The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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Last time we saw Master Roshi, he was enjoying life and all the feminine splendor it has to offer. What's next for our favorite perv? Read further to find out!

Warning: lemon

Chapter 12: Getting Peachy with Chi-Chi

Another three years had passed. Three years that had been peaceful for the most part. Three years wherein Krillin, Yamcha, and Goku had all opted to journey around the world on a quest to get stronger. It meant Roshi finally had the house alone to himself and Launch. The maid would be the first one to admit she'd had more sex these past three years than she thought herself capable of throughout her entire lifetime. Panchy came over once in a while, though it was much more common for Roshi to travel to West City instead. Though Roshi had opted to release inside her without sterilizing his seeds, the blonde milf was not with child.

Other recurring visitors had been Tights and Pie-Pie – the latter unable to still her curiosity regarding the acts she had to perform back when the old hermit first claimed her bosom. Pie-Pie was such a good girl. Nowadays, the mermaid was quite skilled at titfucks and blowjobs due to his guidance. It was too bad they could never go further than that. Perhaps he ought to collect the Dragon Balls and wish for her to have an orifice he could slide himself in? Despite his best efforts, Roshi only managed to coerce Tights to join him and Launch in a threesome. Panchy, unfortunately, proved to be too traditional for such erotic acts.

And then there was Bulma. She still came over... and then he'd usually come over her. Speaking of the turquoise-haired genius...

"Bulma~!" Roshi's head lolled back. He sniffed, pretending to cry. Bulma was in her twenties now, and she had the mature, curvaceous body to show for it. Bulma had always been nubile, but now she was a blown-out bombshell! Beautiful large breasts, slim waist, wide hips, and a protruding ass; Bulma was the kind of woman people would choose even over her own busty mother. "I'm so happy with how much you've grown over the years... Sniff... Your tits are finally big enough to fuck!"

"Sh- shut up!" Bulma reprimanded the old man thrusting on top of her, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Kami... What a stupid thing to say... And was he actually pretending to cry out of happiness now? "Can't you act normal for once..." she grumbled. Her lewd breasts were pressed against his shaft, the tip barely peeking out. He was releasing so much pre-cum... It made his passage through her closed cleavage so smooth it was like he was fucking her vagina. Just how close was he? He'd better not be thinking about... "Ugh..." Her narrow eyes regarded him accusingly. "You better not cum over my face you know!" Getting ready for the wedding had taken her all morning. She wasn't about to let the perv spoil all of her preparations.

Bulma whimpered whilst the old man fucked her mounds. She really shouldn't be doing this. Not on the wedding day of her oldest friend. Alcohol played a part; she and the alcohol that was served had been inseparable from the moment she realized Goku had managed to get himself married before her... Goku of all people! But... the truth was that she had reluctantly admitted to herself that there was no one on Earth would could make her feel as good as the dirty geezer. The old fart made me addicted to his cock.

Of course, she would never say this out loud. Imagine the boost to his ego?

A sudden grunt atop of her combined with an impulsive, harsh squeeze of her sensitive breasts brought her out of her musing, but before she could check on the old man's condition, she felt the first spurt of white shoot out of her cleavage to grace her cheek. Shit! She quickly realized Roshi had chosen to forego her warnings. "You stupid old man!" she spat angrily, before Roshi took advantage of her opened mouth by plugging her orifice with his throbbing, cum-firing cock, his balls nestled against her chin. During the entire climax, Bulma cussed Roshi with every foul word she knew, only to be muffled by the rock-hard shaft between her lips.

"Ah...~! Now this is heaven." Could anything spoil this splendid day, Roshi wondered?

"Ouch..." Roshi sniffled as he took his seat next to Launch, his hand gingerly caressing the red part of his cheek where Bulma had slapped him in retaliation for his impulsiveness. Just what was her deal? It wasn't like he came all over her face...

Looking around the audience that had gathered for the coming spectacle, Roshi grumbled. Who knew Goku had it in him to woo a girl? It still baffled him. During the latest Tenkaichi Budokai, Goku reunited with Chi-Chi and the two decided to get married. Piccolo Junior almost put a stop to those plans, but Goku managed to overcome his latest adversary – per usual. The wedding was an open affair, held outside on a wide, green field. Goku was already at the end of the aisle, dressed in a white tuxedo. His pupil cleaned up quite nicely, Roshi decided.

All that was left to do now was wait for the woman of the hour. Master Roshi still couldn't believe that the young girl from six years ago had grown up into such a fine young woman. He had always expected Chi-Chi to fill her womanly curves nicely once she reached adulthood, but even his expectation had been surpassed the day she reentered his life, dressed in a blue Chinese dress that showed off her excellent growth spurt and the curvaceous results of her training. He knew she would grow up to be a looker, but... he hadn't expected her to be this stunning. He should have visited her much sooner, but the other women in his life had distracted him, and now Goku was going to punish him for it. That stupid kid, he thought bitterly.

He was brought out of his thoughts when the bride finally appeared. "Thank you all for coming," Chi-Chi greeted everyone with a serene, cheerful smile on her face.

She was so beautiful and innocent... her big eyes filled with love and excitement for the future. She reminded Roshi of an angel. His hands balled into fists. Oh how desperately he wanted to defile her. Of course, Roshi knew better than to act on those urges during the wedding. He watched silently as Chi-Chi and Goku exchanged their vows. As both finished – Chi-Chi's vows much longer than Goku's – the priest eyed the duo with a smile as the rings were exchanged.

"I now declare you husband and wife! You may ki-"

"Phew!" Goku innocently-yet-rudely interrupted, stretching his arms. "Finally done. I've been eying the food for a long time, haha!"

"G- Goku?" Chi-Chi was baffled as her husband walked toward the buffet before she could give him her first kiss. "Wh- where are you going?"

