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Heavily sighing, Mariam drops down on the stair her friend, whom she's always considered a brother, has been seated on for the past week and a half. He's been sulking like someone kicked his dog, but the male has yet to say exactly what the problem is. She knows it had something to do with Zeo, the last time he was depressed like this was when his best friend was killed back when he was a child; and compared to that, only romantic problems could make someone act like this.

Knee nudging his, she says. "Spill it already! I'm getting fed up with your sour mood, Ozuma." Never one for carefully choosing words even with her siblings.

The dual haired male glances at her, frown furthering its bend upon his face then with a deep sigh he says. "I'd just like to know how I'm at fault here."

Hand flicking up as if to say 'thank you'. "There, talking is good. What happened?"

"Its Zeo."

Thought so. She smiled at how well her feminine intuition is. "Say your sorry and buy him something- I'll even spot you the money."

"Its not that Mariam... What I mean is that..." He searched for the right words, the correct way to say it. "A Zeo is mad at me for standing by my best friend, Zeo, who me and everyone else thought was dead. But he wasn't and he came back, now everything is screwed up. He and everyone else are mad at me for wanting to comfort my best friend. I just... I don't know what to do."

"You go back to Zeo, your boyfriend."


"You've known him longer, and you know that in your heart he's already taken the place of your best friend." She slips an arm around him, rubbing his shoulder lightly.

"How can you say something like that!" He shouts. Eyes ablaze as he looks at her. "Zeo was kidnapped by some sicko and... and you think my obligation is to someone who has superficial wounds?"

With a shrug she says rather casually. "You seem like you've already made up your mind, so why mope? I'm just saying that roles can be switched and you should be enjoying your boyfriend while he lasts because, knowing his crank of a father, Zeo's gonna be out the door so that he and his son reconnect- its the same with you right now, isn't it Ozuma?"

His mouth makes a tight straight line as he chews over what his sister just said to him. "But... Zeo's suffered so much."

"And with all the time you'll have together, he will heal. I'm not belittling his problem compared to the other, but Ozuma, face reality. When one shows up guess where the other will go, and then what? You gonna cry for him when the two of you should have been living it up until his final day." Standing, she brushes a hand down the back of her pants then walks down the remaining stairs and out the doors of the warehouse.

Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a photo of his younger self with Zeo. Wet eyes blink over the blurred picture of two happy children who knew the world about the other... strangers now. Strangers that can be fixed in time... lots of time. I'm such a fool.

Zeo carefully, with help from Tyson, slipped the nearly melted leather glove from his hand. What once was a little knick turned into a missing flesh covered hand.

Tyson grimaced at it. "Is it alright to wash?" He asked his friend.

Zeo looked at his metal hand then blushed. It was weird having anyone but Ozuma see something like this. He never knew how his friends would react to it. "Mm." He intoned with a single nod.

Following Tyson into the bathroom he made sure to close the door behind them so that at least Grandpa Granger wouldn't see it. Tyson watched as Zeo, gently, washed away the melted bits of leather from his hand. He didn't realize how hot Zeo was underneath his skin covering. Seeing him like this is really something- sure, there was that time when his arm blew out at the worlds but that was a typical look for any blown technology.

This exposed hand looks more like a metal prostetic, only a little different because it had a thick tube going from his wrist to the covered part of his arm. Tyson wondered if the tube ran all over his body, maybe like veins. The hand has a smooth back and palm, the fingers look much like his own skeleton with thin connecting thick. Truly amazing.

Catching his friends curious gaze, Zeo smiled faintly. "The spirits of the bitbeast my father extrated are in the tubes circulating throughout my body."

"Uh-ugh" classic Tyson response, an odd sound. "Hey, that's really cool, Zeo." He smiles back. Glancing again at the tube he did notice that it has a slight glow that flickers up every now and then.

Shaking his hands off, he reaches for a towel to dry them. "That should do it. Maybe we should get a cotton glove instead."

"Yeah..." He opened his mouth to say something after that but it quickly closed.


His mouth only seemed to clamp down harder to silence him. Taking Zeo by the hand, he gives it a soothing caress with the pad of his thumb. "Don't take this the wrong way but... I think that maybe you should go home, and get this fixed." He added quickly.

Zeo blinked at those words.

