The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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A/N: And we're back with yet another chapter. I feel like this one has been a long time coming.

The last time we saw the perv, he was happily spending his time with a reluctant Chi-Chi, and Bulma was finally acting on desires long held dormant. What happens when the old perv and the turquoise-haired genius work together to satiate their immoral yearnings? Let's find out!

Warning: lemon / incest

Chapter 15: Namek, Here I Cum!

"Wh...?! Whaaa...?!" Master Roshi stumbled over his words, a red hue on his cheeks, saliva running down his white-bearded chin. "Whaaaat?!" With the arrival of the Saiyans edging ever closer; Bulma, Launch, and Roshi had come together at Kame House to review their progress. There was only one more Dragon Ball to collect. That, of course, was not the reason the old hermit was now in such a shell-shocked state of mind.

No, what had made the exuberant geezer act so surprised was what Bulma had just suggested to him. That delectable girl... he eyed her in shock. She wanted to do... that... with her own busty mother? She had grown so perverted in his presence!

"Wh- What?!" Bulma mumbled, her arms defensively crossed and her face flushed with embarrassment. "Don't act so surprised, you old perv! Compared to the shit you've pulled this is nothing."

Roshi... would beg to differ. But Kami... this was just... unreal. Was this... really Bulma? This couldn't be real. Someone was trying to trick him! There was no other explanation. It had to be! "Hey, you're not..." Roshi's eyes narrowed on the girl, who shrunk at the intensity of his gaze. "...Oolong, are you?" The pig and Bulma had tried to trick him back at Fire Mountain all those years ago with the transformation technique, after all. It was possible that small little boar was trying to get him involved in his schemes.

"Wh- Whaat?!" Bulma spat at him, insulted that the geezer would even for a moment take her for that disgusting little piggy. Her body trashed in her anger, her ponytail swinging from side to side. She had grown her hair out again this last year, keeping it tied up in a red ribbon. The old perv had told her that he liked her hair long. She... she hadn't done it for him though! "Have you grown senile, old perv? How dare you compare a beauty like me with such a degenerate pig!"

Yes, this was the real Bulma all right, Roshi thought. Such arrogance and pride would be hard to emulate. "Hmmm..." Now that he thought about it, it was too bad Oolong was a guy. If the pig had been a girl instead, he could have her transform into all kinds of women to ogle and enjoy. He would probably forget all about her being a piglet once there was a nice pair of tits thrown in his face. But alas, with Oolong being male, that was nothing more than a pipe dream. Maybe he should use the Dragon Balls to wish that Oolong was a girl, instead of wishing back Goku?

But if this was really Bulma, then did that really mean she wanted to...?

"I already know you're screwing my mom," Bulma clarified. "You guys didn't think you could leave a genius like me out of the loop forever did you?" She snorted. Though she'd had her suspicions for a long time now, it wasn't until a few months ago that Bulma decided it was high time she investigated whether her hunch that her mother and the old perv were sleeping together was correct. At first, she felt anger when she found the confirmation she'd been looking for. Anger that her mom was cheating on her dad, betraying her family. But after some reflection, she reluctantly argued that she too had been guilty of falling under the Turtle Hermit’s lecherous spell. Still, she was her mom and she should know better, and she vowed she wouldn't make the same mistake should she ever have to make the same decision. At least she could use this to her own advantage.

"I see," Roshi spoke, stroking his white beard. "So that's why you came to me particularly. You want to use me to get to your bombshell of a mother. Heh heh, but I must say this is a surprise. To think you'd come to me with such a request. Bulma, you've grown so perverted!"

"Sh- Shut up!" she seethed, cheeks flushed. Stupid geezer... "It's not like that," she mumbled. "I just... want to touch them."

Now that was an urge that Roshi understood all to clearly, remembering his own reaction the first time he met Panchy Briefs. His eyed had almost popped through his sunglasses as they came face to face with that humongous rack, stuffed in a tube top that had been far too tight. That day, he had learned something important. Panchy Briefs – Kami bless her – wasn't the brightest woman around. That could be of use to them, cause this was going to be difficult. The blonde knockout might be ditzy, but she did have her principles and loyalty towards her family. "Hmmm... If we want to pull this off, we need a plan."

“Right,” Bulma affirmed, nodding determinedly.

And so one of the sharpest minds in the world and one of most perverted ones worked together to make the perfect scheme. One that took advantage of Panchy's obviousness and would speak to her feelings of obligations to help her family when in trouble.

With such competence at the helm, it didn't take long for them to come up with the perfect plan.

“Are you sure, Roshi?” Panchy asked as she sat down on the chair. Naked as the day she was born, she whimpered when the old master blindfolded her as she sat down. When Roshi announced his visit this afternoon, Panchy had been ecstatic to accompany him to one of Capsule Corp.’s private chambers. It quickly became apparent, however, that Roshi had something wild planned for the two of them – even wilder than normal!

