The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

BY : Cool Burn
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A/N: Two chapters in one week?! I must be feeling ill or something, haha. For those unaware, I've changed chapter 3 as it would've been a waste not to write about the deal between Bulma and Roshi at Fire Mountain. The Launch chapter that was uploaded before will follow after this one, slightly rewritten.

Anyways, last time we saw Roshi, he'd struck a deal with Bulma to grope her in exchange for putting out the fire at Fire Mountain. What will happen next? Read further to find out.

Warning: lemon

Chapter 4: Inside Bulma's Briefs (A.K.A. Ploughing the Bunny)

The dust was finally clearing, the once magnificent castle that housed the royal family of Fire Mountain in crumbles after Master Roshi's powerful Kamehameha stilled the land from the scorching fire that had plagued it for many years. And though the castle was gone, it could be rebuilt. In the rubble of the ruined kingdom, two adventurers sought for a very specific type of treasure.

"There's no way we can find the Dragon Ball now…" a small piglet muttered, his hands gloomily sheathed in his pockets. He kicked a pebble of cement that lied crumbled in front of him. To think this had been a grandiose castle only moments ago. He still couldn't believe the power that the old man possessed existed… It was out of this world!

"Sure we can, Oolong," the beautiful girl that stood alongside the pig protested. Dressed in a black bunny outfit, she pressed the device that she held in her left hand and waited for the radar to detect one of the magical spheres that they were looking for. She beamed brightly as it started beeping when it picked up on a signal. "There should be one about fifty paces to the west!" She was glad to have found the treasure so quickly. She needed to collect the orb and get out of here before that geezer wanted to collect her debt – fast! She also had a plan if they couldn't escape the old man, but she preferred to avoid owing that foul piggy anything if she could help it.

A few feet away from the duo, a wizened man contently watched the two as they scouted the debris. Master Roshi still couldn't believe the deal he'd struck with the nubile bunny girl. In exchange for using his power to put out a measly fire, the eye-catching girl that accompanied Son Gohan's kid had agreed to let him touch her breasts! They even made a pinky promise to seal the deal – the most sacred and holy of all promises! He chuckled joyously, humming in anticipation. The girl was turning out to be quite something. Only a few weeks earlier, he met her after she and young Goku returned his old friend Turtle to him. As a reward for helping his pal, he gifted Goku with the Flying Nimbus.

The girl, who had been reluctant to help Turtle, had asked for a present as well – the pretty jewelry he'd collected from the bottom of the sea that hung around his neck. Since she hadn't been very supportive of his friend, he asked her to show him her panty before he would part with his star-clad sphere. She hadn't complied; instead, she'd shown him her entire nether region! To this day, he remembered every nook and cranny of her young and tender folds. Even her pubic hair had been cut short! Afterwards, she'd even agreed to give him a blowjob in exchange for the star-clad orb. Suffice to say, numerous tissues had been wasted since then in remembrance of that day. And now she'd agreed to show him her tits as well… Oh, he was getting hard just thinking about it! Luckily, Roshi had taken an extra pair of pants with him, allowing him to cover his prick after he ripped his other trousers whilst powering up. Unfortunately, he hadn't brought more underwear, so his piston now nestled against his pants.

Although... something seemed off. Something was telling him to make sure to keep an eye on the girl. They'd struck a deal, and he would make sure he'd collect his winnings.

"There it is!" the girl in question – Bulma, as she was known by her friends – shouted with glee. She'd finally found her prize! "One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… It's the seven-star Dragon Ball!" Bulma jumped repeatedly with excitement, orb in hand. "Hooray! Hooray!" All she had to do now was to take her place in her car and drive away as fast as she could! Confident in her abilities to outsmart the old pervert who wanted to touch her chest, she had no idea of the ordeal that would soon befall her.

"Wh- what happened to our car?!" Bulma sobbed as she eyed the broken automobile that used to be her vehicle. The tires had come loose and the doors and bumper were dented beyond recognition. "It's been totally wrecked!" Apparently, Goku had tried to imitate the old perv's Kamehameha and though he failed to conceive a blast with the same force as the withered geezer, he managed to generate enough energy to dismantle their only means of transportation. Bulma wailed. How were they going to give the old man the slip now?!

As if Kami heard Bulma's prayers, the Ox King offered the group his own car. "Really?!" Oh Ox-King, bless you and your oversized muscles! The monarch of Fire Mountain seized a capsule from his pocket and activated it. The vehicle appeared with a loud poof, accompanied by heavy smoke. It looked a bit old, but it was able to drive – and that was all that mattered! "This is wonderful! Thank you so much!" Now all she had to do was urge the others into the car and get the hell away from here!

The group got into the car and prepared to make the voyage to find their last Dragon Ball. Using her trusty Dragon Radar, Bulma soon located the last orb. "Looks like it's located west of here. It looks pretty far, though." The group was heading westbound! Thanking the Ox-King and his daughter, Bulma prepared to press the gas pedal with her foot when…


"Aren't you forgetting something…" an old, shaky voice whispered into her ear. Bulma felt shivers run down her back. It was the old pervert! She coyly asked what he meant. "Our important promise!"

"Heh heh…" Bulma laughed, but her chuckle lacked any joy. "So, you remembered, huh…?" She charily got out of the car. There was no escaping this one… She released a drawn-out groan from her throat. Though she would've preferred not to use it, plan B it was! There was no way she'd give the old man the pleasure of another sexual favor! Sucking his cock had been degrading. She was quite possibly the smartest teenager on this planet, not a toy for some perv's amusement! She turned her head to the eccentric old man and smiled innocently.

"J- just hold on a minute, okay?" Bulma asked the old man with the sweetest voice she could muster. Franticly, her eyes sought the little perv who was going to get her out of her pickle. She chuckled when she found the piglet she'd been looking for. "Oolong" – she beckoned the piggy towards her with her forefinger – "come here for a sec."

