The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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Roshi's lecherous adventure continues! After finally fucking Bulma, Roshi thought the world was his oyster. But...

Warning: lemon

Chapter 5: Launching Back Into Action

Master Roshi exhaled a long, drawn-out sigh as he took a seat at the dinner table, one hand anxiously rubbing his bald head. Life sure had been… boring lately.

Sure, he supposed life was better than it had been in decades. For one, he'd actually been sexual with two young enticing women, but… that had been months ago, and he hadn’t seen either of the minxes in what felt like ages. Mai never came back after their exploits, and he didn't expect to see her again.

And then there was the other girl – Bulma Briefs. Kami... what a woman.

His first meeting with the teen had been mind boggling; the sheer thought of that day was enough to leave him slowly swelling with desire. The teen down on her haunches, servicing his member. Oh yes, it had been quite the first meeting indeed~!

And the second time... it'd been magical. She and her friends needed him to put out the fire on Fire Mountain. He agreed to do so, but only if she allowed him to touch her breasts, as they had been kept neatly concealed during their first meeting. It took some persuasion, but eventually the girl allowed him to grope. He still remembered how his fingers had made those soft, cushiony pillows yield with even the slightest provocation. And that hadn't been all... They'd done more...! So, so much more...! He groaned as he remembered every facet of Bulma's shapely body. The scorching, tight feeling of her pussy as it gripped his cock. The way her ample tits floundered in line with his thrusts. Her beautiful face flushed and drenched in sweat. And the endless series of moans that escaped her agape mouth. Kami... What a day that had been...

But... that had all been months ago. After she and her friends had left and he said his goodbyes to the Ox-King and his daughter, Chi-Chi... nothing. For all his optimism at the start of his journey, no enticing woman had come to his island and no golden opportunities had presented itself. No soft jiggle of a youthful bosom, no broad hips or shaky bottom to entice him; not even some side boob to entertain his lecherous urges! Life was moving on, and it was leaving him behind to dwell in his misery.

At least he still had their panties...

Once more, Roshi sighed, his head dropping. At least there was some good news, he reminded himself. He'd taken two new students under his wing: Son Goku, who he'd become acquainted with the same day he met Bulma, and a new face, Krillin. Though young, both martial artist showed incredible potential, and Roshi had no doubt they would one day surpass him. They wouldn't come back until tomorrow though. He'd send the boys on a survival trip on one of the surrounding islands for training in preparation for the Tenkaichi Budokai that would be held soon.

When he first arrived, Goku told him all about how his and Bulma's adventure for the Dragon Balls had ended. Goku had told him all about what happened after they'd parted ways. That dumb pig. If that magical dragon was really able to make any wish come true, he could've wished for something much more perverted than a panty... He could've wished to fuck Bulma, or any other woman on the planet! That little piglet had no right to call himself a pervert. After hearing the whole story, he finally realized why Bulma was willing to go to such lengths to acquire the wish-granting orbs. It seemed those Dragon Balls were true wonders.

Ah, and who could forget the fourth member of the residents currently living in Kame House: Launch. Oh sweet, innocent, luscious Launch… If anything, she was the biggest cause of Master Roshi's current troubles. Though he never would've guessed it, living with such a young, desirable woman was absolutely maddening! It wasn't anything like the heaven he'd envisioned it to be.

Every day, he had to watch her parade around in those little, tight yellow shorts and green top that exposed her taut belly button and perfectly filled her spirited bosom. That in itself wasn't bad of course; he absolutely loved the view. No, what made it such a torture to be around her were all his failed attempts to grope her! He hadn't even succeeded in briefly caressing her thighs for Kami's sake! She must be some kind of cruel punishment; always so close, but still slightly out of reach.

And then there was her blonde alter ego... Whenever the delicate Launch sneezed, her hair color changed into a blonde dye and her eyes altered into an emerald color. And he hadn't even mentioned the switch in her personality yet. Launch would transform into the most berserk woman he'd ever seen. If he even looked at her the wrong way, she'd label him a pervert, take her gun out of who knows where and start firing! It seemed that every encounter he had with the blonde ended with him covered in bruises. He was staying away from that one for now... If he tried something she might actually shoot his dick off!

