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"Strike!" Called Grandpa Granger.

Tyson and Zeo take a step forward as they bring down their wooden swords. "Ha!" They both cry, taking a step back.



Humming sounded before the roll of the wooden door through its in dug track. "Good morning, Tyson!" Calls Max striding across the room after closing the door. Planting a peck on the male's cheek, he smiles and nods at Grandpa Granger. "Hey Zeo." He says seeing a long blue ponytail.

Going over to him, he ducks his head as the blunet draws the sword back and over his head before the next strike. Laughing at his narrow escape he then throws his arms around the back of the boy, nuzzling his cheek to Zeo's.

"I'm glad you're feeling better."

Chuckling, he nuzzles his cheek to Max's in return. "Yeah, I feel much better now. Uhh, Tyson and me worked everything out." He lied. "Sorry for acting weird yesterday."

Having stepped out of the way, he takes a seat on the floor to continue watching the brief training session that they've all endured, when spending the night at Tyson's. "Don't worry about it," says the easy going lad. "We all have those days when we just don't feel like ourselves."

The two finish two more sets of strikes and thrusts, then Grandpa Granger bows to them and they return their swords to the shelf. Zeo is already untying his black pants then gray jacket as he heads to Tyson's room. Following the blue haired male with his gaze Max stands up heading over to his boyfriend with question.

"Not that I'm complaining or anything, but did Zeo spend the night?"

"Huh?" The male runs a towel over his face then drops it with a snicker. "Oh that, yeah. He's having some trouble at home, so he's gonna stay with me and Grampa for a while."

"Oh." Not pressing the matter any further, he takes the towel from the tanned male, then sets it over his neck as if to help him dry off. "So what's up today? You wanna go down to the beach or the bay and hang out?"

"Sure, I'm not doing anything." He starts for his bedroom to grab some clothes.

Glancing at the bathroom door on his way by, he gives it a double knock before calling through the door.

"Save me some hot water, I'm getting in afterward."


Max felt his cheeks heating over hearing Zeo's clothes hit the floor, which then made him hurry into Tyson's bedroom with him. Taking a seat on the bed, he watched his boyfriend get undressed; a small laugh escaped him.

"What?" Asks the shirtless, while rifling through his closet.

"I was just thinking that maybe I should have stayed over last night," getting up from the bed, he grabs Tyson's elbow leading him back to where he'd just left. "Remember the last time?"

A lecherous smirk spread across his face, he pushed the blond to the bed and climbed on. "How could I forget, you said your muscles were bigger than mine then you crushed me underneath you just to show how much."

"Uh huh," leaning up for the kisses that Tyson is sending down to him, he wraps his arms around his shoulders.

"But I'm on top now, and from where I'm sitting you're looking kinda puny, Maxi- it'd be a shame if I crushed you." He laughed planting kisses on the male while crushing their bodies together.

Laughing, he shoves at him. "Cut it out Tyson, you're sweaty."

"That never stopped us before." Argues the bluenet.

Unable to stifle his laughter, he kicks his legs in protest. "But we were both sweaty then! Get up." But his ongoing laughter told Tyson otherwise.

"Don't mind me, I'm just the guest." Says Zeo covering his eyes with one hand as he heads to the closet where his clothes were hung after being washed.

He is gonna need to get some clothes from home if he planned on staying with Tyson. He doesn't exactly wanna wear the same thing for... however long he plans to stay with the Grangers.

"I'm gonna need your guys help today."

Backing off of Max, he continues to undress. Its no big deal, they always change in front of each other, and so far no one but Rei has objected to it; saying that what's under the clothes is privite. But Tyson suspected that he and Kai got together, having yet to tell anyone about it; and ice prince Kai told Rei not to show off his more than glanceable body.

Some people might consider their "more than friends" relationships weird, but if you've been through what they've been through as bladers, and as friends, you'd end up in love as well. After nearly losing Kai and Tala, to all that freaky stuff that went on the last time they ever bladed as a team, it was very understandable- if Kai and Rei would fess up that is. He and Max are more than open about it.

"Sure Ze' just let us know when." Replies the host.

"Some time around lunch; my father might not be home then, so I wanna get some extra clothes while he's away."

"This sounds like some fight. What did he do?" Asks Max trying to keep his gaze on Zeo when Tyson is strutting around in the buff, gathering his wardrobe for the day before he disappears into the bathroom.

"Its nothing serious, we're just having a misunderstanding." Zeo shrugs.

He does plan on telling the others but not right away. He would just like to live his life as normally as he used to, before everyone starts falling into his troubles. The situation making everyone uncomfortable to the point of acting strange around him.

