The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

BY : Cool Burn
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With Launch bringing our favorite hermit out of his depression, he's rejuvenated like never before. What's next for the lecherous pervert? Read further to find out.


Warning: lemon

Chapter 6: Blonde Launch Gets a Rearful

It had been a few weeks since Launch brought Roshi out of his depression with her feminine charms, and the Tenkaichi Budokai was edging ever closer. A month from now, the tournament would be held. Goku and Krillin were making steady progress with their training, and Roshi had no doubt they'd be ready to wow the world with their skills when the time came. In fact, he should start probably start his own training soon. He would impart his final lesson on the day of the tournament. He couldn't let those runts surpass him just yet. For now, though, he had... other responsibilities to take care of.

"Oooooh Kami!" Launch sobbed as she rode her wise master with the finesse of a bull rider. She maneuvered her hips a bit before she hefted them, rising till only the head remained, leaving his cock coated with her nectar before descending her hips again. Using this technique, she rose and fell on his lap time and time again. The blue-haired maid was grinding Roshi's member against her inner walls as if he was a bucking bull. "It feels so good, Master~!"

Ever since their first day of intimacy, her master had become... handsy. When Launch told her master that she would tend to his needs whenever he was troubled, this wasn't quite was she had expected. Her master used every opportunity when they were alone together to shamelessly fondle her ass or breasts – sometimes even with Goku and Krillin around when they weren't looking – usually resulting in him asking her for a handjob... for starters. Every once in a while, he'd even request them to bathe or shower together. Once, they'd even masturbated together!

Now that the morning training was over, Goku and Krillin were sleeping to recover until lunchtime, and her master had used the opportunity to snatch her wrist and guide her to his bedroom for what he called a quickie. And so, Launch had mounted the old man she'd sworn to serve. During working hours, Launch now wore the lingerie that her master had given her on her very first day at Kame House; black stockings that came halfway up to her thighs with a pink lacing circling around the top of each stocking, and a tight black corset that perfectly hugged her taut body and pushed against her breasts to make them swell. She was here to serve her master and answer his every need. So, when he asked her to wear the lingerie outfit while doing her duties around Kame House, Launch did so without protest. And though she worried about the effect this had on the kids – Krillin especially seemed to have trouble keeping himself focused on his training with her parading around in such scarcely-clad clothing – Master Roshi had assured her it was fine.

Roshi hummed blissfully as he eyed his maid. Her panty and corset had been pushed to the side to give his cock entry into her soaked snatch and she'd squeezed her tits out of the tight outfit for his viewing pleasure. Launch was the first woman to ride him since his awakening. And though this wasn't the first time she'd done so, he still loved the sight, if only because it gave him the chance to lay back and enjoy the spectacular view of her curves. "Heh heh! I love your boobies, Launch!" he stated while his eyes were glued to her joggling chest. "Bouncy, bouncy!"

It didn't take long until the perv could no longer control himself. Hands that had been glued to his maid's hips came up to fondle her shaking breasts. "Heh heh! They're so nice!" The pair of fleshy melons marvelously fitted his large hands whilst he cradled them; they were a perfect fit. He moaned roughly as his fingers dug into the soft pair of knockers. "These are incredible!" He eagerly clung his fingers around the sensitive tips, tweaking and coiling them roughly; Launch writhed uncomfortably but made no effort to relief her peaks from their dominator. "Easy peasy lemon squeezy!"

Roshi groaned and moaned as Launch's walls clamped his cock tightly each time she dropped her weight on him. With Launch's tits elevating his carnal desires for satisfaction, Roshi started to thrust his hips to match Launch. His hands left Launch's tits before he brought them to use, settling them at the most advantageous point: the fullness of her ass. Her ass cheeks felt very taut and firm. Using her ass as leverage, Roshi began to put his muscles to use. Launch sobbed when her master unexpectedly upped the pace by lifting and dropping her on his cock at a much higher velocity than she was using previously. The couple moaned and grunted as they pushed up and down, the squelching sounds of Roshi's thick dick pumping inside Launch's drenched pussy getting more and more frequent.

