's a good thing you're here, old man." She made sure to arch her back to press against his meat. "The exercise was getting awfully hard."

"Heh heh!" Roshi's hand's stayed on her breasts, kneading the supple globes like dough before they drifted down her body to rest on her hips. He continued to press against her rear, now grinding his hips to rub his engorged cock against her taut ass. "When things get hard, it's important to grind it out you know." Master Roshi was outright humping her at this point, their cloth the only separation of their private parts. Slowly, as if to tease her, but apparent enough for both of them.

Or all three would be more accurate in this case. Bulma watched the duo with disdain. The both of them were so maddening! How could they do something like this right in front of her? Back when Roshi told her he and Launch had sex pretty much every day, Bulma suspected him of either lying or grossly exaggerating. She now realized that he had been entirely truthful… for once. They had sex every day, and their brazenness made sure Bulma was privy to the when and where every time. She also discovered that there was more to Launch than met the eye. Each time the timid blue-haired maid sneezed, she'd transform into a blonde badass woman who didn't take shit from anyone. She was honestly kind of awesome. But… it seemed even the blonde renegade had fallen under the old master's influence.

Oh Kami... Did they really have to do stuff like this right in front of her? Those two pervs should take her in consideration before acting on their sick yearnings. This wasn't right at all... They could at least move it to the bedroom first. She pouted and left the room for a breath of fresh air. Why was this so hard on her? She hadn't allowed the old man to put his hands on her all week. She truly meant it when she promised herself she'd only fuck him to get it out of her system. But... with her two roommates – three if you counted both versions of Launch as separate people – being sex-craved, it was difficult to ignore the yearnings their actions brought about in her own body. Surrounded by such lechery, it was only natural that she found herself drown in the erotic incense from time to time. So far she managed to take care of those yearnings with her own hands, but the truth was that she'd felt temped to join the deranged duo more than once. I really need to get off this island... Those two are turning me into a pervert...!

After a few more minutes of anxious sauntering, Bulma decided to head back to the living room. Roshi and Launch were probably done by now, right? She heard a ruffle in the room just a few feet across from her. Picking up the pace, Bulma made her way to the room, took a peek inside, and quickly caught the maddening sight. The old man and Launch were on the couch, Launch on Roshi's lap, arms around his shoulders and their lips locked. The master's hands cupped the blonde's ass through her spandex shorts, giving them a squeeze. She awkwardly cleared her throat. The duo detached their lips, two set of eyes looking at the young genius who was already blushing fiercely.

"Bulma!" Roshi welcomed her with enthusiasm. "Good to see you, heh heh!"

Launch eyed her with a confident smirk. "Why don't you join us?"

"W-what?!" Bulma hollered, her head turning to Launch as if she expected the offer to be a joke. She inspected the older woman's face but couldn't find any signs of humor. It seemed that she was perfectly serious with her proposition. She cautiously took a step back. "What do you mean?"

The sound of Launch's feet touching the floor after she loosened herself from Roshi's hold interrupted her thoughts. She grabbed Bulma's wrists and guided the teen to the couch with Bulma in the middle. Sitting between the two perverts, Bulma had never felt as uncomfortable as she did now. She fidgeted with her hands, knees bobbing up and down as she felt the nerves run through her body. Just... what was going to happen to her now? "Let me show you," the blonde uttered with a whisper.

Roshi's already agape mouth widened even further when Launch showed Bulma exactly what she meant: setting her hand on the back of Bulma's head, she pushed the younger girl towards her until their lips clashed. "Hmmm?!" Bulma gave a muffled protest, but made no signs that she was going to disjoint their mouths anytime soon, though it was completely possible that this was due to the pure shock that numbed her senses. Her hands – though not even attempting to push the older woman away – were pinned down on her knees.

Launch's lips would have sneaked into a confident smile if it hadn't been so preoccupied. Kissing another woman wasn't foreign to her, though she preferred men over women. Once in a while though, she found a woman who piqued her interest.

Bulma's surprised mouth slightly hung open, making it easy for Launch to slip her tongue into the girl's mouth. Bulma was still trying to come to grasp with the fact that she was suddenly kissing another woman when Launch found her oral muscle and challenged it to a duel. She exhaled a muffled moan. She had never kissed another woman before, and she still hadn't made up her mind on how to proceed. The girl was still apprehensive, but willing to respond to the touch; her oral muscle reluctantly began to combat Launch's tongue, swapping saliva.

Launch ran one hand along Bulma's turquoise hair, sometimes clinging her fingers around the roots to give herself an unfair advantage in the fight of their oral muscles. With her free hand, she surprised both Bulma and Roshi when it slipped to caress one of Bulma's marvelous breasts, slightly squeezing it to experience the soft texture. Bulma inhaled shakily at the sudden interest in her breasts. She tried to detach their jointed lips and create some distance, but Launch firmly kept her in place. Bulma was younger than her, but her breasts were already more developed than her own pair, and she was still going to grow. Even through the fabric of Bulma's shirt, she could tell they were springier as well, though that could also be due to Launch's muscle mass; both women were taut and lean, but Launch looked and felt more athletic than the young genius, whose curves felt softer than her own. She could not deny the appeal of gingerly mauling the pliable flesh. They were so soft that her fingers felt like they were sinking into clouds, yet they were firm enough to squeeze.

If either of the duo thought they could excite one as perverted as Master Roshi without leaving unscathed, they were wrong. The geezer had watched the duo silently, but he could contain himself no longer. There had been a tent in his pants even before Bulma entered the room, but now it protruded uncomfortable against his boxers, yearning to be freed from its confinement. With her back turned toward him, Roshi couldn't do much with Bulma, but he did what he could. He snatched the breast that was still unclaimed and hungrily kissed the nape of her neck. Though he heard her muffled protests, he continued as long as Bulma made no attempts to actively detach his lips from her body. Chance! He'd tried to get his greedy hands on Bulma ever since she was stranded here. She had managed to deny him till now, but her resolve was about to falter!

With Bulma's mouth still claimed by Launch, the blonde brought her hand further down; first her neck, then going past the hand that still fondled the young adult's tit, her taut stomach, until she finally arrived at the apex between the teen's thighs. Her hand poked against Bulma's sex through the pink athleisure wear. The prodding against her sensitive groin was the trigger Bulma needed to push Launch off of her. "N-no!" Bulma quickly got up – disengaging Roshi from her neck – intending to create as much distance as possible. She was redder than ever before, sweat running down her head. Her body was on fire, thought whether this was due to rage, embarrassment, or arousal she did not know. But if the tingle in her stomach was any indication, she was inclined to say it was the latter. "Wh- what are you two perverts doing?!" she reprimanded them, slightly out of breath.

"Oh?" Launch was surprised that Bulma was still fighting her. She thought she'd caught the girl in her web, but there was still some fire left in her. Good for her! That kind of conviction would do her well in the future. Though judging from the fluids that now stung against her fingers, that last bit of fire would soon be extinguished. Launch smirked slyly as she stood up. She spread her legs wide with conviction, arms crossed. "I've been watching you, Bulma."