"Eh?!" Oolong was startled when Bulma snatched his hand and led him away from the group. "Wh- what?" What was going on? Why was Bulma so intent on speaking to him alone? They stopped behind one of the few broken walls that were still standing after that strange old man's energy beam. They were completely out of sight from their companions. Why were they so secluded, he wondered?

"Listen up…" Bulma whispered, leaning closer to the piglet, "I promised to let the old guy touch my boobs in exchange for putting out the fire so that we can get the Dragon Ball." She continued to bend down until she was at eyelevel with the piglet. "I want you to transform into me and let him touch your chest in my place!"

"Ieeeee?!" Oolong uttered fiery. "Y- you've gotta be kidding me! I've got nothing to do with this! Getting touched by an old guy is just as disgusting to me as it is to you!"

Proudly spoken by a shameless pervert who didn't waste any opportunity to spy on her, Bulma thought bitterly – and she didn't even know about Oolong's attempt to fondle her drugged body in her sleep only a few days ago! "Oh, I see. You want me to say pii pii again then?" Bulma grinned victoriously when Oolong prepared to protest, but then wisely kept his lips shut. Back when Oolong joined her and Goku's party in search of the Dragon Balls, she made sure to trick him into eating an invention of hers that gave him a sudden case of diarrhea each time she said the words pii pii. It made the piggy a tool to use as she saw fit. And right now, she needed him to transform and endure the old man's vile touches in her place!


"Eh?" Bulma yipped, feeling a sudden blunt object gingerly hit the back of her head. How strange… Had someone sneaked up behind them?

"I don't think so, girly," a seasoned voice chastised her.

"Kyaa!" Bulma jumped in surprise. That voice! She felt her breath hitch as she turned around, coming face to face with… "Old man?!" Why was he here? "I- I thought I told you to wait?"

Master Roshi shrugged. So… the bunny girl had planned to trick him. It seemed he was right to trust his gut that something fishy was going on. His eyes narrowed on the small piglet. Who knew that such a strange creature would be able to transform into anything he wanted? The world sure was a strange place. He wondered whether there were any girls who had that ability. A girl that could transform into other women... that could come in handy, he thought perversely. "I think it would be best for you to join your friends, young man."

"Y- yes sir!" In all honesty, Oolong would've loved to have stayed and watch the old geezer fondle Bulma's boobies, but he knew better than to argue with a man that could summon that weird blue energy of destruction whenever he wanted. "I'll get out of your way then!" He practically sprinted away from the duo, leaving a trail of dust in his wake.

"Oo- Oolong!" Bulma screamed after the darting piglet, a slight panic in her voice. "Come back right this instant!" He never came back… Her eyes hesitantly trailed from the disappearing piggy to the old pervert who expected to touch her chest. "H- hey there…I told you to wait, you silly old man. Haha… ha…" She groaned. This was the worst…

"I thought you were taking too long, bunny girl. I was worried you were planning to get out of our deal." And he had been right to worry, it seemed! Kids these days... How dare she try to break the holy pinky promise! "We made a promise, bunny girl."

"Don't remind me..." Bulma whimpered with her head dropped low. So close… She'd been so close to evade the old man's perverted desires this time. She glared at the rotten senior with disdain. Was there really no way out? Did she really have to let this hopeless geezer touch her chest?! After last time, she really didn't give the perv the satisfaction. Her genius mind worked overtime to come up with a plan to escape her ordeal, but she found no viable solution. "Fine!" she stated with annoyance, audibly gritting her teeth. If there was no way out, she'd rather get it over with quick! "I'll do it..."

Master Roshi mouthed a faint "Yes!" underneath his breath. After all this time, it was finally happening! His lips pursed as he eyed the bunny girl's cleavage. They looked so soft and smooth~! After decades of trying but failing, he was going to touch another marvelous pair of knockers so soon after groping Mai's luscious pair! And not just any pair, but the tits of the incredible girl who'd reawakened his urges! Life sure was great lately.

Silence filled the air around them. Bulma saw the old man look at her in anticipation, a goofy grin plastered on his face. He looked pathetic… He truly was someone far below her standards. A startling realization hit her. After this, he would've seen everything. From head to toe, all he had to do was close his eyes to remember her naked body. It was a chilling thought… Even more chilling a thought was what an old eccentric geezer like him would do to her once she exposed herself to him. She still remembered what he'd tried to pull last time. If it hadn't been for Goku, the old man would've... Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him. "You'll only touch them, right?"

"Yes!" he promised. Though, in all honesty, he would have said whatever she wanted to hear as long as it meant the removal of the cups hiding her tits. Already, he could feel his penis tent against his fresh pair of pants. "Of course! N- now please! Please let me touch them!

His assurance did make Bulma feel better – even if only a little. "T-then…" Bulma swallowed her anxiety down her throat, a red hue filling her cheeks. The feeling reminded her of the time he wanted her to show him her underwear. She heard his breath hitch in anticipation of the unveiling of her bosom. Come on, Bulma. Keep it together, she urged herself. All she had to do was show him her tits, endure his corrupted touches for a couple of seconds, and get the hell out of here. But if it was truly that simple, why did she hear her heart beat so franticly into her ears?

"Is something wrong?" Master Roshi asked, noticing her hesitance. "If you need some help, I'll be happy to lower the cups myself. Heh heh!"

"Tch!" Bulma groaned, gritting her teeth. What a filthy pervert! That was the last straw! She wanted this geezer out of her life forever! If a flash of her knockers was all it took to accomplish that then...! Her hands came up to the cups of her bunny outfit and unwaveringly yanked them down. "Here!"

"Uhn...! Knn...! Ehhhhh...!" Master Roshi stammered incoherently as the teen's breasts were exposed for his pleasure. They came into view with a generous wobble as the caps of her outfit came down. His hands trembled overzealously at his sides, but his posture remained as stiff as a statue, as if he did not know how to proceed after the bunny girl granted him such a boon. Her jugs looked so round and nice, he thought as they joggled into place. They were quite large and full compared to her taut physique, but not overgrown. And not an inch of sagging~! The peachy tips that crested the mounds complimented the milky-white flesh perfectly! A line of blood dribbled down his excited, overworking nostrils. What a wondrous pair of boobies~!

