The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

BY : Cool Burn
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A/N: Can I just say I'm so happy to have finally gotten to the part of Z where so many new women are introduced? I think we all like Bulma, Chi-Chi, Launch and the like, but they've had enough time to shine. The only new girl so far has been Maron. And though that is one of the best girls to start with, I'm happy to finally introduce a new gal in Roshi's legendary tale!

Last time we saw Roshi, he finally managed to add Chi-Chi to his growing list of sexual associates, reaching a goal he set years before. With women like Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Maron now under his spell, what's next for our old hermit? Find out now!

Warning: lemon

Chapter 19: 18+

A pervert's work was never done. After finally claiming the feisty housewife Chi-Chi as his own, an even more dangerous foe had appeared! And this one... truly left him terrified. Shivers ran down his spine. For the first time in his life, Master Roshi was not sure if he could survive a woman's onslaught if he acted on perverted impulse. This one could actually kill him! His heart thumped as he eyed the blonde, her powers only dwarfed by her striking appearance. Beautiful, curvy, and slender; her milky complexion glistened underneath the warm sun. She had big cool-blue eyes, cold and indifferent to all but Krillin. When the warrior appeared, even her icy stare seemed to melt somewhat.

Krillin... that short bastard. Roshi clenched his fists in annoyance. How did he bag such an amazing girl? Was this Dende's work? Punishment for the time he stole Maron from his student? "The gods sure are cruel..." he bemoaned.

Much had happened since the gang was first warned about the blonde cyborg by the youth from the future. Bulma and Chi-Chi birthing children, Dende's ascension to Guardian of Earth, and Goku's death just to name a few. But the most bizarre of all was definitely this one: Krillin and the female android hooking up and now living at Kame House with Master Roshi and Launch.

Having such a stunning woman in his home should've brought Master Roshi into a raptured state. In a different way than when he first met Maron, everything about the blonde struck his fancy; her beautiful face, those cold eyes, and spectacular body. It was like she was designed to please the eyes of perverts like him. But she was far too strong to try anything... Tricks that had always worked before didn't work on her. His overwhelming strength and speed were nothing compared to her. Not even his Micro Band was effective, her sharpened senses alerting her of his presence no matter how small he made himself. Having such a shapely girl living in his home without even giving him at least some sideboob... It was maddening! All he could do was lie down in his tumbona and eye her safely behind his shades. Up till recently, she was a killing machine, and he doubted she had any qualms to massacre him if he tried anything too brazen.

Dressed in her blue buttoned-up denim vest and white jeans, her black flip-flops trailed along the sand. Eighteen could feel the old man's eyes on her. She rolled her eyes at his lecherous gazes. He was fooling himself if he thought he was covert. She'd prefer it if she could walk around the house without feeling his hungry eyes on her, but... whatever. She didn't really care as long as he only leered at her. The perv was important to her husband, and he did let them stay in his home for free. Let him have his fun, she thought. It wasn't like she gave a damn. He'd tried to get handsy when she first started living here - jumping out of corners in the living room, bedroom, and even bathroom to (unsuccessfully) assault her - but after giving him a thorough beating with strength and speed he couldn't even comprehend, he backed off. He got the message: come too close, and I'll kill you. Against men like him, her powers were a blessing.

Of course, she was sure she couldn't dwarf all of his attempts. Sometimes, after she'd been gone from Kame House for more than an hour, she'd return home to find her underwear disheveled, and a few panties would've gone missing, but as long as his hands stayed away from her, she'd manage. It wasn't like life was bad here. She and Krillin had their own room on this private island, and they even had a maid. It was a life of leisure. If the price of this luxury was putting up with a filthy geezer, then so be it.

She was a big girl. She could handle it.

"Eighteen!" Krillin's loins dove deep, his black curls meeting his partner's blonde, trying his best to eject his whites as far inside as he could. His buttocks clenched, hips splashing somewhat comically as he emptied until he was thoroughly drained. He ploughed down atop of her – his small frame making his head land on her naked breasts – sweating heavily, gasping for breath. His leaking prick ejected his treasure, a small dribble of seeds accompanying him. He came too quick again. "S- Sorry..."

Eighteen, meanwhile, was hardly affected from the pounding. Not only did she have unlimited energy, it wasn't like she'd been forced to endure for hours on end... It probably hadn't taken much longer than two minutes. She placed one hand on his glistening head. "It felt nice," she assured him, giving him a comforting smile as she embraced him.

Sex with Krillin was... uneventful. He wasn't the most talented, nor did he have the longest piece to ever pierce her. He had had yet to make her cum since they started their relationship. But her lack of a reaction to his efforts wasn't all his fault. He had heart and tried the best he could; if she was still human, she'd at least feel him, sending small sparks throughout her body from his passion alone, but Doctor Gero's alterations made her perceptions to his endeavors lackluster. Once, Krillin had gone down on her for an hour straight, but other than an occasional jolt that made her moan, the cyborg didn't find release, not even when she lent him a hand by caressing her clit and breasts. It was that day that the two concluded that Gero had done too much damage to her body for their sex life to be fulfilling for the both of them. At least she still got wet enough for him to find release. It would've been a shame if neither of them could satisfy each other.