"Ahn…! Master~!" His sudden initiative was unsurprising, but still left Launch reveling with pleasure. She wailed as Roshi pushed and pulled with all his might; she was forced to clutch his scrawny shoulders, lest she'd lose her balance and fall off. Launch groaned and moaned as she felt the heat in her stomach come tumbling down to her crotch, making her toes coil in delight. Who knew her old master would be so talented at this?! Still, this wasn't her first time with her master, and the young woman impressed the old man by effortlessly matching his celerity. Launch's many, many converges with the turtle hermit had made her ability to handle his exuberate tendencies and long dick quite impressive. Her fleshy mounds franticly swayed to and fro, and Roshi once more felt an uncontrollably urge to clutch their suppleness tightly in his palms. But, as his palms still held her tight butt cheeks, he felt another urge rise within him. They felt so taut in his hands... An idea formed in his head. Licking his lips, he wondered if she'd get mad when he...

Roshi snatched his hands around Launch's butt, spreading them further apart. Launch hadn't the mind to notice… until Roshi suddenly angled his middle finger against her anus and started to press the digit through the small ring that is. "Wh… Ugh… what?" Launch looked back at the invading digit, wriggling its way through her asshole with some panic in her eyes. It wasn't painful, but it was uncomfortable. "Master?!"

Roshi ignored her, or perhaps was no longer able to hear her. "Kami..." Launch really was tight there, he thought in awe. His finger barely had room to stretch. He tried to spread the walls further apart by wiggling his finger, but it was a lot tougher than expected. The walls tried to squeeze him out, but the old hermit never said no to a challenge. "Oooohoooo!" With only the tip of his finger in, he could already tell how tight she was back there! He couldn't help but wonder how tight his prick would feel inside of his maid's ass! "Launch, you're so tight here!"

"N- No!" Launch protested, quickly snatching the hermit's wrist to evacuate the invading digit out of her anus. She shook her head. "That's... too dirty...! Let's... let's just do it like this, Master," Launch pleaded, setting her hands on the old geezer's shoulders before resuming the pace of her bobbing hips. By now, she was covered in sweat. "This is fine... ugh~... right?"

Roshi nodded hesitantly, but he couldn't help but feel dejected. Launch was an incredible woman with an amazing body, and he was very lucky that he could bed her whenever he wanted. But, she was just a bit too... pure. Naturally, he respected her wishes out of fear of her discontinuing their incredible arrangement, but it was getting more and more difficult for him not to be able to follow up on all his perverted desires. Handjobs, blowjobs, fucking; it was all amazing... but he really wanted to experiment more. This was all very... traditional. Perhaps a bit too traditional for a pervert like him.

"Gnn!" Roshi was brought out of his musing when he felt Launch's walls squeeze harder and harder as his lap became soaked in her nectar. She was getting close to her climax. Of course, Roshi was quickly finding himself in the same situation. He could feel his cock twitching inside Launch's heavenly snatch, his balls ready to spray her uterus with white. "Get ready, Launch! I'm going to… gnn… cum inside your pussy!"

She nodded hesitantly. Even after her master had explained his technique to sterilize his seeds with his ki, Launch still worried about letting him spray loose inside her walls. "O- Okay!"

Launch soon couldn't take it anymore. Master's incredible cock and spirited vigor proved to be something she couldn't handle any longer. Her nails clawed into Roshi's flesh and her hidden tunnel caved in as all the heat in her stomach rushed to her loins in a trice. Her agape mouth closed for only a moment before it opened and she roared, "I... I'm cumming!" Her walls convulsed around her master, tightening around him as she sprayed her release all over his cock, soiling his lap. She trashed her entire body from left to right, reveling in her orgasm, trying to prolong it as long as possible. Roshi tried to keep thrusting for both their pleasure, but her convulsing walls made it almost impossible for him to budge. "Master~!"

Roshi's breath was hitched in his throat as her walls came down around his cock, leaving him in an almost inescapable vice. He barely succeeded in his attempts to keep thrusting, reveling in the amazing feeling of his maid's undulating walls, prolonging the climax of the woman on his lap. When he felt Launch release her essence against his throbbing dick, it was all over for him! Releasing his hands from her ass cheeks, he desperately settled his hands on her hips to keep himself nestled inside as deep as he could. "L- Launch…!" he whispered huskily. "Here I come!"

Launch gasped when she felt the old man's piston let loose inside her loins, spraying bullets of cum against her cervix. The quantity hardly surprised her anymore, the steady amount of white pearls currently shooting up inside her snatch as impressive as always. She felt his cum travel inside her body, journeying to her womb, exciting her greatly and intensifying her exquisite orgasm even further. Both were covered in sweat as they rode out their orgasms.