The rest of the day felt like a goose chase for the poor newlywed. Goku spent the rest of his day eating and mingling with friends, and all the while Chi-Chi exasperatedly followed her husband, trying to get his attention and get him to finish their ceremony with a kiss. Her efforts, however, proved to be fruitless. Her hell was complete when Goku, as more and more guests excused themselves, followed suit, telling his wife he was going out to train. "T- train?" Chi-Chi repeated in horror. But... what about their honeymoon? And... what about their wedding night?!

Before she could utter her questions, however, Goku had already left.

"You two haven't had sex yet?!"

Perhaps Master Roshi yelled it a tiny bit harder than appropriate, but he couldn't believe what he was hearing. His pupil had missed his own wedding night! The old hermit had been more than a little surprised when his orange-clad student showed up at his doorstep this morning. Did he not have a young, nubile wife to enjoy? Suffice to say, Roshi's jaw almost dropped to the floor when Goku told him he'd left his wife behind at their own wedding in favor of more training.

"Sex?" Goku asked. He shrugged nonchalantly. "No, I don't think so. After the wedding I left to train. I haven't seen Chi-Chi since yesterday evening."

To pass on fucking a quality girl like Chi-Chi in favor of training... Roshi had never been so disappointed in his pupil. Was it just him, or were all his students doomed to fail with women? Then again, the biggest reason for Yamcha's failings was Roshi himself. But... this information was interesting. A man who refused to lay with his wife... Yes, he could definitely work with this. Not to mention that Launch would be out for the entire day. "You know, Goku," he began, stroking his white beard. "If you want, I can take your wife under my wing for you. That way you can train all you want while I take care of her needs for a while."

"Really?" Goku asked, his eyed growing with childlike enthusiasm. "That sounds great, Master!"

"Heh heh, anything for my students," Roshi blabbered; already, some spit rolled onto his beard from his salivating mouth. "Of course, I will give her some special training. Training I can only give to women. Training..." He paused for dramatic effect before he raised his cane and bellowed, "... in the sexual arts!"

"Training in the sexual arts?" Goku repeated, puzzled by his master's words. "I don't really know what you mean, but more training is always good."

"Yes, yes!" Roshi excitedly nodded his head. "Exactly, Goku! So how about you tell Chi-Chi to come to me as soon as possible so I can take her under my wing?" The old man was so excited he was jumping around like a kid on his birthday.

"Sure! Although... if you two are going to train, I want in, too!"

"Hmmm." He probably should've expected this... Roshi grimaced. Once Goku learned there was training to be had, nothing was going to stop him from participating. The last thing he wanted was for Goku to be here while he tried to trick his wife into sleeping with him. He had to dissuade him somehow. "I don't think that's a good idea, Goku," he swore, placing his hand in his pupil's broad shoulder. "Like I said before, I can only teach this to a woman. With your strength, you probably won't learn a thing from this training session. I suggest you follow your own training regime."

"Whaaat? Aah... fine..." the Saiyan pouted, dejectedly sighing. "But I want to be there once Chi-Chi is strong enough."

Roshi chuckled, promising to let Goku partake next time. Don't worry, Goku. I'm sure you'll be very happy with what I'm going to teach that foxy wife of yours!

Only a few short hours later, it was the other half of the newlyweds who found herself at Kame House. Chi-Chi had opted to wear the same Chinese dress she'd worn during the Budokai. The clothes were tight, but still gave her air to breathe, and it allowed her to be more flexible for the training she was supposed to endure. "What am I getting myself into...?" she uttered. Once the anger she felt for Goku leaving her behind on their own wedding night subsided, the emotional toll the whole day had asked of her swiftly drifted her into deep slumber.

When Goku returned this morning, she expected him to apologize and finally consummate their marriage; instead, he cheerfully told her Master Roshi wanted to train her, completely unaware and unapologetic of his own actions. Just what had she gotten married to...? And what was this training about anyway? Goku seemed adamant she took Master Roshi up on his offer, but why? What could she possibly learn here that was more important to Goku than them sharing time together?

She supposed she should be grateful to personally be taught by the legendary master of the Turtle School. Ever since she was young, she was taught about his many impressive feats by both her father and tutors. Back when she first met him many years, he wasn't at all what she'd expected him to be, but she remembered being in awe of the power he demonstrated at Fire Mountain. And, of course, he was also the first man to have ever shown her his... Her cheeks burned up at the memory, and she quickly shook her head to reject the image of the old man's big... thing.

"Ah, there you are!"

The old, raspy voice of the wise master brought Chi-Chi out of her thoughts. Dressed in a casual Hawaiian shirt and white shorts, he reminded her of what he looked like back when she first met him. "Hello Master," she greeted him, bowing respectfully. In doing so, she missed the old man's sleezy leer at her dangling chest from behind his shades, hidden behind her dress. "Goku told me you offered to train me. I'm honored to have piqued the interest of such a renowned martial artist."

Oh she had piqued his interest all right. "Of course! I'm always happy to help my students."

Help his students? "I'm sorry?" She regarded him with confusion in her pretty eyes. "I'm not sure I understand?"

"Oh?" Roshi raised his brow. It was time for the show to begin. "Did Goku not tell you why he wanted you to come here?"

What? Goku... wanted her to come? Was this not Master Roshi's offer? She hesitantly shook her head.

"I see..." Roshi stroked his white beard. "To be honest, Chi-Chi, what I am about to tell you, I do so with a heavy heart." He held out his arm and signaled for her to follow him into his home. "Please, follow me."

As Chi-Chi followed the old man, she felt a sense of dread flow throughout her body. Why did Goku want her to come here? Did it have anything to do with his actions yesterday? She swallowed nervously, stopping in the middle of the living room whilst Master Roshi sat down on his couch. He took off his glasses and eyed her silently before he finally spoke up. "Goku... He... he told me he doesn't want to have sex with you until you have some more experience under your belt."

"W- what?" she reacted almost in a whisper. Was... Was that really true? It... would explain why Goku had been so hesitant to show her any affection. Her hands met at her chest as if in prayer. So her bad feeling came true after all. "Goku..."

