The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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Warning: lemon / hints of incest

Chapter 14: Signs of Impurity

Gohans found: zero. Number of times Chi-Chi managed to punish the old man for his transgressions: also zero. Number of times Roshi managed to bed her again despite her best intentions not to let him: more than zero. How does he keep getting away with this? Chi-Chi thought with dismay, her back against the wall as she endured the Turtle Hermit's mighty thrusts. Hadn’t she told him to stay away from her? She always locked the door when she went out to search for Gohan, yet the geezer was always there when she came back.

How much time had passed since the old perv first barged into her home and dropped his trousers, she wondered? She never sought him out; it was always the other way around. In all honesty, she should know better by now. She’d leave her home and look for Gohan in her car – guns in tow, ready to fire at the green demon that kidnapped him and take her son back with her to safety – eventually concede defeat for the time being, and travel back home only to find an aggravating perv hiding in wait. Her home would still be locked, and nothing would be broken, and yet he’d found his way into her home. He’d hide behind the couch, or underneath the bed, or in the tub. Of course, there was a telltale sign to know he’d entered her home – her drawers would’ve been opened, her underwear disheveled. Honestly, it was quite maddening.

She never welcomed him with open arms when he appeared; quite the opposite really. She’d use her frustrations to begin a relentless assault, but the old master was strong and experienced, so it would always end in failure. Then again, she did manage to get the occasional jab in.

Kami did she love it whenever she made contact.

During their skirmishes, the old man would use the opportunity to get a cup and feel whenever the opportunity presented itself. A quick slap of her ass, a quick grab at her breasts; you’d name it, the old man had probably tried it. Once, he’d even jumped at her – already completely naked – in an attempt to aim his rigid penis in her shocked mouth. Naturally, his scheme had failed that time, ending with Chi-Chi’s fist directly at his scrotum as she threw him out of her home. She still had no idea where he’d gotten that idea from. Who the hell would fall for that?

Far, far way, a certain ex-colonel of the Red Ribbon Army sneezed.

Other times though... his plans would succeed. “Old pervert!” Chi-Chi’s strong legs tightened around his waist, knees curled over his arms, She hissed as her hot body scraped against the cold wall. His hands firmly planted om her ass, he lifted and dropped her weight on his long and hard piece. In a way, their bouts and eventual couplings had been a good way to reduce stress and take her mind off her son, but otherwise... she loathed the perverted geezer. He was immoral, vile, and everything else she didn’t want Gohan to grow up as.  Yet, she knew her body would eventually feel drained-yet-satisfied, free of stress for the time being. As sad as it was, there was no one else in her life who could help her with those bodily needs to relieve stress. No friends, or even acquaintances for that matter other than her dad. And it wasn’t like she could find a new partner with her man-child husband being wished back to life soon, nor did she have time to find one.

In her mind, she felt conflicted. His vile hands on her ass, his prick jammed in her vagina, stretching her walls to their limit. She felt disgusted with herself for allowing it once again. With her son still missing, she wasn’t in the best mental state. She was tired; so very tired. She was either thinking of her son, or looking for him until she ran out of gas. Her unhinged state was most likely the cause for her bad decisions when it came to the disgusting perv. He’d sensually touch her during their fights, riling her up enough to give in and attempt to show him her hatred in other passionate ways than fighting. With enough sleep and clarity, would her decisions have turned out any differently, she wondered?

A sharp inhale left her lips when his bald head dove down to claim her right nipple, peachy and erect. He slurped roughly, pulling his head back until her nipple popped out of his mouth, wobbling back into place, puffy and mantled in saliva. Before she could reprimand him, he’d already taken her neglected mound between his lips. Drool ran down his chin whilst he suckled; typical for the incorrigible pervert he was.

“These are so great!” His chin continued to gush when he upped his pace, grinning widely. “Look at these babies bounce!” Though he would’ve loved to have played with her breasts some more, he supposed it was about time he finished up. Chi-Chi went absolutely mental when they weren’t done on time. The widow was starting to feel worse and worse over worry for her son. Luckily, she didn’t look as bad as she felt. He figured it helped somewhat to bed him and take her mind off things, but in all honesty, he was mostly in it for himself. “You feel... so good!”

