No More Wishing

BY : Cool Burn
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Warning: lemon

No More Wishing

Underneath a black sky, the seven Dragon Balls shone brightly as the dragon of legend, Shenron, finally appeared. Two groups had desperately searched for him, and Pilaf and his gang were the ones that now had the honor of witnessing his glory. Seeking world domination, they stole the six Dragon Balls that Bulma and company had collected and combined it with the one in their possession to complete the set and summon the dragon.

Bulma and the others had been imprisoned in Pilaf's castle, but Goku's Kamehameha made a big enough hole in the wall for Oolong and Pilaf to slip through using their transformation technique. Transformed into bats, they tried to make their way to the imp and his lackeys as fast as they could. With the dragon already summoned for all to see, time was of the essence.

"W- We didn't make it in time," Puar sobbed. "They've already summoned the dragon!"

Bulma and Yamcha felt the same sense of dread as they peeked through the hole in their cell. Bulma felt like she could cry. After all the work she put in finding those star-clad orbs, was this really how it was going to end?

"Come, tell me your wish." Shenron's voice boomed through the sky, intimidating all who heard him. "I will grant any wish you have."

Fortuitously, Pilaf cowered underneath the magical creature, gulping and trying his best to utter his wish for world domination, his fear significantly adding to the transformed duo's time to save the world.. "N- Now for my wish..."

It gave Puar and Oolong more than enough time to get close – close enough for the dragon to hear their wish should they opt to vocalize their desire. Th- That's it! Oolong's scheming brain was working into overdrive. As long as I can wish something before he does...! Running towards Shenron, he took advantage of Pilaf's stuttering and bellowed the first thing his perverted mind could think of as hard as he could – the one thing he'd tried to achieve since his journey began, "I wish Bulma Briefs and I have sex all night somewhere far away from here!"

The dragon heeded his words and his eyes glowed for a moment before turning back to their original state. "Your wish has been granted."

A light enveloped both Oolong and Bulma – baffling their respective bystanders – before they disappeared from sight.

"Huh?" Yamcha uttered, looking around the room in confusion. "Where... did she go?"

"Kyaa!" Bulma screamed as she fell on a soft surface. A bed, she realized. "Huh?" Bulma scanned her surroundings, perplexed. Her dazed eyes shifted from side to side before they landed on the only familiar sight: Oolong, who had appeared with her. Unfortunately for him, he had landed on the floor with a heavy thud. "Oo- Oolong?" Her befuddled state was slowly replaced with disdain and suspicion. The piglet was so perverted, prepared to take advantage of each opportunity presented to him to feel her up. And he of all people got his wish granted by the Dragon Balls? A dreary feeling of nervousness began to flutter in her stomach. If it was just her and Oolong here then… Her eyes squinted sharply, wordlessly accusing him of foulness. "What... did you wish for?"

Oolong felt his breath hitch. They... were actually alone? Did that mean his wish had worked? He couldn't believe it. He hadn't even realized what he'd wished for until he had already spoken it out loud. Having sex with Bulma Briefs... After lusting for her during their entire journey together, it was truly his most perverted desire. Was... that really going to happen then? But... why wasn't his wish working? Bulma still seemed to be the same bitchy teen she always was to him. "I… I uhm…" He'd expected the wish to be simultaneous. He started to panic as a bead of sweat trickled down his head, stumbling over his words as Bulma looked at him accusingly. What was he supposed to do?

He was about to blurt out an apology, when it happened.

Oolong yelped cowardly as a glimmer appeared in Bulma's eyes, sparking brightly for a moment before disappearing. "Ow…" Bulma whined, putting her hand on her now-aching head. "What just…" Her confused eyes sought Oolong, and the piglet was shocked when Bulma smiled brightly at the sight of him. The cheerful expression aimed at him made his heart skip a beat. "Oolong!" she hollered heartily, getting off the bed and on her knees before throwing her arms around the piglet in a tight hug. "You're here!"

Oolong was shocked, arms glued to his sides while Bulma held him against her. Never had he and Bulma been in such close proximity. In fact, he'd never been so close to a girl before! She smelled so nice, he thought as he took a whiff of her hair, a sweet scent filling his nostrils. Was this the power of the magical dragon? As she loosened her embrace and her head pulled back to gaze into his eyes, his throat clenched whilst his heart skipped a beat. She eyed him in a way he'd never seen before, especially from Bulma; seductive and... with longing. It stirred something within him.

