A Promise is a Promise

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A/N: I've wanted to write this lemon for a long while now. Glad to have finally gotten around to it.

Warning: lemon

A Promise is a Promise

How had she found herself here? Despite her many protest, Bulma Briefs found herself on the World of the Kais. Only the second human to have ever made their way to this sacred realm, she probably should've felt some honor for such an incredible achievement, but... "Urg..." she groaned. "I don't want to do this..."

Bulma had unwittingly become a part of Goku's scheme. During the crisis with Majin Buu, he made a deal with some sort of perverted kai – a kiss from Bulma in exchange for the Old Kai's help. The moment the Saiyan dropped her off on the sacred plane, he used instant transmission to return to Earth, promising to come back for her soon. Stupid Goku... Though an adult man now, he still childishly involved her in his plans. At least it helped save the world... The thought made what she was supposed to do at least somewhat tolerable...


"Oho! Aren't you a treat for the eyes!"

Bulma was brought out of her musings by an old, raspy voice. Speaking of the devil, it seemed that the one that had gotten her in this predicament had arrived. Great... Bulma thought bitterly as she eyed the purple Kai. He wasn't much to look at. His wrinkled face showed his age – though he was probably much older than she would guess. He was of average height – his age forced him to lean forward, making him seem shorter than he truly was – purple-skinned, with a small tuft of white hair on his head and a toothbrush mustache on his face. It wasn't that she had expected a hunk of a man, but the universe could have been at least kind enough to offer a somewhat attractive man. Not... this.

"Oho!" In contrast, Old Kai regarded her quite highly. If fact, it was the exact opposite of Bulma's reaction! Now this was a woman! She had a pretty face, and her mature curves were accentuated sublimely in her tight red dress. His eyes leered until they settled at her bountiful chest. With his powers, he was able to watch anything he desired. This, of course, included any kind of debauchery. But the truth was that there was a huge difference between watching from afar and having such a delectable pair of tits right in front of his face! It seemed he had made quite the deal. When he heard Bulma was in her forties, he hadn't exactly been keen to take the deal Goku offered him, but never had he been more happy to have been proven wrong! What massive jugs!

Geez... he was hopelessly leering at her cleavage. Did he really think she wouldn't notice something that obvious? Bulma defensively crossed her arms over her bust. Purple skin aside, he reminded her of another incorrigible pervert she knew... So this was the old perv she was supposed to smooch? How disgusting... Even in her forties it seemed she was doomed to do these kind of favors for ancient geezers... "Let's just get this over with..." she spoke begrudgingly. "You'll only get a smooch, old man!" she warned him, wary of his intent. She'd kiss his cheeks and get the hell out of here.

The old Kai nodded his head. "Of course, girly!" He stuck out his face, petting his check as if to beckon her. "I'm ready whenever you are!"

"Fine..." Oh Dende, she didn't want to do this... She didn't even want to see herself doing this... Well, here goes nothing... Bulma closed her eyes and leaned forward, her lips sticking out to smooch the old man's skin. It was best to just get it over with quickly.

The elderly Kai was a sly one. With her eyes closed, Bulma did not see where she'd plant her lips, and he knew this. Chance! His perverted antics were acting up. Twisting his head, he snatched the back of Bulma's head to forcefully plant his lips against hers.

Wh -What?! Shocked by the sudden planting of his old lips on her own, Bulma was temporarily paralyzed. Was he kissing her?! Her suspicion was confirmed when she felt his tongue sneak past her lips before she could withdraw. Even if she wanted to throw her head back and create some distance, the old geezer defiantly held her in place. Her face contorted in disgust. Nooo! She was forced to endure as the perv kissed her deeply.

Oh yes! Now this was a nice smooch! The old Kai snickered, his laugh muffled by the lips he had claimed. There was finally a busty beauty on his planet. There was no way he'd let it end like this! Throwing his weight forward, Bulma stumbled backward with a wail, landing on her back with the old fart still glued to her lips. His hand slipped underneath her red dress, pushing her underwear to the side to brush her sex with the tip of his fingers. A purple, lanky man wrinkled by time wasn't exactly what got her juices going... that much was clear as he touched her dry folds. It wasn't like he had expected anything else, and his first touch of a woman's sex in eons left him captivated regardless. It was enough for him to remove his lips from Bulma's to exclaim his joy, "How wonderful!"

"H- Hey?! What are you...?" Red in the face, Bulma tried to admonish the old Kai. No one had said anything about this...! It was supposed to be a mere smooch on the check! "Wh- Where are you touching?!"

Though Old Kai was ecstatic to touch even her dry, unaroused folds, it wouldn't take much to leave it in an even greater state. He was a god of creation and a master of magic. Getting the result he wanted was like child's play to a god like him. Holding his hand against Bulma's muff, he released some magic-powered ki to transmute the dry petals into engorged, soaked lips that were ready for more stimulation. His fingers returned to her labia to gingerly caress the dampening petals. "This is great, girly!"

"Huh?" Her body... She was tingling all over! Why did she suddenly feel so hot? The old fart... He must have done something to her! "What did you...?"

