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It was all or nothing. Tyson, at least, has answered his calling on him. True, he didn't know that it was he, Zeo, at the gate, but he came all the same; and hasn't yet slammed the door in his smiling face.

"Is this a bad time?" he asked when taking in the full scope of his beautiful crush. He's wearing his Kendo uniform.

"No. Come on in." Wandering away from the door on an assumption that he's being followed, he asks. "Wanna help me train?"

Zeo was sure he was about to feel utterly embarrassed, because if Tyson was to turn around, he'd see just how pleasing the idea of sparring with him was. "I don't know how."

"Don't have to. Just hold the stick, and let me beat it."

'Is he doing that on purpose?' wondered Zeo. It sounded so sexual. "Umm, okay. Listen, about what I was gonna say.."

"Right. You wanted to talk to me."

The door to the at-home dojo was slid open, and they step inside. It's dark inside, more so once the door is pulled back over. Zeo wondered if this was a setup. And those asshole friends of Tyson's were waiting around in the shadows to sneak attack him with Kendo sticks.

'He is being awfully nonchalant about my fight with Kenny.' Which is why he came over, to explain his side of it, and put Kai under a bad light. "It's about my fight with Kenny.."

"You fought with the Chief?" he snickered. Fetching Zeo a sword and mask to protect his head, he physically placed him into a defensive position, so the sword is horizontal and just above his head.

"Yeah." Tyson's words resonated. "Kai didn't tell you?"

"No. What do I care about some dumb fight? It's not between you and me." He squared up with his budding friend. "And Kenny's a big boy, he can get into fights. Ha!" He cried out, suddenly striking at Zeo.

Zeo yelped when the force of the hit whacked him on the head with both swords. Good thing they're made of wood or he'd be in trouble.

"You suck at guard. Hold steady next hit."

"Okay." Feeling he had to explain himself, he felt he had a huge weight taken off his shoulders. Maybe he got Kai's agenda all wrong. Maybe, he isn't a jerk, just.. well, a jerk. But not the tattling kind. Returning to the assigned position, he took several blows before Tyson spoke.

"What'd you fight about?"

"Actually, it was about you."

"Me? Why?" he slammed the sword against Zeo's over and over.

"I thought that he liked you."

That struck Tyson so completely, he busted out laughing. He was breathless, muttering through chuckles. "Chief likes… hahaha! That's so far left, Z'!" He clutched his stomach.

"But, you're so nice to him, and I figured since you're close.."

"Dude, I'm close with a lot of people. That doesn't mean I'm dating them; that's so juvenile." He laughed more.

Zeo felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment. He doesn't have to laugh that hard.

"And so what if he did like me, he has a right to it." Finally calmed, he gets up from the wood floor. Shaking his head, he asked. "Why care? If I dated everyone I'm friendly too, I'd be in trouble."

"Because.. I like. I mean, I like you like a boyfriend would like you." May as well be direct.

Tyson looked confused. "You do? Since when? Why?"

Zeo shrugged his shoulder. "I just do." He frowned. 'How could he forget? How can he not remember? We had such a good time.. I felt so close to him.'


Zeo sighed through his nose. "Tyson, do you… Will you go out with me? Like a date-date?" he closed his eyes bracing himself for the ridicule. But when none came, he cracked then opened his eyes meeting Tyson's.

He looked unsure, then exhausted. "Sure."

"Sure?" He repeated. 'Why does he sound regretful?'

"I mean, it's not like I've never thought about it. The whole 'dating' thing, but I get super busy with sports at school, Kendo. Who's got time to be toting someone around. I may even get a job this year, do I want my money squandered on a love trip?"

Zeo shook his head. "I've got money, I can pay for our dates."

Tyson shrugged. "Yeah but, what about the waste of my time?"

"Love isn't a waste. It's something that you cherish."

"When you find the right person." Tapping the tip of his sword to the floor, he groaned. "Even now, all this love talk is taking time away from my training." Getting into an attack position, he says. "I agreed we could give dating a try, can we just drop it until the time comes."

'He's so arrogant. Not like the sweet guy from our childhood. How could he change into someone like this?' Wondered Zagart. The wooden sword fell from his grip clattering against the floor with a greater weight than it possessed. It was weighed by the death on his sinking Dream-boat.

