The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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Welcome to the second chapter. So far, I'm pleasantly surprised with the reception of this story.

Warning: lemon

Chapter 2: Mai I Take Your Virginity?

Whilst Master Roshi and Bulma were on the verge of finalizing their deal, a young woman piloted a submarine beneath the big blue sea. The woman – Mai – gave off a cold appearance, emoting nothing in particular as she carried out her orders, once more reading the briefing Emperor Pilaf had given her to carry out. She acted like a real soldier, through on true.

Emperor Pilaf had received intel from one of his lower lackey's that an old hermit by the name of Master Roshi was in possession of one of the seven magical, wish-granting Dragon Balls that the Pilaf Gang was scouring the Earth for. It was her first solo operation in some time. Usually, she was accompanied by her partner, Shu. But the threat level of this 'Master Roshi' – who even named themselves Master anyways, she wondered? – was so low Emperor Pilaf had decided that Shu could be employed to better use elsewhere. She didn't mind. In all honesty, Shu wasn't the most useful partner to have around – incompetent was the word that came to mind. His loyalty, however, was unquestionable. Then again, he was a dog, so that wasn't very surprising. They were known as loyal companions.

When she neared the designated coordinates, she covertly examined her surroundings using the sub's periscope. Surrounded by nothing but the big blue sea, it was easy to spot the red roof and pink façade that housed the old man who was to be her target. "Location spotted," she muttered out loud matter-of-factly. She exhaled lightly to remove her tension. Her mission was about to start.

Mai collected her gun and sheathed it into its hoister. She wrapped her hands firmly around the hilt and frowned, deep in thought. She hoped the old man would comply without the need of a pistol, but she wasn't opposed to using it if push came to shove. Though the threat level had been estimated to be low, she couldn't shake off a feeling of uneasiness. The grip on her gun loosened, and she shook her head. "Calm down, Mai," she ordered herself. She was only agitating herself. Everything was going to be fine.

It wasn't going to be fine.

Elsewhere, Master Roshi made his way back home, his brow still furrowed. He was at a loss. He vowed to be more proactive to have fun with excitable women, but how exactly was he supposed to do that? Sure, he had some tricks up his sleeve, like the Sleepy Boy Technique – which should also work on women, he reckoned – and the Hypnosis Technique, but such techniques were meant for combat. Even in his heated state, he had to respect the sacred martial arts. At least until desperate. He had promised his master long ago to never use such techniques for lecherous purposes. And where was he going to find women like the delectable girl from this morning anyway? It were these kinds of questions that made him decide to head home first before figuring out his next move. It was hard to think with such a bulge in his pants – he needed blood in his head, not in his trousers – so relieving himself once he got home was his number one priority. Probably while thinking of the turquoise-haired stunner who so graciously showed him her pussy.

As he got closer to his home, however, he spotted a silhouette in the distance. It didn't look like a sea-dweller. Could it be a human then? That would be quite something. He couldn't even remember the last time he had human visitors. Whoever it was, he hoped they wouldn't stay long. He really needed to take care of his yearnings. With his honed senses he eventually managed to discern a shapely form standing on his island.

Wait…? Shapely?!

Could… could it be?! Standing in front of his home was a… a woman?! Roshi hastily shook his head and rubbed his head. Was he dreaming? Could this entire day have been a dream? If it was, he truly didn't want to wake up. He hesitantly pinched his cheeks, but other than stinging his cheeks, nothing changed. He wasn't dreaming then. That was a blessing; the last thing he wanted was for the events of this morning to be a dream. But… then why was there a woman in front of his home? He eyed her with notable interest.

She was a fairly tall woman with blue eyes and long black hair with bangs, wearing red eye shadow and lipstick. She wore a teal trench coat with a red star insignia on each shoulder, a brown belt with a pistol holster attached to it from the right hip, beige slacks, and brown combat boots. She seemed quite… intense. She was a looker though! Oh yes, he snickered, she was perfect to provide some relief after meeting that young girl this morning. The piston in his pants pulsed eagerly in anticipation. Perhaps his hands were unneeded after all!

The only question was… how was he going to convince her? He quietly got off the turtle he'd used as a lift and took his first steps into the grains of sand. He was quite crafty as he approached the woman from behind. Tiptoeing toward her in the sand that surrounded his home as if he was weightless, the crafty perv eyed her buttocks, licked his lips and raised his hand. As he got closer, he noted she seemed to be quite toned and well-trained, her efforts prominent despite her baggy clothing. Then, thanking Kami for this opportunity, he propelled his arm forward and squeezed the girl's left butt cheek.


! !

! ! !

