The Adventures of the Legendary Super Pervert!

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Last time, Roshi traveled to West City to reunite with the nubile Bulma Briefs. And though he didn't succeed in his goal to bed her again, he unexpectedly managed to plough the busty Panchy Briefs instead! With yet another woman added to his growing list of conquests, what's next for the perverted Turtle Hermit? Read further to find out.

Warning: lemon

Chapter 9: Bulma Takes the Old Man's Submarine (And Boy Does it Go Deep!)

Bulma and Goku were travelling together again. While searching for the four-star Dragon Ball, the Dragon Radar in the young boy's possession broke. To fix it, he sought out Bulma in West City. The teen genius was happy to see her friend again, even if it had only been a bit over a week since the Tenkachi Budokai. Goku had been busy; he already had two Dragon Balls in his possession. Some strange organization called the Red Ribbon Army seemed to be after the star-clad orbs as well, but Goku was too oblivious and carefree to worry about it. Of course, this meant he didn't tell Bulma – who did know about the malicious organization – about it either...

Bulma and Yamcha were having some... troubles in their relationship. Not only did Yamcha leave his girlfriend unfulfilled sexually, other girls in West City had taken note of his handsome features, and this left the genius teen even more frustrated. If those girl knew about her boyfriend's lack of talents in the sack, they wouldn't flock around him so much. Of that much she was sure. There was nothing worthwhile for the bold young woman in West City, and her adventurous spirt had been aching for some excitement in her life. And so Bulma decided to accompany Goku once more and find a much better man than Yamcha while she was at it! It was travesty that a beautiful girl like herself hadn't felt gratified ever since that time with the ancient perv... That needed to change as soon as possible!

Bulma couldn't ride the Nimbus, but that didn't slow the duo down. With her intellect, Bulma designed something she called a microband. It was a device that one wrapped around their wrist and by pressing a switch, the wearer shrinks down to the size of a mouse. Using this scientific marvel, Bulma could take shelter in Goku's pocket while the pure boy rode the Nimbus. There was only one problem. Bulma had taken her father's capsule case with her instead of her own. So when the young duo needed to use a submarine to collect a Dragon Ball that had sunk down into the ocean, they were ill-equipped. All Bulma had on her was... her dad's porn collection... Just what was it with all those old perverted geezers in her life anyway? They had even both pounded her mom! Though Bulma of course didn't know that... Master Roshi had left her home before she could become privy to that detail. The only redeeming thing about her father compared to that other senior debauchee was that her shitty dad wasn't trying to get a cup and feel of her whenever he saw her.

And so, after Bulma narrowly escaped getting raped by two men from the Red Ribbon Army – which was a whole other story – Goku suggested they'd travel to Master Roshi to ask him for a submarine. Thus Goku and Bulma got onto the Nimbus and made their way to the old man's island.

"Master Roshi, huh..." Bulma muttered disgruntled. She'd only just escaped the two perverts from before and she was already travelling toward another one. "Out of all people, I really didn't want to ask him anymore favors."

"Look!" Goku screamed enthusiastically. Unlike Bulma, he was excited to meet his old master and the other Kame House residents again. "We can see his house now!"

Goku jumped off the Nimbus, landing with a thud into the sand that surrounded the Turtle Hermit's home. They met Turtle again, who greeted the young boy warmly. Bulma, still small and purposely hiding herself in Goku's clothes, wasn't spotted. "Master Roshi! Our boy Goku is here!"

"What?!" the old raspy voice of Roshi called from inside the house. The door was opened seconds after. "Did you say Goku?" After Roshi's adventure with Panchy – and getting her approval to take her panty with him – the Turtle Hermit journeyed back to his home, scheming to get another opportunity to get with Bulma. So far, he had nothing to show for his efforts. As long as Launch lived here, though, the impulsive geezer had delightful hobbies to pass the time until he conjured up a new plan. Even if Krillin still living here complicated things... That boy really had to move out soon...

"Goku!" he welcomed the young boy. He hadn't expected to see him again so soon. "Have you found Gohan's Dragon Ball already?"

"Nope, not yet!"

Roshi cocked his eyebrow questionably. "Is there anything I can do for you then?"

The young boy surprised the old man when he lowered his head as if he tried to get the attention of something in his gi. "Bulma, explain it to him, will ya."

B- Bulma? Bulma was here?! The old man's eyes franticly moved from side to side to find the excitable woman. How had he not noticed her yet? Such a fine piece of ass like Bulma should always be on his radar. Just where was she?! Then he noticed something jumping out of Goku's gi. She was small, but Roshi would recognize that feminine shape anywhere. It was Bulma! She was here... on his island! "Eh?!"

The mouse-sized genius activated her microband to revert back to her normal proportions. Her eyes stayed glued to the sand whilst she prepared for the worst. She could already feel the old fart’s eyes on her... "H... Hello."

"Wh- what the?" Were his shades deceiving him? Bulma... Bulma just appeared out of nowhere! The shock temporarily stilled even Roshi's perverted nature. "H- How did you do that just now?"

"With this..." Bulma directed his attention to the decide on her wrist "... it can make you shrink and grow back to normal."

"Woah! What an amusing device..." Roshi was legitimately impressed. A device that could make him shrink and creep into all sorts of spaces that would allow him to perv on women without getting noticed. A girl's dressing room, a bathroom, a bedroom; the possibilities were endless! Why, he could even shrink enough to creep his whole body inside a girl's...!

He really wanted this device.

"I, the genius inventor, created it," Bulma boasted proudly. After all the times the old man took advantage of her, it felt great to finally have him in awe of her intellect instead of her body. "Amazing, right?"

"Come on, Bulma. Explain it to him already!" Goku urged impatiently.

"Ah... That's right..." Bulma whined, her body filled with anxiety. Ugh... the old man was so disgusting. She was already dreading asking him a favor. "Ummmm, we were wondering, Master Roshi, if you have a submarine by chance, and if you wouldn't mind lending it to us for a bit...?"