"What?" Tyson watched, muddled as to why Zeo suddenly bolted from the dojo. "Maybe he's.. gotta pee?"

Zeo was nearly at his breathing limit. He slowed down to a stop. Out of breath and hyperventilating, he sobbed loudly.

"Stop it! Stop blubbering you big baby!" he berated himself. "He said he'd date you. Stop crying about it." He sniffled, but the tears came out harder. The depressed teen suddenly stopped. 'Tyson just said he's never dated before. No wonder he has such a cold heart. I'm so stupid. I can show him. I can show Tyson love. And he'll love me even more in return.' He felt warm inside just thinking about it. He dispelled the painful feeling of having doubted, and even felt distaste towards his Tyson. No need for remorse.

This wasn't a disaster. This was great!

"That's what I said, little dudes," Grandpa Granger re-informs. "Tyson went out on a date with that kid with the long hair, kind of high in the octaves too." Now that he thought about it.

"Zeo?!" Max's alarm didn't go missed.

"Sure. What's the problem? You carrying a torch?"

Blushing at the assumption, Max scratched his cheek to dispel the embarrassment.

"Where are they? Do you know?" Ozuma asked.

"Uuum… Can't say that I know. Tyson just said he's going on a date. Kid brought over a picnic basket, you know where lovers take those."

"The park." The trio stated in unison.

Hopefully they can stop the lunacy before any damage is done. Tyson cannot fall for Zeo.

0 0 0

"Batting cages?! This is really cool, Z'" Tyson stepped up to the mound, bat swinging back and forth. "I didn't know you play sports."

Zeo just smiled, pleased he could make Tyson happy. He actually doesn't like sports, and loathes gym class.

"Grab a bat, we'll see who hits the most."

Zeo knew that he wasn't much of a challenge. He doesn't know how to hold the bat, never mind how to hit something flying at him. But, none of that mattered while he watched as his beloved excelled. It was a dream. Being so close to him while he's doing his 'number one at life' thing. He can't hold down the smile that settled upon his face. He can remembered all the photos on the timelines of Tyson's social media platforms. The sporty teen posed, in action from photos taken of him during gameplay, celebrations afterwards. He was never so happy to have a father so hung-up on his higher learning. He took some programming classes, which lead to hacking experience, nothing major, just good enough to snoop when necessary. And admiring Tyson was necessary.

Gaining enough knowledge that he was able to skip a grade to be in Tyson's classes. He even copied his handwriting style! Who needs this up close and personal moment more than him? He loves this guy with the cheerful smile, beautiful spirit, and kind heart. Tyson Granger is a God on earth.

"Out of the park!" Tyson cheered himself. Pumping his fist in the air, he turned around, giving his head a nod to the abandoned position. "You're up. Don't feel too bad that you won't hit them all."

"I might set the record for all-time-low." Zeo choked the bat handle in his grip. "Is this right?"

"It is if you're hopeless and wanna stay that way." Walking up behind him, he reached around to reposition the bat. "Lower the hips."

Zeo swallowed a floodgate of salvation because Tyson touched his naval area, and to get him lowered he slid his hand down just a bit to instruct him to drop his weight.


An inner scream rang through Zagart, his beloved's voice is so close to his ear. The universe is too kind.

"Pull back a bit, then.."

"I hit it!" he was about to throw his hands up.

"Don't cheer yet, the ball machine is still on."

"Huh? Ow!" he dodged the next ball, then regained his composure and fixed his stance. He swung wildly, hitting nothing, until finally a pattern was noticed and he was able to sloppily bunt his way to the end of the onslaught.

"Better than I thought you'd be." Tyson patted Zeo's shoulder.

Shyly rubbing his finger under his nose, he says. "Thanks." Noticing the movement of his mouth, he asked. "Are you eating?"

"I found the grapes." Tyson confessed. "When are we gonna eat? I'm starved."

"It's ten."

"Then I'll hit a few more rounds. I can survive on some grapes for now,"

And he did. Zeo was beside himself popping grapes into Tyson's open mouth, while he continued to bat homeruns, pop-flies, and base-loaders. Nothing can spoil this day.

