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The front door closed with a loud thud as the young teen nearly slammed it shut after his entrance. Those boys are determined to get at him, so they can collect from his father. Turning the lock, he turns around to face the home, his gaze focusing on the strange new appearance of his house; the colors alone were a sight to see in the foyer, but beyond that the house was missing what it usually always had- sound.

Where is everyone? He wonders while stepping further into the house, but he pauses before entering the living room.

An image of his young self runs by laughing gayly as his mother chases him for hugs and kisses, the two of them looking like a moving ocean with that blue hair atop their heads sweeping around with their every movement. The image faded and he moved on after shaking his head.

My father might be in the study! Thinks the boy dashing through the living room into a hall. Which way though? He looks left then right. Scratching his head in frustration he growls. Remember, dammit! "Ah! Left!" He hurries down the hall into the office.

Stepping into the hall with curiousity plastered to his face, William asks. "Is someone there?" He takes another step down the thick walled hallway. "Master Zeo?" He peaks into the living room. "Strange. I could have sworn I heard the young master's voice." Shrugging it off, he turns an ear to the sound of banging before the door bell rang. "Coming!" He announced.

Zeo looked about the office, more images- ghost if you will- played hide-n-seek in there, tthough his father often told him not to. But inspite of that, the man always tickled him when he found him hiding where he knew the silly child would go. Stepping over to the desk, he reached for the third drawer where he would always hide a candy for his father when he was gonna be working long hours, and he told everyone not to disturb him.

Sliding it open, he smiled when he saw a bag of the very same strawberry candies he would leave in there. Taking one from the open bag that seemed to be offering him a 'Welcome Home' present, he unwraps it as he leaves the room then pops it into his mouth and continues down the hall.

Mom is bound to be in the music room, she loves singing while I play. He smiles. I can still hear her voice so clearly.

Pushing a door open, he blushes seeing that its the meeting room he just walked into; chairs line a large table set before a projection screen, a bunch of papers are on the walls of things Zeo could never understand. Trying another door, he sees that the lab is there.

Twirling the candy over and over in his mouth with his tongue, he perks up remembering that his mother had her things set upstairs. But when he turned out of the living room to cross halls, he sees those four boys at the door with a man he doesn't know greeting their entry.

"Zeo!" Called the one kid with the navy blue hair.

Not this again. Coming further out into the front entrance of the home, he bares his teeth before saying. "I told you I'm fine, now leave me alone!" Dashing upstairs, to the first room he sees, he quickly locks the door after him; startled by the loud knock that came only seconds after he did this.

"Zeo! What's going on with you? Just open the door and we can straighten this whole thing out."

What is this kid talking about? He's dellu-... he tries thinking of the word. He's crazy! He declares not being able to find the correct word. "Go away! I don't know you! Not any of you! So leave me alone!"

"But we're your best friends." Says one of the other boys, he sounded a bit stuffy but he spoke in such a happy tone it almost made him wanna believe it. "Just get lost! I don't know you! ...I want my parents not a bunch of idiots."

"Idiots?" Says the first boy who seems to be a bit of a talker. "That little jerk-" banging on the door again, he shouts. "Open this door Zeo! This isn't funny."

The four of them stagger back when they hear a loud bang come from the bedroom side of the door.

"Can we go now? Something is bothering Zeo and he doesn't want our company, we should respect his decision... he'll come to us when he's ready to talk." Says Kai.

"What, you mean like last time?" Mocks Tyson. "Incase you failed to forget, Zeo kept us in the dark about him up until we found out on our own..." he lowered his voice. "I just..." he sounds sad. "I just don't want it to be like last time. I think we should get it out of him before it gets out of hand again."

Pressing his ear to the door, he frowns. They're worse off than I thought. Thinks the young teen.

Backing into the room, he looks around then smiles when he sees that at least one thing in this house hasn't bedroom is just as he remembers it, with the minor exception of a few add ons.

Why would they put such weird posters in my room? He wonders looking at them. One of them has a beyblade on it. I remember that game... I wanted to play it so badly that I would do anything to get one. Mom sent me one for my birthday, wish I'd remembered to bring it with me when I went to see her- now what did I call it? Something French if I'm not mistaken. Another poster had him suck in a breath from shock because on it are the very boys that are standing outside of his room right now. Is that it? They wannt beyblade with me? How do they even know I have one?

Walking around a bit more, he touches this little thing and that, stuff he's sure shouldn't be there, and wondering how and why it was put there. But when he stopped before a tack board that never existed in his room, his blood ran cold because covering it are pictures of those four boys. Blading, just sitting around and smiling at the camera, two of them have Ozuma in them!

Ozuma... Did he do this? Are they his friends, and he told them about me? I barely remember him but I know he was my bes-...

