The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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Chapter 13: Goku's dead? Get on the bed!

Five years... Man, time really flies by.

After half a decade, today was the day Bulma, Launch, Goku, Krillin, and Roshi were finally going to reunite again after not seeing one another for years. Or at least, that was partly true. Some had seen each other regularly these last few years. Launch and Roshi still lived together, and Krillin stayed at Kame House when he wasn't journeying around the world for more training. And Bulma... Well, she still visited Roshi more times than she cared to admit.

The hermit himself contently sat on his chair, eying the aerobics instructor on tv with a lick to his dry lips. Watching the scarcely-dressed women on his screen, taut in all the right places, always proved to be a great start of his day. "I really like this show," he muttered with a grin, slightly groaning. "Don't you agree?"

A muffled agreement responded to his question. Launch was down on her knees in front of him, bobbing her head over his rock-hard dick. Dressed in the revealing maid uniform Roshi had ordered her to wear back when they first met, the tight material squelched her bosom to enlarge their mass as they slightly drooped from her revealing position. She still looked as beautiful as she did the day he met her. In all honesty, it was almost crazy that the depraved geezer opted to perv on the women on his screen rather than the woman sucking him dry.

"Krillin will probably be back soon," the old man reminded his maid. More than anything, it was a request for her to finish up soon, and with effect. The blue locks of curly hair moved up and down with added haste. Keeping her hands on his thighs for stability, Launch gurgled each time she dived down, forcing his tip past her tonsils and into her throat, mantling his prick in saliva. After all this time, her master would still often activate her gag reflex with his immense size. Luckily, by now she was experienced enough for it not to be more than an inconvenience. Her hard nipples poked through her outfit, her loins dripping with desire. It was a shame that they expected company soon. If not, she would've asked her master to take her and pound the lust out of her.

After being his maid for over ten years, Launch had become considerably more carnal than when she first met the hermit. She loved sucking his dick. Though timid compared to her blonde-haired counterpart, she was now far more likely to take initiative to have sex with her master. If her master was busy with another woman – or women – she'd even often think about sneaking into Krillin's room and ride his brains out, but unfortunately for the short, bald warrior she had yet to act on such inklings. Usually, the geezer had enough vigor left after she patiently waited for her turn. Krillin... poor kid. She was pretty sure he frequently masturbated with her on his mind. Parading around the house all day in such a provocative outfit was surely maddening for a young man like him. It'd explain the many socks she'd find on the floor in his bedroom when she gathered laundry. At least it proved he was healthy.

"L- Launch...!" A spasm of Roshi's clenching buttocks signaled his release, the first spurt of white shot down her esophagus. Her eyes closed whilst she endured his firing phallus, a throb accompanying each bullet of sperm. She swallowed around him until his testicles were completely drained, her mouth still enveloped over his length whilst her tongue cleansed his cockhead.

"Well done, Launch!" Roshi complimented his maid with his signature grin. She came up with a chuckle as he hoisted his pants back up, sliding one arm over her lips to erase any trace of his eruption. The signs of her body wanting more of him did not go unnoticed to him. Unfortunately, they just didn't have the time. Oh well. With a little luck, he could fuck her and Bulma later today, he reminded himself.

It was time for the reunion to start.

There was no way he was going to have his threesome today...

Today should've been a day of rejoice. It had started out so well too. It was all smiles when the group finally saw Goku again – with a son in tow, of all things! Moments later, that all changed. A warrior stronger than any of them had ever seen before appeared out of the sky and demanded Goku to come with him. Not only did the man – Raditz – reveal that Goku was part of an alien race known as the Saiyans, but he introduced himself as his brother as well.

The older brother proved far too formidable an opponent for Goku and Krillin; the two were easily dispatched of. In the end it took the combined efforts of Goku and Piccolo to end him, but not without a cost. Goku sacrificed himself to save the Earth. And so, Earth lost its greatest defender.

What a mess... Not only was Goku dead, but his son had been kidnapped by Piccolo Junior and – even worse – aliens even stronger than Raditz were going to invade the planet within the year.

Who was going to tell Chi-Chi that her husband was dead, and her son had been kidnapped? Roshi hadn't seen Chi-Chi since he tricked her into giving her his virginity. He wondered whether she was any wiser to his vile scheme than she had been back then? If she was, then he likely wasn't the right person for the job. And so it was decided that Krillin would be the one to break the news to her. From what his pupil told him, it had not been pretty.

