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Dinner went about as well as you could expect it, with one kid surrounded by a bunch of adults talking about things you don't understand. At least none of them asked me to do stupid tricks like... lift a safe over my head or something. Like I could! I know my limits with this body, and my strengths. I don't hold myself above anybody, but some people still make a big deal over it, or they look at me funny.

Bleh. I bit into some fat. We're having chicken and potato soup today. Its pretty good, but every now and then cook forgets a hunk of fat and I always end up getting it, and if I don't then my dad hides it really well.

Part of me still wondered what Ozuma was talking about, the comment with bad winds. Does he mean like I opened Pandora's Box? Because I don't think so... I planned on reading a lot more of the journal tonight, but at the same time... I feel like its taboo, and maybe I shouldn't touch it if its gonna hurt Ozuma so much.

"Zeo." My father says.

Looking at him I ask. "Yes, father?"

"Do you remember our deal?"

That was a deal? I question.

Nodding, I'm on my feet and grabbing my violin from its case beside my chair; making sure that the picture didn't drop from out of it. Closing it off, I step in front of the dining room, hold the instrument under my chin then on my shoulder. Straight back, chest out, I raise the bow and play the song that I'm scheduled to solo with at the recital.

It went perfectly, as I'd hoped; since I wasn't exactly practicing, I thought for sure I would bomb. The men in the room all applauded me when I was done. It felt good to hear it, because secretly I was kind of pretending that I was in a blading match, and I'd just won out over everybody, the first of many victory's for me.

"Splended young Zeo." Says Mr. Kadawaki. He's part of developement.

Mr. Ichikada, from funds, nodded to the man's words. "My Julian should only hope to play that well this weekend."

Julian is brilliant, and I can hardly be compared to him- besides, he plays the flute.

"Thank you all, so much." I look to my father. "May I be excused, please?"

"Very well Zeo." My father says coolly.

He will never admit to me that I did well, but then again, it'd be odd of him if he did. Taking my leave after saying goodbye to all of them, I can hear them start up conversation about the next new experiment they're researching.

Thank god they saved that for after dinner, or I'd of died from boredom. Taking my hair down from its ponytail, I dropped my band onto the dresser then set my violin case beside that. A quick change into my pajamas, and I was in bed with my secret book.

Let's see... here we go! Zeo was talking about a trip to France, where I last left off.

1994 8th May. This is just great! I somehow got sick this week, and now have to miss the trip to France with my mom. It makes me so mad, this is my first time getting to go! But I understand that she has to go with or without me, though. She's a famous singer, and is high on demand both here in Japan and overseas.

Did you know that there are other places in the world? Me either! I guess Matia was telling the truth about Spain. I kind of thought that when mom taught me French it was just so we can have a secret language, but a lot of people speak it.

My head hurts right now, and I've got a high fever but the main thing is that I can't keep my food down; dad said something about stomach flew- no wait, flu, I saw it on my medicine bottle.

Gross! There seems to be what looks like saliva on the page. Maybe he started coughing- good thing I can't get sick.

I'm feeling kind of tired now, sorry this is so short, I'll try harder when I'm better. Good night.

1994 10th May. You won't believe it! And its really true! Dad says he's gonna take me to Africa with him, since I missed the trip to France with mom. We're gonna be there a whole month! He says its for research but that we'll have fun when he's not working. Can you believe it? I saw it in my geographic book that dad ordered for me, while I was sick. I'm gonna go on a safari, and a trek- whatever that is, and we're gonna learn some basic African. The kids in school are gonna be so jealous.

Mr. Masterson says that he'll be coming along to watch me, since Mr. Kaiho is only the driver, and I don't know him that well... but from what I do know he's pretty nice.

I have to get packed right now, you think I should bring you along? My dad just called me, I'll put you in my suitcase for safe keeping. OH! and you know that boy I mentioned from the beach? I finally got to talk to him the other day, but I'll tell you about that when we get out on the road, I'm too busy right now.

I skipped a few pages because he doesn't seem to mention anything about this 'boy' from the beach on them, just a lot of stuff about the ride to the airport and the plane trip. The page that was done on the drive to the airport has a lot of ink slashes across the paper, from where they must have made a turn or something. Three pages later, he remembered what he was gonna say about the boy on the beach.

