The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

BY : Cool Burn
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With Roshi managing to even tame the wild and ferocious Blonde Launch, it seems no mountain is too high for the eccentric geezer. What's next? Read further to find out!


Warning: lemon

Chapter 7: The Dilemma of the Unconscious Ranfan

"Huff, huff," the young man breathed, covered in sweat. He was down on his knees. It was so dark in here and the atmosphere was so tense that it made it hard to breathe! He anxiously ruffled his hands through his raven hair, already matted to his skin due to his excessive sweating. In front of him was the imposing man whose sheer aura had immobilized him. Though his grey hairs and mustache might suggest otherwise, his strong, developed muscles betrayed his immense strength. His traditional martial arts gi bore a white color, with a black collar and the emblem of his training in the area of his chest. His dark blue belt hung around his waist. The young man in front of him cowered when his stern eyes fell on him, and his mighty voice began to echo throughout the room.

"Roshi," the commanding presence began his lecture. "In all my years as your master, I've never been more disappointed in you than I am now. In truth, I should exile you and order you to never return as your proper punishment."

The young man bowed his head. "No..." His pleading eyes came up to beg to his master, shaking his head in a frenzy. "Please, give me another chance, Master Mutaito!" He messed up. It... it wasn't supposed to happen like that. He'd lost his self-control! "It'll never happen again, I swear!"

"Silence!" Mutaito's eyes narrowed on his pupil. "You used my teaching for vile purposes. Hypnotized that poor girl into thinking your... your..." Mutaito couldn't even say it out loud, seething with rage. "...your thing was a lollipop!"

"I...! I...!" Roshi tried to make excuses, but his heightened sense of panic made it impossible to even speak! Tears ran down his watery eyes. After his umpteen effort to woo Fanfan had failed, Roshi – in a moment of pure desperation – used the Hypnosis Technique to hypnotize and control her mind. Afterwards, he'd guided her to a secluded spot in the village, dropped his pants, and made the purple-haired girl think it was her favorite piece of candy – a lollipop. She'd licked and suckled his prickle until he erupted over her face. It couldn't be helped! Fanfan didn't want anything to do with him. What else was he supposed to do?

As his imposing master made his way to him, Roshi gulped and prepared for the worse. "Hnn!" he whimpered as he felt the wise man's hand tightly grasp his shoulder. Roshi's fingers clenched tightly in preparation for his punishment.

"Promise me, Roshi," Mutaito pleaded. "Promise me you'll never use the sacred techniques for such lechery ever again."

Roshi bowed as deep as he could, silently sobbing. "I promise, Master Mutaito. I swear I'll never use them again."

Master Roshi hastily rose from his bed with a gasp, shakily looking around the room, his heart thumping and his body covered in sweat. Though dim, the light than shone through his curtains made it possible to see where he was. He... was home. "A dream..." he uttered. It had all been a dream. Or a memory, to be more specific. A memory from the one and only time he'd used his martial arts techniques to coerce a girl into pleasuring him. He sighed with relief and lied down back onto his matrass. Launch was still asleep beside him, too deep a sleeper to wake up from her master's stirrings. Both versions of Launch were now available to him, and of that Roshi had taken full advantage. They were the perfect yin and yang: one gentle and tender; the other wild and ferocious. It was too bad he couldn't have them both at the same time though...

"That... that was the day I made that promise to Master Mutaito." He wondered why he dreamt of that today of all days? It was a memory he hadn't thought about in a long time. And Fanfan... She'd been his first love. He hadn't thought about her in forever... She died during the rampage of King Piccolo. She never forgave him for that stunt he'd pulled. Each time she saw him in the village, she'd blush, ignore him, and walk into the other direction. He... supposed he got what he deserved.

"What a time for those memories to resurface," he whispered. Perhaps his nerves made those images of long ago come back to him. Today was a day of great importance after all. The Tenkaichi Budokai was going to be held today! It was hard to believe that eight months had passed since Goku and Krillin first came to him and requested his training. As far as fighting went, he didn't have much more to teach them. Their eyes, fists, legs and even minds had become extremely keen. Even with 40kg on their backs, the boys performed their grueling training exercises sublimely. Nevertheless, he was confident that he could best them today. This old hermit still had some tricks up his sleeve.

A few hours later, Master Roshi, Launch, Goku and Krillin gathered in front of Kame House to travel to South City – safe for Launch, who'd safeguard the house – and the old hermit couldn't help but look at his two pupils with pride. They had truly done well. He chuckled as the boys could finally take the shells off their backs and reveled in their inhuman strength and speed. In times like these, he was reminded of the fact that they were still children. "Hurry up, boys! If you don't we'll miss our plane!"