"Ti... Ti...!" He watched her delectable chest with an increasing sense of heat. His heart was beating franticly. Sweat rolled down his head as he huffed and puffed, huffed and puffed, huffed and puffed until he could huff and puff no longer! "Tits!" His hands surged up to claim the marvelous jugs without any warning, lunging his arms with a sense of urgency as if the enticing mounds could disappear at a moment's notice. His fingers sunk into her pliable skin, squeezing her supple bosom to test the suppleness. "TITS!"

"Hnn…!" Bulma whimpered from his sudden advancement, unprepared for his sudden groping of her sensitive chest. The hands at her sides tightened into fist in an effort to restrain her urges to pull herself away from the old man. "Pervert…" she stated, gritting her teeth. What had she done to deserve this?!

Master Roshi hollered mischievously. Pervert was a title he would wear with pride if it meant handling such wondrous boobies! Excitingly, he slipped his hands to the undersides of her tits and pressed them up to test their weight. "So heavy~! Heh heh!"

Bulma whined when his thumb began to flicker against her left nipple. Goosebumps ran down her body when the geezer coiled the erect tip with his fingers as if it was the dial of a radio. His large hands filled her breasts much easier than her own during the long, lonely nights she'd experienced while searching for the Dragon Balls. It… didn't feel bad… No! She refused to think like that! She would not enjoy this, dammit! She shook her head and closed her eyes to try and block the old man's efforts from her mind. Unfortunately, before she could help herself, a moan escaped from her lips.

Master Roshi reveled at the amazing texture of the bunny girl's chest. His lecherous antics were on full display! After getting several glimpses of her pussy back at the ocean, he now finally had access to her titties as well! He pawed at her breasts as if he was a cat playing with a treat. He cupped, prodded and squeezed the wonderful globes with endless vigor. His eyes followed her tits as he began to press them up, down, together and apart. Each time he released his hold on her knockers, he'd revel as they wobbled back into place. Oh yes, these were the firm, supple breasts of a young woman! He licked his lips whilst his thumb scraped past her erect nipple. It looked so nice and inviting…

Though they hadn't agreed on a specific period of time that she'd allow him to have his immoral hands on her breasts – which Bulma now sorely regretted – she figured she'd given the old perv's hopeless hankerings more than enough time touching her bosom – much more than he deserved even, especially after what she had to do last time! She was about to pull the pathetic geezer off her when... "Kyaa!" Bulma screeched when something rough and slimy scraped past her nipple. Was that his...?! She opened her eyes to the nauseating sight of the old man coiling his tongue over her nipples. Her cheeks flushed to the color of a tomato in a mixture of anger and shame. "No!" Her hands came up to defiantly push the perv away from her chest, but he was far too steadfast. He didn't even react when she began to knock her fist onto his head! "This... This isn't part of the deal!"

"We agreed that I could touch your tits," Roshi murmured between the many swathes of his tongue. "I never said I was going to touch you with only my hands! Heh heh!" Though he kept his tongue on her areola most of the time, he'd often slather his oral muscle over her creamy skin. Indeed, it seemed his real objective was to mantle her entire breast in his saliva!

This couldn't be happening... Why was it so hard to push him away? His strength far exceeded her own. Bulma had no choice other than humoring his lustful yearnings.

Master Roshi felt the bunny girl's hands on his shoulders loosen in their attempts to fend him off, acknowledging her fate to endure his gooey brushes. When he licked the underside of her right knocker, his nose nuzzled against her nipple; the teen mewled from the sudden titillation. He grinned haughtily. She wasn't trying to dislodge him anymore. She'd dropped her guard! Taking advantage of the bunny girl's disheartened acceptance of her situation, he surprised her by soaring his head and parting his mouth to claim her nipple between his lips. With his lips secured tightly around the peachy tip, he began to suck on it as a baby desperate for nourishment.

"N- no!" Bulma wailed somberly. Her fingers tightened around the hermit's shoulders from the sudden suction. Now the geezer had begun to suck on them too?! Bulma was forced to tolerate the pathetic old perv's sipping of her erect peaks. An old man was sucking her tits! She squirmed and wiggled to escape from the geezer's hold, but he was relentless! "W- what are you doing?!"

Even worse than having a shameless pervert nursing on her teat was the sickening realization that the disgusting perv's assault on her bosom had roused her. She grimaced when she noticed the dampening of her panty against her leaking sex. It seemed her body did not care that it was a hopeless, wrinkled old geezer who had awakened those stirrings. She squirmed her legs together in an attempt to hide her arousal from his perverted eyes. Who knew what an immoral debauchee like him would try to do if he found out he'd gotten her heated?! "No!" This couldn't be happening! This had to stop! "L- let go!"

Perhaps it was a moan that reluctantly climbed out of Bulma's throat or perhaps it were his honed senses that detected the stimulation of her nether region; whatever it was, Master Roshi listened to her request and removed his lips from her erect peak. He eyed the bunny girl; she was flushed red with embarrassment, sweating profusely, and slightly out of breath. She was so flustered that she refused to meet his gaze, her eyes staring aimlessly at her feet. Now that he had forced himself off of her glorious jugs, he noticed just how heated he had become himself. He felt his prick throb relentlessly against the fabric of his pants. What to do, what to do? Back when they made their deal, he truly had intended to only grope her knockers. But now that his arousal had been stirred by the bunny girl's amazing body – he eyeballed her incredible tits – well, what else was he supposed to do?