"Wow..." Launch reflected as she dismounted her master to lie next to him. Covered in sweat, she turned her head to look at Roshi. "That was great, Master," she stated with bated breath.

Roshi agreed wordlessly, eyeing her glistening tits as they rose and fell with each winded breath. Kami, he was already hardening just from watching her breasts. Though he'd definitely be ready for another round, the kids would wake up soon to resume their training. "We should probably get back soon," he stated reluctantly.

That evening, Roshi laid down on the couch, eyeing the ceiling of his living room before his eyes closed in contemplation. His mind couldn't help but wander back to Launch's reaction to him squeezing his finger between her butt cheeks this afternoon. Though somewhat anticipating a negative response, he hadn't expected her to be so adamant with her rejection. It'd be hard to make Launch comply with some butt play, as Roshi fondly called it. If she was so hesitant about one finger, then how would she react to him wanting to anchor his entire dick inside her ass? She'd probably run and never come back... Needless to say, that would be catastrophic.

He sighed loudly. Once again, he internally reiterated how lucky he was to have a woman like Launch to serve his needs, but every once in a while, he needed more stimuli than she could give. Master Roshi could only be a one-woman man if the woman kept things exciting for him. He really wouldn't mind finding a woman a bit more adventurous to play with, but where could he find a woman like that? It wasn't a question with an easy answer.

Or so he thought!

Just then, as if Kami had heard him, a sudden, feminine sneeze brought him out of his musings. He jumped, slightly spooked by the abrupt sound. Wait... a feminine sneeze?! "Oh oh..." That could only mean... He turned his head to come face to face with Launch's blonde alter-ego – or, to be more specific, Launch's seething blonde alter-ego!

What the hell was she wearing?! She was dressed like… some kind of fucking slut! She angrily clenched her fist. "Damnit!"

Launch knew exactly who was to blame for her current apparel. It was that perverted old man again. So that foul geezer had finally managed to get her counterpart to wear this kind of crap... Such audacity needed to be punished... severely. "Tsss!" Her eyes narrowed on the perpetrator. Hadn't he learned his lesson yet? How many times did she have to bruise him until he finally knew better? Though the normal side of Launch was so gentle that she wouldn't hurt a fly, the blonde version of her was a whole other story. "Old man, what the fuck am I wearing?!" Before Roshi could defend himself, Launch had already seized her gun – where did she even hide a firearm like that with such little clothing? – and unleashed a relentless barrage of ammo onto the old man. "You perverted fuck!"

"W- waaaait!" Master Roshi pleaded as he fled the room, running up the stair to hide in his chamber. He closed the door behind him and locked it for his own safety. Slightly winded, he leaned against the door and brushed his arm against his sweating forehead. "Phew..." That had been close...

Still, Roshi recalled the bitter blonde, dressed in the lingerie he'd ordered Launch to wear. She sure was a hottie. A crazy lunatic to be sure, but a hot crazy lunatic. It gave him an idea. Her body was just as good as Launch – not that surprising, since they shared the same one – but her... spirited attitude made her the perfect candidate to brave his debauchery. Truth be told, he'd almost gotten with her before. Launch once let Goku sleep in her bed for the night, and had accidently sneezed with the young boy still sleeping beside her. In the chaos that followed – with Launch's blonde version ready to attack the young boy for daring to sleep next to her – Goku had kicked Launch unconscious. Roshi had almost taken advantage of her senseless body there and then if not for Goku's timely interference. Thinking about it, that boy was now responsible for stopping his perverted antics twice: once with Bulma, and once with Launch. Perhaps he had to punish the boy one of these days as a reprimand…

Vulgar, adventurous, and unconventional... Yes, she would do nicely. She was the perfect foil to Launch's purity. The only question, of course, was how he was going to persuade her? He'd stayed away from her till now, dreading her certain retaliation if he ever tried to get his hands on her. After all, she was the type of girl that started firing at him for something as innocent as looking at her ass. Getting such a reluctant girl in his bed would be impossible without some ingenious trickery.

Luckily, the hermit had a nifty scheme up his sleeve that might just work. He sleazily rubbed his hands together. "Heh heh!"

At times he was surprised by his own craftiness.

