The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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Last time we saw Roshi, Bulma dropped the bombshell of her pregnancy, Launch inwardly confessed her feelings for the Turtle Hermit, and Chi-Chi showed what her sex life had been reduced to with her neglecting husband gone for many years. What’s next? Find out now!

Warning: lemon

Chapter 18: Aching Hearts

This was the home of the Son family? "How quaint..." a bored, monotone voice stated. The voice belonged to a stunning, young blonde woman – as beautiful as she was deadly – her cold-blue eyes scanning the room for any sign of Son Goku's whereabouts. One of the three androids that the young man who'd defeated Frieza warned the Z-warriors about, Android Eighteen had an apathetic look on her face as she searched the modest bedroom for clues. "What a mess." The house's interior was far too traditional for her liking.

Ruffling through the closet, Eighteen was baffled by all the Chinese dresses that were hung up in the closet. She picked one out of the wardrobe and laid it down on the bed. There was no reason to be modest as she undressed. Her brother didn't care, and Sixteen... Well, she doubted he was programmed to appreciate every inch of skin that was revealed as the clothes were peeled away from her, exposing her taut and light complexion. Her heavy breasts stayed hidden behind her black bra; neatly cupped away, but still bouncing slightly when she put the dress over her head to try it on. Yup... "Utterly detestable." And again, so very conventional. Were these people even aware of the current trends? Was there anything in this home more enticing than these-

"Hmmm?" For all her stoicism, Eighteen could not keep her voice from showing surprise at her latest find. Considering how old-fashioned the home of the Son family had been so far, the last thing she'd expected to find hidden was... this. What do we have here? Intrigued, she felt inclined to grab the object by the base for closer inspection: nine inches of pitch-black rubber, hard yet flexible. The bulbous tip had just a bit more girth than the shaft, which already had a noticeable amount of width by itself.

It was big.

"Hmppph." Eighteen smirked, shaking her head, humoring herself by shaking the plastic instrument to and fro. "Perhaps the wife isn't as dull as I thought." She remembered the average shape and size of a man's cock from back when she was human; they paled in comparison. Goku's wife was quite impressive to endure such a tool in her private moments. Still, a woman in need of a toy like this usually didn't have the most fulfilling marriage. Oh well, at least she had a spare cock to fall back on after she and her brother destroyed Son Goku.

Still, wasn't this a bit unrealistic? Who could have such a big dick in their pants anyways?

"Master Roshi!"

Chi-Chi wouldn't have minded being proven wrong, but her hunch had been right on the money. Living at Kame House with the ancient turtle hermit was a terrible experience. It felt like his shameful eyes were on her wherever she went, undressing her with his eyes as he remembered the shameful things she'd allowed him to do to her in the past. The old perv knew what she looked like naked... and she him. Not to mention she could recall the taste of his dick. And, worst of all, he was keen to remind her of all those truths whenever they bumped into each other. It was so embarrassing.

Not to mention how handsy he was. The geezer seemed even more brazen than before – if that was even possible – taking her presence in his home as a free card to invade her personal space. In her worry, Chi-Chi had taken it upon herself to take over some of Launch's duties, occasionally cleaning the house or doing the dishes. The maid was gone for the week, staying at Bulma's house. It was at these times that he was the most audacious; pinching her ass when he suddenly appeared behind her or taking a quick whiff of her hair. This time, he'd angered her by grinding her from behind with a massive tent in his pants, resulting in her smacking his bald head as hard as she could, the angry vein on her forehead throbbing as she grit her teeth in frustration. How shameless could one be? He wasn't anything like the old and wise master her father had told her about when she was younger.

Of course, that was the least of her worries. Her husband was on his deathbed, and there was a legitimate chance that she was going to lose him again. I finally see Goku again only for him to die... again! Her frustration over her husband surpassed her anger at the geezer, leaving him alone after her smacking to go back to the aching Saiyan in the spare bedroom. And why the hell is the perv's dick so big anyways?