"Oolong," Bulma uttered with a lewd tone he'd never heard before. "I can't believe you asked the dragon for something so lecherous." Placing her hand on his blushing cheek, she giggled. "You're such a dirty piggy." Her head edged closer, whispering into his ear, "I'm ready to do whatever you want."

"Wh- whatever... I want...?" he repeated in disbelief. He could scarcely belief it. The wish! It... It worked! Before Bulma could change her mind, he began to utter his request, jumping around like a kid who was about to receive his birthday present, spit dribbling down the sides of his mouth, "Take…! Take off…!" Oolong was already hyperventilating, jumping and stumbling over his words from excitement. His heart was beating rapidly, threatening to burst out of his chest. His exuberant emotions were quickly overwhelming his sense of reason. Finally, he succeeded in voicing his request. "Take off your clothes!




Seconds felt like hours while he awaited for her to answer. Many schemes to see the desirable teen naked had gone awry. Transforming into a handsome man, drugging her with sleeping pills, and much more. None of it had worked. Could his luck finally turn, he wondered? The thumping of his heart, it refused to end!

When Bulma finally spoke after what felt like eons – in reality, only a couple of seconds had passed – he felt his breath hitch. "If that's what you desire, Oolong." She giggled. The blue vest was easily dispatched off, sliding down her shoulders, leaving her in nothing but her white sleeveless jumpsuit. Her hands gathered at the apex of her top, right at the middle where the line started that divided her chest, and clutched the fabric tightly. All it'd take was a forceful tug of her top to release her breasts to his eager eyes, and that was exactly what she planned to do. "Are you ready, Oolong?"

He nodded his head, and as his snout came back up, down went her top. "Here you go!"

"Hmphhh! Hmphhh!" Oolong breathed through his flaring nostrils like a dog in heat as the cups came down to expose her wonderful breasts to his eager, perverted eyes. Back when they first met, Bulma had zipped down her jacket to show him the size of her honkers, but they had still been furiously hidden behind her shirt. But now, he could finally see Bulma's amazing breasts in all their glory! His breath hitched as he took a step back, his mouth parting to utter his wonder before closing again as he gazed at her unveiled bosom. Round and ample, with a beautiful shade of pink circling at the centers, capped by spirited nubs of wonder. Her slim and toned form served to emphasize the size of her splendid jugs.

Oolong was flabbergasted, too overwhelmed with emotion to mutter anything resembling something coherent. All he could do was immortalize the image of the half-naked Bulma in his mind. To have such a nubile, young woman answering his every need threatened to succumb him. Blood that needed to go to his brain to keep him conscious plummeted down to his groin, with expectable results. He quickly felt his prickle awaken, uncomfortably pressing against his tightening trousers. No number of dirty magazines could've prepared him for the wonders of seeing actual knockers. Saliva brought about by lust flooded his mouth and sipped down his chin at the sight.

"Are you okay, Oolong?" Bulma asked the piglet, concerned. He merely managed to direct his head to nod. Bulma walked closer to him. "You seem a bit pale…"

Oolong could do nothing as Bulma got closer and closer. Each step made her youthful breasts wiggle. They looked so malleable, he thought. When Bulma got close enough, she got down on her haunches and put a hand on his head. She heard the palpitation of his heart as her slightly-dangled breasts were mere inches away from his face, her rosy tips already erect. "You're so hot!" she exclaimed with worry. "Are you sick?"

"Ti… Ti… TITS!" Bulma could not be blamed for the sudden gasp that escaped her throat. It seemed that being so close to the objects of his desire gave Oolong the adrenaline he needed to act. All too suddenly, the hands that had been shackled to his sides came up to cradle her tits. He lifted them to test their heaviness. Soft to his touch, yet firm in his bustling hands when his hands took hold of the globes and squeezed, his fingers sinking into the pliable skin. "T- titties!" He oinked with glee. "Bulma's titties!"

"Oo- Oolong?" Bulma wheezed softly, startled by his enthusiasm. Now that he was free to move, Oolong could no longer contain himself. He jumped forward and hugged Bulma's slim midsection. Pressing as hard as he could, he drowned himself in the crevice of Bulma's bosom, his snout pressing against her sternum. He drooled as he felt the sides of her breasts pushing against his cheeks. The teen couldn't help but screech as he began to motorboat her, feeling her tits jiggling against his face. "Kyaa!"

