Prelude To Vengeance

BY : alansmithy555
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Androids Seventeen and Eighteen awoke from their slumber in Gero’s lab with a desire to fuck and kill.

The doctor urged the cyborgs to sate their desires during their mission. The twins could kill their target and play with the victim’s family. His nemesis Goku had a wife named Chichi and a son named Gohan.

Android Eighteen planned to fuck Chichi after making her a widow. Her brother could have the boy. Seventeen could introduce the boy to his pussy. Eighteen could introduce the mother to her dick.

Eighteen wondered if she could impregnate women after the operation. And Seventeen wondered if he could bear children. Eighteen had her testicles and Seventeen had his womb, but it didn’t matter. The doctor would rectify that after they killed Goku. She would see to it. They had a deal. 

The transformation should've happened before the twins activation, but that was their fault. The doctor had to punish their insolence and disobedience and ensure their loyalty. His nemesis would need to die by their hand before he finished their reassignment.

Eighteen would miss her penis, scrotum, and testicles, but she needed a vagina. Gero had transformed her into a woman, but she wanted her genitalia to match her body. Seventeen agreed with her. How could he be a man without a penis, scrotum, and testicles?

Seventeen had wanted to murder Gero when he realized the doctor had betrayed them. They could visit Doctor Flappe. Or Doctor Brief and his daughter Bulma. They could force them to finish their bodies. Doctor Gero would pay for his neglect and their modification would be complete.

But the doctor had prepared for the scenario. He planted a bomb in their bodies and developed a remote to disable their implants. The explosive would detonate if a rival attempted to alter his work. And the remote would paralyze the twins and reduce their power. If they wanted him to complete their procedure, they would have to obey his commands. They would have to destroy his enemy. They would have to avenge the destruction of his Red Ribbon Army.

The twins flew to 439 East District, knocked on Goku’s door, and waited. Eighteen hoped Chichi would answer, but Seventeen hoped it would be Gohan.

Eighteen glanced at the door. Seventeen rang the doorbell. If Goku answered, Seventeen would move, and Eighteen would kill the target with a finger beam. Seventeen could use his eye lasers, but Eighteen needed the kill and he knew it. They had discussed it as they soared through the sky. He would distract the target and Eighteen would murder him. Seventeen agreed. Fuck the man. Eighteen could have him. He wanted the boy. 

Seventeen needed to feel the boy’s cock in his pussy. He needed the cum. It would be good for him and the boy. Seventeen’s canal was tight. The boy would love it. It would be like fucking a virgin, but without the blood. Eighteen had seen to that when they were teenagers. His sister had hated the blood, but enjoyed the pain and resistance. And Seventeen had enjoyed her cock and cum despite the struggle. He knew it would be like that with Gohan. The boy would fight him and Seventeen would love it.

“Lapis,” Eighteen snapped, “quit daydreaming and ring the doorbell again.”

“Sorry, Lazuli,” Seventeen said. “I was thinking about the boy.”

Eighteen smiled. “And I was thinking about the woman,” she admitted. “But we have a job to do.”

Seventeen nodded. “Yes,” he said with a smile. “Business before pleasure.”

Eighteen extended her thumb and forefinger. A bead of glowing yellow chi thrummed and pulsed on her fingertip. She glared at the door. “Ring it,” she barked, “and use your telepathy to cloak me.”

Seventeen rang the bell.

The door opened. A large, bespectacled man filled the threshold. He wore a horned cap and dress shirt with slacks and boots. He smiled at Seventeen and looked him in the eye. Seventeen’s aquamarine irises were glowing. The man should’ve noticed it, but the telepathy made him ignorant.

“Ox-King,” Seventeen said.

“Yes?” Ox-King said.


Seventeen moved. Eighteen shot the man in the heart. Ox-King stumbled into the house and coughed blood before collapsing on the floorboards. The impact shook the house and produced a boom. 

The twins knew the man wasn’t a threat, but his death was necessary. It would rouse their target and his wife and son. Kill the target. Fuck the son. Fuck the wife. Fuck the world. They needed to do it.

Gohan sprinted from the kitchen and rushed into the dining room. He glanced at his grandfather and gasped. He couldn’t sense him. The man was dead. Gohan wanted to cry, but he needed to be brave. He needed to confront the killers on his doorstep.