"You've been… watching me?" Bulma repeated. She felt herself stiffen from Launch's admittance. "Wh- what do you mean?"

"Each time the old man and I are together, you're watching us," Launch told her knowingly. She grinned tauntingly. "Did you really think I wouldn't notice the audience?"

Bulma's eyes widened, shocked by the blonde's admission. She knew?! "Wh-what? I… I don't…" her voice was faltering. Shame and repulsion filled her heating body. "I- I don't…"

"The only thing I don't understand is why you don't take action." Bulma looked at her questionably. "If you want the old man's cock, you should just tell him," the blonde explained. "I'm sure he'd be happy to shove his big cock inside you."

"No!" Bulma blurted out. That was never going to happen again! She was a young, rich babe with an incredible body, and he was nothing more than a disgusting old perv. People like them were in different classes. He was far below her standards! I... I shouldn't...!

But... if that was the case. Why could she feel her resolve wavering?

There was a soft chuckle that came from Launch's throat as she commenced to sit down next to Roshi. She sat so close their shoulders touched. With her attention now turned to him, Roshi wondered what Launch was going to do now. Her aroma floated to his nose, heating his body with even more desire than before. "For example… Watch this." Those were her last words before Launch pushed forward and took Roshi's eager lips. She pinned the compliant geezer down on the couch. Their bodies were meshed together whilst the Turtle Hermit eagerly ran his hands over her taut body. The hand drifted until it palmed her right ass cheek, causing her breath to hitch.

Unfortunately for the old man, Launch's attention was brief. She picked herself off him, and walked up towards the teen. Bulma stood in place, though she regarded the approaching woman with great incredulity. The fact she didn't step back as Launch got closer emboldened the blonde's confidence. Launch settled behind Bulma before instructing Roshi to get on his feet, which he did with gusto.

Grabbing the hem of Bulma's loose shirt, Launch hoisted the cloth; Bulma did nothing but lift her arms so that the shirt could be pulled over her head. Roshi inhaled a short, quaking breath at the sight of Bulma's splendid tits. Her shirt pulled them up before gravity caused them to wobble back into place. He was practically drooling while ogling her wonderful breasts. They bounced appealingly for a moment before they came to a standstill. Roshi stared at them without shame. The round and pert hills were an eye-appealing sounds. The peachy tips covering the mounds had already tightened, resting as small circles of pink on hills of milky skin. Creamy globes with perfectly-sized pink tips. Roshi doubted he would ever get used to seeing Bulma's terrific body. As always, it was a mouthwatering sight. Wowzers!

Before Launch could invite him over, Roshi had already started to move. "Heh heh!" He eyed Bulma's great pair of tits behind his shades, feeling the undeniable urge to touch her. "You're boobies are incredible, Bulma!" The teen blushed fiercely at his praise, muttering him to shut up. Before he realized it, he had hoisted his palm until it fitted around her left breast.

"H-hey!" Bulma protested, a deep, quaking inhale making her chest expand. "Old m- Roshi," she wheezed softly. She felt something building in her belly, a warm feeling that slowly dripped its way down to her loins. She set her hands on his lanky shoulders and squeezed. When Bulma did not protest further, Roshi brought his other hand up to lift the unclaimed tit. He bounced the cups in his palms, slightly squeezing her breasts. Bulma moaned as the older man's callous hands caressed her tits, pressing them together to make them swell. Roshi lowered his head to Bulma's right nipple, opening his mouth and releasing his tongue to brush the rough texture against the erect peak. "Ngh!"

Meanwhile, Launch launched her lips towards Bulma's neck and rolled her tongue over her skin. So close after their morning exercise, she tasted somewhat salty. She nuzzled her nose against her skin and smelled the feminine musk that had gathered there. One hand trailed down Bulma's creamy skin, sending goose bumps all over the girl's taut body. Her hand slipped through the tight spandex and panty, scraping past her stomach and incredibly-smooth pubic mound to come directly in contact with the girl's dripping folds. The teen sobbed loudly as her aches were finally tended to now that both her breasts and pussy were handled expertly.

As Launch's fingers gingerly bobbed over Bulma's engorged nether lips her fingers quickly became saturated. It would be easy to slip a finger through the hole with all of this lubricant available. To prove her theory, she found Bulma's core and punctured her without any resistance. Bulma inhaled an air of surprise as her hole was breached without warning. Bulma's walls were a tight fit but there was room to stretch. "For fuck sake! How the fuck are you so tight?!" Launch wondered with a grin. Wasn't it against the rules to be so narrow after losing your virginity? With a little budging, Launch managed to slip another finger into Bulma's heat.

"Ah!" Bulma could feel that she was already on the brink of an orgasm. The knot in her stomach was threatening to come loose. Launch pushed and retracted her fingers with incredible pace to match the movements of a thrusting cock while Roshi had taken her entire teat between his lips, sucking fervently while he rolled and pinched the nipple of the neglected breast. If they kept this up, she wouldn't be able to last much longer! Her legs spasmed until they squeezed together.

Roshi rolled his tongue over the erect nub, his cheeks hollowed as he increased the suction. From time to time he would change his target, opting to change nipples to give the sensitive peak a rest. Meanwhile, Launch felt Bulma tighten around her fingers. Her vaginal walls squeezed her fingers, contracting as the turquoise-haired genius came closer and closer to an orgasm.

And then it arrived. "Oh fuck!" Bulma sobbed loudly as she came. The strength in her legs left her, the combined strength of Roshi and Launch kept her standing straight as her pussy clamped down around Launch's digits and erupted her juices, staining Launch's delicate fingers. She rolled and trashed her hips around the thrusting digits, panting and trying to prolong this incredible feeling as long as possible. Since neither Launch nor Roshi relented, she was able to ride her orgasm much longer than when she masturbated by herself.

Unfortunately for Bulma, the living could only be in heavenly bliss for so long. The waves of her orgasm slowly receded and Launch and Roshi retracted themselves from her body. They laid her down gently on the couch in the middle of the room. "Heh heh, such a sensitive girl," Roshi jeered, the manhood in his pants still painfully grinding against his boxers. The bulge in his own spandex was undeniable. It looked uncomfortably stuffed...

This did not go unnoticed by Launch. She licked her lips playfully. Walking up to the old man, she surprised him when she suddenly clasped her hand around the throbbing swell. "How about we take care of your little problem here? Although…" She squeezed his rock-hard cock. "There's nothing little about this monster, is there?"

"Heh heh!" Roshi hollered. No stranger to Launch's compliments of his length, he drew her in for a sloppy kiss. He couldn't deny the relief he felt now that someone was finally doing something about the uncomfortable strain in his pants. Launch got down on her knees and clasped her fingers around leisurewear. With one sudden yank she pushed it down, releasing his cock from its prison. It came up with a jolt, ecstatic to be freed from its confinement. At the sight of Launch, it pulsed, releasing pre-cum from the tip.

