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The sky ripped open with a crack of lightning illuminating the office of Dr. Harushige Zagart. The man's large hand is running across the page of a small booklet while the other holds it in place. Ever since he read his son's diary he decided to keep one of his own, just something to record his thoughts in.

Water: 35 liters.

Carbon: 20 kilograms.

Amonia: 4 liters.

Lime: 1.5 kilograms.

Phospherous: 800.

Salt: 250 grams.

Sulfer: 80.

Flourine: 7.5.

Iron: 5.

Solpeter: 100.

Silicon: 3 grams.

And 15 trace amounts of other ingrediants. All this can make a human life, these simple things are what makes us live, what keeps us moving and what eventually will take us apart. These ingrediants I used to make my son come back to me. It was hard at first, hours of trying out this and that, but nothing fit with just mixing and pouring into a beaker, setting them on burners, and hoping for something.

Without a womb these ingrediants are just that. That was when I came up with the idea to make an artificial womb for these substances. Tubes existing among electricity, wires strung around them an artificial body for these ingrediants but with one exception; the trace amounts were from those of an animal.

A lizard for age and ability to recooperate, a bird for its adaptable nature and pride, a dog for strength and loyalty, and a cat for its wisdom and flexibilty. I put them together, did the research, and my artificial son lived! ...But only for a short amount of time. The experiment worked, but, it was missing so much. That's when Dr. Kay presented me with the information about a rock with ancient spirits held within it, and I knew what I needed.

I perfected the body of my son, a special type of rubber to create his skin. Small tubes performing as active veins within any human, the gears of course will make him move but what seperates Zeo from any other cybernetic invention is his mind. With the withdrawn spirits set into the heart and mind of the body he surpassed evolution.

Many scientist have tried to get their hands on my son, asking me question after question when his secret became public but I tell them to back off with enough threat to let them know I mean it.

Zeo... my son... he is who he is which was all I wanted to accomplish, to be reunited with him; though my wife Nadaline left me, as well as others- the help that refused this method due to religion- I have what I wanted and the methods I used will be buried forever the day I die. ...My only concern though, is for Zeo after I'm gone. The body must be maintained...

With a sigh, he closes the book. Its late and he should have been in bed since he has to be up early to leave for a meeting at the lab. Putting the book into the desk then locking it off, he heads upstairs. Passing by his son's bedroom, he raises his fist to knock on the door and tell him good night but he knows that Zeo is asleep by now, so he continues down the hall to his bedroom. It was a good thing he did this too...

Had he opened the door, he would have seen his son opening his mouth taking in the aroused nipple of his boyfriend while spreading the shorter male's legs apart; slicked fingers going down beyond his genitles to Ozuma's entrance to prepare his body.

Dr. Zagart would have seen his son whisper loving words into his lover's neck before leaving a little bite on it, missed hearing the both of them breathe deeply of the scent in the air. Ozuma gasps and arches his back when the blue haired teen's fingers travel within his body. He didn't have to bare witness to the way Ozuma gripped his lover's shoulder to bring him closer.

No, Dr. Zagart couldn't have taken a sight like the two of them moving together, heated by passion. Not tonight, not after all he's felt while working in his secret journal. So for now he rest his head completely free of any trauma of just how grown up his young son trully is now.

Somewhere out of the road a clap of lightening frightens a teenaged straggler who is hiding under the shelter of a thick trunked tree. He yelps, fear shaking through him from the storm raging above his head or maybe it was due to the leaf falling on his nearly bare shoulder, causing an image of being grabbed to run through his head.

Taking off running, hand smacking his shoulder free of whatever it was that grabbed him, he runs and runs until his feet slap against the pavement of the oneway street that he hid away from after he got out of the car.

Two days. He counted as the sun rose and fell. Two days he waited out in the woods wondering if he were being searched for, but no one came. So today he was gonna make his move, he is gonna go home. His voice cracks out a cry, the moment that word crosses his mind.

Staggering after his foot meets briefly with a root from the forest around him, he crawls to the street; his hands touching freedom first. Pulling himself to his feet he pats the dirt from his scrapped knee. Taking a few shaking steps forward, he wraps his arms firmly around his chest giving his shoulders a thorough rub for futile warmth.