Still, this did not stop them from living a happy life together. This life of freedom was enough for Eighteen, living a simple life with the man she loved. They had decided to start a family together after Bulma ensured them that her womb was still intact and should still work. It'd been embarrassing to have had the scientist inspect her so intimately, but she was glad to know she could give Krillin the family they both wanted.

The only problem was that they'd been trying for months now, and if everything in her body worked properly then... why weren't they successful? It was a problem she'd discussed with Bulma, and the two had come up with a plan. She eyed Krillin, who was too busy watching his prick while he rubbed himself back to hardness, eager for another round with his desirable wife. Per the turquoise-haired genius's instructions, she sneakily gathered some of the semen that spilled out of her and put it in a capsule. She truly hoped her fears would prove to be false.

"It's hard enough now."

Her husband's voice brought of out of her musings. She nodded and opened her legs for him, his small frame filling the space in-between and slipping himself inside.

They were done two minutes later.

"Are you going to be okay?" Bulma asked the blonde in front of her. The cyborg was even paler than usual, her arms and legs crossed whilst her blue eyes pierced the floor. "Do you want to... call someone?"

Infertile... That's what Bulma told her after she examined Krillin's seeds for her. Bulma had discussed this possible outcome with her, but... This was just too cruel. Eighteen could still remember Krillin's elated face after Bulma told them she was still fertile and able to bear children. And now it turned out they could never conceive due to his own shortcomings.

She closed her eyes and sighed. He'd looked so happy... Telling him he could never have a child that was truly his own... She just couldn't do that to him. There... had to be some way. Someway to fix all of this.

Eighteen could be shrewd woman, especially when it came to topics like money. She quickly realized there was a way of keeping this news quiet for Krillin's own sake for the rest of their lives, but... Could she do something like that? It was so cruel. Yes, she decided. If it was for Krillin, she could.

If needed, she'd lie for his sake. Lie for the rest of their lives. The alternative she'd come up with was vicious, but to her... It was a mercy for Krillin. She didn't want a stranger to partake in her plan. Those might become a problem in the future. Too much of an unknown factor. The Saiyans weren't an option; their children had tails and Krillin's human friends seemed too pure hearted to be able to lie to him like that for the rest of their lives.

Of course, there was someone else: him. He was vile and incorrigible, but ironically enough, that was just what she needed for her plan to succeed. Not to mention the money he had. There was no doubt in her mind that he'd agree to her request as long as it meant getting his greedy paws on her. Laying with him was a disgusting thought, but... he truly was her best option.

Letting that perverted geezer do... that with her. It send chills down her spine. She didn't want to do this, but if it was for Krillin... Her eyes were filled with determination. She was built to be a killing machine, and she could be this practical if needed. I'll do whatever's necessary.

As she closed the door to Kame House behind her, Eighteen rested against it, her eyes closed in deep contemplation. She was finally home. She threw her purse on the couch as she made her way to the kitchen.

At the top of the stairs, Roshi peeked from behind the balustrade and snickered. He had come up with a new plan you see. A plan that surely would give him what he wanted; a few blissful seconds of groping the cyborg's pair of knockers. After being denied all this time, this time his plan was going to work! He tiptoed down the stairs and sneaked his way into the kitchen where Eighteen was making food. He stuffed his hand in his pocket and grabbed out a banana peel.

Roshi placed the banana peel behind her and covertly made his way out of the kitchen. He stepped back and got into a sprint position. It was time for his plan to flourish! "Eighteen!" he screamed, running toward her. Per his plan, Eighteen turned around, shocked to see the geezer running towards her at such speed. Roshi's feet purposely met the banana peel, and he slipped, forward, flying toward his objective – her breasts reflected in his glasses. Roshi closed his eyes, ready for his fall to be softened by Eighteen's bosom. Now let's fall headfirst into those beautiful titti-!

Eighteen's fist came up faster than Roshi could see. With his speed, the impact was more than enough to send him spinning. He came down with a thud, bruised and knocked out.

Eighteen eyed the unconscious old man with disdain. He was so sleazy and hopeless. He was someone far below her standard, and yet... She sighed, grunting her annoyance as she walked over him back to the living room.

Just wait your turn, old man. You'll have what you want soon enough...

"Do you have everything?" Eighteen asked.

"Yup," Krillin confirmed, nodding his head. "That ought to do it."

The bald warrior would be gone for the rest of the day. He had a couple of job interviews in West City, giving his wife more than enough time to execute her plan. He pecked her cheek and promised to be back soon. She watched him leave and waved goodbye.

