The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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A/N: We finally get a new girl this chapter! I love writing Bulma and co, but there’s just something fun about having Roshi interact with a new girl, and thinking about their reactions to his exuberance.

Last time we met him, Roshi experienced one of the vilest sexual experiences of his life, but it came with the price of getting battered by Chi-Chi at the end. Will he have learned from Chi-Chi's trashing and decide to never touch another woman again? Don't count on it!

Warning: lemon

Chapter 16: Getting your MarOn

A year had passed since the Z-fighters' adventures on Namek. The fallen warriors who had given their life while fighting the Saiyans had all been resurrected, and if his friends were to believed, the fight on Namek had gotten crazier and crazier, ending in Goku realizing an old alien prophecy by transforming into a Super Saiyan and beating the evil overlord known as Lord Frieza. It was crazy how strong his pupil had become, and Roshi knew that he was vastly outclassed by the younger generation when it came to strength. He was still superhuman compared to most, but he was getting left behind in the strength department. Oh well, though Roshi still kept up his training, he had many other pleasurable ways to spend the time.

With the whole Namek crisis over and done with, Bulma was back on Earth, and though Capsule Corp. housing the entire Namekian population for six months had kept her busy, she was now free to come over and visit whenever she wanted. Which she did. That girl might have hit thirty this year, but she was blessed with her mother's genetics and was as taut as the day he met her. And though he'd missed the turquoise-haired genius when she was off-world, he still had Launch's company whenever he wanted to pass the time. His maid was still as loyal as ever, keen to fulfill her self-imposed duty to keep him satisfied. Panchy was still there for him too, and even Tights and the mermaid Pie-Pie made sure to visit him from time to time.

Chi-Chi, however... was another story. He had no doubt he'd try again with Chi-Chi at some point, but he'd happily keep his groin away from her fury for now. Considering the absolute trashing she'd given him last time they spoke – and Gohan, who was now much stronger than him, living with her again – he'd decided to keep his distance for now. That day in the hospital, he'd been unconscious for hours. It wasn't until the blonde nurse who had treated Goku found the old man tied to the bed and hesitantly woke the naked hermit up that he was set free. His body's efforts to keep the blood flow to his groin retain its steady pace was rewarded when Roshi pushed her on the bed and ensured whether his abused equipment was still working properly. As his battered testicles showered the nurse's cervix full with his seeds, he happily concluded his journey could continue.

And yet, despite all his previous experiences with all those young, beautiful, and shapely women, his eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing. Large, developed tits that not even Pie-Pie and Panchy could hold a candle to swung enticingly in front of him, almost popping out of the girl's tight, revealing yellow swimsuit, bouncing wildly with each step. Her waist was slim, her body like an hourglass, widening at her hips, culminating at her plump ass. Her buttocks were blessed with a fullness that could only be compared to the suppleness of her bust. How...? How the hell had Krillin ever managed to persuade this bombshell of a woman to date him?

"Krillin!" the girl, Maron, cheered as she ran toward her boyfriend in the water, her wide hips sensually swaying, much like her jugs. Krillin eyed her with desire, the water around him boiling from the heat he exuded. This was his reward for getting blown up by Frieza? He'd happily get blown up a thousand times over in exchange for this splendid view. Underneath the water, his groin began to stir in response to the curvaceous beauty.

Roshi eyed the two with jealousy. Since when did Krillin have the advantage when it came to women? Chi-Chi had refused to come over, claiming she wasn't feeling well. Roshi had an inkling that she was fine and the he was in fact the problem. Bulma had gone home already, angry at him for choosing to ogle Maron instead of her after the younger bombshell called her an old hag a couple of times. But seriously, could he possibly be blamed for favoring the curvaceous goddess? I mean, just look at her!

It meant he only had Launch to accompany him, and though their relationship was still going strong, she wasn't paying him any attention whatsoever. Much like he had ignored Bulma, Launch didn't give him the time of day, gulping her beer as she eyed the backside of the younger girl attentively with intense focus. "God damn," she muttered. "Check out the curves on that one."

"Those are some deadly curves," Roshi concurred, feeling his shorts tightening. "Her tits are the biggest I've ever seen."

"And that ass," Launch added, wiping away the drool that ran down her chin. "Talk about a full plate to eat." When Bulma was on Namek, she and Roshi finally managed to persuade Panchy to join them in a glorious threesome. After years of pining, Launch had finally gotten her tongue to devour that blonde milf's delicious thick buttocks, and now there was one with even better shapes than her on the island. It was absolutely maddening. "How the hell did someone like that end up with Krillin?"