Sniffling back a roll of snot that wanted to run free from his nose, he continued on- but wait! That sound! A car! Its coming up too fast for his wobbling, gangly limbs to make it into the woods in time. Eyes shielded as a car approaches he thinks of running out in front of the car, preffering to be hit by it than dragged away again. The car slows to a stop, a window rolls down and a woman- not a man- asks.

"Son are you all right?" Her voice is elderly but kind.

From his place by the edge of the street Zeo stares through the darkness into the car. When the overhead light came on, revealing a sweet faced aunt-looking woman and two wide-eyed children he walked over to the car.

"You'll get soaked out here. Climb in, I'll take you back to my place and you can get a bath and change of clothes. We'll sort you out in the morning, hn?"

Zeo continues to stare, though closer to the car, still very unsure.

"You can't refuse to be in a better shelter than the woods. Come on, get in, we don't bite."

"Mamma he smells." Says the little boy with a brown colored bob-cut.

"Hush, now. Come on boy get in."

Wetting his mouth he sighs, then climbs into the car. No place can be worse than where he was before.

"Theeeere we are," the woman drags her words out with each final scrubbing of his long blue hair that she is towel drying for him after his nice hot bath that took the chill from his bones completely; if only she had something for his nerves to prevent him from shaking, then he'd be living on easy street. "You look good as new."

Zeo opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out except a dull hollow huff.

Smiling the woman gave him a firm pet on the head. "You don't have to say anything young man, you just climb into bed and get settled. This storm looks like a long one so, you just try to get some sleep. Hava and Hideo won't bother you."

Zeo kept a watchful eye on the woman, watching as her expression changed from many different emotions, most of them curiousity, the others uncertainty... probably wondering if she'd picked up a nut, a crazed child that doesn't know right from wrong and will kill her and her little family in the dark of night.

A crack of lightning shot his attention to the window, it took that one second for him to turn away that the woman took it upon herself to press him down onto the bed; he wasn't going to scream, so used to this kind of abuse already, but she instead tucked the blanket up to his collarbone before petting him on the head one last time then walking out of the room.

Blinking, he looks around the darkened room for something he can use to barracade the door. A dresser! Slipping out of the cozy and very fluffy bed, he sneaks soundlessly across the room; the wooden floor gave no sign that any weight was pressing down on it at all as he moved to stand at the dresser's side, then leans his weight down onto it. Struggling, small wimpers leaving his mouth, he manages to give it one quick shove but it moved no further than that.

'I'm too weak to push it, I'm too weak... and she's gonna come in and 'check on me' I just know it.'

Crossing the room to the door, he opens it peaking out into the hallway. Its very dark with specks of moonlight shining in from a window located at a place in the hall which he can't see. Closing the door, he blinks dumb-foundly at a turn lock.

How could I forget about this? Turning the lock over, he smiles; balmed lips wanting to crack again in the activity but can't find a way through what the woman smeared on them. Zeo climbs back into bed, pulling the blanket completely over his head before tunneling into the center of it. He was surprised that it took him only an hour to fall asleep and stay there.

"Mmm. More please William!" Calls Zeo buttering another cresent roll. He was starving this morning and couldn't wait to go down for breakfast, claiming that he invited his fellow blader over to have breakfast yesterday afternoon.

Snickering at how cute his boyfriend could be, Ozuma was no better when it came to the delicious food the mansion's chef can prepare. He was on his fourth plate of fried potatoes and he lost count of the bacon strips he ate along side it. But a blader's gotta eat. Especially with the nationals only a few weeks away. The two have decided on the Saint Beast as their team name and weren't gonna change it no matter what.

"You certainly have a healthy appetite this morning, Zeo." Says his father coming into the dining room with the morning paper under his arm.

He spared Ozuma a glance, always wondering whom the young man is even though Zeo has told him a million times it never quite sticks. But it seems that the two of them are... dating as he's come to accept. Love. Another function that superceeded anything his hopes could ever expect.

"Dad, can Ozuma and me go to the dresser today to get some uniforms designed for the tournament?"

Harushige furrowed a brow at that. He doesn't see what uniforms have to do with blading since most of the ragga-muffins wore street clothes, but he did design a look for his son when he went after the Bladebreakers all those months ago. "Take your card with you. I'll tell Nishi you're coming."