It had been a week since Roshi's latest incident with Blonde Launch, and Roshi had conjured up a plan that could finally be set into motion today. His bedroom hadn't been cleaned for the whole week, as per his request. It was getting quite dusty, he thought with a snicker. Per usual, Roshi had guided Launch to his bedroom as soon as his pupils fell asleep. Not as usual, however, was Roshi's demand for Launch to lie on the bed, with his head between her legs. Though her master was a fine lover, he wasn't very interested in pleasuring her in ways that didn't give him the same pleasure in return. In that sense, he could be quite selfish. In truth, Roshi loved to go down on women and inspect every nook and cranny of a woman's sex, but he would always be too heated to do so. Even now, he had one hand around his cock, slowly pumping it.

Roshi had been ecstatic to find out that Launch wore the green panty he'd used to jack off back when Launch caught him a few weeks ago. So, that piece of underwear was going to be part of his collection after all! Master Roshi had decided that he'd only collect the underwear a woman was wearing the first time they coupled together. And though Blonde Launch was in the same body as his maid, she was an entirely different woman as far as he was concerned, so this definitely counted!

Not saying a word, he sunk to his knees and pushed apart Launch's legs. He scooted in close, the scent of strong arousal wafting through his nostrils. His hand came up to pull the now-saturated panties down Launch's legs, throwing them onto the floor to reveal Launch's glistening nether lips. Not hesitating, he drove his mouth to the snatch, lips latching and tongue thrashing. Her sweet taste flowed through his mouth, and Roshi lapped up more and more, his nose rubbing against the erect clit at the crest of the pussy.

That had been ten minutes ago.

Launch cried out and grabbed onto Roshi's bald head, forcing his face deeper into her snatch as her sought-after release finally claimed her. "It's coming, Master~! It's coming~!" She squealed as she came, her whole body tensing and holding onto Roshi's head. His facial hair prickled against her thighs. The old man continued wriggling his oral muscle against the quivering pussy lips, even as the secretions began to flow steadily over his mouth. The walls were clenching tightly in fierce spasms as the maid experienced one of the best climaxes she ever had. Roshi endeavored to make it last long and hard, using his stroking fingers to help escalate Launch's pleasure. Launch's head rolled uncontrollably as her climax overtook her. The bed shook from her zeal, and with it, small flakes of dust came down from ceiling. The room hadn't been cleaned for a week, and it showed. The dust crept up Launch's nose, tickling the climaxing woman's nostrils until she had no choice but to…


The change was instantaneous. Ever since Launch was young, the simple act of sneezing would change her, in more ways than one. Her deep-blue locks changed to gold and her sapphire eyes transformed into green emeralds. What changed the most, however, was her attitude. Roshi always made sure that there was no chance Launch could transform while they coupled, as even he knew better than to awake the angry side of Launch while his dick was out for her to see. But this time, he had taken no precautions; in fact, he'd even anticipated it. His plan was about to start! Taking advantage of the situation, his eyes ogled her pubic hair to confirm that she indeed even went blonde down there.

Launch angry alter-ego awoke feeling… good! Really, really good! And then she gave a sudden yelp when a strong and pleasant tingle shot up her spine. Involuntarily, her back arched off the floor and her thighs tensed. Something very frantic and wet was passing through the cleft of her sex, paying generous attention to her very-swollen, very-sensitive clitoris! She wheezed and gasped as she climaxed, staring down her taut body to where this sensation was originating and saw the bald, shining head of the old pervert between her legs, his tongue lapping again and again at her pussy. "Y…! You!" Her back arched suddenly, effectively ending whatever she wished to say. "Ol- old man!" she grunted through her gritted teeth. "The fuck are you doing?!"

Despite the pleasurable sensations that claimed her, Launch tried with all her might to think of how she'd ended up here. Judging from the fact that she was completely naked on the bed, it was probably safe to say that her other self and the old perv had been intimate together... What the fuck was that girl thinking? This was her body too! They were far too hot to entertain this old piece of shit. Launch wasn't sure how long this had been going on, but since she awoke during an orgasm – which she didn't find quite as intense as her good-hearted version had – it must have been going on for quite some time.

When it was finally over, Roshi glanced up at the woman whose flavor was coating his lips. Launch propped herself up on her elbows and starred down between her bosoms at the old perv stupidly looking up at her from her snatch. Her deep stare intensified when she noticed the glistening fluid surrounding his mouth and beard. He had been enjoying himself all right.