Eighteen had planned out the entire day. She knew Krillin would be gone for hours today, and Launch was in West City. She and the geezer had the house for themselves all day... Now all she had to was persuade the old man to have sex with. Convincing the geezer was going to be easy; persuading herself however...

Now that the time was at hand, Eighteen could tell she had second thoughts. She was about to cheat on the man she loved, and with an incorrigible degenerate to boot. Not only that, but if her plan succeeded, she'd have to lie to Krillin for the rest of their lives together. The thought fell heavy on her heart. Of course, the alternative wasn't pleasant either; telling him he could never have the family he wanted. That, too, was cruel, was it not?

Eighteen shook her head, dismissing her second guessing. No, she was going to do this. She'd made her mind up days ago. At her sides, her hands balled into fists. The old man was slouching in his hammock. She walked to the geezer with large strides. The perv wouldn't last long anyways, she reckoned. She'd make her request, indulge him for a few minutes, and then they could leave this behind forever. She didn't stop walking until she was right in front of him. The filthy pervert she would pamper. "Old man."

Master Roshi awoke from his nap to the pleasant sight of Android Eighteen. "Hmmm?" His scrunched face relaxed at her arrival. Now this was a surprise. He couldn't remember the last time she was the one to approach him for anything. Could it be that he was dreaming? Roshi grinned. It was about time he had a dream about Eighteen! He'd tried to get one for weeks.

But Eighteen quickly dashed his hopes by kicking him out of his hammock; he fell headfirst into the sand. "We need to talk." She turned her back to him, and urged him to follow. "Inside."

More than anything, Master Roshi was curious as he followed the beautiful cyborg upstairs. Never before had she allowed him to be in such close proximity to her. Usually, he could feel murderous intent the moment they were in the same room. But this time he was allowed to watch the sway of her ass from up close, appreciating how tight they looked stuffed in her jeans.

Even more surprising was where she was leading him: his bedroom. They stepped into his room, and Roshi could not help but get excited form whatever she wanted to talk to him about. "So what can I help you with?" Roshi asked, eying her body. They were in his bedroom, so maybe... "If you're stressed, I certainly wouldn't mind giving you a massage, heh heh!"

Eighteen eyed the perv one last time. Her cleavage was reflected in his shades, once more reminding her of his perverseness. She couldn't believe she was about to give such a vile man exactly what he'd been prying on. He was detestable and far below her standards, but... she needed him. There was no going back as she uttered her request, "I need you... to impregnate me in Krillin's place."

She stated it so mater-of-factly – courtesy of once being known as a soulless Android – it took him a moment to register what she asked of him.

"Heh?" Had he... heard her right? Impregnate? As in... fuck her? At her request, he already stood as stiff as a rock. Could this be his once-in-a-lifetime chance?! He almost lost his balance in surprise at her unlikely request. "Wh- Whaaaat?!"

Eighteen told him her proposal. Krillin's sperm was sterile, and she needed a man to impregnate her to realize his wish for a family.

Roshi still couldn't believe what he was hearing. Could the gods truly be so kind to him? After all his failed attempts, was he going to get Eighteen handed to him on a silver platter? "I don't mind helping you but..." he murmured, stroking his beard. "Only if you agree to do anything I want to do. And not only this time either, heh heh. I mean whenever, wherever if you catch my drift."

So that was his game. Rotten perv... She should have blasted him where he stood, but... it wasn't like she had much of a choice. Krillin wanted a kid, and she needed the old man to give him one. Not to mention he had the money to secretly support them if it ever came to it. Still, she'd expected him to demand her body more than once. His request was within her expectations. "Whatever. What is it you want me to do, old man?"

"How about a nice deep kiss to start with." His grin was as wide as it was vile, his cheeks rosy at his bold request, saliva running down his chin as he walked up to her, rubbing his hands in glee.

He got closer, and Eighteen kept still. Inches apart, one hand cupped the back of her head and kept her in place as his head dove toward her. Eighteen closed her eyes, feeling him come near. Closer, closer, ever-closer until... Their lips connected; Eighteen's face grimaced from kissing another man than her husband. Young lips pressed against his old ones, his free hand settling on her ass and giving a gentle squeeze.

Their lips mashing, Eighteen felt the old man's lips part, his tongue ramming against her closed mouth in a silent order to let him penetrate. Resigning to her fate as the geezer's plaything, she parted her lips enough for him to slip in and find her tongue. He came in stacked with saliva, his tongue stirring around her mouth like a spoon, eager to mix and mingle their spit into one. Eventually, his oral muscle found her own, and let his eager tongue wrestle her less excited one. All the while, his free hand roamed over her ass and thighs, making up for the times he wasn't allowed to even cup a feel.

His hand came up to claim one breast; Eighteen reluctantly allowed it. Softer than he expected, Roshi ecstatically squeezed the plump mound. For this, he happily broke their kiss. His eyes came up from behind his shades to watch the blonde as his second hand cupped her neglected breast – no reaction whatsoever. It seemed she truly meant to give him complete access to her body! What an unbelievable boon! And without having to use his banana peel too. He gingerly slid his trembling hands over the outlines of her tits, squeezing gingerly. "These are fantastic! Can I see them?"