Master Roshi snickered as the angry housewife left him alone to ponder on his actions. His head ached somewhat from the blow, but it was a worthy price for rocking against the brunette's lovely bum. Though he could fervently remember the punishment she gave him in the hospital some years back, he wasn't scared of her or anything of the sorts. He doubted she truly minded his attention that much anyways.

How could she possibly expect him not to try anything though? She looked amazing! After being forced to move to Kame House in a hurry to escape the Androids, Chi-Chi hadn't time to pack a spare set of clothes. She'd been forced to rely on Launch's sets of clothes the last few days. The problem? Launch showed a bit more skin than Chi-Chi was normally comfortable with. Today she wore a crimson-red dress, tightly fitted around her curves, exposing her ankles, arms and shoulders.

As with Bulma many years ago, Roshi had used his arsenal of techniques to read Chi-Chi's mind the day she was forced to live with him. In doing so, he learned about her frustrating sex life and her seemingly never-ending search for sexual fulfillment that Goku refused to provide, being forced to rely on her own hands – among other things – for satisfaction. And, most importantly, he found that behind all that anger and frustration was the fact that she knew the Turtle Hermit left her satisfied like no other, leaving her alone, neglected, and craving for a husband who had the same carnal drive as him – which he hadn't, of course. It didn't surprise him. After all, Chichi had been a willing participant to the point that she even took the lead in some of their encounters. Like when she stripped naked and spread her legs to push his face to her groin or the time she groped his balls and mounted him cow-girl style. That girl wanted to get fucked like an animal. The only problem was getting Chi-Chi to admit it. That woman was far too proud for her own good. She should just give up on her stubbornness already, grant him access and let him take her like a man possessed. Look at Bulma, she swallowed her pride and hadn't regretted it ever since.

Though Roshi wasn't a stranger to living with a woman – Launch had lived here for over a decade now – he couldn't deny the excitement he felt from having a new woman live in his home. It reminded him of the year Bulma lived here while they were looking for the Dragon Balls in preparation for Vegeta's arrival on Earth. Unlike with Chi-Chi, however, Bulma had long since submitted to him by then, so he'd been able to enjoy the perks of living with two women to the fullest. Chi-Chi was a very different story. Oh well, at least he still had the pleasure of watching her shower by shrinking himself with his Micro Band. Jacking off to the naked image of such a beautiful girl, her face serene as she let the warm water flow over her, wasn't bad at all. He'd tried to fondle her in her sleep, but her warrior senses were too keen, always alert to his sneaking around no matter how quietly he tried to get a cup and feel.

No matter, he'd let Chi-Chi live out her illusion that she could deny him for a little while longer. "Hmmm." The old man stroked his white beard, his brow cocked. "But how am I going to make her admit it..."

It wasn't supposed to be like this...

"Ah, just like that," an old, raspy voice commanded Chi-Chi, his voiced muffled. "That's right, Chi-Chi... Just like that!"

Chi-Chi was on top of Roshi, her bare pert tits flattened against his abs, her exposed pussy leaking as it coiled against his mouth. Her legs were spread wide past each side of the old man's head. His hands covered her firm butt cheeks, fingers denting into her cheeks. Roshi's tongue lapped eagerly, only stopping to release the occasional whimper as her head bobbed over his massive cock, mantling him in saliva as her tongue rolled over his rock-hard shaft. Chi-Chi gurgled and gagged, taking his dick into her throat and keeping her head still, clenching her muscles for the old man's pleasure. A mixture of spit and pre-cum ran down her chin, her face scrunched as she endured whilst she sucked his cock dry.

How... had they gotten here?

A bit earlier that day

"Stupid old man," Chi-Chi grumbled, down on her knees in front of the washing machine. Next to her, the contents of the laundry basket diminished with each set of clothes Chi-Chi shoved into the machine. She tried to ignore the fact that hidden in this pile of clothes was the old master's underwear. She recognized the boxers covered with little red hearts...

