Oinking Through the Night

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Oinking Through the Night

The bright stars illuminated the night covering the dry savannah. In the scorching desert, a lonely House-Wagon stood, artificial light shining through the open windows. In the lit-up living room, a beautiful girl with turquoise-colored hair, a monkey-tailed boy, and a humanoid pig ate their dinner in silence.

The tension in the room was palpable. The beautiful girl – Bulma – had been furious at the piglet – Oolong – sitting across from her. Having been assured by Oolong that he had a dry set of clothes for her to wear, she'd decided to trust him for once and washed the only set of clothing she had on hand. As it turned out, he did have a new pair of clothes for her – if you could call the slutty bunny outfit she now wore clothing anyway...

"Stupid pig..." Bulma muttered in a whisper. He was such a perv. Not only had she been forced to wear this degrading outfit; Oolong had been lusting for her all day, eying her squelched bosom and commenting on her, in his own words, banging body. She agreed of course – she was a spectacular woman – but that didn't mean she wanted undesirable pigs like Oolong to get a free show. He'd been undressing her with his eyes all day. It was infuriating.

It had all resulted in Bulma's temper rising until she exploded – calling Oolong a disgusting perv and that she'd rather die than have him touch her. That had set the tone for the rest of the day and in no time the two were berating one another, calling each other all sorts of vile things. And so here they were, the duo eating silently, angrily glaring at one another. In the middle of them, an oblivious Goku beamed brightly, just happy to finally be eating a good meal. Once the plates were empty, the silence remained.

Bulma could feel her blood boiling, her irritation at an all-time high. I need a break. She stood up, and eyed the young Saiyan who had just finished his food. "Let's go, Goku," Bulma suddenly spoke, breaking the tension. "I need to do that thing again."

"Okay!" Goku bellowed with quite possibly an even bigger smile than the one he wore back when he was eating. His excitement surprised Oolong, but in his anger, he paid it no heed. "I still don't understand why we can't take Oolong along though," the boy muttered as he stood up. "I'm sure he'd like to do it too."

Bulma rolled her eyes. Yeah right. Like she'd ever let Oolong partake in what they were about to do. "Just shut up, Goku. You'll understand once you're older."

Not wanting Goku to say another word, she grabbed the boy's hand and guided him upstairs, leaving a begruntled Oolong behind to cuss at her underneath his breath. "Bitch."

Half an hour later, Oolong gruntled in the living room. Just what was Bulma's deal anyway? She treated him like shit, and yet she had no quarrel to let Goku sleep in her bed... Just how much of a bitch could a girl be? Just because she was hot she thought she could do whatever she wanted. Kami, if only his plans with the sleeping pills had worked yesterday. He would've showered her entire face with his jizz in revenge for being so foul to him. Why did Puar and her bandit friend had to try to rob them yesterday of all days?! His fists clenched in frustration.

His eyes unwittingly darted to the clock hanging on the wall, and his scheming brain refused to give up. It'd been some time since the two went to bed. They were probably sleeping by now...

A do over – was he willing to risk it? He wouldn't be able to do the things he wanted to do last night, but he could probably get a cup and feel of Bulma's soft jugs. Of course, there was a chance he could be severely punished for his transgression, but... He determinedly stood up, his fists clenched at his sides. In no time, his feet pressed against the first step of the stairs. Underneath the starry sky, Oolong slowly made his way towards Bulma's bedroom – his own bedroom, he corrected himself, once more reminding him of Bulma's bitchy demands.

B- Bulma!" Goku grunted, a red hue on his head, his teeth gritted. Sweat rolled down his head, his body heated from a mix of effort and excitement. "You feel... so good!"

He was standing behind Bulma while she was down on all fours, her ass raised to be level with the young Saiyan's groin. Her forearms were crossed, her hands reaching her elbows. This wasn't how Bulma had expected their relationship to be back when she met this monkey-tailed kid in the boonies a few weeks ago, but she supposed it had been inevitable – when they first met, Bulma coerced Goku to part with his Dragon Ball in exchange for a quick rub. When she removed his pants for the first time, she'd been shocked by his length. Though five inches wasn't massive, it looked humungous on a kid like him. A quick handjob should've been the end of it. Instead, she ended up blowing the boy later that evening after she washed him; from there, it hadn't taken long for her to take his virginity and discover Goku's incredible sexual talents.