Roshi was sure many younger men asked the same question if they ever found out about him and someone like Launch for example, but dammit, it didn't make any sense to him either! His bald student hadn't even gotten Bulma's hint during their journey to Namek! "You should ask her, Launch. I'm sure she'll open up to a woman like you."

"Maybe..." Launch said, shaking her head, clearly still in disbelief. Who knew she'd ever be this jealous of the bald pipsqueak. Filled with resentment, she grabbed another beer and proceeded to chug it. Actually, just how many beers had she consumed till now?

She could remember her frustration from back when she first met Maron all too clearly. These stupid baldies are stealing all the women...

A few days earlier

“So, the pipsqueak finally got himself a girlfriend,” Launch stated, sitting down on the couch in the living room, arms spread over the sofa, one leg crossed over the other. “About time.”

“I’ll say,” the old man concurred, amusement in his voice. When Krillin first told him he was dating, Roshi could hardly believe what he was hearing. His pupil had finally gotten himself a lady. He turned his head to eye his blonde roommate. “Think she’s a looker?”

Launch scoffed and threw her head back, letting it sink into the sofa’s cushion, her lips twirled into a confident smirk. “Let’s not get our hopes up too much. It is Krillin after all.” It wasn’t that she hated the young martial artist; it was the opposite really. Back when he was a teen, Launch found him to be quite amusing. Unlike Goku, he was a healthy teenager, and her own lack of modesty often resulted in awkwardness for the young boy, excusing himself to his room when her indecency would inevitably beckon him to take care of business. It’d been fun to play with his head like that. As he grew older, however, she’d hoped his timidness around women would disappear.

It did not. According to Bulma, she tried to subtlety seduce him on their trip to Namek, opting to walk around the ship in nothing but her underwear, but he had either failed to pick up on her signals, or he had been too scared to act. It was too bad either way really. She would’ve loved for the bald squirt to get laid with a quality girl like Bulma. Her thoughts were broken when she heard two voices outside. Krillin’s voice was easily recognizable; the other, not so much. Has to be the girlfriend.

“Wow! This island is, like, so pretty!”

Oh? Launch raised one eyebrow. Her sultry voice... was actually kind of hot. Next to her, Launch heard the old man stir. He must’ve thought the exact same thing. The handle of the front door was lowered, and as the door opened, Krillin’s bald head shone brightly from the sun’s reflection.

“We’re here!”  Krillin announced as he stepped into the living room with a huge grin. Behind him was a woman. She was taller than Krillin – much, much taller. “I’ve brought Maron with me. I’m so happy to introduce you guys to her.”

“Helloooo!” Maron walked into the living room, a genuine smile on her angelic face. Dressed in a form-fitting red dress, she waved. “Like, good to meet you guys!”

Launch felt her breath hitch. What the fuck?! If not for her shellshocked state of mind leaving her too astonished to speak, she would’ve screamed out her confusion. Her eyes ran over the younger woman’s body, her brain unable to comprehend what she was seeing. This was Krillin’s girlfriend?! The girl who walked in was so fucking hot! What a face! What a body! If she herself acted like this, she couldn’t imagine the old man would be able to stay ca-

“Woohoo!” Roshi jumped out of his seat. Like Launch he couldn’t believe what was seeing; unlike her though, he was more than able to act. “Welcome! Welcome!” He laughed sleazily as he edged closer. His dark shades reflected what he was focused on – the girl’s massive cleavage, ample and apparent, tugged inside the dress that was barely able to contain them, almost popping out. Licking his lips, he jumped at her in an instant, his gaze never leaving her breasts, intent on burying his face between them. “Come to papa!”

Whether it was on purpose or not, Maron suddenly ducked before Roshi could reach her, and the old man jumped over her, clashing against his plant, his arms and legs wrapping around it. “So good to finally meet you, heh heh!” he joyously uttered, his face repeatedly wagging from left to right and vice versa until he began to notice that his head wasn’t drowning in fluffy pillows. It was the opposite. The surface was so rough that his face was starting to hurt as he motorboated the timber stem. “Huh?” Blinking a few times, Roshi stopped his motions and realized his mistake. “Wh- Where are the fluffy pillows?”

It was to be the first of many failed attempts to grope the knockout woman who had just walked in. For all his success with women over the years, this new eye candy proved to be a difficult prey for Master Roshi to catch. He could watch – which he did... a lot – but so far, he could not touch. It was as maddening as Maron was lovely.