"I'm not kicking you out- never bro, but..." He looks into the male's crystal blue eyes, a shade not so far off from the ocean colored eyes of his boyfriend. "You're hurting, and I don't want you to. I'll go with you so Dr. Zagart doesn't try keeping you there. He'll fix your hand and then we can come right back."

He smiled at his friend's kindness but another thought occured to him. "You can't come with me."

"Wha- why not?" He was ready to protest for as long as it took the male to change his mind. Was Zeo insane? Tyson would bet anything that Dr. Zagart wouldn't hesitate to carry out his evil plan to off his best friend, just because he showed up alone.

"Because," his tear soaked eyes look down at the floor, the droplets falling the moment his head titled forward. "As much as I'd like for you to be there, I can't keep using you as a shield... I wanna face this on my own, and then if things go badly I know where to come back to... It's... Nice to have someone waiting for you in a comforting place." His voice was sad.

Face scrunching, he leaned into the male, pulling him into a gripping hug. Fighting his own tears he says sternly. "I'll be here for you Ze', we all will."

"Thank you." He rubs his friends back with his skin covered hand. "...I'll be brave."

Chuckling, Tyson pats his friend on the back, having yet to release the hug. "That's our Zeo, fearless till the end."

I just hope it won't be my end before I get to say goodbye...

When Zeo got up to his front door he was already prepared for what was to come. His father would yell, at which point he would yell back. The two would stare uncomfortably for maybe a couple minutes before embracing each other, and then they will proceed with their old lives and there's nothing that his formal can do about it. He'll either have to get used to it, or He should be the one going away.

He never wanted this life but he has it, and dammit he loves being alive, he loves the people he knows and the places he's been and the knowledge that he has friends that care about him so deeply they'll fight for him. It means too much to him to just give in and have it all taken away.

Just stick to the plan, Zeo, and everything will go fine.

But when he opened the door, the plan came to a screech when something unexpected came bouncing out of the living room toward him. A dog.

Eyes wide from fright when the heavy set, white, German shepard bared its fangs to him, Zeo took a step back plastering his self to the front doors. Hands up in defense he says. "N- nice doggy. ...I... I love dogs."

His whole body began to shake from questions pestering back and forth: What if he bites me, where did he come from, is this to keep me out or is it some kind of joke? When it gave a bark Zeo took off for the stairs. The large dog followed after him moving faster than Zeo would have guessed it could- given its size. The frightened boy didn't make it half way up when the shepard clamped onto his hair bringing him tumbling down the stairs dog included, and yet they managed to fall with Zeo on the bottom and large monster dog, growling, over top.

He knew the bite wouldn't hurt, but his neck isn't all that secure and the electric shock alone would hurt like hell. When the dog lowered its mouth to him, Zeo raised his forearm then screamed as loudly as he could.

"Someone help me!"

"Pango!" William snapped when he came into the entry of the home.

The dog seemed to snap out of its blood-lust trance since its head came up at attention, tail wagging as it moved over Zeo's, now limp from fright, body over to the butler. The man paid the dog no mind, walking right over to him offering a hand up.

Taking it, Zeo quickly jumped behind the elderly man for protection. The dog is now scratching itself in the entrance of the living room looking rather bored all of a sudden, as if the chase was just some lame game it played with anything that moved.

"Did she frighten you, master Zeo?"

Nodding a bit jumbled, he swallows hard. "When did that happen?" Now that the dog exposed its life to the two of them while licking itself, Zeo can see that He is actually a She.

"Master Zagart thought that his son should be protected should he venture out alone, what with master Ozuma no longer coming over."

Ozuma stopped coming over? Switching sides when the monster dog returned its attention to him and trots over. He makes a full circle around William before the dog stops chasing him.

"Pango. Go out in the backyard." Ordered the man.

Reluctantly, the dog turned tail and left.

Letting out his held breath, he looks up at the butler. "Ah... its my Dad, I need to see him about something."

"Dr. Zagart is in his study. Shall I fetch him for you?"

Shaking his head, he lowers it. "I'll go." Before he could get too far the elderly man set a hand on his shoulder.

"Your presence has been missed by the help, master Zeo. Things just aren't the same."