"Tssk!" Launch wasn't quite sure how the old man had tricked her other self into doing something like this, but she'd make sure this would never happen again. How dare his ancient tongue dine on her young snatch! She could feel anger build up throughout her entire body. "Old man!" she screamed whilst she glared at him, her hands ready to summon her gun again as if out of thin air. This time he had gone too far. She was gonna shoot his fucking dick off! "Say your prayers, cause you're about to... aaagh!"

Using his overwhelming strength and speed, Roshi snatched his arms around Launch's midsection and rolled her on her stomach. "Wh- what the fuck?!" Launch cussed, feeling her tits flattening against the mattress. Before she could tell what was going one, she felt one hand press on her back to keep her upper body down, while another hand rose her backend. She turned her head to the side to look daggers at the old man sitting down on his knees behind; he didn't look back, hungrily gazing at her ass. What the hell was he planning? And why was he so strong? Unwittingly, she was forced to confirm how excited he was to ogle her backend. As her eyes rested on his throbbing cock, her eyes enlarged. What the fuck! Just how big was that thing?! "Old man, I swear, if you don't let go right now, I'll fucking...!"


Roshi hit his full palm against her butt cheek mightily, though the cheek somewhat disappointedly didn't ripple. "Heh heh! You shouldn't curse at your seniors you know. It's disrespectful." If he expected Launch to cry out from the spanking, he'd be left disappointed. Even with his handprint visible on her butt, Launch was tough as nails and refused him the pleasure of hearing her squeal; she gritted her teeth and endured as he swatted her ass a second time. Her silent defiance only spurred Roshi on even more. If he hoped to hear the coarse blonde sob, he had his work cut out for him it seemed. This was a good thing, of course. She could handle more than her blue-haired counterpart, which was exactly why he'd set his plan in motion. Unlike the other girls he'd bedded till now, this one was far less sensitive. "You're pretty tenacious, heh heh!" He slapped her ass one last time for good measure. "I like it!"

When Roshi halted his spanking, Launch smirked victoriously. "Heh, that all you got, you sick perv?" she taunted him. "Just wait, once I'm free, I'm going to pay you back tenth fold." His silence to her taunts frustrated her. Who the hell did he think he was? "Hey, are your senile ears too old to hear me or wh- Ahn!" She couldn't help the sudden gasp that left her lips as she felt two fingers anchor into her snatch without warning. With her orgasm only minutes before, he slipped into her with ease. Fuck... the old man's fingers were inside of her... How gross. "You fucking perv!" Her resistance to the old man's actions, however, was still futile. She could feel him slither inside her like the snake he is, brushing his fingers against her slick walls. That damn perv... she was gonna kill him!

Roshi was surprised. Her hidden channel actually felt different than her counterpart's! Just how far did Launch's transformation go? She seemed to coil more aggressively around him, as if she was trying to expel him from her depths. He was tempted to experience her altered pussy with his dick, but… he had other plans to take care of.

Launch sighed with relief as Roshi departed from her depths, but it was short lived. Bringing his doused fingers back up, he aimed them at Launch's tight asshole. The blonde yelped as the slick substance was smeared over her rim. "What are you...?!" Launch grunted, displeased with the old man's continuing intrigue with her backside. Though not a stranger to anal exploration – both the exploring and being explored – the thought of that disgusting geezer doing it made her feel ill. It also made her even more weary of what he had planned for her. He couldn't possibly be thinking about... "Hey!" Her emerald eyes narrowed at the old man with even more suspicion, warily leering at his pulsing cock. By now, she had a pretty good inkling of what the eccentric geezer planned to do with her. "This is your last warning, you senile fuck. Get your fucking hands off me!" Her ass shook defiantly, but Launch couldn't escape the perv's grasp.

Once more, he ignored her. Roshi was far too preoccupied to pay heed to her many threats. His excitement had just about hit its peak. "Heh heh!" He inserted two of his fingers into his mouth, rolling his tongue thickly over them to cover them with saliva until they were completely saturated. He laughed in a holler as his fingers brushed against her tight sphincter and began to press. There came no answer to Launch's threats, only whimpers as Roshi wedged his fingers through her anus alarmingly easy, courtesy of the substance that had been applied to the puckered hole and his own saliva.

"Kami, you're so tight here, Launch," Roshi complimented his maid's alter-ego as the tips of his fingers slipped inside, though if she took it as a compliment was questionable. His fingers barely had room to stretch. Shit... he was close to cumming just from experiences her tightness with his fingers, his prick throbbing relentlessly at the thought of getting enveloped in such a cramped space! "It's... so nice, heh heh." Even he hadn't expected it to be this tight.