His trickery that ended with her giving him her virginity, him cumming over her face to humiliate her, pressing himself into her ass; it didn’t matter much to Chi-Chi right now. The corrupt geezer would make her feel good for a short while, let her take her mind off things, and then she’d go back to search for Gohan. In her deranged state, she’d decided this was how she’d spend her days until her son was back safely in her arms.

Her body trashed and her muscles spasmed when she found her sweet release. Her legs tightened and her hips dropped, trying to keep him as deep as she could, but the old man did all he could to retain his pace. Against the narrowness of a woman's climax, however, he proved powerless.

“Chi-Chi!" The widow’s cavern collapsed around him, the proof of her release soling his cock and thighs. She was so tight that it became hard to move, her walls wrapping around him, trying to milk him, begging him to spray his seeds inside her womb. With more force than intended, he pushed the brunette against the wall and pressed himself as deep as he could, his balls resting against her labia whilst he emptied them.

With the amount he was releasing, she had to be sure to take precautions. That last thing she wanted was for Gohan to come back home to find out he had a baby brother. Her fists clenched determinedly. She had no time for regret. First she’d find Gohan, then she’d feel pity for herself and her stupidity. And perhaps she’d even get her revenge on the ancient debauchee for all he pulled.

But only once Gohan was back safe and sound.

"Where does Roshi go lately anyways?" Bulma asked, taking a sip of her wine.

Launch shrugged. "I don't know. He probably has a new girl or something."

"Jealous?" Bulma playfully jeered, gingerly poking Launch as if to tease her.

"Pffff..." Launch gulped down her beer. "As if."

"It's possible though," Bulma argued, giggling. "Sometimes I think you and that old perv are made for each other. Especially with how much you've changed, you two are two of a kind."

"Whatever." Being jealous of another girl over that old fart. As if. Maybe her counterpart had such problems, but not her.

Launch and Bulma were enjoying each other's company in a small bar in West City, close to Capsule Corp. Bulma had returned home briefly for work, and Launch had been eager to join and explore the big city.

"You've changed a lot over the years too you know," Launch stated. "Hard to believe that you're the same girl we used to have to persuade to join us in bed. Now you're the one initiating all the time."

"I... I haven't changed that much," Bulma protested. Sure, she was a lot more adventurous than when she was a teen, but she stayed away from the more sinful activities that her peers behaved in.

"Are you kidding me?" Launch guffawed at her denial. "You've become just as big a pervert as me and the old fart in the years we know each other."

"Oh come on. It- It's not like I eat ass or anything like the two of you."

"Well sure, but..." Launch grinned slyly. "I never came while thinking about my mom's rack."

Bulma almost chocked in her drink. "H- Hey!" Bulma whispered fiery, her cheeks blushing, bringing Launch closer to her, eyes scanning around the room to make sure no one heard. "I told you that in secret." It was only one time, and it wasn't like it had been the trigger for her climax or anything!

Launch chuckled. Bulma was so easy to rile up. "Hey, I don't blame you. With a curvy mom like that, it's only natural to fantasize. Hell, I'd eat her plump ass all day."

"Just shut up..." Bulma groaned, rolling her eyes. How had her life changed so much that she now had a best friend who eagerly wanted to have sex with her mother? And even worse, if she didn't keep watch, Launch would probably try to act on those desires too! Bulma could still remember the time Launch joined her and Tights for a drink in West City a few years back. The blonde maid had been all over her sister, shrewdly attempting to seduce her with Bulma sitting right next to them. It had been such an embarrassing night...

"And those knockers!" Launch continued her admiration. "Those are what I call fun bags. No wonder you cum at the thought of them. Don't get me wrong, I like yours just fine, but mommy dearest went the extra mile in the size department."

"They're pretty big I guess..." Bulma concurred, a red hue covering her cheeks, her eyes looking away into the distance. Kami, why were they having this conversation? It wasn't like she hadn't noticed that herself. It was hard to miss. It wasn't her fault that her mom had the biggest rack she'd ever seen. Whenever someone sported a massive bosom, her mind couldn't help but compare it to her mother's.

“Have you ever seen them in all their glory?”

“Of course not!” Bulma uttered, dismayed with the question. Shamefully, she admitted she caught herself a few times ogling her mother’s cleavage when she wasn’t looking. It was so disgraceful. Of course, she had never gone further than that. It was embarrassing enough as it is.