Launch's emerald eyes brightened up at the sight of the nine-inch cock. "There we go. I was starting to miss you, little friend," Launch spoke with affection, leaning closer to kiss the rigid staff; a line of pre-cum formed between her lips and the pulsing muscle as she leaned back.

"Looks like he missed you too, Launch!" Roshi groaned in his throat when she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, holding him perfectly. Launch just held him for a moment, testing the hardness and warmth of the big rod. Roshi was excited, she gathered that much when she pumped him once and was rewarded with a whole batch of pre-cum from the tiny slit on top. This happened again with the second time. She gathered the transparent fluids from the tip and started to apply it all over his cock and soon she was easily gliding her hand up and down on him. She went all the way from the spongy head to the base of his shaft and back again.

At that time, Bulma had recovered from her orgasm and just watched as another woman was giving the geezer a handjob. To watch such a beautiful woman stroke such a bizarre-looking man shouldn't have enticed her in the slightest. Yet... Bulma could not deny the effect that the debauchery had on her body. The arousal in her body had not ceased after her orgasm, and the treacherous excitement was already beginning to stir down her loins. She whimpered softly when her fingers started brushing against her soaked labia at the sight in front of her. No way... Did... did those two turn me into a pervert without me noticing?!

"Ugh... what am I doing?" she wept, biting her lip as her fingers scraped past her erect clit. She supposed she could tell herself that it was only for this one time, but wasn't that the exact same line she had told herself before?! Lust clouded her mind and left her body heated, simmering with a desire that only seemed to grow with each passing moment. The temptation was potent and well overrode the general senses of revulsion she should have felt. Cursing herself for her weakness, she hesitantly made her way to the duo so that she could participate. Her sexual interest had been piqued, and she found herself unable to resist. She knelt down next to Launch and simply watched for a moment. Launch bobbed one hand over the shaft in fast strokes while she used her other hand to fondle his balls. The old man's cock... Even now, after it had filled all of her orifices, there was something about the size that unnerved her. Her big sapphire eyes were filled with curiosity as she eyed the rock-hard tower.

"Do you want to try?" Bringing her out of her thoughts, Bulma shifted her head to Launch. Launch had stopped her ministration and had swayed Roshi's cock in her direction to invite her. Bulma nodded hesitantly, taking the old man between her fingers. Mimicking Launch's actions, she started to jerk him off, albeit in a slower rhythm than Launch had been using. She watched with great interest as some of the pre-cum slowly trailed down his cock until the tears fell over her hand.

"Ughn!" Roshi let his head fall back and closed his eyes while Bulma stroked him. To have both of them taking care of his cock at the same time… Had he died and gone to heaven?! This must be some kind of dream, having them both at once! Roshi didn't open his eyes until he felt something rough suddenly brush against his cockhead. His head came back up to drink in an incredible sight: Bulma was still bobbing her hand rapidly over his cock, but now Launch had brought her head a few inches closer and flickered her tongue over his mushroom-like head. Bulma was surprised by Launch's enthusiasm. Before she could change her mind, she too pulled forward, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue against the throbbing cock. Roshi felt like he could cum when the two women lapped their tongues against his sensitive skin, his cock throbbing fervently. "I feel... ugh~... so blessed!" he wheezed with elation. If I'm dreaming, please don't let me wake up!

He thought it couldn't get any better until he suddenly felt an incredible warmth surround him. Launch had brought her lips over the pulsating head, rolling her tongue around him while she slowly descended her head further and further. She didn't stop until she was about halfway and he was reaching her esophagus. She flexed her throat a few times for his pleasure, which he audibly enjoyed before she came back up. This left very little room for Bulma, who opted to take one of his testicles in her mouth and started sucking the orb until he left her with a loud pop.

Launch pulled her mouth off him and signaled Bulma to take over. From one orifice to the next, Launch angled him to Bulma's mouth and the teen responded by lowering her head and gifting him access through her lips. The underside of his cock pressed against her tongue, pressing it down to the floor of her mouth. She took in three inches, adjusted her jaw, and dove her head as she took him deeper and deeper until his tip slipped down her esophagus. With more than half of him between her lips, Bulma gurgled, saliva running down her chin, but she refused to relent, her throat spasming, squeezing his head and shaft. She heard Roshi wheeze like the old man he was, beckoning her to continue. As bizarre as it was, there was something about having the geezer like putty in her hands – or was it in her lips? – that excited her greatly and made her try to get another inch in.

"B- Bulma!" Roshi could feel his balls lifting. Bulma was so deep! She was about as deep as the first time she blew him back on the beach. His hands came up to seize the back of her head to keep his cock in the teen's throat. This... felt incredible! He didn't even notice that Launch had gotten down on her knees behind him... until she suddenly spread his cheeks that is!

"Are you still enjoying yourself?" Before he could respond, Launch had daringly put her mouth to the tight entrance behind his crotch. Her tongue swirled around his anus, prodding it teasingly from time to time. Though licking the old man's ass wasn't one of her sexual highlights, she didn't mind. It was a dirty act, whether it was a dashing prince or a lecherous old man didn't really matter once you were sliding your tongue over their pucker.

"Ghn!" With his knees slightly bended, Roshi dangled forward over Bulma, his hands on the back of her bobbing head, his ass stuck out to give Launch more room to maneuver. With Bulma sucking his cock and Launch licking his asshole, he wouldn't last long. In fact, he was about to cum!. "Bulma!" He did not give the teen genius the choice to object as he held her head in place to keep himself in her mouth. "Here... it comes!"

"Hm?!" Bulma wasn't fond of being made to do something that she did not want to do, but she had learned that fighting off the stronger geezer was rather pointless. The long-awaited bullets of semen finally sprung out from the mushroom-like head. With sapphire eyes full of disapproval, she kept the old man's dick in between her lips and took the load he unleashed inside her mouth. The dislikeable taste flooded her orifice in slimy bursts. Her cheeks bulged until it became too difficult not to swallow.

Even after the last of his jizz was shot down her throat, the geezer kept himself between her lips, expecting her to suck every last bit of his lust out of his prick. He felt her mouth flex and her throat muscles contract around him when she swallowed down his hot spunk. With an exhilarated sigh, he pulled himself out of the teen's orifice. The moment her mouth was unclogged, Bulma coughed and sputtered. Unfortunately, it was too late to spit out any cum, but then, it was likely that the old man wouldn't have unplugged himself until after he confirmed that she'd swallowed every last bit of his release. The perverted bastard…

"Woohoo that was great!" Roshi blurted out, a sleazy grin on his face. "Heh heh!"