Launch felt his slick digits trek further and further into her back entrance. "Uhn..." She should've known that the disgusting old man would eventually try something like this. She should've trusted her instincts and gotten off this island much, much sooner. He was always lusting for her behind his shades and trying to get a cup and feel. Of course he would've been encouraged to try something like this once driven desperate enough. To think that he now had his dirty hands on her body – in her body! – was infuriating! She inhaled sharply when he punctured her until only the base of his fingers remained, scissoring his fingers inside her bowels to test her tightness. The tips of his fingers brushed against the walls of her rectum, forcing them to spread in an attempt to loosen her up. With two fingers deep inside her, Roshi was finally able to experience the tightness of Launch's bowels to the fullest!

"L- let go, you piece of shit!" By now, Launch was getting somewhat desperate, sweat dribbling down her head. She hadn't planned for the old man to get this far. She wasn't used to getting overpowered like this. She tried to escape from his grasp, but the perv was far too strong. Shit, how was he holding her down so easily? It wasn't that she was weak, the geezer was just way too strong! How the fuck was he so strong? "Ugh..." she reluctantly moaned out from her throat. "Shit..." This constant toying with her ass was actually making her drip... By now, the mattress was starting to dampen. "Are you fucking kidding me?" she muttered, cursing her own body for getting aroused. She couldn't help but moan when he began to thrust his fingers in and out of her ass. Slowly at first, but harder and faster with each thrust.

"Ughn…" Minutes passed, and Launch unwittingly began to wiggle her hips as Roshi explored the deep reaches of her asshole. Her eyes found him as she glanced back at him. By now her face was flushed and covered in sweat while the matrass was soaked by her arousal. The old perv was grinning brightly, licking his lips as he watched his fingers move in and out of her anus as if he was in a trance. He was pumping hard and fast – as she preferred it – and it felt wonderful. "Ol- old perv." I can't fucking believe this… Him of all people. She bit her tongue to keep herself from giving in, but… she supposed she could tolerate it, just this once. It wasn't like she could get out her situation, so she might as well enjoy herself a bit. Even if the perv looked ancient, his cock was massive, and she loved big dicks. Her hands came up to seize her cheeks and spread them for his thrusting fingers. "Oh Kami…" Her head ducked. "That's it."

The old man's fingers delving and probing deep in her rectum felt delightful, but it was hardly enough for now that her arousal and curiosity had been piqued. "Old… man," she breathed hotly, leaning forward a bit to raise her ass further up. With a scornful expression – which made Roshi fear that she'd grab a gun and shoot him dead right there and then! – she reached back to cup both her firm cheeks to spread them as far as possible. "Just shove it in already!"

It wasn't like her words could be interpreted any differently, and Roshi quickly extracted his digits from her tight bowels, ready to plunge himself deep inside of her with his cock. "Yes ma'am!" Launch exhaled a relieved sigh as she felt the old man's fingers vacate her rectum, feeling the stress leave her body instantly. Of course, she was fully aware that relief would be short-lived.

Maneuvering himself behind the blonde with his knees, Master Roshi grabbed his cock and angled himself against her sphincter. "This is it," he whispered excitedly, eyeing the swell of her butt with lust. This is why he had set his plan in action. "I can't believe you're letting me fuck your ass," he whispered excitedly. Fucking the blonde, deranged alter ego of his maid was like a dream come true. And in the ass no less! First Bulma, then Mai, followed by Launch, and now Launch's blonde alter-ego… Would his luck ever run out?! He wiped a tear of pure happiness from the corner of his eye. "Young girls are so kind to their elders these days."

Launch gasped as the mushroom-like head of his prick poked against her bum; she willingly backed up against him, moaning as she felt the old man's monstrous size bump against her posterior. She clutched the sheets of the bed, her nails clawing through the fabric as the geezer started to apply pressure. Ever after all the prep work, she was still considerably tight, but insertion was definitely doable, though it'd take some effort from both sides. "Tsk!" Slowly – very, very slowly – her asshole began to spread around his thick muscle, defiantly putting up resistance until yielding ever so tardily. She willingly pressed against him, wiggling her ass to help him further in until he snatched her waist and began to pull her onto him. Launch gritted her teeth and balled her fists, sweat running down her head as he spread her deeper and deeper. This was probably the fattest piece of meat she'd ever taken back there. She wondered if she'd be able to handle it before reprimanding herself. Of course she could handle it!