Oho~! How firm and shapely it felt in his hand. Making the best of this opportunity, he pinched the tight skin once more.

"Huh!" Mai inhaled sharply when she suddenly felt something funny grab her… her…! She swiftly turned around to come face to face with the old man she was supposed to rob. "Y-you!" she stuttered, a crimson hue covering her cheeks. She couldn't believe a man had touched her there! The audacity! The furthest she'd ever gotten was holding hands with a man, and now one had caressed her butt! And how had he gotten behind her so mutely? He... he couldn't be the low threat Emperor Pilaf had spoken about! This man was dangerous! She tried to regain her steely gaze, but with one grope, the hermit had successfully befuddled her. "W- who are you?" she rambled shakily.

The old geezer chortled heartily, straightening his back before he introduced himself, "They call me Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit!"

What?! That couldn't be…! This was the man mentioned in the reports? Something seemed… off about him. Mai steeled up her guard and took a step back to broaden the distance between her and the old man. Then, she hastily dove her right hand down toward her hoister and hoisted her pistol, holding it in front of her and angling her firearm towards the geezer. With her gun now out in front of her, she felt her confidence return as well. As if she was a completely different woman than the flustered girl moments earlier, she spoke, "All right, listen up, old man. I'm here on the orders of the great Emperor Pilaf, the soon-to-be ruler of the world. We have received intel that you possess one of the seven Dragon Balls. If you value your life, you'll hand that ball over right this instant."

"Oh my," Roshi uttered, not showing any fear despite his current situation. If anything, he was surprised to hear another person mention the Dragon Balls after the girl from this morning. He'd never heard of them before today, and now there were at least two groups searching for them. What was so special about those trinkets anyway? "Are you sure about this, girly?" he warned playfully. "You might be in a bit over your head here."

Mai snorted and chuckled, unaware of the prowess of her opponent. "Yeah right." She was the one holding the gun. She had all the power here. "I'll ask you nicely for the last time. Hand over the Dragon Ball."

For the last time, huh? Master Roshi thought humorously. Oh dear… He should probably try to go easy on her. And – his cheeks were slowly getting flushed – maybe he can have some fun while doing so, too! Despite his efforts, he could not hide to sleazy grin that appeared on his face. With his hands still behind his back, he exerted pressure on his right foot and – in the blink of an eye – bolted forward. Before Mai could even pull the trigger, he appeared behind her and once more began to cup her ass and reveled in the taut texture and the swell of her buttocks. "Oho~! Your butt sure feels nice, girly! It's so firm! You must train a lot in your spare time!"

"Aaaaah!" Mai hastily spurred around with crimson cheeks and began to fire on the geezer. "You sick perv!" she shrieked, her body recoiling after each shot of her firearm, before she recuperated and fired another bullet. In her agitated state, she kept her eyes closed as she opened fire. A shame; if she hadn't, she could see that the old master had already relocated and that she was firing into nothingness. All she did was empty the clip each time she pulled the trigger. When she finally opened her eyes again, her pupils dilated in shock. The… the old man? Where… was he?

"Heh-heh!" Mai shrieked and jumped up in shock as she heard the geezer's foul laughter behind her. "You need to train more mentally, girly. You're far too easy to perturb. Some meditation would do you well." He strolled up to her in a leisurely pace. If he was anxious of the gun Mai held in her hands, he didn't show it. Mai reacted to his steps forward with a backwards one, trying to maintain their current width of separation. As long as he preserved this pace, it wouldn't be hard to keep her distance. At least that offered some solace to her. But then, once more using his superhuman speed, Roshi closed the gap between them before Mai could even react.


When he got close enough, Roshi snatched Mai's belt that kept her coat fastened and pulled at it with enough force for it to break. Both sides of the trench coat that her belt held together flew to opposite sides, revealing her white tank top underneath. The perverted master wasn't displeased in the slightest when an ample amount of cleavage was revealed to him. The piece of clothing was somewhat tight around her fit frame, making her chest squelch from the pressure. Not much, mind you, but enough for him to notice. Wowzers! the old Turtle Hermit thought. Who knew she was hiding such a nice rack beneath that coat! Nicely round and fully-developed, and considering her youthful appearance, probably without an inch of sacking~!

And, he noted with glee, she didn't seem to wear a bra underneath…!

"Kyaa!" Mai shrieked with a pitch that seemed unbecoming for the stoic soldier she wanted to portray herself as. In truth, she was much more self-conscious than she let on. Ever since she was young, topics like boys and lechery were a nerve-racking topic for her. Showing so much skin to a member of the opposite sex was… was…! "How embarrassing!" She shook her head, carrying a heavy blush on her cheeks. Shaking her body, however, made her fleshy pillows shake enticingly underneath her shirt, confirming to the old hermit that she indeed did not wear an encasing beneath her top.