"Tssk..." Eighteen's face showed clear annoyance, but her hands stayed glued to her sides. "Whatever." Why was he even asking? It wasn't like she could refuse him... She could see her own cleavage reflected in his glasses as his bony fingers unbuttoned her denim vest, and slowly ran it down to her belly. More and more flesh was exposed as he peeled apart the two sides of her vest. With less and less resistance to contain them, her pale breasts finally spilled out, bouncing into place, a shade of pink joggling at the centers.

Eighteen's spectacular tits! Master Roshi cheered, a dribble of blood running down his nose as the blonde's wonderful knockers were finally revealed. He wasted no time, grabbing them in his palms; Eighteen couldn't help but stifle a grunt from the suddenness. His hands were large and a better fit for her size than Krillin...

"Wow…" The old man ran his fingers over her unveiled nipples, grinning wildly with his semi-toothless mouth. "How beautiful." Eighteen's eyes were closed, but she didn't utter a word. Not even as he lifted her huge breasts to weigh them in his hands, their abundant flesh spilling down the sides.

The wrinkled hands began to grope them in earnest, grabbing at the sides of them as if he were fluffing out a pillow, tugging on soft pink nipples and rolling them between his grimy fingers, massaging them as if he were kneading dough, and pressing them together as hard as he could. "Incredible…"

The old man pressed his face in her cleavage, then brought out his tongue to lick the sweat at the sides of her breasts. It didn't take long for his tongue to reach her nipples, and then he started to suck on them both, first switching from one side to the other, but finally putting them both together as he slobbered over them and drooled all over her tits. "I've wanted this for so long...!" he raptured before hastily returning to the fleshy globes.

Eighteen said nothing, nor reacted in any way. She simply brought her arms down and helped him by propping up her breasts, allowing him to suck on them as much as he pleased, twitching every so often as he bit down on her nipples and slurped on them between his toothless gums. Occasionally, though she tried to prevent it by biting her lip, a moan would emerge from her shackled throat. Unlike her vagina, her breasts were untampered with and retained their sensitivity.

Master Roshi tugged on her nipples with a lustful suction until they popped out, puffy, wet and slightly pink. They bounced back into place, and Roshi happily eyed the sway of her bosom as he pulled back, a rigid tent in his pants signifying his eagerness to continue their debauchery. He eyed the blonde, detecting a slight hue that colored her pale cheeks. It seemed even the icy Eighteen had her moments of shyness. Seeing the usually-stoic android like this made his heart skip a beat.

More! He wanted to embarrass her more! Make the emotionless ice queen protest like a bashful young maiden! And he had just the idea how to do it too. "Can I... lick your armpit?"

The moment he saw the blonde woman's icy eyes enlarge in shock for a second, was the moment Roshi claimed victory. Of course, she quickly retained her cool expression and nodded at his request. Ugh... Gross...

"Whatever." Finally disrobing her vest completely, her upper body now completely bare, Eighteen's arm hesitantly came up, giving Roshi the opportunity to bury his nose against the bare armpit to whiff the little remnants of sweat. His nose nuzzled her armpit, cooing as the tip of his nose gingerly caressed the sensitive area. She tried to bring her arm down after a short well, but Roshi refused; not until he breathed in and slid his tongue out for a sample.


Quickly, his tongue went in for another dab. The smell and taste of a woman's armpit... Roshi hadn't felt this excited in a long while. Having one as dangerous and beautiful as Android Eighteen at his beck and call...! The Turtle Hermit's pervy senses heightened to their max, sending wave after wave of endorphins to his brain. It'd been awhile since he felt so out of control of his body!

"Can't we speed things up?"

"Yes! Yes!" Roshi fired back, frenzied and intoxicated on her essence. Now… Now was the moment to claim her. "Let's do more, Eighteen!" It wasn't difficult to fathom what he wanted from her. Grabbing her shoulders, he tried to force her down on her knees. She defiantly kept herself in place, only going down when his hold on her lessened. She got down on her knees, waiting for the old man to finish his bungling attempts to remove his pants. Not even Eighteen's robotic tendencies could stop her from the small shocked gasp as the geezer's long prick was revealed to her.

"You've gotten me all worked up, Eighteen," he revealed with hasted breath, his heart beating with excitement. He grabbed his cock by the base, already dripping with arousal. His other hand kept her head in place. Let's see how serious she was about all this! This woman was a monster and far more powerful than he, but considering all she'd put up with till now... Before he could change his mind, he slapped across her face with his big, wet cock. It made a soft splashing sound as his pre-cum collided with her cheek.

