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Zeo and Ozuma are sitting in his bedroom now, a comb running through the Zagart child's long blue hair. Ozuma liked brushing Zeo's hair, and since his friend agreed to it he didn't see any harm in doing it with him as well. The thick strands show that he's at least healthy and was fed well when he was away. Away.

He had to stop using that word like the boy was on a ski trip or something. He was kidnapped- wronged and there was no dressing it up. He smiled faintly when Zeo's head titled a bit as he yawned. The two of them tried to spend time together with every ounce of it left in the night they could, but sleep tends to wear you down no matter how energized you once felt.

"Its late, we should got to bed now." Ozuma suggests.

"Good idea."

Quickly he combs the male's hair upward to slip it into a ponytail so he can sleep comfortably, when a clump of hair moved away revealing a startling bald patch behind his head. He stared at it, wide eyes shaking with shock and tears. Did Kaihou do this? He wonders as his fingers reach out to touch the smooth scalp. It looked as if hair wouldn't grow there if it tried.

Curious as to why his friend has a latch on his hair but ceased his movement, Zeo figits uncomfortably. "What? Did you find a knot or something?" He laughs weakly.

Shaking his head, he takes a rubber band tying his hair off into a raggedy bun. He could hear the embarrassment in the boys voice and didn't want to make his pains any worse with questions. "No, I was just wondering how I was gonna fit it all into a ponytail." He fakes a laugh. "You've got more than Zeo I think."

Eyes slitting, he parted his lips to correct the but then he stopped his self. He really can't get mad, after all the puppet has been using his name since it was created. They don't know any other name to call it by. He'll just have to remember a calm tongue when correcting them.

Touching his makeshift bun, he smiles. "You did a good job, Ozuma. Thank you."

"You're welcome." He quickly plasters on a smile when Zeo turned around to look at him.

Noticing the type of smile he chooses to ignore it. His father makes that same smile when they laugh and talk. They feel sorry for him, they don't hate him or wish him gone. He just has to remember that, and he won't...

Seeing Ozuma climb under the blanket he mimics him, pulling the heavy blanket up under his chin. Legs curled in to his stomach and against his chest he wraps his arms around them. It was cool in the room yes, but that wasn't the reason Zeo curled his self up in this way, it was because he felt... lonely. Even with his best friend laying down right beside him, he may as well have been a million miles away. Closing his eyes he pretends to sleep.

Ozuma frowned at his friend, unable to keep the happy facade up when he wasn't looking. I swear Zeo, I will erase everything that was done to you. I won't let anyone hurt you ever again. Touching the boy's cheek; he smiles at how soft it is. His fingers then move to place a few loose strands of hair behind his ear, he then wraps that arm around the sheltered boy and falls asleep.

When Ozuma's gentle, yet, deep breaths filled his ear Zeo opened his eyes. Unhooking his limbs from his grip, he then slips away from Ozuma and out of the bed. Soft feet pad across the floor towards the bedroom door, once on the other side he heads down the hall to his father's room. Not bothering to knock, sure that the man would be asleep by now and if not then absent from the bedroom all together, he turns the knob and steps into the room. Looking about, he spots the desk lamp on around a small corner where his father's mini office is located.

He must be working. Tip-toeing over to the bed, he freezes when he hears his father stirring.

"Zeo?" Calls the man.

Ducking his head down like an animal trying to hide because it had done something wrong, he straightened up from his sneaking posture when the man's large form took up the opening of the mini office. Slipping a hand behind his head, he laughs. "I'm sorry Father, I just was hoping that I could sleep in here with you again." He easily admits. He has nothing to be ashamed off, all kids sleep in their parents' beds from time to time. Except you're not a kid anymore- you're seventeen years old. Blushing, he lowers his hand shoulders slumped. "I should go."

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course you can stay." Says the man walking over to the bed pulling back his thick comforter. It may be hot outside but the air conditioner was always running leaving the house pleasent but a little on the cool side. "I'm almost finished with this, I'll be over shortly."