Master Roshi gulped audibly, unable to resist the allure of the heavy knockers as they swayed left to right and vice versa. They seemed so spirited and supple. The hard-on in his pants received an ample amount of blood as he licked his dry lips. The only thing that his adventure this morning had lacked was an eyeful at the teen's fleshy mounds, but now he was gifted with superb compensation – a very bouncy compensation! Though it wasn't strange considering she was a few years older than the girl from this morning, he estimated this woman's cups to be larger and more developed than those of the girl's this morning. Of course, it'd be even better if the funbags could sway without being hindered by something as frustrating as clothing. Something that could be easily remedied, he figured with a perverted snicker.

By then, Mai had recovered enough from her abashed state to glower at the old man with a furious expression. This man… was a… a…! "Pervert!" This lewd geezer had to be punished for his many missteps. Men like him needed to be taught a lesson! Once more, she aimed her firearm. This time, she would not miss. "Take this!"

The bullet was fired with incredible accuracy that would've felled any normal man. Roshi, however, was no ordinary man. With speed that seemed to be gifted by the gods, he evaded Mai's wrath with ease and jolted toward her. When he was in arm's length of her pistol, he snagged her gun and disarmed her. Despite the efforts it must take to move at such speed, Rosh showed no signs of tiring as he steadily held the gun in his hand. He eyed the astonished woman with unexpected sternness. For the first time, he actually looked quite intimidating. "You really should train your body more, girly. Look how easy it was for me to steal your gun." He pointed the firearm in her direction. "You're completely defenseless now."

"W- wait?" Mai pleaded, lifting her arms up to signal her yielding. Her heart skipped madly in fear. "Don't shoot!"

Chance! With Mai's guard down and her arms up, Roshi was free to try and remove that irritating piece of clothing that shielded her desirable body from his perverted eyes. Appearing behind her with superhuman speed – much, much faster than before– he grabbed the sides of her top and soared it past her raised arms and shoulders before she had a chance to react; she could only inhale sharply in surprise.

"Wh- whaaat?!" Mai screeched helplessly as she felt the fabric of her top drag her jugs up, brushing against her nipples before gliding past them, and then she felt it slide past the top of her breasts, which meant she was now…! "Nooo!" she wept, feeling her tits fall back into place with a generous bounce as the chill breeze of the island enveloped her sensitive nipples.

"Hoooooooooooo boy!" Being the first pair of funbags he'd seen in decades, Roshi couldn't take his eyes off them, studying and memorizing their size and shape, as well as noting the light shade of peachy nipples adorning the tips, perfectly sized to match their volume and milky skin. The ever-present breeze on the island made it somewhat chilly, and her nips responded to the cold accordingly. He ran his eyes over her body, keen on remembering every single detail. They really did seem quite heavy~! They truly seemed to be more mature than those of the girl from this morning would've been! After all this time, he finally had a pair of breasts in front of him again! Underneath his shorts, he felt his shaft starting to throb, fully awakened to the state it had been in this morning. He pointed overzealously at the unconcealed bosoms, blood dribbled down his nose as he yelled, "Ti…! Ti…! TITS!"

With her breasts unstifled, wobbling into place for the old man to see and enjoy, the last of Mai's serious-demeanor disappeared as if it'd been a façade; replaced by a stuttering and flushed mess of a woman. "N- no!" She crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt to hide the spirited globes from his pervy eyes. "D- don't look!"

But it was far too late. Just like this morning, Roshi felt all clarity ooze out of mind, replaced by one, single objective: to grope to girl's amazing boobs to his heart's content. Turning his body from Mai's back to her front, he snatched her shoulders to keep her in place and dove his head into the part of Mai's cleavage not hidden by her crossed arms and reveled as the soft flesh yielded to his face. For now, he was content with allowing the girl to deny most of her tits from him. This was his first contact with a woman's fleshy pillows in decades after all, and he reveled in the softness provided to him. "Incredible!" he hollered exuberantly, but Mai's squelched breasts blocked most of his reveling, making his roar come out as a murmur rather than a howl.

"St- stop!" Despite her shock, Mai willed one of her hands towards the old geezer's shoulders – her other arm was still defiantly placed over her mounds – but she couldn't get him to budge an inch! "Get off!" Her second attempt to impede the geezer's actions – hitting him on the head as hard as she could – didn't prove to be very fruitful either; all it did was hurt her hand… She shrieked as if she'd seen a rat when she felt something rough brush against the top of her breasts. Was… was he licking her breasts! For someone as sheltered as Mai, that simple act was enough to almost make her faint, and she suddenly felt very lightheaded. So lightheaded, in fact, that the strength she used to hide most of her bosom from the pervert loosened considerably.