Even though it sounded like a bit of a stretch, Zeo smiled a 'thank you', then left for his father's office. It was time for a showdown. The seventeen year old wondered, as he walked down the hall, if this was what nostalgia felt like. Leaving your home and coming back to find that everything is just as you left it. Same pictures, same colors and such. But this wasn't a visit from a child who moved out, this was... this was huge. As he knocked on his father's study door he took a breath when hearing 'come in' from the other side. Steadying himself, he turns the knob then steps inside.

"Dad... its me... Zeo."

The man only glanced up for a second then went back to his writing. "I thought you were in the backyard with Pango?"

Great. He thinks I'm the other guy. Walking over to the desk, he says in a careful tone. "No Dad, its me..." Pulling his hand from his pocket he shows him the exposed metal hand.

"Zeta?" Harushige looks him over with surprise.

So they are calling me by a different name. Kai told me that Rei said that that's what Zeo called me when they spoke at the park a couple days ago. Lowering his gaze, voice tight, he continues. "I need my hand repaired, please." He didn't want to get into a discussion; the knots in his stomach close to making him vomit- could he vomit? It didn't matter, he felt sick either way.

Dumbfounded by his son's words he shakes it off. "O- of course. Come to my lab." Getting up from his chair he walks to the door, Zeo following.

A heavy sigh in his lungs he lowers his head as if walking into the basement for the death penality. Maybe I should have brought someone, just to be on the safe side. I'll be shut down while in the machine, I always am... but do I have to be? Can I ask that he not do it? Would he listen?

His body trembled with anxiety. This was a stupid idea now that he's here. Nearly a month away from home and now he's just gonna trust his father to fix him up like this were any other time in the past when something like this has happened.

A door opened at the far end of the hall. Fleshen Zeo peeked into the hall with a smile when he saw his father was finally done with his work, but then he sees Zeta not far behind him and his happy mood instantly sags with questions and anger, but at the same time this was a good thing. He has a few choice words he wants to say to the semi-living puppet. Wrangling the dog by the collar he walks over to the basement, unseen, to wait.

Down in the basement- the labratory, Harushige sets up the machine for his son. Zeo looks skittish about even going near the thing; he wets his mouth with feared anticipation. Better just come out with it. Clearing his throat he says. "Do you think..." he paused when his voice cracked. "Do you think it'd be alright if I went in the machine without being shut down?"

Confused by his choice, Harushige says rationally. "Its very hot in there Zeo, you will feel it. Are you sure that's what you want?"

He nods quickly. Anything to avoid being gone, even for a few minutes.

Shaking his head at how insane the idea of it was, he gestures a hand over to the long metal bed with a simple indent, kind of like a chalk outlining. Stepping over to the bed, Zeo takes all of his clothes off then climbs inside the machine. This sort of thing isn't as simple as one might think. Its a whole process of taking the complete coating off to redo it because old molding that's wearing thin can't withhold itself with new skin which is thicker and more dense, it would only tear at the weakest point which is the wrist and he'd be right back here again.

Hair pulled up into a ponytail he lets it hang outside the machine as it usually does. When the cover clamps down over him, he closes his eyes and awaits this pain his father was talking about. Nothing could hurt more than how his heart is being crushed by feeling like a stranger in his own home... He was wrong.

Zeo jumped out of his skin hearing Zeta's scream. It was loud and pained, like nothing he'd ever heard before! What was happening down there? When the screams turned into hard pants the young boy thought that it was over until the machine made sort of a spraying sound and it kicked up much much worse this time. Zeo thought that Zeta was dying. Covering his ears he began to hum to keep out the sounds of screaming.

When the machine died down after ten minutes, that to Zeo felt like a lifetime, a cloud of steam escaped from the vaccumed seal being broken. Dr. Zagart rushed over to the machine quickly to give his son a robe to cover up. His body was twitching hard, eyes wide and shocked.

"Zeta." His father said sternly. "I told you it would be best if you were shut down." He helps the boy from the machine. The robe wraps around his shoulders and Harushige helped him slip his arms into it. "You need to be shut down so your body doesn't experience the pain of it, you need the three hours to rest while it cools off."

Zeo still couldn't speak, the pain was so great. He had no idea it would be like that.

"Come on. I'll put you in my room." He picks the boy up, bridal style then carries him to his room. He doesn't see Zeo sitting on the floor beside the basement since the door opened on his side covering him like a shield.