"Phew!" Maron cheered as she got out of the water, throwing her drenched hair back. Krillin had excused himself some time ago, and he left with that adorable kid in search of something. He wouldn't tell her what though, much to her dismay. But in a place like this, she couldn't stay mad for long. This really was a nice place to live. It was very tropical and it was a nice change of pace from the bustling city. A private island like this must have cost, like, a lot of money. I wonder if Krillin can buy me something like this?

Life with Krillin was fine and all, but sometimes she missed the luxurious benefits of dating men with more wealth. Krillin could buy her most things she wanted, but there was no way he could afford anything like this. Maybe I should, like, choose the old man over him. She was kidding of course. She'd dated old men in the past, and though they could buy her pretty much anything, they lacked something else that was important to have – mainly in the bedroom. The geezer sure was lively though. For whatever reason, it seemed he perked up whenever she walked into a room, laughing boisterously and excitingly rubbing his hands as he watched her, drool running down his chin. Actually, was it just her, or did she often have that effect on old men in general?

"Hey!" a rough voice called out to her, startling the beauty.

Maron looked around, and noticed the blonde lady who lived here with the old man walking up to her. She seemed to have trouble to keep herself steady as she walked, a red hue on her face. Was... was she drunk? Great, another old lady to bother her... Hadn't that grandma Bulma been enough for the day? "What do you want?"

"I have a question for you!" Launch blurted out, pointing her index finger at the younger woman.

"Like, okaaay?"

"How... how the hell did someone like you end up with Krillin?" Launch slurred her words, her voice filled with lust as she eyed Maron. "What is it about him? Does he have a big dick or something?"

"A big dick?" Maron giggled, denying it was anything like that. "Actually, we haven't taken our relationship that far yet. Like, at all."

"What?" Launch's drunk state was halted for a brief pause. "Haven't you guys been dating for a while now?"

"Krillin said he wants to take the relationship slow, so we haven't done anything like that," Maron clarified. "It's too bad though. I'd like him to be more daring, but, like, whatever."

Figures... Leave it to Krillin to fuck this one up. He could fuck this curvy girl all day, and he rather leaves the island with Gohan. "How did you guys meet anyways?"

"Uhm... We met at, like, the mall. I asked him to buy me some shoes, and he agreed," she explained. "Oh! And I saw my own reflection on his bald head. I looked, like, so cute that day!"

That was it? A couple of shoes was all it took to land a babe like this? Launch felt infuriated. Perhaps it was the booze, but her eyes were glued to the younger girl's spectacular rack, slightly squelched due to the tightness of her swimsuit. "Man, I can't believe he hasn't even touched your tits yet. Just how big are they anyway? You could feed a whole daycare with those jugs of yours."

"My tits?" Maron asked, nudging her head downwards and pointing at her bosoms. "Uhm, I'm pretty sure they're like, double- D's. At least, that's what some guy told me once when he asked me to show him my breasts in exchange for a free cab ride when I forgot my wallet."

All that for a free cab ride? "You're pretty promiscuous, huh?" Launch lips twirled into a sly grin, taking a step closer. "I like that!"

Maron shrugged. What did promiscuous even mean anyways? She didn't notice Launch getting closer and closer, not until she was inches apart that is. "Huh?" Maron yipped when Launch suddenly grabbed her hands, slightly jumping. "Is... something, like, wrong?"

Launch licked her lips, still eying the bombshell's bosom. "I think you and I are going to get along famously."

Unbeknownst to Maron, hidden close by was an old, perverted man, sniffling shrewdly. Hiding his disappointment in his pupil that he hadn't taken advantage of this golden opportunity to screw such a bombshell of a woman, Roshi figured he'd take advantage of Krillin's lack of initiative. But geez... First Launch, then Bulma, and now Maron... If his pupil didn't score a hot girl soon, he might have to renounce him as his student. At least Goku bagged Chi-Chi, even if it was due to sheer luck. "Hmmm... I wonder how I can take advantage of this situation..."

Hidden from the old man's view, Launch had started to beckon Maron to follow her, clumsily putting her feet forward, clearly affected by the alcohol. Maron hesitantly followed, wondered what the old lady could possibly want with her?

"Geez..." Maron groaned, walking around the small island, looking for Krillin. That blonde grandma had acted so strange. After slurring out her words, she had guided Maron to a secluded place on the island and had begun to fondle her – her ass to be more precise – complimenting her, in Launch's own words, fucking crazy curves before demanding her to bend over. Maron did – completely unaware of the blonde's lecherous intent – only to hear a loud thud from behind shortly thereafter. It seemed that Launch, before she could execute her plan and dive her face between the younger, unexpecting woman's cheeks, had passed out from the booze, falling headfirst into the sand instead...

So close, and yet so far for the maid.