Though he was strong enough to have done so earlier, Roshi realized this was the perfect opportunity to pull her arm away and drink in the sight. When he removed the last blockade, he licked his lips as he ogled the pair of fleshy globes. With his perverted desires at an all-time high, he couldn't help but grope the pair as soon as possible. He reveled as his fingers sunk into the pliable skin. "Wow…" he breathed with bathed breath. So long… it'd been so long that he'd forgotten the wonderful feeling of a woman's chest. How could he have forgotten these sensations?! "What a pair!"

With Mai in her current state, he was free to squeeze her breasts a few times to test the softness; very, very soft. His thumbs brushed past her erect nipples, flickering them and joyously snickering as they sprung back up each time he released his hold. Kami, those nubs looked so inviting… On instinct, the old man lowered his head, parted his lips and began to tap his tongue against her right teat before he began to explore more of the milky-white skin. Indeed, it wasn't long before he began to envelop her entire tit in his saliva! And all the while, his hands eagerly cupped and squeezed Mai's receptive mounds.

Mai slowly but surely managed to awake from her mindless stupor. "Ahn~!" Despite her situation, Mai's fingers sunk into the geezer's wrinkled skin in reaction to the way he eagerly cupped her malleable chest. Though the man bequeathing her with such pleasures might be as unattractive as they came, her body refused to discriminate. The perv's experienced handling of her sensitive bosom gave her goosebumps and brought about an unfamiliar feeling in her abdomen she'd never felt before. Oh Kami, what was this glorious sensation? The foreign pleasures started at her stomach and went all the down to her loins. And why did her undies feel so wet? These feeling were all too new to the sheltered Mai. With the old man sucking her tits and slathering his saliva all over her breasts, it felt like she had lost all control over her life! "Oh Kami~! Wh- what is happening to me?!"

Roshi ears perked up at the sound of the many soft moans that arose from Mai's reluctant throat. Despite her disposition, she could not hide the sounds of pleasure that he brought out of her. It seemed she was quite inexperienced with love if this was enough to almost make her knees give out. Whatever the reason, he loved that he was the reason this beautiful woman was sobbing with pleasure. Kami, he was so hard right now. He imagined the girl making the same lecherous sobs, perhaps even louder to make a crescendo, whilst he fucked her to his heart's content, the fleshy globes he now had possession of shaking uncontrollably. Needless to say, the thought didn't do much for his self-restraint and he couldn't take it any longer.

Unlike this morning, there would be no interruption this time!

This girl… He had to have this girl!

Mai couldn't help the disappointed whine that escaped her lips when she felt the old pervert remove his lips from her erect tip and his hands from her chest. She was flushed red from embarrassment, sweating profusely, and slightly out of breath. She was so flustered that she refused to meet the geezer's gaze, her eyes staring aimlessly at her feet. Her legs were shaking; not from fear, she admitted shamefully, but from the unexpected feelings of elation she'd experienced. Mai thought her ordeal was over when the shameless perv stepped backwards. For some reason, that realization made her feel conflicted. "F- finally done huh…" she tried to speak with contempt, but she stuttered all the way through her sentence. "Now, how about you give me the Dragon Ball an- Aaagh!" Mai was helpless as the old man surged forward and threw her over his shoulders. "Wh- what now?!" she sobbed, her breasts squelching against the old man's shoulder. "Where are you taking me?!"

He did not answer her. Mai was too tired to resist, mentally exhausted, though she wouldn't have had much of a chance either way. "Come on," he spoke hastily, as he carried her into his home. Mai grew more suspicious with each creak that came from the wooden floor as their combined weight pressed down on it. Just where were they going? They stopped in a big room – the living room, she figured. As the old man continued walking, she shrieked when he brought her down. She sighed with relief as something soft enveloped her. It was a couch she realized. A red sofa. But… why?

The sound of something unzipping reached her ears. "Huh?" What was the exuberant geezer doing now? Her eyes roamed towards the old man, but when she noticed what he'd done, she inhaled sharply and screamed in shock. "W- why are you naked?!" she asked with notable worry in her voice. And how had he unclothed himself so swiftly?! She couldn't help but leer down… down to his…! "Aaaagh!" The first penis she'd ever seen, Mai couldn't help but squeal. So big! Why was it so big! Nine inches of rock-hard flesh was pointed at her, releasing some strange see-though liquid in steady streams. It looked massive… Were all penises so big?!