The practitioners of the Turtle Style changed into their suits and said their goodbyes to Launch. Roshi's goodbye, of course, was a subtle squeeze of her buttocks. And so, the trio rode away toward the airfield. Unbeknownst to the boys, hidden in the trunk of the car was the means with which Master Roshi planned to impart his final lesson on his pupils: a disguise.

It'd taken a car ride, a plane flight – with a curvy flight attendant who royally deserved the hand that the old hermit placed on her backend – and a taxi ride, but Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi finally arrived at the tournament ground of the Tenkaichi Budokai.

"Look at all these people here!" Goku was amazed by the size of the crowd. "I wonder if there are a lot of fighters too."

"Y- yeah... there's gotta be." Krillin, it seemed, had a lot more nerves than his friend, gulping and sweating at the thought of the fights he would soon participate in.

"We need to go to the preliminary area," Roshi said, bringing his pupils out of their musings. "If you stand around gawking like that, you'll get lost."

And so Goku and Krillin signed up for the tournament. After surprising his students by giving them their own Turtle Style gi, Roshi gave them his last words of encouragement. "The eight fighters that make it through the preliminaries will fight in front of the crowd. I will be sitting there too, so if I am able to see you two up there, I will have no complaints."

"Yes sir! We'll do our best!" they promised in union before Roshi watched them go into the large building that only contestant could enter until they were out of sight. And while they amazed all other participants with their incredible strength as a result of Master Roshi's training until they both qualified for the Tenkaichi Budokai, the old hermit himself unexpectedly reunited with the special girl who'd awoken his dormant desires. "Hmmmm?" He readjusted his glasses to observe her. Could it be? Turquoise hair, pretty face, long legs, and of course her youthful and delicious body. Oh yes, that was Bulma all right! After their previous intimacy, he'd recognize those curves anywhere.

Of course, she had changed a bit since their last encounter. For one, she wasn't wearing her bunny outfit. She wore a red tank top with her name on it with a white shirt underneath, orange skirt, yellow socks, and purple shoes. Her hair was wrapped in a ponytail with a red ribbon. She looked as splendid as always. Oh how he had missed her these last eight months! "Oho! Long time no see," he greeted her with a big, goofy grin on his face. The swell of her ass especially looked wonderful in that skirt! Oh what he wouldn't do to give her the same treatment he'd given Launch's blonde alter ego...

If Roshi's reaction to seeing Bulma again was one of pure happiness, then Bulma's reaction could only be described as the very opposite. "Y- You!" she shrieked with revulsion. Her eyes narrowed on the old perv, filled with hatred while she glowered at him. She was seething with anger at the mere sight of the old pervert. If looks could kill, Roshi would be a dead man. She still hadn't forgiven him for practically forcing himself on her the last time they met. This old perv was so disgusting. She still couldn't believe he'd actually slipped his dick inside her back then and thrusted his hips until he came inside her. Fucking an old man was without a doubt the most humiliating thing to ever happen to her. What if she’d gotten pregnant? If she'd never met him again, she would've died a happy woman. "What are you doing here?"

"I came here to see my pupils," Master Roshi explained. Before he could help himself, the eyes behind his shades dropped until they ogled the two spirited globes of flesh hidden behind the teen's clothing. "But more importantly..." His cheeks began to flame, his lips twirling into a goofy grin as drool began to drip down his beard. He could still recall how full and supple her jugs had been as his hands and mouth tended to them. "... how about letting me do a puff-puff or two for old times' sake!"

Before he could react, Bulma smacked the old man on the head with a massive hammer, plummeting him to the ground, wailing in pain. "Yeah, right..." she uttered, blushing fiercely. He was still the same hopeless pervert... If the old man thought he'd ever be able to use her like that again, he was sorely mistaking. Her journey for the Dragon Balls was over, and with it, all the old perv's bargaining chips were depleted as well. Bulma couldn't describe the immense satisfaction she felt from finally being able to say no to the eccentric geezer after their previous two encounters.

Shortly thereafter, Goku reunited with his friends before he and Krillin gave Roshi the news that they had qualified for the tournament. Roshi couldn't recall the man they called Yamcha, who was also an acquaintance of the group, but he, too, had apparently qualified for the Tenkaichi Budokai. He couldn't help the pang of jealousy he felt when he heard that this Yamcha fellow now dated Bulma. So this Yamcha had access to Bulma's splendid curves whenever he wanted? Having such a nubile girl all to himself... The brutality!

"We will now begin the Tenkaichi Budokai!" the speakers around the fighting grounds began to announce. "To the eight chosen contestants, please gather yourselves inside the main temple!"

"You guys need to get in there," Bulma noted.

Roshi watched as his students quickly made their way back before he readied himself. "Now then..." It was time for him to do his part as well.

"Fufu... he's still the same little runt like before," Bulma said with a fond smile as she watched her oldest traveling partner appear out of sight.