In the days that followed, a plan was formed. Krillin was going to train with the other Z-warriors at Kami's Lookout in preparation for the coming battle. This meant only Bulma and Launch would accompany Roshi for the remainder of the year in search of the Dragon Balls so they could wish Goku back before the Saiyans were going to appear. Since they couldn't gather all the balls until after Goku's training with King Kai was complete, it meant Roshi had pretty much the whole year to enjoy the perks of having two nubile women in his home.

And enjoy, he shall. Hell, it might be his last year on Earth after all.

Though not the first time she stayed here, living with the exuberant debauchee and his maid for a whole year was a first for Bulma. Though it had only been a few weeks since she decided to move in, the results so far were as expected. There was sex – so, so much sex. With Krillin gone, it was easier than ever to act on their desires. Her and the old man, Launch and the old man, the three of them together; at times, the perv wasn't even there whilst Launch's blonde alter-ego fucked her with a strap-on.

Living with a pervert like Master Roshi was pretty much like you'd expect. She'd always feel his eyes on her body, and since they had been intimate for years now, she wasn't alien to a sudden grab at her buttocks or a firm squeeze of her breasts. By now, she fully anticipated it, and she knew it was the same for Launch. The Blonde version of the maid was more like him every day. At times, she'd find her even more shameless than the geezer. Those two were made for each other...

It was hard to believe twelve years had passed since she first met the old perv – twelve years since the first time he fucked her. Back then, she considered herself to be adventurous, but she never would've thought she'd be open to all these different kinds of sexual experiences. Now at the ripe age of twenty-eight, Bulma Briefs supposed it was about that time she ought to look for a partner to settle down, perhaps have a kid or two; instead, she was more than happy to put off such a search and simply enjoy the sexual prowess of the turtle hermit. With her looks and stature, she reasoned it wouldn't take long to find a suitable mate should she ever desire one.

She was probably right about that one.

She just couldn't figure out the why, no matter how hard she tried. That was the one maddening thing about the past decade – the one thing she couldn't figure out. Even with her immense scientific mind, she could not comprehend why she felt the need to entertain the geezer's lecherous desires. She didn't think he was attractive – old and wrinkled, his posture withered, his grin vile. So why? What was it about him that had made her so susceptible to his influence?

It wasn't just her either. Both versions of Launch were under his spell too, and she had noticed some strange vibes between him and her mother the last time she saw them together. There was no way she and her mom were both doing... that... with him, right? And she was sure there were more women who had fallen under the old fart's influence. Once, she could've sworn he'd muttered that she was even tighter than her sister, though he'd assured her that she must have simply misheard him. She liked that Roshi gave her the freedom to act on anything she wanted. Nothing was off the table, and she loved it. Every sexual kink she thought of she was encouraged to explore.

It was the reason she now found herself anchoring two larger-than-average schlongs in her orifices – much, much larger than average. The old man was in her ass, while Blonde Launch had claimed her snatch with her purple, nine-inch strap-on. Her bowels and asshole spread well beyond their limit, the stress she felt throughout her body soon numbed her senses as she climaxed from the mix of indescribable pain and pleasure. She lingered on the brink of unconsciousness for the rest of their time together. They were literally fucking her senseless.

At times she'd recover some of her clarity. The first recollection she had was when she found herself in the air, her breasts squelched against Launch's own tits as she was sandwiched between the two panting debauchees. "Kyaa!" Bulma snapped her head up, beads of sweat flying from her flushed face. Her short hair was matted to her head. Roshi was keeping her legs apart, moving her body up and down between himself and Launch. She was pretty sure she came again, her loins by now a mess of multiple orgasms. The old man defiantly kept her legs spread as wide as he could, fighting the spasms of her muscles as they tried to wrap around Launch's waist. The geezer groaned something in her ear, but the buzzing in her head deafened her. It wasn't until she felt him let loose in her bowels that she realized what he'd said. Had he been on the other side, she probably wouldn't have protested against taking his jizz down her womb. At least it'd get her parents off her back.

The next thing she remembered she was on her back, her head held up while one cock was plunged in her mouth and another in her cunt. Bulma had no idea which one had been which - she just hoped her mouth hadn't welcomed the one that had been in her bowels. Turning her over and lifting her ass, she felt a rough texture slid against her ass before it slipped into her sphincter. It was probably Launch, Bulma reckoned. That girl loved eating ass. Honestly, it was one of the few sexual things Bulma refused to do, finding the act to be disgusting. That blonde girl, however, loved it and would probably jump at the opportunity of lapping her tongue up and down her mother's massive buttocks. Those cheeks were almost as big as her jugs, and that said something. Wait, why the hell was she thinking about her mom at a time like this? Her eyes squinted in shame when she came with her mother's heavy tits on her mind.