"We're not done yet!" Launch abruptly took hold of Bulma's tight spandex and panty and yanked it down. "Get an eyeful!" Roshi felt a nosebleed coming up as he rested his eyes on her naked snatch. It seemed that in the past week, Bulma had completely liberated herself of pubic hair, leaving only absolutely-smooth flesh on the way to her labia. The hermit's eyes were glued to the dripping sex, the signs of Bulma's previous orgasm egging him on. Her vaginal lips were wet and had slightly parted from one another, a small nub protruding at the top. Had his cock lost any of its potency – which it hadn't – he could've gotten it up no problem at the wonderful sight of Bulma's bare, curvaceous body.

"Wh-whaaaat?!" Bulma tried to cover herself by crossing her legs, but Launch kept them nice and spread. Assuring her that there was nothing to be concerned about, Launch released her hold on the teen genius. Bulma felt Roshi's perverted stare on her. Mostly on her wet sex but occasionally roaming around her breasts. Her cheeks flushed whilst she awkwardly stared at the ground. How embarrassing…

"Hey, help me out here, will ya!" Launch commanded Roshi, who was already on his way. It seemed they had the same intent. Bulma shrieked when the old man grabbed her legs as she was spun into the air.

"Wh- what are you two doing?!" Bulma squealed, helplessly floating in the air as she was guided through the living room, up the stairs, and into the bedroom. Launch was still behind her as she was set down on the mattress, and she could feel the back of her head mash against the blonde's tits. They felt comfortable, much more than she'd like to admit. Another shriek of the bed brought her attention to her legs, where the geezer had brought his weight on the soft mattress. "H-hey!" Bulma's cheeks formed a deep shade of crimson when he stroked her thighs and forced her legs to spread so he gander at the treasure that unfolded. "L- let go!"

It was the usual song and dance. Roshi groped, Bulma disapproved, and it'd end with intimacy. By now, he knew the girl well enough to tell when she was merely protesting for the hell of it. Roshi felt a nosebleed coming up as he rested his eyes on her naked snatch. Bulma had completely liberated herself of pubic hair, leaving only absolutely-smooth flesh on the way to her snatch. Secretion dripped from her cleft and would provide the slipperiness he needed to breach her. If he attempted to breach her now, he'd easily anchor himself in, but... he realized he'd never been given the chance to taste that delicious pussy that had excited him so back at the beach. Surely this had to be rectified?

Bulma grit her teeth when he slipped his fingers onto her stomach and made his way down, past her completely-smooth pubic mound. He pressed his fingertips firmly against her clit and rubbed in a circular motion. Bulma yelped in response and buried her face in her hands. "Kyaa~!"

All that was left was for him to bury his face against her pussy and eat her out until she was ready; he bowed down until his mouth was level with Bulma's crotch. She gasped and shuddered when is tongue was stretched out and began its dance against her dripping folds. His gray facial hair tickled her labia. Bulma groaned when familiar stirrings began to warm her body and make her skin tingle and ultrasensitive. The heat slowly spread downward from her belly, and the response that Roshi was gunning for was starting to happen. With each lick, she grew wetter, and each time she grew wetter, the moment of Roshi's impalement came closer. Despite her best effort, she started to grind her body against his flexible tongue and actually came to enjoy his slurping efforts. Grabbing the old man by the back of the head, she forced his mouth closer to her moist hole, urging him on. His tongue flicked madly until the excess fluids started to run down his chin and beard.

Pulling against her clutching hand, he came back up and rearranged his stance until he loomed over her. With the geezer towering over her, it wasn't hard for her to see just how willing he was to continue when her eyes fastened on his crotch as she noticed his rigid cock. He gripped his member and gave it a sure pump. Her teeth were grit when he bent his cock downward to nuzzle her drenched labia. She made vain attempts to pull him off of her to stop his progress, but she didn't fool anyone, instinctively spreading her legs to give him more access to her cunt. "Here we go," grunted Roshi. And with that, he angled his cock in line with her swollen nether lips and brushed against the sensitive petals before he pressed.

Not again! Bulma gasped sharply when the phallus moved into her with little resistance. Was Roshi seriously fucking her again?! Her body was much more ready for him than she had thought. He was eager and proceeded with haste. After experiencing her tight warmth with his tongue, he could wait any longer and commenced to push his cock as deep as he could.

"Uhn! Bulma…!" he grunted out as he delved into her depths. The lack of hair created such a strange sensation. "Heh heh! Very nice!" the elder swooned as he crept inside of her wet and warm snatch. She reached back and seized Roshi's waist, fingertips digging into his thin, wrinkly skin. A sharp gasp escaped Bulma's throat when the old pervert began to move and get her prepped, her youthful breasts floundering. Roshi started at a gentle pace that Bulma could enjoy and get used to, but as her inner walls continued to flex around him and coat him with her juices, it became harder for him to control himself. He wanted to fuck her harder; fuck her hard and fuck her fast.

Bulma blushed as her current situation dawned on her. Resting on her Launch's yielding bosoms while an old pervert pounded his groin fervently against hers, hearing their joined bodies squelch each time they clashed. How had he gotten her in this situation again? Having Roshi plough her was becoming an all-too familiar occurrence... She whimpered for him to slow down a little when his tempo ascended too abruptly, but he was too far gone to listen, hungrily eying her shaking mounds. Ugh... Just let him keep going, Bulma thought. Inwardly, though she refused to admit it, she found that she came to enjoy his violent thrusts against her cervix and it simply felt too good to stop.

Roshi surprised Bulma when he lowered himself onto the teen, her breasts mashing against his chest before their lips connected. Despite her protests, she did not stop the kiss. Opening her lips, she allowed his tongue entry and their oral muscles connected, sloppily swapping saliva. Wrapping her arms over his head, his beard prickled against her face whilst she moaned into his mouth, his hips bobbing relentlessly against her vulva.

He suddenly embraced her. She thought it was a gesture of affection up until the point where he rolled her over to change places with her, and Bulma suddenly found herself straddling the geezer's hips. "Y- you want me on top?" she asked somewhat shyly, embarrassed by the sudden exposure of her breasts. Roshi's legs hung off the bed in this position, which left Bulma's jutting ass near the edge.

Bulma gritted her teeth as she sunk down, accepting him into her snatch ever so tardily. He felt even bigger now that she tried to cram all of him inside of her. Her walls spread around him, aided by the bequeathing of his arousal through his cock, slickening her already secreting walls. "Kyaa!" Bulma was soon pumping up and down Roshi's cock, her perky tits bouncing freely and enticingly. All the while, her unbound breasts floundered; she could feel his lustful gaze on them. He reached up and anxiously grabbed her breasts with his callous hands as she wiggled her hips in a circular pattern, the teen was grinding his member against her inner walls as if he was a bucking bull. It didn't take long until Roshi started to thrust his hips to match Bulma. They moaned and grunted as they pushed up and down, the squelching sounds of the old man's long cock sliding through the teen's tight cunt getting more and more frequent.