"Titties!" he screamed with elation as his head drowned in the fluffy pillows of wonder, though the creamy globes muffled his speech. He repeatedly oinked as he shook his head against Bulma's yielding knockers.

"H- hey!" Bringing her head to Oolong's trashing head, she petted him. He was already starting to sweat, his excitement making him overheat. "Slow down a bit!"

If Oolong heard her, he didn't show. Pressing her breasts at her sides, he juggled them against his face. "Puff puff! Puff puff!" In his pants, a familiar poke tightened his underwear while he experienced their softness.

Bulma was about to reprimand him again. Even under the influence of the magical dragon, Bulma's selfish tendencies shone brightly. "Oolong..." She grabbed his left ear, making him sob in pain and brought her right breasts to his opened mouth, ordering him to suck it. "Make me feel good too!"

"R- right..." For this, Oolong would happily stop his puff puff. Parting his lips, he stuck out his tongue and brushed it against the erect tip before he began to coil his oral muscle over her areola. With his tongue, he registered how tight the circle had become. This... is Bulma's breast! With perverted curiosity, his tongue explored the creamy globe, poking the flesh and mantling the jug with his saliva. When he returned to the erect peak, he flickered the rough texture against it, lifting it ever so slightly before gravity brought it back down. It didn't take long until he hungrily claimed her hardened nipple in his mouth, sucking fervently. Bulma's tits! I'm sucking Bulma's tits!

'Nng!" Despite her earlier suggestions, Bulma had to admit Oolong's enthusiastic, erratic approach had her body breaking out with goosebumps as her crotch moistened with need. She cooed his name, beckoning him to continue when he pressed her jugs together to slurp both nipples into his mouth. He was much rougher than she was used to, she thought as his head pulled back with her breasts still in his mouth. He retracted as far he could until her nipples escaped his lips – her breasts wobbled back into place, covered in saliva and their pinkness even puffier than before. Whenever one hand was free, he experimentally squeezed her neglected mound, fondling it with force as if to determine how malleable she was. Biting her lip, Bulma tried to keep quiet, if only to still her own curiosity, but she failed to contain the occasional whimper. When he finally released his hold, she exhaled with relief, but when his mouth also left her jug, she whined, begging him to continue. "Don't you want more, Oolong?" she purred seductively, sticking out her chest with great aplomb, making them bounce.

"Bulma," said Oolong excitedly, eying the wobbling mounds. His wish had come true. This was truly happening! He and Bulma... The two of them were finally together! He looked at her with ravenous thrill, as though expecting her to read his mind and do exactly what he wanted. His doe eyes were filled with lust while he licked his lips. "Touch my…" he was breathing heavily with excitement, almost gasping for air. For a moment, he feared he would pass out from his heated state. Unbuttoning his pants and zipping it down, he pulled his trousers and underwear down to release his excited prick. "Touch my cock!" he demanded, almost pleadingly.

Bulma blushed slightly from the sudden exposure. Despite the wish, she still had some sense of modesty it seemed. Her eyes leered until they rested at his revealed prickle. She would've called it his prick, but... She giggled as she eyed the little pickle. Not much bigger than three inches, she reckoned. It was without a doubt the smallest cock she'd ever seen, not much different than her fingers. She got down on all fours diagonally to be at eyelevel with his length, leaning on her flat hands and elbows at the front and supporting her heightened backend with her knees. "How cute." Her hot breath ran against his delicate phallus, making it throb.

And then she closed her hand around his length. "Bulma~!" he wheezed, hands clenching into fists at his sides. His toes curled in quiet delight. His entire body shook from the sudden contact with his sensitive prick. His breath was stolen the second her tongue speared forward to lap up some of the sticky fluids leaking from his tip. She dabbed him with her oral muscle, cleaning away every trace of clear liquid that stuck to her taste buds. Oolong's head rolled back as he uttered a relieved sigh. Her bright, sapphire eyes watched him curiously as her tongue flexed around his sensitive crown. Which was better, he wondered? The sight or feel of this dazzling girl licking his prick? The fact that it was Bulma licking his cock – usually so proud and vain, acting like he was beneath her – and down on her knees only made it hotter.

"Can you…" he gulped before he could go further, already trying his hardest not to cum. His face was flushed, his heart beating rapidly. He swallowed away his nerves before he asked his question, "Can you put it in your mouth?"