When he assigned Goku and Krillin the task to find him a young woman to live with them in exchange for his training, he expected his recent luck with woman would allow him to become sexual with the stunner the boys would present to him. Now though, he realized his success with Bulma and Mai had been nothing but a fluke. A short resurgence of what he once was, but couldn't be anymore. The Legendary Super Pervert that awoke the time Bulma's lips wrapped around his cock, threatened to go back to slumber. By now he was starting to become desperate again. Even the Ox-King's daughter and her budding cleavage was starting to sound appealing to him…

He supposed there were other means to get what he wanted. Techniques like the Sleepy Boy Technique and his Hypnosis Technique were perfect to realize his vile desires, but even an old pervert like him had his virtues… at least until truly desperate.

The sound of the front door opening brought the dejected old man out of his musings. Raising his head, he saw the object of his predicament appear behind his dark shades, a grocery bag in each hand whilst she wore her usual maddening attire. "Hello, Master Roshi," Launch greeted him with her cheery persona. "I'm home."

"Hi Launch…" he murmured, sulking like a kid would after taking away their toys. He looked absolutely miserable. He almost didn’t even have the will to ogle the maid’s luscious curves...

Almost being the operative word of course.

His crestfallen response caused the maid to take pause. Her master was usually such an eccentric, jubilant person in her presence – she herself was absolutely oblivious to the reason why. "Master?" She took a few steps toward him. She worried about her master the last couple of days. He hadn't been like himself. "Are you all right?" Master Roshi was quite old. She hoped he hadn't fallen ill. That could be quite dangerous for a man his age. She hoped he was all right… Master had acted rather dispirited lately. She wondered what could have caused such an eccentric man to be so passive?

Roshi's eyes rose when he heard his maid make her way toward him, stopping right in front of him. He rose his eyebrow. What was she…?

"You're not sick are you, Master?" she asked with noticeable worry in her voice. "What's your temperature?" Roshi gasped as the woman suddenly leaned closer, raising her hand to his head. Of course, all Roshi could focus on was the very sudden and unexpected pleasure of Launch's perky chest hanging enticingly in front of his face as she bowed down in front of him. Though there had been no fever whatsoever, Roshi was burning up by the time Launch's hand landed on his head whilst he eyed her dangling breasts underneath her top. "Oh my!" Launch spoke in alarm. She heard the palpitation of his heart as her slightly-dangled breasts were mere inches away from his face. "You're heating up!"

Yeah, no kidding!

They were so close! Roshi breathed heavily through his nostrils as the first beads of sweats started to roll down his bald head. With gravity forcing them to hang, it was a spectacular sight! Downwards – between his legs, to be exact – something else was starting to stir. They were so close! All he had to do was raise his hands and he could finally cup her amazing boobies! Could his luck be returning? Was today the day for the Turtle Hermit?!

No. It wasn't. Of course it wasn't… It never was...

"Oh I know~!" Launch chirped, leaning away from the perverted man before he could carry out his plan. Roshi's head yanked forward almost as if pulled by a magnet whilst he eyed her withdrawing cleavage. "I'll get you some medicine from the store." And with that, another attempt to grope his blue-haired maid ended in failure as she ran out the door in a hurry. Though her intentions were pure, it only served to sour her foul master. "I'll be back soon, Master. Hang in there okay~!"

And thus Master Roshi was alone again to dwell on his misery. The only difference being that he now had a tent in his trousers for his troubles. He supposed he ought to take care of his yearnings by himself… again.

Launch walked through the nearest marketplace with a rushed pace. She was starting to sweat a bit. It was so hot outside, but it was even hotter on the island. A fever in these warm temperatures wasn't anything to write home about, but for a man of Master Roshi's age it could actually be lethal! Of course, Roshi's immortality wouldn't allow a simple fever to claim his life, but the beautiful maid had no way of knowing about her master's eternal lifespan, and thus worried immensely. It would be a sweet tale if not for the fact that the old man in question had only heated up from ogling her young and lively breasts. In Launch’s eyes, Master Roshi was a noble man of great renown.

Her new master was such a great man, she thought as her lips twirled upwards into a smile. Teaching kids that had nowhere to go and giving them a roof over their head. He had even allowed her to live with them for no money at all, despite her other self's crazy... tendencies. To think there was still such kindness in this world... it made her heart flutter! She wondered how she could ever repay him as she bought the medicine and prepared to make her way back to Kame House.

Though she didn't know it then, her chance to repay his kindness would soon present itself. In a way she never would've expected from her good-willed and noble master.