Roshi woke up the next day with both Bulma and Launch in his bed. Even now, the room reeked of sex. Bulma had been the first to fall asleep. Launch and Roshi followed after going at it for a few more rounds. It was still hard to believe that Bulma of all people would now come to him and demand to be double penetrated. The girl he met all those years ago, hesitantly putting his dick in her mouth in exchange for a Dragon Ball, never would've made such a request. Even if she wanted it, her pride would've stopped her. Now that he thought about it, Launch's timid version had become much more daring too. Perhaps, he thought with a chuckle, he hadn't been a good influence on those girls. Or had he? He reckoned it came down to perspective.

It was a shame he hadn't seen Chi-Chi for over five years now. Who knows what he could've achieved with her with so much time to taint her. Why, perhaps he could've made her as agreeable as Bulma by now. With her being married to Goku, she was far more of a challenge to get in his clutches. Well that, and there had been so much feminine splendor that he'd gotten distracted. Using his powers of telepathy on the day he saw him again, he knew Goku wasn't one to seek intimacy with his wife. He could get in trouble if he wasn't careful, but with Goku dead for the coming year, perhaps there was opportunity to be had?

He knew how much Goku lacked as a partner. It was to be expected of course. It was how he was raised. The raven-haired beauty had been a delight to bed, and he was eager for more. It was high time for a another visit. Sexually-frustrated housewives were his specialty after all.

Master Roshi came off his Gamera with an oomph. Surrounded by green trees and the fresh, mountain air, he trekked to his destination. So this was where Goku and Chi-Chi lived? He liked it. It was peaceful. Their home was quaint, though it fitted in the mountainside. He knocked three times, and waited for the door to open.

When it did, Chi-Chi's eyes darkened at the sight of him. "You!" Her vile eyes told him all he needed to know. He had been figured out all right. The way she looked at him now was a far cry of the admiration she once held in her eyes. "I can't believe you're showing your face here after everything you pulled."

"So you figured it out, huh..." he murmured, rubbing his bald head with some embarrassment.

"Y- You tricked me into giving you my virginity, you perv!" she spat at him, her head red with both shame and fury. It hadn't taken long for her to put two and two together once she left Kame House five years ago. It was clear to her that Goku didn't know what he'd agreed to when he gave Master Roshi permission to couple with his wife. She'd never felt so humiliated as she had back then. Her husband was an idiot, so he could hardly be blamed. The old man, however... Her eyes narrowed on him. He could definitely be held accountable. To take something as precious as one's virginity – the turtle hermit was a cruel man. The nine months of pregnancy that followed had been filled with stress, unable to determine who the father of her baby would be. "You've got some nerve to show your face here."

At least she was straightforward. Some women – mostly turquoise-haired ones – were at times mad at him and he could only guess why. He liked his women straightforward and honest. That was what drew him to Blonde Launch in the first place. Oh well, he supposed there was no point in denying it. "But you have to admit it'd been fun, heh heh!"

"A- As if!" Chi-Chi's cheeks flushed at his words, her teeth gritting. What kind of response was that? "Why are you here anyway?" With Goku dead, it was up to her to find a way to safe Gohan from that green demon's clutches. Though she had grieved her husband, she knew he'd be wished back within the year, softening the blow of losing him considerably. No, she was far more concerned about her baby boy now. Though she’d left the house to look for him numerous times, she had yet to find any trace of him.

"I've been thinking about you a lot lately," he admitted brazenly as he stepped past Chi-Chi and into the living room. One of the biggest benefits of being sexual with many different women, was that he felt far more comfortable with simply going for what he wanted without fearing rejection. "I figured I'd come over and see if you're up to continuing what we started five years ago."

If Roshi's past five years had been filled with sexual delight, Chi-Chi's experiences could only be described as the opposite. Goku wasn't terrible in bed – his large hands easily molested her tender goods and his length was above average – but he simply lacked the passion and eagerness to please. Sex was a choir, and he wanted to be done as soon as possible. Not to mention his absolute failure as a provider to his family. Though she hated herself for it, she could at least appreciate the old master's candidness. It was kind of nice to have a man simply utter his desire to have sex with her. Goku never voiced such yearnings. But to think he could just barge in here and expect her the comply, especially so shortly after she lost both her husband and son. It aggravated her, her hands clenching into fists. "Listen here, I don't know what you take me for, but-!" She yipped when he mysteriously appeared behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders to massage her.