Smiling, he nods before hurrying over to the bed. Climbing in, he drops his head down and lets his body relax. It wasn't that he didn't want to sleep with Ozuma its just that, with his father, he feels safer- comfortable and familiar.

Casting a concerned gaze at his son, Harushige goes back beyond the wall and takes a seat at the thin desk. He'd been writing in his journal about the whole event of his son returning and he keeps finding his self with worries and concerns about Zeo's mental state. Its like he doesn't know how old he is or refuses to believe it because of the shock of being home after so long.

Truthfully, he writes. I think his mind is jumping between past and present. Trying to find an even place to relax in and be comfortable. I may have to take him to a psychiatrist in the future if this strange behavior continues. I want him to have a normal life and if I'm unable to help him myself than that is my only other option. But... in truth, I feel as though I failed him by not being their to see that he was safe. I don't know if I actually want someone else butting in on what I want for my son, how I'm going to save him. But he smiled today seeing a boy he knew as a child... I just don't want him to replace me out of mistrust.

Tapping the pen to the page of the book he instead closes it rather than write anything more. Turning out the light he stands up, stretches a bit then heads into the bedroom and climbs into bed. Wrapping his arms around his sleeping son, he whispers. "Good night, Zeo." He felt the boy's grip tighten around him as a response.

It was around eleven fifty when Zeo's eyes shot open. Try as he might sleep wasn't coming to him. His blue gaze looked around the huge dark room as if trying to register where he is. Large lightly colored objects in the room stood out as pale ghost, frozen in place looking at him. Turning over so that he was pressed against the larger man's chest, he began to breathe heavy. He remembered being afraid like this once before.

The strange room had constant ghosts haunting around him to the point where he had screamed one night thinking something had touched him. Kaihou came into the room; right then he seemed like a concerned parent, light in the hall reflecting into the room calming his fear only for a moment because now he'd woken his captor and he would probably be mad and beat him for sure. To his surprise Kaihou merely smiled down at the ten year old him, asking if he were afraid of the dark seeing that the light calmed his searching eyes.

Strangely enough, he left the room turning out the light in the hall then he came back into the bedroom and slipped into bed with him. He told Zeo how to ignore his fears, that shadows couldn't hurt him no matter how much he thought otherwise. Zeo felt calmed by those kind words until he felt a hand slip into his pajamas pants, from there it wrapped itself firmly around his member. Kaihou smiled in the darkness, unseen by the boy, then he went on to say that this sort of thing calms your fears as well. That they could do it together and with his other hand he grabbed a hold of Zeo's small hand slipping it into his own pants.

Before Zeo knew it the man was moaning into the pillow over his head while his ducked down head was snuggled perhaps too closely to the man's rising and falling chest. His confused body was hard down there but his mind couldn't register what was so great about it since Kaihou's grip was firm around his member in a painful unpleasent way, like he thought it should have more meat to it than it did. But it had taken his mind off the ghost.

Glancing up at the sleeping man, he grabbed a hold of his large hand and stuffed it into his pajamas, then he took his own hand and shoved it into his father's pants. He wears boxers, unlike Mr. Kaihou. Glancing back up at the sleeping man with uncertainty, he then moved his hips against his father's loose hand, as his breathing picked up he then bit his lips to stifle his self so the man wouldn't wake up and smack him for making noise. Remembering his duty he took a hold of his father then began to run his hand up and down with fingernails digging in now and then.

Harushige stirred from his slumber as a pleasent warmth and pain washed over him, for a moment he thought about his wife but then he realized that she wasn't even in Japan and his eyes snapped open to see what was going on. Dreams often tell you something about what's going on around you, like if a fire starts in the house and you're dreaming about being in an oven. Eyes open he looks down at his moving son, curiously wondering what he's doing when it sinks in.