He’d ordered her to undress, sit on a wooden chair and let him blindfold her to add more suspense to his fondling of her body. With her eyes usually squinted, one would think Panchy was used to the dark, but the added tension of the blindfold made her stomach flutter with nerves, unsure of what she could expect. She gulped audibly. “Okay. I’m... ready.”

She yelped when Roshi put his hand on her shoulder, startling her. Already, the added suspense was apparent to her. “Good job, Panchy. Then... I guess I can get to work.” He snickered connivingly, nudging his head in the direction of a black corner of the bedroom.

In the corner of the room, a dark silhouette began to stir, moving into the light until the darkness was replaced by Bulma’s naked frame. She tiptoed towards the two, making sure not to give away her presence,  a red blush covering her cheeks. Bulma glanced down to her barren mother and licked her lips upon noticing the pert nipples standing at attention. They shone as brightly as when she spied on her mother with the micro band, but... they had not been this close, and she hadn’t even dreamed about touching them that day. This time... they were out in the open for her to enjoy. As if the fact was only now dawning on her, she swallowed away the anxiety stuck in her throat. 

Eying Master Roshi, he winked at her and signaled her to kneel down. She nodded timidly, and shyly took her place in front of her naked mother, sitting down on her knees. For a moment, she only stared at the bust’s perfection, her balled fists resting on her legs. Uncertainty filled her body. Now that she was so close, she realized she was unsure if she could go through with his. Was this... really right? It was one thing to fantasize, but to actually act on those urges... Doubt filled her head as her hand came up. This... is so wrong, but... I can’t look away!

Bulma gulped audibly. So close – she was so close to her mom's spectacular rack. Unwittingly, they had been on her mind for so long now, awakening a sense of lust within her that she never should've acted on. Even now, after she'd gotten down on her knees in front of her naked and blindfolded mother – unaware of her scheming daughter ready to cross the line that a child should never cross and fondle her bosoms – it was not too late. She could still lower her hovering arm, get back up, and leave the room. She'd hadn't done anything she'd regret yet. There was still time to...!"

"Ahn!" Panchy whimpered from the sudden grab of her tits. The anticipation had made the abrupt touch even more apparent, her body breaking out in goosebumps. “R- Roshi...~!”

N- No!

Th- The old man, he'd...! He'd taken hold of her wrist and surged her forward! Bulma barely managed to conceal the feminine gasp that would have revealed her identity to the unexpecting blonde. She... she was touching it! After all this time, this... this was her mother's...! So soft... like one of the fluffiest pillows money could buy. My hand is getting sucked in! The texture felt so smooth in her hand, and yet there was enough mass for gravity to press the fleshy globe against her fingers and offer resistance. Reluctantly, she admitted it felt even better than her own breasts. Before she could change her mind, her other hand came up to collect the mound that had yet to be claimed. Once more, the pliable hill didn't offer much of a fight, creamy flesh denting at the slightest touch. Although, could she even call these wonderful udders hills? These... these were mountains! Mountains of milky flesh, perfectly crested by tightened orbs of pink.

She didn't make a sound, too dumbstruck to speak, not even as she lifted the huge breasts to weigh them in her hands, their abundant flesh spilling down the sides, impossible to contain. Bulma eagerly joggled the flexible jugs, testing the weight with her palms and kneading the flesh with her bustling fingers. Finally...! After all this time she was finally...! They were such a delight to handle, jiggling with the slightest motion, offering no resistance as she pressed them together, apart, up and down. She flicked her thumbs against the peachy tips, rigid and contracted from Bulma's expert handling of Panchy's chest. The pink oval shape and nubs at the center perfectly complimented the milky skin, big but not overgrown compared to the rest of her mother's big udders. They were stiff, yearning for attention. Bulma knew that feeling well. If her mother was anything like her, what would really drive her crazy was...

The question was, should she?

Now that her dream to touch had been realized, Bulma was surprised to find out she wasn't satisfied yet. First she though it was as simple as wanting to see them. Then she wanted to touch them. And now... she was leaning forward, her mouth parting until she claimed the nipple that had last been in her mouth back when she was a baby. Back then, it had been nothing more than a means to get food, a very different kind of lust than the arousal that now clouded her mind and moistened her loins.

"Roshi...!" Panchy whispered, inhaling sharply from the sudden enveloping of her sensitive peak, her fingers clenching into fists, her thighs squirming. Not being able to see what would come next came with such different thrills and experiences than usual. She moaned appreciatively, lolling her head back as she enjoyed the ‘old man’s’ handling of her bosoms.

Bulma heard the old man shift behind her. It seemed he could simply sit by no longer. She was actually impressed how long he managed to only watch considering his perverted tendencies. His long cock pressed against her back as he got down on his knees and pressed himself against her, his hands claiming her own pair of spectacular knockers. Not as big as her mom’s, but nevertheless heavy and ample, soft to the touch, his fingers sinking into her flesh. Pre-cum ran down her back as the throbbing shaft rubbed against her. Like this, it would be hard not to make a sound while she groped her gullible mother. That idiot... He’s going to ruin it!