"Come on, Chi-Chi, I can see how much stress you have. Let me plough that right out of you."

Chi-Chi escaped the pervert's touch and shook her head to expunge her impure thoughts. "There's no way I'm letting you touch me again!" Her eyes narrowed. If he thought she was the same naïve girl from before, he was sorely mistaken. "Besides, are you really trying to get in the pants of your late pupil's wife? How shameless are you?"

The answer? More shameless than Chi-Chi could ever guess. For in a trice, the old man had dropped his pants without warning, exposing his towering rod to the widow in front of him. "Sorry about this, but it seems the excitement has gotten me, heh heh!"

"Wh- What are you...?!" As big and thick as she remembered, the massive piece throbbed as her eyes rested on it. She couldn't keep her eyes off it. Her cheeks flushed from his sudden exhibitionism, but soon she couldn't help herself from growing even madder from his exasperating perversion. "P- Put that away!"

"Oh?" He cocked his brow. "Are you sure? Look how happy it is to see you again." His prick throbbed with desire. "You sure you two don't want to get reacquainted?"

It was the final straw. If it was a plan to bait her, it had worked. She was lunging at him in that moment. "S- Shut up!" It was time for payback for what he did to her!

The naked geezer dodged her with a sidestep and snatched the orange cloth tied over her shoulders. She was more agile than expected – it actually took a bit of effort to dodge her. "Not bad," he praised her. "But you need to be faster if you want to hit me." With her hotheadedness, she was much more susceptible to his jeers. Like this, she'd quickly lose focus. She roared at him once more, coming at him fast but without finesse. He dodged her blows and slowly walked backwards. Though it seemed he walked backward to avoid the onslaught of the woman in front of him, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was guiding them to the bedroom. When they were close enough to his intended location, he suddenly sidestepped her assault, wrapped his hand around her yellow sash and unfastened it; her purple robe loosened considerably at her waist. In her anger, Chi-Chi failed to notice his intentions. Bit by bit, she lost more clothing, but it came with an added effect that Chi-Chi failed to notice until it was too late.

"I'll get you, perverted old man!" She didn't care how much of her attire she lost as long as she could teach the old man a lesson! Shamelessly taking her virginity, unapologetically barging into her home asking for sex, and now the unveiling of his penis; he needed to be punished for his transgressions against her! With her dress loose, however, her legs bundled together in the clothing until she gawkily lost her balance. "Wh- what?!" She was... falling?!

Taking advantage of her loss of balance, Roshi jumped in front of her, breaking her fall, and wrapped his arms around her waist and dove headfirst into her breasts. Her soft pillows yielded to the force, embracing his joyful face and lessening the blow of his plunge. Before Chi-Chi registered what had happened, he enthusiastically began to juggle her jugs against his face. "Puff-puff! Puff-puff!"

"Aaaagh!" Chi-Chi breathed frustrated. Taking advantage of the opportunity, her hands came up to grab the geezer at the sides of his head. He grimaced when she pressed with all her might. His hands were still on her breasts, softly squeezing. Despite her situation, she chuckled victoriously. "I finally have you..." she muttered with a sneering grin, her voice seething with anger. She could finally punish the old man for the stunt he pulled five years ago. Keeping her hold on his head tight, she pulled him off her bosoms and lowered his head slightly. "Take this!" Her knee came up and struck the old man right on his nose. After all those years of Roshi using his superior powers to evade scornful women, one had finally managed to hit him.

Chi-Chi's achievement came with a price though. Her knee send the old man flying, but the turtle hermit had ensured he was still holding her dress as he flew off; it ripped audibly, exposing her breasts as the entirety of the upper part of her dress fractured. And with the sash that once kept the cloth firmly around her waist removed at the start of their bout, it didn't stop at her midsection – the purple dress came down with a thud, leaving Chi-Chi in nothing but her blue panty. The moment Chi-Chi felt a gush of wind flow over her sensitive breasts was the moment she realized her mistake."Wh- what?!"