"I imagine this comes as a shock for you," Roshi spoke with fake sympathy. Inwardly, he cheered with joy at how well his plan was going. It seemed she believed him! Now he could only hope that her devotion to Goku was enough to take him up on his offer. "I..." His heart was beating rapidly. Come on ,old boy! "...offered to teach you, so you and Goku can both feel comfortable enough to be intimate with each other."


Chi-Chi's head shot up at his words, eying Roshi as if he was mad. "You did what?!" she spat at him. She tried to find anything in his face or mannerisms that betrayed his intention, but... he seemed earnest. She remembered that Master Roshi had struck her as a kind man back when they first met, even if he was a bit... eccentric and uncouth. "How... how did Goku react?" Surely this was not the end of the story? There was no way Goku agreed to such a request! She was his wife for Kami's sake!

"Well, he brought you here, didn't he?"

A strange mixture of shame and anger filled Chi-Chi's body. Her fingers whitened against her arms. That Goku... Who the hell does he think he is? Offering his wife's body to another man... Chi-Chi knew she should be furious. And yet... she felt compelled to agree. She'd wanted to marry Goku and spend the rest of her life with him for so long; ever since she met him back when they were both kids. She was devoted to him. If this was what it took to realize that wish, then... She nodded "O- okay." She couldn't believe she agreed to this. "If... if that's what Goku wants"

Yes! Harder than ever before, the scheming perv tried not to show her his jubilance. He bit his tongue, his fists clenching. Just a bit longer; he only needed to be sympathetic for a bit longer. He nodded at her. "All right then. I propose we start slow." He stroked his leg and beckoned her to sit on his lap. His efforts to always be proper in front of this girl that started when they first met six years ago were about to pay off! "How about we start with a kiss?"

"Really?" Chi-Chi felt herself grow pale in the face. Was this really happening? The old man eagerly nodded, telling her it was for her own sake. After swallowing the lump of anxiety in her throat, she told him, "O- okay..." She slowly got closer, filled with trepidation. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she felt his hands wrap around her shapely hips to help her mount him.

Roshi gave the inexperienced woman no chance to change her mind. He had her right where he wanted her. Placing one hand at the back of her head as she sat down on top of him, he forced her down and claimed her lips. Hook, line, and sinker!

"Hnn?!" Kissing! They were kissing! Her first kiss... It wasn't at all like Chi-Chi had expected it to be – you know, on her wedding day... with her husband! Not... this. His beard prickled against her lower face when his tongue slipped into her mouth with a load of saliva. She whimpered into his mouth. Who knew that the legendary Turtle Hermit she met six years ago was fated to be her first kiss? Her face squinted in revulsion. How disgusting... Nevertheless, if this was her husband's wish, then... She tangled her oral muscle against his, swapping saliva.

Roshi's hands that had been fitted around Chi-Chi's slim waist began to roam: first circling over her back before he brought his thumbs to her front, lifting them until he pushed against the underside of her breasts.

"H- hey!" she admonished him, stopping the kiss. Red in the face, she snatched his wrists to keep his exploring hands at bay. "Wh- what do you think you're doing?"

"To help you gain experience, you need to allow me to explore your body," he explained before his head jolted toward her neck, planting sweet kiss all over her skin. Now that he had her on his lap, Roshi was confident that his plan would work, and it showed! "Take it off," he whispered in her ear, tugging at her dress.

"But..." Chi-Chi closed her eyes as the old man's hands once more began to explore her body. This... was wrong. She was married! "I don't..."

"Come on, Chi-Chi," he uttered between his smooches. As if he knew just how to get to her, he argued, "How can you please Goku when you're so embarrassed about showing me your breasts?"

Chi-Chi fell silent. The turtle hermit had a point, she admitted reluctantly. "All..." She sank her nerves with a heavy swallow. "All right. Just... give me a sec." She told Roshi to keep still so she could work easier; he eagerly complied her wishes. With trembling hands she undid the two straps that held her dress up at the collar and slightly above her right breast, preparing to let the dress fall over her mound. "Wait!" Before the cloth could fall down and expose her breast to his hungry eyes, Chi-Chi brought her hands up to keep it in place. "I... I can't do this!" she stuttered with fiery cheeks.

Oh for Kami's sake... Roshi thought he had her, but it seemed she needed a bit more urging.

"You have to Chi-Chi," Roshi tried to persuade her, gingerly coiling his hands over her waist. Take it off! Take it off! He repeated over and over again in his head. Show me those titties! "The sooner you do this, the sooner you can do this with Goku," he told her with more impatience in his voice than he'd planned.

"But I... I've never shown them before," she stuttered.

"I know it's scary, girly," he sympathized with his raspy voice. "But you need to do this for Goku!" Now drop your hands so I can see them!

Goku... Yes, he was right. This was her husband's wish. Chi-Chi finally conceded, lowering her hands to gift Roshi with the sight of one of her youthful knockers. And while Roshi stared, Chi-Chi slid her left arm out from its sleeve to pull her dress down toward her midsection, finally grating the old man the gift of her spirited bosom. "H- here they are!"


"Beautiful..." he spoke with adoration as the blushing woman's breasts were finally exposed to him. Heavy globes without an inch of sagging, perfectly round with peachy tips that flawlessly complimented the milky-white skin that seemed as smooth as the rest of her clear complexion. The circumference had contracted to form a pink oval around the tightened nipples. Her perfect proportions and complexion... She was the true definition of a princess. If he had to compare them to Bulma's jugs from back when she was Chi-Chi's age, the genius' pair had been more plump, but these fleshy globes looked full and yet perfectly matched the girl's slender physique. Chi-Chi was more of a traditional beauty, he decided.

Back when he first met her, her breasts had started to develop somewhat, but they weren't anything noteworthy. Now though... Roshi couldn't help himself when his hands glided up until he cradled her young and tender bosom with his palms. Chi-Chi inhaled sharply, her nails clawing into Roshi's skin as the first pair of hands other than her own touched her sensitive breasts. They perfectly filled his hands when he brought them up to test their weight. It was a mouthwatering sight. His thumbs flickered against the hardened tips; pulling the tips down before releasing them, ogling how they'd spring back up. The tips looked so nice and inviting. With his right hand, he cupped the underside of her left tit and brought it closer to his parted lips.