They were larger than one would've guessed considering his lanky frame. "Probably to make sure that monster down there has enough room to breathe," she mused, a pink hue on her face as she remembered the first time she laid her eyes on the massive schlong. Only twelve at the time, she was shell shocked when the legendary master she revered so much bulked up and ripped out of his clothes to perform the Kamehameha of legend. Ugh... why did he have to rub it against me today of all days... I hadn't felt a real cock there for years.

"Wait," she wildly shook her head in panic, "what am I thinking?!" Abruptly stopping herself from reminiscing about the pervert's length and foul actions, she continued her duties. She made her way to the master bedroom, feeling butterflies in her stomach from entering a room that held such significance for her. After checking on Goku, Chi-Chi decided to clean some of the rooms upstairs, starting with the old man's bedroom.

She began by emptying the trashcan. As she took a gander at the contents, however, she gasped. "Huh?" There were... so many tissues. "Tsssk!" How disgusting! She expected something like this in the bedroom of a horny teen, not an ancient old man renowned throughout the world as a legendary martial artist. I hope Gohan can control himself once he's a teenager. It can't be any worse than this.

Just how many times had that old man cum since the trashcan was last emptied? Then again, she did remember his releases to be ample, easily filling her up until overflowing. "Ugh..." She dipped her head in her palms. What's wrong with my thoughts today... These thoughts were unbecoming of her. I can't believe he's affecting me so.

Cleaning the bedroom sure brought back some... memories. There was a gloryhole now, she'd concluded with a blush on her face - Roshi's relationship with Launch still a mystery to her, she wondered what it could possibly be for? - but otherwise not much had changed. It looked the same as it did back then; the day she'd given the old perv her virginity. She was embarrassed to admit that her mind had wandered back to that day more than once these last few years. His expert handling of her breasts, the way he'd eaten her out, the feeling of his girth against her tonsils, and the throb of his penis as he was about to spurt inside of her. "Ugh." She whimpered softly and braced herself against the doorframe so she could collect her thoughts. Even in this revealing dress, she felt unbearably hot. Three years; that's how long she'd been without a man. A hand gently dragged across her front, her bosom tingling from the contact. It was a sensation from far-too-long ago…

Why can't I shake these feelings off? The incorrigible geezer deserved to be punished for his transgressions, his irredeemable actions to take advantage of her could only be described as foul. Stealing her virginity, the times he took advantage of her deranged state when Gohan was missing, and now his deplorable attempts to feel her up with her husband in agony. He didn't deserve to be occupying her thoughts so deeply.

But... in a way, the recognition was nice to receive. It felt good to have someone so engrossed by her, desire her so desperately and vocally. His rigid piece bumping against her rump earlier once more reminded her of his splendid length, and the lust she brought about in him. Unwittingly, her fingers dragged to her nipple, and pinched. She bit her bottom lip, her face flushed. What... am I doing? In this room of all places?

Her body pressed against the doorframe, the tweak on her peak tightening. Meanwhile, her left hand slithered down to a place even more intimate. Her high made her forget for a moment; made her forget she was in a bedroom other than her own, and - even more importantly - whom this particular bedroom belonged to. Before her hand could complete its journey, she was reminded of this all too soon.

"Are you all right, Chi-Chi?" she heard someone whisper into her ear, making her breath hitch, her pupils enlarge, and her stomach expand. "You're looking heated, heh heh!"

"Ngh!" Chi-Chi jumped, now red in the face by more than just arousal. That voice?! She turned to his direction, her heart beating rapidly, her senses heightened. It was the old hermit. She could feel the sweat on her forehead, her body exuding warmth from both stimulation and embarrassment. The housewife quickly straightened herself, glaring at the old man, her arms crossed defensively to cover the tips of her bosom. "Shut up, geezer," she reprimanded him. "What are you doing here?"