“If I were you, I’d definitely sneak a peek. Maybe your curiosity will go away once you know what they look like,” Launch suggested. Honestly just what was the big deal? If Bulma was that interested she should just get an eyeful.

Silence filled the room. A comfortable one for Launch, yet an awkward pause for Bulma. Eying Bulma from the corner of her eye, blushing and fidgeting with her hands, Launch lips twirled into a mischievous smile. "Hey, if you want, I can go down on you while you think all about your busty mom."

"Yeah, su-"


Wait? What did she... "Whaaaat?!" Bulma defiantly shook her head, mumbling that Launch should stop blurting out such ridiculous thoughts.

"I mean, it's fine if you don't want to, but..." Her emerald eyes shifted, nudging at the empty restroom.

Bulma quickly denied her, calling her an idiot. She groaned, taking a sip of her beverage. What the hell did Launch take her for? There was no way she'd ever agree to something like that... She might've changed somewhat, growing more and more perverted in the constant presence of Roshi and her best friend, but not by that much.

Getting sexual gratification while thinking about her mother’s tits... Not in a million years.

"Stupid Launch!" Bulma moaned, panting irregularly, muscles spasming. "What the hell... am I doing?!”

Launch’s idea to peak at her mom’s barren chest... She hadn’t been able to get it out of her head! Having borrowed the Micro Band from Roshi, Bulma had shrunk down to the size of a mouse to take her place on her parents’ nightstand to try and sneak a peek at her mother’s homogenous bosom when she came back from her shower. It had only been supposed to be a peek – get an eyeful to still her curiosity and be done with it –  not... this! This was way more than she bargained for!

Massive breasts heaved, sweat summoned by effort making them glisten. Panchy grunted as she worked her hips up and down her husband’s rigid cock. He wasn’t doing much mind you. She had to do everything herself. At best, his hands on her wide hips helped her keep her balance. After getting out of the shower, Panchy realized her husband had actually come to bed early for once, and dropped her towel in front of him. Boxer had taken the bait, but it was somewhat disheartening. After so long, her husband was finally in the mood, and this was what she got? To say she was disappointed would be an understatement. He was already throbbing within her, almost at his release; in contrast, she wasn’t even close to the finish line. “Not yet,” she pleaded, panting, gyrating her hips in a desperate attempt to generate more pleasure. “Please, just a bit more!” Her pleads went unheeded when the first surge of white was shot into her snatch. The feeling of his jizz showering her insides helped somewhat, but Panchy was nowhere near her own climax. She tried to continue, but her husband was already withering and kept diminishing in size until he slipped out of her.

With a dejecting sigh, she rolled herself back to her side of the bed. She would say it was due to his age, but... that had never stopped Roshi from getting it up a second time – or keeping it up for that matter. Her husband had already fallen asleep, snoring beside her. Per usual, his work kept him so busy he had little to no time for her.

His ejaculation oozed down her leaking muff. Great... Now she was dirty; leaking cum and covered in sweat, all while being left frustratingly unsatisfied. There was a time where she craved sexual attention from her husband, but... that underappreciated hole in her life had been filled by another man for years she thought with a blush. She propelled herself up and made her way back to the shower, gleaming breasts jiggling with each step, blissfully unaware of the hungry eyes that were directed at them from the nightstand.

Bulma Briefs should never have sneaked into her parents’ bedroom to try and ogle her mother’s bust.

Bulma Briefs should not have spread her legs at the sight of their size and springiness.

Bulma Briefs should not have had her fingers on her muff after watching them sway.

Bulma Briefs should not have her mom glistening in sweat be the reason she slipped two fingers inside her snatch.

Bulma Briefs should not have cum so hard from watching the busty blonde work her hips; ass jiggling, tits rocking.

Bulma Briefs should never have allowed herself to grow so impure.

Fun fact, Bulma has been caught thinking about her mother's bust in chapters 7 and 10 of the Dragon Ball era and the last chapter (13) in the Z era. You might say the seeds for this one have been sowed long ago.

If you didn’t like the many cuts between scenes that happened these last two chapters, don’t worry. The format of the chapters will go back to be more in line with previous chapters starting with the next chapter.

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