Roshi slightly chuckled from the girl's reaction. Just like the one from this morning, the length unnerved her. Oh yeah, his body might have withered, but his cock was still as pry as in his youth and much larger than average. "Not bad, huh? "he joked, grabbing his prick and rubbing it a few times for his own pleasure. Kami, it felt so good to finally alleviate his urges… and in front of such a desirable woman no less. He eyed her tits with lust. In any other instance, he would've asked her to just sit there while he ogled her incredible fun bags until he was showering her in his white seeds. But now… he just needed to be with her.

Mai was mesmerized by the large staff until she noticed the old man was walking towards her. Wait… what was he going to do? She shrunk backwards into the sofa, but it didn't do much to widen the distance between them. The long, swollen cock throbbed with each step towards her. She gulped when he stopped right in front of her. His cock, she realized with flushed cheeks, it was… it was right in front of her face! What... what was she supposed to do, she wondered? She eyed the prick with curiosity. Kami, she could feel the heat that radiated from the piece of meat without even touching it. She noted the enthusiastic throbbing and thick veins that surrounded the large shaft. It was so… raw. Her hands, till now plastered on the sofa, arose to touch the swollen staff, but before she could do so… "Aaaaaagh!"

Master Roshi suddenly got down on his knees and pulled at her boots until they came off, throwing them down behind them. As he began to pull at her pants, she yelled, "What are you doing?!" Again, he stayed silent, and Mai realized the perv hadn't spoken in quite some time. Though she was filled with doubts about all that was transpiring, she willingly raised her hips to help the old man drag her slacks down and past her feet. Kami, what was she doing? Why was she so compliant to show such a rotten perv her underwear?

As her black panty was revealed to the old man's perverted eyes, drenched from the many tears of arousal that leaked from her cunt, Master Roshi could not help the nosebleed that emerged from his nose. How long had it been since he was granted such a beautiful sight? "So beautiful!" he blurted with elation before he dashed forward and pressed his nose against her covered snatch.

"Huh?!" Mai shrieked. Was he going to smell her…?! "Nooo!" He was so dirty! She couldn't believe he wanted to smell her there! The shameless perv was so kinky! Her snatch was so sensitive that even his breath sent chills all over her body.

Master Roshi took a long, drawn-out whiff. Her female-arousal-filled scent satiated his senses. The aroma clouded his tainted mind even further. High on the girl's fragrance, he could contain himself no longer. After decades of failures, a nimble girl had finally presented herself for his pleasure! He needed to have her! He needed to claim her! He needed to fuck her! The blowjob from this morning had been exhilarating, but this was his true reward for defeating King Piccolo! With shaky hands, he snatched the sides of her undies and ripped it apart with the ease of ripping off a band-aid.

"H- huh?!" Mai wailed when the sound of something tearing reached her ears. Did he just…? "H- hey!" Mai chastised him as he spread her legs and she realized what the old man had done. He was… he was eying her…! "No!" Mai sobbed, shaking her head from side to side.

Roshi lustfully leered at her swollen nether lips. First the girl from this morning, and now this one had gifted him with the sight of her pussy! The tuft of well-groomed black hair that adorned her leaking folds added to her air of maturity. They looked so delicious… In his youth he'd be tempted to go down on the girl to slurp up her sweet juices, but after his long period of abstinence, all he wanted was to plunge his cock into her. He wanted to be inside of her! The time had finally come to claim a desirable woman, and he would not wait a second longer. Not even this mouth-watering sight would distract him!

Mai watched the old man as he got back up. What… what was he going to do now? He clutched his cock, and she felt him loom closer when he began to guide himself towards her swollen folds. Wait… could it be he was planning to…! Her eyes enlarged in panic, and she shook her head franticly. "D- don't!" Mai beseeched him, the true ramifications of what the old man was planning on doing waning on her. She... she wasn't ready! "You… you can't!" she pleaded. "I… I'm a virgin!"

If it was a confession to halt Roshi's actions, it backfired – horribly. If possible, it only excited the old perv even more. A bona fide virgin eh?! His cock throbbed eagerly. He, too, had waited a lifetime to finally bed someone again. Could this day get any better?!

Mai looked on helplessly between her tits as the old man angled his long cock in line with her yet-to-be breached snatch. "You... you can't!" she pleaded, breathing heavily and on the verge of hyperventilating, her tits rising and falling at an alarming pace, as the perv prepared to stab her. Her hands pushed against his pecs in an attempt to push the geezer off, but he was far too strong, easily withstanding her efforts! Despite her protests, she instinctively spread her legs just a bit wider for easier penetration. Roshi pushed eagerly on her engorged lips once he found his mark, but his length and girth would make the intrusion a slow – and painful – process. She shuddered when she felt his large, bulbous head rubbing against her folds; it was an entirely new experience having a cock knocking for entrance. In fact, it was the first stimulation she'd ever received down there! "Wait!" Her hands were put against the pervert's shoulder blades to insinuate halt. "P-please wait!" she breathed out. "It's too big!"