So, last Wednesday I saw that boy from the beach. He was waiting around outside of the candy store for someone inside, I think. I asked Mr. Kaiho to stop the car, and he did; the boy stared at me when I got out of the car, but when I smiled at him he didn't make any rude gestures or anything like that, so I walked over and said "Hi." He glared for a second then smiled and said "Hi." back.

I asked him who he was waiting for, he said no one so I guessed he was just looking. I told Mr. Kaiho that he could go home without me- don't tell my dad about that part, because he hates for me to be out alone without an adult. But I see lots of guys my age doing it!

Anyway, I went into the shop and bought some candy- just any random kind... when I offered some to the boy, he thanked me and we took a walk to the park and shared it.

He's really nice, says his family just moved to Japan, and he's been living with his grandparents. I asked him about his mom and dad, he told me that he hasn't known them for a long time. I think he means he doesn't have any that he knows of.

Its sad when things like that happen; I wanted to hug him but that didn't seem appropriate. "What's your name?" I ask him.

He smiles at me and says. "Ozuma."

I told him it was a funny name, that I've never heard before and he told me that its not unusual where he used to live. I think he's mixed with another race- like me- because he talks funny like he just learned Japanese, but its cute, I like it. He spit out a candy that he said taste like coconut, and I laughed. By the way, I told him my name after he told me his. He and I-...

Zeo knew Ozuma... Why didn't he ever tell me that? How could I not remember him; the day I was created I had some artificial memories put into me, things and people that I know... if I never told my dad about Ozuma, I guess he wouldn't know to put him in there. Well, that excuses him, but then what about Ozuma? Why didn't he tell me we were once friends? ...I guess this is what he meant when telling me not to read it, he didn't want me to know about it incase Zeo mentioned him.

Biting my lip, I blink in thought... wondering if I should tell him that I know or not? What would happen between us, would it change anything? I don't see why, we're pretty much the same person he and I.

I can remember when Ozuma came to me three days after I helped out Tyson, when he and the Saint Shields were attacking Dragoon. I looked at him and he seemed so hurt, almost offended, when he saw me at the top of the hill... and then they just left.

Ozuma came to my house three days later; William called me down from my room to talk with him in the sitting room. It was awkward, he kept saying "Why didn't you tell me you were back?" I had no clue what he was talking about, he even hugged me. Ha, truthfully I thought he was a little crazy.

I had spent a lot of time idolizing Tyson without really knowing why, until my dad told me. But, during all that time when I was hanging out with the Bladebreakers, I somehow developed a crush on Ozuma; he would show up every now and then and leave within the blink of an eye. I found that to be so mysterious that I had to know more about him, so I sought him out in this warehouse, and he and I talked.

I still didn't understand how he knew me, but when he said we were kids it all made sense. I had forgotten about my childhood completely- or so I thought- and to me, it was natural someone who was my friend back then would slip my mind. Thank god it didn't stop us from becoming as close as we are now though.

So Ozuma has nothing to worry about... Looking at my phone, I pick it up and press his number. He and I should talk.

I watched Ozuma walking up to my house from my bedroom window. He looks like he's been taking his sweet time on purpose, because I called him over an hour ago and the walk from my place to Tyson's isn't very long. In the mean time, I've done some more reading while I waited.

Zeo's life just got more and more interesting as the years went by. Its just such a shame about what happened to him. The door bell called me back to earth, and I rushed downstairs to greet Ozuma and bring him upstairs before William could get his hands on him. Last thing I wanted him to do was tell my dad that Ozuma came over; he knows that the two of us are together, but he doesn't know in what way exactly... and I'd kind of like to keep it that way.

"Come on, come on." I grab him by the hand and drag him up the stairs to my room. "I've got so many things to tell you." I say before closing the door.

Ozuma timidly stood by the door while I took a seat back on my bed, journal in my lap held open to where I left off. Why is he acting like this is his first time here.

"Ozuma, what are you doing? Sit down by me." I pat my bed.

Hesitant, he walks over to the bed sitting at the very edge of it. Rolling my eyes, I snatch him up from behind and pull him right up by my side against the headboard. I then rest my head to the side on top of his; I know he likes it when I do this, because he always plays in my bangs while he reads or talks to me.