Launch watched the duo, impressed with their vigor. Now that Roshi had pulled the girl on top, Launch had room to act. Her eyes rested on Bulma's cute butt cheeks – broad and soft. She snatched her hands around Bulma's butt, spreading them further apart. Bulma hadn't the mind to notice… until Launch suddenly put a finger against her anus and started to press her digit through the ring that is. "Wh… Ugh… what?" She looked back at the invading digit, wriggling its way through her asshole. She tried to protest, but lacked the mental fortitude to emit anything other than long series of moans. She gasped out Launch's name, but the blonde only kissed her and told her to expect others to be curious about that area in the throes of sexual frenzy. Though it hurt Bulma continued to bounce up and down Roshi's meaty rod, helping Launch squirm her way through her rectum. Roshi almost passed out when Bulma tightened even more due to Launch's actions.

Geez... Bulma really was tight there, Launch thought. Her finger barely had room to stretch. She tried to spread the walls further apart, but it was a lot tougher than expected. The walls tried to squeeze her out, but Launch never said no to a challenge.

Bulma sucked on her teeth and looked off to the side when her body began to tense up. Her fingernails clawed into Roshi's pecs when a sudden rush of pleasure seized her body. Couldn't he just cum already? Her pelvis was beaten red from his smacking thrusts and her cervix felt sore after its many clashes with his piston. None of this, however, stopped her from shrieking when she felt her body contracting.

Bulma was feeling her orgasm come closer and closer. Launch's exploration of her backside hurt at first but now only amplified her pleasures. Roshi felt Bulma's walls constricting around him, clamping down faster and harder each time. He continued to caress her tits; squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples like the dials of a radio. It all became too much for Bulma. Her stomach clenched when her vaginal walls closed about Roshi's fast-pushing member. She squealed loudly as she pronounced her release, "Oh Kami...! I'm cumming again!"

All at once, her walls convulsed around Roshi, tightening around him as she sprayed her release all over his cock, soiling his lap. She trashed her entire body from left to right, reveling in her orgasm, trying to prolong it as long as possible. Launch continued to wriggle her finger inside her ass, helping her in her desire to lengthen her climax.

Roshi gritted his teeth as he endured the contractions of her release. She sure was a sensitive girl, he mused. Her convulsing walls undulated around him, slowing him down only briefly before he continued to fuck her with reckless abandon, prolonging the orgasm of the woman on top of him. He began to pull out before starting a relentless series of brutal thrusts that had Bulma writhing while sobbing in pleasure. It wasn't until Bulma was left a tired and drained mess that Launch unfilled her ass.

In his desire to cum, Roshi proceeded to push Bulma up and down his cock. Not yet one to recover quickly from a climax, Bulma's body slackened, unable to keep up with Roshi's fast and powerful thrusts. Launch held the unsteady Bulma in her arms, lest she'd topple and fall over. "You should let her rest, Roshi."

Roshi, of course, knew she was right, but that didn't mean he had to like it when Launch lifted Bulma off of his dick and resumed to lay her down. Of course, he started to feel better the minute Launch pulled her top over her head. "Don't worry, Roshi. I'll show you a woman who can tame you," she spoke seductively.

Roshi started heating up even more as Launch's top scraped past her erect nipples, heaving her breasts before they came back down with a bounce. "You like these, huh." Launch jeered, proud of the effect she had on the man. Normally, she'd use that effect and tease him for a while, but the truth was that she was far too hot and bothered from her adventure so far. She was the only one who had yet to receive any stimuli. She wanted nothing more than have the old fart's cock inside her as compensation.

Her spandex and panty soon were pulled down her long, desirable thighs. Roshi almost cried tears of joy as he spotted her slit, her engorged lips dripping with feminine arousal underneath the tuft of blonde pubic hair that crowned her snatch. Roshi was glued to his spot when Launch swaggered towards him, hips swaying sensually. He gulped when she set her hands on his shoulders and mounted him. She stroked the bald head of the man she'd come to call her fuck buddy with one hand and gripped his rock-hard shaft with the other. She descended her head, bringing herself close to his right ear. She blew her hot breath against his earlobe, her quaking vocals making him shiver before she whispered softly, "Are you ready, Roshi?"

Not waiting for him to answer, she angled his cock in line with her drenched snatch, rubbing him over her dripping folds before descending her hips. Her vaginal lips yielded instantly, granting Roshi the pleasures that came with delving through Launch's secreting inner walls. Roshi was already throbbing as he voyaged through her, bequeathing the blonde's hidden channel with his pre-cum. It was always a treat to imbed himself in Launch's tight pussy. The blonde usually wanted him to fuck her ass.

Roshi gritted his teeth as Launch bore down on him. He had nothing but guttural sounds to offer as he reveled in the incredible feeling of breaching Launch. He eyed the brilliant woman currently sheathing his cock inside her with lust. He felt her wrap her legs around his waist to keep him settled inside her. He was amazed with Launch's ability to embed him without any form of faltering. Unlike Bulma, Launch didn't stop until the entirety of his girth was successfully anchored within her tight hole. He could feel himself press against her cervical wall, but Launch showed no signs of discomfort.

Outwardly at least; Launch had to admit that it stung a bit to feel Roshi's obtuse head poking against the entrance to her womb, but she'd be damned if she showed her distress after her own boasting of her sexual prowess and abilities. When Roshi looked at her expectantly to start moving her hips, she was forced to admit her struggles. "Fuck... I always have trouble at the end..." she admitted, laughing bashfully.

"Don't worry, Launch." He drew his hands up, trailing his fingers along her soft skin until he reached her developed breasts. "I think I have an idea to pass the time until you're ready." He drew the undersides up, testing their weight. They were so round and heavy, yet they were pert as well. He brought his head to her pliable tits. He danced over the erect tips with the pads of his thumbs. The peachy tips were already erect with excitement, allowing him to effortlessly brush his tongue against the peak on the left. Launch's hands noticeably tensed, increasing the pressure on his shoulders as the rough texture slithered and danced over the sensitive nub.

While Launch enjoyed his gratifying handling of her chest, she was ready to commence and start riding him. "Are you ready to see how a real woman handles a cock like yours, Roshi?" Taking his hands off of her breasts, Launch snickered when she heard Bulma scoff in an offended manner behind her. A girl like Bulma had such obvious buttons to push. True to her word, Launch maneuvered her hips a bit before she hefted her hips, rising till only the head remained, leaving his cock coated with her nectar before descending her hips again. Using this technique, she rose and fell on his lap time and time again.

Bulma could only watch silently as Launch rode the geezer with a level of skill and grace that she could only dream of. She felt a pang of jealousy appear in her stomach, especially when she heard Roshi release an especially long chain of whines of pleasure from his lips. It was such a childish thought to be envious of another woman's skill to handle the perv's giant prick, but she hated not being the best at anything she did. She could not deny the irrefutable knot that appeared in her stomach and the increasing heath emitting from her soaking crotch.