"Master, I'm home!" Launch announced as she opened the door to the living room. She wiped some sweat from her forehead; making herself drown in worry for her master had made her dash to Kame House to give the old man his medicine as soon as possible. Her heart was still pounding when she gently shut the door behind her. She exhaled a heavy sigh. She'd actually made it home in record time.

"Master?" she repeated herself, but her beloved master did not respond. He wasn't in the kitchen either, nor did she find him in the bathroom. Just when her worry was starting the amplify, her ears started to pick up faint sounds from the upper floor. It was a bucking sound, but it was very faint. As her feet brought her closer to the stairs, the tremors intensified. Was her master upstairs? She wondered whether he'd gone to bed? It did seem like the most logical conclusion if he was feeling ill. But… what were those sounds then? The old, wilted staircase in Kame House squeaked under the weight of the beauty as she made her way up the stairs, medicine still in hand, but it was starting to drown in the noise as she neared the second floor.

"Phew…" Launch inhaled deeply as she reached the top. Her sprint home combined with this long set of steps made for quite the workout. She took a couple of deep, stabilizing breaths before she chased the origin of the tremors. The closer she got to her master's bedroom, the harder and more powerful the vibrations. A thought popped into her head. She hoped her master hadn't hurt himself. Maybe he fell down before he could reach his bed… She'd read that such incidents weren't uncommon for a man his age.

As she neared the door, she could hear the small, aching grunts of her master. Had... had he really hurt herself? She picked up the pace and rammed the door open without knocking. "Master, are you all…" Launch's eyes widened at the scene in front of her, her words caught in her throat. For a brief moment, time seemed to stand still before she felt her face flush with a mixture of heat and embarrassment as she realized what she'd walked into. All at once, all the bucking and groaning sounds made sense. For when she walked in, she saw her old, wrinkled Master naked on his mattress, his clutched hand pumping the rock-hard staff between his legs as if he was boasting his nine inches of flesh to the young woman before him. Now that was uncommon for man his age! "…right?"

Her gaze inadvertently stayed on his exposed meat. Actually on closer inspection, something green was bundled over the meaty staff. Some small piece of fabric... Actually... Was... was that her underwear?! Her panty... Her panty was... was enveloped around her master's cock!

"L- Launch!" the old pervert screeched, alarmed to get caught in such a degrading position. He threw her underwear on the floor in a silly attempt to shield her eyes from his blunder. Though he'd gone upstairs with the intent to use one of the panties he'd collected from Bulma and Mai, he couldn't help himself from ruffling around Launch's laundry basket until he found a nice, small, and – most importantly – used piece of green fabric. All it took had been a whiff. The smell of Launch's underwear…! No, it had been the smell of Launch's worn underwear! Only a few hours ago, this piece of cloth had been pressed against Launch's…! The thought of sniffing the scent of Launch's pussy had made him feel so heated that he’d been driven over the edge. He’d taken the piece of underwear with him to his room and forgot all about necessities for privacy like locking his door before pleasuring himself. How could he have been so stupid?!

He gawkily shuffled atop of his bedsheets, trying but failing to hoist his pants back up. Shit! He hadn't expected her to be back so soon! When Launch ran out the door, he figured he'd go upstairs to rub one – or perhaps a bit more – out thinking of her, but now the object of his fantasy had caught him in the act, and he had no idea what to do!

Launch gulped, her cheeks flushed brightly as she eyed the rock-hard staff between his legs. Apparently, master had been… handling himself for a while. Pre-cum dribbled down the slit atop of his prick in a steady stream. Though not an expert on such things, she recognized a penis that had been... excited for some time.

Watching her bungling master gave Launch some time to gather her thoughts. Was… was this the reason her master had been so troubled lately? Had his aches and troubles all been due to him not being fulfilled… sexually? She wondered what kind of woman was on such a noble man's mind during times like these. She must be quite special. In the absence of that special lady, perhaps she could be of assistance? He had been forced to use her panty after all, with her being the only woman living in his home. Forced wasn't exactly the right word here, but Launch didn't know that. If she did, she would’ve known that the turtle hermit was at times compelled to excuse himself to his bedroom due to nothing more than the sheer sight of her. The old master allowed her to live with them, had given her a small family to take care of, and didn't even ask her any rent for his troubles. The least she could do was alleviate him of his troubles. Her fingers tightened into fists with conviction. She smiled angelically, her mind determined. If this was how she could repay him for his kindness, then...!