Chi-Chi wept when something wet, rough and flexible poked her peak. The hands that had seized Roshi's shoulders tensed from the thrills he brought about. Her skin broke out in goosebumps. "Master Roshi…" She moaned with delight as his oral muscle danced over her nipple. "Gyaaa…!" She cried when he suddenly fastened his lips around the tasty teat and began his suction. Her neglected breast was quickly filled with his free hand, massaging the dainty globe. "Master…! Ugh! Master Roshi~!"

He released her erect nipple with a pop. He ogled the way her tit wobbled back into place as a result of the sudden detachment. "My, what tasty peaks!" She began to moan and gasp as his suckling of her breasts intensified. He was getting too enthusiastic! He alternated nipples hastily and randomly, as if he couldn't decide which one he wanted to mantle in saliva the most.

"Master Roshi..." Her hands came up to cradle his bald head whilst he eagerly doted on her breasts. His spirited handling of her chest was making her tingle all over. Wh- what's happening to me? She was starting to feel strange. There was something stirring within her... down there. What is this feeling? She'd never experienced anything like it before. "I... I feel strange." Roshi silenced her by once more taking her lips. She was reluctant to admit how much she wanted his lips to return to her breasts.

Roshi couldn't believe how aroused he was. Kami, playing with her breasts had only made him more heated. Though eager to inspect her young and tender womanhood, there was no denying the strain in his pants. Chi-Chi needed to do something about that. At the thought of Chi-Chi servicing his needs, Roshi was happy to leave her chest.

"Huh?" Chi-Chi whimpered when the hermit broke their kiss and his hands left her breasts. "Is something wrong, Master Roshi?"

"I'm sorry, Chi-Chi. I know we're doing this for you but..." he groaned, lying through his teeth. He obviously was only in it for himself. "I just can't take it anymore!" Chi-Chi yelped when she was suddenly maneuvered off Master Roshi's lap. His hands quickly went to work on his shorts, hastily dropping them and his underwear to reveal his hard cock to the young woman. "Chi-Chi, please, you have to help me!"

Chi-Chi gulped as the long and thick shaft was presented to her, but she could not deny the rush of excitement and nerves that surged through her to come face to face with the first cock she'd ever seen. She wasn't one to refuse someone in need, and she supposed she had to learn eventually. She was too lightheaded to realize that her compliance was greatly based on her own arousal. "I- I'll help you!" She was rewarded with an enthusiastic throb at her admittance.

Chi-Chi got down on her haunches in front of Master Roshi, her breasts jumping as she got down. She did not opt to embrace him with her fingers straight away. First, she analyzed the throbbing phallus. It was the first - and so far only - penis she'd ever seen. What a monster. Back when she was a kid she thought it looked massive, but now that she was eying it up close... It looked even bigger. As shameful as it was, whenever she thought of Goku's penis over the years, she couldn't help but wonder if it was as big as the towering rod in front of her. The enthusiastic pulsing betrayed his heated state. She swallowed apprehensively.

"Do you know what to do?"

Chi-Chi bit her lip when the old man looked at her so pleadingly and nodded her head. With his penis out and her down on her knees in front of it, it wasn't hard to guess what was to be expected of her. She knew it was not uncommon for a woman to please a man with her hand. Transparent liquid seeped from the glistening tip with every throb, oozing down to the grey bush decorating his towering rod. Her hand came up to claim the rigid piece. The old man's entire body shook from the sudden contact with his sensitive prick whilst he moaned her name. Immediately, another dose of pre-cum leaked from the tip and rolled down her hand.

"What... ugh... do you think?" Roshi asked, not displeased with her efforts.

"It's... really hard, Master Roshi." And the warmth! So this was what a man's penis felt like. Squeezing his shaft tightly, she began to pump her hand up and down his cock. Slow and apprehensive at first, but it didn't take long for her to get used to the motions and up the pace. "Does it feel good?"

"Ugh!" Roshi's head lolled back in ecstasy, a big smile on his face. "You're pretty good at this!"

"T- thank you, Master Roshi."

"But... it will feel even better when you use your mouth."

"My- my mouth?" she repeated, stopping her movements and eying the swollen prick with confusion. "Like... lick it?" Though she'd been thought the basics of procreation as part of her royal upbringing, those lessons had only focused on masturbation and something her instructor had called missionary. She'd never heard anything about using her mouth to please a man. Was this really something lovers did? It didn't seem very hygienic... "Are you sure?"

"Trust me, it will drive him crazy."

Gulping, Chi-Chi brought the cock to her mouth and parted her lips. She stuck out her tongue to smoothly pass it over the cockhead. She nervously paused after the first lick, her heart pounding. She touched it... with her tongue. Was... was this really all right? She expected something to happen, something that would shake her to the core. But... nothing happened. I... I guess it's okay... The lack of penance encouraged her to act more on impulse. A bit less apprehensively than before, she let her tongue roll over the tip. With a bit of urging from Master Roshi she got down low enough to experimentally tickle his balls.

Roshi moaned softly, loving the feeling of the beautiful girl scraping her tongue against his swollen prick. It felt good, but this way he wouldn't release his seeds anytime soon. "You'll have to do a bit more than that if you want to please Goku."

"What do you-?"

Chi-Chi hadn't the time to finish her question. Before she knew it, his hands had been planted on the back of her head to urge her forward. Being in the mood to show rather than tell, Roshi angled himself perfectly and pressed himself through her mouth. "Nhn?!" Chi-Chi's cry was muffled as the phallus pressed her tongue against the floor of her mouth, her eyes enlarging due to the shock of the sudden entry. Though surprising, she quickly became accustomed to having him between her lips. She tried telling him she had no idea what to do next, but with her mouth so stuffed, it came out as a muffled whimper. When he commanded her to suck it, she raised her brow. Suck it? Although, she did remember something was supposed to come out once stimulated enough. It did make sense that she had to suck it out.