Maron decided it'd be best to leave her there for the time being.

Basking underneath the warmth of the sun, she stretched out her body. "I wonder where Krillin is? He's been, like, away for a while now..." It was only her, the turtle, the unconscious blonde hag, and even older geezer on the island now. The old man was lying in his chair, a dirty magazine shielding his head from the sun.

"Old man," Maron cooed with boredom in her voice as she came closer. "Are you awake?"

Master Roshi grunted underneath his adult publication, his eyes squinting. After taking his place on his chair to think of a ploy to capture the newest bombshell's attention, it seemed he'd fallen asleep... Now, Maron stood over him, his lying position giving him a spectacular view of her hourglass frame. Needless to say, he was completely awake in a trice as he eyed the magnificent underside of her jugs, brilliantly reflected in the frames of his glasses. "Tits! Uhm, I mean, Maron~!" he spoke with glee, standing up with youthful enthusiasm, rubbing the back of his bald head. "What can I do for you?"

"Have you seen Krillin? It's been, like, forever," she muttered, disgruntled. Who did her boyfriend think he was, leaving her stranded on some island all by herself? But then, a sense of worry overwhelmed her. "Oh no! What if he's been, like, eaten or something?!"

Roshi was surprised. Krillin still wasn't back yet? His pupil had been gone for a long time now. Just what was he doing spending so much time away from his hot and willing girlfriend? Kami, if he was the bald warrior, he'd tell her to go upstairs and surprise her with his-




What if I?!

That's it!

His lips twirled into a vile grin. With both Krillin and Gohan gone, his window of opportunity had finally opened. With a manipulable girl like this one, he could probably trick her into doing something like that. Kami, I'm such a genius! "Actually, he told me he's waiting for you upstairs, the first room on your right. He said he had a surprise for you."

"A surprise?" Maron repeated, a smile on her face. "Ooh, I love surprises."

Roshi nodded his head vigorously, a blush on his face, saliva running down his chin. "Oh yes! It looked like he had a huge package for you, heh heh!"

"Really?!" Maron cheered with glee, jumping around like a kid during Christmas, giving Roshi a generous ogle of those curves of her in motion; there was so much... bouncing. "I love huge packages, too!" It'd been awhile since Krillin bought something for her. She had started to worry somewhat that she had completely emptied his pockets, but it seemed he still had cash to spend! Krillin was nice and all, but she liked him most when he was spending his Zeni! She gleefully skipped past the hermit, unaware of the eyes that followed her bouncing frame as she jumped towards and up the stairs.

Per her instructions, she walked into the bedroom, only to find... no one. "Huh?" Maron nudged her head. "Krillin?" No one was here. She walked around the room, checking the closet and underneath the bed, but Krillin was nowhere to be found. How strange...

"Krillin! Where are y- Huh?" Something stirred in the next room, hurriedly and eagerly. Her eyes directed themselves at the wall dividing the two rooms, where something caught her eye. She had been so focused on finding her boyfriend that she hadn't even noticed the hole that had been carved into the wall dividing the bedroom to the one next to it. And out of it came a...? A penis pushed in all the way at a length of about nine inches. The bulbous head peered from an overlapping of skin and pumped out a thick, clear fluid that showed off its eagerness. "Krillin?"

Was... was this Krillin's surprise that the old man mentioned? Maron's cheeks flushed at seeing her boyfriend's privates for the first time. Who knew he could be so daring? It was so unlike the aversion he showed before; she liked this new bold part of him. Though he still seemed to be too shy to let her see his face during these intimate moments. She giggled; in its own way, his shyness was kind of cute. She eyed the released piston with interest; it pulsed with desire, as if it knew it was being watched.

Was it just her, or was it pretty... "Big!" She skipped with childlike enthusiasm as she came closer to examine it, getting down on her knees in front of it. Her pupils dilated as she eyed the long shaft. "Wow! Not bad, Krillin!" she complimented, gleefully clapping her hands. He was much bigger than she expected; thicker and a few inches longer. Due to his short size, she hadn't expected him to hide such a monster in his pants. It looked desirable to touch. She lifted her hand to grasp the eager appendage to familiarize herself with the shape and texture. Despite his girth, her hand managed to fit around him, albeit with some difficulty. "Pretty hard too!"

On the other side of the wall, old man Roshi grunted as he felt her fist wrap around his cock. Success! He cheered inwardly, his hands tightening at his sides as the busty beauty's silky fingers seized him tight and began to move. Maron was...! Maron was touching his dick! His teeth were bare as he grinned perversely. After all the years they'd spend together, Roshi and Launch had decided to spice things up somewhat by creating a gloryhole from the geezer's room to hers, and they took full advantage together. Perhaps somewhat expectedly, Maron's motions were smooth and controlled from the start, showing her experience with such sexual services. Through the hole in the wall, he could hear the girl humming whilst she stroked him.

