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once there was a young boy named Ben who watched episodes of Dragon Ball Z

all of a sudden a big flash of light shot out of the T.V. 

And the next thing that Ben knew was that he was in the world of Dragon Ball Z.,

That's when Ben looked down at himself and noticed that he didn't have any clothes on,

AHHHHHHHHH!  Ben   screamed and that's when 3 boys heard the young boy screaming 

That's when Gohan said... Trunks & Goten did you'll hear someone yell huh guys ?

Gohan asked  trunks and his little brother Goten , 

and  Trunks said.... "Yeah I heard the young boy 's scream came from this way guys.

said Gohan we better hurry up and get over there and fast  Gohan told his little bro Goten & his friend Trunks. 

And that's when Trunks said... "Hey Gohan, let's take your Nimbus cloud " 

Trunks told Gohan cause we can get there faster on your Nimbus cloud 

and that's when Gohan says... UM... Trunks, yeah Gohan what's on you mind huh buddy?

I don't thkink that my Nimbus cloud can seat 4 people  Trunks, 

Gohan told his  friemd trunks .

I Betcha if you tried it  your nimbus cloud could seat up to 4 kids 

Gohan if you tried it might just work  Trunks told him .

that's when Gohan thought about it for a second and said... "Ok Trunks  I'll try for you ok 

and mintunes later Gohan and Trunks & Goten   saved the young boy ,




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