Meanwhile, Oolong confusedly eyed the area around them. "Huh?" Someone was missing. "Where did that gramps go off to?"

So far, Master Roshi's plan had gone off without a hitch. And as he gathered as the final martial artist of the eight who had qualified, he had a jubilant smile on his face. With his grey wig pasted on his bald head and dressed in his black martial arts outfit, he was no longer Master Roshi. For the remainder of the tournament he was Jackie Chun. With hair on his head and without his glasses, he just hoped he could fool Krillin. Fooling the gullible Goku was a given, but his second pupil was a bit more observant. He could feel the bald kid's eyes on him, but he paid him no heed.

As for the other participants, there was that selfish Yamcha fellow, a boar of a man that smelled like he'd never bathed a day in his life, a Giras, a dark-skinned man, and, finally, jadedly leaning against the wall was a...! A WOMAN!

Before the geezer could help himself, his feet began to move toward her. Wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and green puffy pants, she had an impressive amount of purple curly hair on her head with a beauty mole on her left cheek. With deep-red lipstick on her luscious lips, she was absolutely stunning! "Uho-hoh! Are you a contestant too, my lady?"

The female righter regarded him with a cocked eyebrow. Her eyes were a beautiful dark shade of ocean-blue. In all honesty, the geezer in front of her seemed a bit off... She couldn't really put her finger on it, but he seemed sketchy. But if he made it to the Tenkachi Budokai, then there was one certainty: he was strong. She should probably butter him up, just in case they fought in the first round. He already seemed quite smitten with her. That would be her advantage over him. As the whole crowd would soon find out, she wasn't afraid to use her looks or show some skin to achieve her goals. Her lips twirled into a seductive smile whilst she winked at him. "Why aren't you just a cute old man~!" she purred, stroking his chin. "Promise you'll be gentle with me once we play with each other in the ring, okay?"

"Heh heh!" Oh, there wouldn't be anything done gently if he ever got his hands on her, Roshi thought perversely. Drool began to leak down his lips whilst he drowned in the girl's aroma. Before the conversation could go any further however, the foul-smelling man walked past them to make both of them fight off their urge to gag.

"Hello! Participants, please gather yourself up!" a blond man dressed in a black suit beckoned the last eight contestants towards him. Once all martial artists had gathered, he began to explain how the match ups were going to be decided. "Now then, in order to determine the order of the battles as quickly as possible, we'll be doing another lottery. Once your name is called, please come up and pull a number."

"Ah, excuse me," a raspy voice commanded the announcers attention.

"Uhm... yes?"

The girl that had caught Roshi's eye shrieked when he suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. "I'd like to fight this young lady!" Though keeping up his stern expression to not alert his students of his true identity; inwards, Roshi could already imagine all the accidental touches that would occur if it came to a bout between him and the minx that had left him spellbound.

The announcer laughed awkwardly. "Lets... not get selfish here..." But geez... They sure had some... lively contestants this time.

And thus, it slowly became clear what the match-ups were going to be. When her name came up, Roshi was finally able to deduce the girl's identity. Ranfan... Funnily enough, not only did their names sound alike, she even looked a bit like Fanfan. Although... this once seemed a lot more seductive than the object of his infatuation from long ago. His own opponent was clear too: Yamcha. Oh this had to be fate! He would teach that youngster a thing or two about hogging a desirable girl like Bulma all to himself!

"All the battles have been decided. The battles will be one round with no time limit. If you fall off the stage, or the battle ground, or say anything like 'I give up' you will lose. However, poking the eyes or attacking vitals isn't allowed."

"Excuse me," Goku said, bringing up his hand. "What are vitals?"

"Forgive my unrefined manner of speaking, but: your balls."

"Oh my..." Ranfan distressed in an overdrawn manner. "Uhmmm... I don't have any of those."

The poor announcer sweat dropped. "Anyway, the tournament will begin soon. So please wait here until you are called out," The blond man made his way to the fighting stage and addressed the crowd. "Thank you all for waiting so long! We will now begin the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai!

The match ups had been quite eventful so far.

Krillin won his fight with the foul-smelling Bacterian. Since he didn't have a nose, he wasn't handicapped by the reeking odor. Bacterian couldn't have faced a worse opponent, and was quickly dealt with by the young martial artist.

Bulma had noticed that the hurtle hermit was nowhere to be seen during Krillin's battle, which she noted as odd. Didn't he want to see his students' fights? Then again, it wasn't like she wanted him to spectate next to her for the remainder of the tournament, so why should she care? She could already imagine the geezer's hands accidently grope her while he cheered...

It was Roshi's own turn to fight next in his Jackie Chun persona. "I wonder what kind of person Jackie Chun is!" Bulma spoke dreamily with a blush on her cheek.

"What are you saying?" Oolong asked, cocking an eyebrow. "Isn't Yamcha your boyfriend?"