Unlike Bulma, Roshi was free to grunt and moan all he wanted as long as it was plausible that it were his lips that suckled on the blonde bombshell's teat. Watching the daughter slurping on her mother's breasts so fervently as if she wanted to sample the milk that it once fed to her made him more heated than even he expected. It was quite possible he had discovered yet another kink that turned him on without fail. How many kinks did he have by now? It was undoubtedly quite the list.

His throbbing prick, releasing ropes of pre-cum, needed more stimulation than simply rubbing against Bulma's back. He could start fucking Bulma, but that would ruin the surprise for Panchy that is was her own daughter that was pleasing her so. If she found that out, she might stop their lecherous and immoral adventure altogether, and he couldn't have that be the case now could he?

No. It was time Panchy figured out that they weren't alone, but he'd leave her guessing on the who for a little while longer. Releasing Bulma's mounds from his hold, he got back up and, making use of his lifelong training, stood perfectly balanced on the edges of the chair that seated the credulous blonde, grabbed the back of her head and took advantage of her parted lips to ram his dick into her mouth.

"Hmmmm?!" Panchy whimpered in shock. Her always-squinting eyes opening behind their blindfold. It didn't take long for her to figure out whose cock this was, the weight pressing her tongue to the floor of her mouth and the length invading past her tonsils. But if Roshi was in her mouth, then... "Ngh?!" Four! There were four hands on her body! But... Roshi only had two hands, which meant...! There was someone else with him! Her surprised whimper was muffled by the thick cock grounding her tongue against the floor of her mouth. It couldn't be her husband; he didn't have the skill to treat her breasts with such finesse. Was it Yamcha then? He was supposed to be away. Please, don't let it be, Oolong! It was too bad Roshi wanted her to be blindfolded today of all days. Now, she couldn't see who the other person was taking such excellent care of her. Not for a moment, did she think her getting blindfolded had any correlation with the unexpected second pair of hands on her smooth-skinned body.

"Ah~!" Roshi wheezed, his head lolling back as the warmth of Panchy's mouth enveloped him. "Just what I needed, heh heh!" Keeping her head in place, he thrusted himself in her mouth. “It feels even better than usual!”

Panchy whimpered as she endured his mighty jabs, his testicles slamming against her chin. Breathing was difficult, especially whenever he wedged himself to the back of her mouth. Panchy was forced to flex her throat whenever he bumped against her pharynx, causing all kinds of pleasures for the exuberant pervert as her throat clenched around his sensitive tip. Beneath her, her supple tits did all they could to wiggle uncontrollably. Though Bulma tried her best to make her fingers stretch out and cling on her tits to keep them in check, she could not manage well with so much. Eventually, she found it more fulfilling to simply sit back and eye the swaying knockers as they did their best to show Bulma their pliable richness.

Roshi could feel his balls lifting, ready to shoot rope after rope into the blonde milf’s throat. Needless to say, her stuffed mouth was really working him over. But while the thought was tempting, he had other plans. Slipping himself out Panchy's mouth, a line of spit connecting his cock to her plump lips, he gripped his dick and pumped himself to completion. "Woohoo!" A jet of semen leaped from the cockhead to stain the blonde's chest. He was excited; strong, ample bullets of white shot from his tip in rapid fashion, staining her jugs. Master Roshi roared whilst he ejaculated rope after rope of seeds in her cleavage. In the dying throes, he pumped himself the best he could, keen to angle even the weakest dribbles on her fun bags.

Panchy could feel the efforts of his determination as her tits dripped with cum, rolling down her stomach. Bulma licked her plump lips. It reminded her of melting ice-cream on a hot summer day. Without urging from the hermit, her head came closer to collect the dairy frosting he had released. Her mother had taught her it was important to gather the sweet flavors before they could sully the floor, after all. Let's get this frosting off you, Mom. Her grin was almost smothered against the cushiony globes, and then she parted her lips, and willed her tongue to get to work.

"Nhnn?!" They... they were licking it off! The other person was slurping up Roshi's jizz from her breasts? This... couldn't be another man, right? To her delight, this meant she could probably rule Oolong out from the list of possible suitors. But if it wasn't a man, then did this mean that she was getting fondled by a... woman? Her sensitive body squirmed, her nether region trembling due to the sudden realization. Another woman is touching my breasts!

“Looks like you figured it out.” Panchy jumped when Roshi whispered into her ear, "Are you ready to see whose been pleasing you so well?"

Panchy nodded. It was funny. Even when she thought it was another man, she hadn't complained. Back when Roshi first fondled her, she protested so vocally for the sake of her marriage. Now though she was left wondering how far she would've been willing to go with two men other than her husband. The knot that tightened the blindfold to her head loosened as the old man undid the tie. As the cloth came down, so did her eyes, revealing her second admirer to be...!

"B- Bulma?!" Panchy uttered in shock, growing paler in the face by the second. She could feel her stomach turn. All those tender caresses, the licking and slurping of her breasts, making her moan with desire and moistening her groin, it had all been done by... her own daughter? Panchy felt like she was going to be sick. "Wh- What are you?" she stammered. Her daughter only smiled at her, red in the face before cleaning off the last traces of Roshi's release from her breasts. To Panchy's horror, the sensations that flowed through her body refused to yield, unable to stop the rise of her moans from her shackled throat as her own daughter doted on her ultrasensitive mounds. This is wrong. This is so wrong! “B- Bulma...!”

