The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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The lemons aren’t as detailed as in some previous chapters, but I think that’s for the best. I want to keep the chapters at least somewhat compact. I truly believe this chapter is more fun to read than it had been otherwise.

Last time we left off, Roshi lived every man's dream by enjoying an envious threesome with the nubile Bulma and adventurous Launch. Three years have passed since that fateful day. What kind of sexual escapades have transpired during this time? Read further to find out!

Warning: lemon

Chapter 11: Three Years of Bliss

Master Roshi, the founder of the Turtle School and legendary martial artist, had died...

But now he was alive again, so whatever!

"Heh heh!" In the present, Roshi's old, wrinkled hands ruffled thorough his drawers, enjoying the soft fabric of the panties he'd collected during his journey. After making sure the people responsible for King Piccolo's return were captured and ready to receive their just punishment, Roshi made his way back to Kame House to reminisce on his many encounters with feminine splendor over the last few years. In his time of dying, the women he had conquered was all that flashed before his eyes. All the panties were in the drawer, safe for one. That one was currently being worn... in some sorts. He snatched the pink, lace undies that once served to shield Ranfan's snatch and threw them over his head. "Woohoo!"

The team's problems with the Red Ribbon Army had long been concluded. That crazy kid Son Goku managed to defeat the entire army by himself. After the conflict with the Red Ribbon Army there had been a time of peace. Sure, there was the fight against his sister's – Baba's – warriors, but that had been a relatively peaceful affair. In fact, he remembered it quite fondly. Yamcha had trouble fighting an invisible enemy, so Krillin came to the genius idea to collect Roshi, Bulma and Launch from Kame House and guided them to Baba's palace. Telling the two women to stand in front of Roshi, Krillin took his place behind them and dropped their tops in a trice to reveal their wonderful knockers to Roshi's gawking eyes. Ogling their perfect bosoms that had appeared so unexpectedly, bouncing from their unexpected freedom, Roshi's nose spilled more than enough blood to color the invisible man visible for Yamcha to defeat.

Yamcha had joined Krillin and Goku as one of the Turtle Master's students, and Krillin, Yamcha, Launch and Roshi himself had lived together for the last few years. Roshi decided to train the two for the next Tenkaichi Budokai. It was a hassle to have another pair of eyes to hide from during his sexy time with Launch, but they managed. Bulma opted to return to West City to continue her studies and get away from Yamcha. The two never got back together.

Three years passed by as if in an instant. The day of the Budokai, Roshi met his old rival Shen. They had studied under Master Mutaito together and both fought for Fanfan's affection. Neither had succeeded... They later became friends, but after the horrors of King Piccolo, Shen's heart became tainted beyond repair. Shen had brought two of his own students with him – Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. In the end, Tien beat Goku in the finals and won the tournament, but not before Roshi managed to plant the seeds for change in the arrogant warrior's heart.

The celebrations after the tournament, however, were short lived. The three idiots – Pilaf, Shu, and Mai – released the Demon King – Piccolo – from his prison and soon the whole world knew of his return. Cities burned, people died, and heroes fell. Roshi tried sealing the Demon King with the Mafuba technique he'd learned from his own master, but failed, and the old man died shortly thereafter. Eventually, it was his pupil – Son Goku – who saved the world and wished his old master back with the Dragon Balls.

After he died, Roshi had been allowed to travel to Heaven. There he finally met Fanfan again, who had been killed during the first time King Piccolo's reigned over the Earth. She looked as young as she had when he last saw her. Fanfan confided in him that she always had a crush on him in their youth, and she forgave him for the time he hypnotized her into giving him a blowjob back when they were young. Roshi replied by aggressively taking off the clothes of the startled girl and finally fucking the woman he'd spend much of his youth pining for. The poor girl had found herself beneath him without warning. She'd expected an innocent kiss after her confession, not his cock plugged inside her snatch! While spraying his seeds inside the poor, bewildered woman who had been his greatest regret in life, he realized he had indeed died and gone to heaven. Of course, he was unable to take her underwear with him when he was wished back with the Dragon Balls shortly thereafter...

Such a pity, but... he supposed there were other women whose panty he had been unable to collect. That girl from the Red Ribbon Army quickly came to mind. It happened shortly after his threesome with Bulma and Launch, so that was about... three years ago.

"W- we're almost there!" Yamcha managed to utter in his panicked state. Flying the plane that carried him, Krillin, Roshi, Bulma, and Launch, he tried to reach Goku as soon as possible. The little idiot had decided to attack the Red Ribbon HQ all on his own. There was no way he could defeat an entire army by himself... He might already be dead, though... he realized somberly.

Shortly after the conclusion of Roshi's threesome with Launch and Bulma, Bulma invented a small machine that she used to track Goku. They found out the small boy was making his way to the headquarters of the army. They decided to help and gathered the whole group for assistance.

"We're here!" Launch brought Yamcha out of his musing. The blonde readied her gun. "Why do we have to get off at such a removed spot? This is so far away!"

"If we get off too close to the base they'll fire at us!" Yamcha argued. "So instead we'll get off here and run so the enemy doesn't notice us!" When the plane landed and everyone got out, Yamcha unsheathed his sword. "Let's go save Goku!"

Going in without a plan, however, would not be wise. Numerous plans were discussed – one of them being letting Bulma undress to distract the soldiers naked – but they were all shot down.

"Let's stop fucking around like this and hurry up and massacre those bastards!"