Bulma thought her ordeal was over when the shameless perv stepped backwards. She released an extended sigh of relief. "Finally done, huh…" she muttered with contempt. "I swear, you should be ashamed of yourself, old man," she lectured him. Asking to see her underwear, ordering her to take his cock between her lips, and now this... he was such a vile perv. "Taking advantage of a young woman like me..." All she wanted to do now was to tuck her breasts away, forget this ever happened and return to her friends. Bulma shamefully admitted to herself that she felt heated enough that she'd have to park the car once she was a safe distance from this foul geezer to take care of her yearnings, but all she wanted to do now was leave before the old man tried to do the unthinkable again. Before she could hide her jugs, however, the sound of something unzipping reached her ears. "Huh?" What was that disgusting, ancient guy doing now? Her eyes roamed towards the old man, but when she noticed what he'd done, she inhaled sharply and screamed in shock. "W- why are you naked?!" she asked with notable worry in her voice. And how had he unclothed himself so swiftly?!

"Sorry about that. It looks like you got me all worked up, bunny girl. Heh heh!" He pointed to his crotch. "As you can imagine, I felt very uncomfortable all of a sudden."

Bulma couldn't help but leer down at where he was pointing. She gasped in awe. "Wh- what are you doing?!" she yelped in disbelief as she stared at his long cock. Once again, she was perplexed by his length and girth. In all honesty, it wasn't that freakishly big, but compared to the few she'd seen... It looked massive. But... what was he planning to do with it? "P- put that thing away...!" She apprehensively took a step back. He... he couldn't actually be trying to finish what he started the day they met, right?

"You've done so much for me already, bunny girl. Please allow this old man one final request." His cheeks were bright red, his teeth on full display as he presented her a foul, perverted grin that betrayed his dark intentions. Drool dribbled down from the sides of his lower lip. "Heh heh!" He took a step towards the girl, which was quickly followed by another.

Bulma shuddered at his sleazy laugh and matched his forward step with a backward one. "H- hey now…" Even when hidden behind his shades, she could tell his eyes were locked onto her barren chest as they joggled in line with her steps. For a short while, their movements were like a dance – Roshi would saunter forth, and Bulma would trail back. It wasn't long, however, until disaster struck. Keeping her eyes on the old man to make sure he stayed a safe distance away from her, Bulma failed to notice the rubble of broken stones beneath her. "Whaaa…!" Bulma gawkily tried to steady herself as she threatened to trip over the pebbles, arms flailing helplessly, but it was not to be. After a few seconds of strenuous efforts, she fell down with a thud.

"Ouch…!" she sobbed. Her buttocks were flaming. She fell right on her heinie… Of course, such a meager rush of pain was forgotten the moment she realized the vile, naked pervert was still striding towards her. "Ah! D- don't come any closer!" She used her feet and hands to slide herself away from the man, but he was much faster and threatened to catch up! "W- we had a deal, didn't we?" She shrieked when she noticed his cock inches away from her face!

Roshi gulped audibly. She was at eyelevel with his piston... again. With such a nimble girl down in front of him, tits out for his viewing pleasure, it would not take long for him to cum by his own hand. The thought was a pleasant one. Yet, it seemed to be such a waste to do so when there were... other methods to reach fulfillment.

A sly, perverted chuckle put Bulma on edge. She watched how the old geezer thrust his hips forward. His penis was rushing toward her! Was he aiming for her mouth?! What was he thinking?! Was he planning on slipping that between her lips again?!

"Wait! Wait!" Bulma's hands franticly came up to catch the approaching cock to successfully impede its progress.

"Agn...!" The sudden capture of his prick made Roshi come to an abrupt stop. It felt so good to have a hand other than his own around his cock. A shiver ran down his spine as her hot breath touched his cock.

Bulma breathed with relief. It seemed she'd managed to halt the old man's advancement! Although, so close to her nose, she could not help but note the somewhat foul smell of his dick… Instinctively, she bended it upwards to widen the distance between his odor and her nostrils.

"Ha… Hah hah…" Bulma laughed in both relief and anguish at her current situation. It seemed she had saved her jaw from dislocating. Of course, now she was left with the old perv's big, sizzling piston in her hands. While she held his dick up, the pre-cum that was ousted from the stiff rod leaked down until she felt it run down her hands. Just what was she supposed to do with it? Had it been up to her, she'd let go of the geezer's disgusting prick and walk away from him, but something told her he would stuff her mouth full the moment she released his cock from her grasp. Was she supposed to rub it then? It would be much more than the vile perv deserved, but... she had the feeling it was either this or her mouth… and after all she had to endure last time, she really didn't want him in her mouth again... I don't have a choice… I have to do this!

"Ugn! B- bunny girl…" Master Roshi grunted when the luscious girl down in front of him hesitantly began to stroke him. Somewhat gawkily at first, not used to have to use two hands to jerk someone off, she wrapped her fingers tightly around his shaft – right hand on top and the left close to the base – and proceeded to let them rise and fall around his cock. She'd heft her hands till her top forefinger scraped past the sodden, bulbous part of his glans and then sunk back down to the base. It was easy enough. As she got the hang of it, it really was no different than when she'd jacked off her smaller-sized bedpartners. With her growing confidence, he felt her movements that were once gingerly replaced by gutsy jerking motions. And all the while, Master Roshi grunted and groaned like an old man dying.

"Th- there, there, old man. This is nice, right?" Bulma spoke soothingly. "There's no need to press this thing anywhere else than between my magic hands. Wouldn't you agree?" The old perv nodded hesitantly. She cheered inwardly. It seemed her jaw had been saved this time!

Despite the bravado with which she spoke, Bulma suspiciously leered at his prick as her hands bobbed up and down the old man's rigid staff. He was overly excited, she thought as more and more pre-cum dibbled from the tip of his throbbing cock. It was pulsing so eagerly. She figured it wouldn't take long for him to... A chilling thought crossed her mind. What if something revolting shot out without warning? She still remembered the embarrassment she felt from when Goku found her doused in the perv's pearly whites, and she'd rather avoid that outcome this time.