They'd been fucking non-stop ever since. Especially with that infuriating pig now accompanying them, Goku was all Bulma had to relieve her stress.

"Oh Kami!" He wasn't the biggest she ever had, nor did he have the most girth. But Goku excelled in keeping his pace, fucking her rough, driving into her with animalistic desire that surpassed the schoolboys she usually dated. They treated her like a gentle flower; Goku ravaged her like a man possessed. Her incredible pair of tits – in Bulma's own opinion – swayed wildly, her throat grunting each time he smashed his groin against her, his testicles hitting her leaking labia. "Goku!" Her toes coiled in delight.

Yes, this plowing was just what she needed to get that disgusting Oolong out of her mind.

Butterflies of excitement flew withing the pit of Oolong's stomach. Now that he was reenacting his plan to grope Bulma, he could hardly contain himself. With Goku sleeping in the same room, Bulma probably wasn't sleeping naked anymore. Whatever, it wasn't like that bunny outfit she wore now left much to the imagination. Those cups were pretty much begging for him to yank them down and expose the girl's splendid tits. He was already getting hard just thinking about what he was going to do; supple jugs wobbling into view as he ripped her top off, peachy nipples tightening, his fingers sinking into her supple globes. Kami... He wanted to cup her fucking tits! Bulma may be a bitch, but her body sure was incredible.

Silently he walked up the dark steps, making sure he didn't rouse his companions. With his carefulness, even a heavy pig like himself had no trouble reaching Bulma's bedroom unobstructed. But as he came closer, his ears perked. The door was semi-closed, as though attempted to be shut, but wasn't given full thought. And the bed... wasn't it squeaking an awful lot? He raised his brow, his excitement making way for confusion. They weren't sleeping yet? But if they weren't asleep, then what had they been doing?

He edged closer, tiptoeing to the semi-open door. He stuck his head out, coming face to face with...?!

What the?! Oolong thought as he looked into the room. The moment he could see what was transpiring in the bedroom, his breath hitched. He almost fell back in shock, his mouth agape; luckily he didn't, for he would have fallen down the stairs.

Not only were Goku and Bulma awake, but they were... They were fucking – fucking! That little squirt was pounding Bulma from behind! And Bulma seemed to be enjoying it too, while Goku had a look on his face like he was on a roller coaster. Just what was going on here? Oolong knew he was below Bulma's high standards, but Goku? What made him so special? He was short, just like him! All Bulma ever did for him was call him a 'piggy' to set off his diarrhea. Today she even flat out told him she'd never fuck a piggy like him. And yet she was perfectly fine with monkey boy doing this to her? He just didn't get it, and his envy knew no bounds, his teeth gritting.

"Lucky little bastard," he grumbled, desperately wishing that he was the one in Goku's place, taking the teen stunner from behind, making her moan like a bitch in heat. One hand had slipped into his trousers to alleviate the stress in his groin. He was so close to the action, and he had to resist the temptation to jump on the bed and join them. In no time, his pants were down by his ankles whilst he bobbed his prickle, eying what little he could see of Bulma's body, his ears dancing to her melodic moans. Damn... why did her arms have to block most of her jugs...

Unaware of the piglet's prying eyes, bobbing his hands over his prick at her stunning image, Bulma could not help herself from grunting each time she received the young boy's hard thrusts against her backside. Beneath her, her developed breasts swung wildly. The squelching noises of Goku's prick slipping through her were muffled by Bulma's raising moans. Despite her best efforts to keep her lips closed, her throat echoed with noises responding to the deep penetrations. She pressed her hand against her gaping mouth in an attempt to stifle herself. She knew she was a sensitive girl, and the last thing she wanted was for Oolong to hear what they were up to.

Except it was far too late for that. Behind the door, Oolong did the best he could to see Bulma's dangled breasts, but her arms blocked most of his view, much to his chagrin. He grit his teeth. Was this story really going to end without even being able to see a single nipple? No! After all Bulma had put him through, there was no way he'd resort to jacking off. Oolong refused to let it end like that. His heart was beating in his ears, nervousness flowing through his body as he determined his next move. With adrenaline fueling his petite body, he barged through the door and screamed, "Enough!"