Yamcha eyed Launch wearily, laughing akwkwardly. "T... this person is a woman... isn't she?" he whispered to Roshi so the blonde wouldn't hear.

Roshi smirked. Oh she was a woman all right. A whole lot of woman.

Before the group could conjure up a plan, Goku already returned. He had beaten the army all by himself while they were bickering... Still, just to make sure that the Red Ribbon Army was indeed defeated, the group headed to Red Ribbon HQ to check. The group split up – Bulma went with Launch, Krillin with Yamcha, and Goku and Roshi both journeyed solo. "Dammit..." the old man wept. He wanted to go with Bulma and Launch...

A sudden sound a bit further ahead brought him out of his musings. He sneaked closer, wary of a potential enemy. As he got close enough, however, he noted the violet hair and slim-yet-sturdy body of the figure before him. It was a woman! What luck! Perhaps this wouldn't be such a boring adventure after all.

She was a young woman with white skin, blue eyes, and violet hair. She wore a green flannel with the emblem of the Reb Ribbon Army adorning her right breast. Some kind of protective glasses were hung over her neck like a necklace. The flannel was stuffed in her orange military pants, kept in place by a red belt. She kind of reminded him of Fanfan. Even their hair styles were identical, though this one's hair was a darker shade of purple. The way she carried herself reminded him of Mai – stoic yet deadly. He wished he could give her the same treatment he'd given Mai but... he eyed his watch. Shit... He really didn't have the time... He needed to act fast.

Perhaps it was a good thing he'd come alone after all.

Colonel Violet roamed the area around what was once her base of operations with trepidation. A boy... The entire Red Ribbon Army had been defeated by a mere boy! It was maddening. How could this have happened? Needless to say, she was on high alert. And yet, she could not help herself but be surprised when something akin to a blur rushed passed her and jumped up in front of her.


Violet gasped sharply as her head came up. "Wh- whaaat?!" It was an old man, but... his... his pants were down, and... his... his thing was... It was hard and exposed! And the size of it...! "Wha... what are you...?!"

Violet hadn't the time to close her mouth and resist before she felt his pulsating cock slip into her hot orifice. Her eyes enlarged in shock as she felt the thick rod invade her, pressing her tongue again the floor of her mouth. She murmured muffled protests, but the feeling of her vocals ringing against his sensitive cockhead only served to stimulate him even more. Wheezing, Roshi's head lolled back as he held her head in place and began to thrust himself inside her mouth.

"Ah~! This is nice..." Roshi hummed, keeping Violet's head in place as he slowly pushed further in to savor every inch. "Your mouth feels really good!"

Groaning in humiliation, Violet's hands came up onto the front of his scrawny legs to try and push her off his prick, but he determinedly kept her in place. Where did this guy even come from? And how did she suddenly find herself with his dick in her mouth? Breathing was difficult, especially when he wedged himself to the back of her mouth. His sizeable girth forced her tongue to cram against the floor of her mouth, yet it still managed to wiggle against his underside to generate enough movement for his pleasure. She was forced to flex her throat when he bumped against her pharynx, causing all kinds of pleasures for the exuberant pervert as her throat clenched around his sensitive tip.

"Woohoo!" Roshi gleefully cheered as her throat flexed around the obtuse head of his prick. "Not bad, girly! Looks like you can handle quite a bit." Snickering as Violet tried to cuss at him – something impossible to do with such a big cock anchored in her mouth – he proceeded to fuck her mouth. With Violet's head fixed between his hands, the old hermit thrusted his hips back and forth with ample enthusiasm, withdrawing his piston until Violet's luscious lips fasted around his sensitive cockhead before surging himself down her pharynx.

"Ugh! Guh!" Violet gagged and gurgled around his length and girth, spit running down her chin until his testicles came back against her face to collect the dripping saliva. Time and time again his sac slapped against her lower face, harder and faster as he upped his pace. She tried to think of a way to get out of her situation, but the force made it hard to think straight. She needed all of her brainpower just to remember to breath! It was actually making her somewhat dizzy, her vision blurring...

Roshi huffed and puffed whilst he bobbed his hips back and forth as fast as he could, sweat dripping down his bald head. He was anxious to finish before he could be caught and that restlessness served him well, heightening the sensations surrounding his prick. Though Violet's hot and humid mouth would've served him well regardless, it felt even better with the adrenaline that ran throughout his body. "Ghn!" The constant clench of her throat... It felt so nice...! He wouldn't be able to last much longer. Just a bit more!

Violet felt her mind get numb. Her eyes grew heavy, the lack of oxygen dulling her consciousness. No! She had to stay awake! She had to get this man off her! But.. the hand that came up to try and dislodge the geezer once more faltered halfway and her half-lidded eyes closed completely. The moment Violet passed out was the moment Roshi's body locked up.

He emitted an elderly grunt as the first spurt of white was shot down the girl's throat, his buttocks clenching. Still deep inside, Roshi emptied his testicles in the deep recesses of the colonel's throat. He didn't even need to move; he simply kept himself as deep as he could, Violet's nose pressing against his grey pubic hair, and simply enjoyed the sensations that covered his piston. He droned with satisfaction.

When he was completely spent, he laid the unconscious woman down on her side and hoisted his pants back up. He was just in time too, as only a few seconds later he heard someone yell his name. It was Krillin. "Oh there you are, Master! Did you find any-?" His eyes fell on the young woman unconscious on the ground. "Huh?!"