Roshi's clumsy attempts at hiding his prick halted when his maid did something unexpected. Instead of running away from his naked form, she took a step forward into his bedroom, followed by another one, and another. He loosened his arms at his sides. 'L… Launch? What are you doing?" he asked curiously. Why was she smiling like that? When Launch stopped in front of him, Master Roshi's lips parted as if to speak, but they sealed before he could utter his confusion. He could not, however, contain his shriek when she suddenly got down on her haunches in front of him. The red hue covering her cheeks was adorable. But... what was she planning?

"Just relax, Master." He was surprised by her affectionate tone. His breath hitched as he realized the position she was in as she shifted a bit to support herself on her knees; she was dangerously close to his unveiled crotch. His heart skipped a beat as she placed one hand on his naked thigh to stable her balance. Despite his best efforts, his cock throbbed eagerly from the sultry position she was in. Just... just what was going on here?!

Launch was surprised by how composed she was during all of this. She had expected herself to form some sort of doubt for what she was about to do. It must be the certainty she felt within that kept her heart from beating faster or for her stomach to flutter erratically with nerves. Gingerly, her hand trailed along his thigh; she heard the bald elder inhale sharply from the sudden motion. He hadn't expected her to move unannounced.

"What are you…?" It was no secret for Roshi where her hand was going as it came closer and closer to its destination: his crotch. His eyes focused on her hand attentively. However, when it came to the final brush forward, she halted. His pupils rose up to meets hers in bewilderment, wordlessly querying why she had stopped so suddenly. Could she really be about to touch him? The thought send more blood to his prick, making it throb even more wildly than before.

"Launch…" Roshi said pleadingly. He looked at her with ravenous excitement, as though expecting her to read his mind and do exactly what he wanted. His doe eyes were filled with lust. Was Launch really about to…?! He was breathing heavily with excitement, almost gasping for air. For a moment, he feared he would pass out from his heated state. So long… He'd wanted this for so long. "Launch… please," he begged. After dreaming about this for so long, it was cruel to make him wait at the last moment. Once again she was so close, but yet so far.

Launch bit her lip when the old man looked at her so pleadingly. With his penis out and her down on her knees in front of it, it wasn't hard to guess what was to be expected of her. The view of the beating muscle on display caused Launch to take pause. Transparent liquid seeped from the glistening tip with every throb, oozing down to the grey bush decorating his towering rod. "You're so big, Master..." Though she hadn't been intimate with a lot of men – and a lot of time had passed since her last coupling – she had never seen such a long piece. It looked pretty intimidating , but... I... I need to thank him! Suddenly, her hand came up and caught the rigid price. As a maid and as thanks for all he’d done for her, she would tend to her master's needs! The old man's entire body shook from the sudden contact with his sensitive prick whilst he moaned her name. Immediately, another dose of pre-cum leaked from the tip and rolled down her hand. Her breath hitched. She'd almost forgotten how hot an excited cock was. Squeezing his shaft tightly, she began to pump her hand up and down his cock in a steady motion.

Roshi rolled his head from the pleasurable ministrations. Her hand was so smooth; it felt like silk rubbed along his cock. Her hand felt even better than her soft panty…! "Launch…~" he grumbled when her hand caressed the sensitive head, squeezing him like a sponge. “It feels so nice...” He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He’d desired Launch for so long!

Pride filled Launch as she watched Roshi's reaction; leaving such a good man awestruck with her skill was a boast to her ego. She had wondered whether her lack of experience could please him. It seemed she needn’t worry. His head came back up to watch her; she was looking back at him, eyes locked together as the bobbing of her hand accelerated, taking advantage of the ample amount of liquid that served as an effective lubricant. Her young eyes full of naiveté met his wise, devious pair, filled with desire. Caught in the moment and before Launch truly realized it, she had hefted herself up with her knees and claimed the old man's lips.

