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I'm not really sure how to start one of these things. Do I mention the date somewhere? I thought it was your job to do that... I don't see one anywhere so I may as well do it. Today is 1994, 1 May. Sunday. My birthday! That's where I got you from, but you probably knew that since my mom picked you out for me.

I stopped reading right here. It was what Zeo said about my Mom; I never thought about her before. I mean, I knew that there had to be one because how else could Zeo have been born but, I never thought about her myself. Dad never keeps pictures of her in the house, I would have seen one by now and he never talks about her.

Chewing on my thumbnail carefully so not to shrivel it, I wonder about her; a possible out-look she may have, a birthmark that's similar to the one I have on my ankle, maybe our noses are alike? Shaking these thoughts away, I look down at the golden book I have in my hands.

My party was great, but... I kinda I wish that I had real friends to invite to my party, rather than just asking the guys from music hall to come. The guys are great, sure, but a man needs friends that he made on his own. What's that diary? How old am I? Well can't you tell, I'm a whole seven years old today. But don't sweat it that you couldn't guess, I'm kinda short for my age. Dad says I'll grow out of it and he would know, he's a scientist.

Again I stop reading. Dad was able to come to Zeo's parties, but he's never once made it to any of mine. I can't help but feel really sad about something like that. I've lived for at least 2 years that I've been aware of, and all I've gotten out of my Dad was a gift that might not have even been picked out by him.

A sharp note that I hit in the recording jarred me from my moment. Blinking the confusion away, I look back down into the book.

Enough of that on to the good stuff, what I got for my birthday: a tru-... maybe I should make a list instead? Yeah, that would probably be easier.

1. A toy truck, those big Tonka models! (I got that from Shinabara)

2. A new tooth brush set ( Mr. Masterson- the butler) I roll my eyes at that but I really like the tooth brush, it has a dinosaur on the end and I get my own mouthwash with that.

3. You, of course from mom- I think I'll give you a name sometime in the future.

4. My own violin, that was from dad because I was renting one at first. He didn't want to buy something I wasn't good at just to have to replace it later on. I'm really liking lessons but sometime I just wanna hang out- Wait, I messed up a line, sometimeS I just wanna hang out and have fun.

I laugh at how he capitalized the 'S' incase it went unnoticed. Zeo has pretty good spelling for seven but his writing is sloppy, and some words are tough to make out at first. There are a couple of spelling mistakes like how he writes 'new' instead of 'knew' but I can read it correctly because I know that's what he was getting at.

5. A pair of roller skates and an invite to the roller rink in Ginza with Matia's family. They're from Spain she says, but I think she's fibbing because I haven't the foggiest idea where a Spain is in Japan.

6. I got a HUGE coloring set from Hitaro. He's an art student somewhere so I think he just gave me one of his many sets he has. Tisk, tisk.

It's pretty late night right now about 7:45. I'm really burning the midnight oil by writing in you now, but I just wanted to get out my excitement of today.

Zeo completely abandoned the list of presents and went on to what was for dinner. Isn't that just like a kid, I smile.

We had mashed potato's and a roast with sugar snap peas bleh! But then mom said we can have pizza and the grown-ups can eat what cook made. The pizza was great! I've never had crust like that before, its like they knew it was my birthday and they made sure to make it extra good. The toppings were shredded octopus and ham. It was so good! Chips and popcorn on the side- colored popcorn. Big jugs of soda- grape my favorite.

Bleh! I've never once liked octopus any of the times my Dad made me eat it. And he was seven?! Plus my favorite soda is Sprite. What a weird kid.

The cake was chocolate, and we all had about three slices- and there's still a huge hunk left out of twelve kids! My dad goes big or not at all. Speaking of which, Mr. Masterson just knocked on the door. That means its time for bed because I have school tomorrow. Good night.

There's a knock on my door.

"Master Zeo, dinner is prepared." It's William. "Be sure to wash up before coming down."


I scramble from the bed to turn off my stereo. I don't want William coming in and catching me. I hadn't realized how late it was until he called me for dinner. Guess I'm not making it to Tyson's after all, but they'll be cool with it.

Meanwhile... Stepping back over to my bed, I snatched up the book to stick it back in its hiding place on the shelf. William always turns my bed down for the night, because after dinner I go straight into a bath.

I wonder if its always been this way; dinner, bath, then bed. Well, I'm a lot older than Zeo was so he probably actually had to go to bed, but I watch tv until I get tired; sometimes I call Ozuma. I bought him a cell so he and I can keep in touch.