"Mm." Says Max. "I know what that's about. I've had more than my share of problems with my mother and sometimes she and me still buttheads, but in the end we make up like nothing ever happened." He put on a big smile. "I'm sure things will work out with your dad- just keep the option of making up in mind, and you won't stay mad for too long."

Its hard not to wanna listen to Max, his husky voice is really soothing since he hit puberty and it kind of sounds like he's always talking through a smile that's threatening to turn into a gut busting laugh. Grinding the thick purple towel through his damp hair, he reaches for the brush on the dresser.

"I'll do that for you, you just keep drying." He takes the brush then pulls Zeo onto the bed while he sits on his legs behind him. From the tip and up he brushes the males hair while he continues to dry to the roots.

"Thanks." Sitting in silence while he dries and Max brushes, he asks out of curiousity. "...Say Max,"


"We're friends, right?"

Chuckling the chipper male responds. "Answering that is easier than saying my name." Giving the damp side of the child a squeezing hug, he says. "Always buddy."

Smiling, Zeo pressed. "And, you'd be sad if I were suddenly gone? Like... you'd never see me again."

"Hmm? I'd lose it if I lost any of you guys." All these strange questions, he just had to ask. "Where is this coming from?"

Waving a hand, he sinks his head low and says. "Nowhere. I just... like knowing that I'll be missed if anything ever happened to me." He sighs. At least with them, it'll never be like I never existed. Laughing, he leans his head back against Max's shoulder to see the the blond's confused and saddened face. "Don't worry, I wasn't being serious just asking. I'm not going anywhere."

A bit uncertain of that, Max smiled it off giving the blue haired boy another hug.

Zeo extends his finger running it over a vase of flowers, set in the corner of the dining room. The house looks so different, and he can barely remember where any of the rooms are located.

Dr. Zagart has been following him all morning, as he walked about looking through each room touching things as though he is blind and has to memorize them by touch, rather than sight. Harushige found the boys behavior strange, but understandable since he hasn't been in the house since he was six. Not a lot has changed as far as inner decor, but he did repaint a few rooms in the house.

Seeing Zeo at the door, Dr. Zagart snapped out of his thoughts and followed after his slow pace.

Slowly, the young teen asks. "Have you called mother yet? When is she coming?" He looks over his shoulder to his father.

"Nadaline... Its complicated, she almost refused to believe me due to the circumstances of it, but she says she will be able to make it here sometime this month."

Nodding, he continues down the hall, finger tracing the wall.

Zeo, I'm sorry for lying but I can't call your mother- not yet. I need to speak with Dr. Kay first, and when I'm sure that what you know is the truth then I can speak with Nadaline about your return.

It isn't that he's suspicious of his son, its just that this boy could easily be a look alike. Its been done before with people who are searching for missing children. People will dress and create this missing child from any random person on the streets, that looks like them even a little. Grief striken parents don't know the difference, until the child slips up then its pain all over again.

The ringing phone called the man's attention from his thoughts, and he looked down the hall in time to see the teen turn into the cooks pantry. Wanting to stay as Zeo's shadow, he instead went to the living room where the phone was heard.

"Yes. I'll have everything ready for you when they come." Says William to whomever is on the other end. "Good bye." Hanging up the phone, he sees his boss and bows his head.

"Who was that?"

"Ehh," he cuts his lying eyes to the side as he says. "The dresser sir. He wanted to tell you that the clothes are ready."

Certain that that didn't sound like a conversation that someone would have with a dresser, he let it go. Striding over to the man, he grabs him by the arm and pulls him away from the hall. "I have to visit the prison later on, I want you to watch Zeo for me. Do not," he hisses. "Let him leave this house for anything. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir."

"Zeo." The man called to his son.

Walking into the hall, he stops for a second then continues, following the sound of the violin playing. Its shaky, not like cyber Zeo who plays flawlessly even though he pretends to struggle just to get out of practice.

Zeo smiled when his father comes into the room. "I can still remember how to play." He says as though he were telling it to his self. "Remember when we argued about what color to paint this room. Me and mom wanted blue, but you said green."

Smiling, Zagart nods. "I paid for green paint, but your mother switched the order behind my back and, by the time I found out, the room was robin's egg blue."

Laughing, dry and tight sounding as it was, he set the instrument down in its case. "We should have put music notes up too."

"We still can." Assures the man.

After a moment of silence between them, though, Zeo is touching the many instruments that Nadaline had bought for him to try, Dr. Zagart clears his throat.

"I'm gonna be going out today, Zeo; but I won't be long." He adds when the boy looked spooked out of his skin at the thought of being left alone.