The first girl to kiss him on her own accord in decades, Roshi moaned eagerly into her mouth as she curled her tongue against his own while stroking his length. Hands that had been frozen to his sides came loose to envelop in her blue locks of hair, pulling slightly while enjoying their kiss. It didn't take long though before Roshi couldn't help himself from touching her some more. After so many failed attempts, he finally had the perfect opportunity to grope her splendid curves. He snatched her hips, his deft finger curiously tickling the cushions of her ass, so perfectly stuffed inside her short, sexy shorts. “Gnh!” he grunted, his balls lifting. Then again, he was not the only one affected. Launch could feel herself slowly moisten from her actions while she played with him when she shuffled her knees, feeling her dampened panty underneath her shorts. Perhaps it was a bit foolish to assume that someone with her long period of chastity could remain unaffected from this kind of debauchery; it would be best for both their sakes if she continued her appreciation.

It was one thing to break the kiss, but when her hand left his cock as well, the old pervert whined somberly. He gazed at the maid who had been on his mind for so long as she took a few steps back to create some distance, wondering if he'd been wrong to touch her. This couldn't be the end right? Not after pining for her for so long. Not after months of abstinence. Not when he was about to blow his load! She couldn’t be so cruel, right? “Launch...”

Her old master looked absolutely miserable…Launch giggled mischievously. "Don't worry, Master," she consoled the old hermit who looked like he was about to cry; he was almost as somber as when she found him this morning after she came home from buying her groceries. She doubted he'd feel so dejected for long though. “We’re not done yet.” Judging from his reactions to her bold actions, he was going to adore what she was about to do. She loved how her master responded to her body. She had wondered whether he could accept her to reach sexual fulfilment, but it seemed she shouldn't have worried. Had she known about Roshi’s reactions to her body, she would’ve realized that the sheer thought of him fucking her was enough to make his nose spill blood and his prick to oust his seeds. She heard him breath excitedly through his nostrils as she clinched her green top and rose it past her head.

Now with only a purple bra to protect her swollen attributes, Master Roshi licked his lips in revelry whilst his prick pulsed with desire. Launch being barely clothed... he’d imagined it for so long! He was somewhat surprised to learn that Launch wore a bra. In his time, most women opted to go without one, and if Mai and Bulma were any indication, that trend hadn't changed with time. But... did she really expect him to stay seated with such a tasty view in front of him? Self-control was not one of his virtues! Before he could jump the object of his desire, though, the sound of the encasement unclasping reached him and halted him in his tracks. Seconds felt like hours while he awaited the eventual drop of her undergarment. Many schemes to see his desirable maid naked had gone awry. Could his luck finally turn? The thumping of his heart, it refused to end!

He breathed through his flaring nostrils like a dog in heat as the cups finally came down to expose her wonderful breasts to his eager eyes. His breath hitched as he almost fell down back on his bed, his mouth parting to utter his wonder before closing again as he gazed at her unveiled bosom. Round and ample, with a beautiful shade of pink circling at the centers, capped by spirited nubs of wonder. Her slim and toned form served to emphasize the size of her splendid jugs. Roshi was flabbergasted, too overwhelmed with emotion to mutter anything resembling anything coherent. All he could do was immortalize the image of the half-naked Launch in his mind. Blood that needed to go to his brain to keep him active plummeted down to his groin, though not before a dosage of blood was ousted from his nostrils. Finally, after surviving of nothing but dirty magazines for the last few months, he was finally granted the wonders of seeing actual knockers again! And not just any tits... Launch’s tits! Launch was showing him her amazing tits!

“L... L...” he tried to utter her name, but his brain was in shambles due to the sight in front of him. Blood dribbled down his nose in a steady stream.  

"Are you okay, Master?" Launch asked the pervert, concerned. He merely managed to direct his head to nod. She walked closer to him. "You seem a bit pale…" He... wasn't too excited was he? She didn't want him to suffer a heart attack! She wanted to make him feel fulfilled, not kill him.

Master Roshi could do nothing as Launch got closer and closer, unable to comprehend what was happening. Each step made her youthful breasts wiggle. They looked so malleable, he thought as his cock pulsated fervently. They looked heavy, he mused, and he felt the animalistic urge to mash them with his palms. When he tried to pull himself up from his bed, however, Launch cautioned him to stay in place. Launch was lucky that Roshi had felt so depressed for so long that his perverted urges had diluted somewhat. If it hadn't, he would've jumped her long ago from all the excitement he was feeling and would've made her endure Bulma and Mai's faith until his seeds were journeying toward her womb.

Though frustrated at first, Roshi's bothersome feelings ebbed away when she began to strip the rest of her clothes. The old hermit appreciated the sway of her dangling tits as she slithered out of her shorts. For all his constraints, the moment he spotted her damp purple underwear, Roshi could no longer contain himself. She was wet! Launch was actually wet! He rose from the bed, gazing at Launch with lust. He wanted her. Desired her.