Roshi was speechless. He felt like he could cum at any moment as he felt the colon surrounding his cock trying to push him out, but it was no match for his strength. It was so tight! None of the women who'd come before with their fiery and tight snatches could possibly compare to this amazingly intense feeling of Launch's asshole – not even Bulma had been this tight! Her firm walls quivered around him as he bottomed out. "It's in!" he hissed with a beaming grin, as if she couldn't feel it for herself. She rumbled with a groan when he finished his long stab into her, his thighs resting against the cushions of her butt, and his balls pressed against her soaking snatch. "I can't believe I'm inside you..." he whispered, already winded. Fucking both versions of Launch was like a dream come true! "I've been wanting to fuck you for so long!"

Kami, couldn't the old man just act cool for once? But shit... the old man fucking stung! Launch didn't want to admit it, but... it was kind of hard to handle such a monster. She swallowed audibly and panted roughly, sweat rolling down her body from her efforts to keep her composure. She felt the stress throughout her entire body. Though experienced with anal sex – even preferring it over vaginal sex – this thing currently inside her was huge! "Fuck, old man. You're fucking big, aren't you." A statement; not a question.

Roshi's face was lolled back, his eyes tightly shut as he slowly began to push in and out of Launch's tight bowels. He would retract his hips till only his head remained nestled between the little butt cheeks, after which he'd shove his cock back in. Slow and gentle at first, but faster and harder as Launch slowly accustomed to the feeling of her walls spread and the monstrous size and cock within her. "Heh heh, anal sex is so good! It's like you're trying to cut my dick off!" With each thrust, his balls rattled against her leaking pussy. "Do you like it, Launch? Do you like me fucking your ass?"

Launch tried to ignore the geezer's aggravating voice. Big cock or not, the old perv was annoying. She wished he'd shut up for once. She started to rock her hips against his thrusts, increasing the pleasure for both of them. Her breasts swayed, her stiff nipples brushing against the mattress. She had to no choice but to admit how nice it felt. "Fuck!" Glistening beads of sweat soared from Launch's face when she threw her head up with a deep gasp of pleasure. Tossing her hair to one side and casting a smirk back at Roshi, she whispered sultrily, "Is that the best you can do, old man?" Her backside began to move against him, helping him push further and harder into her colon as she began to match his tempo. "Do it harder."

"Harder?" Roshi was amazed with Launch's vigor. He knew she was tough, but to actually claim she wanted him to use more of his strength… Oh well, it wasn't that he had started off slow because he wanted to, but because it was hard to pack his girth into her. Now that she had been stretched more, he was free to increase his pace. "Take this! Heh heh! And how about this?!" Each time the old hermit's groin clashed with the blonde's buttocks, a loud smack echoed throughout the room whilst the geezer's hips ricocheted backwards. Beads of sweat began to drip down his head from his effort. But Kami, this Launch acted so differently compared to her nice alter-ego, Roshi thought. Though the body was technically the same, Roshi felt like he was fucking a whole other person. Experimentally, he let his hands slip over her bosom. Even her tits felt different compared to his maid's. Less soft due to an increase in muscle mass. It wasn't necessarily better or worse; just different. "Squeezy, squeezy!"

"Fuck!" Raising one hand from the mattress, Launch guided her fingers up her legs, scraping against her blonde, curly hairs before brushing against her sensitive, engorged folds. The old man's balls now swung against her digits. She whimpered from the sensational explosion of stimulations. And that was just from touching her pussy! When she finally plunged two fingers inside her, she groaned with satisfaction. "Oh Kami~!" The perv's big cock inside her ass and her own fingers handling her snatch... It'd been so long since she felt this good! With her fingers inside her hidden channel, she could actually feel his long cock thrust inside her with the tip of her fingers! Geez... Just how deep inside was he? "That's it, old man! Go faster! Go harder!" Her tits were shaking uncontrollably, her ass stinging from the many impacts it had made with the perv's groin, and her pussy leaking like never before. She...! She was getting the fuck of her life! "Old man! That's it! Yes! Fuck my fucking brains out!"

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Roshi's face was straining behind Launch, and she knew even the insatiable old pervert would not be able to hold out much longer. His movements snagged when he gasped, feeling sharp stings of pleasure in his testicles. Finally fucking a woman in the ass again after all those years truly felt sensational! If not for Launch's intoxicating urging, he'd have been forced to yield long ago. "Launch…!" he warned her, feeing himself succumb.