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with having aspirations, is there?!" A beauty like her should always keep her eyes open.

Ignoring Bulma's disappointed jeers against him for being nothing more than an old man when he revealed himself, Roshi made quick work of that upstart Yamcha. He used his superior speed and footwork to dodge all of his attacks with ease, and created a gust of wind with enough strength to blow Yamcha out of the ring. That would teach him for dating Bulma! Although, he did feel some pity for the young man. Considering her earlier words, it didn't sound like Bulma had undying loyalty for him. Perhaps that could work to his advantage some day in the future? For now, though, he had a tournament to win. Krillin was to be his next opponent.

Next up was that stunner Ranfan. Oh how Roshi wished he could be the one to fight her. He grinned sleazily as he imagined all his accidental touches on her more delicate areas. An innocent poke on her chest, a subtle squeeze of her heinie. "Heh heh!" Her opponent was Nam, a serious-looking individual who – Roshi learned by reading his mind – wanted to win the prize money to buy water for his entire village. It was a plight that almost made him root for Nam... almost.

Ranfan sized up her opponent. He seemed to be quite strong, but... shy. Even in the ring, he was afraid to look her in the eye. "Ufu~" she purred, giving the timid warrior a wink. Even a purring cat, however, had claws. Before Nam could take a defensive stance, Ranfan flew at him and kicked him right on his nose before uppercutting his jaw. Nam, however, recuperated. Evading her last strike, he used his momentum to jolt toward her, but just before he could inflict his first damage to Ranfan, she... "Kyaaaaa!"

Her sudden shriek unnerved Nam, and what was meant to be a hard-hitting strike ended up being nothing more than a brush on her arm. It should've felt as nothing more than something gracing her skin, but that didn't stop Ranfan from getting down on her knees as she started to cry in response to the pain. "Ohhhh," she sniffled. "Nam just made Ranfan cry! You're so mean!"

Not even the stoic Nam could hold his composure. Had... had he really hurt her? And even if he did, wasn't such a thing inevitable in a fighting tournament? Still, as he watched the young woman cry, he couldn't help but feel... guilty. "I'm... sorry."

It was all part of Ranfan's ruse. By now, Nam should've known this woman was a femme fatale. Once more taking advantage of his ignorance, Ranfan slammed her balled fist into Nam's stomach and prepared to finish him off, but the dark-skinned warrior recovered just in time, snatching her wrist before she could do so. "If that's how you're going to fight... I just won't consider you a woman anymore." Nam readied his stance. "I'll fight you with all my might as I would a man, or archenemy!"

"Oh, Nam has gotten serious," Ranfan cheered with the sweetest voice she could muster. Shit... actually he really looks serious. If she didn't charm him now, she could be in trouble. "Oooohhh~!" Ranfan chirped, smiling and winking at the stern fighter. "He got mad~!"

Her cute act, however, would work no longer. With overwhelming speed, strength and technique, Nam quickly overpowered her. Ranfan could do nothing but dodge and for how long she could hold that up was questionable. She... was in trouble! When she finally managed to widen the distance between them enough, she exhaled her hold-in breath. He was strong... Far too strong to beat one on one. But... she still had her trump card! I don't have a choice... I have to use that move. "If I have no other choice, then..."

Spectators, participants, announcers... None were prepared for what happened next. When Ranfan reached for the hem of her shirt, the last thing they would've expected her to do was for her to throw it over her head to reveal her pink, lace bra decorated with frills underneath that carried her breasts. Before anyone could comprehend what she'd done, she slid her pants down her legs and past her shoes to reveal the swell of her ass and pink panty with the same frilly motif as her bra! "Well, mister pure man?" She smirked seductively, holding her shirt over her head, slightly arching her back to accentuate her curves. She thrust her chest out to make her breasts jiggle with great aplomb from the sudden movement. "Fu fu fu! Well? Can't even look at me, can you?" Tough men were all the same. Show a flash of skin and they were like putty in your hand.

Case in point... "What a sight!" Roshi screamed joyfully from the waiting room. "Look at those curves!" Her slim but well-trained figure, her taut but broad buttocks and her bountiful breasts still hidden behind their pink encasing. He could feel himself hardening whilst he suffered a nosebleed. "Hey, come on now! If you're gonna go that far you might as well take it all off!"

In the stands, Bulma reluctantly compared Ranfan's bust to her own. Ranfan's were bigger... I still have some growing power, she psyched herself up. I'll beat her in no time! Especially since her mom was so stacked! Wait, why the hell was she thinking about her mother's rack?

With her trump card played, Ranfan confidently walked toward Nam. With each step, her goods would bounce to proudly show their suppleness. With each step she took forward, Nam took a backward one. He could feel the edge of the arena looming behind him. Ranfan did as well. Stopping her tracks, she leaned closer, giving Nam an eyeful of her dangling breasts. This was it. She was about to win! In a trice, she ran toward Nam to give him the final push over the edge. This was her victory!