"A submarine? Yes, I do have one, but what do you plan to do with it?"

"There's a Dragon Ball on the ocean floor, but the water's so deep that I can't swim all the way down."

"I see..." Roshi couldn't help but snicker. This scenario... how nostalgic. For a situation like this... he had been waiting! He finally had something that Bulma needed again. Oh, how he waited for a moment like this! But... he needed to be crafty for once. He tried to fight off his perverted urges. Kami, she looked absolutely incredible. She wore a tight red tube top that hugged her small waist and ample breasts with orange shorts that perfectly filled her round and firm ass and barely covered her long, luscious legs. Though Bulma was the one he lusted for more than any other, this situation required a delicate touch. Last week, he began to suspect that Yamcha wasn't able to please Bulma the way she wanted to. He needed to use that information to his advantage somehow. He had to show her he could pleasure her more than any other man. But first... he needed to know everything. Reading her mind like he did with Nam at the Tenkachi Budokai, he confirmed his suspicions. Bulma's sex life with Yamcha wasn't fulfilling, their relationship was going downhill, and she was beginning to weigh her options. If that was the case, then... "Sure, I'll let you borrow it."

Bulma was aghast. I can't believe he's going to let us take it so easily... Somewhere in the hidden reaches of her body she felt... disappointment? She shook her head to berate such thoughts. This wasn't something to be bitter about. Instead she needed to count her blessings!


Shit! Here it comes!

"I want that shrinking device in return!"

"This?" Bulma couldn't believe her ears. All he wanted was this? She couldn't help the gleeful expression that covered her face. "Thank Kami! I thought you'd ask me to give you my panty, or let you do a puff-puff, or a tsun-tsun, or a suri-suri hero-hero or something!"

Now it was Roshi's turn to be flabbergasted. Didn't suri-suri mean rubbing his prick all over breasts...? Where did she even learn foul words like that? What a perverted young woman. He thanked the girl when she gave him the microband. With this, he now had a plethora of new perverted tricks up his sleeve!

"So, can you give us the submarine now?" Bulma asked impatiently. As far as she was concerned, she and Goku needed to get out of here before the old man could change his mind. Could this finally be the day her luck turned?

Roshi, however, wasn't done. Not by a long shot. "Actually, I have a second request."

"Ooooh..." Bulma whined with a grimaced expression. She should've known it wouldn't be this simple... there was no way such a perverted geezer would let her go unscathed. With dread in her voice, she asked, "Then what's the second thing you want?"

Roshi snickered at the sound of her weary tone. "You worry too much, girly. I don't have anything wild planned or anything."

"Oh pleaaase," Bulma responded with incredulity. "I bet you still jack off every night to the memory of you fucking me with that big dick of yours. There's no way this will be harmless..."

"No, no, nothing like that," Roshi assured her once more. But... how surprising. It seemed Bulma couldn't help but mention his cock even without his urging. She must be having worse cravings than I expected. "I promise you won't even have to take any clothes off this time."

Bulma's eyes narrowed on the old man. This... seemed too good to be true. "Then... what do you want?"

"Heh heh, it's actually quite simple, girly." The old man widened his feet, puffed his chest and wildly pointed his finger at the young genius. "I want you to watch me and my maid have sex!"



"Wh- whaaaaaaaaaat?!" Bulma screamed with a morbid expression, a red hue on her cheeks and her eyes enlarged. She... she must've misheard him, right? He didn't actually ask her to watch him screw another woman? "What are you talking about?"

"Hmmm?" The old man tilted his eyebrow. Just what was the big deal? "I mean what I say. I want you to join me and Launch in my bedroom and watch us have sex. You don't have to join in or anything," he assured her. Although he definitely wouldn't protest if she did. He ruffled in his pocket until he found what he was looking for. "Here's a picture of her. She's quite a beauty, huh?"

Bulma was flabbergasted. This was the geezer's maid? She eyed the elder with disbelief. Why was such a stunning woman living here of all places? And not only that but... "How are you going to persuade her to have sex with you anyways? Hate to break it to you, old man, but that girl is way out of your league." Then again, so was she and that hadn't stopped him from sticking his dick inside her...

"Out of my league?" the old master repeated, raising an eyebrow. Since when had that ever stopped him? "Don't worry about that, girly. I won't have to persuade her or anything. We already do it pretty much every day."

The old man and this pretty woman? They... they were having sex? Once again she eyed the pervert with incredulity. This wasn't real... Just what was going on here? But... the geezer didn't seem to be kidding. She supposed she could handle something like this. In the worst-case scenario, he was telling the truth and all she had do to was watch. Her eyes narrowed on the old man. "Fine..."

So, this was the old man's bedroom? It looked... normal. More normal than she expected anyway; it was just a regular bedroom.

After Launch and Krillin returned from shopping, introductions were made. Bulma still couldn't believe that the beautiful Launch willingly lived together with the incorrigible perv – let alone have sex with him! Yet here they were: Launch, the old man, and herself, standing in the same room; the door locked and a bed just a few feet away. Was this actually happening?

"Make yourself comfortably, girly." The old man's raspy voice brought Bulma out of her musings. "I don't have anywhere for you to sit unfortunately. I mean you're welcome to sit on the bed, but-"

"Yeah don't even think about it, you sick perv," Bulma reprimanded him. If that ancient geezer thought she'd join him and the maid on his bed he'd be sorely mistaken. Her eyes sought and found the young maid that she was expected to watch endure the old man's thrusts. Was... was she really okay with this? "Launch, you don't have to do this if you don't want t-"

"No, it's nothing like that," Launch guaranteed the teen she met minutes earlier. "But..." a fervent blush began to cover Launch's cheeks. "... it's kind of embarrassing to do it with you watching us, but... I don't mind." Needless to say, Launch had been surprised when she and Krillin returned to the island to see that they had visitors. Launch had heard about Bulma from Son Goku, but she hadn't expected to meet her so soon. Of course, that hadn't been the only surprise. After introductions had been made, her master pulled her aside and let her in on the deal he had made with Bulma. Though Launch was shocked to hear about their deal, she also felt... excited. Excited to have someone watch her and her dear master as they shared intimacy. Ever since she and her master first bedded, it seemed her thoughts had become somewhat... carnal. He was a bad influence on her.

