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Chapter Six

You would have thought that with how embarrassed he looked at your bold assertion, that it would have been easy to break away from him. It wasn't. His grip didn't even have to tighten to hold you in place. You hadn't even managed to move his arms at all when you'd tugged so hard it felt like you'd strained  something.

"Damn how strong are you?" You asked in frustration, overlooking the fact that you just cursed in front of a student.

"I don't know but we can test to see how strong I am," Gohan said in a bashful sort of whisper.

He was acting as though he hadn't just made you do something immoral. As though he wasn't trapping you in your own house. You weren't sure what was worse by this point - the thought of anyone finding out or the depraved depths you were starting to realize Gohan might have been capable of.

"After what you just had me do, I'm done studying the differences in physiology and behavior," you told him firmly as you absentmindedly yanked on his arms. "We're through. I don't want to know anything else."

That was a lie. Your academic mind wanted to know everything there was about Saiyan (half or otherwise) traits. You knew that continued observation would only lead you right back where you were. Perhaps even further down the immoral rabbit hole. If Gohan had wanted you to map out his spine then who was to say his (albeit fascinating) musculature system wasn't next? Of course you couldn't get the secondary layers of muscles without dissection but you'd have been able to guess at a good amount of them through touch and observation. Unfortunately you had a feeling that would be very unwise to do given that he still had semen sliding down one of his legs from when you'd last explored his differences.

Then there was a bunch of behavioral things - preferred sleeping habits, body odors and bathing, reaffirming eating habits and dietary requirements would be a start. You'd already considered the fact that courtship and mating behaviors would be way too inappropriate to witness - it wasn't like he was a primate you were following. He was a sentient humanoid, if not a human, that most people probably would have mistaken as human. You had for about five years. Then again he'd never done anything which would have given you reason to doubt him. Right up till he decided to fly you home as a golden haired warrior. That night had changed everything.

Which was why you practically bit your tongue as Gohan searched your face. He looked so lost and vulnerable. The caring part of you wanted to reassure the boy in front of you but you held off on that. He was trying to prove that he wasn't a boy right now and if you catered to his emotions as though he were that would really send mixed signals. Not that adults didn't need emotional support of course. It was more that emotional support from someone he was attracted and attached to could make those feelings even stronger. You didn't want to give him any reason to believe that this was okay.

"I told you I'm sorry," Gohan said quietly with shame. "I didn't know that was going to happen when I came over, I swear."

"You should have told me to stop when you started..." you couldn't bring yourself to say it. The idea of sweet, innocent Gohan having an erection was too much. Your face colored once again in embarrassment. "You should have told me to stop when it started. Not lie to me and beg me continue giving you that massage."

"I know," His voice was full of remorse. "I didn't want you to be upset because you'd barely started at that point. And I really did want you to map out my spine. It's just that when you found that bundle of muscles where my tail used to be...I felt like I was going to die if you stopped. Or worse."

You took the bait. Even if Gohan hadn't meant for it to be bait. "What's worse than dying?"

"When you stopped...I...I wanted to," Gohan swallowed thickly as he looked at you, trying to put into words what he had felt, "...attack you...make you...until it was done."

"You wanted to rape me."

See. Right there. That was your level. Hearing him admit to that actually put real fear inside of you. With the way that he was able to show such physical prowess so easily the illusion that you could have fought him didn't exist. He'd been racing around you all night at a speed you couldn't comprehend. And his hold on your arms, now your hands, spoke volumes about his strength. There had even been a ferocity in his eyes a few minutes ago when he told you that you would forever be his teacher that made you think he could snap if pushed far enough.

"I'm sorry. I've never felt that so intensely before. I didn't feel like me. But it was and I...I'm sorry."

"Let me go."

Gohan nodded slowly. "Please don't run."

"Why? Would you chase me down?" You demanded from him.

When Gohan slowly released your hands, you instinctively went to rub your wrists. His head was lowered to the point that his eyes were shielded by his hair. You felt bad but you reminded yourself of everything that had happened tonight. Gohan wasn't the sweet, innocent kid you remembered from yesterday. Something in him had changed when you hadn't been looking and you weren't sure if you would be safe with the new changes.

"Go home, Gohan," you told him as you tried to keep your resolve.


"No. No buts. Go home. I will see you in a few days for your next lesson."

Gohan stepped back half a step. You felt like it was a little easier to breathe when he did.

"Tomorrow?" He asked as though this was a negotiation.

"No. It's my only day off and I have errands to run tomorrow."

"I can help with those," he offered as he lifted his head up, almost as though he had thought of a solution. "I can fly you wherever you need to go, it'll be a lot faster that way."

"I'd rather walk."

Gohan swallowed but nodded as he took another half step back. You relaxed your hands back to your side.

"What about day after tomorrow?"

"I have other students than just you Gohan."

Gohan stilled at your authoritative tone. Other students - students like John no doubt. It was a hard thing for him to accept. You were his teacher; you weren't supposed to have your attention divided to others. Okay so maybe Goten wasn't so bad because that meant you were over at his house too. But the thought of you being kept out so late that you were afraid to walk home had been plaguing him since the night he had taken you home. Sure he'd kept you later than he ever had before that night on purpose but he had never considered how afraid you must have been walking everywhere by yourself before. There were people out there that weren't always nice. And animals that wanted an easy meal. Letting you go anywhere on your own suddenly scared him.

Which was why he had no intention of letting you go by yourself tomorrow.


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