"Launch...!" Roshi groaned and moaned as Launch's walls clamped his cock tightly each time she dropped her weight on him. His arms hung loosely next to his shoulders before he brought them to use, settling them at the most advantageous point: the fullness of her ass. Using her ass as leverage, Roshi began to put his muscles to use. Launch sobbed when Roshi unexpectedly upped the pace by lifting and dropping her on his cock at a much higher velocity than she was using previously.

"Oh, Roshi!" His unexpected initiative was surprising, but definitely left Launch reveling with pleasure. Still, Launch was used to Roshi's attempts to dominate her, and she effortlessly matched his celerity. Her fleshy mounds franticly swayed to and fro, and Roshi felt an uncontrollably urge to clutch their suppleness tightly in his palms. But… before he could even pry his hands off of her splendid ass…

"Aaaagh!" Launch could not be admonished for the sudden cry of shock the left her throat when a pair of soft, feminine hands latched onto her breasts from behind; she felt a pair of perky breasts mash against her exposed back. Launch twirled her head to meet her assailant, coming face to face with Bulma, a cocky smirk plastered on the teen's face. "B-Bulma?!"

The genius presented Launch a toothy grin as she fondled with the older woman's spectacular bosom. "Something wrong, Launch?" She felt her fingers dig into the first pair of breasts she ever touched other than her own – the time she accidentally fell headfirst into her mother's enormous cleavage notwithstanding. She pushed the tits up to test their weight causing her to take pause; she hadn't expected what a delight it would be to handle them. "Wow… these are incredible!" The words left her lips before she could even catch herself saying them, causing her to blush with a fiery shade of red. She clung her fingers around the sensitive tips, tweaking and coiling them roughly; Launch writhed uncomfortably but made no effort to relief her peaks from their dominatrix. Bulma was briefly tempted to breach Launch's ass with her fingers like Launch had done to her, but she eventually opted to keep them firmly on the woman's splendid knockers.

The sight of the two beautiful splendors touching one another had halted Roshi's movements considerably, but he soon resumed his thrusting with eager vigor. The sight was egging him on, and he needed stimuli. Launch was unprepared when the clutched her ass tightly and recommenced to push her up and down his meaty rod. "Oh fuck!" she wailed as Roshi pushed and pulled with all his might; she was forced to clutch his lanky shoulders with all her might, lest she'd lose her balance and fall off. Launch groaned and moaned as she felt the heat in her stomach come tumbling down to her crotch, making her toes coil in delight. "Nyaa!" The brashness she showed at the start of the trio's sexual escapades was all but gone as she felt more stuffed than ever before while a pair of skillful, nimble fingers plucked at her stiff nipples. Fuck! These two are going to make me cum…!

Roshi felt Launch's walls squeeze harder and harder and his lap became soaked in Launch's nectar. Of course, Roshi was quickly finding himself in the same situation. After fucking Bulma's incredibly tight pussy and enduring her climax, Launch was quickly proving to be just as deadly. Not only that but Bulma was pinching and cradling the Launch's tits so hard and rough that they were starting to redden, which was probably very painful for Launch, but sensationally erotic for the perverted man watching. He could feel his cock twitching inside Launch's heavenly snatch, his balls ready to spray her uterus with white.

"Oh fuck!" It was too much for Launch. Roshi's incredible cock and spirited vigor combined with Bulma's brutal handling of her bosom proved to be something she couldn't handle. Her hands clawed into Roshi's callous flesh and her hidden tunnel caved in as all the heat in her stomach rushed to her loins in a trice. Her agape mouth closed for only a moment before it opened and she roared, "I'm fucking cumming!"

As if Launch needed to tell him! Roshi's breath was hitched in his throat as her walls came down around his cock, leaving him in an almost inescapable vice. He barely succeeded in his attempts to keep thrusting, reveling in the amazing feeling of Launch's undulating walls, prolonging the climax of the woman on his lap. And though the he had showed incredible endurance, even he was no match for this indescribable feeling. When he felt Launch release her essence against his throbbing dick, it was all over for him! "Launch…!" he rasped huskily. Grabbing her hips tightly, his hands pulled her down as his hips drove themselves upward to nestle himself deep inside of her. "Me too!"

Launch gasped when she felt the old fart's piston let loose inside her loins, spraying bullets of cum against her cervix. The quantity hardly surprised her anymore. At least he wasn't letting loose in her ass for a change. Cleaning up afterwards always was such a hassle... The cum traveled inside her body, journeying to her womb, exciting her greatly and intensifying her exquisite orgasm even further. If it wasn't for the set of hands already on her tits, Launch would have pinched them herself for even greater effect. Many would kill to mold her springy knockers, but there weren't many who could pleasure her sensitive bust like she herself could.

It was a feeling of sheer pleasure that could go on for eternity as far as they were concerned, but their bodies soon came back down from their respective highs. Both panted, too winded to utter a word. Bulma, meanwhile, had taken her hands off of Launch's rack. She felt a pang of jealousy that Launch was the one to give Roshi his orgasm, but she wouldn't go into a corner and sulk. It was her turn again, and she was motivated to show Launch that she could make the old man cum by her own doing! She shook the puffing Launch from side to side, trying to pull the older woman from the ancient man's cock. "Come on! It's my turn now!"

"Kami, you're impatient," Launch managed to utter with clear annoyance in her voice. With less grace than she would've liked, Launch eased herself from Roshi's cock, standing up as straight as she could. While she could've fooled a lesser man, Roshi's trained eyes could spot the slight trembles of her muscles as Launch tried to keep her balance. His cheeks flushed when he noticed his cum dripping from her snatch, mixing with her own release as it dribbled down her legs. It would have been enough to make him hard again if he had withered after his climax, which he hadn't; indeed, he stood as tall and erect as ever before. Bulma licked her lips, her combative spirit on burning. She was ready for another battle with the old perv.

She stood in front of the situated Roshi, legs spread shamefully. Roshi was at eyelevel with her crotch, gulping as he noted her soaked and engorged petals. He surprised her by pulling her closer to him, kissing her drenched labia. "R- Roshi…" she muttered huskily as his lips smooched her nether ones, ruffling her hands through over his bald, sweat-stained head. His strong, callous hands caressed and pinched her tight butt cheeks while he stuck out his tongue and began to lash out his tongue to run along her folds. Bulma yelped with pleasure. She had planned to straddle the geezer and ride him until he was flooding her insides, but being eaten out was just as good. "Hmmm," she droned, closing her eyes in wallow while her head lolled back.

Of course, this meant that Bulma had no clear grasp of her surroundings. She heard Launch march behind her but didn't think much of it… Until she enwrapped her arms around her toned midsection and threw her on the bed, that is. "H-hey!" Bulma protested, trying to get up from her current position in which she found herself laid down on her stomach, her hooters flattening beneath her, but Launch managed to hold her down enough. For now at least.