"Back and forth. Back and forth," she sang, making sure her motions were in line with the lyrics she'd created in her head. More and more pre-cum dripped out of the tip of the throbbing manhood. With her hand she made sure to collect enough of the slickness to ensure she could glide over the meaty staff without chaffing it. At times, she'd stop as her hand fitted over the spongy tip, contracting around it for more pleasure. "I really like your cock, Krillin," she admitted. "It's, like, so cute!"

Though known to be an airhead, Maron actually was quite knowledgeable when it came to erotic motions. With her gullible attitude, more than one man had ensured the bombshell's hands, lips, and even tits to wrap over their shafts with little urging. Once, she'd even been left to believe a man was on his deathbed and the only way to save him was to suck the poison out of him. It must have worked, for he never seemed more alive than when he'd aimed himself at her chest and released the venom she'd coaxed out of him. Speaking of liveliness, she would like for Krillin to be more energetic while she pleased him. She wanted him to praise her skill. Maybe he needed some more of her coercion that'd leave him breathless?

For Roshi, her tendency to get taken advantage of meant he got to experience a finesse he'd hadn't dared to expect. Like a true veteran she held him as if her hand was the casing that had been made specifically to sheath his cock. It was hard to endure, and even harder not to make a sound that would give away his identity. "Gnh!" he grunted, unable to keep quiet, when a sudden warmth enveloped him. Was she...? She was blowing him! That young, incredible bombshell was blowing his cock! Wet and humid, his sensitive cockhead pulsed with delight as it experienced the curvaceous goddess's mouth for the first time. "Thank you, Kami," he whispered.

With both hands planted against the wall for balance, Maron giggled at his reaction, her vocals ringing against the dick she took further and further into her mouth. She knew he wouldn't be able to keep quiet for long. There we go! Now to make him go crazy! With four inches embedded already, Maron's head jolted forward, squeezing his length and girth past her tonsils and into her throat. Let's see how long you can keep quiet! With a frantic pace, her head began to bob over his dick as she went down on him, slathering him in saliva, her turquoise locks moving in line with her head. It didn't take long until she could hear the many moans and grunts from the other side of the wall as his hips began to move, thrusting himself between her luscious lips. Her nipples poked against the yellow fabric; downwards, between her thighs to be exact, her petals were starting to leak. She loved sucking dick. With her vow to be loyal to Krillin, she had abstained for some time, and she could feel her body grow hotter with each passing second now that she was finally active again.

Pounding against the wall like this, Roshi kept himself controlled. His ears were perked, listening with glee at the melody of the salacious beauty slurping her head over his cock, gurgling whenever she took him deep. Of course, he loved the feeling of her sipping his prick, but to be honest, he was far more of a visual being. Oh, he could imagine the scene in front of him with such clarity! Her developed body leaning forward, heavy tits dangling in her swimsuit as her lips wrapped around him. The impact of his hips clashing with her mouth making her jugs shake, her udders swaying with each thrust into her warm mouth. Just the thought put him into action. I... I can't take it anymore! "M- Maron!"

T- That voice! That wasn't Krillin, that was...! The old man! Maron realized, but it was far too late. His dick slipped out of her mouth when he began to move, but before Maron could respond, the wall dividing them broke apart as the old hermit bulldozed himself through it, leaving behind a figure shaped after his image in the wall as Maron fell down from the impact, landing on her back with a thud. "Gnh!" she grunted when the elderly man's weight fell on her as he planted his butt on her stomach. What was going on here? "Huh?!" She shrieked when she came face to face with the old man – the very naked old man! – her body jumping in shock, but his weight keeping her in place. He grinned vilely at her, saliva running down his chin, his eyes filled with dark intent as they leered at her breasts. "Wh- What are you...?"

Being surrounded by women so much had come with added benefits for the Turtle Hermit. For one, he was far more controlled around feminine splendor than he once was. Though still driven by perversion, there was self-control in his actions, a reasoning for why he did the things he did. As he gazed at the helpless Maron beneath him, however – a new girl, one yet to be claimed – bequeathed with shapely curves that dwarfed all those who came before her, he reverted back to who he once was – the frantic pervert overwhelmed with desire, unable to resists the goods in front of him and damning the possible consequences of his actions. As her sweet aroma drifted into his nose, the untamed pervert was let loose and ready to begin. His nostrils huffed and puffed, a line of blood running down his nose as his perverted urges skyrocketed.

