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Zeo walked back into his home around 9 o'clock in the morning. He could smell breakfast the moment he placed his hand on the door knob. The cook must be making a huge breakfast; Zeo's never smelled anything cooking from outside unless it was one of those things that took a while to prepare, or it was currently on going; like instead of the usual half hour to an hour it went on for two or so.

He wondered what the occassion was? Turning the knob, Zeo steps inside greeted by Pango's wet nose poking him in the face as she jumped up on him. It was amazing the love of a dog. He thought for sure the large white animal hated him, especially after pulling him down the stairs when they first met.

Laughing a bit, Zeo pets her on the head then pushes her to the floor with a gentle nudge. "Nice to see you too. I'll sneak something under the table for you." He promised. Walking through the foyer, he heads through the living room then into the hall and to the dining room.

His brother and father are seated at the table lauging at cartoons on the small television set at the end of the table. Zeta smiled at the scene. He was glad that his brother was still feeling good after their talk last night. He also hoped that Zeo has told their father about his want to go to therapy, if they come along. They could all use some anyway. Its been a very trying couple of months. Walking over to the table, Zeta smiles when his father and Zeo turn to look at him.

"Zeta. Where have you been?" Asks his father.

"Hm? Oh, I went out to get some fresh air." He turned his head toward the television knowing that his change wouldn't go missed. And it didn't.

Zeo's eyes widen and his father's jaw dropped completely to his chest.

Being coy he says. "I hope breakfast is soon, I'm starved."

"Zeta?" Says his father.


"What happened to your hair?" It was Zeo who asked this.

"I don't know, what happened to my hair?" He turns his eyes upward at his bangs, then pretending it was an after thought he grabs his ponytail. "Oh right! I got it cut. Do you like it?"

"How did you 'get it cut'?" Inquires his father. "There are no places open at this time." He's up from his seat looking the boy's hair over with his hands after pulling out the ponytail.

"I went to the B.B.A building and Rei cut it for me." He admits proudly. "Don't you like it?"

"Its... Its a change. Are you sure you wouldn't rather keep it the way it was?" Harushige takes his seat again after seeing that that boy Rei did a nice job cutting it. One slip up and his son's hair would have come out in chunks. He really wished Zeta would have had him do it.

"I really like it, Zeta. It suits you," he huffs a laugh out with a blush. "I'm kind of jealous. I've actually gotten used to long hair."

"And I think it looks really good on you too." Says Zeta honestly. After all, he liked the way he looked with long hair, Zeo's no different.


Harushige smiles at his children. He doesn't know what it was that Zeta said to his brother last night but it did the trick. The boy woke up happy as a clam, nearly singing as he hummed around the living room, helping William do a little morning dusting until Harushige told him to come and join him in the dining room for breakfast. He'd just assumed that Zeta hadn't gotten up yet, he had no clue the boy had left anywhere. Maybe it was time to get some body guards for the boys, or perhaps just someone to watch over the house to see that his kids stay put.

"I have breakfast." Says William walking in the little table cart with large covered dishes on it.

The twins gave somewhat of a cheer at finally getting food. It would seem they both had long nights, last night. Zeo snuck out of his room to do a little night activity himself. He'd taken his diary with him and, one page at a time, he burned the book in the fireplace. He hated himself for thinking that he could love or even care for a monster like Fuhen Kaiho.

Its time for a fresh start, and it starts today. He's gonna be well mannered and happy, honestly. He's gonna hang out with Zeta and his friends, and Ozuma; they're all gonna have the best time. Kai forgave him for trying to grope him, so he knew that mistakes can be made and he won't be exiled for it. He has no reason to be afraid anymore, and it was a huge breath of air to him.

Zeo didn't know how well therapy would go, though. He felt that talking about it would only bring it back and make it worse for him, but if Zeta thinks its a good idea then he can't argue. He's been right about so many other things. Zeo couldn't believe he thought the boy had no soul or right to pass himself off as human. Zeta has to be more human than himself, whose felt like a ghost since coming back. But no more, and hopefully never again.

"So what do you boys have planned for today?" Asks Harushige.

"I figure we could go to Tyson's and wing it." Says Zeta eating a large hunk of french toast covered in baked apple slices and whipped cream.

"Hn. Teenagers need to learn to get a clear head. All they ever say is 'we'll wing it.' I'd love to know what it is that you're all really doing over there."

'Huge sex party dad, what else.' Zeta begins to laughs out loud. "What all guys our age do, right, Zeo?"


Cocking a brow, Harushige shakes his head in dismay. The three finish breakfast and the two teens head into their rooms to dress for the day.