"Just a little longer, Master," she assured him. To illustrate, she rolled her purple underwear down her legs. Roshi made sure to remember that he had to take her undies with him after they were done to add to his collection. The curls of her pubic mound crowned her snatch, adding to her maturity. There were more curls than there had been with Bulma, but the short length suggested she took good care of herself down there. Roshi couldn't help but wonder whether her pubic hair also changed color when she went blonde. He hoped to one day find out for himself. But for now... Her dripping folds had swollen with excitement, ready to receive his cock. Planting her buttocks on the cool wooden nightstand in the corner of the room, she spread her legs and beckoned Roshi to make his way towards her. “Come here... Master.”  The shade of red that covered her cheeks as she made her bold request was absolutely adorable.

Roshi gulped audibly at her coaxing. With each step, he could hear his heart beat rapidly. He stopped inches away from her. He was close enough to feel the heat she exuded from her snatch. He ogled her glistening folds with great interest, licking his dry lips. He lazily slithered two fingers over her swollen folds. He chuckled as his fingers were mantled in her juices. "You're so wet." Bringing his fingers to his parted lips, he experienced her taste with his tongue.

Despite her earlier bravado, Launch's cheeks flushed with embarrassment, but there was no denying of the heat she felt. There was only one remedy to curing this heat. For the sake of her master, she would continue without falter. Roshi whimpered softly when Launch wrapped her fingers around him and lined him up with her pussy. "Are you ready, Master?" He nodded anxiously, wordlessly starring as the tip of his cock brushed against the maid's slippery folds. "Then push it in."

After all this time, Launch was finally close without being out of reach. His watch was finally over, and he wouldn’t wait a second longer.

Roshi's breath was hitched in his throat as he inserted himself into Launch, his lust-filled eyes leering behind his shades as his cock forced her folds inward before granting him passage. As his cockhead disappeared from view, his shaft gradually followed. He voyaged through her, plunging himself deeper and deeper. "Wow…" he gasped at Launch’s tight warmth. After all this time he was finally inside her. The thrill of entering such a beautiful woman snagged his voice when he tried to utter his adulation of the wonderful warmth that surrounded him. All he could offer were his guttural sounds of approval.

No doubt the biggest she ever had, Launch whimpered softly as he spread her. Her hands latched onto his shoulders, clamping tightly. Being the first man to bed her in some time, Launch felt him quite intensely – not to mention his above average size and width. It was somewhat painful to have her pussy lips spread so much; she clenched her teeth and tightened her grip on his shoulders in response. She shifted her hips slightly to better accommodate his girth. His length was uncomfortable, but manageable. Her ability to handle such a monster was quite impressive. Roshi mused it was her blonde counterpart's adventurous spirit that made her body so adaptable. Whatever the reason, she was able to take him in with much more ease than Mai and Bulma had had, and all while being as tight as they came. She inhaled sharply when his hips suddenly surged forward in an unintentional spasm of his muscles, nestling himself completely inside her. "Ahn…!" she whimpered when he clashed with her cervix, her back curled, her breasts jumping before falling back into place.

Roshi, his groin now mashed against his maid's, was already on the verge of getting overwhelmed. Such sensations! She was so tight and warm around him! Though certainly not the tightness of a virgin like Mai, she was still incredibly tight. “L- Launch...!” Roshi fought the urge to gibber. Dribbles of sweat ran down his heated back while he tried to keep his cool. Already, he could feel his balls rising. He still had a long way to go if he wanted to improve his sexual endurance. Already, he could tell a fair amount of pre-cum was spilling into her, mingling with her juices as well to create a more slippery experience.

Launch was surprised he didn't immediately pull away when he bottomed out. She'd expected a man in heat like him to fuck her frantically until he was spent. Instead, he opted to cool down and marvel at the warmth surrounding his sensitive prick. If he proceeded to fuck her right away, he wouldn't last long, he seemed to realize. "You're a bit…" he gulped audibly. "…overwhelming," he explained when she asked him if something was wrong.

Launch supposed she could understand his apprehension to commence. "That's okay," she consoled with a sweet, genuine tone. She stroked his bald head affectionately. "Take your time, Master."