"This is my bedroom you know," he reminded her, waving his finger. "Besides, don't get so worked up. This isn't the first time you're here, heh heh! Remember how much fun that was?" His hands were on his crotch, correcting the growing bulge in his pants. A horny, neglected housewife caught doing the dirty? This was the chance he'd been seeking! Let's do this, old chap. Down came his pants and up came his prick. His ears perked when he heard the neglected mother's breath hitch at his reveal. "How about I help you take care of your-"

Her attack was fast and swift, but only successful because he allowed it. She threw him over her shoulder, letting him fall on his back on the floor. He came down with a heavy thud that luckily didn't seem to wake Goku. "Oomph!" The fall hurt, but he'd recover soon enough. When he felt something peculiar at his groin, however, he swallowed deep.

"What are..." Her foot was on his crotch once more. He felt her heel press against his testicles and gulped. This... seemed familiar. She moved her foot up, rubbing against him until she reached his tip. Despite the dangers, he throbbed from the simulation. "Gnh!" His head came up to watch her; her face filled with fury. Crap! Maybe I came on a bit too strong... He gulped, fearing what would come next. At least she isn't wearing shoes this time.

Chi-Chi's fists clenched, her teeth gritting, feeling him throb beneath her foot. The old master was eying her commanding presence with dread. There was a twinkle in her eyes as she noted his fear; mischievous and brazen as her stare turned to his cock, pulsing with desire despite the expected beating. Feeling the vibrations of a real penis... it had been so long since her body felt heat other than her own. She licked her dry lips, pressing her weight on the rigid prick. It wasn't as flexible as her dildo... harder and rougher to her touch. Nine inches of rock-hard flesh, the bulbous tip had just a bit more girth than the shaft, which already had a noticeable amount of width by itself. The shape and size looked more familiar to her plastic toy at home than she cared to admit... Her foot shifted, diminishing the pressure on the shaft.

Here it comes! Roshi's eyes squished shut as he braced himself and prepared for impact.

She surprised him when, instead of kicking, she petted, her gaze lifting from her foot to his face, eying his expression. There was confusion on his face as he observed the way her foot caressed him, even with his eyes hidden behind his shades. When his gaze slid up from his groin and made eye contact, the beauty smirked at him as if she was victorious: confident and beautiful. It made his heart skip a beat. As if she could read his mind and thank him for the compliment, she continued her firm rubs.

Why was she doing this? Chi-Chi knew she should reject him, but was that truly wise? It wasn't like she had any other suitors, and she hadn't made love to her husband for five whole years! The only reason she got any these last five years was currently whimpering beneath her. In deep contemplation, Chi-Chi lowered her foot and poked deeply against the cushiony sac. She hated to admit it, but something about having the old master squirm beneath her like this send jolts of electricity throughout her body, particularly at her loins. She knew she ought to kick his crotch blue again, but... She realized she wasn't thinking straight in her current state and found herself unable to stop. She wasn't quite sure what came over her, but this did not stop her from continuing.

"Take this!" Having no time to brace, Roshi gurgled on his own pleasure when she hurriedly got down on her ass, her dress hoisted over her knees, supporting herself by his ankles, and both of her feet encased his thick member. The smooth vice slowly crawled up before descending all the way down to his balls. He throbbed violently in her grasp, producing more and more translucent goo from the tip.

"Chi-Chi?!" Master Roshi's ass shot up in surprise, delving through her hold before he came back down. Was... Was this really happing? Chi-Chi was... With her feet?! He wasn't sure what would happen the moment he'd spontaneously show his cock to the housewife in heat, but it certainly wasn't this! Her toes curled against him, squishing the soft, leaking head.