Bulma couldn't believe her eyes as Launch began to undress. Why? Why was she so willing to couple with such a degenerate perv? A girl like that could have anyone she wanted. So why had she chosen him of all people? It baffled her. Her entire face colored deep red when the woman hoisted her top over her head to reveal her youthful breasts. They wobbled into place with an energetic bounce. Bulma swallowed deeply. Was... was this really going to happen? Launch's breasts dangled when she wiggled her shorts down her hips. Her blue curls were neatly managed, but what really drew Bulma's attention were the folds that had already enlarged and were now waiting for the old man to puncture them. How was Launch so excited to fuck someone as disgusting as the old perv?!

The sound of a zipper descending made her head turn to him. It'd been almost a year since the old man last sheathed his dick inside of her. She'd almost forgotten how big he was as he pulled his underwear down his feet. Much, much bigger than Yamcha and with a thicker girth to boot. It was already pulsing wildly at the thought of being imbedded into the young maid. She remembered how painful it'd been to take him in. But... it had felt so good after a while... She recalled how deep his long prick had been buried inside her as his groin pressed against her ass, his tip reaching her cervix. Thought of the way his testicles had swung wildly against her clit. She swallowed audibly as she eyed the rock-hard shaft, her legs unwittingly squirming together.

Launch lied down on her side, lifting her upper leg as the old man nestled behind her. He placed one hand on her thigh to keep it aloft, spreading her folds. "Heh heh~!" With the other, he guided his dick to his maid's snatch, which looked more than ready to receive him, leaking with arousal. When his long prick was poised for penetration, Bulma watched silently as the beautiful maid took the old man in with a wail. Though she didn't think it was possible, Bulma found herself growing moist from watching the debauchery.

The old perv anchored himself in without stalls. "Launch!" he swooned as he buried himself inside her. "You're so tight!"

Keeping her leg hoisted, Roshi wasted no time. He retracted and then mercilessly ploughed himself back in, his thigh smacking against her behind. It was a tempo he continued relentlessly. "Kyaa!" On her side, Launch's tits lunged wildly from his fervent thrusts, the top one more significantly than the one lying against the mattress. "You're so big, Master~!" They had only just begun, and her master was already pounding her raw! Her hand came up to seize the old man's waist, her nails crawling into his wrinkly skin. "Please keep fucking me!"

Emotions were running wild within Bulma. The rhythmic squeaking of the bed and the loud smacking of their wet flesh colliding time and time again. Her breathing became more ragged, and her footing less stable. She was starting to feel hot... A hand gently dragged across her front, her bosom tingling from the contact. Wait. Was... was she actually getting turned on from watching this?! That old perv... Could this have been his plan all along?! That conniving piece of shit! She had to go. If she stayed, something terrible might happen! Before anyone could stop her, she unlocked the door and ran away wordlessly, leaving the old man and his maid while they pounded each other to completion.

Bulma, Krillin, and Goku barely escaped the onslaught of the Red Ribbon Army. After escaping from Master Roshi's clutches, Bulma urged to two kids to go with her to find the Dragon Ball. They took the submarine and used the Dragon Radar to find it. As they got closer to their goal, however, they were suddenly attacked by torpedoes and barely managed to escape. They eventually ended up within a cave within the ocean that had air inside that allowed them to breathe. After some running, the Red Ribbon Army didn't follow them and they could finally take a breather.

Stupid old man... Bulma just couldn't get the scene out of her head as she walked behind Goku. The young, excitable woman on her side, breasts shaking wildly with the old perv and his huge dick thrusting behind her. How was Launch able to handle such a monster anyway? She remembered having a lot of trouble with it last year. Why? Why couldn't she stop thinking about it? Even worse, her body refused to let up. Even now, the peaks on her breasts were rock-hard and her snatch leaked uncontrollably. It hadn't just been watching the perv and Launch that gave her such problems either. It been her remembrance of last year as well. The orgasm the old man had given her... She'd been chasing those sensations ever since. She tried to teach Yamcha to do the things to her that the old man had, but to no avail. Though Yamcha could be infuriating at times, the real reason they now had relationship troubles was because Yamcha just couldn't make her feel the things like the old man had at Fire Mountain, and she resented him for it.

Her musings stopped there, though. More trouble was ahead. It turned out that the trio had snuck into a pirate cove! A strange robot appeared, but luckily Goku managed to distract it long enough for her and Krillin to flee. The fight that ensued had such an impact that the ceiling began to come down upon the fleeing duo. And so, they ran, and ran, and ran some more. They kept running until they found a well. To gain more speed in the water, Bulma had no choice but to leave her shorts and shoes behind, diving into the water dressed in nothing but her red top and undies. At least no one could now tell that Bulma's panty had been soaked by anything other than the water. The duo swam until they reached the treasure hidden in the cove. When they opened it, they were welcomed by masses of gold jewelry. "Wow! T- this is worth a fortune!"

"Ho ho ho," a voice spooked them from behind. "Unfortunately for you, that treasure now belongs to the Red Ribbon Army."

Red Ribbon?! Bulma turned around to see... a hunk of a man! A beautiful head of blond hair, broad shoulders and amazing pecs. Now this was what she'd been looking for to replace Yamcha! "Oh my!" she squealed, her cheeks blushing as her heart skipped a beat. "He's totally my type!" She ran to the muscular man and wrapped her slim arms around one of his muscular ones. She nuzzled her head against his hard triceps, her hips shaking enticingly. Little red hearts replaced what were once her eyes. Could her luck finally turn? He was so hot! With her body as heated at it was, this man was perfect. She'd shoo Krillin away and straddle this man until he ploughed the lust out of her! She was about to tell Krillin to leave when...