"Stop struggling," Launch chided the younger woman. She hoped Bulma would listen for it was getting harder and harder to hold the her down. In their struggle, Launch managed to pry Bulma's legs open and hoisted the young adult's ass up, keeping Bulma's upper body flat on the bed. She chuckled as Bulma's ass cheeks shook enticingly in her attempts to free herself. She slapped the tight cheeks with open palm, making Bulma whimper beneath her. Each time Bulma made an attempt to escape, Launch would smack her ass. It wasn't until the tight and round cheeks were beaten red that Bulma yielded and stopped resisting. "Good girl," Launch jeered, slithering two fingers to her own quim. She bobbed her fingers over her cum-leaking sex, mantling her fingers in Roshi's pearls of white.

Roshi was surprised with Launch's actions until she brought the doused fingers back up and aimed them at Bulma's tight asshole. The young genius yelped as a strange substance was smeared over her rim. "Again?!" Bulma screeched, displeased with Launch's intrigue with her backside. The memory of Roshi stuffing his entire dick inside her ass was still fresh on her mind and made her weary of the blonde's intentions. "H- hey... you're not thinking about...!" There came no answer, only whimpers as Launch wedged a finger through her anus alarmingly easy compared to the first time, courtesy of the substance that had been applied to the puckered hole. "Ah!"

"Kami, you're so tight here, Bulma," Launch complimented the younger woman, though if she took it as a compliment was questionable. Launch could barely wriggle her finger and create some room between the tight muscles, even after her previous voyage.

Roshi was perfectly happy to be a spectator as two of the most beautiful women he knew were having their own tussle, but when Launch beckoned him towards the two, he happily obliged. With a few powerful strides he, too, stood behind Bulma's posterior. With her free hand, Launch gathered more jizz from her leaking cunt and wrapped her fingers around the head of Roshi's cock, smearing the remaining cum over the mushroom-like head, lubricating it for what she was planning next.

Bulma exhaled a relieved sigh as she felt Launch's finger vacate her rectum, feeling the stress leave her body instantly. She turned her head to the duo behind her, fully expecting Launch to guide the cock in her hand towards Bulma's dripping snatch; she willingly backed up against the old man, moaning as she felt his tip nuzzle her drenched labia. Launch, however, had different plans. Before the head could be inserted into Bulma's cleft, she angled Roshi's dick up a bit more, much to Bulma's shock.

"W-what?!" Bulma's pupils widened and she almost jumped up as she felt Roshi's monstrous size bump against her posterior. I knew it! So Launch was trying her to do that again. "N- no!" she protested.

"Come on, where's your sense of adventure?"

Beautifully spoken by someone who didn't have to anchor a nine-inch cock in her ass, Bulma thought bitterly. There was no way she'd allow that monster anywhere near the walls of her rectum ever again. Though the experience of anal sex with Roshi had felt pleasant after a while, cleaning her ass from all the spunk that had been stored within in had been a hassle and it'd taken hours before she could comfortably sit again.

Bulma watched the old man curiously, wondering what he was thinking. She felt utterly hopeless when she noted his flushed face, his teeth laid bare as he eyed her eyes with a lecherous grin. "Roshi...?" she implored him, but whether he heard her was questionable. It seemed his attention was directed elsewhere...

"Come on, Bulma," Launch continued her spiel. "You want to prove to me you can handle him, right? Well, guess what? I take it in the ass all the time without any problem." Well, it was partly the truth. She definitely reveled to have the old man's massive cock in her bowels, but... perhaps she wasn't entirely truthful about not having any problems...

No way... Launch was able to take that in? She did want to prove her worth to Launch, but... this was a bit much. Taking the old man's girth inside her ass had been such a painful experience. It had felt good after a while, though... Well if Launch could do it then...! She clenched her fists, her mind determined. With a thumping heart and quaky voice, Bulma answered, " G-go… ahead, Roshi."

"Go ahead with what, Bulma?" Launch purred, enjoying her dominance over the younger woman.

"Go ahead and…" Bulma gulped, swallowing away the apprehension at the back of her throat. "Fuck my ass… Roshi."

"Heh heh!" Had Roshi's cock lost any of its potency, it surely would have regained its vigor from hearing the normally strong and confident Bulma so weak and whimpering. "All right then!" He felt a certain sense of dominance as he clutched his strong hands on Bulma's waist. Meanwhile, Launch guided his cock to the small hole with one hand, using the other to push the cheeks apart; Bulma whimpered weakly once the head came in contact with her pucker, but despite her misgivings she made no protests. She clutched the sheets of the bed in agitated anticipation, her nails clawing through the fabric as Roshi started to apply pressure against her sphincter.

Launch smirked as Bulma's tight hole slowly started to spread as the obtuse head of Roshi's rock-hard dick started to ram against it. She still remembered the first time she took a cock it in the ass. The sex had been rough, much rougher than she'd been used to, but she had been able to handle it… until her bedpartner suddenly pulled out and opted for the other hole instead. Despite her pleading, the guy ignored her and continued to ravage her bowels. And as much as it hurt at first, she loved it now, and she was sure that Bulma would turn out to feel the same way about it.

For now though, Bulma was a sobbing mess as she felt excruciating pain as her ass finally yielded passage to Roshi's mushroom-like head. "Aaaaaaagh!" Nothing was worth this ample amount of agony and discomfort. Her walls were stretched apart by the monstrous cock as it slowly – very, very slowly – voyaged through her bowels. Her entire body went taut as it tensed. Bulma gritted her teeth in an attempt to muffle her displeasure. The pain...! It felt even worse than she remembered! Exertion dribbled down her heated head in her attempt to endure.

In pure contrast, Roshi felt like he could cum any moment as he felt the walls surrounding his cock trying to push him out, but they were no match for his strength. It was so tight! None of the two women's fiery and tight snatches could possible compare to this amazingly intense feeling. "Bulma...!" His fingers dug further into her skin in pleasure as he started to push her body towards him, making it easier for himself to push further in.

Bulma felt the tears appear in her eyes from the pain. How was he still not bottoming out? She hoped he was at least three quarters in by now, she prayed to Kami that he was. She was brought out of her thoughts when the bed suddenly started creaking as someone ploughed down in front of her. Apparently, Launch had maneuvered herself from behind her and now faced her front, her legs spread shamefully to give Bulma the view of her slick petals. Most of Roshi's cum was dried up and cleansed by the new streams of excitement that flowed out of Launch, but traces of the white liquid still dribbled down. The blonde surprised Bulma when she put a hand on her folds and used two fingers to spread them to show Bulma the full extent of her pussy.

Bulma, even in her current state, felt her breath hitch at the beautiful sight. Launch was only a few years older than her, so it wasn't a surprise that her pussy still looked as snug and compact as ever. She noticed the protruding nub on top of her pussy, begging to be touched. Launch shook her hips expectantly, asking the younger girl what she was waiting for. Bulma felt confused. "What do you- Aaaaagh!"

