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If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. It was an easy enough proverb to live by. It was also the reason Launch had been determined to get that last bit of dust that still plagued the area underneath the coffee table. This wasn't the first time she'd squirmed her way underneath the furniture to make Kame House spick and span. It was the first time, however, that Launch ever found herself stuck. She supposed she should've known how hard it would be to get out considering the ample effort it took to squirm her way through, but she could barely move her elbows, the rest of her upper body pressed against the floor. Only her lower body was free to move, but it didn't accomplish much in terms of freeing her – if at all. It seemed all she could do was wait for someone to come and free her. "Is someone there? I'm stuck!"

In Launch's naïve mind; Master Roshi was a kind, generous old man who wouldn't hurt a fly. When it was him that found her, she thought nothing of it, releasing a relieved sigh. "Thank Kami, Master! I was afraid I'd be stuck here for hours. Can you help me get out?"

The old man bellowed out his trademark laugh. Usually, women would describe his laugh as sleazy and vile; Launch thought nothing of it. The old man had been kind enough to give her a place to stay rent free. To her, he was a sweetheart.

Naturally, the old man's hands seized her hips. Why wouldn't they in a moment like this? Even his groin mashing against her buttocks could be excused as he began to rock her to and fro. It was only natural. He was trying to free her, after all. But as his hips swung against her, Launch could swear she felt something hard start poking against her butt. Were master's keys still in his pocket? Whatever it was, it pricked against her and made his efforts to free her uncomfortable.

“Heh heh!” By now, the old man was shamelessly grinding his groin against his maid's buttocks. What incredibly lucky he was to find his nubile maid in this predicament! His dry humping stimulated him enough to release a drawn-out groan. Catching himself, he cleared his throat and backed off, much to Launch's delight. The jabs against her behind hadn’t hurt, but for whatever reason it’d felt... wrong. Of course, that delight was soon abolished as her so-called savior leaned over her in an attempt to unbuckle the belt that kept her shorts up!

"M- Master?"

"Your pants are restricting me too much, Launch!” the old man bluffed, eager to make more of this perverted opportunity. In his haste, his effort proved to be quite gawky. “L- Let's get them off so I can get you out of there!" Saliva ran down the perverted geezer's bearded chin as he succeeded in removing her belt, sliding the girl's pants over the swell of her ass. Her panties were a cute shade of pink. Somewhat disappointedly, he noted that they were completely dry. He'd hoped to have enticed his innocent maid a bit more with all that rocking of his hips. No matter, he thought, licking his lips. Such a thing could easily – and happily – be rectified. After numerous failed attempts to feel his nubile maid up with his perverted hands, luck was finally on his side. And he would not waste this golden opportunity!

Her underwear bare and with rosy cheeks to signify her embarrassment at her situation, Launch had expected Roshi to grab her hips again and drag her out of her predicament. Instead, his fingers slipped underneath the sides of her underwear. He pulled her panties down away from her protruded ass and crotch to stretch around her thighs. Launch squirmed, making her ass shake tantalizingly, but to no avail. Roshi's eyes were trained on her exposed sex. "Master?" Launch's voice was meek, her cheeks rosy and her demeanor bashful by her sudden exposure. "Are you sure... this will help?”

No answer.

It was Master Roshi's first gander at a young woman's snatch in decades. Well, other than Bulma flashing him of course. But that had been over far too soon for his liking.

This wasn't a picture in a magazine. This was real! He eyed Launch's youthful labia with an intensity as if he tried to immortalize the image in his head – which was true! Unwittingly, blood dribbled down his nose at the erotic sight.

Roshi was hungry for her. Her juicy lips looked so inviting to him. He crouched down behind her and clutched the delightful, supple cheeks tightly. His fingers sunk into her cheeks. His thumbs extended to her folds and stretched them for his viewing pleasure; his cock throbbed eagerly, pre-cum spilling inside his underwear. With the full roundness of her ass facing him, he dove in for his meal. He dove his face into her rear – Launch inhaled sharply in shock – his mouth on his maid's labia, his nose close to the tight, wrinkly hole of her ass as he took a long whiff. "Heh heh! Now this is the smell of a young woman!”

"Oh Kami…~" Launch ducked her head onto her arms as he began dining on her from behind. With his thumbs spreading her lips, Roshi wasted no time delving into her depths with his tongue. She felt his oral muscle spread her walls, crawling in and out of her like a thrusting cock while her corridor undulated around him. Even the gullible Launch had realized by now that her master wasn't planning on freeing her any time soon. She could feel her body shiver. Her old master's tongue was... inside.

Stop! Is what she wanted to say. But even though the thought of her master pleasuring her so wasn't very alluring, it felt kind of... good to have his mouth down there. His beard prickled against her butt and thighs. The white hairs quickly dampened as warm droplets of arousal emerged to signify the young maid's growing sensations, and her tears of pleasure only grew in quantity.

Roshi’s oral assault quickly left his maid writhing and gasping. Her full ass shook enticingly around him. His nose teased her sphincter when he tried to dive his tongue in as deep as he could. Unwittingly, she spread her legs farther apart for him so he could reach even deeper.

He muffled something against her muff resembling a "You taste great, Launch!" before he went back to his task. She tasted so sweet! The taste of a woman...! It left him craving for more. By now, his tongue left no area of her folds untouched, slathering her whole area with his spit as he lapped up her juices. At times, he'd move all the way down and skid over her clit, much to her audible enjoyment. "Master!" Launch grunted, her hips pressing against the old man, shoving her ass and snatch against his welcoming face. Maybe... this wasn't so bad after all.