There was a sudden thud on the floor as the old Kai released his slacks from his waist. Even as she looked between her breasts, she could not see the solid staff, obscured by the skirt of her dress, but she knew of its release and what it signaled. The old fart...! He was planning to...! Down there! "Hey!" She trashed her body in an attempt to escape, but Old Kai was stronger than he looked and kept her in place. "L- Let go!"

Old Kai snickered sleazily. Though his body was ancient, his cock still had youthful potency. It wasn't anything special, just shy of six ages. With his age, however, he was just happy it still worked. "Sorry girly, but..." He regarded the flushed woman beneath him and gulped, his nostrils huffing and puffing with ample enthusiasm. "I can't stop now!" After his long period of abstinence, all he desired was to plunge his cock into her. He wanted to be inside her! The time had finally come to claim a desirable woman, and he would not wait a second longer. Angling his cock against Bulma's slippery folds underneath her dress, he found his mark and pressed. "Here I go!"

The moment she felt him creep into her, was the moment Bulma truly began to panic. He... he was splitting her! "W- What?!" Did... did he just?! And why did it go in so easily? Her head lolled back in despair. "Noooo!"

"Gnh!" He was... inside! This warmth! This tightness! It felt divine – and he could know! "A -Amazing!" he uttered joyfully as his shaft slowly traversed the mature woman's narrow depths, bequeathing her coiling walls with his pre-cum. This… this was what it was like to be inside a woman! Memories lost long ago resurfaced whilst he endured the tight walls coiling around him like a snake. "You feel so good!" Experiencing a woman's depths after so long, his prick already pulsed eagerly, ready to shoot his balls empty inside the turquoise-haired genius. His cheeks bulged, his eyes squeezed shut as he tried to resist the temptation of letting loose prematurely.

"Kyaa!" Bulma yelped as he bottomed out, his groin mashing against hers underneath her red dress, his grey pubic hair tickling her turquoise tuft. She unwittingly caught his arms as a jolt of pleasure surged through her. His hands were placed at her sides before he began to use hips in ways he hadn't in centuries. Elder Kai moved slow and gawkily. Her walls threatened to overwhelm him! A woman! For the first time in eons, the old Kai was finally fucking a woman again!

And though the old Kai was no doubt happy to be inside her – if his grunts and groans were any indication, he was ecstatic – Bulma found his efforts to be lacking. It seemed he had done something to stimulate her before he anchored himself inside her and her veins were filled with heat, clouding her judgment, but even that was not enough to make this pleasurable to her. Used to Vegeta's frantic pace, Bulma could hardly be enticed by the old man's sluggish rhythm. "Go faster..." she urged, shaking her hips to generate more pleasure. If she was forced to do this, she might as well enjoy herself. I'll just have Vegeta kick his ass later.

In and out, in and out. When he slowly got used to his maneuvers, the old god could finally up the pace. He wasn't taking her like a man possessed, but he moved fast enough to generate jolts of pleasure inside Bulma.

"Yes!" Bulma's toes coiled as familiar feelings began to stir in her stomach. "That's it!" Her fingers gripped the teal clothing at his waist and began to tug at it. "Keep fucking me like this!" Her legs clutched around his waist. Now that he had discovered a faster rhythm, his balls smacking against her perineum and lower side of her ass whilst his cock surged through her leaking snatch, Bulma was actually getting into the debauchery. He wasn't much to look at, but her body did not discriminate. "Kyaa!" Seizing the sides of the old man's face with her hands, she jolted his head into her cleavage for his enjoyment.

And he enjoyed it very much! He rapidly shook his head from side to side wallowing at the softness that surrounded him as the cushion pillows enveloped his face. Though her dress limited their freedom, it was more than enough for the old Kai to deduce their suppleness. I can't believe this. I'm so happy!

But alas, all these pleasures were far too foreign for the old Kai. Experiencing sensation he hadn't felt in eons, his balls began to spurt all too soon. His eager thrusts replaced by weak, haphazard ones, he came with an elderly grunt as if he was dying. "Gnh!"

"Huh?!" Bulma sobbed as the first splashes filled her. "Already?"

'No..." she whimpered. He was cumming a lot. Just how much had this guy been saving? She hoped she wouldn't birth a purple-skinned sibling for Trunks nine months from now... By the time he was done, it felt she was going to expel a gallon of cum the moment he'd unplug himself...

When the contents in his sac were released entirely into Bulma's well-worked muff, she felt him slowly wither inside her. Even worse, the rising feelings of her sought-after orgasm were already beginning to subside. Bulma's walls still squeezed him for his enjoyment, desperate for him to return to its hardened state to grind against them once more. "You can keep going, right?" she asked hopefully. The excitement had seized her, and she was eager to continue. It wasn't meant to be. She felt his head fall into her breasts, the excitement too much for the old Kai as he drifted off into slumber. "Geez..." He wasn't a Kai of Sex, that was for sure...

I hope Vegeta's home, she thought bitterly. When the old Kai's soft prick slipped out of her snatch, she heard the abundance of seeds spill onto the grass beneath them. After this I need a good ploughing.

And that’s it. It’s a short one, but I found I just wasn’t able to write this lemon, no matter how much I wanted to. The moment I promised myself it’d be a relatively short lemon, the words almost appeared on their own. Hope you enjoyed it ;)

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