"Woohoo!" Roshi's nose dripped with blood, though whether it was due to Chi-Chi's knee or the sight in front of him was debatable. Her beautiful titties now on full display, he eyed them eagerly. Was it just him, or were they a tad bigger than last time? Larger, without any sacking whatsoever. "Pregnancy has done those babies good!" he cheered, licking his lips.

"Tsss!" Chi-Chi gritted her teeth, her eyes squinted in anger and humiliation. She made no attempt to hide her chest, too furious to think clearly. Just what had she done to deserve all of this? First her husband turned out to be a selfish idiot, then he dies, her son gets kidnapped, and now this old man was too infuriating to bear. "Dammit!" She'd get him for this. "Fine!" Her competitive spirit was on high alert. She'd show him; she'd overpower him in a way he'd never seen before. As deranged as it all sounded, she was stressed over all that was happening to her and her family, and she needed to deal with it, and this moment seemed to be the only matter she had any control over. If he wanted her so bad then...! High on adrenaline – clouding her judgment further, already questionable due to stress – she ripped off her underwear, planted her ass on the bed, parted her barren legs and hollered, "Get over here!"

The sudden unveiling of her slit and her bossy tone slightly startled Roshi. "H... Huh?!" She had taken off her panty and now ordered him to dine on her? Just what was going on here? Nevertheless, like a loyal dog, he complied.

"Just so you know, we're doing this my way this time," she warned him as he got close. She waited until he took his place on his knees in front of her. When he edged his head close enough, she placed her hand on his bald head, and firmly pressed him against her muff. A bit childish, Chi-Chi figured that if she couldn't beat him in a fight, she'd at least exude control over him during sex. With her husband dead, she figured she might as well get off on another man to find relief after her many ordeals from the last few last few weeks. "Keep going! Use your miserable head and eat me!"

Chi-Chi's urging excited him. Since when did the innocent princess have such a mouth on her? Of course, it did egg him on. He loved it when a woman told him how much she wanted it. He had an inkling of her intentions; her competitive spirit refused to back down and admit defeat, and now she'd given him her body in exchange for her dominion over him. In her own head, she probably figured she'd won, taking pride in the fact that he was down on his knees in front of her. Rationally speaking though, wasn't he the one that was supposed to bask in victory? This was what he'd come here for after all. Eagerly, he lapped at her snatch, reveling as she seemed to grow wetter with each lick of his tongue.

Chi-Chi lolled her head backward, a smirk on her face, her eyes squinting with glee. The old man's tongue eagerly lapped at the sensitive labia, bobbing over her folds, occasionally piercing her to coil her warm insides with his tongue. She placed her second hand on his head and pressed even harder, her hips trashing against his head, mantling him in her ever-increasing, leaking juices. It felt so good to rub his submissive head over her vagina. "That's right! Stick your tongue in there, you disgusting pervert!"

Roshi eagerly lapped up her leaking arousal, his mouth and tongue working overtime to slurp, caress and pierce her folds. At times, his tongue brushed against her clit to make her whimper. When his tongue was preoccupied, he used his nose to rub against the hypersensitive button. By now, his white beard, chin, lips, and even nose were covered in her feminine desire. Her walls continuously contracted, undulating with more and more frequency until... "Kyaa!" she screamed as her legs closed around his head. The convulsions were so powerful that her thighs almost crushed his head! With her hands and legs keeping him in place, her muff grinded against him, and Roshi had no choice but to resume his work until she was done. His beard and mouth were dressed in her climax when her hold on him finally lessened and he could escape her capture.

'Th- that was close," he whispered. She almost crushed his skull! He eyed the panting woman with newfound respect. She really was a strong one. But no matter how strong, she was exhausted; eyes half lidded, sweat rolling down her head, and her mouth open to huff and puff with haste.


It was time he received some pleasure of his own. When he angled his cock in line with her mouth however, she caught his piece before he could insert himself. It was an impressive reflex, especially considering her weakened state. "You've must have misheard me," she cooed in a sadistic kind of way, the grip on his cock tightening – he whimpered a bit in pain. "I said: we're doing this my way this time." Roshi gulped when the woman's free hand traveled down towards his balls, cupping them and giving a threatening squeeze. "Lie down on the bed."

It wasn't that he feared her or anything as he lied down on his back. It was curiosity that made him heed her command. Of course, he did have to be careful. That last time he gave Blonde Launch too much leeway, it'd almost ended with her strap-on in a place it didn't belong! If Chi-Chi wanted to dictate him, he'd allow it... for now. It would only make her more susceptible to him once he broke her illusion of control.