With Roshi's guidance, she began to move her mouth over him; taking in about three inches before she pulled back. She made sure not to anchor too much of him in, afraid that she'd choke. Back and forth, back and forth, she repeated over and over in her head. His hands had long since left her head, and Chi-Chi willingly bobbed her lips along his cock.

"Oh wow..." She was only using her mouth, but already it was starting to sends bolts of pleasure to run through him. Het petted her bobbling head. Having Chi-Chi sucking my cock... I'm really starting to feel it now!

Although... he wished she'd take a bit more of him in... It seemed like she tried to keep him away from her throat the best she could. "Pump me!"

Chi-Chi withdrew from the pulsing member. "Huh?" Pump him? Due to her sheltered life, Chi-Chi hadn't an inkling of what he was walking about. He explained that she had to lease him with both her mouth and hands. He groaned loudly as she gripped his cock tightly. Despite her inexperience, she did much better than he would've thought; as her head came down, so did her hand, and vice versa as they came up.

"Heh heh! Good job, Chi-Chi! You're really turning me on!"

Chi-Chi wished he'd stop complimenting her so, if only because of the ample lust filled in his voice with each uttering. It was utterly embarrassing. Still... it was nice to know that she was doing well. It emboldened her to take another inch into her mouth.

Sheltered she may be, she knew something was going to come out if she stimulated it long enough. She could feel him start to throb more regularly in her mouth... Was that a sign of what was to come? Her big black eyes rose to watch his face; the old master seemed to be enjoying himself, but it didn't seem like anything white was going to spurt out of him. I better keep my eye on him. Just to be sure.

Roshi watched with glee as the young woman tended to his cock. Perhaps even hotter were her eyes, directed at him as she bobbed over his cock. They were full of curiosity, yet with a hint of wariness. She looked so hot! Shit! More! I want more!

"Chi-Chi!" His hand came up to Chi-Chi's head and pushed, urging her to take more of him in. She had no choice but to remove her hand from his cock, clasping them to his lanky thighs while he shoved his entire cock into her mouth. Her eyes widened as the tip surged through her throat. "Kami you feel good! More! Take more in!" Chi-Chi gurgled around him, fighting off the urge to gag while he throbbed against her esophagus. It felt like she was about to gag! And how the hell was she supposed to breathe? She inadvertently swallowed around his sensitive tip; he moaned as her flexing throat undulated around him. The throbbing of his cock refused to end! Though Master Roshi was by now known for his stamina, even he had no choice but to succumb. He could not hold off his climax any longer "Here it comes…!"

Keeping himself deeply seated within the daughter of his former pupil, he released bullets of excitement down her throat. As the first spurts of cum were shot down her throat, Chi-Chi squinted her eyes. A man...! A man was climaxing in her mouth! His buttocks clenched with each release, shoving the tip of his prick as deep as he could inside her esophagus to clog her throat; Chi-Chi swallowed around the gushing cap, more out of necessity to ameliorate her bulging cheeks than for Roshi's gratification. He kept her head in place until his dwindling manhood was thoroughly cleaned.

The moment she felt Roshi's hold on her head diminish, Chi-Chi's plucked him out of her orifice and she came up with a deep inhale; sweat and spit flew from her head due to the sudden force. She coughed ardently, her throat not used to being clogged. "What... was that about?" she asked, feeling the thick goo ooze down her esophagus, toward her stomach. "I almost choked!"

"Heh heh, my bad," he apologized, chuckling. Weird how he didn't seem the slightest bit apologetic... "But good job on getting me to cum, Chi-Chi! Keep going like this, and Goku won't be able to keep his hands off you!"

With a hue of redness in her cheeks, her eyes stayed glued to the ground. "I- I don't..." Kami, why did Master Roshi feel the need to say such things? Still, she could not deny the ounce of proud she felt from his compliments. "Nhn?" she whimpered softly when his large hands suddenly grabbed her breasts from behind her, his long pole bumping against her rear. The Turtle Hermit whispered in her ear, asking her whether they should take this to the bedroom.

"T- the bedroom?" Such an offer could only mean he wanted to... Before she could answer, Roshi lifted her up and maneuvered her to lay in his arms to carry her bridal style. It seemed that the decision was made for her. Her head so close to his chest, she could swear that she could hear his heart beat rapidly in her ear the entire way towards his chambers. Or perhaps that was her own heart, fluttering with nerves like the butterflies in her stomach?

She was laid down gently on the bed, the mattress embracing her weight. Her shoes were gone before she even hit the mattress, as was Roshi's shirt. She heard him undo the red sash wrapped around her midsection. Felt him grab for her dress to tug it down until it went past her navel to rest at her waist. When his finger slipped through the sides of her dress, she bit her tongue to stop herself from protesting. She needed to do this! At Master Roshi's command, she lifted her butt so that he could pull it down past her feet.

"How beautiful..." Roshi spoke as his eyes came up to gander at the pure-white undies that were now the last piece of cloth that shielded the young woman's sex from his perverted eyes. The underwear was soaked with desire, a big wet stain dampening the fabric. She was so wet that she should be able to take him in, even as a virgin. He was rewarded with a sharp, surprised inhale when his forefinger ran against her mound through her dampened panty. "Absolutely stunning."

Chi-Chi hadn't a clue how to react. A man was... Was touching her... her... vagina! Though she gave a hesitant mewl of uncertainty, Roshi reached the left side of her underwear at her apex, and pushed it aside to unveil her crotch.

At the first sight of tender flesh, Roshi lost it. "Fantastic!" he hollered. He couldn't take it anymore! "More! I want to see more!" Seizing her underwear at the sides, he yanked it down her feet and pushed her thighs as far as he could. "I want to see your virgin pussy!"

His eyes rested on her flowering vagina, his nostrils flaring. The tuft of black pubic hair that crowned her cunt perfectly accentuated her traditional upbringing. Blood spilled down his nose at the splendid spectacle of young and blossoming folds as he lowered his gaze, soaked and engorged by arousal. He had almost forgotten how beautiful an untouched womanhood looked like. Bulma and the other women had spectacular pussies – young and glorious – but there was something about this picture that screamed maidenhood. "Heh heh!"