Bulma inhaled sharply, her pupils widening. That voice?! Immediately recognizing how comprising her position was, she tried to dislodge Goku to cover her feminine parts, but the Saiyan seized her hips and kept her in place. "G- Goku?!" Stuck in place, she watched in horror as Oolong edged closer and closer, close enough to jump on the bed, much to her shock. And why the hell was he naked?! "W- What are you doing?" Bulma tried to act tough, but it was hard to stay composed when naked, helpless and with a cock in your snatch. She had never felt so vulnerable. "G- Get out of here, Oolong!"

Goku was unfazed by the intruder, and his thrusts lost nothing of their vigor. All the while, Bulma's unbound breasts floundered; she could feel the pig's lustful gaze on them. "I can't believe you're letting Goku fuck you," Oolong told her, licking his lips. "But I have to admit, it's really hot to watch you two go at it. I don't think I've ever been this hard in my life."

Despite her misgivings, Bulma could not help herself from taking a peek at his groin. He'd been enjoying himself all right. He wasn't very long – a little short of four inches – but he certainly had girth; she'd even go so far to describe it as fat. His genitals, though similar, didn't look like a human one. There wasn't any skin to cover his shaft. Ironically, his prick reminded her more of a sausage than an actual cock. Fitting for a piglet like Oolong. The veins on his dick were apparent; his shaft throbbing with desire, eager to release the tension in his testicles. That part, at least, she recognized.

Oolong smirked as he noted her fixated stare. "Not bad huh," he jeered, grabbing himself by the base, gingerly stroking himself. With his free hand, he cradled the back of Bulma's head. No reaction, which wasn't that bad. Though she didn't look thrilled about his touch, she didn't remove his hand either.

Pushing his luck, Oolong took another step forward, his cock now in front of the teen's face, throbbing and spilling his arousal. "You know, I've been thinking. Letting the two of you stay in my RV rent free and all really makes me a nice guy. Without me, you guys could've died out here you know." The hand on Bulma's head began applying pressure as he spoke, pushing her forward. "Kindness like that really should get rewarded every now and then." He wasn't exactly subtle, angling himself in line with the teen's mouth, his prickle pulsing almost as much as his accelerated heartbeat. Transparent liquid accompanied each throb, signaling the pervert's excitement.

When she woke up this morning, Bulma Briefs wouldn't have even entertained the thought of giving that lusting pig what he wanted, let alone actually giving it to him. She'd always thought Oolong would at some point try to get handsy, perhaps barge in while she was taking a shower or something like that. Never had this scenario been in her head. But if it had, she would have thought she would be strong enough not to give the pig the time of day, grabbing him by his pigtail and throwing him out of the room. But in all those simulations, there wasn't any arousal clouding her mind, clogging her sense of reason. And with Goku's refusal to stop, her excitement only grew. Handling two dicks at the same time... The sinful thought shouldn't be as tempting as it was, but it was, and Bulma found she couldn't deny her curiosity. Bulma would probably regret her choices later, but she felt hot and was in need of release; it was much easier to humor the pig than try to send him away. She let her head be guided without protest, not resisting until she was inches away from his piston. Her cold blue eyes found his excited pupils.

"If you come over my face, I'll kill you," she warned him. And with that threat out of the way, Bulma's lips parted and her head dove forward, her tongue pressing against the underside of her shaft as she took the piglet's small prick into her mouth, giving Oolong the pleasure of experiencing a woman's mouth for the first time.

The moment he felt Bulma's warm mouth envelop his sensitive prick, Oolong could feel his buttocks clenching. It felt so warm and humid! This... was what a blowjob felt like? And to have such a hot babe giving it to him too, he thought, his eyes drowning in the sight. "Oh wow..." Oolong whispered, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. She... was actually doing it. Bulma was blowing him! "I can't believe you're sucking my dick..." Bulma was usually so proud, so arrogant towards him. "And after all that talk of never letting yourself get porked by a piggy like me. Guess all I had to do to make a proud bitch like you go wild was throw my dick in front of your face."