As if he could feel Launch's readiness, the old man pulled his face away from his delightful treat, his mouth and beard glistening with womanly heat. When he stopped, Launch let out a disappointed whine. Behind her, Launch heard the sound of something unbuckling, followed by a heavy thud. "Master?"

His cock released from its tight confinement, Roshi uttered a relieved sigh. His dick sprung free with an enthusiastic throb, as for the first time in decades, it experienced the thrill of possible copulation. The veins on his cock had never been more apparent, pre-cum dribbling out in a steady stream. But as the old man stood there, he briefly considered the possible consequences of his actions. As he eyed her youthful, blossoming petals however, he found he couldn't help himself. Arousal leaked down his young maid's thighs. His maid was bare and ready. The desire was far too much for a pervert like him. Grabbing his shaft by the base, he squeezed and groaned, surprised by his own sensitivity. He couldn't wait a second longer. "I can't help it, Launch! I have to stick it in!"

Stick what i-? "Kyaa!"

The penetration happened hard and fast. His hands on Launch’s curvy waist, Roshi angled himself against her fiery snatch and pressed with all his might, delving through her resisting walls with ease until his long prick met the defiance of her cervix. Roshi clasped his hands on each side, cementing his stay in her undulating channel. His eyes crossed upward, a look of nostalgic bliss as her slicky, narrow walls adjusted to his girth, squeezing and molding around his dick. The wonders of a woman’s body. It had been... so long~

Launch didn't know what'd happened until his groin mashed against her buttocks. Her fists tightened in response to his spread, her body tensing. He was so deep... His tip reached the entryway to her womb. He was throbbing inside her, undulating against her most sensitive depths. Launch would have preferred to stay like this for a moment to adjust to her master's surprising width, but he showed no mercy. His hands firmly on her hips, his prick withdrew until only his tip stayed embedded, and then he hastily – as if he was drawn in by a magnet – took a second plunge, and a third, and a fourth...!

"I can't stop it, Launch!" Roshi bellowed. This heat and slickness! This was... a woman! He was finally fucking a woman! "My hips! They're moving on their own!" After such a long period of abstinence, he could already feel his testicles rising, ready to finally shoot their load inside a woman again.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Launch could not help herself from grunting each time she received the old man's hard thrust against her backside. If they hadn't been pressed against the floor, her breasts surely would've swung from his wildness. The squelching noises of his prick slipping through her were quickly lost under Launch's raising moans. Despite her best efforts to keep her lips closed, her throat echoed with noises responding to the deep penetrations. He's... fucking me so hard! She used what little maneuvering space she had to press her hand against her gaping mouth in an attempt to muffle her joy.

It was far too late though. Roshi's ears perked up as they picked up her heavenly whimpers of pleasure. Ah, the sound of sweet, innocent Launch being raptured by his thrusting cock! How marvelous~ "Do you like it, Launch? Do you like feeling my long cock in your wet pussy?"

“Ngh! Gnh!” Launch hadn't expected her master to be so vulgar! His heavy sack swung against her soaked labia, making splashing sounds and sending jolts of elation through her veins. Her hips unintentionally coiled against her old master, gyrating her depths around his rock-hard prick, delivering heaps of delight. She was ashamed to admit how good it felt to have him stir inside her. Her body began to trash wildly, eager to experience more that the rock-hard prick grinding against her sensitive walls had to offer.

And though Roshi experienced bliss he hadn’t felt in decades, he knew he could succumb at any moment. Being inside a beauty like Launch after all this time proved to be far too much for a lecherous geezer like him. "I'm going to do it, Launch!" Roshi screamed determinedly. Like Launch, he wouldn't last much longer. "I'm going to cum inside your heavenly pussy!"

For this, Launch happily removed her hand from her mouth, her eyes wide in shock. "Y- You can't, Master!" she pleaded, adrenaline surging through her; from the old man's reactions, her muscles tensing seemed to have only hastened his journey to fulfilment. "I- I'll get pregnant!"

"If you get pregnant," Roshi spoke between heavy breaths, "you can live here forever, Launch! You can become my lover!"

His lover?! "W- Wait!"

"Let's get you..." The old hermit pressed as deep as he could, his blunt tip pressing against his maid's cervix. "Pregnant!" Hot and sticky streamers of white gushed from his piston into her womb in powerful bursts, ready to bequeath the maid's womb with his offspring.

"Kyaaa!" Launch screamed, but not in horror at the thought of little Turtle Hermits filling her womb; rather, her vaginal muscles clamped down and seized his spraying cock to a standstill, determined to milk every single milky drop out of his sac, her muscles spasming and spilling nectar as she came around her master. Even when Master Roshi's orgasm had subsided, he kept himself firmly inside to experience her climax for as long as he could, grunting as his semi-hard dick endured his maid's contractions.

As the duo caught their breath, heads covered in sweat, Launch could feel the old man wither until his impressive piece slipped out. His jizz ran down her thighs, signifying how much had been spilled. Judging from the quantity, he really might have gotten her pregnant...

“Ah, that was great,” Roshi spoke blissfully, still humping his groin against his tired maid. Despite his age, he could feel the vitality needed to continue emerging, his semi-hard cock hardening once more for another go. “I feel like a new man!”

At least, Launch thought, her old master would finally help and free her now.

She was wrong.

The end.

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