Luckily, despite his age Roshi was still a nifty one. With his still-leaking piece safely hidden in his pants, he clarified, "One had escaped! Don't worry though, I managed to apprehend her!"

"Great job, Master!" Krillin cheered with admiration, oblivious to the white liquid that sipped down the side of the unconscious Colonel's cheek, her back turned towards the duo as they made their way back to the group.

Shortly thereafter, the group made their way to Baba's palace.

"Heh heh!" In the present, Roshi had opted to throw his entire head in his collection of underwear, wildly trashing his head, drowning in the velvety fabric. Looking back on it, that time sure had been a close one. He'd almost gotten caught! His prick stood erect at the thought of Violet – not to mention the many pieces of undergarments that Roshi was currently engulfed in that enticed him even more. The moment Roshi got home for the first time since his death, he'd laid his latest prize on the bed, removed his clothes and went to his drawers. "I live a blessed life!"

Though he preferred to collect a woman's panties, sometimes such desires simply weren't possible. He was reminded of that as his eyes met the anomaly in his collection. Hidden in his panty collection was a red shirt. Of course, this wasn't a simple shirt. It was memory; a sizzling memory. He licked his lips as the sea's aroma drifted from the shirt to his nostrils. On the red shirt was a name: Pie-Pie. The mermaid had almost been the one that got away – almost.

Pie-Pie... Kami, talk about a nice pair of tits!

"Kyaa!" a loud feminine screech filled the small island that housed Kame House. "You're the pervert who tried to grab me!"

Having send Yamcha and Krillin away for the day to train on their own on the surrounding islands and Launch gone to buy groceries, Roshi had opted for some shuteye, gingerly lying down on his beach chair before closing his lids and dozing off without a care in the world. He woke up abruptly minutes later due to the girl currently screaming at him. The first thing he noticed was her chest. His cheeks flushed as he noted their enormous size. The second thing he noticed was a fin there where her legs should be. Actually, shouldn't' that have been the first thing he'd notice? She kind of looked familiar...

Pie-Pie mostly kept hidden in the water while she observed the land-dwellers. Men seemed very drawn to a woman's breasts, and hers especially seemed to be quite enthralling. She had learned that lesson at a young age. When she first came to land, she hadn't a clue about human customs. For example, she had no clue it was normal for a woman to wear a shirt to cover her private parts. All day she wondered why all men's gazes seemed fixated on her ousted knockers as she moved, her breasts jiggling in line with her actions. Many seeds had been spilled that night by men's own hands with the mermaid on their mind. It wasn't until someone actually tried to grab them without warning that she learned of her mistake. Humans were weird, she decided.

Of course, she had learned from the past. She wasn't the same oblivious girl she once was, and mostly kept to herself in the sea. Even if she tried to do good, she would eventually find herself running from perverted men trying to grope her. For example, a few years ago a young boy with spiky hair had found her and asked her to come with him to help him out. She was a generous young woman and so she agreed to accompany him... only to meet an old pervert who tried to cup and feel her breasts! That was the last time she'd helped anyone that came from the land.

Today Pie-Pie had opted to swim somewhat close to civilization. As she reached a small island she came up from the ocean and looked around. The pink home with red roof... it kind of looked familiar, yet she couldn't place just what it was that seemed so recognizable. Lounging on a beach chair on the small beach that surrounded the house seemed to be an elderly man. The man had seemed harmless enough as she came up to him; old and wilted. But as she got closer, she remembered why the island was so familiar to her. This was the pervert the young boy had guided her to! She'd screamed out her remembrance before she could help herself, waking him up.

"W-wait a minute?!" The mermaid from before! Now he remembered! His finger stuck out at her accusingly. "You... you're the mermaid who punched me!"

She was the big-tittied mermaid that had escaped his grasp! Could this be his chance to redeem himself?! He determinedly balled his fists. To have let such a succulent treat walk away without tasting her... What a travesty! Her sea-salty fragrance drifted into his nose as he came closer. Pie-Pie was on the verge of asking him what he was planning, but she hadn't the time, as Roshi suddenly gripped the hilt of the shirt that spelled her name and began to drag it past her head. It slipped past her taut stomach, and then past her…!

"N- noooo!"

"Mermaid Girl!" Roshi hollered as more and more of her tanned flesh was uncovered. Her shirt dragged her breasts upwards, higher and higher. In fact, shouldn't there be an encasing by now, he wondered as her tits came up? Unless…! He gasped sharply, almost hyperventilating as he realized the reason there wasn't one.

"You… you're not wearing a…!" He stammered nervously as her barren breasts were pulled up along with her shirt. Being a mermaid, luxuries such as bras were foreign to Pie Pie, and she had never worn a bra in her life. As more and more leeway was given to them, her bountiful breasts eventually slipped down her shirt, jumping free with a generous bounce.

They were so big! Roshi couldn't take his eyes off them, studying and memorizing the size and shape, as well as noting the light shade of brown nipples adorning the tips, perfectly sized to match their volume and tanned skin. The ever-present breeze on the island made it somewhat chilly. He ran his eyes over her body, keen on remembering every single detail of her terrific frame. Underneath his shorts, he felt his shaft starting to lengthen. "Boo... Boob... Boooobiiieeees!"