Bulma wanted to berate the pig, but his cock muffled her; all that came out of her mouth were whimpers of pleasure as Goku drove his dick inside her again and again, her wet pussy making squelching sounds as her dangled tits shook uncontrollably. Oh Kami, the heir to the Capsule Corp. name taking a perverted piggy in her mouth while getting fucked from behind by a monkey-tailed boy from the boonies? It would be such a scandal if someone ever found out. Did... did this make her a slut?

Oolong didn't have a good view of her tits since he was looming over her, but at least he could feel them. Reaching down by bending his back, he cupped both of her dangled breasts in his hands and began to rub them roughly, eliciting several groans from Bulma's throat, separate from the moans of being pounded from behind. The first pair of breasts he ever cupped, he was amazed by their suppleness. They felt even better than he imagined. "I can't believe how soft they are... You really do have some nice tits, Bulma."

"I know right!" Goku agreed with a childlike enthusiasm – as if he wasn't taking Bulma like a man possessed. He'd ignored Bulma and Oolong's ramblings, finding the convulsions of Bulma's vaginal muscles far more enticing than their bickering. Why fight when they could fuck? "Bulma's body is the best!"

Despite her situation, Bulma felt emboldened by the boys' appraisal of her body. Of course, they weren't saying anything new. She had the same arrogant thought every morning in front of the mirror. She wished she could feel more disgusted by Oolong's greedy paws on her chest, but combined with Goku's spirited efforts behind her, she silently admitted it felt good to have him molest her tender bosom, and her head returned his efforts in kind.

And though Oolong thanked the heavens for his current predicament, he couldn't help but wonder what'd happen next. Bulma was already sucking his dick; quite enthusiastically, he might add, her head bobbing more rapidly than before. Was it really that much of a stretch to think they were going to do... that too? His eyes left Bulma for a moment to eye Goku with disdain and jealousy. It wasn't like the kid porking her now was anything special. If Bulma was riled enough to let him fill her, then why wouldn't she let him? After all that Bulma had put him through, the least she could do was let him fuck her. His fists clenched determinedly. He was going to fuck her next and that was that! "You better not cum inside, kid!" Oolong warned Goku. "I'm going next, and I don't want to feel another guy's jizz while I fuck her!"

Fuck her? At this, Bulma noticeably tensed, much to Goku's delight as her stress enveloped him. Oolong expected to fuck her next? Blowing him was one thing, but letting the little piggy stick his dick inside her was another thing entirely. She quickly found it was difficult to protest however with both her mouth and snatch filled with cock. She tried removing the pig's sausage from her mouth, but his hands defiantly kept her in place, telling her to keep up the pace.

Oolong loved the sounds Bulma made each time Goku drove forward; each grunt echoed against his tip. I can't wait for my turn! He was going to fuck her; fuck her nice and hard! He was going to make her scream! Make her beg for more! And though the thought was alluring, it was also far too tempting considering all the stimuli he experienced around his sensitive prick. Oolong felt his seeds threatening to rise from his sac like powerful waves of water against a weakening dam. "Bulma…~!" he wheezed. His hands came up to the back of Bulma's head and yanked her toward his loins, eager to keep his entire cock in her warm mouth. "I'm cumming~!" His head fell back as he cried out, signaling the hot rush of his essence that was about to spray from the head of his penis, which it did with a sudden spurt. "Oh Kami!" His buttocks clenched with each release, shoving the tip of his prick as deep as he could while he sprayed his lust inside her mouth. "Take it! Take it all in your mouth!"

"Hm?!" Bulma wasn't fond of being made to do something that she did not want to do, but it was rather pointless to try and dislodge him now... Bulma groaned as she felt his release fill her mouth. His goo was thicker than she expected as it oozed down her throat after she gulped it down, ready to journey to her stomach. The piglet droned with satisfaction with each throb of his prickle until his spraying finally receded.

"Oh wow~" Oolong managed to utter as he slipped out of Bulma's heavenly mouth. Satisfied like never before, he fell backwards, his buttocks landing on the mattress, an ever-lasting grin on his face. That was... wonderful!

