The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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A/N: Hi all, I've decided to change chapter 3, as I wasn't happy with leaving this part of Dragon Ball out of this series. The Launch chapter will be back soon, slightly rewritten, so don't worry!

Chapter 3: The Legendary Turtle Hermit's Massive, Lengthy... Powers!

Ever since Bulma's little adventure with Master Roshi, she and Goku had continued collecting the Dragon Balls. They even found a new travelling partner with the name of Oolong – a small piglet with the ability to transform into anything he wanted to for five minutes. They now had four Dragon Balls in their possession, and the fifth one was within their grasp. All they had to do was put out the fire that plagued Fire Mountain. They lacked the necessary tools to do so, and so it was decided that Goku would collect the Bansho Fan from the legendary Master Roshi, as the Ox King – the enormous ruler of these parts – suggested. Both Goku and Bulma were surprised to learn that the same old perv who had given them a Dragon Ball was some renowned martial artist. Was that perverted Turtle Hermit really that great of a person? It was hard to imagine considering what Bulma had to do to get that Dragon Ball from him. He didn't exactly seem noble, she thought bitterly.

On the way to Master Roshi, Goku found the Ox-King's missing daughter, Chi-Chi. She was a young brunette girl, dressed in armor. Well... if you could call those small pieces of clothing armor that is. It wouldn’t safeguard much in a fight; all it did was cover her feminine parts. With Chi-Chi in tow, he traveled to Roshi's island, but not before making sure whether Chi-Chi was a boy or a girl by kicking her groin, resulting in...Chi-Chi thinking she had no choice but to become Goku's bride?!

It was a problem for later. Much, much later.

When they finally arrived at Kame Island, they saw the old man called Master Roshi sweeping some leaves into the sea. "Heeey!" Goku greeted the old man. "Long time no see, Gramps!"

"Well, would you look at that," the old hermit said, stopping his efforts to sweep the floor. "It's the boy I gave the Nimbus to!" He greeted the boy with a big grin. If not for the young boy’s decision to guide Turtle to the ocean, he never would've met the teen stunner who'd awoken his dormant urges by giving him such an excellent showing. For that, he would always be thankful.

"Th- that's Master Roshi?" Chi-Chi was perplexed as she looked at the elderly man. From all the stories her dad had told about him, she expected a legendary warrior: large, strong, and big; someone like her father. This man seemed so... fragile. Was this seemingly-unimpressive geezer truly the legendary Master Roshi? She had her doubts...

Master Roshi wondered whether Goku had brought more people along than just him and the brunette girl. His party couldn’t have changed that much in those few short weeks, right? Could... could the girl who'd given him that incredible blowjob be here too?! He excitedly scanned the area, but all he could see was the girl behind the young boy. This... this was a different one, right?

"H- hey, boy, that girl with you..." The old master eyed the boy's traveling partner. She was the first girl he laid eyes on since Mai had left. Mai had quickly left after he'd sprayed his seeds inside of her snatch, blushing furiously and acting unusually timid as she gathered her clothes and left him without saying a word. She never came back, and he didn't expect to see her again. Luckily, he'd managed to hide her underwear as a keepsake before she could grab it. Sometimes, he'd snatch the panty out of his drawers to... reminisce about their encounter. He liked having the underwear around to remind him of his conquest. He might make collecting them a habit.

Still, despite the lack of feminine charm in his presence these past few weeks, this one was young; too young for his tastes, even with her scarcely-clad armor. "Is it just me or did she shrink since last time?" He eyed the girl's budding cleavage, hidden behind her armor. They lacked the oomph he’d hoped to see... The girl had potential, but for now... the turquoise-haired teen from last time had much bigger jugs. "Last time I saw her, her boobies were more BOING~!" His hands began to squeeze the air as if fondling invisible pillows. "Boing~! Boing~!"

"!?" Chi-Chi tried to utter her horror at his perverseness, but the shock she felt shackled her. All she could manage was whisper a mutter, her cheeks flushed red. B- boing?! How uncouth!

"This isn't her, Gramps," Goku clarified, ignorant of the hermit's lechery. "Her name's Chi-Chi. She is the Ox-King's daughter."

"Huh? The Ox-King?" So, this was his old pupil's child. He sized the blushing girl up, stroking his grey beard. Yeah... she would be around the right age. No wonder she was already starting to develop a bosom, considering her mother's ampleness, he thought with a chuckle. If she would turn out like her mother, he should definitely keep an eye out for her development. "I see!"