"This is too weird. Do I have to be blindfolded?" Wondered the blind man, his arms out before him in the open air, while behind him is the steadying, guiding touch of his could-be boyfriend, Zeo.

"It's not much farther. It's okay."

Tyson scoffed. "Easy for you to say, you can see."

"Alright, we're here," Yanking off Tyson's blinder, he throws his arm out. "Ta da!"

"It's a boat."

"Yeah. We're gonna hit the river. Have a picnic on the water." He grinned like a tooth paste ad model. "Isn't that romantic?"


Chuckling, he gave his already-decided boyfriend a push forward. "Just trust me."

Helping Tyson into the vessel, he thanks him for helping him in as well. His beloved is so thoughtful. Untied from the peg keeping it in place, the little boat drifts along with its passengers.

"Check it out, fish." Tyson removed his hand from the water, leaning a bit over at slant so he can watch the fish swim by.

'Fish in water. Shocking.' Zeo looked, with a bored glance, at a near invisible pair of grey fish swimming about.

"Do you think they hate having nothing but a big circle to move around in?"

"Beats me. So, Tyson," Got to steer him back on course. "tell me about what's been going on with you,"

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"Since we lost touch with each other up to recently."

"I saw you yesterday. Not much to tell. I ate, washed, then slept. So what."

Zeo heaved a sigh. But, that's okay. Reminding someone can be romantic, in its own way. "Tyson, do you remember when we were kids?"

"I remember when I was." He muttered to himself.

"There was a huge storm, everyone had to evacuate to a shelter."

"When was that?" he turned his attention away from the water now, locking eyes with Zeo.

"You were six and I was five." He met the burning brown gaze.

Granger looked to be thinking. "I think I do… Wait, are you trying to tell me that you were there?"

"Yes! Um, yeah," he schooled down his enthusiasm.

Tyson cocked his brow. Then his gaze widened. He snapped his fingers. "You were the kid who cried!" a small laugh escaped him. "I asked if you wanted to Beyblade with me."

"Yes! Yes, that was me!" he chuckled happily. "You don't know how hard it was not telling you."

"Alright, but, what's the big deal?"

"What?" Zeo's face, no, his entirety deadpanned. "What do you mean?"

That was not the response he'd expected. Not the happy acknowledgement he was daydreaming for years about.

"I just don't know what that's supposed to mean." Tyson shrugged. "So I knew you? What do you want out of that?"

"That's so.. disrespectful!"

Taken aback by the sudden shout, Tyson straightened from his lack position. He was about to speak but got cut off.

"I spent so many years of my life loving this sweet guy, who helped me through this frightening, rough time.. and you just piss on it like I'm nothing!"

"What are you so fired up about? And for the record, I never said you were nothing, just that it's pretty lame to like someone so much based on one encounter." He scratched the back of his head. With a humored tone, he adds. "Its almost pathetic."

'Pathetic?' His eye twitched. Did he really.. seriously… call him pathetic?

He may as well had been killed. Zeo Zagart saw his life flash before his eyes, or rather, he saw his obsession flashing by.

He'd first had to find out Tyson's last name, since he was only given his first name. But, seeing as there aren't many Japanese citizens with Western names, it was more than easy. He came to know his beloved's true name was Takao.

Takao. He felt so inner-circle knowing that, but after some hunting and finding, he learned Tyson wasn't a fan of it. So, he would not use it, once revealing himself to his long lost love.

It wasn't easy getting close to Tyson. The guy practically never had a private moment, even at the public bath! Always with family or those goofy friends of his. Zeo could not find a place to infiltrate.

So he laid low, biding his time on boning up on the dream catch. He knows everything about him, even down to his favorite brand of cereal. Dragoon was a surprise, since the dog had been with Mr. and Mrs. Granger. A mistake he corrected by erasing.

Chief was too easy get close to. He was hurting for a real friend to give him attention. A couple sleepovers, a few dinners at the family restaurant, and he could get the guy to do anything for him. Too bad Kenny wasn't as inner circle as he'd assumed, then he wouldn't have wasted time on him, and would have gone for Max.