There was no rest for the wicked. Though Bulma had slurped everything out of Oolong and her mouth was now free, Goku was still in full swing. Though he couldn't fathom why, watching Bulma blow someone else while he fucked her had stirred something within his young body, emboldening him to seek his release with even more vigor. "Kyaa!" With his testicles ramming against her soaked labia, his cock delved through her with immense strength. Every wall that tried to resists and clamp him was bulldozed through, allowing him to keep his pace even as Bulma began to contract more around him. Her undulation was a challenge, and Goku would not lose!

The bed squeaked violently as Bulma was fucked to Goku's heart's content. He was rough, aggressively jabbing the obtuse head of his piston as deep as he could, trying to hit the entryway to her womb. She sobbed beneath him, her breasts swinging erratically, unable to keep up with the fast and powerful shoves of his hips. Each time his groin collided with her buttocks, she flew forward until the hands that were positioned on her sides pushed her back to the base of his cock. "Ugh!" Was it just her, or was he even rougher than usual?

"Kyaaaaaa!" How... How was he so talented at this?! Each time he pulled out, he jolted back in in less than a trice! The pleasure in Bulma's loins expanded. That tingly feeling in her stomach... It... it was coming out! "Here... Here it comes~!" Bulma's head fell back, mouth wide and eyes unseeing as she experienced her climax.

For Goku, having her orgasm grip at him was the final trigger. Her clenching walls convulsed around him, begging for his seeds. A splatter of her plentiful fluids sprayed on his cock. Hot spurts of her essence spilled out around the implanted cock as Bulma gasped and hiccupped from the pleasure she was riding on. Goku groaned as his cock swelled inside her. Fighting off the urge to plant himself deep, he disappointed the both of them by adhering to Oolong's demands and withdrawing his hips. Bulma protested, pushing herself to his crotch in an attempt to keep him inserted, but she was too late. The first spurt came only a second after his withdrawal, landing on Bulma's spine. The boy's face was scrunched while pouring out his essence. Bulma had though him about masturbation when she found that he wanted to fuck her more than she could take, and now he eagerly rubbed himself to paint Bulma's back in white until he was drained. Like Oolong, he let himself fall down with a big grin.

"My turn! My turn!

Bulma grumbled; the pig had taken a short reprieve after his spillage in the her mouth, but now that Goku was done, he eagerly pestered Bulma to hurry up and get in position. "Not so fast, Oolong," Bulma grunted, cussing at his keenness as she set herself her place, still slightly dazed from her climax, her legs trembling. 'Be more patient!"

With Goku's jizz still running down her back, she planted her ass on the bed and spread her legs wide enough for Oolong to wedge himself between. Kami, boys should be more considerate. She eyed the piglet as he eagerly filled the space between her legs, grabbed his four-inch cock and angled himself in line with her snatch. Bulma's standards were, understandably, high. A fat, little piggy like Oolong pounding her? The thought alone was almost unfathomable. A red hue filled her cheeks, her eyes looking away to try and remove herself from the situation, but to no avail. Oolong – hopeless, perverted little Oolong – was between her legs, ready to stick his sausage in and pork her. Though she was more than capable to deny him, after her unsatisfying release with Goku, the thought of saying no didn't even occur to her, arousal overthrowing her ability to reason. "You better not get used to this, you get that!"

"R- right..." was all Oolong managed to retort; like Bulma, the reality of the situation was dawning on him as he stood at eyelevel with Bulma’s pair of mounds. This was it. The moment he'd waited for; had longed for. The moment he was going to lose his virginity. And what a woman he was going to lose it to – he'd desired Bulma ever since he first saw her the day she proudly zipped her jacket down to show him the size of her knockers. Numerous schemes to get with her had failed since then – a plan to drug her and take advantage of her sleeping form quickly came to mind – but now he was finally going to achieve his goal. After rubbing more jizz out of himself than he could count with the turquoise-haired teen on his mind, he was finally going to fuck her. He was going to fuck her brains out! Take her like the mighty boar he was!

Thanking all the gods he knew one last time, he pressed himself against the damp chasm, reveling as his tip parted her folds, granting him access into the tiny hole; Bulma whimpered as his length finally entered her. It- It's in?! Oolong shuddered as he experienced a woman's tightness for the first time. It felt so slick and warm! And her walls... It felt like they were trying to squeeze him to a standstill, contracting so tightly around him. Was... was this what a woman felt like? Incredible!