It makes me wonder about his life, when I take in the fact that he lives in an old warehouse down by the peer. What happened to his family, and things like that? Other times he stays with Rei at the BBA training center, they have rooms there, and Mr. Dickenson doesn't mind the two of them being there at all so he's got good company. Ozuma tells me not to worry about him because he's not worried about it.

The cold water at the bathroom sink rinses over my soapy hands until they're foam free, I then ducked my head to take a drink from the faucet. Dad would have a fit if he saw me do this but the water up here is better than the stuff downstairs.

Pressing the button for the hand dryer, I wait out the length of time it takes for my hands to lose their moisture then I shake them vigorously, until I get downstairs to the dining room. Dad isn't there. He's in his office, or maybe he left to the labs again. We have labs downstairs on the first floor- which is actually the basement, but I'm not allowed anywhere near there except for when I need certain things done.

There was this one time when me and the guys were outside at the beach and I kinda shut off- its weird, I don't remember anything about it except for waking up with the sight of all my friends crying and asking me if I'm ok.

"Your father would like for you to go over your French homework, once you're done with your meal." Says William setting a plate for me.

I find it strange that I get hungry, and need to use the bathroom. My Dad explained it all to me, but that's a lot of stuff I can't begin to fully understand. I just know that my dad says he made a huge breakthrough with me!

I'm happy for that in some ways, in others I'm just confused and curious.

Dinner was good but I ended up using too much gravy on my rice so I had to get extra to balance it out, and over eating sucks. Gulping down the rest of my apple juice, I set the glass down with a refreshing 'Aaahh', thank William, then dash upstairs to take a quick bath and get back to reading.

"What happened Zeo? I thought you were coming over to Tyson's," asks Ozuma; the reception is a little cracked, I think he may be walking on the streets. "You couldn't sneak out?"

"Oh no, I could've snuck out! But, I lost track of time." The water swirls with the circles my hand is making.

"You lost track of time just sitting in your room?" He asks quizically.

"No. I was reading." I smiled at my secret finding.


"Are you still at Tyson's?"

He seemed to be gone for a minute but then he came back on. "I'm on my way home with Rei."

I told you sometimes he stays with him. "Tell him I said, hi." It's silent for a moment then he says the message was given. "Thanks. I have to go now, I need to get dressed and look over my language homework before bed."

"Okay. Are you coming over tomorrow?"

"Yeah, hopefully my dad won't force me to practice again."

"Bye Zeo."

"See ya. Bye Rei!" I shout so he can hear me.

I hope Ozuma saw it coming, and moved the phone before I burst his eardrum or something. Hanging up, I climbed out of the tub and walk over to the towel rack. Picking out the biggest, softest towel I wrap it around me after giving it a quick run up and down my body.

Going into the hallway that leads to my bedroom- its a short one because the bathroom is in my room, so I don't have to worry about being seen if my towel fell- closing the door, I quickly get dressed.

William turned down my bed and set the two extra pillows on the couch by the second window. He also moved my chair that I left in the closet, so I had to move it back so I could reach the journal again once I was done with my homework wrap-up.

I practiced a few sentences out loud to make sure they sounded correct; sometimes I would write it out and it looks fine, but when I read it it makes no sense. French is another one of those things that I just sort of walked into- kind of like violin. I lost track of time studying, and wound up fast asleep over my workbook.


I got up that morning and went to school and everything was just... I'd have to say natural is a good word. People knew me and I knew them; so its no wonder that not even I had no clue about who I really am.

Stuffing my work back into the backpack, I walked into the closet and up onto the chair then retrieved Zeo's journal. It still feels kind of weird reading Zeo's thoughts that are supposed to be personal, but I'm so interested in what he- or should I say what I was like as a child, I'm 16 now.

"Let's see, page 2."

Hey Keisuke! Do you like that name? Naah, me either. I'll keep trying. Today is the 4th of May. I know I skipped two days but I went to the beach with Mom and we did all kinds of fun stuff, had hot squid sticks and terriyaki meatballs and big slices of watermelon- hahaha it seems like I talk about food alot, huh!

We weren't alone, I saw some kids from school there and we made mermaid legs for the girls out of sand, then left them there while we all swam. I can swim okay but I'd never go out in the deep end because I heard that kids get sucked up, and taken out to sea when they do. Grown-ups can swim out there because they're bigger and can swim with harder strokes than kids.

I got sea shells, I was gonna glue them inside of you but then I realized that you wouldn't be able to lock if I did. I found a secret place to hide you in my room, I won't write it down because if someone looks at this they'll find you and that would be bad.