Launch was the first to give in. The feeling of her ass filled with such an immense cock combined with her own fingers playing with her snatch was simply too much. She screamed as she came, calling to every god she knew as her muscles contracted around her and her snatch sprayed her juices onto her bustling finger and the old man's swinging testicles. In the midst of her orgasm, Roshi pulled Launch onto the base of his cock before he continued thrusting. The fact that the old man hardly slowed his bucking helped heighten her level of pleasure. Even now, as her body shook with release, she gasped, "Harder. Faster!" Her ability to handle Roshi's brutal treatment was incredible. "Don't stop… ugh~... until you cum inside my fucking ass!"

Launch's orgasm also meant that the tight walls around Roshi contracted even more. It felt like the constricting walls were trying to cut his dick off when her butt clenched! It was the final trigger. "Launch!" he yelled her name like a roar of victory before his thrusts became much weaker and more erratic. "I'm cumming inside... your ASS!" Launch felt him fill her bowels with his spunk. Had she not been so hazed, she would probably wonder how she could expel such a large quantity from her ass in the near future, but now she only emitted screams of pleasure as she felt her rectum get painted in white, sending all kinds of pleasures to rush through her. She groaned when the old man lost his balance and fell atop of her as he came, his hands claiming her tits again whilst his head became entangled with her blonde locks; she couldn't support the two of them for even a second, collapsing onto the bed with a thud while she was filled with his jizz.

Fulfilled and truly satisfied, Roshi started to whither, allowing Launch's rectal muscles to finally push him out of her. Launch exhaled a relieved sigh as the old man's girth finally popped out of her. Her sore asshole finally sealed itself again, but that didn't stop the pearls of cum inside from dribbling out of her backdoor. Of course, at the pace it was going now, it would take a while until her bowels were completely free from the milky-white seeds.

"Ah~! Now this was a nice way to spend the day," cheered the Turtle Hermit as he finally released Launch from his grasp and he rolled next to her. His semi-erect cock rested happily against his thigh.

Launch smirked in agreement. This had truly been a spectacular climax. And yet, she was already starting to recover. Her fortitude was certainly admirable. She took her place next to the elder man. "Agreed."

"We should do this again some time!" Roshi suggested to the gun-loving blonde as he ogled the golden curls at her crotch. Her soaked lips leaked with her release. He licked his lips. He wouldn't mind testing if her pussy felt any different from her counterpart's.

"Not a chance, old man," she stated unhumorously. Though the old man was a much better fuck than she expected, and she didn't regret sharing this occurrence with him, she had a lot of suitable candidates who were more pleasant to look at.

Well maybe he had a chance if she was drunk and wanted a good fuck, she thought as she eyed his prick; a nice cock is a nice cock after all.

Two weeks later.

Master Roshi made himself comfortable in his chair. Finally, he could relax for a moment. Aside from training his pupils, he'd been training his own body in preparation for the Tenkaichi Budokai. The tournament was only one week away. The two boys had to learn the lesson that there was always someone stronger out there, so he had taken in upon himself to be the wall they still had to surpass. Training though, had left him absolutely exhausted.

"Hey, old man!" a rough, blunt voice hollered throughout the home. Launch's alter-ego waggled into the living room of Kame House. She held an empty bottle of wine in one hand, and a pack of beer in the other. The remains of the beverages dripped down onto the floor to create a puddle. She'd obviously been drinking. "Get your cock out!"

It took the old man a moment to react. He blinked blankly at her until comprehension of her request dawned on his face. The color was drained from his face as his eyes widened, his mouth agape as he promptly jumped up in shock. "Whaaaat?"

"You heard me!" she howled, red in the face from the booze. Her decision to let him anchor himself inside of her could obviously be blamed on the alcohol. "Pants off, cock out!"

"B… but!" the old hermit stammered. He was exhausted and all he wanted was a quick rest. "I'm just so tired!" he wept. "I have nothing left!"

"No excuses, old man!" Launch blared, catching the wailing hermit by his collar. He sobbingly protested, but the blonde wouldn't budge as she dragged him to her bedroom. "You like fucking, I like fucking! We're gonna fuck all night!"

And so ends another chapter and another win for our favorite perv. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure to review! It motivates me immensely.

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