Panchy was forced to endure the last of Bulma's tidy cleansing. Her squinted eyes didn't open until Bulma's hand came up to cup her cheek. Her daughter smiled at her with a seductive desire that a daughter should never give her own mother. "Relax. I already knew, Mom."

"You... you knew?" What was she...?

"About you and Roshi. That you've been cheating on dad." She forcefully squeezed the supple jugs she still had possession of as if to punish the blonde for her lack of loyalty, making the blonde whimper. "I'm not thrilled about it, but at least it made it easier for me to come ask you for help."


"You daughter contact me, Panchy," Roshi explained, putting a hand on Bulma's shoulder, his rigid dick close to her face. So far, the plan seemed to go smoothly. "It seems poor Bulma hasn't had the best experiences with men, and has been unable to connect with them physically. After she learned of our little affair, she begged me for you and me to teach her a thing of two about a woman's body."

"But...!” Panchy protested, looking at the turquoise-haired genius with uncertainty in her eyes. “But you're my...!"

"Your daughter? That's exactly why I feel comfortable coming to you like this." She grinned shrewdly. "I know the two of you can show me how it's done."

Panchy stayed silent as she heard her daughter's reasoning, If Bulma wanted to learn, then wasn't it her duty as her mother to show how it was done? Especially after she failed to stay loyal to her family. Perhaps this was the price she had to pay for that betrayal? But, even if that was the case... "Honey, please stop fondling me. You're making me uncomfortable." Teaching her daughter to have sex and letting her grope her body were two very different things. And after all she had already allowed her daughter to do – unwittingly, but still – she really wanted her shame to cease.

"I can't help it, Mom," Bulma admitted, her voice almost low enough to be a whisper. Her voice was filled with lust. "It's just... they feel really nice." Nice being an understatement of course.

Roshi chuckled, his cock rock-hard after seeing Bulma grope her own mother. "Don't mind her. Don't forget, she's just here to see how it's done."

"B- But...” Just forget about Bulma being here for now... Yeah, she could do that. Probably. “Right...”

Per Roshi's command, Panchy placed herself behind the chair and bended forward, steadying herself by griping the top railing, her breasts hanging freely beneath her. Her plump buttocks were presented to him in all their glory; with one hand, he pinched the supple flesh, denting the skin. At the apex of her thighs, arousal dripped down in a steady stream, her engorged petals awaiting his entry. "Fantastic!"

Panchy eyed her daughter, leering at her from her seated position, kneeled down in front of the chair she used to support herself – though how much of her she was eyeing was debatable, her eyes set on her knockers as if they were magnets. Although it felt quite eerie to be so close to her daughter while a man was preparing to delve into her depths, Panchy did it for her sake as well. The more she could teach her the better, she guessed. Nevertheless, despite her justification, she couldn’t release the feeling of sinfulness in the pit of her stomach and the added adrenaline it brought about. Wh- What’s wrong with me?

"Nyaa!" The old hermit pierced her without warning, pressing against her snatch and spreading her hidden channel with his girth. His voyage was slow and controlled, as if he wanted to experience her hard-working muscles as they griped him, her slickness ensuring he could press himself further until his tip poked against the entryway to her womb. Her fingers whitened against the railing as her grip tightened. She cooed as he began to gyrate his groin against her ass, stirring his prick against her sensitive walls.

"Heh heh!" Roshi cheered. "You're feeling really slick today, Panchy! Your daughter must have treated you well." Before the blonde could protest his mock, his fingers sunk into her ass cheeks to steady himself and began to fuck her, swinging his hips to and fro. "I've never been able to fuck you so smoothly before!"

No! That... that wasn't true! She tried to say, but all Panchy could do when she parted her lips was hiccup from his thrusts, unable to compete with his vigor. Beneath her, her heavy breasts shook uncontrollably. They hung from her slant, giving Bulma a spectacular view of her rocking tits through the multiple openings between the railings of the back of the chair. Already, sweat began to pour down, making her body glisten. Panchy moaned with desire as the big cock thrusted in and out of her drenched entrance. Her protruding ass jiggled as she was being penetrated by a man with the size of a bull, and she moaned as the man slid his cock in rapidly between her legs. He was fucking her silly, and she was loving every minute of it! "Roshi! It feels... so good!"

"Heh heh!" the elderly man behind her hollered. "That's it. Just let the Turtle Hermit do all the work!" His dick felt like it was completely sucked into the moaning blonde like a vacuum. Sounds of wet flesh slapping filled the room, accompanied by Panchy's heavenly moans and Roshi harsh grunts. The chair that supported the blonde squeaked as it was dragged over the floor. "Make sure to watch us, Bulma," Roshi ordered, staying in character. "Be sure to watch how people are supposed to fuck!"