What Ranfan hadn't accounted for, however, was for Nam to close his eyes to shield himself. Now that his eyes were closed, he could focus on the sounds around him, the slight change in the air as she moved. She was looming closer. All he had to do was...


Just before Ranfan reached him, Nam jumped over the young woman and hit her on the back of the head, knocking her out cold. After ten seconds of Ranfan not responding, he was declared the winner. "Is... she alright?" He... hadn't expected her to be out cold... It hadn't been that hard of a punch... He merely wanted to keep her down for ten seconds...

"Ummm... Can you not touch the body like that, Sir?"

It seemed that, in the chaos, Roshi had sneaked onto the ring and used the opportunity to inspect the unconscious Ranfan, gingerly sliding his hands over her naked thighs and uncovered parts of her butt cheeks. "Ohooo~. Such smooth skin." And the swell of her buttocks! He couldn't help it when he felt his prick starting to throb. Kami... he was starting to get all worked up... It'd be hard to concentrate on his next match in this state. Hmmm... something had to be done about that, he thought while he subtly pinched Ranfan's ass. Picking her up with his arms, he began to carry the woman back to the temple. "I'll make sure she gets to a medical room so she can rest! There's no need to postpone the next match!"

"Uhm... sure." The announcer watched as the old man carried the unconscious girl bridal style out of the ring. "T- thank you, Jackie Chun. Now, let's continue the tournament!" he cheered, and the spectators quickly followed suit.

All safe for Bulma, who couldn't help but think how odd that Jackie Chun guy was acting. He kind of reminded her of...! "No... way..."

What a twist!

As Roshi walked past the other contestants with Ranfan safely in his arms, he tried to combat his perverted urges. He would only get a cup and feel, he promised himself. He'd find an empty room, get some squeezes in, and begin his preparation for his next fight. Yes... that was all he was going to do... Yet, as he looked down at the unconscious minx, dressed in nothing more than her underwear to hide her most attractive features from his eyes... "Shit..." How was he supposed to control himself?

Immoral or not, he wanted to cup her boobies! The flirt's heavy chest had been his obsession ever since she threw her shirt over her head. It was her own fault for stripping in front of him, or so he told himself. She had to take responsibility. He gulped audibly as he found an empty medical room and carefully laid her down on the bed. Had it not been for Nam's strength, she surely would've regained consciousness by now. Now that Ranfan was on the bed, Roshi could freely appreciate her curves. He licked his lips as his eyes landed on her magnificent mounds, hidden for now, rising up with each drawn breath. It excited the already-spurred-on appendage in his trousers, throbbing excitingly against his boxers.

Roshi could hear his heartbeat drum through his ears. He was a nervous wreck. One sound too many, one wrong touch and his life could be over. Was seeing some breasts really worth the tragedy that could befall him? He weighed his options with a furrowed brow.

He contemplated deeply. Groping an unconscious woman wasn't anything new to him. Back when Goku and Launch just started living with him, Launch had fallen asleep next to the young boy. When Launch woke up the next day and accidently sneezed, her blonde version did not appreciate the young kid sleeping next to her, mistaking him for a pervert. She'd aimed her gun at him, but Goku knocked her out cold before she could do any serious harm. With the delectable girl out cold, Roshi had tried to grope her knockers... for starters. If it hadn't been for Goku's timely intervention, Roshi would've enjoyed that blonde, feisty piece of ass much, much earlier. And now there was another woman ripe for the taking, and there were no monkey-tailed boys to disrupt his plan. The question was: should he?

If he got caught, not only would he be disqualified, he'd probably lose the respect of his pupils as well should they ever figure out who he truly was. The door couldn't be locked, and he doubted he'd have the mind to focus on nearby footsteps once he was busy groping. Clarity was slowly winning over his lust. "This is a bad idea…." he muttered. For once, the old master chose reason over lust.

But right then, an especially long, drawn-out breath from Ranfan made her jugs expand to their fullest, complimenting their ampleness. Roshi's mind was made up. Just like with Bulma and Mai, once arousal clouded his brain, there was no going back. "Boobies!" His hands began to squeeze the air as if fondling invisible pillows, his lips twirling into a sleazy grin. "Boobies!" He was going to mash those heavenly melons and that was that! Silently, he scooted closer. With trembling hands, he experimentally poked his forefinger against her flesh. The springy globe yielded so easily to his subtle stabs! "Heh heh, They're so supple!" he whispered with excitement. "I'm so lucky!"