They continued to stay relatively still for the time being. Launch could already feel him throbbing inside her while he donated a healthy load of pre-cum inside her deepest depths. Though she wouldn't be opposed to some added motion against her slick walls, the throbbing alone actually felt quite significant after so long. "I'm… going to move," he announced with a strained voice; she nodded encouragingly. Settling his hands on her wide hips, Roshi seized her tightly to keep her in place whilst he retracted his piston; he groaned roughly, his throat clogging as her walls tried to keep him in place. Unlike with Mai and Bulma, he was far more in control of his body this time. He wanted to enjoy this coupling as much as he could, so he didn't barge in like a man possessed, but rather used finesse. Aside from some unwilling spasms, he refrained from trying to insert all nine inches of his cock inside of her snatch.

The old man slowly humped against the young woman, establishing a sluggish rhythm while employing his hips in ways he hadn't practiced in a long time. He'd tardily nudge his cock into her until his white hairs would tickle her deep-blue curls, enjoying the low whimper of the beauty receiving his thrust, and then retract himself till only the head remained firmly anchored, motions he heartily repeated. Her moans were soft, but encouraging. "You are so beautiful," he said lustfully, leaning closer to steal another kiss.

In the midst of her moans, she gave half a laugh and awkwardly thanked him. “It feels good, Master.” Despite his somewhat gawky movements, Launch enjoyed the old man's efforts. He felt pleasant enough inside her; with his immense length, he filled her completely and his current efforts were enough to leave her hankering for self-gratification. She grunted roughly when the hermit jerked suddenly from a sudden spasm, bumping against her cervix. With his length, such clashes against the sensitive entryway to her womb were agonizing. The jutting force caused her bountiful breasts to spring up as her back arched in pain. "Agh! Master! Please be careful!"

"Sorry…" he groaned out.

Roshi eyed the lively jiggle of her spirited bust each time his groin clashed with hers. They seemed so supple, swaying in line with his thrusts. He enjoyed it very much and he felt the urge to see them flounder uncontrollably. He took a firmer hold on her hips and began to yank her towards him in line with his thrusts; pulling her to him as he delved in, and away as he retracted. Her boobies were bouncing now!


Roshi felt something stir inside his body. It was akin to feeling the blaze of a small fire growing into a raging volcano! Could... could it be...?! "Launch!" This feeling…! He felt his powers returning, and with his strength growing, so did his confidence! What the hell was he doing, sulking around all the time? He was the legendary turtle hermit! He was done acting so pathetic and nonassertive. He wouldn't allow Launch to order him around anymore. The turtle hermit was a man of action, and he was going to fuck Launch for all she was worth! "The Turtle Hermit has returned!" he howled loudly. Finally taking initiative, he prepared to use the same technique he used with with Mai; he concentrated immensely and gathered his ki around the tip of his prick to exude small ounces of ki inside of Launch. "Heh heh! I love fucking you, Launch!"

"Ahn~!" Launch whimpered as the old hermit discovered a faster rhythm. Wh- what happened? All of a sudden, her master was taking her like a man possessed! She grunted and groaned, squeezing her eyes shut when she felt the small sparks of energy begin to caress her sensitive walls. "Master…~! What are you…~!" It felt so good! It felt like she was fucking a completely different man! Launch bit down on her bottom lip to keep from wailing. Now that her walls had adjusted to her master's big width and length, he was starting to feel incredible! Face screwed in hard pleasure, Launch made a grab at the small wooden corner of the stand. The stand was slowly starting to tremble as the rejuvenated hermit discovered a faster pace for both of them to enjoy.

Roshi's discipline in martial arts came in handy to prolong the phenomenal debauchery. His self-control was the key. Unlike before with Mai and Bulma, he would slow his thrust to cool down and recover somewhat before resuming to smack his hips. Launch's dazed eyes regarded him; eyes screwed shut, face deep red and dripping with sweat. He did all he could to last as long as possible. She supposed it was somewhat flattering that he wanted this to last. Her hands ruffled his sweat-mantled head while she dragged him to her lips. "Keep going…~" she whispered affectionately into his ear. She heard him breathe excitedly through his nostrils from her vocal incitement as he accelerated his tempo. "You're doing great."