Pie-Pie could not be blamed for the sudden gasp that escaped her throat. All too suddenly, the hands that had been shackled to her shirt came up to cradle her tits; the shirt softly fell on the grains of sand. He lifted the pair to test their heaviness. "So soft…" he breathed. Soft to his touch, yet firm in his bustling hands. They were such a delight to handle~. Eagerly, he squeezed and pulled, pulling the springy pair apart before pressing them closely together, swooning as the flesh dented and enlarged. As he released the flesh, the pair enthusiastically wobbled back into place.

"Old pervert?!" Pie-Pie wheezed softly. Wh- what was happening?! Master Roshi could no longer contain himself. He jumped forward and hugged Pie-Pie slim midsection. Pressing as hard as he could, he drowned himself in the crevice of her humongous bosom. He drooled as he felt the sides of her breasts pressing against his cheeks. The mermaid couldn't help but screech as he began to motorboat her, feeling her tits jiggling against his face.

Pie-Pie was just about to snap at him again, but as Roshi pressed against her fin she was unable to support them both. "Kyaa!" The mermaid stumbled backward with a wail, landing on her back with Master Roshi's face still hidden in her cushiony bosom to break his fall. She felt something hard poke tightly against her fin. Even after the fall, the old man refused to relent, sticking his tongue out of mantle her breasts with his saliva. He tickled the rigid peaks with wild abandon – they tasted salty! He eagerly jolted his head forward to take one of the glorious globes in his mouth, slurping eagerly. What great tittties!

Pie-Pie's arms helplessly rested at her sides, her shock overriding her ability to try and urge the old man off of her rack. Having the strange pervert dote on her breasts felt strange and embarrassing, but... the chills that began to run through her body... they refused to end! Wh- what is happening to me?!

Roshi couldn't believe it! She wasn't stopping him. Was he dreaming? Perhaps he was still in his chair, enjoying a good rest? That had to be it. This wasn't real. It couldn't be real! Pressing her tits together as hard as he could, he tugged on her nipples with a lustful suction until they popped out of his mouth. Even puffier than before, they'd slip out from between his lips, her breasts joggling as they fell back into place.

"Woohoo!" Such a glorious bosom! The size, the mass, the texture – they were all world class! His prick painfully throbbed inside his pants, begging to be released so it could nestle itself in the deep valley of her breasts.

"Wh- what is that?!" Unfamiliar with human anatomy, Pie-Pie had no clue what she was looking at as she eyed the long and thick rod that had appeared from between the old man's thighs when he released his piston. It looked somewhat intimidating, radiating with heat. She warily tried to pull back as his length was unleashed, but with the geezer straddling her stomach, all she could do was pull her head away. Tidbits of liquid oozed down the tip of his staff to land on her left breast.

"It is time, Mermaid Girl," said Roshi excitedly. He looked at her with ravenous excitement, as though expecting her to read his mind and do exactly what he wanted. "It's time to use those fun bags for what they were meant to do!"

"Um, um," stuttered the mermaid. "What are you talking about?!" she screeched, confused. Just what was going on? "Wh-what am I supposed to do?" gasped Pie-Pie, staring down between her large udders at the thumping phallus eagerly awaiting to be sheathed between them. His hips buckled when he made his first sharp stab between her compressed breasts. Pie-Pie yipped at the sudden feeling of her mammary glands sheathing something so hard and warm. "What are you doing, old man!?" cried the purple-haired mermaid as the mysterious muscle surged through her honkers until his thighs mashed against her breasts. The swollen pink head could be seen just barely able to breach the suffocation of her deep valley, still spilling the transparent liquid.

"Keep them around my cock," Roshi instructed.

Shyly, Pie-Pie lent her assistance, pushing her breasts together to cradle the shaft in between. "L- like this?"

"Ahn!" Roshi bit his lip to muffle his groans as she smothered her cushiony mounds around his dick. Such sensations; it felt like waves of velvet surrounded him~! Oh, this must be a dream! Don't let me wake up! "Mermaid Girl, that's it! Just keep them nice and snug around my cock!"

"D- don't say such things!" she pleaded. Just what was with all this foul language? And why did he want to keep that thing between her breasts?!

Pie-Pie whimpered when the phallus retracted more than halfway, and grunted when it surged right back through her breasts. The impact of his thighs slapping against the underside of her udders made them swell. She blushed when he uttered how much he enjoyed fucking her tits. Was it really so enjoyable? Humans sure were strange creatures... She cringed from the feeling of having the large pole between her knockers. The tip released a slick, transparent liquid against her sternum and sides of her breasts that soothed her flaring bosoms. As his movement became smoother – due to abundant pre-cum distribution – he sped up his pace. Sometimes, he'd thrust so deep that the tip bumped against her chin.

"St- stick your tongue out!"

Per his instruction, the confused mermaid brought her tongue down against her chin. Master Roshi was not known for his restraint. Catching Pie-Pie's shoulders for more grip, he fucked her jugs, his thighs slapping against the undersides of them. More than before, he sprung up from her cleavage and rubbed against her stuck-out oral muscle to generate even more pleasure. He began to thrust more even harder than before, heated by the sight.

Pie-Pie, gasping, tried to keep up with the relentless speed. "W-wait, old man!" panted the mermaid. She... she just couldn't keep up! Sweat created by effort glistened her body and only smoothed his passage!

Roshi could feel the end nearing as the knockout coaxed him to completion. She felt so slick...! How could she expect him to slow down?! With each smack of his thighs against the underside of her sweating tits, the hills would ripple and jiggle. Her panicked eyes only served to stir him on while the tip of his prick swathed the rough texture of her tongue with his transparent essence with each thrusts. He was fucking her mounds like a man possessed. He wouldn't be able to stop even if he wanted to!