Chi-Chi had recovered faster than he'd expected. Her breathing had stabilized, and her legs weren't shaking anymore. Her ability to recuperate from her orgasm was impressive – Bulma for example was affected far more once he was finished going down on her. Placing her at his sides, she positioned herself at his waist before descending. It was the positioning of her feet that surprised him. They were flat on her mattress. She wasn't planning to support herself with her knees, shins, and feet; she was going to squat on him. Keeping his cock up with one hand, Roshi groaned as her heat enveloped his tip. She glided down, accepting the head of his cock before she took him in deeper. She swallowed the entirety of his dick, not stopping until her black pubic hair mashed against his grey ones. Her hands settled at his chest, her knees parting outward. It was uncomfortable to have him so deep, but her face showed no signs of struggle. She wouldn't lose this fight!

If Master Roshi had any doubts about Chi-Chi's lack of a sex life, they'd been taken away by the tightness that enveloped his cock alone as she'd settled atop of him. Even after birthing a child, it seemed her hidden channel had retained its narrowness. "This feels..." he gulped "...amazing!" He was already throbbing significantly, releasing an ample amount of pre-cum in her depths. He was finally inside her again, and she didn’t disappoint.

Chi-Chi started without warning. Bobbing her hips over him, she began to ride him, moans steadily increasing. Somewhat unexpectedly, Master Roshi's hands rested motionless at his sides. Though the old man felt nice, she had to admit she expected more. Like this, it was like having sex with Goku – doing all the work, telling him exactly what he had to do. She wanted to be the one in charge, but she kind of figured he'd put up more of a fight to get on top. She'd hoped to earn the right in the heat of passion – fight her feelings of stress and frustration and come out on top. She swallowed her pride to fuck the old master again and this was what she got? Perhaps her personality was simply too strong and made men meek? She groaned with dismay. How disappointing...

For her signs of contempt, Roshi had waited. He figured it was about time for him to take initiative. Hands that had been shackled at his hips came up to grab the mounted girl. At first, she welcomed it. It meant he couldn't help himself any longer. But before she knew it, she was on her back. "H- Huh?!" How did he?!

Roshi wasted no time to set himself in motion. He didn't utter a word. With gravity on his side, he dove his hips into her again and again.

"Oh no you don't!" This time, Chi-Chi overpowered him, and took her place back on top. When Roshi's hands slid over her waist in an attempt to grope her breasts, she snatched his wrists and denied him. Pressing the old man's hands over his head, Chi-Chi continued to ride him. She wasn't squatting anymore, pressing her whole body against him to keep him down. She'd humiliate him like he did her and use him as a sex doll that was hers to command. Designed for nothing else but to relieve her. "You're going to lie there and move your hips!" Sweat glistened Chi-Chi's body as she gyrated her hips over his cock. On impulse, she bit his neck in an attempt to threaten him. "Stay down and fuck me!" This was her dominion, and the old master was here only to be subservient to her! If he tried to overpower her, he'd regret it!

Roshi had to admit he was surprised. He was actually trying a bit, and she still managed to turn him over. For a brief moment, he thought about conceding as he eyed the splendid joggle of her sweat-covered tits, her peachy tips erect as her hips trashed with haste. But Roshi knew better. She was years away from beating him. She was already doing all he could no to keep him at bay. If he showed his strength now, she'd realize how much stronger he was. It was time to tame the beast. With all his might, he swayed himself to the right and flipped them over one last time.

"We've done it your way," he told the startled girl with authority in his voice. His shoulders forced her legs past her head, taking full advantage of her flexibility as her rump left the mattress. "Now we're going to do it my way."

"W- what?!" J- Just how strong was this guy? And where did the old master get all this energy from all of a sudden? She tried to overpower him; roll him over and ride him to completion, but her effort proved to be fruitless. She was pinned down and she couldn't escape! Dammit! She had no choice but to receive his thrusts. Was the old master really that much stronger than her? His long cock delved into her heat again and again, the squelching sound of her pussy accepting his girth growing more and more frequent. Reluctantly, she admitted that there wasn't much she could do. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Against a particular deep thrust that bumped against her cervix, Chi-Chi's hands came up to reach the old man's butt. Her middle fingers reached the crevice that was between his cheeks. Despite getting thoroughly fucked, a thought entered her head. With how close she was, she could...! It was dirty and unbecoming of her, but it felt like it was her only option that make the old man feel any remorse for what he'd done. It was time for some payback! "T- Take this!" Without warning, her fingers parted the geezer's buttocks and one slipped inside his posterior. Without any form of lube, she forcefully pressed her middle finger in, and wallowed as she heard the turtle hermit gasp atop of her. With her finger bobbing, she jeered, "Let's see how much you like it to have someone touch you in places you don't want them to touch, you dreadful perv!"