Bulma smirked seductively at his request and chortled. "If that's what you wish, Oolong." Angling him in line with her mouth, the teen invited the entire head past her lips. Bulma had never managed to take an entire cock into her mouth before, usually stopping about halfway before her gag reflex acted up. Then again, Oolong barely managed to reach her tonsils before she drew back to close her lips around his tip. She was surprised how fun it was to have so much control for once, her tongue easily gyrating around most his prickle as she danced around it while she slurped him dry. If she wanted to, she didn't even need to move her mouth over his length.

Oolong struggled to maintain his breathing as Bulma bobbed her head along his cock, her turquoise ponytail bouncing slightly with each dive down to his pelvis. He'd read how good a blowjob felt, but nothing could have prepared him for experiencing the wonders himself. His entire body shivered as he experienced a woman's mouth for the first time. It felt so warm and humid! He deserved this, he reckoned. He'd saved the world, and this was his reward. "I can't believe you're sucking my dick..." he uttered with glee. I should've known a bitch like her knows how to give head.

He wanted to enjoy these sensations for a little while longer. His hands rose to meet the sides of her head, squeezing in pleasurable agony. The piglet thought he'd be able to hold on for a while longer, but he didn't prove himself to be a lasting lover. Oolong felt his seeds threatening to rise from his sac like powerful waves of water against a weakening dam. "Bulma…~!" he wheezed, "I'm cumming~!" His buttocks tightened reflexively. It felt mind-blowing! His head fell back as he cried out, signaling the hot rush of his essence that was about to spray from the head of his penis. If not for his hold on her head, the sensation would've been too much for him, making him stumble back and trip until his ass landed on the floor. Luckily for him, it didn't come to that. His hands came up to the back of Bulma's head and yanked her toward his loins, eager to keep his entire cock in her warm mouth – which, again, wasn't much of an accomplishment. "Take it! Take it all!" His buttocks clenched with each release, shoving the tip of his prick as deep as he could while he sprayed his lust inside her mouth. His goo was thicker than she expected as it oozed down her throat after she gulped it down, ready to journey to her stomach. "Swallow my cum!"

Bulma made him ride out his climax, helpfully suckling the lust out of him whilst he showered her mouth with his jizz. It didn't take long for his balls to empty. She figured a perverted piggy like him was a frequent masturbator, and it seemed she was right. Even when his testicles were completely drained, her mouth stayed on him, her tongue cleaning him up until every last remnant of his release was safely accounted for. "So what's next, Oolong?" she asked after her lips finally left his length. Some spit stuck on her lips fell down her chin, right where her breasts connected. It landed on her left breast, slowly sipping down toward the tip.

The pig throbbed eagerly at the sight, his heartrate accelerating to unhealthy levels at the thought of what came next. "F...! Fu...!" Cheeks flushed, eyes enlarging, and his speech impeded by his own abundant enthusiasm, he incoherently stammered his words, spit flowing from his mouth before he finally managed to command his next order, "Fuck! I wanna fuck you, Bulma!" He recklessly bumped against her in an attempt to flip her over her back and take her like a mighty boar, but her weight was more than his modest strength could handle; the only one that got flipped over was Oolong, landing on his back with a thud from the impact.

Bulma sighed, helping him back up. "Self-control," she criticized him. "Besides, there's a bed right there, Oolong. You don't fuck a quality girl like me on the floor you know..."

Honestly, he would've fucked her in the mud for all he cared. As long as he finally got to slip his dick inside her, he was content. Oolong let himself be guided toward the bed. He always ensured he was one step behind her to eye the sensual movement of her ass.

Before she planted her buttocks on the mattress, Bulma got rid of the red sash wrapped around her waist, letting her jumpsuit fall down to unveil her pink panty for his eager eyes. She heard him inhale in shock, his jaw almost dropping to the floor at the suddenness of her immodesty. She smirked confidently at his reaction before her hands slipped underneath her underwear to let it fall, leaving her as naked as the piglet in front of her. Her folds glistened with her arousal, engorged and slightly spread to reveal the tight-looking slit underneath. Before Oolong could take a good look at her teenage womanhood, however, she took her place on the bed, leaning her back against the bedframe and spreading her legs for Oolong to vacate in between. If not for Oolong's wish, Bulma never would have let the small and fat piglet imbed himself within her, but now she eagerly awaited for the piggy to fuck her. Fuck her hard and fuck her good. "Come on, Oolong! Get over here and fuck me already!"