Already, he could feel the sensations of completion rising. It wouldn't be long until he'd be painting those wonderful knockers in white. He gulped audibly. This beautiful girl covered in pearly seeds… The thought didn't do much for his self-control. Taking matters into his own hands, unable to help himself, Roshi vigorously pounded his cock between her closed cleavage. He wasn't planning on alerting Pie-Pie of his impending release, gung ho on coating her fleshy hills with his spunk. He didn't expect himself to retain his outburst long, and he didn't. The bobbing of his hips came to an abrupt stop, his buttocks clenching while his balls lifted. "Here I cum!"

Here what comes?

"Mermaid Girl!" he wept, his face scrunching. His hips shot upwards, his cock surging through her cleavage.

Wh- whaaat?!" Pie-Pie screeched when a jet of semen leapt from her breasts without warning to stain her cheek. He was excited; strong, ample bullets of white shot from his tip in rapid fashion. Wh- what is this?! The poor mermaid – unfamiliar with a male's release – was helpless as the strong and copious blasts painted her face and hair in white. Her forehead, closed eyes, nose, mouth, tongue and chin; all of her face was defenseless as he showered her in his seed. He had either been saving up for a while – which was doubtful – or Pie-Pie had made him feel incredibly excited to fuck her luscious udders.

It wasn't until his staff stopped spraying that Pie-Pie felt the old man release his hold on her. He stood up, towering over her. His prick dribbled with leftover cum, falling down to land on her slightly-red breasts, soothing the irritated skin. She eyed him with caution, gasping, her tanned breasts rising up with each drawn-in breath, her heart beating rapidly from her ordeal. What... just happened? Was... was it over? And what was it that she was now doused in? Bringer one finger up to her cheek, she gathered some of the strange substance and looked at it with fascination. She would have brought it to her nose to smell if not for the fact that her nose was already covered in the white liquid... It had a distinct odor...

"Are we…" Breathing laboriously, she wondered how she was supposed to proceed from here? "...are we done?"

And unfortunately, they were.

Oh what a day that had been... Passing through the mermaid's closed cleavage, his hips and thighs slapping against the undersides of her immense bosom. It was a shame they couldn't go any further, but the mermaid simply lacked the anatomy needed down there.

Nevertheless is was a nice memory to be sure. Not many people could claim they had titfucked a mermaid.

Pie-Pie had been such a good girl. Unlike the one currently on his bed... but that was for further down the road.

"Oho! Now what do we have here, heh heh." It was the blue undergarment Bulma had worn back when she was dressed in that sexy bunny outfit – the day he finally fucked her for the first time. Kami, he still remembered the bunny outfit she'd worn that day. Talk about skintight!

Bulma still came over from time to time. She'd always have the most ridiculous excuses to his taunts that she only came over just to see him, making up stories like stopping by to get some sun or that she wanted to take a swim. Whatever justification she picked, it'd always end up with both their pants down, their hips bobbing, bodies covered in sweat while they moaned each other's name. At times it was hard to stay out of sight – Yamcha probably wouldn't appreciate catching his old master fucking his ex – but they managed. He knew Bulma for about four years now, and he still couldn't get enough of her. Her waist was still as slim as ever, but her hips and tits had grown considerably. When he tried to get a handful of her knockers now, the surplus of pliable flesh would spill, his hands unable to contain them. And she still had some growth in her! It wouldn't be long now until he could stuff his girth in the valley of her fleshy mounds. Perhaps there would even come a day that she could give her mother a run for her money.

Speaking of which...

Roshi snatched the pink panty that had once belonged to the Briefs matriarch and brought it to his nose, taking a sniff. His first meeting with Panchy sure had been one for the books, but it hadn't been their last.

"I can believe we're doing this..." Panchy groaned between her endless pants, biting her lip to keep herself from sobbing when Roshi lifted his head to claim her sensitive nipple between his lips. She was unfaithful again, but... she didn't care. Her husband had even less time for her lately, preferring to keep himself locked away in his laboratory. More often than not, she'd hear him get into bed late, late at night – if he even came to bed at all – without a word of acknowledgement. When Roshi came over this afternoon for the first time since their meeting, she'd tried to resist him, but his hungry eyes filled with desire made her crave more of his attention. Playful banter turned into yearnful touches as his hands filled her breast whilst complimenting her on her amazing body. It had felt so nice to be wanted again; to have someone hunger for her – to touch her! Before she knew it, she'd guided him away from any potential onlookers.

"Heh heh! Don't worry so much, Panchy! Life's about taking risks!" Hidden away the corner of the abandoned kitchen, Panchy had straddled Master Roshi. She'd slipped his dick underneath her dress before her hips lost their lift to take him in. She'd insisted on keeping her dress on, lest someone would walk in on them. She didn't want to lose her family due to her weakness. The straps of her dress had been slid down her shoulders so that her glorious breasts could be squeezed out for the old man to visually enjoy. Unhindered, they rose and fell wildly, wobbling alluringly.

After meeting Pie-Pie, Roshi had wondered whether the mermaid's humongous bosoms actually surpassed the size of those of his favorite milf, but now that they danced in front of him, proudly boasting their suppleness, he concluded that Panchy's still reigned supreme. "Kami your tits are amazing..." he complimented, his teeth bare whilst he grinned lecherously. "They're going boing, boing, boing!"