"T- Ti!" he blabbered, spit running down his chin, his eyes glued to the bombshell's hefty chest. So long... They'd been tempting him for so long! Can't wait any longer! Roshi tested the melon-sized globes as his hands grabbed them in a trice. Even stuffed in her swimsuit, they gave him a hint of their stature. Even bigger than Panchy's! "Heh heh! Titties!" Squeezing them with his hands, he chortled haughtily. "Maron's titties!"

Maron gasped sharply as she felt someone other than her boyfriend grab her breasts. "N- No! L- Let go!" Her hands seized his wrists, but to no avail. He seemed so focused she doubted he even heard her, mumbling to himself how wonderful her mounds were over and over. Trashing wildly beneath him, she began to fear that she wasn't getting out of this anytime soon; he was far too steadfast. "You're squeezing so rough!"

"Squeezy! Squeezy!" Kami, even stuffed in her swimsuit her tits were such a delight to handle. Of course, as good as she felt, Roshi knew there was nothing to stop him from experiencing more of the bombshell's heavenly body. He gripped the straps of her swimsuit around her shoulders, and pulled them down without a second thought. Down went her swimsuit. At once, her heavy breasts fell naked; Maron inhaled sharply from the sudden coolness that enveloped her jugs. Pink ovals with tightened nubs at the center decorated the peaks of the swollen globes. They looked as lovely as they looked heavy. As he eyed her breasts, bedazzled by their brilliance, Roshi could not stay quiet. "Woohoo! Such big tits!"

"Hnh!" Maron felt his large hands on her tits, spreading them apart so that his girth could fill the valley in between. Already, his pre-cum fell down against her sternum. The sides of her sensitive knockers felt the warmth of his cock as they were pressed against it, smothering his dick with their ampleness. Maron looked down at her cleavage. The head of his cock barely poked out from the smothering confines, leaking with pre-cum. "I can... see it." It was an accomplishment in itself really; often, her bedpartner's dick would be completely hidden in her cushiony embrace. It was a sign of its massiveness.

"Oh wow...!" she heard him grunt when he began to move. Slowly at first, he kept her tits pressed against himself while he thrusted to and fro as if he was fucking her vagina. With each thrust forward, he'd grunt, his thighs smacking against her breasts. It wasn't long, however, until his tempo soared.

"Kyaa! Too fast!" Maron shrieked as the pervert thrusted through her cleavage. "Like, slow down a bit!" Overwhelmed by his vigor, Maron's hands came up to try to contain his wildness with her jugs. With his enthusiasm, however, it was difficult to keep her breasts around his bobbing shaft. Geez... Maron was surprised by how hot she felt, her loins moistening with heat. Blowing him had roused her, and now the old man's large hands squeezed and his long, hot rod rubbed against her sensitive jugs. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying this in the slightest, but... Behind the exuberant geezer, her thighs squeezed together, her throat unable to keep back the moans that were released from her lips. Maron's cheeks colored into a pink hue.

"That's right, Maron!" Roshi grunted, threatening to get overwhelmed. They were so soft! Her massive knockers wobbled with each clash of his thighs against the underside of her massive udders. "Just let loose and enjoy yourself, heh heh!" Harder! Faster! He repeated over and over again in his head, his pelvis jabbing at a frantic pace, his hands kneading her supple, jiggling flesh like dough. He wanted to keep going forever, but his tip leaked more and more of his arousal. Her tits felt so elastic, rubbing against his cockhead like jelly.

It wasn't long until...


Shoving his groin forward, his tip appeared from Maron's closed cleavage to fire the first spurt of white onto the girl's face; it crossed her face from her chin to the underside of her left eye. Pumping himself vigorously through her closed cleavage, the old man ejected his seeds. Judging from the quantity of his release, he was way too excited. The ample amount stained the beauty's face, her eyes squinted close to keep him from shooting his jizz in her eyes. He grunted with each throb of his shaft, groaning like the elderly man he was. When he was finally done, he continue to slap her supple tits around his prick. "Oh wow," he gushed, plucking himself off of the busty woman, his goofy grin still on his face. "That was great."

Face and tits covered in slimy spunk, Maron needed time to recuperate, a dumbfound expression on her face. So... So much! Maron couldn't even remember the last time someone had released this much cum. It was impressive, especially for one of the geezer's age. Surely this had asked a lot out of him. Stealing a peek at his groin, however, she was surprised at the hardness. "H- Huh?!" All nine inches still stood proudly, throbbing as the old man eyed her spunk-covered chest. She was surprised by his vigor. She'd dated old men before, but most of the time they were done after one pump, and they definitely didn't move as exuberantly as this one!