Tate was always in Tyson's photos with him. But, cyber stalking would have been tough.

"Pathetic… would someone pathetic care enough to change your science test answers when he noticed you'd gotten them all wrong?"

Tyson's expression was priceless. A crowd seeing a ghost bungee jumping and disappearing before hitting the ground, would look less shocked. When he was in the 6th grade, he'd done poorly on a test, he was sure of it. But, the next day the teacher took him, and the rest of the class, by surprise saying he had the third highest mark. He thought he'd lucked into the answers, he even had a suspicion he'd answered the questions correctly without knowing it. It was his handwriting! So how…?

"Would a pathetic person see to it that the school added your stupid favorite food to the menu line-up?"

Zeo's voice was carrying, it was like a homing device to the trio dashing around the park. They had checked earlier, but couldn't find either of the blue-haired teens. There were others, but they gradually migrated out of the park and back to the main part of the city. They'd all but given up on finding them. Max suggested swinging by the park one last time, then they hit a bulls eye.

"Over there!" Max points to the expansive lake.

The trio hurried along towards the yelling. He knows what Zeo is capable of doing, if he's so prone to fits of rage over something as small as a rumor about Tyson. He knows nothing about the true Tyson Granger, and if the context of his hollering are anything to go by, he just found out.

"I've watched out for you… Cared for you… I gave you a ride to school that day when it was raining, and I really wanted to leave Max on the street, but I didn't because he's your friend."

Tyson's hands balled into a fist. "Ya know, you're right Zeo. I was wrong to say pathetic. I meant fucking psycho!"

Zeo lunged at him! Both teens went straight for a strangle, one in attack one in defense; however, Granger's strength was underestimated, because he quickly gained the upper hand. He let go when Zeo released him, in order to attempt to loosen his grip. He's no killer.

"Had enough?" He pants, catching his breath. "You can't love me like you do, based on some nothing moment. It.. things just don't work that way, dude." He wanted to say "doof" but decided to spare the guy of anymore humiliation. "Love, or even just liking someone, has to be natural. It has to come gradually. Don't just decide on a whim that I'm 'The one'."

"Tysooon!" Max called through cupped hands.

Looking in his direction, Tyson waved. "What d'ya say? Can you just drop it, and be friends first?" The look on Tyson's face told Zeo he had no prayer strength of their relationship becoming beyond that of 'friends', not even close friends.

"Tyson," Kai called. "Bring the boat back to shore."

"Yeah, duh." He muttered. Looking away from his friends to Zeo, he asks. "Zeo?"

Shoulders trembling in a shake, he sniffles. "Why do you have to be like this? I only wanted to be with you. To love you. I knew you'd love me back, if I had a chance."

"I doubt it. Zeo," he says in a matter-of-fact way. "I'm greedy, arrogant, stuck on myself… ask anyone. I'm unlovable."

Looking up in a flash, he contradicts. "No you're good! You're amazing! You love yourself, animals, and others! Don't say anything is wrong with you."

"That's just it. I have those bad traits and don't care. It's not easy to love, that's why I don't date. I have me and me alone to worry about. I like it that way."

"Is that why you owned a pet?" his voice turned icy. "Is that why you let Rei stay in your house?" his glare could sculpt an impossible cut to a diamond. "Make up your mind, Tyson, do you wanna be alone or have people?"

"I'm not having this conversation anymore." He grabbed an oar. "Consider this a break in our friendship, and a never will be to a relationship."

Grabbing the picnic basket that was placed between them, he slammed it against the retreating jerk's profile when he turned to get the boat righted for shore.

"He's attacking him," Max exclaimed. Seeing movement at his side, he darts after Kai and Ozuma towards a boat of their own.

The sharp wicker beat against Tyson over and over again. Zeo's bombardment ceased when he saw red. "You just had to be this guy! I would have given up everything I have for you… doesn't that mean anything?" He sobbed.

Tyson bit back tears, not so much from physical pain, he's taken enough sports injuries to know a flesh wound, but the emotional pain that someone could be so screwed up in the head. And over him! He could see if it were Max, or even Kenny, if it's kindness that gets Zeo off. But all this was nuts. He took care of the fears of a kid one time. He doesn't deserve this. And Zeo doesn't need the mental breakdown.