"G- get off me, girl!" the muscular man screamed with disgust, pushing Bulma away. "You're really creeping me out!"

"Hmmm?" Bulma couldn't believe it. She was rejected? No man rejected her! She basically offered her excitable body to him for crying out loud! There was only one possible reason for this. "Are you gay or something?" He had to be if he rejected her advances.

Krillin fought the blond man, but was defeated after putting up a good fight. Bulma tried to seduce the man once more to save herself and Krillin, but she was rejected again, and with it all hope of finding a suitable man to alleviate her troubles left her. Goku showed up just in time to defeat the hunk, and even managed to collected the three-star Dragon Ball whilst the entire place threatened to fall on top of them.

General Blue didn't survive the cave-in, because the author of this story wanted to move on. Unfortunately, the submarine broke during the trio's escape, but Goku called the Nimbus and rescued his two friends as they made their way back to Kame Island.

Just after Roshi and Launch finished up, they'd been attacked by people calling themselves the Red Ribbon Army. Needless to say, they had been no match for the turtle hermit's strength, and he easily took care of the would-be invaders. He wasn't the champion of the Tenkachi Budokai for nothing.

Bulma and co returned to the island shortly after that. Goku excused himself immediately to look for the next Dragon Ball. Now that Bulma knew that the Red Ribbon Army was after the Dragon Balls as well, she had no intention to travel with Goku. She liked living, thank you very much.

Master Roshi couldn't even hear Bulma when she told him the news that his submarine was broken. He was far too distracted, and for good reason! In her rush of adrenaline, Bulma had forgotten something important. Due to her adventure in the cove, she was now drenched from top to bottom and wearing nothing but her soaked top and underwear to hide her most desirable features from view. It was like she was showing a dog a bone and expected nothing to come out of it.  

Just look at those boobies! The old man ogled her without shame. The wet top now tightly clung around her breasts as if it was part of her skin. He grinned as he spotted the hardened tips of her breasts poke against the soaked fabric. The swell of her bare ass was perfectly visible in her tight undies. He almost lost control there and then. Easy there, chap. Just a bit more! His cock throbbed relentlessly in his pants. His plan had entered the final stage. Once more, he read Bulma's mind. As he suspected, Bulma's body had been heated ever since watching him and Launch and after her failed attempts to seduce General Blue now desperately needed alleviation, and Master Roshi was here to grant her wishes. He licked his lips and eagerly rubbed his hands. It seemed his plan had worked.

It was finally time and there would be no more delay!

Grabbing Bulma by her slim waist, she squealed as he ran to his bedroom with superhuman speeds, locking the door behind him. "Heh heh!"

"Huh?" Bulma looked around the room, confused. This... was the old man's bedroom. How had she gotten here? "Old man, what did you..." She stopped talking when she noted how hungrily he looked at her, grinning eerily.

She gulped; he definitely had something wild planned. Before she could catch on, Roshi had already closed the distance between them and got behind her. He reached down for the hem of her tight tank top, and with one swift yank pulled it over her head. Roshi whistled as he gazed at her feminine form. Tight and taut everywhere aside from the plump mounds on her chest. "Boobies!" Not as big as her mother's, but very developed, especially for her age. Leaning against her he sniffed her hair a little as his hands ran along her arms.

"H-hey!" The teen shrieked loudly as her breasts were exposed. The old man was way too excited! She tried to cross her arms over her bust, but the old perv snatched both her wrists before the attempt could be made. "Not again..." Bulma whined. She sobbed loudly when Roshi slipped a hand up to her chest, cupping her right breast before giving the soft tit a good squeeze, mouthing a "Honk, honk!" She winced, clenching her teeth when Roshi sought and found the distinctive nub tipping the mound. After so long, having such a large hand cupping her sensitive breast felt sensational.

"Hmmm… so nice!" he spoke as he pinched Bulma's taut nipple; she tried and succeeded for the most part when holding back a moan. The teen wailed when she felt Roshi's cock throb against her bare butt cheeks, aching for attention. His hands continued to drift down her body as he shone a lecherous smile down on her from behind, his hips grinding a little to tease the swollen cock against her taut ass a little harder. Her hands tightened into fists at her side, trying to keep her emotions at bay.

The old man's massive penis... it had been on her mind for so long... So big... No! She had to resist! This... wasn't right! She couldn't let herself get taken in by the hopeless perv! She'd never hear the end of it if she gave him the satisfaction! She was about to reprimand him again when... "Kyaa?!"

It happened in an instant. Taking advantage of Bulma's internal conflict, he pulled down his shorts and underwear, took hold of his cock and speared himself through the small gap between her legs. Bulma wailed as the upper side of the old man's prick grinded against her swollen, leaking folds through the fabric of her undies, smearing her thighs and panty with pre-cum. "Wh- what are you...?" She looked back down at her crotch. His tip peeked up at her from below the underwear covering her cunt. Her humiliation was complete when he began to retract, stopping when only the tip remained nestled between her legs and surged forward once more. Her breasts jumped up from the impact before the perv's foul hands rose to claim them. Bulma felt powerless as Roshi began to fuck her thighs, and with each drive to and fro, his long prick would grind against her stimulated groin to grant her sparks of erotic bliss. With her sensitive knockers filled by his large hands and his thick cock grinding against her engorged pussy Bulma was powerless to resist. It... had been so long.

"I... Ugh~! I shouldn't be doing this." Though she said it, Bulma gave no indication that she wanted the old man to stop.

"Come on, girly. Just go with it," Roshi said, squeezing her breasts hard enough for her emit a soft wail. "You deserve to have someone please you like you want to be pleased. Deserve to be pleased."

Bulma's head lolled back as she released a drawn-out moan. With her neck now so close to him, Roshi began to kiss the nape and side, sometimes sliding his tongue over her skin. Bulma couldn't believe she was listening to him, but his words seemed so easy to swallow. A man who could pleasure her... could gratify her. She... she needed the satisfaction. It was driving her insane! Her desperation was palpable. Her hands came up to gripe the geezer's dick when...

