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It was all over the news. A break in. Armed robbers. A stabbing. A body.

Zeo has never thrown up so much in his life. He could not stop replaying what went down last night. But, he did what had to be done. Before escaping into the night, Zeo grabbed a rock, holding the baseball sized stone with a torn piece of trash bag, to prevent evidence, then he hurled it through the window of the restaurant to make it appear as though the place had been broken into. Not knowing where the money is kept prevented him from stealing, to add to the staged scene and not for monetary purposes, he figured that finding Rei's body in the manager's office would be enough to paint a picture. He'd kept it together long enough to make it home, then he fell apart.

'So what Rei liked me, he was still angry that I'd stabbed him. He was going to tell Tyson. What else could I do but shut him up?' He watched the broadcast with muted despair. He has to keep calm or another round of nausea will have him right back in the bathroom and throwing up.

Turning off the television, he walked out of his bedroom. He has to go see Tyson. He has to make sure he's ok through this. He didn't mean to kill the young manager, it just sorta happened. Like hanging clothes on a line then it suddenly rains. Just an unexpected thing.

'If only I hadn't blurted out that his boyfriend was Tyson, what was I thinking?' He continued beating himself up.

Zeo doesn't bother with the driver, he instead went into the garage and retrieved his bike. It was a long and slow ride down the hill and through 2 neighborhoods to get to the Granger home. A route so often taken, he's beginning to know the names and personalities of the people as well. But, it was all a blur today. A blur through red tint. He'd murdered someone. How was he ever gonna recover?

His bike slid smoothly up to a park beside the Sukiya-Zukuri style home. He climbed off then walked over to the gate, but paused before going inside, he can hear voices, and one of them is Tyson's.

"How is it possible!?" He was shouting at someone, or rather his anger was shouting. "I could see any employee at that place, but not Rei. He knows martial arts, and he's one of the strongest guys at school. How could someone just..."

"The news said they snuck up on him." That was Kai's husky voice.

"I know what the news said!" Snapped Granger. "I just don't believe it's possible."

"Listen, I don't wanna believe it either," Kai went on, his tone softened. "But for every strong, capable, guy, there's someone stronger."

"You act as if you're ok with it!"

Zeo's mouth dropped, it sounded like someone fell. Did Tyson shove Kai? 'Did Tyson shove Kai over Rei? So there was something going on with them.'

"Kai, he... Rei was like a brother to me," his voice is cloudy, with awaiting tears. "And now he's gone. ..I don't.. I can't even remember the last thing that we said to each other. How am I supposed to remember him when I can't even remember that soon back, huh?"

'Like a brother. He loves so deeply.' Thought Zeo, completely moved by Tyson's deep well of emotions. 'Oh no.. what have I done?'

"Having fun?"

If Frankenstein only needed to see a tall stand of white streaked hair, Zeo would be getting cat-calls. Spinning around, he sees Ozuma standing there. 'Don't ever sneak up on my, you little creep.' He grouched, but outside he said. "Hi. I wasn't eavesdropping, I was trying to be considerate, and wait for a break in the conversation."

Ozuma looked uncertain, but, he's had moments of not wanting to be the one to defuse the now and then game of hot-toss-bomb with Tyson and Kai. So he let it pass. "Sounds like it's over now. Come on." He walked through the open gate; Zeo in tow.

"Boy, if I ever get my hands on whoever did that," Tyson started up as the newcomers approached. "I'm first gonna have them apologize to Rei, and then I'm gonna get them on their knees and murder them. See how they like it."

"You'd never go through with it." Kai scoffed.

"Wouldn't I? How would you feel if Tala or Bryan were killed over stupid money- you've got enough of it."

Kai rolled his eyes. This was not about the rich or the poor, because Rei wasn't wealthy. Was he going to become full time owner of the restaurant, yes, through nepotism. Did Rei actually truly want the business? Kai very much doubted it. Tyson wasn't the only one close to Rei. He knows something about his deceased friend's inner hopes and dreams. And a stuffed shirt that crunched numbers and kept a business going wasn't him. But, he could see what Tyson was saying. Killing someone over something that's stupid, easily obtained and you don't even have to do too much work for it. It's ridiculous. The people of the world are really letting themselves go.

"I heard they didn't even steal any money," Ozuma chimed in; taking a seat on the long porch, he sighed. "And the cops think it was an inside job."

"Inside?" Tyson cocked a brow.

"Yeah. How would you feel if you work your butt off somewhere but don't get the chance to move up because it's going to family? They wanna examine the sector's staff, see if anyone had it in for Rei or Mr. Kon."

"They can't honestly believe that."

"Maybe we should stop talking about it?" Zeo suggests in a small voice.

"Excuse me?" His beloved's temper was all the way up, and it seemed to have no means of defuse.