It didn't happen much, but occasionally Maron would use her brain and weigh her options. Clearly, her arousal was stirred. And with Krillin getting a bit stingy with his finances, maybe it was about time she moved on? The bald warrior was good to her, but if the money stopped flowing, she had her livelihood to consider. And since this old man had a private island, she wouldn't be surprised if he was rich too. Not only that, but he seemed much more eager to couple with her than Krillin, and that was important to her. Maybe she could use him to buy stuff for her like Krillin had! "Hey, old man?"


Maron felt her cheeks flush. As bold as she was in terms of clothing – or lack thereof – she was all too aware of the significance of what she was about to do. She giggled confidently as she turned around, her back turned towards him. She heard him inhale sharply when she bended forward, sticking out the ample swell of her rear, and reached behind her, fingers hooking underneath the fabric of her swimsuit right at the apex of her thighs, and spread it. "Wanna fuck?"

His nose gushed blood so much it was as if Chi-Chi had suddenly appeared to batter his nose. He took half a step back, his mouth agape in shock, eyes widened behind his glasses at the girl's unveiling. His gaze was fixated there where her swollen labia parted. She was so wet. Engorged and soaked, the slit was divided just enough to unveil the pinkness and tiny hole underneath.

He was behind her so fast he left an afterimage, his hands on her plump ass, her folds spread by his thumbs. Maron could feel him press against her, slowly dividing her nether lips further and further apart. It's going in! She thought, a red blush on her face, preparing herself for the incoming sex. She was surprised by how badly she wanted it. She had truly missed sex. "Kyaa!" she yipped when he suddenly surged himself in. The penetration happened hard and fast, and without warning. He didn't stop until he met the resistance of her cervix. His groin smacked against her thick ass, the cushiony backend slightly rippling from the impact. "Oh Kami!" Her eyes almost bugged out, her head shooting upwards as her fists tightened! His groin came to an abrupt still against her protruding buttocks, serving as effective airbags, her breasts shaking beneath her from the impact. So deep! She swallowed, her body tense, het feet tiptoeing in response to the unexpected pressure. Her teeth clenched, her eyes half-lidded. This... was the cock of man. "So big!"

Master Roshi heard her words with an ounce of pride. Of course, he knew from experience that women found him to be well-endowed, but it was still a boost to his ego to hear such words. And speaking of compliments... "Amazing! Could... could this heavenly feeling really be Maron's incredible pussy?" Her slick cavern wrapped around him and refused to let go! Placing his hands firmly on her shapely hips, he began to withdraw his own. "Your pussy feels so good, Maron! It feels like you're sucking me back in!"

When she felt him pull back, Maron felt the tension in her body disperse ever so slightly, but just as fast as he withdrew, he surged back in. "Kyaa!" she yipped, her head bobbing in the same rhythm as his thrusts as he began a relentless assault on her insides. His groin fervently mashed against her perfect ass, smacking against her cheeks, quickly reddening her tanned buttocks. His blunt tip would occasionally press her cervix inwards. He was inside of her. So very deep inside of her! "Oh Kami! Oh Kami! Oh Kami!" With his strength and pace, Maron was forced to hiccup with each and every thrust!

Her heavy, mature breasts swung enticingly beneath her. From her sides, Roshi could see them jiggle. Kami, just how sexy was this girl's body? She felt so warm and humid, her slick and squishy walls joyously contracting around his sensitive prick in a continuous effort to keep him grunting with desire. Whenever he pulled back, it felt like they did all they could to keep him nice and deep! "Maron!" he wheezed like an old man dying. He was covered in sweat, breathing laboredly. "I'm fucking you! I'm really fucking you!" To be inside such a young, curvaceous bombshell... He lived such a blessed life!

Curling his back, Roshi leaned forward until his head was wrapped in Maron's turquoise locks. His hands slipped underneath her glistening body to grab the shaking mounds. He wallowed as he experienced the texture of her dangling globes. Gravity made them feel even better than before; so soft that his fingers felt like they were sinking into clouds, yet firm enough to squeeze. The erect tips poked against his palms. "Heh heh! Fantastic!" he hollered whilst he squeezed eagerly. And all the while he continued his relentless assault on her narrow insides, his testicles smacking against her soaked labia.