"But you can't go... I can, come with you?" He rushes over to him, throwing his arms around him as if to anchor him to the spot.

"I have to, but you won't be alone. William will be here, and the other help."

That made him cry. It was being away from him that brought that day upon him. Brought the animal out of a man that seemed to already be on the verge of cracking, shown by the way he stared far too hard at him. What if it happens again?

"Don't leave me." He whispered in dead seriousness.

"I don't want to but... William is nothing like Kaihou and you will be safe. I promise you."

Sniffling back a trail of snot that was leaving his nose, he shakes his head. "I don't believe you." He whispers into a yell. "I hate you. I hate you!" Pounding on the man with his fist, he shoves him aside then takes off for his bedroom.

"Master Zeo I-..." Begins the man, but the boy just continued by.

"It was harder for me..." Says Zagart. "Watch him with your life." Snarls the man. "I want to get this over with so that I can come home and be with him as soon as possible."

"With my life sir."

Heading for the door he calls the new driver on the cell, telling him to come to the door. The prison is a four or five hour drive away, with any luck he won't be given trouble and he can talk to Dr. Kay right away, and not be absent any longer than six o'clock this evening. When the front door closed, William looked up the stairs to the boy's room, wondering how he was going to pack an away-bag for the other young master now.

Seated on his bed in his room, fleshen Zeo watches as this man- William- packs a suit case, after he asserted his self into the bedroom. Actually there wasn't really much force used, since he left the door open to insure that he wasn't alone. But still, having his privacy invaded was a bit frustrating. Slumping down to a slant, almost like a puppy when it knows its done something wrong he watches the man carefully.

Snapping his wrinkled fingers, he heads over to the dresser then pulls out three pairs of pants then stuffs them into the suitcase.

"Who is the bag for?"

"The first young master." The man said with a snipped tone, as if he isn't used to explaining what he does or speaking with the family that's hired him.

Zeo supposed that to this man he is the second young master. He misses Mr. Masterson. He would always give him snacks and things whenever his parents left the house. But this man doesn't seem like the sort. When the suit cases were packed, the elderly man picked them up gave a bow to him then walked to the exit.

"Hold on... please." He lowers his gaze when the man turns his attention to him.


"...You know this other boy... Do you... Do you think that my father l-.." He couldn't bring his self to say the words. He just wished that this other boy didn't exist; that he... that he wasn't replaced. Dad is so used to this loveless child going off and doing his own thing, he's forgotten what its like to be cared for; so now he's just gone and left me with the help like its no big deal... I wish mom were here.

Seeing the boy battle an inner conflict, William put the suit cases down and walked over to the bed. "Master Zeo, would you perhaps like something to eat? I believe Tsukiko has made some chocolate chip muffins not too long ago. Shall I bring you some and a cup of milk."

A faint smile comes to his mouth. "Thank you." He says quietly.

Smiling back at the child, his eyebrows furrow in worry. Though he's seventeen years old just as the first young master, he acts as though he's only seven. Young master will have more troubles to deal with when he's eased back into normal life. He just hoped Dr. Zagart knows what he's doing with the matter, so that no more damage is caused.

Later that afternoon there is a ring at the door bell.

Glad that the second young master has fallen asleep, William answers the door greeted by three boys, one of them being Zeo. The blue haired child has his eyes to the ground, face pale and sad.

"Thank you for getting my things." He says quietly; William didn't speak knowing there was more. "...Is my dad around?"

Shaking his head he says in a knowing voice. "Your father has stepped out for the day."

Head shooting up to meet the butler's gaze, Zeo blinks in confusion. "Do you know where he went?"

"To prison."

"Dr. Zagart's been arrested?" Asks the Dragoon blader.

Waving a hand, the elderly man says. "He went to the women's prison to see Dr. Kay, I believe." Unsure that he should be sharing that sort of thing with the young boy, he lifts a hand to cease further questions. "When will you be returning home, young master? I'm sure your father is worried about you."

"Did he say that?" He asked with more hope in his voice than he would have liked.

"Eh..." he hesitated too long, he knew it but just because Dr. Zagart didn't say it doesn't mean he doesn't think it or want it. "He's been very busy, considering the circumstances."

"No. Its fine." Zeo takes the handle of one of the suit cases; Max the other. "Tell him not to worry about me anymore. I'll be... around."

"Master Zeo." He called to him, but the young boy refused to stop as he heads down the concrete entry way of his home.