With Goku pulling out when he did, Bulma had found her climax to be lacking. Perhaps that was why she would be lying if she said she didn't feel Oolong delving through her, especially with all that throbbing, but he had his work cut out for him if he wanted to make her feel as Goku had. At least his girth somewhat compensated for his length. Her fists slightly clenched at her sides as he spread her.

As calm and collective as Bulma was during his voyage, Oolong was quickly losing himself in the astounding sensations surrounding his cock as he delved through her walls. He rambled his words unintelligently, unable to put his feeling of bliss into proper wording. It was so warm and tight around him! Though he tried to make the span of his anchoring as long as possible, his limited piece made him bottom out much earlier than he would have liked. He was rewarded with Bulma's first moan when his groin mashed against hers, her breasts wobbling ever so slightly as their bodies clashed.

"Ngh!" He couldn't believe it. This was Bulma's pussy?! If felt so good! Not even her mouth could compare! He was finally inside Bulma's pussy! After all those failed attempts, he was finally fucking Bulma! He oinked with glee as he endured her velvety walls when they tried to drain him. She felt even better than he imagined. "I'm fucking you! Bulma, I'm finally fucking you!" Already, his eyes squinted with bliss, his head lolling back, his shaft throbbing while he tried not to succumb to the pleasure; despite his earlier bravado, all he could do was keep his hands planted at the sides of Bulma's hips, opting to keep himself still in an attempt to get used to the undulation.

Bulma, on the other hand, was not impressed. She supposed she could enjoy this. His sausage didn't reach very deep, but his width did enough to ensure small sparks of pleasure. She knew he was reveling in losing his virginity to such a babe like herself, but at this pace she was never going to reach fulfillment. "Hey!" She began to gyrate her hips in an attempt to get his attention; all it did was force a series of moans out of Oolong's mouth. "Come on! Start moving, Oolong! Fuck me!" She gave him what he wanted, and now he had to return the favor.

"R- Right...!" Oolong's ear perked as Bulma released a drawn-out groan when he finally set himself in motion, drawing back a bit before ramming back in. "Y- Yeah! You like that, don't you, Bulma? You like feeling my dick inside!"

Bulma had to hold in her laugh. If he was attempting to talk dirty, he was failing... miserably.

Draw back your hips and then push back in. It sounded easy enough, but with Bulma's walls constraining him with their hold, it was harder than Oolong expected. Not only that, but with her muscles mercilessly undulating around him, he was already nearing the finish line. He closed his eyes, his face scrunching in an attempt to block out the sight of Bulma's spirited tits bouncing in line with his shoves, but... No! Not yet! He pleaded to himself, but he lacked the restraint to slow down. After only a few more thrusts, he reached his limit. Shit! He was already...! "B- Bulma!" He couldn't help it. His hips shoved forward on impulse, surging himself as deep as he could as his testicles began to spur their load inside the girl's slender walls, his ass cheeks tightening. "Ngh!"

"Huh?!" Bulma wailed as the first spurts of white filled her insides. She eyed the piggy as he came, his lithe frame thrusting erratically, his cheeks bulging. He looked pathetic... "Already?!" She sighed dejectedly as she felt his seeds fill her. And did he have to come inside? They didn't reach very far – none of the fluids came even close to her womb – but the thought of being filled with the fat, eager piggy's sperm wasn't an alluring one, and she didn't want to dwell on it much longer. Luckily, like his previous load, he was done pretty fast. Bulma groaned in disappointment. She put aside her pride and this was what she got? As his last throb ended, Oolong fell over, his head landing om Bulma's stomach, a little below her mounds. I should have known he was going to be a one pump chump...

"Ugh! Get off me, you perv!" Removing the tired piglet from her body with a heavy push, Bulma watched Oolong fall backwards without protest. She shook her head in disbelief. I can't believe that thing came inside me... He hadn't even come close to making her climax... With piggy cum still leaking from her nether region, she eyed Goku, whose cock had long since recovered from its release. "Ready to go, Goku?"