Chi-Chi had her eyes glued to the ground ever since the eccentric geezer's immoral outburst. Having been raised as a noble princess, such lechery was... unbecoming for her to hear. "H-hey," she finally spoke, getting closer to Goku in the hope the old man wouldn't hear. "Is this really Master Roshi?" All her life, she'd been raised with stories of the legendary Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit. A legendary warrior and the greatest fighter of his generation. A fighter so strong he surpassed human limits. Not... this. Needless to say she had her doubts. She grabbed her pink helmet and narrowed her eyes to the muttering pervert, who was too busy whispering "boobs" over and over to notice. Her helmet had a detachable blade on top, which could be thrown like a boomerang. "I'm going to give him a little test... If he's the real deal, he should be able to dodge it."

Had Roshi's perverted desires not been awakened by Bulma, perhaps he could've been fooled. With his strength rejuvenated, however, he dodged Chi-Chi's blade with ease, sidestepping it before the sharp edges could faze him. He chuckled. "Nice try, girly."

"Wow!" Chi-Chi's view on the old man seemed to transform in an instant with his impressive maneuver. "It... it's really you! You're Master Roshi!" She threw the blade so fast, and yet he dodged it with ease. He really was superhuman! He was a tad uncouth, but she nevertheless looked at the old hermit with newfound admiration in her eyes.

"By the way," Roshi began, skeptically looking at the duo, "why did you two come here anyway?"

And so Goku began his plight. Fire Mountain was on fire, and they needed the Bansho Fan to put it out so they could collect the Dragon Ball hidden there.

"Hmmmm," Roshi muttered, his brow furrowed. "One swing brings gales, two swings brings rainclouds, three swings brings downpours... Yes, the fan should be able to put the fire out." The old man turned his back to the duo, and let his gaze rest on the ocean, seemingly in deep contemplation.

"Please!" Chi-Chi pleaded, bowing in awe and respect. "Please let us borrow it! We'll give it back as soon as we're done."

Though Master Roshi was truly in deep thought, his current musings would probably leave the others flabbergasted would they ever come to light. The only thing on his mind, unsurprisingly... was debauchery. There was opportunity to be had! The Ox-King's daughter had potential to bloom into a bombshell of a woman, but she was too young for now. After experiencing all of Mai's mature body, there was no way this one could entice him. She'd be unable to fulfill his carnal desires... for now. The most interesting thing about her was her chest... and even that was only budding. Not to mention that with his length he imagined the whole ordeal to be... uncomfortable.

No, what he wanted was... her. The young minx who had so graciously shown him her pussy and blew him to completion. Remembrance of the teen's tight slit and bobbing head whilst down on her knees circulated waves of blood and excitement to his prick, making it tent inside his shorts. He tightened his fists determinedly. Yes, this was his chance for another encounter with the beautiful girl who had reawakened his desires, and he wouldn’t dare waste it! He would help... for a price. "Okay, I'll let you borrow it."

Ignoring the small girl's shrieks of joy at his promise, he called the boy to him. "Boy, come here!" Goku made his way to the old man, who made sure they were out of range for the girl to hear. "There is a condition to my help."


"I'll let you borrow the Bansho Fan., but...” Roshi felt his cheeks redden as he began his request. “...that girl from before, with the bouncy titties."

"Bouncy titties?" Goku repeated, puzzled. What the hell was he talking about? Did he mean... "Bulma?'


"Yes, that's the one!" How could he have forgotten? "In exchange for my help, I just want to... you know... I want to...” – he presented his teeth as his lips twirled into a lecherous one – “touch that girl's boobies!" The last time he met Bulma, she'd graciously shown him her pussy, but her tits had been infuriatingly concealed behind her gown, and this monkey-tailed boy had interrupted them before he could grab them for his amusement. Yes, a handful of the teen’s breasts was to be the compensation for his efforts.

His friend Turtle tried to scold his old friend for his perverted request, but Roshi shushed him. He didn't want Chi-Chi to hear about his lechery. Though too young for now, the girl would grow up to be a looker, and he wanted her to have a positive impression of him for when she'd be old enough to entice him. He needed to play the long game with her.

Goku shrugged, he didn't see what the big deal was. "Sure, all you want to do is touch her chest, right?" An innocent and sheltered boy, Goku didn't really get the old man's and Oolong's obsession with Bulma, and now happily sealed his friend's fate to endure Roshi's touches with his ignorance. He sure likes to touch some weird things...

Roshi chuckled mischievously, thanking Kami for the boy's obliviousness. "Now, keep this a secret from Chi-Chi, all right? If the Ox-King finds out, it'll look bad." The monkey-tailed kid happily agreed to keep the old man perverse antics a secret from the young girl.

“All right, with that matter settled, let me get that Bansho Fan for you." With his bouncy compensation on his mind, he eagerly ran into his home, but as much as he tried to... he couldn't find it. "That's strange..." Peaking his head out the window, he asked Turtle if he knew where the fan was.

