Goten's completely reasonable romantic adventures

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AN: Listen, if you´re offended by incest don´t read it. If you still read it and find out you don´t like it at the end then that´s your own fault.

For everyone else… I´m back with the incest and with people being hilarious idiots. I had a bit of a slump and I just wanted to write something fun, sooo… ok, pairings of the day are Goten/Gohan, Goten/Trunks and Goten/Bra with a bunch of innuendo to other (off-screen) ships.

Warnings! It is very light hearted and everyone is on board with what´s happening, but please be aware that Goten and Bra are minors who are having sex with adults. Also, there will be blowjobs, some more or less experienced fumbling and het and gay sex. Also, dubious morals or maybe utter stupidity, I leave that to you to decide.

So much to that! Have fun:)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Is kissing really that great?”

“What?” Gohan looked up from the book he was reading, into the face of his little brother who was looking into the far distance. A myriad of scenarios blew through his brain what could´ve caused this question and he of course settled for the worst immediately. Someone had hurt his brother!

“I mean, every time when people kiss in some show it´s always that big thing. And then it´s over.”

Gohan frowned. “What is over?”

“The show! That’s the finale! So is it really that great? I saw you kissing with Videl. It didn´t look like on TV but you were having fun.”

Gohan felt his face burn and nod slowly. “Yeah.” His brother was still eyeing him with big eyes so he guessed he had to add something to it. “Yes, it´s fun. It´s somewhat dramatic on TV, but when you´re a little older and fall in love with someone you´ll see.” He smiled, ruffled Goten´s hair shortly and went back to his book. That had been awkward, but then again Goten was already 12 and it was normal to start thinking about romance, he figured.

“Can you show me?”

Gohan´s head snapped up, definitely burning in brightest colours. “WHAT?”

Goten shrugged, raising his eyebrows. “I don´t want to fall in love with anyone, I already have Trunks to hang out and you can show me how kissing works. That´s way less effort.”

“I´m your brother!”

Goten´s eyes widened. “Exactly! I already know you! It´s reasonable.”

How in hell was he supposed to explain to his little brother that siblings didn´t do those things if he didn´t know that already? So he fell back on the reasonable way out: “You´re 12!”


“I have a girlfriend!”

“I don´t want to be your girlfriend. Come on, once! I won´t tell Videl if that’s what you´re scared off.”

Gohan groaned, finally putting his book away. He wasn´t scared, he was simply… confused? Irritated? Completely at a loss at what was happening? Goten was still sitting there, looking at him as if he had asked if they wanted to play video games and obviously it rated for him on the same level as that and… Gohan closed his eyes, took a deep breath. If he just did it and made Goten promise not to tell anyone anything ever he would definitely drop the topic.

“Ok. Fine.”

“Yeah!” Goten jumped up on the couch, a fist in the air.

“Sit down and get your dirty shoes off the cushions you idiot!”

“Sorry. Thought it would take longer to convince you.” Oh and he had planned it that little piece of shit… “Right, should I close my eyes? Or not?”

“Just… just close them.” Oh please don´t make me land in hell for this… He carefully placed a hand on Goten´s cheek, leaned forward and pressed a short little kiss on his brother´s lips. Perfect. “There you go, did it live up to the hype?”

Goten slowly opened one eye, staring at him with obvious confusion. “That wasn´t it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“They always open their mouths and fumble around with their tongues. You definitely did that with Videl!”

“How long were you watching?” Gohan tried to remember when he had kissed Videl in a spot where Goten could´ve seen them and if something else had happened. He desperately hoped that it was somewhere outside and that their hands had stayed in a decent place.

“Dunno, couple minutes. It got boring after a while.”

Gohan shortly looked up at the ceiling and thanked the heavens or Dende or whoever was listening.

“Gohan! You promised!”

“I did not!”

“Just do it you stupid coward!”