The way he was acting, Chi-Chi had expected him to dive his face against her snatch – if it was exciting for a male to have a woman's lips around his cock, she surmised the same applied the other way around – but he surprised her by showing restraint, asking her to stand up while he took her place on the bed. "Wh- what?!" she screeched when he asked her to stand atop of him, one feet on both sides of his head. She did so with a fluttering stomach, her thighs clenching together the best they could and her arms covering her bust. She'd never felt so exposed in her life. At Roshi's urging, she gritted her teeth and allowed her limbs to fall away and forced them to her sides. He throbbed eagerly at the exposure of her breasts and crotch.

"Now spread them for me!"

"Al- all right..." Kami, this was embarrassing. By now, she was starting to doubt Master Roshi was only doing this for her own sake... With her face as red as a tomato, Chi-Chi parted the engorged petals; tears of arousal scattered on the old man's face. "P- please don't look too long!" she uttered with a nervous stutter.

"Woohoo!" he yelled out in adoration. So pink! So tight! "What a view!" Lustful spit dribbled down the sides of his mouth. He couldn't take it anymore! "S- sit on my face!"

"Wh- whaaat?!" Did... did he really want her... On his face?! "Aaaagh! Stop being so disgusting!"

But what else was she supposed to do? As she hesitantly got down on her knees – one on each side of his head – Roshi needed no persuasion to get to work. Putting his hands over Chi-Chi's tight butt cheeks, he squeezed and guided her leaking folds to his eager mouth. Lifting his head slightly, her juices of arousal graced his taste buds as his tongue began a familiar dance and his lips settled on her swollen labia.

"Hnh!" Chi-Chi arched her back, seizing her jumping breasts with her lithe hands, caressing her sensitive mounds whilst she moaned the old man's name. What was this unexpected feeling? These bolts of pleasure that were provided to her with each stroke of the old master's tongue? Was this what it felt like to have her vagina stimulated? "M- Master Roshi?!" How? How did it feel so good?! Her hips coiled, grinding against his working mouth. Placing one hand away from her firm ass, he brought his fingers to her folds to spread them. His tongue speared through the opening to taste her warm insides. Roshi groaned his excitement, his prick throbbing wildly while his oral muscle lapped up her nectar.

"Master... Master Roshi~!" The hands that messaged her aching chest snagged his bald head when a surge of pleasure spread throughout her body, her hands wildly guiding his mouth over her oversensitive snatch. The feeling that started back when the old master played with her breasts... It was coming out! "Yes! Yes!"

Master Roshi thought himself to be in heaven as more and more of the girl's juices ran down his chin, her own thighs becoming more and more saturated by her excitement. She was getting into it! She was starting to be more aggressive, demanding him to continue his magic. He'd happily oblige. His hands once more grabbed her posterior, tightly clutching her butt cheeks.

"M- Master Roshi!" Chi-Chi actively gyrated her face over the old perv. Kami, this felt amazing! She was covered in sweat, her nipples rock-hard whilst the knot in her stomach was about to become undone as Roshi's tongue laced over and through her folds. He happily ate her out, content with enjoying her sweet nectar for a long time. "I'm about to...!" Chi-Chi bit her lip, a foolish attempt to lengthen out the pleasure, but it was useless. Her head lolled back, her thighs spasm uncontrollably, her eyes squinted, a big smile on her face before she roared, "It's coming out!"

Chi-Chi's entire body convulsed, shoving her pussy against Roshi's face as if she tried to get his entire head into her snatch. And all the while, Roshi persisted, hastily swinging his tongue over her labia as more and more of her juices were offered to him.

Chi-Chi lost control of herself in that instant, falling until she caught herself with her hands bracing against the bed frame in front of her. "Oh wow," she exclaimed, feeling her body trembling, still weak from her release. "That was... amazing..." she spoke, stunned and out of breath from her first-ever orgasm. She was trembling all over. This... was sex? She could scarcely believe how good it felt.

Chi-Chi needed rest, but Roshi was more heated than ever. Did she really expect him to keep still after experiencing her virgin snatch with his tongue? His dick was desperate to become the first to ever creep into her depths. His hands still cupping her ass, he shook her. "Come on, let's keep going!" Laying the powerless girl down – still out of breath – he brought himself back up, and eagerly filled the gap in between her spread thighs. Gingerly caressing her inner thigh, he clutched his cock and stroked it before he maneuvered his cock toward her slit. "I have one final lesson the impart."

Doubts filled Chi-Chi's head as the phallus edged closer and closer. She wouldn't – couldn't! – accept to lose her virginity here to an old man, could she? She was married for Kami's sake! It was supposed to be her husband, not Master Roshi who should be her first – and only! Before she could voice her doubts, however, Roshi's words echoed in her head. "Goku... He... he told me he doesn't want to have sex with you until you have some more experience under your belt." If... if she did this, she would be experienced. Goku would finally find her worthy! I... I have to do this. So I can deserve Goku! Chi-Chi balled her fists determinedly, readying herself for what was to come.

But... she had to wonder.

"Are you sure it… will fit?" she asked wearily, still sizing up his erection, wondering how it could possibly fit in something that she considered to be a tiny hole. She'd never even put a finger in there, and now she was supposed to anchor all of that in?

"Don't worry, Chi-Chi." He was going to make it fit even if it was the last thing he did! After Mai, he was finally going to deflower a woman again, and he relished the moment. At Roshi's command, she spread her legs just a bit wider for easier penetration.

Chi-Chi was still while the old man aimed for her cleft, uncertainty replaced by anxiety. As the tip reached her folds, she gulped, the fingers of her balled fists whitening. She observed silently as her virginity was to be taken away. Not by Goku, as she'd always imagined and hoped, but by his mentor, all so she can become worthy of Goku's affection. Back when she met him, she never would've thought that the strange geezer was to be her first.