He needn't be told twice. With a pace in his step he made his way to the bed and jumped up the mattress. "Oomph!" he breathed, his cheeks bulging due to his effort whilst he awkwardly pulled himself up. It was strenuous on his body, but... one look at Bulma made his endeavors worth it all the while. Eying him seductively with her come hither eyes, tits out, and her legs spread wide, proudly showing him her beautiful muff. His prickle pulsed eagerly, as if it tried to leap into her hole from where he stood. When she beckoned him toward her with her finger, Oolong felt himself drawn to her like a paperclip to a magnet. He filled the space between her legs, his snout huffing and puffing so fast it seemed like he was about to hyperventilate. His heart felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. His eyes were not on her face, no matter how beautiful. This... was what a girl's pussy looked like? Hesitantly his hand came up to touch it, running his finger down her soaked labia, making him feel the tenderness of a woman's cunt, one that he always wished for but never managed to get till now. She felt... so hot. His first time seeing one other than in his magazines, Oolong was drowning in the sight, his phallus throbbing with need. The need to crawl into that beautiful looking slit.

The touch of her delicate pussy folds made Bulma moan with a delight and spurred her on. She'd been heated ever since Oolong played with her breasts, and she honestly couldn't take it any longer. "Come on." She grabbed the piglet's waist and yanked his tiny frame towards her, his face landed right between her squishy bosoms. "Fuck me, Oolong!"

"R- right..." This was it. The moment he'd waited for; had longed for. The moment he was going to lose his virginity. And what a woman he was going to lose it to – he'd desired Bulma ever since he first saw her the day she proudly zipped her jacket down to show him the size of her knockers. Numerous schemes to get with her had failed since then – a plan to drug her and take advantage of her sleeping form quickly came to mind – but now he was finally going to achieve his goal. After rubbing more jizz out of himself than he could count with the turquoise-haired teen on his mind, he was finally going to fuck her. Yamcha probably expected he was going to be the one to enjoy her luscious body once their journey was over, but it was him – all him! He was going to fuck her so hard she was going to forget all about that long-haired bandit.

Thanking Shenron one last time, he pulled his head away from its cushiony embrace, and pressed himself against the gap, reveling as his tip parted her folds, granting him access into the tiny hole; Bulma whimpered as his length finally entered her. He shuddered as he experienced a woman's tightness for the first time. It felt so slick and warm! And her walls... It felt like they were trying to squeeze him to a standstill, contracting so tightly around him. Unfortunately, with his length, his journey toward her womb was over far too soon, his groin mashing with hers after a short anchoring.

"Ngh!" He couldn't believe it. This... This was... Bulma's... pussy! He was finally inside Bulma's pussy! After all those failed attempts, he was finally fucking Bulma! He oinked with glee as he endured her velvety walls when they tried to drain him. She felt even better than he imagined. "I'm fucking you! Bulma, I'm finally fucking you!" Already, his eyes squinted with bliss, his head lolling back, his shaft throbbing while he tried not to succumb to the pleasure; despite his earlier bravado, all he could do was keep his hands planted at the sides of Bulma's hips, opting to keep himself still in an attempt to get used to the undulation.

Bulma, on the other hand, was not impressed. She supposed she could enjoy this. He didn't reach very deep, but at least his width was bigger than her fingers. She knew he was reveling in losing his virginity to such a babe like herself, but at this pace she was never going to reach fulfillment. "Hey!" She began to gyrate her hips in an attempt to get his attention; all it did was force a series of moans out of Oolong's mouth. "Come on! Start moving, Oolong! Fuck me!"

Shit! Stop! She had to stop moving her hips! The added stimulation...! If she kept this up he'd...! He'd...! "B- Bulma...!" He couldn't help it. His hips shoved forward on impulse, surging himself as deep as he could as his testicles began to spur their load inside the girl's slender walls, his ass cheeks tightening. "Ngh!"

"Huh?!" she wailed as the first spurts of white filled her insides. She eyed the piggy as he came, his lithe frame thrusting erratically, his cheeks bulging. He looked pathetic... "Done already?!" She sighed dejectedly as she felt his seeds fill her. They didn't reach very far – none of the fluids came even close to her womb. Luckily, like his previous load, he was done pretty fast. Steadying himself against her with his hands, he breathed laboredly, covered in sweat, his voice filled with embarrassment when he asked for a short reprieve.