Gohan sneered, grabbed Goten´s hand and smashed their faces together so hard that Goten actually hissed. His problem. He opened his mouth and maybe went at it with a little more force than was appropriate but then again… the whole thing was beyond any form of decency. Goten opened his mouth reluctantly, barely able to follow Gohan´s rough intrusion. It felt… weird. His mouth was so much smaller than Videl´s, and he tasted different. It wasn´t unpleasant though and if he stopped thinking who he was holding it was actually kind of… fun. When Goten started to struggle under him he finally snapped out of it and moved away just as quick as he had went in. “Are you ok?”

Gohan hoped he was. He should´ve known better, he was the adult here and…!

“That was fun. Not really like I imagined… can we do that again?” Goten grinned at him, his lips red and swollen and Gohan swallowed hard. “Absolutely not.” And no amount of pouting would change that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Gohan…” Goten eyed his brother from under his lashes. That was always a good strategy to get exactly what he wanted. He would never tell, but Gohan was so easily manipulated.

“Gohan, I´m bored.”

“Well if you would stop lounging around there and actually helped me with the wedding preparations as you promised, you wouldn´t…”

Goten ignored the lecture and got up, pulling his brother´s chair to the side and unceremoniously sat down on Gohan´s lap. “Videl is at work and you´re almost married. Just let me…” He tried to grope his brother but he was faster and held Goten´s hand back. “No.”

“I won´t ask again after the wedding! Once, please?”


Oh, and now he turned that cute shade of red again. He knew that Gohan didn´t believe him, that he was still too young to keep a promise, but he was serious about this. That´s why he was kind of desperate to achieve this one, tiny little goal… And if Gohan refused until the end, he would accept it like an adult. He was almost fifteen, damn it!

“Then kiss me.”

“I…” Gohan looked away. Always such a tease…

“Kissing doesn´t count, that´s a totally brotherly thing to do.”

“Goten…” Gohan looked at him with that hopelessly sorrowful gaze and Goten knew he had to be a proper adult after the damn wedding to resist pestering his brother anymore. So he leaned forward and decided to cherish what he got as long as he still got it. And Gohan betrayed his whole show by sighing right into Goten´s mouth and eagerly opening up for him. Goten had become quite good at making his brother moan, which was a lot of fun and felt incredibly good as a cherry on top. He nibbled on Gohan´s lower lip, grinding slowly against him until Gohan´s hands on his hips started digging in painfully. Goten grinned against him before got his tongue back in, moving flush against his brother´s chest. Gohan immediately pushed his hips away and broke the connection, letting out a loud gasp. It was quite beautiful.

“Just let me suck you. I´m quite good at it, you know.”

“Goten, I swear to god, I don´t care what you do with Trunks but this is out of the question!” He looked up, trying to glare at Goten but with the swollen lips and the bright flush on his face it lost quite a bit of intimidation.

“But you´re hard anyway and it´s so much better than jerking off!”

That… had been the wrong thing to say. Gohan gave him a violent shove and Goten landed square on his butt.

“Piss off.”

“Fine!” Goten got up, decidedly ignoring his own hard-on. “You don´t know what you´re missing.”

“I´m glad I don´t!” He went back to his laptop and Goten shrugged. Whatever. If that didn´t work, nothing would.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Mhmmm…” Goten leaned forward, trying to get more contact, but Trunks moved away with the same pace. Finally, Goten ran out of space and broke the kiss and leaned on his arms with an expectant look. “What?”

“What ‘what’?”

“You know what I mean, what´s the problem?”

Trunks shrugged, but there was obvious guilt plastered over his face. “I don´t know what you´re talking about.”

“You moved away!”

Trunks had an exasperated look on his face and Goten knew that no matter what excuse Trunks would come up with something was clearly wrong.

“We were kissing, what else do you want.”

Goten frowned at that. They were sitting on the couch in Trunks´ room, doing one of the three things they were always doing after school – playing video games, actually doing their homework or… fumbling around. Which were perfectly fine friendly activities. Ok, so sometimes Goten would´ve preferred Trunks to actually offer a blowjob as well and not let Goten do all the work while he had to get himself off but Trunks was an amazing kisser, so he accepted it. This  though was ridiculous!

“I was barely touching you.”

Trunks sighed and rubbed the back of his head. “I know and I thought about it and…”

Goten´s eyes widened. First his brother and now his best friend! What was wrong with everyone?