The room is so quiet all you can hear is the sound of our breathing mixing together. Ozuma once told me he can hear my body making this low hum, he says its like a sound reserved only for him; kind of like Rei's strange purring. I don't think I've ever heard this sound before, so I'll have to take his word for it.

Ozuma sighs right then and begins with, "Zeo look-..." only I cut him off.

"Did you know that Zeo learned African when he and father visited their for a month and a half, while he did research. He knows French too, ha, that's probably why I know it so well- its second nature."

"Zeo," He tried again but I kept talking.

I wanna show him that the fact that he knew fleshen Zeo doesn't bother me. I want him to share that with me, if he wants to. I'm sure he and Ozuma have done a lot of things that might be written down in this journal... and coming from Ozuma, whose been there, will be a real treat for me. Why can't he see that?

"He knew three kids that taught him, two boys and a girl." I chuckle a bit. "He described them so good I almost feel like I can see them, he said he took pictures but I flipped through the book but the birthday pictures where the only two taped inside. I figured dad hid them, or they're in a photo album somewhere in the cellar.

"Zeo please."

"Amijatta, really funny and friendly. Biyogo, sarcastic and was always making fun of the way he pronounced things, and the girl was Doto she wanted to be an artist... They gave him a robe from kente cloth you know, they said its a real honor to be accepted as one of them."

"Zeo that's enough." His voice came out as a quiet hiss.

Lifting my head I look over at him. "But why?" Taking his hand, I look into his emrald colored eyes that in the sunlight reflect as more of a lime green. "Ozuma, I read in here that you knew Zeo- is that really so bad?"

"It is." He said bluntly. Looking down at our joined hands, he shrugs his shoulder. "I guess I don't want you thinking things that's all. Zeo and I... we were friends and nothing more."

"But Ozuma, I didn't think anything more... you were kids- what could have happened between you?" Letting one of his hands go I pick up the book. "See, its good to read this, it really helps me Ozuma, its letting me know things that I've always wanted to, like look here-." I point. "My mother is pure blood French; she sings all kinds of classical songs; and she and Zeo often played together. She would sing, and he would play. I still don't know her name though... I thought about going on the internet to look her up but... I kind of chickened out."

Scoffing, he shakes his head. "You see, its upsetting you." Reaching for the book, he then says. "You shouldn't be reading it."

I hold it out of reach fending him off with my other hand on his chest. "But not in that way, Ozuma... learning about my mother would only bring up questions that can only be answered by my dad, like," I think of something that's been going through my head since I found the lost item. "Where is she now? Did they get a divorce? My dad wouldn't take well to the sudden questions, he'll ask me why about a lot of things, and my only answer can be that I found Zeo's journal- he'll take it away from me before I can finish it."

"Maybe he should!" He snapped. "Zeo, you're Zeo... no one else."

"And I know that..." Calming down before I started to snap as well, I rub his shoulder and readjust myself on the bed beside him. "Here, you read it to me. Please."

He seemed to swallow hard as his hands reached out for the book, shakily they grab a hold of it and open it up. The year has changed which makes Zeo eight now. Ozuma took a deep breath letting it out before he then starts reading.

Guess what I'm getting awards in school for being the top student in math and science class. My dad would kill me if he knew I failed in science, its practically my heirotage. Anyway, dad got a new business partner named Dr. Kay; she's really pretty, but when you hear her talk it kind of takes away from it.

She's rude and snaps at dad's assistants a lot, but dad says she's really working out. My mom likes her, so, I like her too. Mom says a woman that knows what she wants tends to develope a heavy skin in a man's world.

Did I tell you I got my trip to France with her, we bought those funny French hats, and ate yummy dessert; I got to watch mom live at this big concert hall, from the sidelines. I always think she looks most beautiful when singing, but never mind that, there's this new game coming out there called 'Beyblade'.

I've seen posters all over the place, and I wanna do that this summer. Dad says such games are silly and pointless in life, and that if I ever wanna make it in this world, I have to do something more productive. As if! Its just a game.

But its not just gonna be in France, I've been seeing posters go up all over Japan too! They say this thing could be big if it picked up. I want a beyblade so badly, but I don't know where they sell them or how to get my hands on one.