"Oh Kami..." Bulma whimpered. To watch such a beautiful woman like her mother getting fucked by the bizarre-looking man shouldn't be so enticing to her. But it was. She eyed her mother's creamy jugs, the tits shaking wilder and the peachy nipples even harder than when she spied on her back when she rode her dad to completion. She whimpered softly when her fingers started brushing against her soaked labia at the sight in front of her. With her free hand, she gingerly cupped her right breasts and squeezed her rigid nub tenderly.

"Harder, faster!" Mrs. Briefs screamed out, not seeing – or perhaps not caring – that she was now once more the reason for her daughter to fondle herself. Her daughter was currently the last thing on her mind. He was fucking her like a man possessed! Roshi rapidly moved his hips even more intensely. Sweat ran over her entire body, making her bombshell frame glisten. She pushed back against the man's cock. He watched how her ass jiggled with every one of his thrust from behind his glasses and gave one of her butt cheeks a hard slap, quickly followed by another, and another.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Panchy screamed in pain and pleasure. Both bodies began to heat up, the geezer ramming her soaked pussy while she tightened up around him.

"Roshi! Roshi!" she repeated over and over again. Panchy was sobbing like a woman lost in sensations! His testicles smacked against her with each jab into her. Finally, she roared as her release claimed her. "I'm cumming!" she squealed. She lost herself in that moment, her arms losing their strength and giving out, her tits falling against and quickly overflowing over the chair's railing.

Roshi gritted his teeth whilst he tried to endure. As if she hadn't been tight enough! Her cavern collapsed around him, clamping down with such oppression that it became hard to move. Against such narrowness, even he was helpless. Driving himself as deep as he could, he came with a grunt, thick ropes of hot white semen shooting out. He throbbed each time the goo was ousted into Panchy's narrowness, ready to journey into her womb. With her tight walls milking him for all he was worth, he kept shooting his seeds until his testicles were thoroughly drained.

"Oh... huff... Kami." A sly grin covered her face as his prick withered enough to slip out of her, feeling their releases pour down her legs. The Turtle Hermit was the only one who could make her bask in such revelry. Sweating and panting, her body slightly trembling, she complimented him, "Amazing... Roshi."

"Oh wow!" Bulma cheered, lifting herself up, bringing the ditzy blonde out of her trance. "Amazing, you two!"

"B- Bulma?" Panchy whispered, only now remembering that her daughter was in the room. Oh no... and she had acted so shameful... Was this really what Bulma wanted? No! I refuse to believe my daughter would... Despite her best efforts, Panchy failed in her attempts not to ogle how much Bulma had enjoyed the show; her youthful petals were swollen and damp, clear liquid running down her thighs. Was... was she truly the reason for her daughter's condition? Once more, she felt ashamed and embarrassed.

“But... now that I’ve seen how it’s supposed to be done, I really want to try myself,” Bulma admitted, taking her mother’s hands and gingerly caressing them. “But... it’s kind of scary. Can you... please hold me, Mom. While Master Roshi teaches me how to have sex.” Kami, not only am I one of the smartest and most-beautiful girls on the planet. Now it turns out I’m an incredible actress too!

Should she? It was – at the least – an unusual request for her daughter to make. But... in a way, it was kind of nice to support Bulma in such a way during an important event like this. As a mother, she felt it was her duty to comfort her if she wished it. It was just something they’d share together. Just the two of them, she reasoned, nodding hesitantly, once more ignoring her moral conscious that pleaded with her to put an end to the lecherous madness. Clearly, her arousal  fogged her reasoning.

“All... all right...” Paunchy agreed before she placed herself on the bed in the corner of the room, her back pressing against the bedframe, her legs spread wide for Bulma to fill. "Come here, Bulma," Panchy uttered, presenting her daughter with a genuine, comforting smile, a red hue covering her cheeks. If Bulma really wanted this, she wouldn't stop her. But she knew from experience how difficult it was to handle Roshi's cock for the first time. In fact, she still had some trouble from time to time. She wanted to support her daughter in any way she could. Her back against the bedframe, legs spread wide to accommodate her daughter between them. "You can lie down against me if you want."

Bulma could practically feel the back of her head mash against her mother's squishy tits. She imagined they'd feel incredibly comfortable, but... "C- Can I... push my head between them?"

Once more, Panchy grew pale. After all of Bulma’s groping, licking, and ogling, she still wanted more? "You... really like my breasts that much?"

Bulma nodded shyly, averting Panchy's gaze with a timid smile.

This girl... Panchy once more felt conflicted. But after betraying Bulma and their family, was she really in a position to deny her?

“All.. right.” Filled with guilt, Panchy forced herself to smile. Ignoring the voice of reason in her head that told her to dissuade her daughter from having such yearnings, she agreed. “If... if that will help you be more comfortable.”

Yes! And so, Bulma placed herself on the bed, getting down on all fours and happily diving her face headfirst into her mother’s jugs. Her ass was raised high near the end of the bed, allowing Roshi to place himself behind her and grab her wide hips. Already, she giggled as her head sunk into the supple flesh.