"I don't mean it in a rude way, I just mean that it's upsetting you," he waved his hands as if trying to fan flames into a diminished state rather than have them go full-blown inferno. Getting rid of the competition was not working to his advantage right now, if he's gonna upset Tyson no matter what he says. 'Maybe I shouldn't have come over.'

"Zeo's right. There's no sense in staying upset about this." Kai agreed. "We can mourn Rei at the funeral. But, we can't act as though we can take matters into our own hands."

Tyson looked from Zeo to Kai, then Ozuma. "Well? Have you got anything to add?"

Ozuma cocked his head, then staring his friend straight in the eyes, he said calmly. "Whatever happened to Rei was unnatural. And it's gonna upset you throughout the day, maybe longer. But, Rei is in a better place now. And he would want us all at peace to celebrate his life, rather than keep him stranded because of his death."

Tyson seemed as though he was about to say something, but instead he reached out to Ozuma, pulling him into a hug as he cried.

Tyson sent everyone home. He wasn't in the mood for company today.


Zeo Zagart lay in bed, on his back, hanging slightly off and upside down. He's contemplating what to do, making horse lips as if it was an assistance to keep the thought process moving.

'If it were me having lost Tyson, I'd probably want someone there, even after pushing everyone away. I may not be able to go over there, but I can call.' Sitting up, he crawled across the bed to the head of it to grab the cellphone from the bedside table.

He can remember fondly how he acquired his beloved Tyson's phone number. He and Max had been out skating at the park, they were racing from one end to another. He'd slipped over to the bench where they left their light jackets, and 1, 2, 3 he swiped into Max's phone and got Tyson's number. What kind of nut has no lock on their device, and leaves it on on top of that?! Blondes aren't dumb, they're helpful allies. At least that's Zeo's assessment.

"What do you want?" Came a bitter voice over the line once it picked up.

"Tyson? It's Zeo."

"Zeo? ...How'd you get my number?"

"Max gave it to me," Not entirely a lie, but neither is it true.

"Oh." Was the dry response.

"I'm sorry about earlier, if it came off as insensitive." He quickly adds. "I wasn't trying to, I swear!"

"I know you weren't. I didn't mean to come off like an ass."

"You could never come off as bad,"

Tyson either didn't hear him, as he kept speaking, or he'd ignored it. "It just took me by surprise. Had it been grampa, I would expect it. He's an old man, I'd be sad, but not angry. Rei is young, he had his whole life ahead of him. How can he be dead?"

'Because I slit his throat.' Nodding, he says. "I know. It's scary. But, you don't have to alone feeling like you do. You can have company." He cheered himself for being sly. "I'll come over, I can bring a movie and some snacks."

"That's ok. I'm good by myself right now. Thanks any way."

"Well," he can sense a disconnect approaching. "Call me, if you change your mind, or if you just wanna talk."

"Sure. Bye."

"Bye.. Tyson."

The line died, and so too, did Zeo's mood.

0 0 0

He couldn't be kept down. He's in love. Love doesn't take "get lost" sitting down. And so, after a quick trip to the nearest convenience store to gather snacks, and his choice of movie is ready to be purchased to view once he's at the Granger home. Hopping onto his bike, he heads on over.

Pressing the button on the doorbell, he waited for an answer.

"Yo!" Ryo Granger called out in greeting. "Granger home, talk to me."

"This is Zeo Zagart. I, uh, came to see if Tyson wanted some company."

"Hold on, let me buzz open the gate." He went silent a moment, and laughed when the voice device crackles back to live. "Just kidding, my man, there's no electronics. Just give her a push."

"Oh, thanks." He says cheerfully, to show he got the joke. 'Crazy old man.' He thinks. Passing through the gate, he paused in wonder of where Dragoon was hiding. But, there was no growl or show of claws or fangs. He's either asleep or inside. Zeo prayed for the former.

"Can't say I ever heard of you before," Mr. Granger senior declared. "Come on, I'll show you Tyson's bedroom."

Playing along, he followed the elderly man to a well known located bedroom. Zeo took it all in from the inside. It was amazing. The sights, the smells. It was all Tyson. Mr. and Mrs. Granger, a young Tyson. Zeo smiled widely seeing those. He was so short! But look at his man now, big and strong. Tall... well.. Taller than he is. So that's something. A few dirty clothes, which grandpa Granger groaned over as he scooped them up while walking along. Zagart can smell Tyson's shampoo again, very faint, but there. He can even small his sleep scent!

"Here you go," Ryo held out his hand.

Zeo snickered. Was he really expecting a tip? His shoulders sagged when the elderly man remained in place, hand out, and waiting. Removing his wallet, he gave him a dollar.

"Nooo, my man," says Grandpa Granger. "Gimme a snack. What's in the bag?"

Oh." He took back the money, then reached into the bag. "Here. You can have a rice triangle."

"Good deal. Have a good time." Sliding the door open, he called in. "Look who's here!"

"Finally the pizza!" Tyson cheered. "Just leave it; we're in the middle of a game."