"Alright!" Downing his orange juice after his excited outburst, he pulls the shorter male up from the table then drags him out of the room.

"Zeo seems to be in unusually good spirits this morning, sir."

Dr. Zagart only grunted in response, though, he is happy that his son is in a good mood.

The two teens leave the house in a hurry ready to hit the park for some free-lance blading. Every bit of practice counts in this thing, and they weren't about to miss a chance to blade with some of the very kids hoping to win a spot in this thing.

"I can't wait to get to Russia." Says Zeo. "Kai says Tala has a mansion with a pool and everything."

"Zeo, your house has a pool too."

Waving it off he says. "Yeah, yeah. But I've never swam in one that self heats."

'True.' Agrees Ozuma.

"Then its off to China where we'll stay with Rei's cousin Lee. I've never been to the mountains before." He side steps a woman with a stroller.

"I grew up in that surrounding."

"Hm? Oh yeah." He throws an arm around him. "Then France, at a nice hotel- my Dad says he'll cover that- and then its off to New York with Max's mom and after that-..."

"Thailand. I know." He laughs at his boyfriend's unbridaled enthusiasm. But it really is exciting so he can be excited for the both of them he supposed.

"Yup, then back to Japan where we'll claim world victory." Raising a self boosted fist to the air, he shouts. "Nothing's gonna stop us!"

The two arrive at the park right then to see a swarm of bladers looking like a colony of ants with how they're moving about the space of the park, some blading and others watching, what a scene! The two of them take their blades out with a smile of chaos in their minds.

Head lowered, plate of cheese laced eggs and a buttered piece of toast with a side of fresh ground sausage Zeo Zagart says in a low voice. "Thank you."

"Its my pleasure. You're so thin, I thought about you all night. Can you stay for lunch and dinner? I know I can fatten you up in a short few days." She says offering the young boy another side of sausage which he gladly accepts.

"I really just wanna go home."

"Alright, tell me where you live and I'll drop you off."

"Baki Falls, Shinda."

"Shinda? Do you mean in Tokyo?" Asks the woman.

Zeo nods while slowly cutting at his breakfast taking uncertain bites like there may be something hidden in his food, but he got the same food made in the same pan as the woman's children so it seems fine- plus her kids have barely come up for air.

"You're a ways away from Tokyo young man. This is the country side- Hokkaido."

"Zeo. My name is Zeo, Miss."

Smiling she corrects herself. "Zeo. I can get you a plane ticket out there though, if you don't mind going it alone after that. I can't take any trips until my husband gets back."

"Yes, thank you. I can manage on my own."

"But how on earth did you get out here if this isn't your hometown?"

Zeo's eyes flickered back and fourth at the events that got him here, but he says to the woman. "We were moving and," with a shrug he adds. "I was left behind in the bathroom at a gas station. It wasn't on purpose, my parents thought that I was asleep in the back when they went in."

"My god that's awful! They've probably been looking for you for ages!" She seemed to be in a mental hussle from his little lie. "Well, you finish that up and I'll get you on the first flight out to Tokyo."

Scrunching in on himself, he eats his breakfast with a bit more vigor happy to hear the words 'home' used in a positive way.

"I tell you, I don't know what I would do if anything happened to my children." Says the woman, whose name he has yet to learn. "I'd cry a thousand tears if I never found them. I sure wish I could be there for the happy reunion between you and your parents."

'Will it be happy?' He wonders. 'I've been gone for ten years, do they even remember they had a son? Do they remember me at all? Have they been looking for me and figured I must be dead, since I haven't turned up... I guess, they've been suffering just as much as I have really. Yeah, I need to get home as soon as possible to make things better... to be safe... safe...' He nervously started rolling the back of his hair at the neck between his fingers at the root pulling a bit free... safe... He continues to think.

Shiori left for the airport to pick up Zeo's ticket, taking her daughter Hava with her leaving him alone with her son Hideo. The two are in the living room watching a very low volume cartoon. At least Zeo is trying to, but Hideo keeps staring at him making him uncomfortable. Turning his blue gaze the boy's way, he opens his mouth to say something but closes it quickly when the boy perked up to hear what the strange once water-drenched child was going to say.