She tried thanking him for his praise – albeit bashfully – but she found she couldn't utter the words while being so thoroughly fucked. She whimpered as the head of his cock bumped against her cervix. She was sweating profusely from enduring his deep jabs into her. So deep... Her husband had never reached so deep... Her right hand came down to tightly grasp his arm. She felt his thick cock throb eagerly against her sensitive walls. He was about to cum...!

"It... feels so great inside you!" Roshi grunted, sweating buckets in his attempts to keep going as long as possible. Her tits out, shaking wildly for his amusement; Panchy's tight, restricting walls massaging his inserted, throbbing piston, begging him to release his seeds deep into her womb. He tried all he could, but... "Panchy!" he grunted, his head lolled back and his eyes crewed shut. It was all he could do to alert her of his impending release. It felt so great inside of her. So warm!

The feeling of a man spraying his load inside her. It had been so long! Panchy needed to experience it again...! Her hips trashing wildly, she claimed his parted lips with a quick smooch before pleading, "Inside! Roshi, please cum inside!"

Inside? He cocked his brow. Well if she wanted him to cum inside, she obviously didn't care for the consequences. And if she didn't, he wouldn't either. "In that case...!" Roshi grunted as he shot his potent seeds into Panchy's fertile womb. If it came to it, he wondered if his daughter would turn out to be such an incredible looker like Bulma. "I'm going fill you with my cum, Panchy!"

As the first spurts of jizz entered her body, Panchy lost it. He's cumming! He's filling me up! After all this time, a man was finally spraying his seeds into her again. It had been so long! "Yes!" Grabbing the back of Roshi's head in a wild frenzy, she screamed as she came, throwing his gleeful head into her glorious tits. "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Roshi droned into the blonde's cleavage, enjoying the way Panchy's undulated walls milked him for all he was worth. Wrapping his arms around her midsection, he dove his face even deeper into her ample cleavage and began to motorboat her, enjoying the way her humongous tits bounced against his face. "Heh heh!"

Even after their climaxes receded, they stayed still. Panchy breathed laboriously, glistening in sweat from her efforts. "You came... so much... Roshi" she uttered, smiling brightly, her cheeks flushed due to both embarrassment and bodily efforts.

The turtle hermit didn't respond; he only grabbed the back of her head and shoved her to his lips while his prick slowly withered inside the blonde's satisfied pussy.

"You won't believe the size of her boobies!" Roshi told the person behind him. His back was turned away from her, hiding his lecherous grin. "Even my cock almost completely disappears when we do paizuri!" He still saw Panchy from time to time, and the blonde milf would always welcome him with open arms. Her husband was a fool not to give such a knockout the attention she deserved. Oh well.. he'd happily pick up his slack.

Bulma and Panchy... The Briefs family sure had some impeccable women. Of course, they weren't the only two in that family that managed to entice him. Ever since Panchy showed him a picture of Tights, he'd found the blonde on his mind from time to time. It wasn't just that she looked good, there was also the fact that she was the last girl he needed to have fucked all the women in the Briefs household. It was a desire he couldn't shake. He wanted to be The Legendary Briefs Fucker!

It was like bingo. A very sexy form of bingo. Of course, with his desire to achieve that title as high as it was, it was only a matter of time before he filled his bingo card.

"Heh-heh, bingo!"

Tights was on her side, her upper leg hoisted and kept in place by the old man behind her. Her tits danced wildly as she endured the thrusts that made her body jar, the top one more significantly than the one lying against the floor. The last time he met Panchy, Roshi had taken advantage of the blonde's obliviousness to track down her oldest daughter's location. It turned out she'd settled on a place called Omori's Island – the island owned by, fittingly enough, Tokunoshin Omori – allowing her to concentrate on her books. She had long since doffed the colorful beanie she'd worn in her teens, and though she nowadays opted to keep her hair short, she actually started to grow it out again now that her younger sister sported a similar hairstyle, reaching slightly past her shoulders. It was somewhat childish, but she didn't want to have the same hairstyle as her younger sibling.

Of course, being on a deserted island with only Omori there to keep her company meant that her body's cravings weren't tended to by anything other than her own hands. Who knows, had Omori been less adamant in his desire to focus on his research, perhaps the geezer could've gotten lucky in one of Tights' more desperate moments. She could've helped him forget all about his deceased wife. Now it was another old man who profited from her yearnings.

Though she'd been startled to find someone else on the island other than herself and Omori, the old man had seemed harmless enough at first. She'd taken note of his longing gazes at her breasts and hips, but she found it more adorable than anything. An old guy like him probably didn't meet many beauties like her. Not to mention that it felt good to finally be appraised again. She was a beautiful woman, dammit! Of course, that all changed when he got more handsy. Where she once found the geezer adorable, she soon found him incorrigibly perverted, gingerly stroking his hand over her butt. Reprimanding him only seemed to spur him on, and she soon found herself without a shirt as his hands eagerly cupped her breasts. Tights panicked, her big black eyes enlarging, but she was no match for the geezer. And as he touched and prodded, something in Tights' body began to stir. Her ass began to grind against the bulge in his pants, his fingers trekking lower until they slipped past her waistband, down the tuft of blonde hair adoring her labia, and onto the folds that had begun to leak. Expertly caressing her engorged petals, he drove her wild enough for him to insert two of his finger into her without any stalls until he bore down to his knuckles. By the time he experienced her heat for the first time, she was done for.