Just like Bulma this morning, she was powerless to stop the lust-filled perv; unlike with Bulma, however, there was no one who could bring the geezer out of his arousal-clouded mind. His cheeks were flushed bright red and sweat rolled down his bald head. He laughed perversely as another nosebleed started to dribble down his nostrils. The incorrigible perv had truly lost all sense of reason. Finally; after all this time he was going to slip his dick inside a woman again! Even before pressing against her, he could feel the sizzling heat that radiated from her snatch that told him how ready she was for him. He truly couldn't wait anymore. Thanking Kami one more time for all that had transpired today that led to his opportunity, his pressed against her unbreached snatch - for now at least - and pressed himself inside. He wheezed eagerly as he felt her swollen lips scrape against his cockhead as he anchored himself inside. “Aaaagn...!” He was... inside! “Unbelievable...” For the first time in decades, Master Roshi was fucking a woman!

"Nooo!" Mai wept as she felt the mushroom-like tip delve into her. Her... her virginity...! The old man... The old man had taken her virginity! She'd lost her virginity to an old perv! Not only that but feeling his girth spreading her – even with so little inside – was starting to hurt… "Take it out!" she sobbed, but the old man refused to listed. She cried out, her back arching as his large, thick cock spread her walls and delved deeper into her. Already, her body began to tense up.

In contrast, Roshi felt like he had died and gone to heaven as he voyaged into the woman. So warm! So tight! So heavenly! "This... this is amazing!" This… this was what it was like to be inside a woman! Memories forgotten long ago reemerged as Roshi almost cried in joy from the many remembrances of his younger days. Mai's slick walls contracted around him like a snake. “You feel amazing, girly!” Already, he could feel his balls lifting, his cock showering the young woman's walls in pre-cum with each throb. When the tip of his prick bumped against the barrier signaling her purity, he stabbed roughly and easily broke her chastity. A small dosage of blood ran down his cock as he continued to anchor himself as deep as he could.

By now, Mai tried to keep her watery eyes from breaking down in tears. It hurt so much…

"T- take it out!" she pleaded with tears in her eyes. "Please take it out!" Her folds felt like they were going to break as her walls were spread to their limit! Her nails sunk into the old man's biceps in pain. "It hurts!"

Master Roshi had expected such a reaction, though. He pulled back a little, pushed further in, pulled back again, and then made the final thrust forward, making the woman cry out as he hit her cervix painfully. She arched her back in pain, her heavy breasts heaving upwards. Nevertheless, despite the pain, she managed to accommodate most of him inside of her, a feat that would earn her respect from even the most experienced of women. That, at least, was a blessing. "Hnn!" Roshi threw his head back, hissing in pleasure. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd been embedded this tightly. Despite his lust-filled state, he managed to refrain from trying to insert all nine inches of his cock inside of her snatch and breaching past that very-noticeable barrier and began to withdraw his hips.

Mai exhaled with relief as more and more of the old man's long cock evacuated her. He drew his hips back until only the head of his prick remained nestled inside of her. She felt herself tense when the geezer told her he was going to move. She had regained some composure now that she felt unstuffed, but she still showed signs of fatigue. Even taking the old perv in once had been exhaustive. How was she supposed to handle him in quick succession? Already, she was drenched in sweat. "Mo… move slow…" she pleaded. She had given up on persuading him. A perv like him wouldn't dislodge himself for a million Zeni. "Please move slow!"

"I will," he whispered with bated breath, As promised, his pace was slow and gentle for Mai to get used to and enjoy. His thrusts, however, no matter how tender, did nothing to hide the spirit of her springy tits; wobbling with enthusiasm with each push.

Mai moaned softly, while his prick had hurt for a while during the initial impaling, her pussy slowly accommodated to his cock. It was starting to feel… good! "Ah, old man…!" To help Roshi reach deeper into her, Mai wrapped her long, shapely legs around the Turtle Hermit's waist, beckoning his thrusts. Though still somewhat uncomfortable, the sensations she felt when he played with her breasts were starting to return to her! Could... could this be what sex felt like?