Oh please... Oolong yelped when Bulma clutched the sides of his waist and flipped him onto his back with ease. "I don't think so, Oolong." Was it really too much to ask of him to make her feel good too? It was finally her turn to receive sexual pleasure, and Oolong couldn't even last long enough to thrust once? How disappointing. "Come on, Oolong. Try to last longer this time!" Angling his little prick with her snatch, upper body slightly leaning forward, her youthful jugs dangling, Bulma dropped her hips and embedded him inside her. She trembled as her pussy jolted with delight at the prospect of being filled again. He bottomed out fast, and Bulma hid her disappointment. He... really was small.

"Bulma...!" He oinked as his prick once more experienced her narrow heat when she began to ride him. Her walls gripped him with haste, eager to embrace him until he gave them another load. "You... feel so good!"

Easy for him to say... Bulma thought bitterly as she rose her hips only to let them fall a moment later. With his length, it was actually kind of hard to build a steady pace for her to enjoy. This wasn't her first time or anything, but the piglet's three-inch cock slipped out of her more than once during the ascension of her groin, after which she'd hurriedly imbed him back in, hampering her chain of elation to frustrating effects. Not even her springy tits managed to build a wobbling rhythm. How was she supposed to reach her peak like this?

Beneath her, Oolong experienced what could only be described as the exact opposite. "Bulma!" he yelled with a big grin on his face. He couldn't believe how good she felt while he eyed her young and heavy tits. His hands gingerly cupped her thighs, trying to grope her ass, but lacking to length to do so. This did not dissuade him to speak to the teen as if he was some kind of sex god. "Tell me how much you love it! Tell me how much you love my cock! Tell me how much you wish we'd done this long ago!"

Ugh... Despite the spell that had been placed on her, Bulma really didn't like it when the little piggy talked big. "I mean..." she grunted in-between her ascensions "... it's all right." As if to signify her frustration, she dropped her ass on him, coming down with a heavy thud. It was kind of fun to play with such a small prick in her mouth, but now... "It'd feel better if you were bigger..."

Bigger? That stung... That really stung. Though her warm and squishy insides felt better than anything else Oolong had experienced in his short life, he couldn't even revel in it now. He'd always been sensitive of his height – both his body and in his pants – and it was a sore topic for him. No more! He was determined to not let her words ruin this magical night. With all the strength he could muster, he roared as he lifted Bulma off his cock and maneuvered her off him. "Huh?" Bulma grumbled with confusion. "What are you doi-"

Small? She thought he was small? Oolong was fuming, his veins filled with a desire to prove her wrong. He'd show her! He'd show her how wrong she was! "Transformation!"

A puff of smoke hid Oolong from Bulma's view, but from his silhouette it seemed the piglet had used his ability to transform to heighten himself to six feet tall. As the smoke slowly cleared, however, her direction was coaxed somewhere else, right between his legs at the apex where his little prickle was supposed to hang. Supposed to being the right wording, for as Bulma leered at the monster of a cock that now stood rock-hard, she gasped. "What the?!"

Eight inches of rock-hard flesh throbbed with pre-cum, the thick veins of his cock sending all of his blood toward his dick. As Oolong walked toward her, she cowered backwards. "W- Wait!" Was he... was he seriously going to fuck her like thus? She knew she'd complained about his length, but there was no way she could handle this! Her demands for him to stay back fell to deaf ears when the boar grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. Taking his place between her parted thighs, Oolong took one hand off her feet to angle himself in line with Bulma's snatch.

"Are you ready, Bulma?" he jeered with a grin. "Are you ready to..." he surged his hips and slipped into her pussy "... take my monster cock?!"

"Kyaa!" she sobbed as his girth spread her walls apart like never before. Her back arched in response to the pain. Her teeth clenched together, her eyes almost bugging out of their sockets. Her inner channel was stretched to the point she felt afraid she might tear. She was even more aroused than she thought – even with his thick girth he slipped into her with hardly any stalls. His earlier ejaculation helped slicken his passage. His cock surged through her until if forcefully bumped against the entryway to her womb, his balls resting against her engorged labia. "Oh Kami!" she sobbed. "So big!"