The thought of ejaculating over the bunny girl's pretty face without alerting her had crossed Master Roshi's mind. He could imagine her mouth agape, shrieking in shock, eyes closed helplessly as wad after wad of sperm shot out of his piston to paint her helpless face and tits in white... The sheer thought of it... It was too much! He could feel his lust start to cloud his judgment. His breathing accelerated and he could swear he was starting to feel so heated that steam shot out of his nostrils. Just like the first time with the bunny girl and with Mai, his perverted urges were starting to overwhelm him! If this kept up, he wouldn't be able to control himself much longer!

"Kyaa!" Bulma could not be blamed for her sudden screech when she was pressed down to be laid on all fours. What happened? One moment she was begrudgingly bobbing her hands around the old man's shaft, the next she found herself down on the ground. And where had that geezer gone to?! A sudden sound of movement behind put her on high alert. How had the old man gotten behind her so fast?! She was about to give him a piece of her mind when…

"H- hey!" Bulma squirmed when her ass was raised up. The white cotton tail that adorned her butt wiggled franticly. "W- what do you think you're- Aaagh!" Bulma released a horrified scream when the old geezer seized the lowest part of her leotard and yanked it apart to her horror. The leotard and tights covering her loins ruptured with an audible shred to reveal her blue panty to the old man's perverted eyes, drenched from the many tears of arousal that leaked from her cunt. What the hell was he thinking?! She was about to oppose his deplorable actions when he suddenly dashed forward and pressed his nose against her covered snatch. Was he going to smell her…?! "Nooo!" He was so dirty! She couldn't believe he wanted to smell her there! The shameless perv was far too kinky for her liking!

Master Roshi took a long, drawn-out whiff. Her female-arousal-filled scent satiated his senses. The aroma clouded his tainted mind even further. High on her fragrance, he could contain himself no longer. This was the nimble girl who, after decades of failures, had presented herself that fateful day at the ocean. She was the one who had reawakened his dormant urges. The one who'd shown him he was still alive! Of all the women in the world, he needed to have her! He needed to claim her! He needed to fuck her! "I… I can't wait any longer, bunny girl! I'm going to stick it inside you!"

"W- whaat?" Did he just say...?! Bulma yelped when the shameless perv got down on his knees and tore her panty off with the ease of ripping off a band-aid. "H- hey!" She felt him loom closer when he began to guide his cock towards her swollen folds. Her eyes enlarged in panic, and she shook her head franticly. "D- don't!"

"Heh heh…" Roshi was no longer listening. Not in a million years would he have expected him and the girl he met a few weeks ago together like this. Sure, he'd fantasized about it, but to actually be on the verge of intertwinement… Hastily, he angled his cock against the girl's entrance. Even before pressing against her, he could feel the sizzling heat that radiated from her snatch that told him how ready she was for him! "Heh heh!"

Bulma noticeably tensed when she felt him nuzzle against her slit. She turned her head in his direction in a frenzy. "Please! You…! You can't…!" she beseeched him, trying – but failing – to wriggle out of the pervert's hold. With his size, he'd..! "You'll break me!" Her pleading sapphire eyes tried to find his, hidden behind his shades, but she saw nothing but a hopelessly-overexcited pervert staring back at her; his cheeks were flushed bright red, sweat rolled down his bald head and his glasses had fogged as a result of his own body heat. He only laughed perversely as another nosebleed started to dribble down his nostrils. The incorrigible perv had lost all sense of reason. No... this was what she'd been afraid of back when she showed him her tits! And this time, Goku wasn't showing up to save her!

"Heh heh!" Roshi's free hand had slid over Bulma's tight back end to keep her in place. Kami, how badly he wanted this… Ever since she showed him her pussy back at the beach, this girl had been on his mind. Now he'd finally been granted the opportunity to fuck the girl. It was as clear as day since the day they met. This bunny girl was the exciting woman he'd been waiting for for decades and he would not wait a second longer to puncture her. "Heh heh!" He lined his cock in alignment with Bulma's drenched slit. This was it. He was finally going to fuck the bunny girl! "Heh heh!"

"Ahh!" Bulma's hands tightened themselves into fists when Roshi began to apply some pressure, readying herself for incoming sex. She braced herself and closed her eyes. There was no getting out! All she could do was endure! Roshi watched breathlessly as he pressed his cock inside the shapely girl. She grunted and gasped as she spread around his length. The engorged lips slowly gave way, the incoming piston pressing them inwards before they yielded. Her gathered juices helped, but it wasn't enough to allow one quick, smooth push into her corridor. Bulma couldn't believe it. The old perv... The old perv was inside her... The old perv was fucking her! "N- nooo!"

Bulma held her breath as the old man slowly sunk into her and gulped nervously. How was she supposed to handle this? He was much thicker than her other bedpartners. He spread her to the point she thought her folds were going to tear! She had never been spread this wide before! "Ah! Fuck!" She took her right hand off of the ground and placed her index and middle finger against her stretching folds – index finger on the left lip and middle finger on the right – and used them to spread her hole a bit wider for easier insertion.

Bulma's initiative worked and a moan escaped Roshi's lips when his mushroom-like tip fully delved into the teen's secreting walls. "Wow! You're so tight, bunny girl!" he spoke in his delectation. How was she so tight? She was as tight as Mai, who was a virgin for crying out loud! And so… warm! The slick and sizzling sensation of anchoring into Bulma was almost overwhelming! "Bunny girl, this is your… your PUSSY! I'm finally inside your pussy!" The old hermit had to fight the determined muscles in his body that wanted him to anchor himself through one fell swoop, and readied himself for a slow voyage.

"T- take…! Take it...! Oh Kami…!" Was he ever going to bottom out?! Not only did he spread her more than she ever thought possible, he reached much deeper than anyone who had come before. "Take... it out...! You… You're too…!" TOO BIG! Bulma felt like she could scream those words, but the pain she experienced snagged her capability to speak. She felt her nails penetrate her skin as a reaction to the staggering pain she had no choice but to endure. Sweat trickled down her head. It couldn't be normal to get pushed to the limit like this, could it?