The fiery, sheltered princess had stuck a finger in his ass? That was so... hot! In all honesty, the unexpected entry only stimulated him even more! Roshi wasn't a stranger to anal stimulation during sex. If anything, he found that it came with added sensations whilst having intercourse.

With her finger still deep inside the old man's rectum, she mirrored the force of the cock plugged inside of her. For a moment, all was forgotten. Roshi's previous shamelessness, Goku's passing, and Gohan's disappearance. Despite her best intentions, after getting off on nothing but a lousy husband who never wanted to fuck her, Chi-Chi was getting lost in the sensations. "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" If she wasn't in control, she could at least demand he'd follow her instructions to keep bobbing his hips.

"Chi...! Chi-Chi!" Roshi felt her walls undulate around him, clamping up and trying to milk him. He could feel his balls lifting. He wasn't going to last much longer. She ordered him to keep going. Once more he defied her wishes; extracting himself from her snatch – her finger slipping out of his rear – he gripped his throbbing cock and aimed himself at her head. Before Chi-Chi could ask why he'd stopped fucking her, the first spurt of white was shot onto her face. "Heh heh!" Squealing, her eyes squeezed shut as the white spurt adorned her cheek, quickly followed by another that covered her lidded left eye. He was excited to finally bed her again. That much was obvious as his long shaft refused to stop throbbing, a dose of seeds accompanying each and every pulse. "I must say... ugh... I like it when we're doing it my way."

When he was finally done, Chi-Chi's face covered in semen, she grimaced when the tip of his cock slapped against her cheek – three times for good measure, making sloppy, wet sounds. She knew what it was: a boast of his victory. She gritted her teeth, her cheeks, though hidden by his white cream, reddening with anger. First he humiliated her by tricking her into giving him her virginity, and now this! "You little!" She attempted to get up and swing at the old man, but he snatched her wrist, turned her around and pressed her head down.

"You need to watch that temper of yours," Roshi said as he began to lecture her. With one hand he held her down; with the other, he gingerly caressed the milky-white skin of her ass. "You're far too easy to rile up."

"L- Let me go right now!" She swatted his thighs in an attempt to dislodge him, but he paid her no heed. Her back was pressed down whilst her ass was maneuvered upwards. "Pervert!"

He would let her scream all she wanted. He'd indulged her dominating persona long enough. It was time for him to take charge. After teaching her all about sex five years ago, he had one final lesson to impart. But first...


"It's not very nice to suddenly slip a finger in someone's ass you know, heh heh. I think you need to learn that something like that has consequences."

Chi-Chi yipped as the old man slapped her ass again, the creamy skin reddening as her buttocks yielded against his fiery smack. Before she could demand him to stop, it was already followed by another. "You idiot.." she whispered when he uttered how much he liked the jiggle of flesh that occurred each time he struck her.

She heard the weight behind her shift, setting her on high alert. The old man was planning something, and she had no idea what it was. One hand was planted on her ass as it began to pull at her buttocks. He pressed his rigid cock up against Chi-Chi's posterior without warning. Chi-Chi gasped, but despite her body's reflex to back away and create space, Roshi kept her in place. She looked over her shoulder at him, eyes wide and mouth open. "Wh- What?!" His tip rubbed against her small sphincter, smearing it with leftover cum. He couldn't possibly...! "D- Don't!" It... it wasn't supposed to go back there! During her upbringing, no one had told her anything about this kind of sex! She hated this feeling of panic and uncertainty. It reminded her of who she was back when he deflowered her.

Roshi supposed it didn't matter much. No amount of prepping would make this ordeal any more comfortable for the widow. The little hole, yet to be breached, looked so small and tight compared to his ample size. He honestly couldn't wait any longer. He wanted to know what it felt like to get his cock smothered inside her bowels! With his thumb he angled the tip of his prick in line with Chi-Chi's narrow cavern, and as soon as he bumped against it, he pressed.