For Eighteen, the entire sexual exchange had been nothing more than a business transaction. To her, there was no emotion whatsoever needed in their intimacy. But as she felt the old man's slimy cock slap against her face, she could not hold in her surprise "What are y-?" Eighteen's question was silenced as the large phallus was shoved into her mouth to muffle her. She murmured as he slipped past her tonsils and down her throat, forcing his shaft as deep as he could, his hand firmly on her head to keep her still.

When Roshi was satisfied with how deep he was, he told her to eye him; her cold-blue eyes pierced into his soul as they rose, making him throb between her lips. "Suck it."

Eighteen loathed his eagerness, but other than a disapproving glare, she followed his instructions. Placing her hands against his thighs, her head went to and fro, her blonde tresses mirroring her head. The difference to her husband was notable; both in length and girth the geezer dwarfed him. Her tongue felt more crammed, and he easily edged past her tonsils with only half of him was sheathed between her lips. She didn't know if it was Gero's alterations, but she found the massiveness easy to handle – back when she was human, the thought of taking a cock this big down her throat would've been unfathomable. She experimentally took him deeper and deeper, wondering if she could fit all of him in her mouth. She surprised the both of them when her lips nuzzled his grey pubic curls, deepthroating him with ease, coming back to the tip without gloating in her victory.

"You're pretty good at this, blondie!" he praised, though the chilliness that surrounded his shaft as her mouth left him wasn't appreciated. Still, to take him so far into her gullet... It kind of felt like she was built to do stuff like this. Kind of like... a sexbot! His hips... they were starting to move on their own, his hands applying pressure to keep her head still. "Sorry girly, but... You just feel too good! I want to fuck your mouth now!"

Eighteen kept her eyes closed, groaning as his groin kept mashing with her nose, saliva overflowing and running down her chin. His testicles banged against her chin as he thrusted as hard and fast as he could. It didn't hurt her, but it did feel annoying. Annoying her even more was that the old man still wasn't pushing his dick in her snatch. How was she supposed to get pregnant at this pace?

What an amazing girl! There he was thrusting with all his might, cramming his thick cock down her narrow throat as deep as he could, and all she did was sit there and take it. It didn't seem like it troubled her much either. For the first time ever, a woman wasn't chocking on his dick while he fucked her mouth. And as misogynistic as it sounded, it somewhat disappointed him. He really wouldn't have minded this ice-cold lady slapping his thighs in panic, gagging from his length, begging him to stop. It didn't seem like she'd give him the satisfaction however.

No matter, he had many more tricks up his sleeve to get the blonde too worked up to remain quiet. The thought to erupt inside the stoic blonde without alerting her was an alluring one – he could imagine her icy eyes enlarge in surprise, cheeks bulging as his whites overwhelmed her - but considering how stimulating her mouth was... He really wanted to know what she felt like down there. Still keeping her head still, he pulled out – reluctantly – and ordered Eighteen to get back up. "Take off your clothes," he demanded, almost stumbling over his words in excitement, his head red from excitement and a big goofy grin on his face. "I'm gonna fill you up now!"

Eighteen did not bemoan his enthusiasm; she'd much rather have him spill and fill her womb than her stomach. She nodded at his request and began to undo her pants. "Get on the bed," she told him coolly, wiggling her hips as her denim jeans rolled down her legs. Her panty was a light shade of blue, the wet imprint at her crotch telling Roshi all he needed to know. She may not have acted like it, but the wetness at her groin and blossoming of her folds indicated her aroused state. She looked away when his eyes jeeringly came up to wallow at his discovery.

Geez, she's not even blushing. How cold can you get?

Eighteen's panty quickly followed the same trajectory as her pants, exposing her young vagina for the old man's eager eyes. The pink lips were moist and blossoming, ready to receive his cock.

Now absent of clothing, Eighteen was ready to lie with the old man as a wife lay with her husband. Master Roshi was already on the bed, enjoying the tuft of blonde hair that crowned the beauty's slit as she walked up to him, taking her place beside him. She scooted on the bed, taking one more look at the muscled piece ready to slip inside of her.

The old man had lusted for her ever since their first meeting; perhaps that was why she was surprised he didn't roll over her the moment she was on her back. "What's wrong?" she asked him matter-of-factly. "Isn't this what you wanted?"

He was indeed upon her the next moment, but his cock was still far away from her intended destination. His fingers, however... She looked past her tits to see his fingers play with her spongy lips. "Part them for me," he whispered, taking one of her hands and placing them on her snatch. Fingers on her wet petals, she spread them for him. "Good, now say this..." he whispered into her ear.

She rolled her eyes and sighed. With a bored expression, her monotone voice pleaded, "I... want to be filled by your big cock. Please impregnate me..."

The performance wasn't very convincing...

"Ah... That wasn't hot at all you know..." he complained, shaking his head. Nevertheless he rose over her, one arm next to her head, his other guided his prick to her warm and tender vaginal lips. "Don't worry though. Before this day is over, I'll get you to scream like a bitch in heat."