As if he knew just what effect he had on her, Roshi withdrew his shaft from Bulma's thighs and released his hold on her. Bulma whimpered softly as the pleasure escaped her. Taking his place on the bed, he shifted himself as bit and spread his legs for access. "Come on, girly." He patted his legs as if to beckon her. "You know you want to, heh heh."

All of the old hermit's scheme had led up to this. Finding out about Bulma's craving for sexual gratification that Yamcha couldn't give her, making her remember their lecherous adventure by watching him have sex with Launch, and the teasing of her body up till now; it had all been for this moment. To make Bulma Briefs willingly walk up to him, straddle him, and plant his cock inside her depths.

Bulma weighed her options. He really wasn't much to look at; all lanky and wrinkled... It somehow made the long piece of meat pulsing between his thighs that much more impressive. And that lecherous grin... “Ugh...” The old man was disgusting, but... she knew he could give her what she desperately craved for. What she'd been searching for... it was so close. In the years that followed, Bulma was never able to fully explain why she did what she did next. Excitement? Curiosity? Whatever it was, it forced Bulma to move toward the Turtle Hermit until they were inches apart.

"Ugh... what am I doing?" Just this once. She'd only do it this once, she promised herself as she slipped out of her underwear to reveal her dripping slit to the perv's eager eyes; engorged and ready to imbed him. Just to get it out of my system. Placing one hand on his lanky shoulder, she leaned forward. He hummed appreciatively as her tits were shoved in his face as she prepared to mount him, whispering how much he loved her boobies. Grabbing the rock-hard cock that had entered her mother only days prior and clutching it tightly, she lined his tip up with her dripping snatch. His foul hands grabbed her hips to help her descend. Sinking her hips, she took the geezer in before she could change her mind.

"Ugh...~!" As his tip speared through her pussy lips, Roshi's head lolled back. "So tight!" Finally! It was finally happening again! He was finally delving into Bulma's pussy! Spearing into the perfect pussy that awoke his urges! He endured her narrow walls, coiling around him as he delved deeper and deeper inside Bulma's depths. She'd probably get mad if he told her she was even tighter than her mother... Though she was still as narrow as ever, the journey toward her deepest parts continued much smoother compared to last year. "It's going in easier than last time, girly! Heh heh, you must have been practicing a lot!"

"Sh -shut up!" Bulma admonished him with rosy cheeks. Though it was true that she and Yamcha had been having sex on a daily basis, there was no reason to say something embarrassing like that out loud! Kami, what had she gotten herself into?

With all that happened today, Bulma was wet enough to take him in with hardly any stalls. Yet, when she took five inches of his penis within her, she paused. Kami... Usually, she had all of her bedpartner embedded by now... Sweat dribbled down her head, her breathing becoming less stable as she took another inch between her folds. Her body began to tense up. Was is just her, or was it even thicker than she remembered? It felt somewhat uncomfortable, but she could handle it.

This time she would be able to handle it.

She shifted her hips for better intrusion and determinedly resumed her descend. When only an inch was left to obtrude, she drooped her hips with a whimper as her groin collided with his. "Uhn~!" With that final push downward, Bulma succeeded in taking the old man in, the cushions of her ass settling on his lap. The obtuse tip of his prick pressed against the entryway to her womb, which was uncomfortable, but not unmanageable. Her long legs circled around his waist, her feet meeting at the small of his back. It's in!

"Heh heh!"

They stayed relatively still for the time being, shifting only to get her tunnel better accustomed to him. "Just... give me a minute..." Bulma pleaded. He felt so big inside of her; much bigger than Yamcha. The old man's cock... It was inside her again. She could feel it pulse so significantly against her walls.

While Bulma caught her breath and prepared to move, Roshi's hands gingerly caressed her youthful skin. She felt so smooth, he thought as his hands trekked from her waist to her chest. He pushed up her tits when he reached the spirited globes, reveling in their springiness as their weight filled his palms. They weren't as big as her mom's, but they still filled his hands entirely. "I love your boobies, girly," he complimented them. "So soft and heavy!" His head sunk slightly to take one of the peachy tips between his withered lips. He suckled eagerly whilst his right hand rose to tend to the neglected peak; his thumb gingerly flicked against it.

"Old man~!" Bulma wheezed, enjoying his tender care of her sensitive breasts. Still, now that she had found a man to satisfy her, she was eager to proceed. Holding onto his crinkled shoulders, she activated the muscles in her legs and glutes to rise and fall on his shaft. He was so big that he easily knocked against the back of her pussy each time she sunk back down. "Aagh... Ugh... Ugn!" Her insides coiled around him, her undulating walls forcing him release her tits to proclaim his pleasure.

"I've wanted to be inside you again for so long!" he admitted brazenly. He would've liked to continue fondling her supple tits, but having them bounce in his face was just fine. "Do you like it, girly? Heh heh! Do you like riding my dick again?!" Between her many pants, she barely managed to cuss at him, telling him to shut his trap. He paid her no heed. He wasn't afraid to provoke her. He knew Bulma was more perverted than she dared to admit. Her knowledge of sexual terms like suri-suri and tsun-tsun was proof enough. She obviously didn't mind as much as she said anyway. Why else would she have opted to sit on his lap with nothing to gain but his cock inside her snatch? His hands held her slim waist as she rode him.

"Ugh... Just shut up and fuck me!" she commanded the exuberant geezer. The perv was so disgusting but... he felt so good inside her. By now her body was covered in sweat. Her breasts shook enticingly as her hips bobbed up and down the lengthy shaft. The geezer's dick... felt so good! This was it! This was the pleasure she'd been chasing! "Old man, fuck me!" She began to trash her body around at the indescribable sensations that threatened to overwhelm her. The old perv was taking her to heights she never wanted to come down from.