Visibly disappointed when nothing comes out, he asks. "How old are you?"

Zeo just looked at him real hard, then with a dry voice he says. "17. How old are you?"

Smiling, Hideo comes to sit closer to the stranger. "I'm 12. Your hair is really cool. I've never seen the color before."

Zeo said nothing, but he caught his self looking down at the young boy's crotch then he quickly snapped his gaze away, blinking hard to dispel the pictures running through his head. Compliments always came with contact. Scooching away from the younger boy, he curls farther into the embrace he has around his legs.

"Me and Hava are twins, did you notice?"

Zeo shakes his head.

"It's true... But to tell you the truth, I don't think we look anything alike- even though the doctor said if she cut her hair or I grew mine we'd be hard to tell apart."

"I'm going to the bathroom." He dashes upstairs into the room lended to him the other night. Alone, he sighs from the tension releasing from his chest. 'What's wrong with me? I'm not... like that... I would never touch that boy or anyone for that matter. So then why did those thoughts run through my head?'

Sniffling, he shakes away the urge to cry out, as he's hardening almost instantly. Needing a distraction, he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth with a toothbrush that Mrs. Shiori says are part of the bundles she buys for when the others have over stayed their use.

Looking into the mirror Zeo begins to brush, finding it hard to do over the frown on his face but, clearing his throat he says, bits of tooth paste spatter out along with his words. "Mother, Father, I'm home." Shaking his head at how lame that sounded, he tries again. "Mom, Dad... I've missed you, and I never stopped believing that you'd come for me.. that you'd... save me."

But that's a lie. Two years in, and he was already on the verge of believing that the home he was dragged to would be his permanent residence. And to be honest, his parents didn't find him, he saved his self and he brought his self home. Were they doing anything at all on their end? Will there be dated missing posters of him around Japan? Or has he been replaced with another missing child, a fresher one that people can ignore the sight of should the captive be allowed out of their prison; not at all something he was given the chance for.

The small room in that little house was his only visual for years and years, and years and years. Zeo didn't even realize he was beating at the mirror until the blood from his hand stained it in a big splatter mixed with little streaks that ran away from the whole.

Eyes wide, body trembling, he backs away from the mirror until he hits the wall. The shock of solid to his skin caused him to jump clean across the bathroom where he staggered into the tub, the shower curtain his only latching and its tugged it from its hooks giving him no support from popping his head against the other end of the small claw-foot tub.

He can hear his voice screaming for the man to stop shoving him under the water as gulps of it went down his throat without his concent, he writhed and struggled in the present just as he did back when the near drowning incident happened. The shower curtain fell down all around him making things worse, as he did black-out that time to wake up and find Kaihou- the man who took him, blowing air into his suffocated body. The look on his face when Zeo came to after his horrible doing.

'A little boy like you could drown bathing on his own. I'd better join you from now on.'

"Zeo!" Someone is smacking him. "Zeo can you hear me?" Looking at her kids, she nods to the boy. "Hideo go and get me the first aid kit."

"Yes Mamma." Rushing downstairs as soon as the order was given.

"Zeo, come on sweet heart wake up?" She rocks the craddled boy back and forth. "What could he have been doing in there?" She wonders aloud.

Zeo began to cough as though water were exiting his lungs, he sits up instantly when he feels that he's in a laying position. Ready to run, he steadies his vision on the woman that had rescued him from the road. With a relieved sigh, she hugs the boy close, rocking him, planting unwanted kisses to his forehead.

"I'm so glad you're awake. What on earth were you doing in there?"

"I slipped." He explained.

"You slipped?" She couldn't believe her ears. This boy has been on his own for so long, he's become completely fragile to the world. 'A fourteen year old should never have been on their own for as long as he has. This boy is very lucky that I came along and found him or he might still be wandering- or worse!' Thinks the woman, mind made up now she says. "I've changed my mind, I'm gonna see to it that you get home myself. You're still obviously very frazzled from being on your own for so long."

Zeo nodded, dropping his head as he found his self holding tightly to the woman. He just wants this nightmare to be over.