The feeling of having the old man ram against her small sphincter was more than enough to make Chi-Chi's entire body tense. Her toes coiled, her teeth gritting and her eyes squeezing in response to the pressure when he wedged himself in. Even now she refused to yield, gritting her teeth as he crawled through inch by panful inch. "Kyaa!" Taking him in deeper and deeper within her bowels, she winced and grabbed the sheets in her tight fists. "Oh Kami...!" His length and width were no slouch to stuff into her vagina, but now he felt even bigger. She... would not show weakness!

"Heh heh!" Roshi cheered when he anchored the last of his nine inches inside the girl. Now he was her first kiss, first time, and first anal experience! His balls rested against the cushions of her buttocks when he bottomed out. The walls convulsed around him, trying to squeeze the foreign invader out, but his forceful press kept him nice and snug within her bowels. "I can't believe how tight you are!" He gyrated around her, not ready to start thrusting just yet. "You have a great fucking ass!"

Sweat dripped down Chi-Chi's heated head. She'd never felt so stuffed before, grunting harshly as she tried to get used to the nine-inch muscle inserted in her ass. Still, she refused to yield. It felt like her insides were on fire when the old man retracted, but she forced herself to grind it out. I can handle this. I'll show him I can handle something like this! But when he bottomed out again, her face faltered, screaming in pain as his hips smacked against her ass, her dangled tits shaking.

The sound of slapping flesh filled the room. Now that he was firmly inside of her, gravity on his side, Roshi opted to keep his hands on Chi-Chi's slender midsection, pulling forward slightly, opting to keep himself nice and deep. He wallowed as the widow's walls tried to work him out, but the undulating muscles only served to pleasure his sensitive prick. "Chi-Chi!" Roshi uttered with bliss. "You feel so good!"

Chi-Chi had long since lost her support, her upper body lying flat on the bed. Her nipples grinded against the sheets of her bed, her body rocking with each thrust. Feeling his shaft grind roughly against her insides dealt her a kind of pleasure she'd never experienced before. Chi-Chi bit her lip, fighting the urges that beckoned her fingers. The old man's dick jamming up her ass certainly invoked a great deal of lust. She hated the old fart and what he did to her, but... it had been so long since she felt such yearnings in her body. Would it be so wrong to tend to that matter?

She couldn't help herself, her finger found and played with her leaking folds, her thumb coiling over her clitoris. It was too late now. The old man knew he'd earned his bragging rights. He'd gotten her riled up enough for her to give in. He hollered his victory, leaning over her arching back. "You're welcome to try to dominate me next time, but for now..." he leaned even closer to her, licking her earlobe before whispering "... you're mine."

She came from his authoritative words alone. She had lost, and she'd be his to command. She'd get him next time, but for now her subservient butt cheeks clenched for his pleasure, begging him to cum inside her ass. Her fingers clawed deep, fingering her g-spot as she came over her fingers. She squirted harder than Goku had ever managed; even with two fingers in her snatch, the waves were powerful enough to sully Roshi's balls and thighs.

It'd taken a bit longer for Roshi to cum, but he too eventually found satisfaction. His fingertips dug into Chi-Chi's waist, filling the widow's bowels with his jizz. He'd kept himself inserted until he withered and laid down next to Chi-Chi, still recovering from her intense climax and first anal experience.

"If you want, you can try again you know, heh heh. But don't think you'll overpower me so easily." Though his voice was calm, Roshi's head ran wild. Chi-Chi had changed a lot over the years. Though it seemed she wanted dominance, what she really wanted was a challenge. And he'd shown her he was challenging indeed. For now at least, he had tamed the beast. With a little luck, this was it – the moment he could finally add Chi-Chi to his list of booty calls.

She walked out of the bedroom without a word. Even now, she refused to give him the pleasure of knowing how hard it was to walk normally. His eyes followed her, eying her leaking buttocks with lust. The white spunk dripped down her ass, down the line of her splendid cheeks until it ran down her inner thighs. Deep down, Chi-Chi was fuming, her fists clenching. He'd humiliated her once again. How could he have aggravated her so much that she opted to sleep with him again? It was maddening. She was going to find out what made the old master tick and punish this foul old debauchee. But first... Gohan. She had to find Gohan.

“I’m going out to look for my son,” she told him in a stern voice, not looking at him at all. “When I get back, you better be long gone. I don’t want to see your face ever again.”

Roshi pulled himself up, presenting his carnal grin. It seemed that Chi-Chi was a fighter, and wouldn't go down easily. Oh this was going to be a fun year all right!

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