Speaking of highs, Bulma yelped when she suddenly found her feet dangling in the air as the old man suddenly hoisted her up, supporting her legs with his crooked elbows, his hands planted firmly on her butt cheeks; her legs anxiously tightened around his waist. In their new position, the geezer was able to reach even deeper than before; she sobbed loudly when the turtle hermit withdrew and drove back with a heavy grunt, his cockhead colliding with her cervix. "Old man...!" Pleasure twisted her features when he began to pick up the pace, banging deep inside of her, his balls clanging against her perineum. Her stiff, sensitive nipples rubbed against the older man's pecs for added stimulation. "You're getting so deep…"

Roshi grinned at her reaction to his initiative; if she wanted him to fuck her brains out, he'd certainly comply! Sweat glistened his bald head as he continued to lift the girl's weight up and down his cock. Even with his legendary endurance, he was starting to get tired, but he wouldn't stop until he was spraying his seeds inside the nubile genius. He was finally fucking Bulma again, and he wouldn't let this chance go to waste. Just like their first time, she wrapped around his cock and refused to let go!  "You like this, girly? You like me fucking your incredible body again?"

Bulma's toes curled when the feeling of release built in her abdomen. Her nails dug into the old man's thin, wrinkly skin in response to the pleasure. She tried to tell him to shut up, tried to reprimand him for his lecherous comments, but each time her mouth opened, all that escaped her lips was a series of moans and the occasional cry of pleasure. Right then, a drawn-out cry tore its way from her reluctant throat as the old man put even more effort into his thrusts, though he had to be careful not to pulverize his testicles in the process.

"I...! I'm...!" So long; it'd been so long since a man managed to make her drown with pleasure. No more early ejaculations! No more masturbations after another unsatisfactory coupling with Yamcha! This was real sex! The moment had finally arrived, Bulma lost her cool and squealed as the release rushed forth from her loins. "Old man, I'm cumming!" Her entire back angled, tits rising, her body trembling wildly as she squirted around the turtle hermit's prick. "I'm finally cumming!"

As the heavenly fluids sprayed over his cock, Roshi gasped and pressed his cock as deep as he could inside of Bulma. She cried again when the tip of his old cock pushed hard against her cervix. Roshi gulped audibly. "B- Bulma!" Her undulating walls were siphoning all he had out of him, milking him for all he was worth. He couldn't resist any longer! "Guhn~!" With a wheezing sound of elation, he erupted into the teen. His white seeds flooded her cervix as more and more of his sperm was ousted from his prick until her womb was filled with his seeds. If not for Roshi's technique to sterilize his jizz, he surely would have gotten the young genius pregnant. This did not stop Bulma's body from wrapping around his shaft to extort everything out of him until his testicles were completely empty.

For a short while the old man's cock stayed neatly wedged in the semen-filled pussy, but as his prick deflated, Roshi was eventually forced out of Bulma's heavenly cunt. With Roshi still spreading her legs wide and her pussy unclogged, Bulma felt the surplus of jizz escape her loins, hitting the floor with a splash. Roshi and Bulma stayed still for a moment, catching their breath. When the old man finally released her from his grasp, Bulma barely managed to support her own weight.

As Roshi fell down on the bed to repose, he contemplated on the incredible adventure he and Bulma and shared. And though he was ecstatic to have bedded Bulma again, he didn't want this to be the end. Kami, this had been amazing. Who the hell could follow up to it?! No, he wanted more of Bulma. He needed more of Bulma! He wasn't about to let her go so easily again. He needed something to convince her; convince her he was the only one who could please her the way she wanted to.

Now that her lust-filled mind had finally been sated, Bulma's clarity returned. And with it, came regret. She'd allowed the disgusting perv to fuck her again. And this time, it had been her own choice entirely. Why? What was it about this foul geezer that made her so compliant? She clearly hated his guts and perverted nature. She was one of the smartest, most-beautiful women on the planet; someone like her wasn't supposed to couple with creepy old perverts who ogled and groped her at every opportunity. Though it was true that she hadn't been able to get their previous encounter at Fire Mountain out of her head, this had to stop. It couldn't go on like this. She had to cut all ties with this geezer. If not, who knew what could happen? It didn't matter how good he could make her feel. She would find a younger man, a better man to please her.

She was about to excuse herself when...

"Kyaaa!" Bulma yelped as Roshi suddenly seized her waist and pulled her down on the bed. She tried to resist him as he pressed his weight on her, but she was helpless as her stomach and tits pressed against the mattress as she was rolled onto her front. "Wh- what are you going?" she demanded to know, though the surprise in her voice diminished her authority. She lifted her head from the mattress to glower back over her shoulder at her the old man. He still had on his wide smile and his eyes focused on her posterior. The biggest shock was yet to come, however, for when her eyes lowered toward his groin, Bulma inhaled sharply. He... he was hard! How... how was he hard again after literally flooding her depths with his seeds?! Was he... was he planning on piercing into her again? "H- hey?!" Anxiously, her backend began to shake as she tried to escape from the old man's grasp.

Roshi, however, had different plans. Though it'd be easy to line his cock up with her snatch and fuck her again, he wanted to leave a more permanent impression. His callous hands squeezed her butt cheeks, and then slowly began to part them to unveil the small hole in between. It looked so tight, he thought, licking his lips. If he wanted to leave a bigger impression on Bulma, he needed to show his adventurous spirit. With that in mind, he began to descend his face.

As the old perv got closer, Bulma's pupils enlarged. Could he be planning to...? Her buttocks clenched instinctively. She tried to prop herself up and create some distance between them, but the old man kept her in place with his fingers sinking into the cushions of her ass, and dove his head between those luscious cheeks before she could respond. "Ahn!" she grunted sharply as his oral muscle spread out to brush against the hole. Though she knew the old man was a hopeless perv, she never thought him kinky enough to lick her there! She'd been looking for some excitement in her life but... this was a bit much, wasn't it?