When Roshi had two of his nine inches left to obtrude, he felt himself thump against a noticeable barrier. "Ahn… Fuck!" Bulma whimpered in pain beneath him. "It- it hurts!" It seems she'd never taken anyone or anything this deep before, inexperienced with cervical penetration. "You… you're in too deep!"

Even in his current state, though he wished he could embed himself inside the bunny girl completely, Roshi knew better than to pressure her cervix any further and respected her wishes. When he began to withdraw, he heard the teen sigh with relief. He drew his hips back until only the head of his prick remained nestled inside the teen's wonderful corridor. Kami, she felt amazing! Even without any movement, he felt awes surround his tip that left him breathless. He couldn't wait anymore! He needed more of the sensations that she bestowed upon him! "I'm going to move now, bunny girl!"

Bulma tensed at his remark. She had regained some composure now that she felt unstuffed, but she still showed signs of fatigue. Even taking the old perv in once had been exhaustive. How was she supposed to handle him in quick succession? "Mo… move slow…" she pleaded. "Please move slow!"

"Don't worry, bunny girl! I'll take good care of you!" Roshi respected her wishes… at first. Keeping his hands fastened around her hips, he made smooth and controlled stabs into her, enjoying the grunts from the teen beneath him each time he knocked against her cervix. He loved the slick sounds of his cock as it drove through her sleek, constricting walls. It wasn't long, however, before he could no longer contain himself. "Bunny girl!" Experiencing amazing thrills, the velocity of his hips build up with each successful thrust. He felt his testicles rattle against her clit each time he clashed against her.

"Kyaaa!" Bulma cried once the old man began a relentless assault on her insides. Each time his groin collided with the cushions of her ass, she was propelled forward as the old man recoiled, only for him to ram himself back inside her until he jolted against the entryway to her womb. Her dangled tits shook uncontrollably beneath her. "Slow…! Slow down…!" she begged in pain. "Please slow down!" Tears emerged from the corner of her eyes. Picking one closed fist off the ground, she arranged her hand on his progressing pelvis in an attempt to push him out of her, but the old man resumed his advancement as if she wasn't even trying. How did he retain all that strength and stamina at his age?!

"Oh Kami! I can't believe I'm finally fucking you, bunny girl!" Roshi licked his dry lips as he eyed his shaft behind his shades as it sheathed into the delectable girl beneath her round, taut posterior. Her teenage pussy felt just like he imagined it – perhaps even better! She wrapped so tight around him and refused to let go! "Ever since you showed me your pussy back when we first met, I've fantasized about sticking my dick inside it!" he confessed with glee. Now that fantasy had become reality, he wanted to fuck the girl as hard and long as he could.

"N- no! Don't say that!" Bulma sobbed, hiccupping helplessly as the old man behind her smacked his hips against her buttocks time and time again. She'd never meant to show the shameless pervert that region in the first place! It had all been that stupid Goku's fault! Why did he have to take off her panty that day of all days?! "I never even wanted to show that to you!" She wailed each time his bulbous tip collided with her cervix. She had long since given up on her feeble endeavors to dislodge the pervert from her depths.

"Oh Kami, bunny girl," Master Roshi murmured lustfully with bated breath. His right hand left her waist to slide over one of her dangling breasts. With gravity causing the mound to hang, he could enjoy its weight to the fullest, squeezing the supple globe joyously. The pliable flesh was so malleable in his callous hand. This teen's body was just perfect! He lowered his upper body to align his head next to the teen's, his pecs mashing against Bulma's back. "This body of yours..." he whispered sultrily, his tongue licking her earlobe "... I could fuck it forever."

Bulma's sapphire eyes widened in shock when the old man guided her head to his until their lips connected, her screeches of surprise and disgust muffed against his mouth. She felt his tongue slip into hers to wriggle against her own. Were they even kissing now?! Bulma closed her eyes and flinched, but she did not stop the kiss. He continued to tongue her until he pulled away to nibble her ear. Why, she wondered? It was so confusing. It felt so uncomfortable, yet she could not deny the rush of pleasure that was starting to appear each time he bumped against the entryway to her womb. How did something so painful feel so good?! She couldn't help the moan that crawled from her throat as the old man's hands returned to her waist and his balls began to pulverize her erect clit. She unheedingly began to coil her hips around the old man's mighty cock to receive even more pleasure.

"Oh no..." Bulma wept when she felt treacherous stirrings arise. Why?! Why was the old man making her feel so good? "Ugh~!" She bit her bottom lip in an attempt to muffle her endless rain of moans. Though she hated everything about the old man; from his corrupt morals all the way to his withered, wrinkled body, she could not deny the rush of pleasure that ran through her each time he jerked against her. Oh Kami... A shameful thought occurred to the teen beauty that sent shivers down her spine. Was the shameless pervert going to make her cum?

"Heh heh! This is amazing...!" Roshi loved fucking the bunny girl. He loved her pretty face. He loved her delicious body. But most of all, he loved the sound of his groin banging against the girl's ass while she was lost to the world, blown away by his vigor. She was so nice and tight! She wrapped around his cock and refused to let go! "Take this! And this!"

Smack! Smack!

"Oh Kami! Oh Kami! Kyaaa!" Bulma couldn't believe how good the old man's cock made her feel as she basked in its glory. Her mouth stood agape, her tongue stuck out of her mouth, gasping each time she felt the old man's testicles grace against her clit. It felt so good! She didn't want to admit it, but the geezer was leaving her breathless!

“Ooohoooo!” Roshi roared, his head lolling back. “You’re really starting to clamp down!"