The malcontent child had planned to stay up all night since they hit Tokyo and found a hotel to sleep in, but he couldn't keep his exhausted eyes open another second. Hideo and Hava were left at a neighbors while Mrs. Shiori made the trip with him. He was surprised when he woke up in the middle of the night with a soft gasp, as opposed to the scream the dream called for. Shiori is asleep in the next bed, and in between them is a phone.

'Contact.' Thinks Zeo.

The phone seemed to grow right before his eyes as if saying 'you can't possibly ignore me now. Call your parents, Zeo. Call them and let them know you're coming home'. But the moment his hand landed on it, he withdrew it like he's been shocked. Looking at his mentally burned hand, he's wearing a scared yet curious expression.

'I'm afraid to do it... I'm scared to call my own parents... What will they do when they see me? Will they cry? Will they hold me?' It was settled.

Slipping his feet into his sneakers, also something bought for him by Mrs. Shiori on top of a few clothes and pajamas, which thankfully, she didn't dress him in when he drifted off. He can't take the thought of another person touching him without his knowing of it.

9 9 9

The sun is high in the sky blinding anyone dumb enough to look at water or white, which makes the clouds look remarkably clean and fluffy. It showed to be a beautiful day for anyone that left the house to enjoy it. Which is what made Tyson leave Kendo practice with his grandfather half way through when his friends came over, and Max just happened to have an ice cream cone in his hand. But instead of sharing with his boyfriend, as said boy suggests, Tyson demanded his own.

"I'm telling you, dude, I can eat that whole menu in one sitting." Says Tyson walking along the dirt road away from his house with his friends around him, minus Zeo and Ozuma who are with Dr. Zagart today dealing with something along the lines of uniforms? It was hard to remember what the guy had said, talking too much to make any sense with the start and finish of any sentence. "I just need to start with the frozen yogurts."

"Uh huh. Whatever you say Tyson." Says Rei casually trying to stay close to Kai.

The two of them have been acting really strange lately; their four other friends have noticed, but no one had the courage to say anything about it.

"Its true, Tyson and me once spent the entire afternoon over there just because he couldn't stop taste testing everything with a large waffle cone." Max helps his boyfriend brag.

"No one cares is what Rei meant." Says Kai out-of-the-blue, since he hadn't been speaking most of the day.

"Real funny. You know Kai, if you spent more time blading instead of mouthing off-..."

They all froze seeing Zeo walking up the street, head down looking like the world were ready to implode in on him.

Shiori will understand that he walked out on her, that he has to do this alone. Even if she did understand that he wanted to go alone, she would make him take a taxi which is out of the question for him, since being alone in a car with someone was the last thing Zeo ever wanted again. With food and drink in him from the other day, and half a good nights rest to top it off, he was more than capable of running off should anyone try anything funny as opposed to fleeing a car which was pretty tough when he was seven.

'Mom, Dad I love you, please don't leave me alone anymore.' He thinks but shakes his head after a second thought. '...I'm sorry.' Was all he wanted to get out before a familiar sting of dry tears hit his eyes.

"Zeo?" Says Tyson.

The bedraggled teen looks up at the sound of his name seeing a group of kids around his age, all staring at him like he's deranged. For all he's been through he may as well be.

"I thought you were gonna be at the dressers all day." His gaze went down to a large white square on the boys knee. "What happened to your knee?" Asks the Dragoon avatar looking down at the bandage.

Zeo hadn't realized he left for the trip in shorts. Backing away from the advancing stranger he shakes his head. "What are you talking about? Who are you?!" He really belts out the next part. "I don't know any of you, so leave me alone!"

"Don't know me? Z' its me Tyson." He shrugs. "Don't you remember me?"

"I said leave me alone." He continued to back away. "I don't want any trouble so just go away." His house is so close, why are these neighborhoodlums bothering him?

"Maybe he needs another check up." Says the blond kid. "You know like that last time."

A kid with two colored hair said something about him that made about as much sense as what the blond child said. All their unfamiliar voices swirled through his head making him angry. 'Why are they talking like they know me? Who are these people?'

That's when it hit him. The posters! His name would be on every one. That means that his parents were-... shoving the strange teens aside he makes a mad-dash to his home, hearing them shout after him before following no doubt wanting to collect the reward. But who cares about that, his parents miss him and he's gonna give them the best gift in the world.


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