At first, she worked her feet slowly, practicing and memorizing the motions. She'd never tried anything like this before, and it definitely had never come up during her upbringing, but something about doing it like this just made her feel so dominant. One wrong comment was the difference between soothingly stroking the old perv and crushing his balls. He realized it too; she could feel his stress, his body tense and his muscles locked, unable to find relief. "Cat got your tongue, old man?" Confident that she had a perfect handle on his erection, Chi-Chi firmly locked her toes around the girth and began to stroke up and down, mimicking the actions of a fist closed around him. "And here I thought nothing could shut you up." This thrilling feeling of supremacy over the old master after all this time...! It felt wonderful! Not to mention the sensations of playing with a real fleshy manhood again!

Master Roshi kept his mouth shut, but that wasn't enough to stop his groans from reaching the housewife's ears. He knew better than to provoke her now. He wasn't trying to break free or anything of the sort; in fact, his hips gyrated eagerly as Chi-Chi's toes tickled his tip, denting the squishy flesh. Her soles lowered to the middle of his shaft and clasped him in the arches of her feet. He fit snugly there, and then she began to lift her feet up and down, attempting to match the rhythm of his hips. Her legs as wide as they were and her feet bobbing wildly had hiked the hem of her dress up enough for him to gander at the panty hidden underneath. A growing wet imprint decorated the fabric, betraying her excitement. He pulsed eagerly at the sight, licking his dry lips.

She had been stroking him for so long, so vigorously; he was hanging on by a thread of restrain that was being stretched far too thin. He tried to steady himself with deep breaths while forcing his mind to wander to less erotic musings. Unfortunately, there was not much he could think of that could quell his roiling load. It was a hopeless endeavor, stalling the release only by microseconds before he gave a sharp, defeated sigh. "Chi-Chi!"

Chi-Chi, aware of his cock's nearing release, continued to move her feet up and down, now at a more frantic pace since he was bucking so erratically. Though subtle against the balls of her feet, Chi-Chi could feel the passage at the underside of Roshi's cock convulse powerfully to expel its rushing contents. A moment later, he came. A loud exhale of satisfaction accompanied the first thick gush that leapt from his cockhead, oozing down as a trail of milky-white. Though the initial burst's leap was very slight, its successor sprung much higher, falling over her shins.

Each fired bullet of sperm was announced with deep-throated groans. The haphazard sprays made a gooey mess, dabbing over her bare ankles, shins and feet. It coated his own cock, and some bursts even made it to the floor after falling in between the small space provided between Chi-Chi's legs. Even as the erection's contractions ended and the surging seed subsided, Chi-Chi went on stroking him. He was still considerably hard, even after he was spent.

"Hmmph!" Her cum-stained toes still toying with the creamed staff, Chi-Chi gloated. "Pathetic. The legendary Master Roshi easily beaten by a woman's feet." Her feet embraced and pressed, trying to flatten him.

And the old hermit was indeed at a loss for words. But... in what world could this possibly be considered a loss for him?! A footjob by one as sexy as Chi-Chi? Yes please! He grunted when her toes rubbed against the slit on the cockhead. He eyed her with desire. Her gaze was still on his cock, her eyes betraying her inner conflict. She wanted to go further, even if she would never admit it. His fists clenched in determination. Now… Now was the moment to claim her once more. "Woohoo!"

With a sudden swiftness, he escaped from her feet's grip. He was behind her, his hands on her dress as he ripped it apart to reveal her breast, insisting that he couldn't way any longer. "Hey!" Chi-Chi yelped from his brazenness. This dress isn't even mine! His fingers grabbed her stiff nipple with urgency. "M- Master Roshi?!"

"Beaten you say?" His head ducked so he could lap his tongue against the rigid peak. "By a mere footjob? You have to do better than that!"

Chi-Chi whimpered as the sleezy master suckled her nipple. Her fists tightened before they unclenched. She could stop him if she wanted to but... she couldn't. Stupid Goku! Why couldn't you just appreciate me more? She never would've felt so suspectable to the old master's touches otherwise. His hardness poked against her arm, layering it in leftover jizz. She finally had a healthy cock at her disposal, and in her aroused state she refused to waste it. "J- Just get on the bed."