"Zeo!" He shoved the boy away from him. "What are you doing?!" He snapped unintentionally.

Swallowing hard he peered over the bed from the floor where he had been shoved. His face red with embarrassment he shoveled his self back into a corner in the room; head held between his arms he rocks back and forward. "I'm sorry I was loud. I'm sorry that I was loud." He pleaded with his father. "Don't hit me, don't hit me." Or maybe with his captor.

Calming down, hearing his son's frightened words Harushige holds his hands up in defense to show that he wasn't planning anything. Kneeling down in front of his son, he takes a hold of his shoulder just to have it snatched back as the boy shrugged his body away bumping it against the wall behind him. "Zeo. I'm not going to hurt you, I'm your father."

"But you were yelling." He said in a meek whisper, sniffling back a trail of snot going down his nose.

"I wasn'..." He stopped his self because yes he was. "I only yelled because I was startled by what you were doing." Again he reaches out taking his son's shoulder; this time Zeo allowed him to. "Zeo, I would never yell at you otherwise. I'm sorry for it. But you have to know that you don't touch people that way."

"I know that!" He shouted, keeping his head covered for just incase. "But he-..."

Zagart's ears perked up. That was all he needed to hear because he could tell that Zeo wasn't going to say another thing. Too ashamed of what happened to him. Tomorrow that woman is going to tell me where her husband is and when I find him Fuhen Kaihou is going to suffer a pain far worse than death. Craddling his son within a hold, he places his chin atop his head. "Don't cry anymore Zeo, I understand. It was an accident."

Looking into his father's eyes he asked in all seriousness. "Did I hurt you?" His voice sounds concerned but his eyes almost seemed to say that they wanted for the man to be hurt.

Harushige couldn't look away from that face. It scared him. It told him that Zeo was going to hurt his self if he intended to hurt other people as he had been, because he seems unaware that he wants it. Rubbing his back, he sighs in agitation. "No. I'm fine." He just can't keep the grit from his teeth as he thinks of how that man hurt his son, and is probably out looking for him right now. Maybe he isn't, he could know that Zeo would come home and he could be fleeing Japan as they speak.

"I... I think I should go back to my room." He says in an odd voice, eyes staring into nothing.

"Zeo... you don't have to leave. You can sleep in here if it makes you comfortable, I'll use the couch." He quickly adds.

Expression hopeful, he smiles and hugs the man. "I won't do it anymore, I promise." Releasing his hold as if it were never there, he gets up from his father's lap and climbs back into the large bed. "Good night."

"Good night." He looks at him a moment then stands. "I'll be working in my office a bit, don't let the light disturb you."

"I prefer the light on." He says in a husky, sleepy voice.

It was brief but it had made him tired even during his little episode just a moment ago. He can't let his self slip like that again. His father will hate him, he'll disown him because he... He's like Him. Kaihou.

No. He presses his face into the pillow. I'm not like him and I never will be. I'll just go to sleep and forget all about this. Yawning, he closes his eyes and falls deeply asleep.

The next day.

Breakfast was terribly uncomfortable for Ozuma; neither father nor son said a word to each other or to him. Zeo sat very still, fork moving for him to pick up food to eat once in a while, but what bothered Ozuma was the fact that Zeo had his fingers entangled in his hair just widdling strands away. Reaching over to him he grabs his friend's wrist pulling it down by his side, gently.

"Stop that." He said in a stern voice.

"Sorry." Whispered the male.

How can he make you feel bad about stopping him from harming his self? Ozuma was almost tempted to tell him that it was fine and he could do what he wanted, but how would that help any? But now that Ozuma has found his voice, he decided to speak again.

"Hey Zeo," when the somber male looked his way he continued speaking. "How's about I go home and grab Flash Leopard; I'll help you look for Zeronix when I get back and we can blade together."

"Sounds good."