Roshi cussed under his breath, sweating profusely from trying to keep a controlled pace while Mai continued to flex around him and coat him with her juices. Her breasts flopped up and down with each of his thrusts. The sight of the mounds bouncing in time with his thrusts was hypnotic. Kami… he wanted them to bounce faster! Wanted them to bounce as hard and fast as they could! He couldn't control himself any longer! He began to pull out before starting a relentless series of brutal thrusts that had Mai writhing. "Ooooh Kaaaamiiii!" she sobbed in pleasure. Mai's toes curled when the feeling of release built in her abdomen. Her strained mouth opened every now and then, only uttering sounds of rapture.

As Mai's head fell back, mouth wide and eyes unseeing, her pussy gripped frantically at Roshi's plowing cock, slowing his pace insignificantly. Roshi took one hand from her waist to support her left breast, holding it in place so that his mouth could slip around the taut nipple. When he began to suck on it, nipping and licking, Mai cried out. His lips on her sensitive nipple felt so good! By now, both of them were drenched in sweat as their hands explored each other's body.

Of course, Mai being the first woman he'd breached in decades – and the first virgin he fucked for even longer than that – Roshi couldn't withstand her warmth and incredible tightness for long. Her walls wrapped around him so fiercely it felt like they were trying to imprison him. Roshi may have been a legendary martial artist, but his stamina wasn't everlasting. He pried his mouth off of Mai's mound to proclaim his upcoming release. "I'm cumming!" he announced, his violent thrusts reaching its peak, making the couch drag over the floor with a squeak.

"Wh- whaaat?!" Mai's shaking head shook franticly. Though she might be ignorant when it came to sex, Mai knew about the possible ramifications of a man erupting his seeds inside a woman. "Nooo! Not inside!" Yet, despite her protest, her legs stayed defiantly crossed over the old man's waist to keep him deep inside to preserve her feelings of indescribable pleasure. It was like she was losing control over her body!

Roshi got in a few more weaker thrusts before shuddering and pushing into Mai until he couldn't go any further, releasing his load inside her. It rushed up his urethra and transferred into the woman's awaiting womb in thick, strong bursts. Mai arched her back when the deep thrust pounded against her cervical wall. Roshi couldn't believe it. After all this time... he was cumming inside... a WOMAN!

Though his sperm was still quite potent - especially for a man his age - a trick Roshi had devised in his youth allowed him to use his ki to control the efficacy of his seeds. It was quite the nifty trick, even if the only reason he developed it was so he would never have to wear a rubber. The jizz he was currently shooting into the young woman's womb was as sterile as it could be. The old man kept himself firmly inside until he was sure that not a single drop could be spilled.

And then Mai suddenly felt unfulfilled. Her eyes weakly opened when she realized that his cock had been extracted from her gaping hole, causing a bucket of cum to spill on the sofa beneath them. Mai panted heavily, her breasts heaving with every puff. Her pussy still quivered as it gushed out the white, gooey seed. "Are we… huff…are we done?" Since he had moved away from her, she thought that it was finally over. That was, of course, until the exuberant hermit turned around and presented his still-erect cock. She inhaled sharply in surprise. How was he still so hard? Dazedly, she eyed the perv's rock-hard staff, still throbbing with desire... She had almost forgotten how big it was.

"I can keep going, girly!" After all this time, there was no way Roshi could be satisfied after only one round in a desirable woman's cunt.

She shrieked when the perv grabbed her and flipped her onto her front. "You... you want to go again?!" she screeched as her ass was raised up. Mai noticeably tensed when she felt him nuzzle against her slit. She held her breath when the old man sunk back into her, yet she could not help but be relieved that the feelings she felt throughout her body would not ebb away anytime soon. She wasn't quite there yet! She still felt it in her loins. Unlike last time, he slid into her with ease.

Keeping his hands fastened around her hips, Roshi made smooth and controlled stabs into her, enjoying the grunts from the woman beneath him each time he knocked against her cervix. He loved the slick sounds of his cock as it drove through her sleek, constricting walls. It wasn't long, however, before he could no longer contain himself and the velocity of his hips build up with each successful thrust. He felt his testicles rattle against her clit each time he clashed against her. Yes, this wild and rough thrust of his hips was how it was supposed to be. This was what it was like to fuck a woman!

"Aaagh!" Mai cried once the old man began a relentless assault on her insides. Each time his groin collided with the cushions of her ass, she was propelled forward as the old man recoiled, only for him to ram himself back inside her until he jolted against the entryway to her womb. Her dangled tits shook uncontrollably beneath her. "Slow…! Slow down, will ya…!" Geez, how did he retain all that strength and stamina at his age?!

Roshi surprised Mai when he lowered himself onto her, his pecs mashing against her back before he guided her head to his and their lips connected. Her eyes widened in shock, her screeches of surprise and disgust muffed against his mouth. Her first kiss…The old man had stolen it… His tongue wriggled into her mouth to combat her own. His right hand went to her chest to bounce her marvelous cups, gingerly coiling her nipples.