Launch didn't even grant Bulma the boon of concluding her sentence before she latched her hand onto the back of Bulma's head and buried her face in her muff. She honestly couldn't wait anymore, clutching Bulma's' hair tightly at the roots. The excitement had seized her and her core yearned to be played with. Of course, Bulma was much too preoccupied with other matters to pleasure Launch's pussy, namely the immense shaft pushed into her tight bowels. For now, Launch was perfectly content with just riding Bulma's face, smearing her juices and the traces of Roshi's spunk over her face, reveling whenever the girl's nose would brush over her sensitive clit. Bulma yelped against Launch's core when Roshi finally bottomed out behind her, her vocals echoing against the blonde's sensitive snatch.

Would someone walk into the room now, they surely would suffer from a massive nosebleed. Roshi was on his feet, hands on Bulma's slim waist and carefully thrusting into the teen's tight hole; Bulma was down on all fours, taking the thrusts at her backend and her face obscured between the blonde's legs; lastly, Launch sat on her buttocks on the mattress, her legs spread with the turquoise-haired girl pushed between them, smearing her face with juices.

Roshi's face was lolled back, his eyes tightly shut as he slowly pushed in and out of Bulma's tight bowels. He would retract his hips till only his head remained nestled between the little butt cheeks, after which he'd shove his cock back in. Slow and gentle at first, but faster and harder as Bulma slowly accustomed to the feeling of her walls spread and the monstrous size and cock within her. Indeed, she started to rock her hips against his thrusts, increasing the pleasure for both of them. Her breasts swayed, her stiff nipples brushing against the sheets beneath her whilst she whimpered with each of Roshi's thrusts.

The first one to notice that Bulma was starting to enjoy herself was Launch. The teen genius was starting to become more active; generously pressing her tongue into Launch's heat, anchoring as far as it could before retracting, after which it'd delve back in, mirroring the actions of a thrusting cock – something difficult to do while being so vigorously fucked. Launch responded in kind; gyrating her hips over Bulma's eager mouth, smearing her with her juices. At times, Bulma would will her oral muscle to leap onto the small nub just below her pubic mound, sliding and flickering along the ultrasensitive button. Each time she did so, Launch's pussy noticeably contracted while her eyes squinted in revelry.

Meanwhile, Launch wasted no time in her pursuit for sexual gratification, maintaining one hand on Bulma's head to aid her in her exploration while her other hand skittered along her milky skin, heaving upwards until she reached her breasts. She drew the underside of her supple flesh up, mauling the softness of her bosom, squeezing the yielding tit for added stimulation. Many would kill to mold her springy tits, but there weren't many men who could pleasure her sensitive bust like she herself could. She brushed the pads of her thumb against the rigid tip before she involved her index finger, gingerly tweaking the stiff cap cresting her tit. There was no time for idleness, one accessible hand meant that it had to perform double duty; groping, pinching, and pulling whichever tit yearned the hardest at the time.

As if the incredible tightness wasn't enough, watching Bulma eat out his maid was almost too much for Roshi. Where the hell was he supposed to look?! At his cock plugged into Bulma's tight ass or at her head bobbing deep between Launch's legs?! He was already throbbing and could feel his balls ascending. He willed himself not to cum just yet, but he was fighting a losing battle. He was smacking his pelvis harder and harder against Bulma, making her mewl, his testicles banging against her leaking cunt. Eager to hear her moan even more, he slithered one hand away from her ass and to her aching clit. Bulma gasped audibly as he started to twirl his fingers against the sensitive button, spurring him on.

The first to cum was Bulma. The feeling of her ass filled with such an immense cock, the fingers playing with her clit, and the hotness she felt from eating a beautiful woman like Launch was simply too much for her psyche. “Kyaa!” Her head came up from between Launch's legs and she screamed as she came, calling to every god she knew as her muscles contracted and her snatch sprayed her juices, staining the legs of the hermit behind her. In the midst of the girl's orgasm, Launch pushed Bulma back to her crotch, wallowing as Bulma's screams echoed through her core.

Bulma's orgasm also meant that the tight walls around Roshi contracted even more. It felt like the constricting walls were trying to cut his dick off as her buttocks clenched around him! It was the final trigger. "Bulma!" he roared before his thrusts became much weaker and more erratic. Before Bulma knew what was going on, she felt him fill her bowels with his spunk. Had she not been so hazed, she would probably wonder how she could expel such a large quantity from her ass, but now she only emitted screams of pleasure into Launch's snatch as she felt her rectum get painted in white, sending all kinds of sensations to rush through her.

"Oh fuck!" Bulma's ministrations to her cleft and her owns caresses to her tits made Launch the third and final of the trio to cum. Her hand left her breast and joined her other hand to clutch Bulma's head and smother her to her pussy. She rocked and rolled her hips against the young adult, discharging her nectar against the teen's pretty face. Bulma writhed beneath her, grimacing and barely able to breath as Launch left her mantled in feminine arousal. To add to her peril, her nose, mouth, and indeed the entire lower portion of her face were suddenly drenched with a hot rush of fluid from Launch's convulsing hole. The last traces of the cum Roshi had sprayed within the blonde were stained over Bulma's face.

Fulfilled and truly satisfied, Roshi started to whither, allowing Bulma's rectal muscles to finally push him out of her. Bulma exhaled a relieved sigh as the old man's girth finally popped out of her. Her sore asshole finally sealed itself again, but that didn't stop the pearls of cum inside from dribbling out of her backdoor. Of course, at the pace it was going now, it would take a while until her bowels were completely free from the milky-white seeds. She might have to take matters into her own hands… again.

But Kami... this had been mind-blowing. As embarrassing as it was, she was starting to doubt whether anyone on Earth could bequeath her the pleasures that the old man bestowed upon her. With flushed cheeks – slightly hidden by the old man's white seeds – and covered in sweat she eyed Roshi. She swallowed apprehensively. Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit. He wasn't much to look at, but there was no denying the passionate gratification he could bring about. Maybe... just maybe... she'd make use of his talents from time to time – maybe.

And with that an era came to a close. An era wherein Master Roshi rediscovered his youth after Bulma unknowingly showed the perverted geezer her pussy before slurping his vigorous cock to completion, setting him on a mission that allowed him to couple with many desirable women. The next three years passed by in an instant. Three years where Roshi had more lecherous adventures with Bulma, Launch, and even Panchy; but also, many new and exciting women that appeased his urges. But that was a story for another time. For now, Roshi was perfectly content as he laid between Bulma and Launch, his eyes slowly closing as he joyously drifted into deep slumber. After all they had been forced to endure, Bulma and Launch quickly followed suit.

And done! Roshi sure is lucky! Not only did he already have Launch at his disposal, even the reluctant Bulma Briefs seems to have decided to come over from time to time. Who could have expected that all the way back in chapter 1?

I think I've gotten pretty much everything I can out of this time period of Dragon Ball. Next up is the three year time skip that led up to and the aftermath of the King Piccolo Saga. In some ways this feels like the end of the beginning... or something like that.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter.

Catch ya later!

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