And so, here she was, straddled on the old man's face while her own face met his cock and balls. Their clothes had long since been discarded, both naked as the day they were born. She tried to ignore the voice in her head that told her decades had taken place between their respective days of birth. Her right hand fisted him around the base of his cock, rock-hard and sturdy, whilst her mouth bobbed over the rest of his length. Her tongue rolled over him, at times paying special attention to the spongy tip, much to the old master's pleasure. They had moved to the bed, leaving the cum that stained the floor as a memento of their earlier exploits.

Roshi loved the attention she gave him, but perhaps he loved the sounds of her muffled moans even more each time his tongue lapped against her soaked labia. Eager to hear more, he delved his oral muscle into her pussy, making her squeal. There was just something about a moaning woman sucking cock that was like music to his ears. It honestly made him twitch, leaking a particular big batch of pre-cum into her orifice.

The abundance was notable, and told Chi-Chi the old man was as ready for more as she was. Her head came up with a pop, a mixture of saliva and pre-cum splattering from her lips. "Now! I want it now!" she demanded. She had resisted for so long for the sake of her marriage, but she found she didn't want to defy anymore. She wanted an eager man, and she was going to take it. Her desire to get screwed was stronger than Roshi's grip on her ass, her snatch suddenly soaring over him, arousal dribbling over his head, until she turned and lied down next to him, her legs spread. "Come here and fuck me!"

Roshi didn't need to be told twice. He rolled over her with haste. Her legs were wide for him to accept the space in-between. Hovering atop of the beautiful housewife, supporting himself with his knees, he nestled his cock against her entrance. As his prick was lined up with her snatch, his face came back up to eye her. She looked at him with desperation, her need for him palpable – as if the heat radiating from her pussy wasn't proof enough. She wanted dick. Needed it. She didn't care if it was his. He winked at her, releasing his trademark laugh as his hips sunk. The gap swallowed him whole, vaginal muscles flexing over the invading staff, contracting with need, welcoming the visitor from long ago.

"Oh Kami..." Chi-Chi swallowed, her back slightly arched, relishing the strain of having him invade her again. After all this time, she was finally being spread by... a man's cock. This wasn't a dildo - those didn't twitch as they slid in, didn't lubricate her walls with arousal to ease the passage. This was... a real cock! "So thick!" Her arms spread around his back, fingers clawing into his skin as he delved deeper and deeper. His staff surged through, further and further until his tip met resistance. Swallowing as he scraped against her cervix, leaking pre-cum into her channel, she squealed when he finally bottomed out. His testicles rested against her butt. For the first time in years, she was getting penetrated by... a man!

Roshi, too, could not resist the moan that rose from his throat, his cheeks bulging as he was embraced by her warmth. "Oomph!" He preferred to keep himself nestled deeply inside the housewife for now, enjoying the many contractions of her vaginal muscles against his dick. Like Bulma, she was still tight, even after motherhood. Certainly not the tightness of when he took her virginity, but narrow enough to feel her squeeze. "Wonderful," he spoke with rapture, planting his arms next to the sides of Chi-Chi's head as he set his hips in motion. The bed squeaked as he moved, slowly diminishing the length of the pauses between its squeaks as he upped his pace more and more. "Truly wonderful!"

Chi-Chi took his assault like a pro, her eyes lidded whilst she bit her lip. Yes, this was what it was like to get fucked by a man! His penetrations were hard and fast, but didn't lose rhythm. His long cock delved into her heat again and again, the squelching sound of her pussy accepting his girth growing more and more frequent. "Yes!" she screamed, grunting each time his tip bumped against her cervix. Much like her arms, her legs wrapped around him, eager to keep him deep, her hips gyrating. "Keep going! Just like that!"