Ozuma was tempted to ask 'does it' because Zeo is acting like some one kicked his dog, and killed it by doing so. What happened between last night and now? He knew that Zeo left the room because when he awoke to use the bathroom the boy was gone.

Panicked, he'd almost searched the house inside and out, but he heard his friend's voice coming from the master bedroom and turned away knowing that Zeo was safe. He would have listened in on them but the air around the room was strange so he turned away from it. He should ask Zeo about what happened, but it seemed that the father and son pair weren't gonna be willing to talk.

Looking down at his plate Ozuma was glad to see that he'd finished. "I'm gonna go now, I'll be back as soon as I can though. Okay, Zeo?"

"Yeah, go. I'll be fine." He said, voice tight and controlled.

Opening his mouth to protest, he closed it and instead cast a curious glance at Dr. Zagart as if to request that he make Zeo happy until he got back, but the man turned his eyes away just as soon as Ozuma's piercing green orbs looked to him.

Uncomfortable, he lets out a sigh exiting the room. He has to go to the B.B.A where he's been staying with Rei, and hopefully the Drigger blader wouldn't be there. He was sure they'd have a ton of questions and he just wasn't sure if he knew how to answer them right now. So, he'll stop in as quickly as he can, grab flash leopard and head back.

9 9 9

"Ooff!" Ozuma went flying backward onto the floor, hand coming up to his cheek after his rough landing on the floor.

He didn't see it coming; one minute he was searching his unpacked bags for his blade when Kai came out of nowhere and sucker punched him. Well, it wasn't really out of nowhere, the Russian had said his name to alert him then he hit him.

"I figured you'd come back here." Says the dual haired male gripping his fist within his other hand. "I'd assumed it would be to get clothes but looks like you're planning on doing a little leisure activity with your old friend."

Glaring, Ozuma stands up facing the taller male head on. He isn't afraid of Kai in the least, and whatever it is that he's mad at him about doesn't matter because Kai wouldn't really hurt him beyond a punch here and there, and he wouldn't just sit there and be bullied now would he?

"Why does that matter? Don't tell me you miss me, Kai?" His voice is cocky. "Its not like you."

"I'm not the one you should care about," taking a seat on one of the five beds in the room, he crosses both arms and legs together, eyes closing to showcase his true arrogance and lack of retaliation from the Leopard blader. "Do you have any idea how much you've hurt Zeo by running off the other day? We were supposed to be cheering him up, not making him feel worse."

"Hn." Crossing his arms defensively as well, Ozuma says. "You're one to talk; before you even knew what the problem was you jumped on his case because hanging out at an amusement park was a waste of the great Kai's time."

"I really didn't mind at all, but I have a right to know about what's upsetting a friend of mine." He retorts. "The tone I use in asking is simply something you get used to."

Glaring harder, Ozuma stopped his self. He didn't have time for this. Snatching his bag from beside Kai he takes out his blade pocketing it. Turning to leave he stops when hearing the Russian clear his throat.

"So you're gonna leave? Just like that?" Standing once again, he walks closer to the shorter male. "You're not even gonna ask how Zeo is doing?"

"Zeo is fine!" He bites out.

The air in the room grew thick with aggression.

"...The real person suffering- Kai! ...Is the boy who was kidnapped and finally found his way home. Just to find out that its become a strange and uncomfortable place." Turning around to look at the other male, his eyes clearing holding tears in them, but his face and tone are angry. "So yeah, I took off on him... but that isn't gonna kill him because right now... my friendship and my love are needed elsewhere."

Ozuma and Kai got into a serious stare down for about three long minutes until finally gray eyes turn away. "Elsewhere huh? So I guess Zeo can throw all the tantrums he wants while missing the one person who makes him feel wanted out of everyone else in this world. But what do you care, right? You don't have to hear him cry at night, you don't have to see the dead face he's adopted in your absence. But that's okay, we'll stay with him while you nurse the wounded that can't be fixed by you, only bandaged."