"Pl- please be gentle," she spoke so low it was almost a whisper, a red hue painting her cheeks.

"I will," he spoke soothingly. Her bashful look almost made his heart skip a bit. She looked absolutely stunning – a red hue covering her cheeks, innocent eyes filled with hesitance and curiosity. She reminded him a lot of her mother. Truth be told, he'd really wanted to fuck her too, but his own lack of initiative at the times meant he never got the chance. Chi-Chi, however, would not escape his grasp. After all those years of waiting, Chi-Chi was finally ripe for the taking! Placing one hand on her cheek, he grinned. "I'm going to take good care of you, heh heh!"

He pushed eagerly on her engorged lips once he found his mark, but his length and girth would make the intrusion a slow – and painful – process. She shuddered when she felt his large, bulbous head slowly spreading her folds apart; a tongue was one thing, but it was an entirely new experience having a cock knocking for entrance! "Ngh!" Already, her body began to tense.

"All right…" Roshi slowly pressed, marveling as he pushed Chi-Chi's folds inwards and he finally invaded her slick depths. Chi-Chi clenched her teeth as Roshi pushed her rigid manhood into her tight and virgin entrance. Roshi fought the urge that was telling him to drive himself in with one, hard thrust, preferring to take it slow and revel in the tightness that only a virgin could provide. Even with only his tip invading her narrow depths, he could feel she'd embrace him unlike any other. Not even Bulma had been this tight! "Gnh!"

"Ahh!" Chi-Chi screamed in pain when Roshi's cock surged through and broke her hymen, tears swelling in the corners of her eyes. This... was too much! She felt terribly stuffed from the cock as it delved deep inside her. Her entire body was locking up due to stress. Was it supposed to hurt this much? Losing her virginity to such a big and thick rod was like she was playing her first-ever sports game against the Olympic champion right off the bat! Sweat dribbled down her flushed head, her teeth clenching in response to the pain. "Take it out!" she pleaded, trying to push him away at his pecs and pressing her ass into the mattress in an attempt to dislodge him. "It hurts!"

Roshi, however, continued unhindered. A small dosage of blood ran down Roshi's cock as he continued to push himself as deep as he could inside the woman cowering beneath him. Her walls undulated around him, pressing him so tight as if they were trying to flatten him. "Kami, you're so tight!" he spoke with adoration. This was the tightness of a virgin! "I love it, Chi-Chi!" When five of his eight inches were inserted, he withdrew slightly, changed his stance, and pressed further, eager to anchor his entire cock in. "I love your pussy, Chi-Chi!"

If she heard him, she didn't show. Her entire head was ringing, her eyes rolling up. How was she supposed to handle this? "It's too big!" she pleaded once more. Her folds felt like they could tear at any moment! Her heart thumped rapidly, his pulsing cock stretching her walls to their absolute limit. Chi-Chi snapped her head up, beads of sweat flying from her face. "Master Roshi, take it out!"

"Sorry girly," he grunted, kissing Chi-Chi's neck. "But you'll feel better soon!" Roshi had expected her to be sensitive. Her sheltered life probably meant that she hadn't even put a finger into her hole. When her narrow walls threatened to overwhelm him, he couldn't hold off any longer and pushed in all the way, bumping against her cervix with his blunt tip; he was rewarded with a sob from the sensitive girl who looked like she could pass out at any moment.

"I'm fucking you..." he wheezed when he began to thrust on top of her. Finally, after all this time his efforts were paying off! "I'm finally fucking you, Chi-Chi!"

"Aaaaaagh!" Chi-Chi screamed out in discomfort. She tried to tell him to stop when he began to bob his hips with a relentless pace so she could get a moment to get used to the pain that enveloped her, but she found herself unable to speak as the stress she felt throughout her body soon numbed her senses as she climaxed from the mix of indescribable pain and pleasure. She screamed as her walls gripped the invading cock tightly and coiled around him like a snake, her body tingling all over. Her breasts squelched against his pecs when Roshi lowered his body to muffle her cries with his lips, tonguing her mouth and swapping saliva. He simply kissed her whilst she rode out her orgasm. Letting her body gyrate around his prick until she came down and could recover... somewhat.

Using the same trick he'd used on Bulma back when they had their first threesome with Launch, he wrapped his arms around her and rolled her over, telling her to straddle him.

"You... you want me on top?" she asked shyly. Without realizing it, she was already lifting her rump to alleviate some of the stress of anchoring such a big pole inside of her.

"Of course!" Roshi's hands gingerly trekked along the outline of her curvy hips, settling on her waist. "Besides, you need to learn, don't you?"

"Right," she agreed, nodding hesitantly. Placing her hands on his shoulders, Chi-Chi began to bob her hips. At first, she rode him awkwardly. Not only was it an entirely new experience to lift and drop her rump at an even pace, but now that she was the one in control, she could finally decide on the tempo and force of the old man's cock bumping against her cervix. As long as she retained this careful pace, she could finally get used to Master Roshi's long dick. "Hnn!"

Now that she was the one in control, she actually came to enjoy the way his width grinded against her delicate walls; it was still a struggle to take him in so deep, but the feeling of his tip bumping against the entryway to her womb gave her the occasional jolt of electricity. Before long, she was taking him as deep as she could. "It feels nice, Master Roshi," she admitted. The pace of her hips quickened as she got accustomed to the rhythm, her hips sometimes gyrating around his cock as her groin mashed against his. "Oh Kami," she wheezed with a big smile on her face. So this was what it meant to have sex? "It feels... ugh~... good!"

"Remember, Goku will really love this position. Just look at the way your tits are shaking!"

Master Roshi's lecherous words encouraged her to become more confident. Ascending till only his bulbous glans was still nestled between her lips, she bore down. She repeated her movements time and time again, bouncing up and down, much to the enjoyment of the old man writhing beneath her. So Goku wanted someone experienced did he? Well she'd show him! She'd show him by handling his master's monster cock! The thought of proving Goku wrong sent jolts of endorphins through her brain, bringing her closer to another orgasm. She was starting to ride the old man like a woman possessed, ass shaking and tits wobbling!