Tearing a picture from the cork board, he began to tremble as his face smiled up at him. He has an arm around Ozuma while the other boys are pulled in close for a nice picture perfect moment.

How can I be in thi-...? His hand came up to his mouth but it was too late as vomit spilled out a bit onto the carpet.

Rushing to the bathroom he deposited the rest into the toilet, messy hands holding onto the seat as he eased his stomach from the endless fluids. But once he calmed down to single spits, he whimpered into a scream. His dry tears choked out through a hollow, stinging throat.

"What's going on!?"

"Not bad, huh?" Says Zeo looking at himself in the mirror at the fitters.

His hands smooth down the clean white of his new uniform. It looks a bit like his training uniform with the jacket and all but the colors are a bit more Saint Shield style with the orange in place of the purple, and red in place of the blue.

Ozuma snickers at how cute his boyfriend looks. "You look good but Zeo... I just don't think this uniform thing is for me. What's wrong with what I'm wearing everyday to blade in."

Dr. Zagart would have split ages ago if he didn't bring piles of his work to do while waiting on his son and his friend to make up their minds about what they want to wear. It is nice to see that Zeo hasn't soured about beyblading, even after all that's happened. He really had to give it to those boys, though, if they hadn't wanted to remain Zeo's friends he probably would have once again lost his son, but as Tyson Granger said, it wouldn't matter if he were human or a simple vaccuum he's still here and that's good enough for them and its good enough for him too.

"What do you think father? Good looking guys aren't we?"

"Zeo just decide so we can get back home, and get your things sorted out for the trip. I'm sure William has made lunch by now."

"That's my dad's way of saying not too shabby." He grinned at Ozuma. "We'll take them, okay." He says to the family dresser.

"Very good. That will be 3,200 for the pair."

Zagart took out his credit card to give to the man, looking down at the floor when his buzzing cell phone dropped to the thin carpeted floor. "Hm?" Picking up the phone he sees that the number is his house. Flipping it open he asks. "Yes, what is it?" Knowing that it couldn't be anyone other than William.

"Uh, Sir, is master Zeo with you?" He whispered into the phone.

"Zeo. You know that he is, why?"

"Then I really think you should come home right away."

"We were just about to leave now, why? What's the emergancy? Did something in the lab explode again?"

The man made a garbled sound. "Well, something is about to blow up. I would really rather not do this over the phone, sir. So please hurry."

Agitated with how vague his hired help was being, he hangs up the phone. "Let's go Zeo. We have to get home."

"Huh?" Surprised at his father's sudden anger. He starts to undress. "Alright."

William hangs up the house phone then looks down at the young master who is sitting on the couch face in hands, trying to cry through his confused hysterics. William doesn't know what's going on. And Master Zeo seems to only be calling for his father refusing to talk to anyone else.

He already had those four boys sent home for him thinking that this young master was HIS young master, but he is infact... He can't even really say it himself, he just hopes that this doesn't end up the kind of thing where lives are scarred for life.

"Eh, would you care for something to eat master Zeo?"

Zeo shakes his head, the miserable look not leaving his face for a second. It doesn't make any sense. How could I be in those pictures with people I don't even know, doing something I can't even remember doing? Did I lose my memory and and I got out a long time ago... Did I live this life, and just now remembered where I live- like when I couldn't remember where the rooms were. No, that can't be right, then what about Mrs. Shiori... unless I was dreaming. He grabbed his head, whimpering again.

William was losing his mind a bit himself, hands worrying a napkin to thin threads. Its been a half hour where are they? Just then the front doors push open and in walks Dr. Zagart. To William the air became so still it was almost frightening that atmosphere could make such absolute silence, things seemed to go from normal speed to instant slow the very moment those doors came open.

Zagart, who had yet to register anything came further into the house, face set to glare when he asks. "What was so urgent that you had to-..."

Zeo's eyes filled with tears just from hearing his father's voice. He popped up from the chair as if he were on fire, running directly into the mans arms yelling- "Father!" Before his words became a garmbled, muffled, whimper within the man's chest as the young teen cried.

Harushige stood blinking, dazed and dumb-founded as to whom this is, but as his arms raise up and wrap firmly around the child; his lips can only speak one name. "Zeo."

Walking into the house, smile on his face, Zeo slows down when he spots a set of arms wrapped around his father in a tight grip, morely surprised that his father seems to be hugging this person back. Stepping closer he jumps from start when William grabs him on the shoulder.

"Master Zeo, let's get you a snack. You must be famished after being out all day with nothing to eat." His voice was shaking trying to do damage control.

"Huh?" Squeaks said boy pulling his shoulder away.

"I was so scared!" Zeo's scream was muffled by his father's chest.