Walking past him, smirking when the boy tensed waiting to fight back should Kai have raised his fist to him again.

"But you remember this, Ozuma... You remember where your love and your friendship were when he goes home and disappears from our lives."

Confused, he asks. "What's that supposed to mean?" But the large metal doors slam closed after Kai's departure. Lowering his gaze to the floor, Ozuma wonders. Is Dr. Zagart planning to shut Zeo off?

While searching for his missing blade, Zeo came upon a photo album stashed in the back of his closet. He's never seen the book before so he could guess that it belonged to Zeta. His first day home he had angrily torn the imposter's pictures from the wall and threw them away. But now he's actually interested in looking at them. Taking the purple covered book over to the bed, he climbed onto it then propped the book on his lap opening it to the first page. It has five pictures taped on it, all of a boy with tanned skin and dark navy blue hair. Zeta is with him in three of them. One with him holding His blade while the other male is holding up his, both of them are smiling. Zeo turns the page, these pictures have captions underneath them.

"The guys at the look out."

"Me and the guys cleaning up the dojo after training." That would explain the matching kimono.

"Happy Halloween!" They're all holding up swords having gone as the four musketeers. The boy with the black and gray hair is absent from this picture. Only Zeta and that blond kid, the navy haired boy and a girl posing as a boy are in this picture. There's a brunet beside them holding a lap top and he seems to be a roman of sorts with his golden halo and toga costume. It looked a bit bold for such a shy faced kid.

Each one of his friends seems to have a page dedicated to them but it was mostly filled with group shots. He learned that the blond is named Max, the navy haired boy whom Zeta seems obssessed with is Tyson, and the female of the group is Rei who has arms like a gym guy- kind of weird. But upon closer look, it could be a guy? The guy with the two colored hair is Kai and he always looked annoyed in his pictures like they may have been taken without his permission, except for one where he's actually smiling quite handsomely.

Ozuma has the most pages, even more than Tyson as the dates in the book add on. He must have met Ozuma later on. But one picture made Zeo's eye twitch. Zeta had his lips on Ozuma's cheek, but what made it worse was that it looked like Ozuma was blushing!

The plastic over the pictures crinkled beneath his angered grasp as he squoze the book tightly. About ready to throw the puppets book of memories, the bedroom door swung open and in walks Ozuma. He looks mad and his cheek is bruised. Frowning, he sets the book beside him on the bed then crawls over to where the red and gray haired boy is standing.

"What happened to you?" He asks.

Touching his cheek, he replies. "Nothing. I just got into a little arguement, that's all."

But Kai's words haunted him. Was Zeo's father planning to shut him down, get rid of him now that his son is back? But he was wrong about one thing, he can heal Zeo and he will! And Dr. Zagart's plans for Zeo could just be wild accussations of their fear. Ozuma was sure the man wouldn't do that, and if Zeo and... Zeta could get along he was sure that if the man were planning on getting rid of the boy he would change his mind when seeing how well they get along. Did they ever even give it a chance? As far as he could tell Zeta left his home without even trying to talk with Zeo.

Watching his friend with alert and curious eyes, he then glances down at his hand. "Is that your blade? Its amazing! Can I see it?"

"Huh?" He's brought from his thoughts. Looking down at what the boy was pointing out to him, he nods. "Oh, sure. Here."

"Its cool! I would have guessed you'd choose a black one." He looks the object over.

It was amazingly built and very hard metal, he wondered if his dinky old blade would even be a slight match for it.

Glad to see the boy smile, he asks. "Did you find Zeronix?"

"No. But... I did find this." He points to the photo album. "He was kissing you... how could you let him touch you like that? I knew he was a creep for stealing my identity, but I didn't know how far he'd go." He watches as his best friend takes the book from the bed to look over the pictures of Zeta and his self.

I should tell him. He has a right to know- doesn't he? Looking at the sad smile on his face he decides against it. "Come on, let's go find that blade."


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