"Oooh!" Roshi couldn't believe it. She was clamping down hard now. So tight! He couldn't tolerate it any longer! Harder! He wanted to fuck her even harder! Grabbing her by the waist, he pressed Chi-Chi's back on the mattress and began a relentless assault on her insides. "Chi-Chi!" Chi-Chi's legs hung helplessly in the air, her feet flailing with each thrust, the bed squeaking so much it sounded like it could break at any moment. "You feel so good!"

Chi-Chi began a long series of drawn-out moans whilst she endured the old man's unyielding onslaught. Now that she was somewhat accustomed to his length and girth, her trained body endured Roshi's mighty thrusts better than anyone who came before – she was probably the strongest woman on the planet, and it showed. "Keep going, Master Roshi!" Her legs that till now hopelessly flapped in the air came down to wrap themselves around his waist in a desperate attempt to keep the old man as deep as possible. "Keep fucking me!"

'Yes... Ugh... That's it!" Roshi encouraged through his many grunts of pleasure. He was soaked in sweat. "You need to tell a man how much you like it! Tell him how much you love his cock!" His head came down to eagerly slip his tongue past her lips; this time Chi-Chi responded without falter, wrapping her arms over the back of his neck and wrestling her oral muscle against his. His long cock bobbed persistently between her legs, his testicles smacking against the lower part of her labia and her asshole. He could feel her tits flop beneath him, her nipples brushing against his own. It was the final trigger. Stopping the kiss, his head came up to proclaim his release, "I'm gonna cum!"

"What?!" Chi-Chi screeched in panic. Her legs loosened their grip on him, but her body refused to let go completely! "No! Not inside!" Even in her aroused state she knew better than to let the old master let his seeds loose inside her loins. Though she'd conceded to give him her first time, she didn't want to raise a family with him! "M- my mouth!" she stammered in a panic. "I'll let you do it in my mouth!"

But it was too late for such pleads. Master Roshi was too far gone; enthralled by Chi-Chi's body, amazed how she coiled around him, trying to milk him for all he was worth. Had Goku not been such an idiot, her pussy would be begging for Goku's seeds now, milking him until he was spraying a baby into her. But now it was yearning for his, contracting around him, beckoning him to fill her up with his jizz. Impregnating a newlywed during her first time... The temptation... It was too much! "Chi-Chi!" He couldn't help himself. His head lolled back, eyes squeezed shut and his cheeks were bulged when he shot his potent seeds inside the newlywed's snatch. "Gnh!"

"Master Roshi!" The unforeseen intensity of his final lunges into her, the startling feeling of losing all control of the situation, and the bullet after bullet of opalescent fluid shot into her with her alarmed senses heightened to its peak… Chi-Chi couldn't help but climax from the feeling! Her hands grabbed his rippled butt and pressed Roshi's spraying cock as deep as she could. Her hips gyrated around his bursting phallus to prolong the pleasure as long as she could. "Me too!"

Roshi felt the surge of arousal that signaled her climax gush over his cock and testicles while he emptied his sac. The sudden flush of liquid surprised him, but what left him speechless was the sudden contraction of her cunt. "Uhn!" Even tighter than before, she wrapped around him and refused to let go! Even after his last shot of jizz was ousted, the milking of his prickle refused to end! This incredible sensation... Had he died and gone to heaven – again?!

Chi-Chi had transformed into a frantic woman, trashing her hips around Roshi's wilting piece in a desperate attempt to maintain her splendid orgasm. Oh Kami, it felt fantastic! All the stress she had built up from the preparation for the wedding was abolished. She was on a high she never wanted to come down from! If this was what it meant to have sex, she wanted to do it as much as she could!

Of course, she had to come down eventually. As the adrenaline and pleasure she felt subsided, her tiredness grew. She didn't even have the energy to respond when Roshi rolled her over, gravity now pressing her body against his. There had been so many first today that it was making her head spin. And the orgasms... they'd been so taxing on her body. And it was all thanks to him. "Thank you... Master Roshi." Her eyelids grew heavy, and before she knew it her head dropped onto Roshi's pecs and she drifted into sleep.

"Of course, Chi-Chi. Anytime, heh heh."

Anytime indeed.

When Chi-Chi awoke two hours later, she was surprised to learn that Master Roshi hadn't budged an inch. Though she mistook it as kindness, the real reason was that Roshi had happily spent his time caressing Chi-Chi's many curves. Her ass especially had been a source of fun to squeeze. He gingerly circled his thumbs over her back. Now that he had shot his load into her, he expected Chi-Chi to mate with Goku as soon as possible. It was time to find out which of them had the stronger seeds. "Don't forget, Chi-Chi – if it doesn't have a tail, it's mine!"

A tail? What was he-

"Aagh?!" Chi-Chi uttered in shock, jumping off the bed and whimpering as clarity returned to her. He came inside! What if... she'd gotten pregnant? She imagined herself and Goku raising a little Master Roshi, eagerly slurping her breasts as she tried to breastfeed him. "Oh no! No, no, no!" This couldn't be happening! She had to do something – and fast!

The first thing she did when she returned home was force Goku down and show him the result of her training before he could even ask her what she'd learned. She didn't let go until he sprayed enough into her to match the load Master Roshi had let loose inside her. Needless to say, Chi-Chi was ecstatic the day little Gohan was born nine months later, a Saiyan tail adorning his tailbone.

And as for Master Roshi. Life continued to be good to him. He knew that his lecherous adventure was far from over, and he couldn't wait to find out what tomorrow would bring.

"Master, I'm home!" the cheerful voice of Launch yelled from downstairs.

When Launch's sweet voice reached his ears, Roshi grinned and licked his lips. Actually, he could wait for what tomorrow would bring, cause first, he was going to enjoy Launch for the rest of today!

"Are you coming downstairs, Master?"

"Heh heh." Roshi cleaned the lustful saliva that had appeared at the edges of his mouth and bellowed, "I'm cumming!"

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