"At first I'd felt bad… Rei and Dragoon. Even a little for fighting with Kenny, and trashing Kai's bedroom."

"You what?" disgust rang through him. When and why did he trash Kai's bedroom? For him. Of course. "You're sick, Zeo. You need help."

"I'm not the one leading people on, giving false hope, and acting like someone I'm really not." He shrank down into himself. "I thought that getting rid of the competition would help me get closer to you, it seemed like it was working."

Tyson's jaw fell. What did he just hear?

"Turned out Rei liked me.. the idiot said so too late, then he said he was gonna warn you off about me."

"What are you saying?"

"I wouldn't have killed him, if he'd just let it go. If he'd of kept you out of it." He was talking so calmly, so quiet, as if to himself. "Kenny had lied. It was the only reason I'd gone to see Rei at all. To confirm he wasn't interested in you."

Tyson held up his hand to silence him. "Zeo.. are you telling me that you were the one who killed Rei?" He held his stomach. He feels sick. Leaning over he vomited into the water.

Shocked buy the reaction, he reached out. "Are you ok?! Do you want some crackers to settle your stomach, I packed som-…" he looked about the boat at the mess made of their basket lunch. What happened to it?

Smacking away his very being rather than just his touch, he snapped. "Get the hell away from!" He pointed an accusing finger. "You.. you killed Rei."

"He was standing between us, or I thought he was… that's why I beat up Kenny for lying. If you should be mad at anyone.."

"Stop talking!" barked Granger. His anger was growing all the more.

"If Rei meant nothing to you, why are you this angry? You think Dragoon would be the reason.." He clamped his hand over his mouth.

Tyson's grip on the oar strengthened. "And you poisoned Dragoon? No wonder you'd 'heard' him under the house, you knew he was there getting worse the entire time we were looking!" The oar rose from the water, the path to Zeo's head was bread-crumbed by drizzled water.

Zagart shielded himself with his forearms, but there was no need. Shocked, he peeked away from his barricade in wonder of why. But rather than be graced that Tyson had decided not to harm him, he sees that the trio caught up, and grabbed the oar before it could strike.

"Let go! He killed Dragoon!" Tyson shouted for all the world to hear. "He killed R.." his strength faltered from a sob as he said out loud. "He killed Rei."

"And he'll be punished, Tyson. But don't end up with him." Max reached for Tyson to join them in the trio's boat.

"You can't prove anything." Zeo snarled.

"Wanna bet?" Ozuma held up his phone. "I recorded everything as we approached. Gotta love modern technology for capturing images, as well."

"Why are you doing this to me? He was mine before he was any of yours!"

Kai scoffed. "You're out of your mind."

"Zeo… you're going to jail for a long time for what you did." Tyson declared. "I wanted to forgive you for being so whacko, but then you admit to being a murderer. You killed two of my very important family members. You deserve every bad thing that's about to come your way."

"No, Tyson, it was a mistake.." He sobbed.

"Most of all, you deserve my hatred. Carry that with you for another ten years, asshole."

Zeo growled in frustration. His fist pounded on his chest, beating there to revive his frozen heart. He hates him. Tyson hates him. Why? Why did it turn out like this?

"The cops should be here any minute," Ozuma says to his friends. "I sent them the video."

Hearing a splash, they all look to see that Zeo Zagart has submerged himself into the lake.

"No way!" Max reached around in the water for a hand, hair, or something to hold on to of Zeo, but the teen sank quickly out of reach, and further still even when the worried blond went in after him.

"It's for the best, Max," Tyson says softly. "Just let him go."


The river was dragged, Zeo Zagart's corpse was found. He was a moment's tragedy, until later the news revealed his dark deed in the break-in, that resulted in the death of the young manager.

Tyson Granger was never overly attentive to anyone outside of close personal friends. However, he had also changed finding a stronger love for his best friend Max. They've been happy together for three years strong, and going.

It would seem some good came out of Zeo Zagart after all. He showed Tyson Granger what love isn't.


The End

X x X

Commentary: Satire is fun. Thank you for reading!

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