His ears are still covered, his eyes closed and he's rocking back and forth, his back is lightly, beating against the wall. He never wanted to hear anything like that ever again.

A loud knocking on the door to the main dojo jarred the BladeBreakers from their comfortable silence. Grumbling, Tyson wondered who in the hell would be bothering them at a time like this, right when they were getting down to plotting out a way to storm the Zagart's for Zeo, who hasn't come back after leaving two hours ago!

What happened to him? Tyson knew it was a bad idea to let him go it alone but Zeo insisted, and he wasn't about to diss him showing up anyway. For all they knew he could be reconciling with this other guy and his father. ...Not likely.

Sliding open the door, after beating Tyson to it, Max grinned from ear to ear when coming face first to a basket filled with delicious looking fruits. "Sweet! Who ordered in?" He reached for a very red strawberry only to have his hand slapped by the person holding the large basket.

"This isn't for you Max." Said a familiar voice before lowering the basket and smiling at the perky male.

Grinning wider, if that were possible, the blond shouts excitedly. "Mariam! I didn't know you were in town?"

"Ozuma called me, but I'm not here for you." She walks in. "I sort of know what's going on and I came to give Zeo a present to cheer him up." She recoils the basket to one side when spotting Tyson out of the side of her eye looking over the selection. They could share, but only if it were ok with Zeo. "So where is he? I figured he'd be here, if anywhere." She looks around the room at all of their grim faces. "Did I miss something?"

"Zeo's not here Mariam," says Tyson looking a bit lost now rather than hungry. "He went home because he had to sort some stuff out."

"...Oh." She blinked thoughtfully for a moment then says. "Well, can someone clear up what's been going on? All I know is that Zeo and Ozuma had a fight about some friend coming back. It doesn't make much sense to me."

Figuring she would hear the story one way or the other, Kai says rather flat. "Its complicated, so you may as well sit down first."

Doing just that, she tilts her head in curiousity. Could anything be that bad?

Zeo's eyes crack slowly open. Little blinks further them apart until he's finally wide eyed and looking across the room at a large, dark wood, door. The bed is large and the blanket beneath him feels heavy.

I'm in my father's bedroom. He takes a mental note.

Attempting to sit up further than a slight slant, he groans feeling his gears and wiring struggle against his wishes. Letting his weight fall back, he decides against it for now. He's never felt pain like that before, the feeling of his skin being ripped from every part of his body that helped to keep it on, the heat of the plastic wax being sprayed back onto him, the taste of it in his mouth as his sensors identified it. But he couldn't shut his mouth, couldn't silence his screaming due to the pain of being electricuted on the inside because of the madness outside.

But I'm awake. He notices. My Dad had the perfect chance to shut me down and he didn't. ...Could that mean... he wouldn't?

His attention is drawn to his right now, only vision turned to look since he's in too much pain to roll over, but something is touching him. With strain he turns his head to come face to face with himself. It was weird... looking at him... being this close, technically touching him. Like a mirror but alive, his identical twin down to the last lash.

Zeo tensed when the male took in a deep sleepy breath before nuzzling his cheek against his robe covered chest. Cybor Zeo thought about knocking the spoiled brat to the floor but with what strength could he do it? Again he tenses when the boy's eyes crack open, looking directly at him.

Drawing in a breath, fleshen Zeo says quietly. "When its quiet like this... you hum, your insides, you hum."

The cyborg narrowed his eyes. Sure it was no big secret, but, only Ozuma was allowed to acknowledge it. How dare he-...

"Are you ok?" He silenced the other's train of thought when asking. "Dad says that he wasn't hurting you. I came in here to ask but, you were asleep."

"What are you doing in here?" Asks Zeta while wondering what the hell business it was of this boy whether he were in pain or not? Probably wanted him to be, which is why he came to check.

"That should be my question to you." States the human child, his voice oddly still. "...I'm home now, so you don't have any right to stay here. You have no more purpose."

"Tch." Intones Zeta. "My body may not be human, but that doesn't make them any less real!" Looking at the boy he says bitterly. "There is nothing behind those mirrors you call eyes, but what I don't understand is why? ...You have everything back- a second chance, Dad loves you, Ozuma..." his voice staggered on his boyfriend's name then his sentence dropped down a pitch. "Ozuma loves you."