Of course, Bulma was not the only one who experienced gratification. As an old hermit who usually had to settle for his own hand after reading his porn collection, fucking a quality minx like Bulma left Roshi overcome with perverted urges. Mai was the first women he'd bedded in decades. Fucking a woman was still an overwhelming sensation for him. He angled his head to the side in an attempt to watch her knockers. He loved the sounds the girl was making, loved knowing that her delicious tits swayed wildly from his thrusts, but in their current position, he couldn't see them flounder in their full glory. He imagined her jugs bouncing erratically, her peachy nipples stiff like never before. Though he loved how the teen made him feel, his perverted ego that had allowed him to get this far with the teen stunner in the first place demanded compensation for its accomplishments – a big and bouncy compensation!

"Huh...?" All of a sudden, the old perv had come to a stop. Bulma didn't mind his respite and exhaled with relief. She finally had a chance to catch her breath and regain some of her composure. "Waaaa...!" Bulma yipped when she suddenly felt unstuffed as only the tip of his rock-hard piston remained cuddled between her lips until that part, too, was evacuated. After feeling overfilled for so long, Bulma welcomed the feeling of relief that came over her. Flushed and drenched in sweat, she huffed and puffed arduously from her ordeal.

Of course, Bulma was kidding herself if she thought the pervert would be done with her before reaching his climax. "Kyaaa!" she shrieked when she was flipped onto her back. What now?! Dazedly, she eyed the perv's rock-hard staff, still throbbing with desire... She had almost forgotten how big it was. Had that really been inside of her? It was difficult to fathom.

Master Roshi watched the bunny girl with pride. Mantled in perspiration and winded like never before, she was ready for the finishing blow. Then again, so was he! He eyed the saturated lips that his cock had pierced from behind his shades. It was his first good look at her young and tender marvel since she showed it to him back when they first met. Now soaked and swollen from their little adventure together, the view was even better than back then! Though the girl herself had far too much pride to admit it, her body did not lie. Leaking arousal in a steady stream, the bunny girl's pussy was begging him to plunge himself back inside. And Master Roshi would eagerly comply such a simple request!

He curved his knees in front of her, grabbed her ankles and spread them over his thighs, placing her feet against his buttocks. She mewled when his tip brushed over her slit. "You- you want to go again?!" He didn't answer; he only laughed perversely in confirmation. Angling himself against her pussy, his hands snatched the sides of her waist and pulled her towards him until he anchored himself as far as he could. The bunny girl took him in with a great wail, her back arching, her jugs rising and her hands seizing his wrists, her nails scathing his skin.

"Kyaa...!" The insertion was much easier the second time. Bulma loathed the thought that her walls had spread so much that she could now accommodate the old man with hardly any stalls. She felt each pulse of his cock as it delved into her hypersensitive depths. "Ugh…!"

In no time at all, Master Roshi resumed his previous pace. Pulling her towards him each time he thrusted forward, their new position had the desired effect. "Heh heh! Heh heh!" With the teen's knockers now in front, they shook and wobbled uncontrollably for his amusement while he pushed and pulled with all his might. "I love your amazing tits, bunny girl! They're going boing, boing, boing! Heh heh!"

"No! Don't say such things!" Bulma wished she could use one of her arms to hide her wobbling chest from the old perv's eager eyes, but she feared that she'd get overwhelmed by the geezer's force if she let go of his wrists. Without holding onto him for support, she would have been launched ten feet away by the strength of his thrusts! Naturally, Bulma wouldn't actually get propelled several feet forward, but it sure felt like she would! She felt the release she'd been so close to return to her as if it'd never left. Except this time, the old perv showed no signs of stopping! It kept building and building as if it was the awakening of a slumbering volcano!

"I can feel how much you like it, bunny girl! Heh heh! You're wrapping so tight around me! Doesn't it make you wish we could go on forever?!" Holding her tightly, he pounded relentlessly at her pussy. "Tell me, bunny girl. Tell me you want to me to continue fucking you forever!" The turtle hermit had become mesmerized by every facet of the bunny girl's shapely body. The scorching, tight feeling of her pussy as it gripped his cock. The way her tits floundered in line with his thrusts. Her beautiful face flushed and drenched in sweat. And the endless series of moans that escaped her agape mouth. It all compelled him to fuck her senseless.

Unfortunately, noting lasted forever, and the Turtle Hermit knew he had to concede soon. His balls had lifted, and he realized he wouldn't last much longer. In or out? On one hand, it would be pure bliss to pull out and cover the bunny girl's pretty face and tits with his spunk and store the picture in his memory banks to remember for the rest of his days; on the other hand... How was he supposed to pull out when it felt so wonderful around his prick?!

"Noo!" Bulma's head shook shamefully in denial, but her body revealed her true disposition towards the many wonders that the old geezer bestowed upon her. She could not cum! If she came now, she'd never hear the end of it! Her efforts, however, would prove to be futile. "Nooo!" she wept when she finally came around the thrusting dick. Her back arched and her juices gushed over the pervert's penis, balls and thighs. Against her own wishes, she came harder than ever before! Her walls collapsed around the long piston in an effort to keep it trapped deep inside of her. The old fart... had made her cum! "Noooooo!"

"Ooooooooh!" Master Roshi couldn't believe how narrow the young woman's corridor had become. "So tight!" She was so snug~! It felt like his manhood could snap off at any moment. She was cumming, even if she didn't have the will to announce it. Nevertheless, he persisted, fucking the bunny girl with all he had. To keep the momentum going with the teen so compact around him, he mobilized all of his strength and spirit and upped the pace.

"Oh Kami! Oh Kami!" she sobbed. She was cumming so hard! She'd never felt something this intense before! It felt like her orgasm had spread from her abdomen to her whole body! Why?! Why was she cumming so hard?!