Watching from the balcony as the body double leaves the house, fleshen Zeo doesn't know whether or not to call him back or glare at the boy who destroyed his family. Because of him mother and father got a divorce. Because of him, mother doesn't believe that I'm back... He's so arrogant just walking around like everything is normal when its not. Its messed up and confusing; why can't anyone see that?!

Jumping out of his skin when he feels a stick whack him on the back, he turns around to ward off the beating only to be shoved back into reality that there's no one there, that he's fine. With a relieved sigh, he pressed his back against the high stone partisen lining the balcony.

Stop being scared, Zeo. Its over, he's not gonna get me again, he's not! I'm surrounded by people now and... even though he knows that I'll come home, he doesn't know when I'll get home- he may still be looking for me and if he does come back father will take care of him...

But he can't stop trembling at the thought of not being fine, of having his room broken into and, once again, having his life taken from him. Slowly, his hand creeps into his pants in hopes to secretly rub away the erection that his fear brought on. He can remember it so clearly that day it happened; he was sitting there watching television with him, some cartoon. Kaihou laughed; and he decided that it was alright to laugh as well, when the man slapped his arm then pointed at the tv. He never understood why Pepe never took the hint that the cats didn't like the way he smelled, so why would they kiss him?

"H-... how come he doesn't know that they're cats?" He asked lowering his gaze to the floor.

Looking at him, the man then really looked at him. The lankey child had stopped crying about a month ago- thank god- and now he's actually kind of pleasent to be around, minus the fact that he's a child and there for has no conversation to bring to the table. "Its because he's horny."

"Horny?" He questioned such a word even being real.

"It means he wants to sleep with them- have sex."

Biting his lip, he decided to stop asking questions. He heard words like that before when playing in the living room, but his mother would cover his ears during it or change the channel or mute it; which meant its an "off limits" word.

It was only a month after that that Kaihou decided to teach the boy how to take a shower, just so he could wash him up. He was so afraid, and yet... his body reacted- why? It made no sense, but once it was over Kaihou beat him, saying that he was sick to try attracting attention from a man. But days after... that he did it again! And again he just continued to scare him, just so he would cry as he touched him. As if that were his way of making it not so bad, like he were doing it to punish a bad child, rather than be a sick man getting off on a kid.

Zeo bit his lip when he came, Kaihou never liked hearing his male voice, especially when he got older and the high pitched tone of his left him. Breathing frantically, he waited for his breaths to even out before standing and going to the bathroom to clean his self up.

9 9 9

"This way." Says a chubby short man as he leads the way down the hall to the meeting room.

Dr. Zagart marched forward with enough vigor to plow the man over, just to make it into the room faster than the man was allowing. It's already a little after six and he wanted to be home before his son could worry. Entering a large room filled with tables and not much else, if you don't count the odor as a human formed presence.

At one end of the room there is a set of windows that over look the entire room from above, and its filled with a sprinkle of men and women watching over the room. Four sets of people are here visiting someone, but Zagart has yet to see the woman he's here for.

"Zagart?" Says a hard voice that could only belong to one person.

Turning his head he sees Dr. Kay being escorted to a table; a man is holding her by the arm roughly to make sure the woman didn't try anything funny. Cuffing her to the table he is to sit at with her, the large man strides up to the table then takes a seat.

"To what do I owe this unpleasent visit." She asks, he could tell she wants to cross her arms but is unable to. "I take it you want a date? Ha- my book is full."

"Cut the bullshit Kay, or should I call you Kaihou? As in Mrs. Fuhen Kaihou."

Paled for a moment, the woman slapped up her barrier before he could see anything. Too late. Glaring was all the man could do to keep from leaping across the table and devouring the woman in pain for what her, and her sick husband have done. But killing her wouldn't get his answers as to why. He has to hear it from the horses mouth.

"I came here to get answers to a question that has recently began to plague me, Dr. Kaihou."


"Concerning my son, Zeo."

"What? The brat shut down again- ha! If you want my expertiece on extracting those damned beast again you can forget it because I-" Her breath is caught as the man's hands strangling her collar up around her throat.

"I'm not talking about him. I'm talking about my real son! Why did you have me believe that he was dead, you bitch! Why did you kidnap him!" Shoving her back against the seat she glares at him nervously.

"You know about that?"

"Yes. I do. And do you wanna know who told me?"

Blinking she finds herself nodding.

"My own son." Poison lacing every word, he repeats his self. "Why did you have him kidnapped?"

"Power." She began to laugh. "I wanted what you had and then some; but I suppose the answer isn't good enough for you, is it Doctor... Maybe you want the full story of my master plan? It may have failed in the end, but watching you suffer has been too much of a treat." She laughs again. "Better open your ears Zagart, because you may not like what you're about to hear."


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