Zeo's heart dropped. Not only does Tyson have company, but they all look quite cozy, as though they've been over for a while cozy... When did they? Why are they? Tyson told them to leave. Did he only mean for him to go? He just called him seven minutes ago, and then decided to come over; so were the others just lurking around then came back before he did? They all left together!

Eyes narrowed to slits, he shook it off when hearing Ryo's voice.

"You lunk head, the food ain't here. I brought the gift of friendship."


Their heads turn ever so slightly as they don't wanna take their focus from the game.

'Was that.. disappointment?' Wondered Zeo as he stepped inside with a bright smile.

"Oh. Hi, Zeo." Tyson greeted.

"Hi guys!" An act. Why not act? They clearly don't want him here. Was it planned? 'I can just see it. "Everyone go home, then once Zeo's gone come back so we can hang out", how could Tyson do this to me?' He held up the bag of snacks. "Perfect, right? I brought some snacks from the convenience store. Do you want any? I have chips and rice balls. Some sodas..." Taking a seat on the floor two feet from Max, who is seated beside Tyson, which is making him seven feet from Tyson. He can't properly gauge his reaction to the sudden intrusion.

"Killer." He paused the game. "Break tme!" Declared the room owner before he launched into the bag with both hands. "Cheetos are for me."

"I'll take a fruit snack, thanks Zeo." Max was already tearing the large bag open.

Ozuma helped himself to the Cheetos as well. Kai ate some pretzels.

"So what are you playing?" Although it was obviously Basketball.

"I'm with Kai and Ozuma's got Max. And they're getting their butts handed to them." He stuck out his tongue.

"Yeah right." Max smacked the snack bag from his friend's hand, laughing when a few fell to the floor and were still consumed by his glutenous friend.

"Wanna watch us?" Tyson asked. He grabbed his controller then hit the pause button to resume the game, whether his friends were through snacking or not.

"Sure." Tear stung Zeo's eyes.

It wasn't "Wanna play with one of the losers next game" or "Do you wanna play" No. It was.. "Stay on the outside, Zeo. We don't want you in here. We don't need you."

It was then that Zeo Zagart realized that Tyson Granger has one too many friends.

0 0 0

"Thanks for coming over guys," Tyson was saying to the group as they exited through the front gate. "You've really cheered me up." He beamed a smile at them.

"Anytime, Ty'," Ozuma gave his friend's shoulder a squeeze before leaving behind Kai.

"Are you sure you can't stay over?" He asked after them.

"Sorry, buddy," Max hugged his best friend. "I'll see you bright and early tomorrow."

"Okay." Turning his head, he blinked when seeing Zeo is still standing in the front yard. "Aren't you going home?"

"I can stay."

"Hmm? Really?" Grinning, he nods. "Great. Come on, we can watch a movie before dinner. I'm all gamed out now."

"Alright! Thanks Tyson!" All sugar and sunshine, he followed after his beloved.

Tyson looked perplexed over what the thanks was for, but whatever. He's still got company, so he's cool.


"Hey, Z', if that movie were real," Tyson is slipping on his night shirt, unaware he's being watched. "Who do you think Diana would get first, once I've turned out the lights?" Walking over to his bed, he flopped onto it, laying back with his arms spread.

'Obviously me; because I'd protect you, not matter what, Tyson.' Zeo shrugged his shoulder. "I think me. I don't run as fast as you can."

"True." Tyson laughed. "Although, Dragoon has yet to catch you, so you're not exactly a slug."

Zeo chuckled.

"I would hope I was brave enough to move; I think fear would keep me rooted in place." He sat up and shuddered in exaggerated fear. "Can you imagine just seeing some lanky thing pop up in the dark?" Leaping onto the spare bed, he shouted. "Boo!"

Putting his crush in a headlock, Zeo wrestled him to the mattress. "Take this, bastard ghost."

Expertly getting free, he reversed them so that Zeo is pinned to the bed. "Now what?"

"Umm... I surrender."

"Ahahaha! That's cute." He kissed Zeo on the cheek. "Ghost don't care about that. "I surrender"," he mimicked. "The guys'll love that."

'He kissed me...' He can't breathe.

"Zeo?" Moving off of him, he asks. "You alright? You look like you've really seen a ghost." Nervous, he glanced up at the ceiling where his friend's wide-eyed vacant gaze is set, he expected to see some pale ghoul with stringy black hair. Japan is a very haunted country; why wouldn't his house contain a spirit or two? Smiling, he says. "I get it. Time to wake up, Snow White." Leaning over his budding friend, this time he kissed him on the lips. Just a peck.

That did it. Zeo's eyes closed. He was in pure bliss.

"Hn," chuckled Tyson, moving to his own bed to lie down. "Guess I'm not a handsome prince." Turning off the light, he says. "Night, Zeo."

'He loves me. Tyson loves me!' He screamed with glee for ten minutes in his head, before sleep eventually fell over him.

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