But with so much of her breasts still hidden behind her undergarment, poking was pretty much all he could do. With trembling hands, he wrapped his arms around her back, and tried to undo the binds that kept her bra secured. With his nerves this high, however, it was hard for him detach it, but somehow he managed. With his right hand, he threw Ranfan's pink lingerie on the floor before laying her back down, and with flaring nostrils he guided his eyes towards the ultimate prize. Roshi's breath was stuck in his throat as his objective finally came to fruition as a bountiful amount of pale skin presented themselves, still slightly jiggling, proudly presenting their suppleness to the one responsible for their breakout. Roshi found himself bedazzled by their brilliance. The brown tips that were already starting to harden due to the sudden breeze perfectly capped the top of the two hills made for a mouthwatering sight. Roshi was mesmerized, memorizing each and every detail of her mature boobies as if it was his only and final opportunity – which, to be fair, could very well be the case. Without checking, he knew his nose was bleeding again while drool dribbled down his chin.

"Wow!" he roared at the sight with delight, quickly covering his own mouth and cussing at his own stupidity. He stayed silent, his heart thumbing rapidly. Would she wake up? Had he alerted anyone? Ranfan still seemed to be out cold, and no one seemed to come into the room either. He sighed relieved. Luck seemed to be on his side today. Although his original goal of seeing the knockers of the buxom tease was now completed, he couldn't just leave now – especially considering the aroused state he now found himself in! Ranfan was ripe for the taking, and he planned to take full advantage. He maneuvered himself on the matrass, the bed squeaking from the added weight, and supported himself on his knees, edging closer to the spirited pair by raising his arms.

Touching her breasts for the first time, he cradled the underside of her breasts in his palms before bringing them up, testing the weight. He molded the springy flesh in his eager hands as if he was kneading dough, squeezing and twirling the quelling globes, his thumbs scraping against her stiff nipples. "Heh heh! Squeezy, squeezy!" The tips were a pleasant and bright shade of brown, perfectly sized to match the size of her tits. The circumference had contracted to form an oval around the tightened bud. The peaks looked so inviting…

He couldn't help but dip his head to devour one, sticking out his tongue to lash it against the erect tip. He teased it playfully, whipping his oral muscle to and fro. An enjoyable way to spend his time, but with so much entertainment to be had he instead opted to be a bit more daring, enclosing his lips around the sensitive nub. Like a baby nourishing for milk, he sucked and nibbled on the aching nipple. While there was no creamy award to uncover, Roshi was content with the reward already in his callous hands, slurping audibly. With one hand, he slipped himself through his waistband to grip his erect prick, stroking himself whilst he nourished. With the excitement seizing him long ago, he moaned from his own ministrations. He was far more worked up than he initially thought, his pre-cum so abundant that he could effortlessly pull back his skin. Pumping himself to completion while fondling and suckling Ranfan's spending knockers. It would be a nice way got, but...

"Not yet," he reprimanded himself. He wasn't ready yet. There was one more thing he had to do. "Heh heh!" By now, Roshi should've known better. Despite his promises – to either himself or someone else – it was never just a blowjob. It was never just a cup and feel. Consequences be damned, once his sexual interest was piqued, he would lose all sense of reason and his desires would overwhelm him. So far, only Launch had been able to avoid such an outcome, and only due to the depressed state the hermit found himself in at the time. Like with Mai, Bulma and Blonde Launch before, Roshi wouldn't think; only do. Blood drippled down from his nose in anticipation, a red hue painting his cheeks, his breathing quickening. He deserved to unwind some after his previous match, he reasoned..

Somehow finding the will to stop slurping on Ranfan's knockers, Roshi released his hold on the stacked chest and released his cock from his grasp. In a botched attempt to undo himself of his trousers, Roshi fidgeted with his pants. "Come on, come on…" he urged himself, swaying his hips as if he expected to slip out of it – which the hard-on twitching against his boxers made especially hard. After many trials that tested his patience, Roshi finally managed to undo himself of his pants, his boxers quickly following suit. A line of pre-cum formed between the tip of his prickle and underwear before it ruptured as his cock sprung into view, his erect meat ecstatic to be freed from its confinement. "Hello, old friend. Let's enjoy ourselves, shall we."

Seizing the edges of Ranfan pink panty – slightly moist from Roshi's handling of her bosom – he made sure the girl was still asleep before he descended her undergarment down her strong thighs. His eyes drew up to leer at Ranfan's exposed crotch. He was in awe as smooth, wet flesh was presented to him. Purple curls like on her head decorated her crown. "Wow," he gasped at her flowering petals. The enlarged lips dripping signaled her readiness. It also meant that nothing stood in his way to do what he wanted: he would ravish her.