Roshi loved eating ass. It was too bad only Blonde Launch had been willing to let him curl his tongue at her tight, little hole; once, she'd even been the one to stick her tongue down his pucker! Up till now, her blue-haired alter-ego had refused the act, even when she was riled up. She didn't know what she was missing. The tip of his tongue curled skillfully and tickled the sensitive hole. He probed even as she tried pushing his face away; he persistently licked at her anus, now using broad, long swaths to cover her with saliva.

Anal exploration... Bulma had been curious about it but she had yet to permit past lovers to act on that curiosity. But the old perv, in typical fashion, hadn't even waited for an answer before dining on her asshole. His tongue felt so foreign as it lapped at her sphincter, covering it in saliva, sometimes pressing against her tight pucker in an attempt to breach through. She knew she had to stop this before it could go too far, but as she parted her lips to speak, all that came out was a moan. Against her will, her backside pushed up to meet his mouth. "Nnh?" She cringed when she felt the oral muscle slip through. How dirty...

Tonguing her virgin asshole had Roshi stiff – even stiffer than he had been in a long time. He grabbed himself, and gave himself a few pumps. Giving her hole one final and long lick, he shuffled into place, planting his knees outside of hers. "Can't wait any longer," he gasped out, carefully holding his penis and pointing it downward while his free hand pulled at her buttocks. With his thumb he angled himself against Bulma's sphincter. When she registered the contact, the turquoise-haired teen cautiously tried to widen the distance, but Roshi firmly kept her in place. "Heh heh…" Roshi huffed and puffed with growing furor. The prospect of anal insertion… To anchor himself inside Bulma's splendid buttocks, it was enough to make his nose spill with blood. He truly couldn't wait any longer!

"Old...! Old man!" Bulma screamed as she realized what he was about to do. He couldn't possibly…?! If he tried that with his size, she'd tear in two! Anything was better than this. He could even plough her pussy again if he wanted to! "D- don't! I- I've never...!"

It was too late, though; her cunt had been almost as tight as that of a virgin, but her ass promised to squeeze him harder than anything than came before. He literally couldn't wait anymore. This was it. He was going to push himself in. He might have been too late to take her virginity, but being the first inside her ass was a close second. Steeling his resolve, he pushed. The entryway tried to block his admittance, but eventually had no choice but to offer some access. "Oh Kami..." With only the tip inside, he could already experience how cramped it was down there. Though pleasant, it made his attempts to enter problematic. At least the cum that still covered his cock helped somewhat to ease the passage.

Drawing back a bit, he pushed forward as hard as he could. The stab afforded him some leeway, but it'd take a while until he'd embedded his entire staff inside her without any sort of prepping or lubricant to slick the passage. With his hands still tightly around Bulma's hips, he began to pull her onto his meat whilst he drove himself further in. The initiative worked and he tardily crawled further and further into Bulma's bowels, bequeathing his pre-cum to the woman's depths. "I can't believe I'm sticking my dick in your ass..."

The old perv... he... he was... down there! Bulma couldn't handle the pain that enveloped her. He felt even bigger than before! Her mouth and pupils widened to their fullest in response. Her breasts flattened underneath her, her arms unable to support herself for even a second whilst her body tensed up. The old man's cock... He was tearing her in two! She was on the verge of hyperventilating as his cock slowly anchored inside her ass! She tried to escape Roshi's grasp, but the old man proved his strength by not only keeping her in place but also dragging her further and further over his prick. Tears emerged from the corners of her eyes. Her entire body had tensed up as she gritted her teeth, hands balled into fists. "Kyaaa!" In an effort to subdue the pain, she planted one of his hands on her butt cheeks and spread it. Though it did nothing against the pain, it made Roshi's trek inside much easier. "T- Take it out...!" She was breaking apart from his impalement! "Old man, please take it out!"

Roshi didn't stop until his balls were nestled against the cushions of Bulma's ass. He wheezed when he finally bottomed out. "Oh fuck..." He gulped audibly. Even if he didn't move, he wouldn't last long. He would probably cum from the tightness alone! "You're so tight..." Sweat dribbled down his heat. He was threatening to get overwhelmed! He could feel his balls lifting already.

"Tsk!" Taking him in so deep in her virgin ass, Bulma gritted her teeth bare and tightly clutched the sheets of the bed with her fists, her toes coiled tightly, her eyes screwed shut, and drips of sweat ran down her rosy cheeks. It was too much! With his size, her rectum was stretched more than ever before. It fought gallantly to push the ancient invader out, but gravity caused the perv to keep himself firmly inside her bowels; ultimately, the undulation only served to give Roshi more satisfaction. "F- fuck!"

"Heh heh, I can't believe how good you feel," Roshi admitted. "It honestly feels like my dick could snap at any moment!" He started slow as he held Bulma's slim waist. He'd retract only an inch or two before thrusting forward again. Each time his groin met Bulma's buttocks, he'd coil his hips in an attempt to loosen her up a bit. With all the pre-cum amassed inside Bulma's bowels, it became much easier to move back and forth. "Girly~!" Roshi's head lolled back, his eyes shut as he reveled. "You feel so good...!" The narrowness, though pleasant, had made his attempts to reach satisfaction difficult. He wanted to do it fast. Fast and hard. Now that he had more leeway, he could finally up his pace.

When she felt Roshi pull back, Bulma thought the geezer had finally come back to his senses. With each inch that left her, Bulma felt more relief. The alleviations she felt when only the tip of the man's prick spread her ass felt wonderful. Just a bit more. He only had to withdraw a bit more until he- "Kyaaa?!" she screamed out in pain from Roshi's jolt back inside. Before she could register what'd happened, Roshi did it again, and again! Bulma's ass was fiery red by the time she realized that Roshi would pull back until only the tip remained before he surged himself in as fast and hard as he could. She snatched Roshi's thigh with one hand in a fruitless attempt to hinder his movements. "N- nooo! Please!" she begged. "Please take it o-! Kyaa...! Motherfucker!"