He was easily the second most bizarre man to ever slip himself inside of her - the first being Jaco, who she had seduced just to see what it was like to have sex with an alien for scientific purposes. The result of her 'groundbreaking' findings? Quick and disappointing...

Roshi slipped his hands up her stomach until he found her shaking tits. Though the smallest of the Briefs women when it came to breasts sizes, the mound still filled his hand nicely. The supple globe felt perky and full in his palm; Tights had nothing to be insecure about, that was for sure, Roshi thought as his thumb flicked against the erect nipple cresting the fleshy hill. "You feel really good, Tights!"

"Oh Kami... I'm cumming again!"

If Jaco had been disappointing, this geezer could only be described as the exact opposite. Now she found herself on her side, her leg elevated in the air by the old man while he fucked her behind her. Tights' orgasm – of which she already had one – made a slick mess of her thighs. She wanted to beckon him to keep going, only to realize that she didn't even know his name. The realization of fucking a man she knew nothing about, only guided by the fire of passion... If possible, she was only getting more turned on by it! "Old man...! Kyaa...! Please keep going!"

Roshi endured it when Tights' tightness tightened tightly around his cock as she came. Needless to say, she was tight! It seemed all women in the Briefs family retained their ultra-constricting depths no matter what age they were. Talk about good genetics! "You Briefs girls sure are sensitive...!" he mused. "Sometimes you come after only a few thrusts of my hips, heh heh!"

Tights tried to ask what he meant by 'you Briefs girls' but found herself unable to emit anything other than her screams during her sensational climax. Besides, the only reason she was so sensitive was because his dick reached further than any man that had come before! Each jab into her resulted in a bump against her cervix. Each time he'd do so Tights' head would lol whilst she hiccupped. With his technique, he was leaving her mindless!

Of course, Roshi was not immune while he fucked her. Having already experienced two of her climaxes, it took all of his willpower not to succumb. It quickly became too much even for him. All at once, the drilling of his hips almost came to a halt, merely achieving one or two thrusts with his hips per second. "Ghn!"

Tights inhaled sharply as the first spurts of jizz spread into her. "H- huh?!" Though she'd been pleased with being thoroughly fucked so unexpectedly, she had never planned for him to cum inside. "Wh -whaat?!" She whimpered, her head shaking wildly from side to side. "N- nooo!" Not inside..! The damage, however, was already done. She felt him wither inside her until her muscles rejected him, along with a good quantity of semen.

As his cock was ejected from Tights' body, Roshi eyed his handiwork with pride. Her cunt continued to leak his load, mixed with her own essence. "Heh heh!"

Number of Briefs girls he filled with his sperm: three!

"Henceforth I will be known as The Legendary Briefs Fucker!"

Tights, having somewhat recovered from her orgasm, eyed the old man with confusion. Just... what is this guy talking about?

She was beginning to regret sleeping with him...

"These past three years sure have been something to behold." So many women for Roshi to enjoy; old and new. Back when he first started this journey, not even he could've foreseen he would have this much success with the opposite sex. A whimper behind him brought him out of his joyous reflection. He snickered, grinning vilely. Ah yes... He supposed the time for remembrances was over. It was about time he started focusing on the here and now.

"Now where were we?" Roshi uttered as he turned around, eying the girl who needed to be punished for her transgressions, helplessly twisting her body on his bed.

The first thing Roshi did when he was wished back to life was to ensure Pilaf, Shu, and Mai would be disciplined for their role in King Piccolo's return. Pilaf and Shu were given to the authorities – he had no interest in them. Mai, however... well, let's just say he knew just what to do to make sure she would think twice before threatening the world again.

Ankles and wrists respectively tightly tangled together with small pieces of rope, Mai felt helpless as she laid on the turtle hermit's bed on all fours. Her many cries were muffled by the black panty stuffed inside her mouth. It was the pantry she'd worn back when she first met the perv. Roshi had overpowered her and her companions without any effort and brought her to his home after knocking her unconscious. After undressing her and tying her up, he stuffed her mouth full with her own underwear to stop her barrage of panicky questions after she woke up.

"Nnh" Mai squirmed as the old man came closer. He pulled her up and held her in his arms as his sat down on the bed. He maneuvered her to lay her stomach down over his knees, the underside of her breasts brushing against his left leg. Settling one hand her ass, he gingerly caressed the cheeks before lifting it up and bringing it back down in a trice.


"You should really think more before you act you know." Mai whimpered when she slapped her rump again, this time hitting it hard enough to leave an imprint of his palm; her flaring ass slightly jiggled from the impact. "You should've known nothing good could be brought about from bringing back ancient evil like King Piccolo. Honestly, I'm disappointed in you." Another slap; another cry.

Mai tried to stay silent as she endured the old man's spanking, but he was too rough for her to stay still. "Stop!" she tried to urge him, but the underwear in her mouth muffled her plea. When he finally stopped, she sighed with glee. "Nnnn?!" she sobbed as she was rolled over until she found herself on all fours, knees and elbows supporting her body, ass slightly raised. She wailed as her ass was slapped again for good measure.

"Heh heh... Let's do this from behind now, shall we?!"