Though Launch could feel her orgasm building up, toes coiling in quiet delight, Roshi was still a perverted old man for whom these sensations were still fresh after such a long abstinence. Mai and Bulma were the first women he'd bedded in ages, and now Launch was intending to sip everything he had out of him. Tits out for his amusement, tight walls constricting around him, and her whimpering voice egging him to keep going, it was no wonder he – one of the biggest perverts in the world, let's not forget – was already at his limit. He'd tried to hold on as long as he could, but he had no choice but to concede to his limits. Gripping her tightly to keep her in place, he fell forward, head pressing against her shoulder. "L- Launch…!" he whined roughly; it was all he could do to alert the panting woman of his impending release.

"Just a little longer…!" she implored him. She was so close! She'd never been taken this forceful before. With his current force, it was like he was trying to pound her into the wall! By now, the entire nightstand shook wildly from the pervert's mighty blitz! Her whole body shuddered with each thrust; her breasts swinging beneath her. Though she had agreed to this for her master's benefit, she was now desperate to reach her own satisfaction now that it was almost palpable. She was on the verge of gushing! She wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him to keep going. "You can keep going, right?"

Roshi's rasping voice whimpered in response, declaring that he'd try. Launch's stiff, sensitive nipples brushing against her master's pecs helped to gift her with jolts of pleasure, but at this pace her climax would elude her. Taking one hand away from his lanky shoulders, she slithered her hand down her sweat-stained body until her nimble fingers found her erect clit. She pinched the nub; the tightening of her damp corridor didn't do much for Roshi's efforts to subsist. While the old hermit willed himself not to cum, she rotated her clit in a crazed frenzy, restless in her attempts to discharge.

"Oh Kami~! Yes~!" Roshi was worried for a moment when Launch's legs suddenly tried to squeeze the air out of him and a sudden gush of liquid sprayed his cock. "Yeeees~!" The young woman arched her back, breasts jumping before she pulled him towards her, pressing against him. Finally, the pleasurable sensations had arrived to claim her, and she uttered the words Roshi had wanted to hear ever since he met his maid, "Master...! I'm...! I'm cumming!"

As if she needed to tell him! Launch's climax was the moment Roshi was finally allowed to succumb. Her walls came crashing down around his pulsing member, resolving to milk him for all he was worth. Considering her wrapped legs around his waist, she obviously didn't mind him bursting inside her, though the thought of pulling out didn't even enter his mind. After only a few more jerks of his hips, Launch felt the first spurt of cum fill her insides, accompanied by a heavy grunt of satisfaction as the warm spunk heightened her own release. "Hmmm…" she droned while the old pervert released a long, extended groan of relief. Though the thought of fertile swimmers did cross her mind, she had the necessary precautions in her bathroom. Thank god, she added as an afterthought. Judging from the quality, she'd spurred him on more than even she expected! Of course, Roshi used his secret technique to make sure his seeds contained nothing but barrenness, but Launch didn't know that.

Even when he was completely spent, Roshi kept himself inside while he shriveled. It wasn't until he withered completely that her vagina ejected him, along with a good quantity of semen. Even then, he preferred to stay in Launch's warm embrace while she lovingly stroked his bald, drenched head whilst she commended him for his hard work.

He tried his hardest to roll off of her or sit back on his haunches, to keep his weight off of her in some way, yet he failed and simply collapsed on the blue-haired girl. At some point, his right hand came up to her breasts to test the weight. She didn't mind. She gave a weary smile to him. "That was good… Master Roshi." Master Roshi wholeheartedly agreed. Though… he hoped Launch would be willing to help him train further more from now on. "Next time you're troubled, I'll make sure to tend to you as soon as possible, Master!"

Master Roshi felt like crying from his maid's kind words. Rather than let his tears flow, however, he opted to turn his maid around and quickly prepared for another go. Her admission was all he needed to make him hard as a rock once more. "Heh heh! Then it's time to tend to my needs, Launch!" His screech echoed throughout the small island, as would Launch's many, many pleasurable sobs for the next few hours and she endured his many, many thrusts. At times, she'd offer her mouth to give her loins a much-needed rest, but the old perv was insatiable. Her master's needs, she realized, could never truly be quenched. For a maid like herself, he was the ultimate challenge.

Instead of falling into slumber, the Legendary Super Pervert was rejuvenated and stronger than ever!

And that's another win for our favorite perv, and what a victory it is! Must be nice for such a lecherous old hermit to have such a dutiful maid huh ;)

I actually edited a bit more to this chapter than I initially expected. I think about 1k was added to its length. Hope you liked it!

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