“…and I think I´m straight.”

“I know.”

Trunks frowned and turned around to look properly at Goten. “You do?”

Goten shrugged and pushed a strand of hair from his face. “Duh you sucked me like once and never again. It´s obvious. Didn´t think it was something you didn´t realize or I would´ve told you.”

“Huh. What about you?”

Goten chuckled. “Absolutely not straight whatsoever. Don´t know why I can´t kiss you though.”

Trunks leaned back on his hands, staring at the ceiling with a frown. “You know Maria?”

That blond girl from their math class. She had a cute smile that Goten immediately didn’t like anymore.


“We were kinda on a date.”

“Kinda? What does that mean?” There was a slight edge of panic in his voice. He had kept his promise and left his brother alone, over half a year already. It had been hard, but he was determined. But if Trunks started the same bullshit he was seriously getting pissed!

“I mean we went to see a movie and grabbed a burger afterwards and maybe kissed or something.”


“And I want to… continue with that.”


“Dating.” Trunks looked at him with uncertain blue eyes. “I don’t think we should kiss anymore. Doesn´t feel right.”

Snorting, Goten crossed his arms. “Whatever.”

“Why don´t you date some guy from school?”

Yeah, why not? Because he didn´t care about love and romance? He could still do that when he was old, like over twenty, but he was quite content with the state of things. “Not interested. I can still suck your dick, though?”

Trunks practically oozed reluctance. Stupid girls, seriously…

“I mean, I don´t love you so it´s just fun. That has nothing to do with your girlfriend.”

Trunks nodded slowly. “It does sound reasonable…”

Grinning, Goten immediately moved over and grabbed Trunks waistband. “I guess I can live with that.” And with one swift movement, that distracting piece of fabric was gone. Goten immediately leaned forward and licked along the underside of Trunks dick and going by the sounds he made he wasn´t spontaneously not into it anymore, girlfriend or not. Goten slowly circled the tip before he dropped down, making sure to look at Trunks while he swallowed to the base. He doubted some stupid girl with her stupid smile in her stupid face could do that. Maybe he was a bit overzealous, but when he swallowed every last drop of cum Trunks squirted down Goten´s throat after just two minutes he felt incredibly smug anyway.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One time I fumbled around with dad…

You did?

Sure thing!

Sometimes, Goten wondered if Trunks had only said that to brag, other times he was sure Trunks was way too afraid to get a move on with his dad but most of the times, Goten was simply utterly jealous. Trunks had spit that out one night when they had been quite tipsy already and sat on some rooftop watching the stars. Ever since that evening Goten had fought with himself if he should see it as an opening or if it would ruin their friendship or if that didn´t count since Trunks was going trough girlfriends at a rate that Goten decided he didn´t have to bother to remember their names and he hadn´t even had one single boyfriend yet so this was his reward and… if Vegeta would even consider it. That was the worst, making a fool of him. So he had waited and pined a little, maybe, and done nothing. Well, almost nothing.

Trunks and he met at least once a week to spar, make sure they didn´t forget their skills and of course to stay in shape. With well over 17 Goten was quite a bit bulkier which attracted exactly the type of comments he appreciated on Instagram. Though Trunks with his lean and pretty frame did get his fair share of likes… He tried not to be annoyed, even if it was hard sometimes. Trunks did let him suck his dick still, but it just wasn´t enough. Goten had even goofed around with two boys from school, no boyfriends of course, but that hadn´t been enough as well. Though he had gotten a few blowjobs out of it and it was totally worth it to be on the receiving end for once. It also did get him an opportunity to power up right at Trunk´s place, making sure to be more impressive than Trunks so that Vegeta might notice it.

And all those distracting thoughts made him careless long enough for Trunks to land a hard kick right in Goten´s face. Goten stumbled to the side, watching the blood splatter over the floor. Quite a lot of blood. Well, there goes the nose again…

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah…” Goten shook his head shortly and regretted it immediately. “Need some help here though.”

Trunks jogged over to the console right away to turn the gravity down while Goten leaned his head back to keep his nose from dripping all over his shirt. He heard the hydraulic of the door and then…

“Are you done?”