Outside the large home, a woman approaches the front door. Adjusting her pinned-on hat, she raises a hand and presses the door bell. Nadaline Paradise has come home.

"Zeta come here." Calls Zeo from his room.

Zeta walks down the hall, rounding the corner into his brother's bedroom. "Hmm? What is it?"

His brother is over at the double doors leading to the balcony. "Come in, and close the door."

Doing as the boy asks, Zeta then walks over to him; curiousity running rampant in his mind. "Whaat?" He asks again.

"I wrote it last night." He hands his brother his violin case. "Do you like it?" He asks before its even opened.

"Uh..." Opening the case, Zeta cocks a brow then smiles serenely. "Zeta Zagart." He reads the silver pen written words on the polished wooden violin. "I like it alot, you have very nice handwriting, but,"

"But what?" He looks puzzled.

"I don't understand the gesture."

With a shrug, Zeo then picks up a flute case that he must have gotten from the music room. "I... I figure that violin has become more your thing than mine so, I thought I should give it to you. You can have it. From me to you." He blushes looking down at the floor. "I don't mind playing flute at all."

"Zeo... I don't know what to say." Smiling at the boy he says. "Thank you. It means a lot. I actually like playing this darn thing. Even though I hate lessons." He laughs.

"Yeah, I did too. That teacher is a real dork."

The two of them laugh with memories of the yak-breathed music teacher instructing them how to play. The door bell called their attention away for a second.

"I wonder who that is?" Zeo takes two steps away from his brother.

"Probably the guys, they might have come to get us. Tyson does tend to come around during breakfast some days." Putting his violin back into its case, he closes the instrument then locks it. "We should play together sometime."

Attention away from the visitor, Zeo smiles at his brother. "Yeah! That'd be neat, huh?"

The two make their way towards the bedroom door; the moment Zeo pulls it open he hears the woman's familiar voice flood his ears.

"I came Harushige, so where is he?"

Nadaline's face has aged quite a bit, her eyes tired and sad. She's been haunted by their son's death since it happened; and to have her ex-husband call her, telling her he isn't dead when she had finally come to grips with it a few years ago... it was like being socked in the face with the past all over again.

She could still see the sick smile on the man's face as he presented some mechanical child to her calling him their son. It tore at her! And the wound remained there anytime she would turn on the television and see the cyborg's face over that year he entered a beyblading tournament.

It hurt her most that when she looked at him, she saw her son. The fire he posessed in his young heart, the spirit that never failed the boy. It was all too much. But this would be the knife in the heart if it were more of Harushige Zagart's sick scientific games.

Dr. Zagart looked at his beautiful wife, she hadn't changed even a little bit in his mind. The woman he loved and still carries a very strong torch for, stands before him. She had left him so bitterly back then, and it was devistating to lose someone that he'd never stopped caring for at the drop of a hat.

Unfortunately in his case, that hat was a failed attempt at recreating their son. With a weak smile, he says softly after adjusting his face to controlled and calm. "I'm sorry my lo-.." he stops himself. "Nadi', but he may have already left with Zeta to a friends house."

"Zeta?" The woman questions.

"It really is you," Zeo says from the stairs; all eyes turn to him. "Mom!" He rushes downstairs nearly missing a step twice.

The woman's eyes look frightened a moment as the teen rushes up to her, arms slinging around her neck when her young son's would only have reached her waist. He gripped her so tightly, fingers playing in her hair a bit. Just as her son had often done. But it couldn't be. It just couldn't. When Harushige had told her what happened she thought it was riduculous but after a moment, it didn't seem impossible. Fuhen had spent a lot of alone time with the boy when he had to be driven to music classes or some other place that neither parent could attend. But can it really be her son?

"Zeo," she says softly. Her hands caress the teen's back; his hair is just as long as her own! And just as soft and just as real.

Zeta watches from the top of the stairs; mouth slightly parted, eyes beginning to tear at the sight before him. Love, real love... of a mother. Something he never got to know and probably never would. Zeta suddenly felt jealous to the point of sickness processing through his mind.

The singer spoke rapidly to her now teenaged son in French, but Zeo only looked confused. He had no reason to speak French for ten years so the language was sketchy to him at best.

"Why aren't you responding?" She asks in Japanese.

"I'm sorry mother but I can't really speak French so much anymore."

Nadaline's heart crumpled in on her, it showed on her face. It made Zeo feel like he's just been punched in the gut and tears swelled in his eyes.

Seeing this, the woman shakes her head wiping them away quickly. "No, don't you cry about that. I don't mind, my Zeo. Mamma will just teach you French again. It will be wonderful for us, and you will never have a reason to not speak it again once we go home."