Roshi honestly couldn't wait anymore. He wasn't gentle as he took his place behind her and pushed his length into the turquoise-haired genius; it was the opposite really. Pressing himself against her folds, he stabbed roughly, sliding into her until his cockhead bumped against her cervix. Actually, had his passage ever been so smooth? He mused that she must be ecstatic to finally act on urges that had been slumbering for years, for she was so slick, he slid himself in with hardly any stalls.

For someone who didn't have much experience when it came to sex, Panchy thought Bulma took the old man in much better than expected. Compared to her own first time with Roshi, she handled it like a pro. "There you go, Bulma!" Panchy whispered, trying to ignore how good it felt to have her daughter's face cares her sensitive udders now that her body was filled with lecherous heat. Her veins were stuffed with ecstasy. "You're doing great."

With his age, Roshi had experienced a lot over the years. Shoving a girl into her mother's rack as he began to fuck her, however, was a new one even for him. "H- Heh heh..." He gulped audibly, unable to contain his excitement, sweat running down his bald head like the spit did from his mouth to his chin. It wasn't just the sight that made him so heated, it was the immoral taboo he partook him that really threatened to send him over the edge prematurely. I should be careful, he warned himself. His cock nestled in one the finest pussies he ever experienced, already wrapping so forcefully around him, a forbidden sin happening right in front of his eyes. It feels like I can cum at any moment already.

Like this, sandwiched between the two, Bulma's face was getting smothered by her mother's spectacular tits as her body was swung to and fro. Her screams of elation were muffled by the supple udders. Oh Kami. So great! This is so great! Like a dream come true, she trashed her head from left to right and vice versa, motorboating those spectacular jugs while getting thoroughly fucked by the elderly man’s thick dick.

“There you go, Bulma.” Panchy gingerly cradled her daughter's head. “You’re doing great.” It was kind of strange to be here while a man was fucking her daughter, but... in a way it was nice to share something so intimate. Panchy looked on as Master Roshi plowed her daughter. Despite her best efforts, she found herself growing hotter and wetter than ever before from watching her daughter receive Roshi's brutal thrusts. Up till now, Panchy's choices had been on the wrong side of the spectrum, but she felt there was still a line that had yet to be crossed. This had all been for her daughter. The urge she felt now however, particularly at her loins, had everything to do with Bulma, but for all the wrong reasons.

"Oh Kami!" Bulma squealed, bringing her head up from her mom's majestic bust. "I'm cumming!"

Oh no! Oh Kami no! Panchy could resist herself no longer. I... I can’t help it! Planting her head on the back of Bulma's head she began to apply pressure, keen on shoving her climaxing daughter's head back to the place she came out of twenty-nine years ago.

And she would have, if not for Roshi's sudden declaration.

"I'm cumming!" he announced with haste, bringing Panchy out of her trance. There was only one way he wanted to finish this, and he couldn't wait a second longer! Pulling himself out of Bulma's pussy, her vaginal walls doing all they could to keep him nice and deep, gripping him tight and wrapping like a snake, he hollered, "T- Turn her around!"

As the back of Bulma's head sunk into Panchy's heavenly cushions, the first spurt of white was ousted from the tip of Roshi's throbbing cock, landing on Bulma's flat stomach. Before he could aim himself properly, the second batch of cum landed on the valley between her breasts. It wasn't until his third pulse that he finally managed to direct his spraying cock where he wanted – Bulma's gleeful face and Panchy's enormous tits, enlarged by the weight of Bulma's head as she squeezed against them.

The ample amount was truly remarkable since his first two abundant ejaculations had been nothing to scoff at. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that the two remarkable women of the Briefs family were responsible for each and every ounce of lust that now spurred out of him.

“Oh wow...” Bulma lied contently on the bed as her mother laid her down, a genuine smile twirling her lips. For once, she didn't even care that the old perv had showered her entire face with his seeds. After all this time, she'd finally gotten her way with her mom's heavy knockers, and all while getting thoroughly fucked by the geezer's impressive dick. Though she supposed she should feel shame for what had transpired, all she felt was... joyfulness. It was probably going to get pretty awkward for a while at home, but it'd been worth it. So, so worth it.

"You know…" The old master’s deep-set eyes turned to Panchy, who eyed her spunk-covered daughter with a blush. "I think we should teach Bulma a thing or two more, wouldn't you agree?"

The flustered blonde nodded dimwittedly. In the deepest corners of her mind, she admitted to herself that she had almost thrown her own daughter's head at her loins. In fact, if not for Roshi's timely roar, she would've... And yet, despite the feelings of shame that flowed through her, her body yearned for more and she was eager to proceed. She was flipped onto her front, her backside slightly elevated for Roshi's soon-to-be-thrusting hips.

Roshi snickered behind her. It seemed even the traditional Panchy had grown to be more foul in his presence. Perhaps it was time for him and Launch to try and persuade her for some more immoral fun. This time without any familial ties that hindered how far she was willing to go. Gripping the flesh of her ass tightly, fingers sinking into their supple mass, he could already imagine Launch's blonde head dining on her ass. Needless to say, it offered more than enough incentive for Roshi to start thrusting, thanking Kami for allowing him to live such a blessed life.