"Heh heh!" He loved the encouragement she gave him. Whether she realized it or not, it was just like he taught her how to do it all those years ago! "You love getting fucked, don't you? Say it Chi-Chi! Say how much you love the Turtle Hermit's dick!"

Ugh... shut up, perv. She didn't give him what he wanted. But.. she had to admit she loved feeling his thighs slide against hers as he pushed forward – loved the intimacy of their sweat-filled bodies grinding against one another – their groins colliding as he bottomed out, their nipples sliding against each other. Her hands traveled over his thin body, old and wrinkly; very different compared to her broad and young husband. Each time his tip bumped against her cervix, her back arched in pain, but she loved it. Her hips would rise in response, pushing back against his thrusts to feel more of the pain. She... liked when it hurt. The orgasm she'd been seeking... She felt it getting near!

"Shut up," she spoke sternly before she brought his lips to hers. Their tongues squirmed, swapping saliva, but their hips retained their pace. Kissing the pervert on her own accord. It was so wrong, and the old man was so disgusting, but he desired her - made her feel like she was a sensual woman. When he was around her, his lust was palpable. Goku... never makes me feel like that. Their lips separated with a line of mixed spit that kept them connected until it broke.

Chi-Chi was turned on her stomach, ass up, the hermit's hands spreading her legs wider for easier insertion. Supporting himself on his knees, he penetrated her again, meeting no resistance until he bumped against her cervix, her vaginal walls molded to his shape. "Nhn!" She used one elbow to defy gravity and keep herself from falling facedown into the pillows. The other slithered down. Like this, it was easier for Chi-Chi to stimulate her clit, and she did so with wild abandon. Running her hand through those black curls, her fingers pinched and then coiled against her special spot. His testicles rammed against her hand, faster and faster, eager to lose their contents in her womb. Lower than her abdomen, a wet imprint started to drip onto the bed.

The fast rhythm halted when the hermit's hand came up to snatch her dangled tit, shaking wildly at her sides, greedily taking an entire handful, squeezing roughly. And though his hand on her sensitive jug was appreciated, Chi-Chi wasn't having it. She had no need for this reprieve. "N- No!" She forced her hips to push back against him, using more and more force. She wanted him to go harder; move faster. She could feel it in her stomach... She was getting close! She was getting fucked relentlessly by the old master, and she was loving it! Not even Gohan barging into the room would be enough to get her to stop now that she was so close to her release that it was palpable. "Keep going!"

Her bossy wish was his command. His hand returned to her waist as Roshi prepared to up the pace. If she wanted him to fuck her like a bull, he'd certainly comply. Each time he dove deep, his groin bucked against her ass, creating a smacking sound that filled the room to mix with the squeaking of the buckling bed. Kami, she was acting like a bitch in heat. Oh how desperately he wished he could position this woman over her husband a few rooms away. He'd grab her by her wrists, tugging at them like the reins of a horse, her tits wildly jiggling in front of Goku's unconscious face while he ravished her to completion. The mental image did nothing to stop his stride. The contractions of her walls got more and more frequent, signaling the approach of her release.

"Oh Kami!" Chi-Chi's arms gave out, her body flattening against the mattress as she took Roshi's pulverizing hips – it took all her willpower to keep her legs up and steady – but her fingers didn't stop working fervently against her clit, rubbing against the sensitive button with almost palpable determination. All the while, her hips trashed wildly. And then came the big one. Chi-Chi didn't squeal; she roared. It was a roar filled with relief; relief as years of frustration was ousted from her body, taking shape in the form of a squirt that soiled the old man's cock, balls and thighs. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed, crying with passion as her body finally released the feeling of sexual frustration that had been building inside of her for years.

"Chi...! Chi!" His hands on her waist, Roshi shoved himself deep, pressing against her cervix, his groin resting against her red-stained buttocks, his soiled balls pressing against the cause of their douse whilst they emptied for a second time today. His head lolled back, his eyes squeezed shut, his cheeks bulged as his spraying tip flooded her womb.