It's weird though... While we were at the beach, I saw a kid sitting all by his self on the peer just staring out at the water. He had really neat two colored hair! Some was red and the rest was blackish gray-...

Red and black? "Does he mean Ozuma?" I can't fit it into place that Zeo would know Ozuma. It was probably someone else, and the hair thing is just a coinsidence.

I wonder if he's lonely? He looked lonely- but I didn't go over. Usually kids that sit by theirself are really mean. The rest of the day was boring, I had practice, and dad came to watch. I caught him talking about me again, saying how I'm his pride and joy and I'm so wonderful. I hate when he does stuff like that, he said its because him and mom were lucky to have me because they say mom can't have kids.

Then how did they have me?! I asked about being from someone else, and they laughed saying I'm a hundred percent theirs. Mom is packing her bags to go to France, she wants to take me with her. I'm part French you know. She says that's the reason I'm so cute, because I mostly take after her. By the way! I've got my birthday pictures back, wanna see?

He drew an arrow that points to the otherside of the page. Can't say that my heart isn't racing a bit at the thought of seeing myself, or I should say Zeo, and my mother whose name I have yet to learn. Letting out my nervous breath I see two pictures have been taped to the pages one on each side.

The first one was of the kids at the party some of them which I know now and others I don't, all of them are smiling and holding up goody bags. Sweet. The next one made me drop the book. Zeo's mother... my mother is the spitting image of me only girl form. The difference is that her eyes look green instead of blue, like dad, and I have dad's ears. But she even has long blue hair!

In her arms is Zeo, fleshen Zeo with a big grin on his face and bits of cake around his mouth... I think that's enough reading for today. Closing the book I got up to put it back on the shelf, but then something made me open it and take out the picture with Zeo and our family.

9 9 9

The walk to Tyson's house was boring, and hot. Why does it have to be so hot out today? Bad enough I have to lug my instrument with me over there, because my Dad called and told William to tell me to practice. It took twenty minutes for me to convince dad that I should be allowed to come over to Tyson's for some blading practice, but he said that violin comes first- since when?! I remember it was just about a year ago when that was all he could think of. Me beating Tyson in the tournament and snagging their bitbeast, so that he could make me a real boy.

I still don't understand how he planned on doing that but he said it had something to do with a lab in Russia and their research. I never understood science all that well. But he finally gave up and accepted me for who I am. I think dad loves me, or rather, I know he does.

My fingers brush across the wall of the Granger dojo as I turn onto Tyson's street. Sometimes I just wish he would be at home a little more; if he gave up on his research to make me human than shouldn't he have more time for being at home with me?

I can already hear the guys talking from beyond the wall- more like Tyson shouting something at Kai for not doing anything at all. Tyson once told me how much it bugged him when Kai would sit there with his arms crossed and eyes closed, then he would pass judgement on his blading skills. I told him that it was only because Kai likes to keep him on his toes. But truthfully I don't think I know what he's all about myself. I break out into a huge grin when I see them all around a beydish, so I hurry over to them.

"Hey guys!" I shout.

Max turned to me first with a big smile. "Hey Zeo, we missed you yesterday. What happened to you?" He opened his arms to hug me.

I gladly accepted it. Max is friendly in ways most guys would be embarrassed about, but that's what I really admire about him.

"I was just side tracked, that's all." Setting down my carrying case next to Kai, who looks like he's asleep. "I brought Cerberus with me. Who's up for a battle?" I'm already by the dish ready to launch.

"Okay, this guy's mine." Says Tyson with as much confidence as he would have if this were a serious match rather than friends playing in the backyard.

I like how much Tyson's grown up over the time, his voice hasn't changed a bit though, which makes me happy, because I'm so much higher than my friends when I talk and sometimes it can be kind of embarrassing. But the biggest change about him is his hair cut, he still wears it long but not as long as he used to. I'm thinking about cutting mine next year.

"I'll call it," says Max standing between the two of us. "3... 2... 1. Leet it riiiiip!"

Our blades smash into each other with full force; I can see Tyson already poised to call out Dragoon. I've been training a lot over the time of the last tournament and now that I'm allowed to qualify for the next one, every battle counts to me.

I'm doing great, when all of a sudden Zeo pops up in my head. I'm wondering if he were into beyblading? And if so, then how good was he? Was it around when he was alive? Did he know Tyson? That can't be because he didn't seem to know me like everyone else in Zeo's life.

It was great how everyone accepted me with open arms when they found out my secret, I really thought that my life was over and people wouldn't treat me the same, but I was totally wrong. I think we've all become closer now because of it.