He truly led a perfect life.

A few weeks later.

The fight with the Saiyans was over. They had won, but the price for their victory had been heavy indeed. Numerous of their friends were dead, and with Piccolo gone, the Dragon Balls disappeared too.

In Wukong hospital, the surviving heroes rested and planned to bring their friends back from the dead. It was decided that Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma would travel to planet Namek to gather the Dragon Balls that existed there and wish their friends back to life. Roshi was sad to see Bulma go. He wouldn’t miss her constant nagging of course, but each day he couldn’t see her nubile body was a day too many in his book. At least he and Panchy had given her exactly was she’d yearned for before she left Earth for her next adventure. With only a toddler and Krillin to accompany her and her growing perverseness, the bald warrior could probably get lucky if he played his cards right, but Roshi doubted the kid had it in him – months later, he’d find out that he was right. If Bulma was to be believed, she had paraded around the ship in nothing but her underwear for days, but he hadn’t gotten the hint. For the monk’s own sake, Roshi prayed he’d never find out he could’ve gotten with Launch and Bulma if he’d shown more initiative.

Goku was the only Z-warrior left in the hospital. Roshi was paying the young man a visit, even if it was only to eye the hot nurse that treated him. She was leaning over to check Goku’s vitals, giving him a good ogle of her buttocks. He licked his dry lips. Kami, if his pupil had been asleep he’d push the woman over his student and take her. Oh well, there was always next time.

“Ah, there you are, Master Roshi.”

Huh? That voice... That sounded like... “Chi-Chi?!” the old man voiced in shock when his eyes met her. Why was she smiling like that? And wh- What was she wearing?!

Chi-Chi was dressed in a form-fitting Chinese dress, showing off her excellent curves. The top of her jugs were exposed by the cut in her red dress, creating an open space right where her breasts met, giving him a generous ogle of her cleavage. Blood-red stilettos protected her feet, the long heels sharp and deadly. Red lipstick covered her lips, her cheeks powdered and her large black eyes even more accentuated by her black mascara. She looked so... mature and sexy. Much more than in her usual, plain attire. Just what... was going on here? Had she planned to give her husband a surprise visit? Goku! You lucky bastard!

“I’ve been looking for you,” she whispered so Goku wouldn’t hear when she got close enough. Grabbing his hand, she squeezed softly. “Want to sneak into a room?” she murmured, trying her best to sound seductive. She wasn’t used to trying to be flirtatious. She was more of a hands-on kind of girl. If she wanted something, she’d usually just grab it. Her cheeks were flushed, clearly embarrassed. “Just the two of us.”

“Ooh?” Roshi cocked his brow. Now this was a surprise. In all honesty, it wasn't like Chi-Chi to be so frisky. These last few weeks Chi-Chi had mostly ignored him, only speaking when spoken to. Sex had been completely off the table. With Goku alive again, he’d expected Chi-Chi to put up more of a fight, but perhaps he was luckier than he thought! “With your husband right there?” He snickered. “You’re such a dirty girl.”

The force squeezing his hand tightened for only a second before reverting to its tender embrace. She smiled, apologized, and Roshi thought nothing of it. She cleared her throat, giggling and beckoning him to follow her.

They found an empty room relatively soon, not too far removed from where they treated Goku. As Chi-Chi closed the door behind her, she could feel the heavy thudding of her heart. Kami, she was so nervous for what would come next, but she had made up her mind. No backing down now. She gasped when Roshi sneaked up behind her and threw his arms over her stomach, placing his lips on her neck. “Hihi, not so fast there, old p- Master Roshi.” She turned around and pushed the old man away to create some distance between the two. “Now that my husband is back and Bulma is taking care of Gohan, let’s do something to make our relationship even more memorable shall we.”

Roshi raised her brow when Chi-Chi took something out of her shoe. It was rope he realized. Lots and lots of rope. How had she even stored so much in one shoe? “Get on the bed,” she urged him.

“Heh heh!” Bondage? He should’ve known a control freak like Chi-Chi was into this kind of thing. “You’ve got it, Chi-Chi!” Eagerly he took his place on the bed, humming appreciatively as he was tied to the bed. How exciting! Though he’d been with many women over the years, he hadn’t met one keen enough to tie him up and have her way with him. “But wow! You’re looking so fine today! You sure know how to treat the elderly.”

“Let’s tie you up nice and tight, old man,” Chi-Chi spoke soothingly, putting a double knot in the rope that secured Roshi’s pulse to the bedframe. The old man was happy to watch her work. With her leaning forward like this, her dangling breasts were shoved in his face. Once his other hand was safely secured as well, she clutched his pants and ordered him to raise his hips. The old man eagerly complied, chuckling as his trousers and underwear slipped past his feet. His was already rock-hard from the thought of the beautiful brunette straddling him. Especially after showing off her delectable body.

“Heh heh! Look how happy he is to see you. How about giving it a good suck before we continue?” he offered with his goofy face, saliva running down his chin.