Goten eyed Vegeta in his fucking tight workout clothes. How was that even allowed…

“In a second, we had a little accident.”

Vegeta strolled over to Goten and inspected his face. It was a little too close for his liking, Goten could almost count the hair on Vegeta´s chest through that shirt…

“Nice kick.”

“Thanks dad!”

Goten rolled his eyes. “I´m kinda bleeding, just saying.”

And with that Vegeta grabbed Goten´s arm and pushed him to move to the side of the room. Where the bench was. “Come on.” Goten was definitely too stunned to protest and obediently sat down, his hammering heart throbbing painfully through his broken nose. Was Vegeta… taking care of him? Yes he was, he totally was. Trunks eyed the scene for a moment while Vegeta handed Goten a tissue and finally asked: “You need me or do you mind if I hit the shower? Kinda have a date later.”

Goten flipped him off which Trunks interpreted as a yes. Asshole.

Trunks was barely out of the room when Vegeta grabbed Goten´s nose and yanked it into its original position. Goten let out a very undignified scream, and it took a moment for the pain to fade into bearable levels again.

“Fuck! That hurt!”

“Stop whining brat. It´s just a broken nose.”

“’know, there´s less painful ways to set them.” He grumbled but let Vegeta wipe away the blood from his face. That on the other hand… was nice. And Goten had a spontaneous, brilliant idea. Who knew if an opportunity like this would ever rise again.

“Hey Vegeta… can I suck you off as compensation? I´m still a bit dizzy from the pain.” He grinned, which betrayed that assessment, but whatever. Vegeta though only eyed him with a very deep frown on his face.

“I mean you let Trunks do that and I´m way better at it than he is.”

Vegeta slowly dropped the tissue and put some distance between them. That… hadn´t been the desired result.

“I don´t know what stupid shit you two brag about, but that definitely never happened.”

Now it was Goten´s turn to look confused. Ok, he had considered the possibility but never really thought that Trunks had straight up… lied? He wouldn´t do that!

“It´s ok, I know it´s nothing romantic. Trunks isn´t into guys.” Vegeta simply stared at him icily. “So you don´t have to pretend…”

Vegeta leaned forward and Goten immediately felt his heart pick up a beat. But the kiss he had expected never happened. The look on Vegeta´s face only let a shiver run down Goten´s spine, and not one of the enjoyable sort. “Listen brat, I don´t need to lie to you. And you better shut your stupid mouth now or you´ll find out I can do a lot worse than set your fucking nose.”

Oh… ok. “I´d like that.” He spread his legs a little wider in what he hoped was a very seducing position. Vegeta grinned and moved away again. “Forget it. I´m not into kids.”

“I´m seventeen!” He jumped up, only groaning a little when the sudden movement shot pain right into his brain.

“And you´re sad that Trunks ended your relationship, I get it. Go fuck one of your classmates.”

“I wasn´t in a relationship with him! I don´t want one with you. I just want to… I thought you already… you´re kinda hot, ok?” Ah, the damn blush wasn´t feeling particularly good as well. Though still better than that look of pity on Vegeta´s face. Amazing. He blew it completely.

“Why were you two at each other´s dicks the whole time then?” He chuckled and Goten realized that Vegeta obviously didn´t realize that Goten wasn´t a little kid anymore. At all. He was an adult, for fuck´s sake!

“Because it was convenient and fun and I learned a lot. He´s definitely better prepared now for whatever stupid hoe he bangs this week thanks to me.”

And the pity got even worse somehow! Vegeta walked over to Goten, put his hand on Goten´s shoulder and gave him a tight, little squeeze. The fuck…

“You´ll get over it. And now get out or you´ll have to spar with me.”

Goten did consider it for a second but he also knew that Vegeta would beat him to a pulp and he had wanted to post some pics later that day so he decided to admit defeat and leave. Well. At least he had tried.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Ok, this had been the most fun I had in quite some time haha. I usually don´t write after work since I`m too tired, but occasionally it´s worth it. There will be a second part where Goten tries to find more ways to convince himself that love is totally stupid and if you just do it for fun it doesn´t really count, right?

See you next time!

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