"Didn't you use it as a tablecloth that one night we ate hot pot?"

"That... that was the Bansho Fan? Dammit!" Roshi grew pale, feeling his supple reward slip through his fingers. "I got it all dirty and threw it out!" Ignoring everyone's shocked response, Master Roshi tightened his fists. If tits were his reward, then... "If that's how things are, I'll just go to Fire Mountain and put the fire out myself!" Changing his attire into his martial arts suit, he reminded Goku of their little deal before making his way to Fire Mountain on the back of Baby Gamera.

Bulma’s tities, here I come!

Back at Fire Mountain, the group consisting of Ox-King, Oolong, and Bulma waited patiently for Goku to return with the Bansho Fan. Bulma sighed, her arms crossed over her bust. Why was this taking so long? Unbeknownst to her, that was soon to be the least of her worries.

"Look!" Oolong screamed, pointing upwards. "That's the Nimbus! Goku's back!"

As Goku and Chi-Chi stepped off the Nimbus cloud – with Oolong eager to introduce himself to the Ox-King's cute daughter – the boy explained the situation. They didn't have the Bansho Fan, but they did have Master Roshi himself with them! On que, Baby Gamera landed next to the group, with the old hermit in tow.

"Great..." Bulma watched the old perv with disgust, fully aware of his foulness. It was the first time she saw him since... then. Not only had she revealed her nether region to him and sucked his cock – ending with him dousing her face with his jizz – she even had to stick two fingers inside her snatch when she could bathe that day to finally get the pesky feelings of arousal out of her system; a secret she would take to the grave with her. She would never give the geezer the satisfaction of knowing that he’d gotten her heated. Kami, she hoped he'd leave again soon...

The old hermit looked at the fires that surrounded the mountain, frowning in concentration. "I see... So this is Fire Mountain. That's quite a fire all right! But... I should be able to put it out." His stern frown did not leave his face as he eyed his former pupil, the Ox-King. "I haven't been hearing very good things about you," he began his scolding. "In order to protect, you've resorted to killing a number of people."

To the shock of everyone, the Ox-King got down on his knees and begged for forgiveness. "You're right, Master! I'm so embarrassed. I was possessed by grief! I'm so sorry!"

"Wh- what?" Bulma was shocked, blinking her eyes in disbelief. This large, bulky man was apologizing to the lanky, old perv? What was going on here? The man currently down on his knees was twice the elder’s size! Could the old man really be some legendary warrior? There was no way, right? She remembered the last time she saw the geezer after she'd given him that blowjob, remembered his foul, perverted grin as he’d eyed her with lust, preparing to do the unthinkable to her. Who knows what would've happened if not for Goku's timely intervention? She shivered at the thought. A man like that couldn't be some legendary hero, right?

"To be honest, I'm kind of surprised you couldn't put out a fire like this yourself," Roshi continued to scold his former pupil. “A fire like this would be easy to put out, but first..." He eyed Goku, and nudged him to edge closer. "H-hey boy... the condition...?"

"Huh?" Goku tilted his head, before his pupils widened in recognition. "Oh yeah!" He made his way to Bulma, and pointed at the old hermit. "Gramps over there wants to ask you something."

"Eh?" Bulma screeched as if she'd seen a rat. Shit... what did he want now? The last time this happened... She couldn't help herself from remembering the moment the old man tugged both his shorts and underwear down in a trice, revealing his long, thick cock to her. She quickly shook her head to banish those thoughts. She had a bad feeling about this...

"Come here, come here~!" Roshi beckoned Bulma toward him. As Roshi looked at the girl who reluctantly stepped forward, it felt like another ounce of blood made its way to his groin. Kami, what an outfit~! Dressed in a black bunny outfit that perfectly accentuated her luscious figure, he couldn't help but leer at the cleavage of her ample chest, licking his lips. With each step, her knockers would bounce ever so slightly. Mai's seemed to be bigger due to her maturity, but these... they looked like they'd perfectly fill his hands. And they were so much bigger than Chi-Chi's! These were to be his compensation for putting out a measly fire? What a bargain!

"Wh- what is it?" Bulma asked, already dreading the answer. She tried to ignore his hungry gaze at her bosom. He wasn’t exactly subtle... He is such a perv....

Despite the confidence he'd gained, Roshi was unable to utter his lewd request to the girl, beckoning Goku forward to tell Bulma of their deal in his stead. The young boy stepped forward and unabashedly pointed at her breasts. "Uhm... He wants to touch your chest."

"Eh?!" Bulma squealed, defiantly crossing her arms over her breasts. She knew it! She knew it couldn't be anything good with that old perv involved!