Chi-Chi smiled at him – a serene smile, one without the hatred she usually showed him. “Let’s tie up your feet first. After that...” Her eyes rose, gazing into his. “I’m not gonna stop even if you beg me.”

 Oh boy! Roshi inwardly cheered. She made it sound like she was gonna try to suck it off. If he had one complaint about his relationship with Chi-Chi this last year, it was that she wasn’t prone to please him in any other way than fucking. She never gave him a good rub or suckle. Perhaps now that her son was back, she was a bit more keen to pleasure him. I can’t wait for those plump lips to wrap around me. He grunted as his feet were tied to the bed. He got that Chi-Chi was probably ecstatic to bind him and exude her control over him, but it was actually starting to hurt somewhat... “You uh... you’re sure this isn’t too tight?”

“Don’t be silly, Master Roshi,” Chi-Chi assured, placing herself on the bed and maneuvering her feet at his sides. “It needs to be nice and tight.” His cock pulsed eagerly at her words.

But wait... She was planning on straddling him right away? She wasn’t going to blow him first? And why didn’t she take off her clothes before getting on the bed? He loved how sexy she looked it her dress, but she’d look even better without it. “Aren’t you gonna undress?” he asked. “I mean, I guess you can keep your clothes on, but those curves deserve to be shown in all their glory, heh heh!”

Silence. A deafening silence.

“Chi-Chi?” He gulped, sweat dripping down his head as his eyes met hers. Was... was she glowering at him? The hairs on the back of his neck stood up from her ominous aura. He was starting to get a bit anxious. Gone was the girl who spoke to him so seductively, presenting him those heartwarming smiles. She eyed him with an irate expression, towering above him with her arms crossed.

What was her problem all of a sudden? “Huh?” Was it just him, or was something beginning to poke against his...? Lowering his head, he saw what was brushing against his sensitive prick. “Huh?!” He jumped, but his bindings kept him in place. She was pressing against him with her stiletto’s heel! Her very sharp heel! “Wh- What are you doing?”

“Did you really think I was going to take this lying down, old perv?” Gone was Chi-Chi’s loving, temptation-filled tone. Her voice was filled with contempt, her heel slowly but surely pressing against Roshi’s manhood with more and more pressure. “You stole my virginity, and used my mental state for your own selfish gains.”

“H- Hey now.” Roshi was actually starting to panic a bit. He knew the binds wouldn’t be able to contain him long, but it wasn’t like he could escape in a fraction of a second! “L- Let’s talk about this!”

Chi-Chi chuckled, her eyes filled with dark intent as she eyed his dick. Despite the situation, it refused to go down. He truly was a hopeless pervert. “Old man?”

“Y- Yes?”

 “I hope you’re ready, perv.” Chi-Chi was silent for only a second before she jeered, “Remember, I’m not gonna stop even if you beg me.”

“Heh... heh?” And for the first time since starting his journey, Roshi felt a small pang of regret. Not for fucking Chi-Chi of course. That was an experience he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. But as she kicked his groin over and over, sometimes even hitting his testicles with all her might, he wished he hadn’t been so gullible to believe the headstrong woman would suddenly change her mind about him. “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” he wept, his body squirming. What had he done to deserve this?!

“Stealing my virginity! Cumming over my face! Putting your disgusting thing on my ass!” With each part of her barrage, Chi-Chi accompanied her words with another swing of her foot. Her accusations went on and on, assaulting him as if she was trying to break his prick and crush his testicles. “Take this you filthy degenerate!”

“Waahaaa!” Roshi sobbed, feeling Chi-Chi’s full fury for the first time. He knew she could be fiery, but this was just too much! He knew about blue balls, but she was beating his testis black and blue! The pain, it was...! “Too much!” This was just too much! “Stop!” he pleaded. “I... I’ll promise to leave you alone from now on, so just st-!”

A kick to the head was all it took to finally knock the geezer out cold.

“Shut up.” As she eyed the unconscious pervert, Chi-Chi smirked victoriously. She should’ve done this a long time ago. Make herself presentable, butter him up, and knock him silly. She should’ve known it would turn out to be her body that he was most susceptible to. Watching the slumbering Turtle Hermit, she noted to her own surprise that his dick refused to wither. “Hmph!” It seemed that even while unconscious, his body prioritized his cock. “Figures... I should’ve known that no amount of punishment could get that thing to stop working.”

That filthy thing was first presented to her back when she was a kid... Back then, she had been too ashamed to even think about it. Who knew it would continue to haunt her well into adulthood?

Oh well... she supposed it didn’t matter much. Gohans found: one. Number of times Chi-Chi managed to punish the old man for his transgressions: also one.

For once, she had won.

As far as wins go, I think this might be one of the Turtle Hermit's biggest ones so far. Minus the ending of course, haha. Chi-Chi finally has her victory over the old man. She won this battle, but will she win the war?

Next up: Maron! I'm very excited to finally write about a new girl again. It helps to keep the story fresh, both to read and to write.

Until next time!

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