Of course, with the teen so tight and wrapped around him, begging him for a wad of his precious seeds, Master Roshi couldn't handle much more for long. "Ugh...! Bunny girl!" He didn't want this to end, but he was at his limit. Why?! Why did it ever have to end?! Oh, if only he could spend the rest of his immortal days fucking this bunny girl's heavenly cunt! His strong, powerful thrusts were replaced by weak, meager pokes of his hips that were expected of a man his age. He was at his limit! "I'm... I'm going to…cum...!" Pushing himself in Bulma's compressed cavern as deep as he could, he ejected his sperm with a heavy grunt. "... Inside!"

"Huh?!" Bulma yelped when she felt his jizz fill her womb. Was he…?! "Inside?!" she screeched. "Nooo!" The only thing that was worse than the old man shooting bullet after bullet of cum into her womb was how good it felt to receive them! Her entire body trashed wildly, her muscles spasming uncontrollably. This was, without a doubt, the biggest orgasm she ever experienced!

Though it hadn't been that long since his last discharge, Roshi expelled an ample amount of semen past Bulma's cervix. It seemed that the young girl had made him feel so heated, his testicles had worked double time to produce enough seeds to fill her with his pearly whites. His intense orgasm affected him severally. He felt his strength sap away until he could no longer keep himself upwards, landing on top of the bunny girl, his head settling on her supple, squelched jugs whilst he flooded her insides. This feeling... He was cumming inside... BULMA!

Despite her situation, Bulma moaned reluctantly from the pervert's ejection inside of her. It helped augment her already intense orgasm even further! Yet, she couldn't help but wonder how much longer he was going to spurt his seeds inside of her? He just kept shooting inside her womb! She registered each pulse of his leaking cock inside of her constricting cunt and each thump was accompanied by a healthy dose of seeds to cloud her uterus in white. He was overflooding her with sperm! After what felt like forever, she finally felt his large, spraying cock come to a stop.

Due to his endurance developed as a marital artist, Master Roshi recovered rather quickly from his splendid orgasm. Yet, he made no effort to pluck himself off of the teen's bosom. He was comfortable with spending the rest of his days with his head on the bunny girl's marvelous boobs. They were so comfortable. Like two fluffy pillows~!

For a short while, Bulma was content with letting the eccentric perv rest atop of her chest. Her mind was in shambles, overwhelmed by the many surges of pleasure that it had to endure. However, as she recovered from her tiredness, so did her sense of reason. "G- get off me, you dirty old man!" With the first ounce of strength that returned to her body, Bulma placed her hands on the perv's wrinkled shoulders and pushed the geezer off her. With her second ounce of strength, she finally hid her breasts away from the perv's eyes. She had more than enough of his indecent antics. She whimpered when she felt his cum drib out of her leaking cunt, mixed with her own juices. "Ugh..." Why did he have to cum inside? It wasn't like she expected his blunder to have any consequences for her – he looked ancient, after all – but the mere thought of such a disgusting old man shooting his jizz into her revolted her. Perhaps the only thing more shameful than the old geezer's eruption inside her was her own climax...

Of course, Bulma should've been more worried. Had it not been for Roshi's decision to use his ki again to sterilize his seeds, the very potent seeds shot inside her very fertile womb could've had disastrous consequences...

Meanwhile, Master Roshi got up to recover his clothes. He felt more fulfilled than he had in decades. Not even Mai had made him feel this good. After all this time, he finally managed to bed the pretty young thing from the beach. "I live a blessed life. I feel so alive!" Although, he wished she wouldn't be such a prude and hide her tits from him. He would've liked to watch them shake for a little while longer.

Bulma barely managed to cover the tear he'd made in her pantyhose by knotting her ruptured leotard back together. The solution wasn't perfect, and she would have to make a swift dash to the car to hide her shame, but it would do. Of course, getting her snatch to stop leaking the semen the old perv had ousted into her was a different story. She felt the milky liquid run down her legs, pasting her tights to her skin. "Eeeeew..." she sniveled, cussing her faith. Of all the humiliation she experienced since starting her journey for the Dragon Balls, getting fucked behind a broken wall by the vilest, most perverted old geezer she ever met reigned supreme undisputedly. Followed closely by the time she had to suck him off, of course... Twice; she'd now been intimate twice with the foul perv. And this time they'd even... fucked... The thought sent shivers down her spine. And did he really have to stick his tongue down her throat?

At least she never had to see this old man again. The thought filled her with some comfort. Unfortunately, fate had different plans in store for her. Roshi and Bulma would meet again... intimately.

Unbeknownst to both Bulma and Roshi, a small frame puffed exasperatedly, leaning against a nearby wall with one hand. His other hand still grasped his ever-withering pickle. The wall he was leaning against was covered in white liquid; proof of his taxing efforts. Each burst of white – of which he had just unloaded the fourth and final dosage – had been brought about from watching the hottest girl he'd ever seen get ravaged by an erratic geezer. "Fucking old man..." the small, curled-tailed shadow cussed with disdain and jealousy.

After Roshi sent him away, Oolong had made his way back to Goku and the others, but right before he had trekked all the way back, he'd decided to take his chances and snuck back to the duo in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Bulma's knockers. He wasn't prepared for all he got to see. Before he knew it, he had become the voyeur to Bulma and the old man's erotic adventure, pants down by his ankles whilst he bobbed his prickle to release load after load at the sight of Bulma's terrific and barren body in all those compromising positions.

Oh if only his plan with the sleeping pills had worked... Then he could've been the one enjoying Bulma's body like that. Why couldn't he be so lucky, he wept to the heavens, his tears muffled only by the occasional "Oink, oink..."

Always a piglet, never the boar...

As for Master Roshi... Well, his story was only just beginning. He'd covertly slipped the bunny girl's blue panty in his pocket back when he hoisted his pants back up. As soon as he was home, he'd make sure he'd store it next to Mai's. Their panties would be like trophies; accolades of his conquests. "Heh heh!" He'd finally done it. He'd finally fucked Bulma! But... finally fucking the delectable girl from the beach that had been on his mind for so long wasn't the end of his lecherous adventure.

It was only the beginning.

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