"If... If you don't let me touch your boobies, I won't put out the fire." Just like last time, Roshi had all the power. And like the blowjob last time, he would use that upper hand to get himself a good handful of Bulma's knockers.


"Are you kidding me?!" Bulma yelled at him, advancing toward him until they were inches apart. With hatred filling her beautiful sapphire eyes, she grabbed his collar. "Why would I do something like that?!"

"But if I don't put out the fire, you can't get the Dragon Ball, right?"

Bulma looked at the old man with an intent to kill, but... she was forced to admit that he was right. Just like last time, she needed the old man to collect all Dragon Balls and make her wish. She gritted her teeth and instead began to look daggers at her monkey-tailed companion. Goku... you and your big mouth...!

"Hmmm... maybe I'll just go home now." It was the same trick Roshi had used the first time he persuaded Bulma. Well, if it ain't broke...

"F- fine!" Bulma once again agreed to one of the geezer's perverted requests. "However, I don't believe you can put out that fire, even if you are some legendary warrior. So I'll let you touch them only after you do it." It was partly true. In her scientific mind, there was no way an old man like him could put out that fire, but on the off chance that he could, she could buy herself some time to think up a plan to outsmart him.

"Okay!" Roshi agreed to the nubile teen's request. He put out his pinky, to make her swear on the sacred pinky promise. "Whoever breaks the promise swallows a thousand needles."

Bulma reluctantly tangled her pinky around his. He is so perverted!

With the deal finalized, the trio made their way back to the group with good news: Master Roshi would put out the fire!

"How about I put out the fire then?" Taking off his upper clothing, he revealed his lanky, frail body to the group. "Here I go!" He flexed his muscles – or lack thereof – and eyed Bulma with a grin. "Sexy, ain't I? "

"Yeah, yeah..." Bulma hesitantly played along. There was no way this old perv could put out a fire like that, she figured as she watched the old man gawkily climb one of the broken walls around the area for a higher ground. Just when he finally managed to find his footing, he almost slipped again. Bulma shook her head. There was no way he could do it. It seemed her chest was safe. Although... maybe just in case... her eyes rested on Oolong, a sly smile twirling her lips as an idea formed in her head.

With Roshi finally atop of the crumbled wall, he sighed. "Well, here goes." Taking a fighting stance, he gathered his energy and... "HAH!" In a trice, all of the old hermit's muscles engorged massively; shoulders, arms, pecs, stomach, legs... They all grew into boulders of steel!

The entire group was flabbergasted at the sight! Chi-Chi looked at the old man with admiration. So this was Master Roshi's true form! Even Bulma had to admit he looked impressive. Of course, the sudden growth of his muscles came with a prize. His trousers and underwear, made for his lanky legs and hips, were not able to contain the sudden increase in size, and before any of the group could close their eyes, they ripped apart to reveal Roshi's last muscle to the group. Ever since his eyes landed on Bulma, Roshi's prick had stood erect, and now his nine-inch cock was out in the open for all to see. Even with his entire body bulked up, it still looked massive.

Oolong cursed his luck and closed his eyes. Goku had little to no reaction, more shocked by the increase in the old man 's muscle mass than by his unveiling.

Bulma, however, couldn't help but eye the piece of meat with awe. It was without a doubt still the biggest she'd ever seen. Before she could help herself, she could recall the taste of his prick between her lips when she sucked him off for the Dragon Ball.

"Gyaa!" Chi-Chi shrieked as she saw a man's genitals for the first time. She tried to look away, but her sight was glued to the massive prick. It seemed so enormous. Were... were all penises so big? Her lips parted in awe, her eyes engorged, fascinated at the sight. Though she wanted to, she just couldn't look away!

Roshi, it seemed, either didn't care much for his sudden exposal or pretended not to mind, for he gathered his hands together, and began to utter, "Ka! Me! Ha! Me! Haa!" With his final "Haa!" he released a massive amount of blue energy from his hands, firing it straight at the castle. All bystanders were perplexed by the old man's incredible strength.

"Phew..." As the Kamehameha subsided, so did Master Roshi's buff state. All that remained was his lanky form, even his prick had withered into its soft state, though for how long was questionable. "Looks like the fire went out."

"Uhm... M- Master Roshi,'' The Ox-King began, "You... you put out the fire, but... T- the mountain and my castle..."

"I- it's all gone." Bulma screamed in astonishment. It had all been demolished! Just... just how strong was this old man? Even knowing about his hopeless perverseness, Bulma couldn't help but revere him, even if only a little.

"Looks like I got a bit too excited." Roshi hollered, laughing sheepishly. And speaking of excitement, the real exciting prospect was in hands reach, he thought, leering at Bulma behind his shades with carnal intent. Oh yes, the bunny girl was about to be his prize!

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