He tongued her mouth a while longer before he pulled away to exclaim his pleasure. "Ah, your pussy's the best!" Roshi groaned out as he continued to rock against her crotch. Her juices stained his crotch and began to trickle down his thighs, which only tickled his nerves. "You're so tight!"

"Oh Kamiiiii…!" Mai hiccupped and sobbed uncontrollably as she endured his brutal thrusts against her backend. Beneath her, her developed breasts wobbled wildly, the sensitive tips of her chest receiving jolts of electricity as they lightly flickered against the arms of the sofa. Was this…?! Was this what it meant to have sex?! The strange knot that had appeared in her stomach ever since the geezer began to slurp on her tits finally began to come undone, titillating her loins in a way she'd never experienced before. It felt so nice! More! She wanted more! Her hips began to coil against the invading piston in a desperate attempt to generate even more gratification. "Yes! Yes! Harder! Faster!" she pleaded fiercely. Oh Kami what was she saying? She was being so uncouth, but... she didn't care! She didn't care about her mission anymore. She didn't care about the Dragon Balls. All she cared about was getting fucked from behind by this old lively perv and his incredible cock!

Oh yes! Getting a girl to beg for more was the way of the Master Roshi of the past! The way he was supposed to be! Master Roshi was back! "You got it, girly!" Planting his fingers so tightly into her flesh that it started to whiten before inevitably reddening, he gathered his ki around his hips and loins and began a relentless assault against her buttocks, even faster and more powerful than before! Just like using his ki to make his seeds sterile, gathering ki around his loins for added rushes of pleasure was another technique he'd developed for lecherous purposes. After his long abstinence, however, it was hard to maintain, but his current skill should be enough to make a virgin like Mai go crazy with desire!

"Kyaaaaaa!" How... how was the geezer moving so fast?! Each time he pulled out, he jolted back in in less than a trice! Her ass was going to be flaming after they were done! And his cock... it felt like it was exuding... energy? Whatever it was, it felt good! The pleasure in her loins expanded. That tingly feeling in her stomach... It... it was coming out! "Something...! Ugh…~! Something's coming! Something's coming out~!" Mai's head fell back, mouth wide and eyes unseeing as she experienced her first-ever climax.

For Roshi, having her orgasm grip at him was the final trigger. Her clenching walls convulsed around him, begging for his seeds. A splatter of her plentiful fluids splayed on his cock, staining the cushions of the sofa, but that was a worry for later. The geezer must've been willing to wait out these wonderfully intense contractions when he pushed as far as he could inside of her, cementing their hips together with his powerful grip. Hot spurts of her essence spilled out around the implanted cock as Mai gasped and hiccupped from the pleasure she was riding on.

Mai heard Roshi groan and his cock swelled inside her, and wondered if he was about to cum again. It only took a few more thrusts before a rush of warmth splashed inside of her lower regions to heighten her senses, feeling indescribably good against her convulsing walls. She unconsciously pushed back to the old man's crotch, trying to keep him as deep as possible whilst he came to prolong those pleasures, which also served to Roshi in his ejaculation. The following burst was added to the first gush now coating the walls of her womb as the old pervert pumped her full of semen to mix with his first eruption.

The old hermit's face was scrunched while pouring out his essence. Mai's body repeatedly squeezed his old phallus and milked him of every pearly drop. He bucked above her, gasping and grunting while emptying his balls into his target. It didn't take long until the tight space around his cock was flooded with his cum, truly remarkable since his first abundant ejaculation had been nothing to scorn about.

It wasn't until Roshi was thoroughly drained and his cock deflated that the girl's squeezing muscles pushed his non-resisting member from her semen-filled depths. Some semen was spilled onto the sofa as Roshi was unplugged, but Roshi vowed to never wash the couch ever again in tribute of the events of today.

But man… he was exhausted. He tried his hardest to roll off of her or sit back on his haunches, to keep his weight off of her in some way, yet he failed and simply collapsed on top of her. At some point, his right hand came up to her breasts to test the weight. She didn't mind. She turned her head to look back at him and presented him with a weary smile. "That was fun… old man."

Roshi was too dazed to agree. Though he was happy Mai had a good time, he felt like he still came too soon, especially considering the first two loads that Mai and the girl from this morning had siphoned out of him; the third one should've taken much longer. He still needed more training if he wanted to go back to the way he was before.

The question, of course, was an easy one: who could help him further his training?

And so ends chapter 2 of The Lecherous Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert. I hope you liked it!

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