Seventeen sensed the boy. The boy was strong and his energy was rising. The boy was angry. Seventeen liked that. The struggle would be better now. 

Seventeen entered the house. Eighteen followed him. She would want the husband and wife. He could fuck the boy while she searched for them.

Gohan circled the table and approached the twins. He furrowed his brow and bared his teeth and clenched his hands. “Who are you guys? Why did you kill my grandpa?”

The twins ignored him and conversed with telepathy.

I don’t sense the husband, Eighteen said, but the wife’s sleeping in her bedroom. She chuckled in her mind. It seems not even an earthquake can wake her.

Go, Seventeen said. His irises glowed. He smiled and met the boy’s gaze. Find the husband, he said, and take the wife. I’ll have the boy on the table.

Take it easy on him, Eighteen said. He’s probably a virgin. She passed the boy, climbed the steps, and entered the hall. She wondered if the woman slept without clothes.

Gohan blinked. The woman had vanished without movement. He searched the room with his eyes, but there was only the man and his grandfather.

“My name is Lapis,” Seventeen said. “And her name is Lazuli.”

“Where is she?” Gohan cried.

Seventeen grinned. “She’s visiting your mother.”

“Mom!” Gohan spun and ran to the staircase.

Seventeen teleported and blocked the boy’s ascent.

“Move,” Gohan cried.

“Make me,” Seventeen said.

Gohan threw a jab and Seventeen caught it.

Seventeen squeezed the boy’s fist. “I like your bowl cut, kiddo,” he said while stroking the boy’s hair. “It’s really cute.”

“Stop it,” Gohan snapped. He threw an uppercut. 

Seventeen vanished in a blur and Gohan’s punch connected with air. He materialized behind the boy. He pressed his torso into Gohan’s back, hooked his arms under Gohan’s armpits, and locked his fingers on Gohan’s nape. 

Seventeen spun and grunted and slammed Gohan onto the table. Gohan scrambled to his knees. Seventeen shoved, tackled, and mounted him. He kissed the boy and fondled his crotch. Gohan’s penis swelled in his grip.

Gohan grabbed Seventeen’s arms and squeezed, but the cyborg wouldn’t stop kissing and rubbing him. He squirmed and groaned as Seventeen caressed his scrotum and testes.

Seventeen ripped Gohan’s sash and tugged his pants and boxer shorts to his knees. His eyes glowed as he glanced at Gohan’s genitals. He restrained the boy with telekinesis. He didn’t want to do that, but it was necessary. He needed to examine the cock and balls without interference. The boy’s cock was long, wide, and curved, and his balls were plump and smooth. 

Gohan’s size surprised and excited Seventeen. He was bigger than Eighteen. The dick would feel good in his pussy. The balls would taste good in his mouth. But he needed the cum. He could suck the dick and swallow the aftermath, but he wanted to masturbate the boy. The boy’s cock was warm and throbbing and Seventeen liked touching it. In time, Seventeen thought, the boy would like it, too.

“Get off,” Gohan screamed, “and stop touching me!”

“Relax, kid,” Seventeen said. “I’ll get you off.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

Seventeen smirked. “I know that,” he said, “but it’s what you need. And I want to atone for killing your grandfather.” He tickled Gohan’s testicles and anus with his fingertips. “Your orgasm will wipe away the debt.”

“Lapis,” Eighteen said.

Seventeen huffed and his eyes darted to the staircase. 

Eighteen stood on the landing with her hands on her hips and a frown on her face.

Seventeen glared at her. “You’re supposed to be killing the husband,” he snapped, “and fucking his wife, so why are you here?”

“He’s dead,” Eighteen said.

“Good,” Seventeen said. “Now deal with his wife.”

“I will,” Eighteen said, “but I didn’t kill him.”


“There’s an urn on her nightstand,” Eighteen replied. “Our target died last year, but I’m not sure what killed him.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Seventeen said. “Our mission is complete. There’s only one thing left to do now.”

“Two things,” Eighteen said. She turned and climbed the steps. “I’m going to fuck the woman now. Have fun with the boy.”

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