Throwing her legs over his shoulders, Roshi leaned forward until his prick was in line with Ranfan's snatch. By doing so, Ranfan's buttocks slowly lifted and left the soft matrass. In this position, he was almost at eyelevel with her boobs. As if to tease her, he deliberately slunk his tip against her clit; pride filling him as Ranfan whimpered softly from the gentle rubbing of that hypersensitive button. He directed his throbbing cock to her crevice, the heath radiating from it telling him that she was ready for him, even if she didn't know it herself. He shivered as he felt the tip of his cock slither against her slippery lips. Just a little more; just a little more stirring and he would finally be inside her. "Here we go, heh heh" he whispered with bated breath. Pressing his cock down, he began to delve into her depths. "Hope you're ready, Ranfan!"

Nothing but brainless babbling left his mouth as he smoothly slid himself inside Ranfan, wallowing as her tight walls spread around him and held him in their clinch. Placing his hands next to her midsection, he slowly, as if to savor each and every second, drove more and more of himself inside the sleeping beauty. He didn't stop until the white hairs on his crotch made contact with her purple ones. “Ughn...” Roshi was on the clock – not only could Ranfan wake up at any moment, the time of his next match was getting closer and closer. He withdrew his cock from her wet embrace until only the tip remained seated, her undulating walls massaging his retreating cock before he pushed forward again, anchoring himself as deep as he could before pulling out once more. He kept this up time and time again, showing formidable endurance. His offensive assault had the desired effect: Ranfan's breasts swung enticingly, spurring him on even more, which made him drive into her even harder. His testicles slammed against her perineum. She'd asked him to be gentle if they were to meet in the ring but... they weren't in the ring now were they?

At this point, Ranfan had joined him in the increasing crescendo of grunts and moans, but Roshi hadn't the mind to care that she was getting more active. Indeed, his eyes were glued to her quavering chest and his ears picked up nothing but the slurping sounds of her grateful pussy each time he rammed his hips forward. Ranfan's breasts swayed erratically to match the old hermit's tempo, jiggling enticingly. He took one hand off the bed to steal one of the shaking globes in his hands.

Ranfan increased reactions to his efforts should've made the old master weary. Nam's hit, while impressive, hadn't been so hard that she would be out cold for long, and with the added stimulation to her body, she was already starting to awaken. Her blue eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the light quickly. Where was she? And what about her match? These were the questions she needed answered until she gave a sudden yelp as a strong and pleasant tingle shot up her spine. Involuntarily, her back arched off the floor and her thighs began to squeeze with all their might, meeting unexpected resistance between them. Something very hard was passing through her snatch at incredible speed! Wait...! She... she was having sex?! Not only was the piece between her legs moving fast but... it hurt! "Aaaaagh!" It was big! She wheezed and gasped, trying to determine who was bobbing between her lifted legs.

His head was down, hiding his features from view while ogling her shaking breasts. Whoever it was, he was groaning like an old man dying on his deathbed... Her hands came up to grasp the unknown man; he seemed so... lanky... And his hair, was... was it grey?! Wait! Could it be...! The old man from before! Confirming her suspicions, she seized the sides of his jaw and hefted his head up. "J- Jackie Chun?!" Before she could reprimand him, her back arched and she screamed as she experienced a mini orgasm from her alarmed, heightened senses combined with his long spear surging through her. "Kyaaa!"

Shit, Roshi screamed in his head as he came face to face with Ranfan's repulsed expression. She wasn't supposed to wake up! She couldn't wake up! Not with him being so close! If she woke up now, he was screwed! What was he supposed to do?! Now that she was starting to scream, it wouldn't take long for someone to hear her. But... what was he supposed to do?!


Wait... What if he...

"Heh, I see. So my dream today... it must have been fate." Just like with Fanfan all those years ago, lechery won over reason. After all this time, it seemed he needed to break his promise to his late master. "Sorry, Master, but... I don't have a choice!" His promise to his master was in the past; he had the future to consider. Exhaling once to calm himself down, Roshi's eyes transformed into orbs of yellow. His hands and fingers began to move erratically, moving slower and slower to put Ranfan in a trancelike state. All her panic was replaced by tranquility. "You are so sleepy," he voiced sluggishly. "When you hear me, your eyelids will drop." Ranfan grew more and more tired. Hey eyelids were starting to become heavy... "You are a sleepy girl." And with those magic words, Ranfan dozed back into slumber.

"Phew..." Roshi could finally relax a bit. "That... was way too close..." Panting and covered in sweat, Roshi wondered what had made him more winded: his body's efforts or the panic of Ranfan waking up?

When he moved slightly, he was reminded of the fact that his cock was still deeply nestled inside her snatch. A wise man would stop, withdraw his hips and count his blessings. And though Master Roshi was a wise man, his perverseness would always triumph over reason. It was his one and only weakness.

The squelching sounds as their bodies joined once again grew more and more frequent until Ranfan's cramped walls bore down on the geezer's sensitive prickle, her already-narrow cave crumbling around him as she came. Already so tight around him, her vaginal muscles clamped down on Roshi's cock and tried to milk him. With his aroused state bubbling over, Roshi almost hadn't the mind to pull out as he felt his load ascend from his testicles. Even in his lust-filled state, he had just enough clarity to not leave any traces of his visit inside her.