Eighteen found that she had no choice but to bite her tongue as he entered her. He... reached much deeper than her husband... Unlike with Krillin, she didn't have to wonder whether he'd pierced her. I can feel a man... entering me? She tried to hide her shock to this revelation the best she could. Faint as it was, she could feel his girth grinding against her walls, fighting off their attacking squeeze with its hardness. Unwittingly, her fingers slightly dug into his back from the feeling of his tip reaching her cervix. He was so deep... If he planted himself as deep as he could, his seeds would easily reach her womb.

This was the first time ever that a woman didn't react to taking his massive piece in. It would've been a punch to his ego, but... Balls deep inside the blonde beauty, Roshi found that he couldn't care less. Setting his forearms at her sides, he began to move, withdrawing his hips and diving back in. Her body felt tight and damp, squeezing him just like a real woman would. At least the old doctor was smart enough to keep this area intact. Maybe so he could fuck her while she was shut down? Even a crazy genius like Gero had to have need for release from time to time? Wait, why was he thinking about a fellow geezer fucking the beautiful blonde beneath him? He shook his head to eliminate such reflections. The bed squeaked roughly from his effort.

Occasionally, he'd lower his head to peck her lips, whispering how heated he was. Although... he wouldn't mind to have her be a bit more vocal in response to his efforts. Other than the incidental moan, Eighteen preferred not to talk at all. Even Ranfan reacted more to him than her – and she'd been asleep during the whole ordeal for Dende's sake! Pulling back, his hands forced her thick thighs up and kept her ass elevated. He pulled her toward him with each thrust of his hips. Like this, keeping himself balanced on his knees, he reached even deeper than before. Not only was he allowed to reach deeper, hitting her cervix with each jab, this position was more pleasing to the eyes as well. Like this, he could enjoy every subtle sway of her curves, no matter how subtle. The jiggle of her tits, the ripple of her thighs when he made impact, and the slight squint of her eyes whenever he bumped against her cervix. For a visual being like Roshi, this position was perfect.

Her lack of enthusiasm though...

"Can't you make some noise?" he complained, putting more power in his thrusts. The slurping sounds of her pussy accepting his cock grew more and more frequent. Her tits were shaking wildly from his force, but the cyborg herself stayed quiet. "Come on, sexbot, turn on your on switch will ya." Considering how easily he slipped in, her body seemed to be working just fine. Surely she felt him bobbing inside her like a madman? "I want to hear your heavenly moans, Eighteen!"

"Whatever," she spoke with her usual monotone voice, ignoring his degrading terms. As if her walls weren't getting spread to their absolute limit. She wasn't even sweating. Dende, when was that spurt of white going to come? "Just cum already." At the end of the day, she just wanted him to fill her up.

She sure was a cold one... Seems like I have to go all out! "Eighteen!"

It was time for the performance of a lifetime!

Eighteen's long, beautiful legs were pushed up towards her head by Roshi's shoulders, providing him with optimum leverage for deep penetration; her flexibility came in handy for this. He kept himself propped up on his arms, his hands on the mattress next to her head.

"What are you doing?" she calmly asked as he switched positions, her ass hovering above the mattress, her breath hardly affected from the recent pounding. She did have unlimited energy.

If he should press his upper body down, her knees would press against her wonderful pair of tits. Though he'd adored to see them squashed, he was determined to prove to her no woman could reject his sexual prowess. "Heh heh! I'll have you cum if it's the last thing I do!" he promised her, though she remained placid and indifferent to his passion. For now at least. He still had some tricks up his sleeve. Concentrating for a moment, he guided his energy toward his cock, imparting it with ki. He was going to make this blonde scream to the heavens if it was the last thing he did. His ki radiated form his prick, soothing the androids slick walls.

Eighteen couldn't help but gasp when she felt him radiate against her walls. What... was this feeling? Her toes curled in response. It... feels nice!

He pulled his hips up, withdrawing from her almost completely before returning to her hot, damp cavern that squeezed him so tightly. Like this, his cock rubbed against the ceiling of her inner channel; stimulating her G-spot in a way she never experienced before. With his cock radiating with ki, it was even more significant. Eighteen couldn't help the mewling sounds that rose from her throat. Roshi had thought he had only imagined it until, after another thrust sometime later, he heard a similar sound. He grinned. Oh she was reacting to him all right. No woman could deny him if he tried his hardest like this.

"Ahn…" The soft sound of pleasure escaped Eighteen's lips during the latest jab. She barely noticed that her hands had started to squeeze his arms at her sides. She... was actually feeling him! She was feeling a man fucking her! Her head lolled back into the pillow. "You're getting so deep…"

Roshi grinned at her reaction to his skills; he knew she wouldn't be able to keep her cool for long getting fucked like this. Trickles ran down the sides of his flushed face, but he would not stop even to wipe away the bothersome drops. "You like that? You like me fucking you?" he rambled on. He dove in relentlessly and without stopping, yet kept up a steady pace. He was giving the performance of a lifetime. If not for his shoulders keeping them spread, she would've wrapped her legs around his small waist in a desperate attempt to keep him deep.