Maron's sweat-covered head rose with delight as his big hands filled her sensitive tits, a big smile on her flushed face as salty tears of effort flew from her forehead. Sparks of joy traveled through her body, originating from her loins. In her stomach, a pesky-yet-satisfactory knot slowly became undone. She felt one hand leave her breasts to spread her legs a tad more for smoother penetration. Maron answered by stretching her legs further apart so his hand could return to jostle her jugs. She sobbed as his prick accelerated its recurring voyages through her depths due to their laboring efforts, creating a wet sound as he delved through her cunt. "Oh Kami!" Maron loved sex, and with her relatively-long abstinence whilst dating Krillin, she had almost forgotten how good it felt. "Old man! Keep fucking me!" she pleaded. "You're so deep! You're hitting my womb!"

Sweat rolled down the old man's bald head. "Maron...!" To have her sultry voice egging him on threatened to overwhelm him! More! I want more! Pulling out of the nubile woman was as difficult as removing a paperclip from a magnet; luckily he wasn't planning on keeping himself out of her heavenly depths for long. Before Maron could complain and beg for him to fill her again, she shrieked as her glistening body was willed onto the bed.

"Kyaa?!" She was thrown upside down, the back of her head filling the pillow beneath her, her legs dangling over her head. Still lightheaded from the sudden spin of her body with superhuman speed, her massive tits, pulled down by gravity, spilled over her face like an avalanche. She looked somewhat helpless when she used her hands to manage her tits to keep them from smothering her face. "H- Huh?"

"Maron," Roshi said with heat in his voice, his face flushed from exertion. Her teeth were grit when he bent his cock downward to nuzzle her drenched labia. He eased himself back in. His tip pressed against her cervix as got himself in as far as he could. "I love you, Maron! I love your body! I love your face! I love your voice!" he continued his appraisal, withdrawing his hips before diving himself back in. She was so nubile and full in all the right places. "I want to fuck you forever!" With his admittance out of the way, he gripped her hips tight and resumed his frantic pace from before, banging deep inside of her. His balls smacked against her leaking labia.

Pleasure twisted Maron's angelic features as she received his brutal onslaught. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed with a high pitch in her voice. The hands that kept her big tits from smothering her face squeezed the supple flesh, kneading the sensitive udders while the old man fucked her like his life depended on it. "So good! You're fucking me so good!" If he kept this up, she wouldn't last much longer! It'd been so long since anyone fucked her like this!

"Gnh!" Watching the beauty caress her own humungous jugs like this was so fucking hot! His hands on either side of her slim waist, he began to pull her up to meet his strong thrusts. Though she didn't weigh much, she was heavier than expected. Those curves add a lot of mass! He mused, feeling his balls rising as her narrow corridor coiled around his prick, slick and undulating muscles squeezing him, yearning for his seeds. Her hips gyrated around his length with great passion, her pleads for him to keep fucking her filled with desperation. She was so close that it was almost palpable. One hand left Maron's jugs to slither to his thigh, latching on to him as she called his name. Her head lolled back, her back arching, tits wobbling as she noticeably contracted when she finally came around him, her nails sinking into his flesh. "Maron! I... I can't...!" It was all he could do to signal the beauty of his upcoming release.

Between her many grunts and gasps, Maron squealed. "Fill me up!" she pleaded, damning the consequences. "Cum inside me!"

Even if she hadn't given him her approval, Roshi doubted he would've had the willpower to listen. Pulling her towards him, he pushed as deep as he could, his blunt tip pressing against the entryway to her womb, and released his jizz. "Maron!" he cheered, his happiness overflowing, much like Maron's womb as more and more of the white liquid was ousted and shot directly into her. Underneath him, Maron trashed wildly, a big grin on her face as her muscles contracted, her body spasmed, and her loins gushed.

With a sigh of completion after riding out her own orgasm, Maron went slack underneath Roshi, who dropped himself downward, his head landing on her cushiony pillows. "Oh wow..." Maron panted, her body covered in sweat. "Not... not bad, old man." She was trembling all over. She could feel the old man's cum drip down her thighs, though with his withering cock still inside of her, she could only guess how much more was to be unclogged. This... had been the best fuck of her life. Maybe... she ought to keep the old man around? He wasn't very attractive, but he sure knew what he was doing with his impressive dick. Of course, she did have her standards. She needed to know if he was wealthy enough to keep around. "Hey, old man. Let's go shopping together later, okay?"

And thus, Master Roshi became a sugar daddy. Krillin decided to end his relationship with Maron that evening, but the truth was the young woman had already forgotten that they were still dating. As she expected, the old man had a lot of funds – amassed by years and years of saving price money from tournaments all around the world. He'd even bought her a house in West City, and she always made sure to leave both his wallet and his testicles in the same state whenever he came over: completely empty.

The lecherous tales continue...

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