Ironically enough, she didn't know the half of it.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Woohoo!" By now, Roshi was covered in sweat. In hindsight, he probably should've gotten rid of his shirt before he began his labor. His shirt was drenched in sweat, but he couldn't care less. He was fucking Bulma in the ass! He had the nubile girl who'd awoken his urges on his bed, taking his cock inside her small asshole! The mere thought of sliding himself inside the buttocks of the girl from the beach he was so thankful for was enough for him to up the pace of his hips. "I can't believe I'm finally fucking you again, Bulma! I've wanted to do it for so long," he admitted proudly as his balls mercilessly smacked against Bulma's cheeks. "I've loved your body ever since you showed it to me when we first met!" During his harder thrusts, his testicles would slam against her soaked pussy, creating a splashing sound. "And as I watched you as you as you were getting fucked by Yamcha, pleading him to fuck you harder, which the poor kid never could, all I could think about was pushing my cock inside you and ploughing you until you couldn't stand anymore."

Bulma bit her lip as she endured the turtle hermit's thrusts and listened to his confession. It still felt painful, but she was starting to feel good from his passion alone! And though still uncomfortable, Bulma began to experience pleasure as the long staff surged through her. It was like it was trying to reach her belly... The constant grinding of Roshi's girth against her sensitive walls slowly gifted her jolts of elation. "Kami..." She was starting to feel pleasures she never experienced before. This was anal sex? She panted roughly, her breathing erratic. Beneath her, her dripping snatch began to saturate the bed with heat. "Ugh...~"

Roshi grinned lecherously, dibbles of saliva running down his chin. He knew a girl like Bulma would enjoy herself eventually. She knew about tsuri-tsuri for Kami's sake! "You like it, don't you, girly? Come on, let loose! Embrace your inner pervert!"

Ugh... couldn't he ever just shut up? And who did he think he was labeling her a pervert? HIM of all people! If it had been up to her, Bulma never would have given her anal virginity to someone as hopeless as the old perv. But... she had to admit it was starting to feel good. He was already in her anus now anyways... That wouldn't change, so... she might as well enjoy herself. Lifting her hips slightly, she began to smash her body against his. Perhaps... she was a bit of a perv after all

Bulma's tight buttocks and Roshi's groin matched time and time again. Colliding with heavy force, leaving the genius' cheeks fiery red. Both grunted and groaned, the bed beneath them squeaking rhythmically to match their pace. Both were drenched in sweat, their bodies glistening as they moved in perfect rhythm. “Oh yes!” Bulma sobbed as foreign sensations arrived to claim her. “Keep going! Old man keep fucking me!” The geezer was fucking her ass, and she was loving it!

With the undulating walls coiling around his sensitive prick, Roshi tried to prolong the blissful sensations surrounding him. He knew he had to slow down if he wanted to last longer, but knowing and doing were two very different things. His body wanted more of the gratification, and he was a slave to his yearnings. His grip on Bulma's waist tightened and his thrusts became more and more erratic. It wasn't long until his buttocks clenched, and he slammed into the young genius for a final time. "Gjnn!" he grunted, his breathing ragged as he came even harder than before. With his cock firmly stuffed inside her anus, he could let loose without using his ki. For the first time, he was shooting POTENT seeds inside Bulma Briefs! The thought only served to prolong his climax whilst he shot wad after wad of jizz inside the deep recesses of Bulma's body.

When the first spurts of white filled her insides, Bulma couldn't help but moan. “Oh Kami!” The foreign feeling of jizz flooding into her felt indescribably pleasant. Her toes coiled and her buttocks clenched around the invading member. "I’m... I’m gonna cum again!" Again, the old man made her squirt. The proof of her climax shot out of her clenching snatch, soaking his testicles and thighs whilst she trashed her rump against his withering staff in a desperate attempt to extend the pleasure. Kami this orgasm was mind blowing!

As the final waves of pleasure left her, and Bulma returned to the land of the living, she went slack underneath the old man. For a short moment, she did not mind his lithe weight pressed on her, but as her senses slowly came back to her, her sense of pride propelled her to push the old man off her and return to her usual attitude toward the geezer. "Get off me!" Her asshole was finally unplugged as his satisfied shaft flew away with its owner. "Kami, I can't believe I let you do this..." She couldn't believe she let the old perv fuck her again – and in the ass no less! The old perv had been the first man inside her asshole. It was a maddening realization. And this time she'd even been given a choice to decline...

With each move she made, she felt the old man's jizz dribble out of her ass... How disgusting... There was no way she could leave the island with all this goo oozing out of her... "Hey, old man, where's your bathroom anyway?"

After he gave her the directions, Bulma silently left the room, ignoring his lecherous gaze at her retreating backside. Master Roshi shone a lecherous smile down on her from behind. Let's not forget that the wise master had received two rewards today. Using the microband he'd received from Bulma, he snuck into the bathroom to watch Bulma as she tended to the spunk he'd let loose in her backside, cussing him for his perverted nature and her own inability to refuse it.

"I wanna go home..." Bulma sobbed as she walked back outside with a graceless step, already lamenting her latest choices. It... was actually kind of hard to walk... How did this even happen? All she had to do was give the perv her microband and watch him have sex. She looked at the old man, slightly glowering at him. "Ugh..." She knew it wasn't his fault this time; everything that happened had been of her own accord, but it was a lot easier to blame the old fart than her own judgment. She just wanted to go home and forget this ever happened. "Can I borrow an airplane or something?"

"An airplane?" Roshi repeated. "I don't have any of those I'm afraid. No boats either." Of course, that was only because Bulma and company had destroyed his submarine, he reminded her.

"W- whaaaat?!" Bulma shrieked, jolting up into the air. With Goku long gone, it meant she... was stranded? "Ehh? Then how am I supposed to get back to the city?"

Roshi shrugged. "I don't know." Suddenly, his lips twirled into a sleazy grin, drool dripping down his chin as an idea popped in his head. "You know, why don't you just become my lover and live here instead?!"

"Hell no!" Bulma admonished him fiercely. Sigh... Stranded on an island with a perverted geezer and his equally-perverted maid. Just what would be in store for her here, and why the hell did she feel excited to find out?

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