It sounded like crying was impossible for this boy, as his breaths sucked in sharp around a hollow throat. Cyber Zeo, for some reason, could not get his feet to move any closer. It was as if they were nailed down. William reclaims his shoulder, again, trying to pull him into the other hall and as far away from the living room as possible.

"Zeo. Zeo my son." Zagart says hugging the child closer, more firmly, as if this dream would somehow end right then and there if he let him go for even a second.

Zeo's face ghosted over unable to believe that he heard what his father just said. Taking a few wobbling steps forward he stands just a bit beside his father trying to look around him to see the face of this voice that sounds a bit like his own, except a good pitch lower maybe.

"Dad?" Zeo says, finding his voice.

Harushige, who snapped out of his dream world, looked down and to the side as if he could see his son, his other son. "Zeo... go to your room." He says quietly.

Zeo sniffles before pulling back a bit. "What? Why? I missed you father, didn't you miss me even a little bit?" His face puckers up again as more tears spill out.

"Dad... Who is...?"

"I said go to your damn room!"

Confused at where all this anger is coming from, fleshen Zeo asks. "Where's Mom? You're not making any sense." He sobs.

"Dad, who is this?" Asks Zeo beginning to panic now.

"Not you! Dammit Zeo, just listen to me!" The man finally snapped. This was all too much for him. How can his son, his dead son, be standing in his living room hugging him, crying on him when the police said he burned in that car?!

"Father please, its really me... How can you be so mad?" When pulling away from the man, taking a few steps back to look up at him, still somewhat short after all these years, his vision finally caught sight of the mirror in the room beside his father.

Blinking in shock, Zeo tries to compose his self and moves past the man to look at his reflection. Cyber Zeo is doing much of the same. "Who are-...?"

Like identical twins they reach out for one another, but fleshen Zeo's reach is a bit quicker, touching the boy's twin face. Gasping he pulls it back like a snake came for his finger tips when he feels that what he is seeing isn't his imagination playing tricks on him. It seemed that his whole body began to shut down on him, as he trembled into a fit; hands covering his ears, eyes closed, legs backing him away he begins screaming.

"How could you!?" He backs a little further away from his advancing father. "How could you!?"

More horrified than his first son, Harushige reaches out for him voice low and different. "Zeo it's not what you think."

"You and mom didn't miss me at all! You just had another son and forgot all about me. You replaced me! I hate you!" He cried. "I hate you both!" When the back of his legs hit the coffee table he took off running blind.

Last thing he heard was 'Zeo watch out' before he smacked into a wall and collapsed.

He told him he could cry until he died for all he cared. Zeo was shoved into a bedroom in a cozy little cabin in the middle of who knows where, and when the man left he heard the television turn up to a ridiculous volume to tune him out. Which like any child only made him scream louder. Zeo didn't understand any of it, he didn't understand what was going on, he just knew that he was not in a good place and he was not going to see his mother and father until he figures out what happened.

Crawling to the door, he pulls it open then looks down the hall at a set of stairs. It would never work. Going back into the bedroom, he closes the door then walks over to the window to pull the curtains over.

Sniffling when he sees that its been boarded up, he pulls the curtains back over.

"Mommy, Daddy." His sobbing continued until he fell asleep right there on the wooden floor.

Zeo shot up in bed, breathing hard. Eyes scanning the place for his captor, he falls back onto the pillow seeing his bedroom. Blinking, he turns his head to the door where he can hear the faint sound of voices coming from downstairs.

"Master Zeo?" Says that butler he doesn't know from the other side of the bed.

Startled, he nearly exits the bed to get away from him but William held fast to his elbow.

"Let me go!" He shouts, completely hating contact with people unless he issued it.

Doing as he's told, William puts up his hands in defense. "My apologies. Master Zeo, things have gotten complicated since your disappearance, would you please hear your father out when he arrives."

Scrunching tightly into a ball he lays down, facing the man, so that he doesn't try anything funny. "There is nothing to be understood, my parents replaced me... they had another kid and forgot all about me... I'm nothing to them anymore."

"If I may say something on their behalf, they did not forget about you Master Zeo."

The boy only teared up, sniffling again.

"He's right Zeo." Says his father at the door. When his son turned around, sitting up, he walked further in sitting down sideways on the bed so he can face him.

"Where's Mom?"

"There are so many things that I must tell you but first... I have to know what happened to you." His eyes well with tears. "I've missed you for so long that... I've gone through extreme measures just to have you with me... even a little."

He holds the boy, feeling sick when his small thin body slightly moves away when just moments ago he clutched him as though he were the only thing to hold onto on a slippery moutain side made completely of ice.

"Sir, shall I tend to the other young master?"

"That won't be neccessary, I've sent him to his friends house." Looking at his son as he speaks, not wanting to take his eyes from him another minute. "Will you leave us alone William I want to speak with him in private."