Sitting up while leaning on his arm for support he looks down on his twin. "But you're the one who has it all! You've got friends! You've got my father's love and protection, though, why? I can't understand for the life of me... you've got Ozuma, you've got it all." He sniffled. "Why do I feel like the stand-in." His voice is clouded with tears and he lays his self back down on Zeta whimpering, tears dampening the cybor male's robe.

Zeta is silently listening to the teen cry. He wants to make him stop, but can't seem to find a way to do that. Does he care about his feelings? Should he? After what Rei had told them, this kid clearly doesn't want him around; but should he take his place when he's been here...?

"I never asked for any of this." Says Zeta quietly. "I never asked to be created, I never asked to be someone's replacement... I don't even think that my Dad would have told me if he didn't want something out of it. I would have just gone on thinking there wasn't anything wrong with me; anything that wasn't human in me, I figured was normal for everyone. But you know what, me being here and being who I am... that's the way it turned out, and I won't apologize for it."

Zeo composed his self long enough to put some malice behind his words. "You make me sick." He bit out. "You have to apologize! You're to blame for everything! Why would I hate my father!?" He belts out, words that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Zeta's eyes widen hearing this. He's just taking his pain out for Dad on me. He realizes.

Running the back of his hand across his eyes he shakes off his sorrow, turning it into anger. "If you want my life so badly, than take my pain as well."

Straddling the puppet he yanks the robe open exposing Zeta's naked body. Grabbing hard onto his twin's member, he begins to jerk him off as roughly as his hands can manage. Zeta's confused gaze only further upsets the disgruntled male.

"Stupid robot! You probably can't even feel it!" He snaps, the tears start to stream down his face again.

Zeta caught his breath when his member was touched. Zeo was wrong about what he said; although the insides may be different from a humans: full of wires and metal balls attached with ligements, the design intended to mimic a toy, it still functions like a normal penis.

He can use the bathroom to rid his self of any fluids he may have taken in during the day, it can become erect with stimulation because that's how its made to function the only difference is there isn't any release it merely dies down from excitement after a while. Zeo's never had problems having sex with Ozuma... just so long as he's on the top, he's never tried it on the bottom before.

"Can you even feel it?" Cries the boy leaning over him, tears dropping down onto Zeta's face. "I hate you... I hate you." He cried.

Zeta watched, sadly, as the boy fell apart over him. Painfully, as he still has maybe a bit longer to cool to the right temp, he reaches up removing the tears from the sobbing male's eyes.

"You're not mad at me Zeo," he says slowly. "You're mad at our Dad."

"No, you're wrong. you're wrong... and he's my father, not yours!"

Shaking his head, Zeta frowns. "I'm not wrong, and you're mad that he replaced you because he thought that you were gone. You should be happy that he loves you that much."

"How can I!?" He shouts, voice breaking, sounding more like Zeta's than his own. "He doesn't love me at all! He loves you now! And I hate you!" He begins to pummel Zeta with his fist.

His eyes winked closed whenever the angry fist made contact with his face, but he felt nothing but the drumming pain that he endured while getting his repairs done. But enough was enough, he was not going to sit here and be beaten up by this spoiled brat because he couldn't see that his anger was at someone else. He will not take punishment for his father. The hand that once wiped the tears from the other's face came up and around his neck pulling him down to Zeta's face.

"I've had enough," Zeta's voice is a low grumble due to his jaw trying to staple his mouth shut. "You're not gonna sit here and be mad at me when you're really mad at Dad for abandoning you when you were a child. I didn't tell him to do it; I wasn't even created yet; and now you come back and have the nerve to try and hate me just so he'll never catch on that its actually him that you hate so much? I'm sorry for what happened to you, it should never have happened to anyone but, enough is enough!"

Zeo would have been fighting the hand that's wrapped around his throat a bit more if it were tight enough to choke him, right now it just seemed like Zeta was restraining him.

"Who would you hate if I weren't here? Hm? Ozuma... the help? Anybody but him, right?"

Zeo began to cry again but this time there was a nod that followed instead of more anger and blind words.

"But why?"

It took Zeo a long while to answer but he finally whispered. "Because he'll be unhappy and send me back." Too shaken to hold his self up any longer he collapsed onto Zeta crying his eyes out. Zeo had released his human twins neck upon his falling over and he then wrapped his arms around him, holding him kindly and close.


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