Just as I snap out of my thoughts, I hear Tyson shout!

"Finish him off Dragoon. Hurricane assault!"

A new technique he's perfected. High winds blow, spinning your blade in the opposite direction until its rotation stops completely then the high winds toss your blade from the dish; and only well built blades can escape the part that completely smashes it to pieces.

I'm one of the lucky ones. I catch Cerberus with ease; I can't help scrunching my eyes when the match is over, but I know it was my own fault for spacing, but I had good reason. Reason enough anyway.

"Zeo that was weak." Tyson says catching Dragoon. "How are you gonna compete in the worlds when your thinking about anything other than the battle?"

"This coming from the guy that nearly lost a match because they put the kitchen too close to the arena."

"Aw come on Max, you know what food does to me." He shrugs.

With a defeated huff, mock anger though, I walked over to where I set my sheet music and things down. Guess its time for practice. Opening the case I can hear Tyson calling out his next opponent. Rei volunteered and the two of them launched shortly after.

Setting the instrument on my shoulder, I raise my bow and start to play. I closed my eyes and smiled about all the good things that make me wanna play. Ozuma, my friends, blading. I played something slow and lilting, I played thinking about Zeo's day at the beach, I played thinking about my mom and dad. I played until the song was over, perfectly, then opened my eyes to see everyone staring at me. Blushing, I slip a hand behind my head and laugh.

"My dad told me to practice, it was the only way I could get out of the house."

"You're messing up my match with all that choppin' you're playing. Why not take it to Grampa, huh, Zeo?"

"Alright, alright. I'll play out of earshot." Gathering my things, I spot the picture in my case. I completely forgot that I took this with me. "Ozuma, can you give me a hand."


He picked up my mini-stand that held my sheet music and walked with me to another part of the house. I like that my house has wooden floors, it makes a great sound when you walk, and its good for sliding across when you've got socked feet.

"I wanna show you something." I say to him when we're out of earshot.

"Hmm?" He sets the stand down and walks over to where I'm standing.

"Take a look at this." I open the case then pull out the picture. "This is my mom." I say full of pride. I'm allowed, she's my mother too.

Ozuma took the picture from me. He's frowning as he looks it over, which makes me have to ask.

"What is it?"

"Did your dad give this to you, Zeo?"

I shake my head smiling because of my secret. "I found it. In a book." I add to give some mystery to my finding.

"You were looking through photo albums?" He asks again.

What the heck is up with him, why is he so sad all of a sudden? He seemed fine a minute ago.

"No. Even better- I'm not sure I know where the photo albums are in my house." I say after a second thought. "I found it in Zeo's journal."

"Zeo's?" He cocks a brow. "But you're Zeo."

"Nnooo, not me. Fleshen Zeo."

"I know who you mean, Zeo." He pushed the picture back into my hands. "But are you sure you should be messing around with stuff like that? I mean, you aren't reading it are you?"

"Of course I am! It's great." Saddening a bit because of Ozuma's glum disposition, I ask. "Is it so wrong to be curious?"

"I think it is..." he trails off. "Aren't you worried that it'll make you sad, reading about the human you?"

I shake my head. "I thought I would be... I even tried to stall myself with a snack but, I don't know, I guess I just can't be sad about it. It's because of what happened that I'mhere and I love being with all of you guys..." I shrug. "So what if I read a little about the boy I'm supposed to be. I'll never get to know him myself, so isn't reading his journal ok?" I look down at the picture with a smile. "I'm learning so much about him, and I've always been curious but too afraid to ask, so this is good for me."

He still seems unswayed.

"I even think he saw you once, at the beach. Were you ever there?"

Ozuma scratched his arm. That's what he does when he's nervous about something. I know because Ozuma is the most stable person I've ever met, so when something seems off about him I know immidiately.

"So is it true? Did you ever know fleshen Zeo?"

"No. I never exactly knew him... Listen Zeo, I'm glad that you get to see a picture of your mother, but this isn't gonna turn out to be a good thing in the end. So just leave it alone, please?"

Confused, I see the concern in his green eyes. Sighing after about five minutes of thought, I nod. "Alright, I'll forget about it... I just wish you could be happy for me, though."

"I am happy for you. I just... think some things should be left alone." He begins to walk away from me. "You're calling up bad winds, Zeo."

How can reading something be bad? How can finally having a way to have my questions answered not be a good thing? Can I really keep my word and not read it. Looking down at the photo, I know the answer to that question.


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