"Of course, sir." The man stood then with a bow says. "Its nice to have you home master Zeo."

With eyes plastered on his departure, he leaves the room closing the door quietly after him.

Taking his son's hands, Zagart pulls him closer, holding him with his other arm.

"I never thought this day would come, Zeo. I never thought I would see you until I met with my own end."

Zeo is frozen within his fathers grip. No words come from him as he thinks of that other boy downstairs. Who is he? And why was he shouting at him to go to his room, so he could tell this other boy something secret that he wouldn't get to know? He thought his mother couldn't have children. Were there two miracles? Do they love him more?

Of course they love him more, I'll bet they kept him safe no matter what... And me... they just...

"Zeo? Zeo please listen to me."

Blinking from his thoughts his face scrunched in anger as he prepared to shove his very missed father away from him, for loving another more than him. But the man only held him harder, crying, as he rocked them back and forth. In all his six years of growing up he's never seen his father cry, not even that time he burned his shoulder in the lab fire. But he cries now.

"Fa- father..." He holds him back.

"You must tell me what happened, Zeo. I must know where you've been all these years."

"I was so scared..." His expression, his voice cried but no tears fell this time.

"I know you were scared- I was terrified for ten years remembering that day the police came to my home telling us that the limo was found on the road completely smashed in, that you and Idol burned to death with the driver."

Zeo tensed up hearing the last part, but then the words actually sank in and his eyes widened in confused fear. A fire? They thought that-...? That I was dead?! ...That's why they didn't come for me... That's why they don't know...

"But all this time you were alive, where were you? Where did you go?" He questions hoping this isn't too much for the boy on his first day back.

He must be so scared, and relieved but to have him see Zeo right off the bat like that. He really wished William would have said something about this over the phone, but then he supposed he wouldn't have believed him, probably would have given him his walking papers for being sick enough to even say such a thing. But its true. Zeo is back, he can touch him, talk to him, love him just as he had when he was a boy.


"He took me Dad... Kaihou. We were driving to the airport to meet Mom in France when..." His eyes glaze over when the flash back of that frightening day came back to him.

The limo is on its way to the airport to drop Zeo off as it does any time he visits his mother when she's away. But something changed, the car pulled onto the other side of the road and stopped right in the middle of it. Zeo leaned forward in his seat looking out the open window.

What's going on? He wonders.

Hearing the car door open then close he watches as Mr. Kaihou walks around to his side of the car pulling the door open on arrival.

"What's the matter Mr. Kaihou?" He asks, confused and a little scared.

He's never seen the man look so dazed before- almost like he were trying to think about something else while doing what he's doing.

"Did we get a flat?"

Without a word the man reaches into the car grabbing young Zeo by the legs pulling him roughly from the car. Scared, he begins to kick at Kaihou's arms and hands to free him. Why is he acting so strangely.

"Let me go! Somebody help me!"

But there are no other cars in sight. Idol yapped away nipping with its tiny teeth at the man just to be picked up and chucked to the back of the car where it whimpered then stopped moving.

"Why did you do that?" Shouts Zeo looking at his injured dog.

"You're coming with me you little wretch."

"We switched cars after that... He took me to a cabin and..." He trailed off lowering his gaze, ashamed.

Holding him tightly, this time out of anger he says. "Kaihou... that bastard. I never thought anything of it when he would look at you." Teeth clenched, he felt tears for another reason this time. "I can't believe I let this happen to you Zeo, I am so sorry."

Zeo wanted to throw up again from the way his father is snuggling into him, but he holds him trying very hard to convince his self that he does love him, he thought he was dead because the police told him that. His father would never leave him alone with anyone...

"But how did you get away? Who found you?"

"We were switching locations, he was on the phone with some woman... I'm pretty sure he called Mio."

"...Mio...?" It couldn't be the same woman? It couldn't be the same Mio that signed up to be my lab assistant. But he knew better than to believe anything else. The person who masterminded this whole thing was that woman. Dr. Mio Kay- or as her name lies Dr. Mio Kaihou. It was time for some answers and he will get them.

"Father, please don't ever leave me alone again." He looks into the mans eyes. "I was so scared..."

"You don't have to be afraid anymore son. I'll never let anything happen to you ever again." He grips him tighter if that were possible. "But how did you get back to me?"

"When we were moving, the door to the truck popped open and I ran... a woman found me and I stayed with her in Hokkaido.. but not for long, she wanted to bring me home right away." He looks down guilty. "I left her at the hotel, I had to come home, I didn't wanna wait anymore!"

Dr. Zagart made sure to mental note to find this woman and pay her back properly for her kindness. But for now he doesn't want to leave his son's bed-side.

"But father... about that boy?"


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