Snapping out of his trance, Zagart looks at the woman he loves with a bit of confused anger. "What do you mean?"

Not even looking at the man, though her expression grows bitter. "Isn't it obvious, Harushige? I'm taking Zeo home to live with me, in Paris."

"But you can't do that!" The man was outraged.

"Can't I?!" The woman nearly hollered. "A sick man has had our son for ten years because of your watchful eye and it all could have been avoided if you weren't playing cutesy with that assistant of yours!"

"I was never-.."

"Save it! All you had to do was take a simple trip to the airport with him, but you couldn't spare a moment away from your precious experiements to see that our son arrived to his destination safely." Looking at Zeo, she holds the boy's cheeks firmly between her hands. "My boy. Don't you want to come home with your mamma?"

Zeo nodded without even realizing he had done it.

Smiling, the woman nods as though telling him he'd said the right thing. "Then its settled. We'll leave as soon as you're packed. Go on up and get your things."

The teen turned on his heels starting up the stairs but he stops when he sees Zeta staring down at him, tears on his cheeks.

"You can't do this," growled his father. "Zeo is my son as well, and I've missed him just as much as, if not, more than you, Nadaline. And I will not let you take him from me again."

"I never took him in the first place, Harushige," the woman hissed. "You managed to do that all by yourself." Following after Zeo, she pauses on the stairs landing seeing that Zeo was still standing there. "Zeo?" She questions until she sees what's stopped him. "...Its you."

Zeta blinked back to earth. Head shaking, tears falling out to the side in his action. "You're... you're forgetting about me. What about my feelings? What about what I want?"

This surprised the woman. How can this boy want anything. He's not even human! "Please stand aside and let us through." She says firmly.

"No. I won't let you pass."

"Why you-.."

"Mother please," Zeo insisted.

Taken aback, the singer silences her words.

Zeta looks at his brother with a 'thank you' in his eyes. Steadying himself, he sighs to calm himself. "I just don't think its fair for you to take Zeo away, not when I finally have the family I've always wanted." Zeta says quietly. "I never knew how much I wanted a family, a real one, until meeting Zeo. And I won't let you take him away from me- not yet, not when I'm finally finding out what it feels like to be a brother."

He looks down sadly as he walks slowly down the stairs to his brother.

"To have secrets from our parents, laugh about private jokes, being strong through their downs and having someone who can be there for me as well when I'm not feeling so good." He wipes the back of his hand across his eyes. "Someone to go places with, make fun of" he laughed through oncoming tears. "I want all those things with him and my Dad... and you, Ms. Nadaline."

The woman looked blank as the false child spoke directly to her. How can he feel these things? How can he want anything. How?

"I may not be made up of the same things, but I feel and I know... and I need." He says sadly. "So please don't take him away, not just yet... and please stay here... and get to know me." Holding out a hand, he says honestly. "I... I'd like to get to know you."

She looked at the boy standing before her. His arm the perfect hue, fingers perfect. How her son would look if he had no scars up and down his arms, or a finger slightly bent the wrong way from God knows what. Its wrong, this boy. Its wrong. And yet, to look at him not Zeo but Zeo. Its alarming to feel that she feels something toward him.

"Please." It was almost unheard it was said so quietly.

Two teens, brothers, with only birth technicallity saying otherwise. He cares for her son, Harushige and herself; someone he's never met.

'Could I have been wrong?' She wonders walking slowly up the stairs. 'To never give it a chance to continue loving my son this way?'

As her hand reached out, she watches her real son... the boy she gave birth to, smile faintly at her. No hurt in his eyes, no fear that should be there. Did this boy give him that smile? Her hand comes into contact with Zeta's. Its soft, and warm just as her own. And as she clasped the cyborg'ss hand, she pulled him to her, hugging him close.

"I... Can't promise to love you, but I... I'll try."

"Thank you." He whispered into the woman's shoulder. Zeta didn't care that the woman may have agreed because she didn't plan to stay long. What he cared about is that she cared enough to try.

2 weeks later.

It had been shaky, this family spending time together; Nadaline hesitated around Zeta many times, but by the second week they were all talking and laughing as equals- they even had a barbecue, inviting the other bladers to come. It was a very loving and nice time.

And by the end of it all, Zeta really was crying as he watched his brother and someday mother leaving for their plane. He and his father stood in the terminal waving to their departing backs as they boarded the plane.

Zagart pats his son on the shoulder. "Let's go home, Zeo." He says to his son. "They'll come back someday." He believed.

And Zeo hoped so.

That night as Zagart wrote in his diary, he wrote up a new formula to make a human. It consist of love, hate, desire, pain, happiness and despair but mostly, family.


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