He couldn't help but feel proud at her admission. Throwing her feet over his shoulders and grasping her curvy hips, Oolong leaned forward and wasted no time to set himself in motion. "How about this, Bulma?" Sweat dribbled down his head as he swung his hips to and fro. "Do you like me now? Do you like me fucking you now?"

Oh yes! To have that commanding bitch whimper beneath him was what sex with Bulma was supposed to be like! She felt even better than before! Now that he was thicker, she felt even tighter around him, and because he reached deeper, the sensations were drawn out much longer than before. If not for his previous two orgasms, he had no doubt he would've already been forced to forfeit.

Bulma whined beneath the boar as she was forced to endure his thrusts. His technique - if you could even call it that – was still lousy; without rhythm and far too impulsive, but his ampleness now more than made up for it! With his girth, he spread her more than the men who came before; with each thrust, the edges of his prick grinded against her sensitive walls, spraying her full with his pre-cum. "Oh Kami! Oh Kami! Oh Kami!" she hiccupped, her cheeks flushed, her body trashing, her glistening tits rocking wildly, and her fingers clawing into anything it could find. Eventually, her hands found his wrists at her hips and seized them, squeezing tightly. The bed squeaked beneath her to signify how hard she was getting fucked. If he kept this up, it wouldn't take long for her to cum!

Not used to the pleasures of bedding a woman, Oolong's body would occasionally spasm uncontrollably, his hips surging forward until he mashed against her groin, his cock coursing through her depths until painfully pressing against her cervix. Her back would arch in pain, tits rising. "B- Be more careful!" she'd order before he'd hastily apologize and continue the splashing of his hips. Considering his gawkiness, he had no right to feel as good as he did. She was so wet that his dick made a squelching sound each time he dove in. "Kyaa!"

"B- Bulma!" Oolong oinked, his pigtail curling. Bigger he may be, his transformation did nothing to amplify his sexual endurance. Her slick walls coiled around him, undulating wildly, keen on milking him for all he was worth! Her body glistened with sweat, her hot tits swinging enticingly, her wet cunt accepting his meat with an audible slurp and her angelic lips releasing her lecherous moans of pleasure with each shove. It was just... too much! No matter how desperately he tried to keep going, his hips lost their pace until he had no choice but to succumb. His head rose as he roared, pushing his dick as far as he could, rubbing against her cervix. "C- Cumming!"

"Nooo!" Bulma wept as she felt his seeds spurt her insides once more. "You fucking pig!" So close. She had been so close! She tried to keep the fire within her burning by thrashing her hips around his withering length, churning the jizz that was fired within her with positive effects, her hands kneading her sensitive jugs to generate more pleasure. Ironically, the spasming of his muscles ensured he finally had something akin to a rhythm. But when she heard a poof, she knew it was over, her efforts futile. The biggest and thickest dick to ever pierce her disappeared, replaced by the three-inch prickle that slipped out of her as soon as it emerged. It seemed her climax would continue to elude her.

Without a climax, she recovered quickly, only slightly out of breathe. With some sweat coming down her glowing head, she propped herself up and eyed Oolong as he hopelessly laid spread on the floor. When his transformation was over, he'd found himself in the air, but he was unable to keep himself there for long, gravity dropping him headfirst to the floor. After several climaxes and a hit to his head, he was on the verge of unconsciousness.

"Oolong! This was your third load and you still haven't made me cum!" Bulma berated him with annoyance. "I swear, if you don't make me cum soon, I'm gonna call you piggy again!" If needed, she'd force his snout down her snatch and smear his own seeds over his stupid face until she came. In all honesty, she couldn't care less if he was conscious during the experience.

Oolong gulped audibly at her threat, feeling the nerves flutter in his stomach. He'd once heard the phrase be careful what you wish for in school but had never thought much of it. Perhaps... there was truth to those words, he thought, covered in sweat, exhausted and struggling to get himself hard again. Why did Bulma have to be so demanding? Honestly, he was not made for so much strenuous effort. Not even the wonderful ogle he had of Bulma's barren body – taut and tight in all the right places – would ensure his hardness for much longer. The night was far from over, and it seemed he had his work cut out for him. Perhaps, he thought with a shudder as Bulma planted her feet at the sides of his head and began to drop her muff, the first droplets of his own cum falling on his head, he shouldn't have wished to spend the whole night with her...

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