Ozuma's been acting weird since he found out about it, he said that it has something to do with his being in Japan, and that he has some type of mission. Since then, I haven't seen him as much as I usually do, which sucks because he's like my best friend.

All the kids at school are buzzing about it, they say that there are all types of colors and styles out there to choose from. Isn't it funny the wild imagination of children these days. Someone's moving into that big house down the street on the big hill, that's one of the nicest looking places in the whole district, I wonder if I should say hi when they get settled.

Darn it, sorry about the tear (there's an arrow drawn to a torn piece of paper at the corner of the page.) Idol, my new puppy, just hopped on the bed and attacked you. He needs to be trained, but dad hasn't found anyone yet. He's an American dog, a yorkie, the man at the pet store said.

Ozuma began to lightly scratch his fingers through my hair. Its comforting and makes me smile. He read so many pages to me, telling me that the reason he was so upset back then was because their were rumors going around the tribe about the bitbeasts being reborn, and since the spinning tops advertized in beyblading were so much like the devices they used to seal the spirits into that the holders of the spirits would soon show theirselves as well, and it was his mission to retrieve the legendary animals before they fell into the wrong hands, like so many years ago.

We all had our reasons for doing the things we did back then, and truthfully, I think it made us closer as friends. I know just about as much of everyone of my friends as they know about me, we all sat down and aired ourselves clean after that day when they discovered the truth about me.

It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, but it was really hard on Ozuma. He and I avoided each other like we were embarrassed. I was embarrassed because I thought he wasn't okay with me anymore, and he was upset because he never knew that I wasn't the real thing. It seemed like in all the time he and I were together that year, he somehow found a way to accept the fact that his best friend couldn't remember him... but it was never the case at all, and in a way he lost him all over again. But Ozuma and I saw past that, and are stronger as a couple than we ever were.

Laughing quietly, Ozuma turned the page. "I remember this day, he and I were catching bugs. He was so brave up until one ran down his shirt." I laugh at that. "He ran off screaming that it was gonna bite him, it was gonna poison him."

"What was it?"

"A cricket."

That cracked me up. Zeo must have been pretty sheltered to think that of such a passive bug. Taking the book and giving the next page a look over, I smile at it. Such a lively person. Looking at Ozuma when a bundle of my hair was moved over my shoulder, I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.

"Thanks for reading with me, are you gonna come over tomorrow?"

Ozuma thought about it then nodded. "Yeah. Bright and early so you might wanna have breakfast in your room tomorrow."

"Definitely!" I kiss him again.

Taking that as a challange to wrestle, Ozuma knocked me to the bed and I tumbled sideways to get away from him. He's not pinning me down.

"Rrraaa!" I let out a roar before pouncing on him.

He was laughing too; he attempted to buck me off, so taking that as my chance I slap the bed for the count. "1... 2... 3! And Zeo is the winner!"

Ozuma rolled onto his back, holding my face as he looked at me.

"Uh-uh, to the victor the spoils." I say before kissing him.

He grabbed my nipples, that little sneak, and pinned me down when I howled in pain.

When he leaned over, I waited for him to kiss me... but he just nuzzled his nose to mine. "Nadaline."


"Your mother's name is Nadaline."

"...Ozuma," I say almost in tears as he is.

"She always let me call her Mrs. Nadaline saying that I was like her well-groomed, second son." He has a weak smile on. "Zeo could learn a lot from me, she said." He sniffled.

I reached up and wiped his tears.

So that's what he was talking about, reading Zeo's diary wouldn't be so much painful for me as it would him. He is the one who can't listen to it, he doesn't want to remember... Though I know they're just friends, I sort of feel... kind of jealous now. They had such a nice friendship that he cries so readily at the thought of his childhood friend.

Cleaning his self up, he sits up and says. "Come on, I could go for a snack."

I can tell he wants to change the subject, so I go along with it. Feeling the way I did just then I could use a distraction. "Yeah, let's make some cookies."

"Chocolate chip?"

"Mm hmm. William knows the recipe, but you and I can make the shapes."

We're on our ways out the door. Just before I close it, I cast somewhat of a glare at the book of secret memories owned by fleshen Zeo; nothing... it means nothing.


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