Eighteen's toes curled when the feeling of release built in her abdomen. This rising, almost foreign feeling she hadn't felt since she was since she was still human...! Could it really be...?! Was this old man about to make her...?!

Though he did not notice it, Eighteen turned her head away from him and closed her eyes, wincing as she fought down another moan of pleasure. Hidden at her sides, her hands grasped at the sheets and her toes curled. The tightening feeling in her pelvis made her whimper and draw her hips up to him. "Aaaaagh!" She lost her cool and squealed as the release rushed forth from her loins. The walls around the thrusting cock contracted violently.

She was cumming! He finally had her cumming! The moment her channel caved in around him, Roshi was done for. Nothing in this world would stop it. He pressed in deep, bumping up against her cervical wall, his hips stalling and his entire body rattling. "Heh heh! Let's get you... pregnant!" He released deep inside of her. Heat poured against the back of her vagina, seeping into her womb with the mission to implant his genetic makeup. With each abundant discharge, he bucked and gave a loud grunt. He did this over and over until he had nothing more that could be spent inside of his new toy.

Eighteen wasn't tired when he spilled his last – she was built to have unlimited energy – but she still felt like she had to recover from... whatever that had been. She lied there panting, submitted to repose as she felt his white seeds gather in her womb, determined to impregnate her. Had she really cum just now? But all those times with Krillin... I haven't even come close. This was impossible. There was no way this crazy perv managed to do what she and Krillin had ruled out to be impossible. It must have been a malfunction, she tried to convince herself. There was no way this geezer of all people could do what Krillin could not.

He was atop of her in that instant, his pecs flattening her tits, his mouth on hers, his tongue thrashing against hers. She... felt compelled to match his enthusiasm. As if to thank him for bequeathing her the gift of climax, her hand reached up behind his bald head. As they made out, the kiss became sloppy. Soon their tongues became involved and met with as equal passion as their loins had. When the kiss ended, Roshi nibbled her ear. "Your squeal is really cute, Eighteen," he whispered.

By now, Eighteen had returned to her usual icy-self. She pressed the naked geezer off her and propped herself up with her elbows to watch her nether region. White cum dribbled down her legs; proof that her work was done. With a little luck, one time was all it took a get pregnant and gift Krillin a child. She and the old man had both gotten what they wanted, and now it was time to part again.

"I'll see you la-" Eighteen was surprised when Roshi grabbed her hand to keep her from leaving. Her eyes came up to watch him. He eyed her sleazily, a cocky grin on his face. His head nudged down toward his cock. He was still rock hard.

"Don't forget our deal, Blondie. From this day on, you're mine. And I'm not satisfied yet."

Still hard huh? It was actually kind of impressive for someone his age. She knew what he expected of her without voicing it. She mounted his thin body, one hand on his wrinkly skin, and grabbed his cock – he hadn't lost any of his hardness. She didn't need his help, but his hands seized her waist for balance. "Understood," she stated, before her hips drooped.

"I'm home!" Krillin announced to his wife and master, closing the door behind him. There was no response. The living room was empty. That's strange... There's no one here? He knew Launch was away, but Eighteen and his master should both be home. There was no one in the kitchen either. He went up the stairs, finally hearing sounds behind the door leading to Roshi's bedroom.

"Eighteen?" He knocked on the door. "Are you there?"

"Y- Yeah! I'm here! I'm just... cleaning!"

"Okay. Do you need some help?"

"No! I- I'm fine!"

She seemed to be cleaning thoroughly, moving the furniture as she labored. Krillin snickered, shaking his head. Eighteen could be such a doll. "All right then. I'm going to start dinner!" Without a second thought as to what was really going on inside the room, he wandered away.

"Ugh...~!" Eighteen's head was on the Roshi's pillow, her elbows supporting her, her fleshy globes jiggling as the old man pounded her from behind. He was on his knees, his hands firmly on her hips. That... was far too close. How was the old man still going? If Krillin was home already, it meant they'd been at it for hours. Did this man have unlimited energy too? Had she known the geezer's lust was impossible to quench, she never would've agreed with this. She was pushing her rump against his thrusts, but it didn't seem to affect him at all. Her ass was stained red from enduring his many thrusts. Just cum already...

"Heh heh, that was close," Roshi jeered, licking his lips as he eyed the spectacular sway of the blonde's jugs from his drilling hips. He couldn't help himself; one had left her hips to greedily take a handful. "Don't worry though, if Krillin found out, I would've taken care of our kid myself and become your lover instead!" His body pressing against hers, he got close enough to lick her cheek.