"S- shit...!" Roshi gritted his teeth as he pulled his hips back just in time. As soon as his prick felt the first signs of a breeze, it erupted over Ranfan's stomach. His body spasmed uncontrollably whilst he came, but he had enough control to aim and hit his targets: Ranfan's springy chest, covering the two fleshy globes with his seeds. He was quite excited. When his cock finally withered inside his hand, they were covered in his white cream. Luckily, Ranfan was still asleep, blissfully unaware of his paintjob. "Heh heh!" Though it had been too close for comfort, he'd gotten away with it! "Go Roshi go!"

But still... he was exhausted. Oh how he wished he could just lie down on Ranfan's cushiony pillows and close his eyes for a few minutes. But Roshi knew there was no time for such a breather. He needed to prepare. Krillin was to be his next opponent, and his pupil was not to be underestimated. Dressing himself and stuffing Ranfan's pink panty in his pocket for his trophy cabinet, he began to dress the young fighter with the clothes she'd stripped herself out of. He just hoped she wouldn't find out about her missing underwear until after the tournament.

Giving Ranfan one last longing look to remember her by, he walked out of the room and back to the other contestants. Despite his tiredness, he found himself refreshed. "Hmmmm..." Maybe... it wouldn't be so bad; using his techniques to get himself out of a pickle every once in a while. They could be handy if he ever got himself into trouble again. But only as a last resort of course.

"Let's all give our winner, Jackie Chun, another round of applause!" The rest of the tournament went by as planned. Master Roshi defeated Krillin and Goku – though the latter was much stronger than expected – teaching them the lesson that there was always someone stronger out there to make sure they wouldn't get content with their current strength and would continue to aim for greater heights. He also received the prize money of 500.000 zeni, but after taking Goku – and the others, including Bulma, who agreed to come after Roshi swore that she didn't have to show him her panty in return or anything like that – out for dinner after the tournament, there was almost nothing left of his cash... Luckily, Yamcha offered to ride them to the airport in gratitude of Roshi buying them dinner. He supposed even selfish people like Yamcha had their redeeming qualities.

And so the group went their separate ways once more.

"When you guys get back, are you going to keep training?" Yamcha asked the two pupils of the turtle hermit.

"No no!" Roshi quickly denied before they could answer. "I've already taught you two all I can. You both need to take your own paths now. Training on your own is the best. You two should be more than able to do it."

"Well, then I'm... going to find my grandpa's Dragon Ball!" Apparently, the four-star Dragon Ball, which had scattered with the other six when they gathered the last time, had been Goku's last keepsake of Gohan, another former pupil of Master Roshi. Saying goodbye to his friends, the young boy jumped on his Nimbus and set out for a new adventure. Krillin opted to stay at Kame House – much to the old man's chagrin, as he hoped he'd finally get some alone time with Launch now that both versions of her were consensual to his perverted inclinations. Not having any kids around would have made his life so much easier...

"So where are you guys going?" Roshi asked the group bound for West City. Though it was to some degree genuine interest, Roshi hoped he'd finally be able to find out where Bulma lived. After seeing her again today, he realized that he hadn't had enough of her. He would never get enough of her! But the world was too vast a place to start looking randomly. Boyfriend or not, bargaining chips or not, he would never give up on the turquoise-haired genius!

"Ha!" Bulma hollered victoriously. "Nice try, old man." Like she was ever going to tell such a dangerous, old freak where she lived. Telling him such privy information was far too treacherous. "Like I'm going to tell y-"

"We're going back to Capsule Corp. in West City. Bulma and her family live there and it's a great place to train." Yamcha didn't know it yet, but he'd soon face the wrath of Bulma's fury for handing out such delicate information. His punishment... would not be pleasant...

Bulma felt all color leave her face. Shit... the geezer knew where she lived now... Did... did that mean she had to move? No, don't be ridiculous, Bulma, she admonished herself. It was fine. It wasn't like he'd just show up one day to perv on her, right? Not even the old guy would do something so lecherous... Things were going to be fine... probably. Still, if it was all so dandy, then what was this sinking feeling in her stomach?

The training for the Tenkaichi Budokai and the tournament itself had finally concluded. Though this period of his life started horrendously, Roshi wouldn't have traded these past eight months for anything. He had two wonderful students now, and a spectacular maid to aid his lecherous needs who came with an added blonde bonus. And with that jubilant conclusion another chapter came to an end.

The end of chapter 7 that is! This was a fun one to write, as a lot of characters gathered for the first time and I could even write some very, very short fight scenes for a change. I know you guys mainly come for the lemons though, and I think this one was another solid entry in that department.

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