Feeling a man's release after all this time only amplified the younger woman's climax. In the moment, she didn't even worry if he was still potent. He could fill her up for all she cared! Her body trashed wildly, gyrating over his spraying dick with wild abandon. She felt his cum ooze down her walls, and she loved it!

He kept thrusting, even after he was spent and slowly dwindled, enjoying the weak contractions that served as a reminder of how wonderful her climax had felt around him. He made a few embarrassing sounds as her body tried to reject him, but he continued humping her until he became too soft to remain anchored. When her body finally expulsed him, he was ousted along with some of his spillage, white liquid running down her glistening labia, dribbling onto the bed.

Chi-Chi felt the weight on the mattress shifting as the old master lied down next to her, his breathing uneven, his body exuding the same heat as hers. They were drenched in sweat, reeking of sex. She eyed the ceiling in breathless repose. She allowed the old master to fuck her again. She felt guilty for cheating on her husband, but... her sense of fulfillment outweighed the guilt. This was Goku's fault, she reasoned, not hers. She and her husband hadn't had sex in five whole years. He was the one who never gave her any attention, made her feel the need to seek out another man to quench her thirst. Hell, at this point she probably fucked the old master more times than her own husband. She loved her family, but... she had her own wants and needs too. She would be the perfect wife and mother for Goku and Gohan respectively, but when it came down to her carnal wishes...

She got out of bed to gather her clothes, feeling the master's eyes on her as she changed. "Here are some ground rules for how this is going to work," she stated, putting her panty back on. "When I tell you to jump, the only question you ask is how high. If I tell you to come over, I expect you there as fast as possible." By now, her breasts were covered behind her clothes; the rip he'd made in her clothes was covered up. "And when we're around my son, don't even think about touching me. I don't want your bad influence to rub off on him." She faced towards him, awaiting his response – he nodded.

"Good. I'm going to change into a dress you haven't ripped apart and then I'll check-in on my husband. I'll let you know when I require you again." After that, the housewife left the room, leaving Roshi to wonder what just happened.

"Did... did she just make me her fuck buddy?"

True to her word, Chi-Chi punished Roshi each time he saw a chance to grope her without her permission. And when she did feel the need to unwind, she'd drag him by the ear and demand him to plough her. She still wasn't fond of the old master – her revered image of him from her father's tales about the legendary Master Roshi forever shattered – but he had his uses. Deplorable as he might be, he was always ready and eager when she called for him. She didn't need a friend; she wanted a ravager.

In the end, Goku recovered from his heart virus and set out to find Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan for more training. The androids turned out to be the least of their problems with the appearance of another monster called Cell. She and Goku had sex a few times in the ten days leading up to the Cell Games after she almost had to beg him for it, even resulting in another member of the Son family with the birth of Goten, but Chi-Chi never reached the same sexual heights with her husband as she did with Master Roshi. Of course, this didn't mean she didn't mourn Goku when he passed saving the Earth, but in the months that followed, Chi-Chi adjusted to the life of a widowed mother, spending most of her time raising her two children. It was draining and left her with little time for herself, but it fulfilled her.

But when Goten finally slept, and Gohan was out visiting his friends, Chi-Chi would finally find time for her own needs. She'd acknowledge the stress in her body and reach for the phone, calling a number that was growing to be more and more familiar.

"Hello?" an old and raspy voice answered on the other line. "Roshi speaking."

"I want you here in twenty minutes," she demanded in her usual tone. "Don't be late." She hung up without waiting for a retort and made way to her bedroom. She was sure he wouldn't mind her starting without him, after all.

And that's the end of the chapter! It seems Chi-Chi has finally joined the club of Roshi growing list of suitors. For reference, the dress Chi-Chi wore in this chapter was the one Launch wore at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai!

I hope it was worth the wait. Kind of crazy that this is the first 69 in the entire series when you think about it. About time!

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