His hands came up to seize her hips. Mai swallowed her apprehension. She knew what he was planning next. "Hnn?" The moment his cock nuzzled against her labia, Mai tried to create some distance between their sexes; something very difficult to do while bound, she soon discovered. All Roshi had to do was snatch her waist to keep her in place. Though she'd found her first time with the old man – hell, her first time in general – enjoyable, the topic of sex was still foreign to her. Her loyalty to Emperor Pilaf outweighed her desire to discover more erotic pleasures. To have to experience the pain of having that large staff inside of her again, spreading her to her limits... She closed her eyes, balled her fists and clenched her teeth in dreadful anticipation. She knew the pain was coming, but she could not escape it.

Mai screamed as he crept inside, his girth spreading her pussy lips. After her abstinence of four years, it was like she experienced the old man deflowering her all over again. Oh how she wished she could use her fingers to spread her pussy lips some more to help his entry into her to make herself a tiny bit more comfortable, but her hands were literally tied. She wailed when he bottomed out, his balls pressing against her leaking labia. Her wetness surprised no one more than herself. Perhaps, after following Emperor Pilaf for so long, she'd gained an embarrassing yearning for punishment...? Was... was she a freak?! What a way to find out...

With the panty she wore back when they first fucked still stuffed inside Mai's mouth, he began to move. He seemed keen to make her feel each and every entry, violently smacking his hips, his balls clanging against her pussy to make a splashing sound. Mai's knockers flung to and fro beneath her; Roshi keenly eyed her sides. These were the first honkers he'd seen in decades and for that he would always be thankful. "You know..." Roshi trekked his hands over her hips, past her slim waist and midsection before settling on her dangling tits. "These boobs of yours..." He squeezed the sensitive globes fiercely, reveling in their springiness. Gravity causing her breasts to hang, they were even more of a delight to squeeze. "They'll always be... nhn...! Very special to me!"

Mai sobbed, her cheeks flushed by his admittance. She might have been a tiny bit more comfortable with sex than before she met the old man, but the topic still utterly embarrassed her. Despite her situation, she couldn't help but moan when the perv behind her opted to keep himself deep inside and began to grind against her buttocks, his throbbing dick gyrating against her sensitive walls; she couldn't help it when her hips began to coil against him. In hindsight perhaps she was lucky to have her mouth gagged; she wailed and moaned, pleasure building up within her like a storm! At least now the old man wouldn't be able to hear the effect he had on her.

"Kami..." She felt so tight around him... Roshi loved the sound of his groin smacking against her ass and the slurping sounds of her pussy each time he pushed himself deep into her body. "You might have some stupid ideas from time to time, but... uhn... you sure are an incredible fuck!"

The bed squeaked violently as Mai was fucked to Roshi's perverted heart's content. He was rough, aggressively jabbing the obtuse head of his piston against the young woman's cervix. She sobbed beneath him, her pleads for him to slow down muffled by the muzzle that had once been her underwear. Her breasts swung erratically, unable to keep up with the fast and powerful shoves of his hips. Each time his groin collided with her buttocks, she flew forward until the hands that were positioned on her sides pushed her back to the base of his cock. It seemed that for her role in letting the evil King Piccolo roam the land once more, Roshi would grant her no mercy.

Kami, Mai really was a looker though. Roshi wondered if that Chi-Chi girl from before had grown up to look somewhat like her. In fact, he should probably pay her a visit soon, just to see how much she'd grown. She should be about Bulma's age from back when he first met the turquoise-haired genius. Those titties weren't bad then, but now they've probably grown into huge honkers! With the image of an adult Chi-Chi on his mind – her firm, well-trained butt bare in her skimpy clothes; ample breasts almost spilling out of her amor – he erupted inside the brunette.

"Ngh!" Mai screamed as she registered the first spurts of cum that had been shot into her body. Not again! It seemed that his weird antics with the panties had rally spurred him on. He was filling her up! This... can't be! Her body and mind, however, were not in sync. While Mai cursed her faith, her body eagerly welcomed the seeds currently shot into it. Her hips coiled and bucked wildly against him, eager to release the pleasure that had been building like a wildfire! Already so tight around him, her walls collapsed around his length and tried to milk him. Nooo! Mai thought panicky, remorseful of her own orgasm. Cumming this hard while being bound and gagged... It was almost too much to bear!

Even when he was completely spent, his continued to move his hips, opting to stay deep inside and hump his groin against her cushiony ass in short, weaker thrusts. He grunted as he felt Mai's walls churn his load with him still inside. When he finally withdrew, Mai exhaled softly with relief. The proof that he was spent rolled down her thighs from her leaking cunt. Shameful to be sure, but at least it... was finally over.

Or so she thought!

"Nhn?" she whimpered when something long and hard surged sharply between her butt cheeks. Her face flushed with embarrassment! Keeping the cheeks around his dick by pressing them together with his palms, Roshi began to fuck her cushiony butt like he'd often do with Panchy's tits. Due to his previous orgasm, he was able to thrust much smoother than expected. "Heh heh! Maybe I'll do your ass next!"

Mao groaned as she experienced the foreign sensations of having something brush against her pucker. Mai's punishment, it seemed, was far from over.

And that's it! Fanfan is the only who didn't have her own lemon, only a few mentions. There simply wasn't an audience who wanted that lemon enough, and I wasn't very keen on writing it. I did really enjoy writing this chapter, though. It was fun to put Roshi in so many different scenarios with different girls.

Anyways, next up is the long-awaited Chi-Chi chapter, along with another – slightly bigger – time skip! I think there will be some more tidbits on what happened during those years, but it won't be as detailed as this chapter – it will merely be mentioned. Chi-Chi deserved the limelight.

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