"D- Don't be ridiculous!" she admonished him, backing her ass against his shoves. She lost count how many times the old man had coated her insides; she herself had found release twice so far, proving that her first climax was no malfunction. Though her body was less responsive than the average women, it seemed she could still climax if her partner was proficient enough. She silently admitted it was probably too difficult for one of Krillin's skill level. The ancient hermit had been relentless so far, switching between her mouth, tits, and pussy whenever he felt like it. She felt so dirty, her body covered in his white goo – some dried up, some still liquid. She could feel his spunk dripping down her sides from her armpits...

Just when was that spurt of white going to come? She could feel him nearing his end, his thrusts haphazard, his body covered in sweat, gasping and grunting as he used his final reserves to keep himself in motion.

"This has been…" Roshi gasped, arching his back and pressing his cock deep inside of her. She cried again when the tip of his old cock pushed hard against her cervix. "… an incredible day…! Guhn~!" With that geezer wheeze of elation, he erupted into Eighteen. Hot and fertile seed gushed frantically into the hot and fertile womb. Her cervix was flooded with old-man sperm, and soon her uterus was filled with a heavy cloud of white. She imagined a puddle of white in her womb, hundreds of little perverted geezers swimming inside her womb.

This time, the old man fell atop of her. It seemed he was finally completely quenched. He remained inside her until her muscles finally evicted the non-paying tenant. He soothingly kissed her neck and back with more and more passion as his energy returned to him. "I think we did it, you know," he whispered between his kisses. "I'm almost positive."

Eighteen stayed quiet, but like him, she did not doubt their success. She, too, was almost positive they had conceived considering how much he came inside her. "It's not yours," she calmly stated.

The kisses on her back stopped. "I know." Master Roshi didn't care that the child would never know her true father. If he wanted a child he could've gotten one long ago. But... "I don't think I'll be able to leave her mommy alone though. Not when she turns me on so much." As if to signify his words, his half-rigid piece pressed against the blonde's ass. "You haven't forgotten our promise I hope?"

Eighteen shook her head. "No," she clarified. "In exchange for your silence, you... can have my body."

"Heh heh!"

And thus began the deal between the legendary super pervert and the icy-cold android. Android Eighteen was indeed pregnant, and nine months later, gave birth to a young girl she and Krillin called Marron. Master Roshi helped the budding family whenever they needed money, and made sure Eighteen paid her debts whenever the two had time to be intimate. Needless to say, Master Roshi not once regretted their deal.

Ah~" Roshi moaned, lolling his head. It was such a beautiful day at Kame House. The sun shone brightly outside, reflecting on his bald head. Sitting on his comfy toilet with his pants down, his hand gingerly caressed the bobbing blonde slobbering over his cock. "This feels so nice."

Eighteen kept quiet, rolling her tongue over his sensitive tip whilst she sucked hard. Judging from the pungent taste, the old man had relieved himself before calling her. Bastard. Why did he insist on being so filthy? Sucking the old man off in the bathroom had almost become a daily routine for the both of them. At least he knew better than to try and fuck her while her daughter was home. Around noon, he'd always come into the living room where she was playing with Marron. He'd rub her ass and whisper that he'd be waiting for her. He'd always ensure to smile at Marron as he did so, as if to remind Eighteen of their deal. She knew she should blast the perv where he stood, but both Marron and Krillin adored the geezer, and she couldn't hurt them like that.

And so here she was, sucking the old man's long cock, flexing her throat around him while her fingers played with his balls. Though she had no problem taking him in this deep, he was still thick for her tiny mouth, a mixture of pre-cum and saliva spilling and running down her chin.

Not even Launch knew of Roshi and Eighteen's deal. The Turtle Hermit had decided against telling her in fear of Eighteen's wrath. If she ever found out he'd spilled the beans about Marron's true father, he had no doubt she'd kill him. It was too bad really. Living with two sexy babes like that... He could imagine it so vividly, it was a shame he couldn't have them at the same time. In fact, he could picture it so realistically that he was about to...!

"Eighteen!" He didn't need to voice anything else. His buttocks clenched, his groin shooting up. With a heavy throb, the first glob of white was shot down her throat.

His cum tasted bitter, but it was the cum that had gifted her a beautiful daughter, so Eighteen swallowed without protest. Even when he was spilled Eighteen stayed on his shaft, cleaning the leftover cum with her tongue. He'd just ask her to do it if she didn't do it straight away anyways. Her lips came off him with a pop, a line of saliva connecting her lips and his dick until it broke. Eighteen stood up, wiping away any trace of her and the old man's rendezvous. Her daughter was waiting for her. "We're done for today," she stated calmly, tucking some hair behind her ear, as if she had just partaken in nothing more than a business transaction.

After Eighteen left the restroom, Roshi hummed with glee. He still couldn't believe he had succeeded in adding the mighty Eighteen to his list of conquests. Not only that, but they had even conceived a child together. Having the hot-but-icy cyborg at his beck and call was truly marvelous. Life sure is great.

The seven years of peace continued.

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