The spiky-haired boy nodded eagerly, lying down and waiting for the teen to mount him. Straddling Goku, Bulma maneuvered his prick against her gash, split her folds with her fingers, and dropped her hips. It wasn't like she ever had trouble anchoring him inside, but with the pig's jizz coating her walls, he slid in even easier than usual. "Hmmph!"

Hadn't Goku been so oblivious, perhaps he would've protested to Bulma churning Oolong's seeds with his dick, but the young boy beamed brightly to be inside Bulma's pussy again. "It's even slipper than normal, Bulma!" he cheered, his hands on Bulma's shapely hips. "It feels nice!"

Bulma agreed, and in no-time she'd settled into a rhythm and fucked the young boy to her heart's content, her springy tits wobbling in line with her bounce. Now this was what fucking was supposed to be like!

As he returned to the land of the living, Oolong sat up. For all his talk about fucking Bulma's brains out, he was embarrassed by his own performance. Watching the way Bulma reacted to Goku only rubbed more sault in his wounds. As embarrassing as it was to admit, with his length, if Bulma tried to ride him like this, he'd probably slip out more than once... Fittingly, Bulma's back was turned towards him, Goku's small legs beneath her. His eyes lowered until they rested on Bulma's backside. He licked his lips, very pleased with the view of Bulma's jutting ass, slightly spread as she maneuvered herself atop of the boy. He felt his dick twitch at the idea that began to form in his head, his lips twirling into a smirk. That Bulma... he'd show her he had what it took!

Bulma hadn't thought of what Oolong was doing while she rode the young Saiyan, but it was now clear that he had his own plans to continue the debauchery. Bulma gasped when she felt his presence behind her. She arched her back and looked down at the pig, who knelt behind her. "Oolong?!"

It should've been obvious. By straddling Goku, she had left her buttocks spread abashedly, and Oolong had taken advantage of that. He pushed the cheeks apart with a hand, his eyes homing in on the tight, puckered hole near the bottom of the crevice; just centimeters away, he saw Goku's cock pushing through Bulma's vaginal lips, but that was hardly his concern. He used his free hand to trace a finger around the rim of Bulma's anus, smirking when then ring of muscle tightened reflexively, accompanied by a whining protest.

Oolong's thumb and forefinger spread the hole as best as she could, though Bulma squirmed in defiance. "Just relax," the piglet told the teen who had haunted him so, focusing solely on the tight anus. "Just focus on riding Goku while I take care of you here." He pressed a fingertip on the hole and twisted it in a screwing fashion until it wedged through. Should've known a tight-ass like her would feel this narrow. A deep-throated sound of protest was his reward as the digit explored the tight cavern.

"No!" Bulma tingled from the sensation of having her asshole probed. Even during her private sessions with her fingers, she'd never stray back there. Where had he even learned about stuff like this? "Take it out!" It was a surprise than he actually listened, and she sighed with relief. "Just wait your turn, Oolong. Y- You can try again later, okay?" She regretted the words the moment they came out of her mouth. Great... now he expects to fuck me again... The prospect of Oolong delving into her again, splashing like a fish, wasn’t a very alluring one...

But not even the prospect of delving into Bulma's pussy again was enough to dissuade Oolong from his current efforts. He approached Bulma's backside again and spread the cheeks even wider than before. This time, he used his thumbs to spread her cheeks, and angled his prickle in line with her arse. Despite his previous orgasms, he was still rock-hard.

"You can't be serious," Bulma stammered the second she felt the head of the sausage bumping against her anus. Remaining traces of sperm smeared the rim and lubricated the hole. "You… you can't!" she beseeched, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. A lovely yelp was given when her back passage finally accepted the head. Grinning broadly at the successful intrusion, Oolong made to follow through, watching intently as the hole stretched around her girth. "N- No!" Bulma wailed when she felt him slip in. Her anal virginity... It'd been taken by a...! By a piggy! A piggy had taken her ass!

Unlike with her pussy, Oolong was swift; pushing himself through with all his might, bottoming out fast. Oolong admired his handywork when he bottomed out, spreading her cheeks to eye his clogged cock in her small arse. It felt different than when he'd been in her pussy. It was hot, and also very tight; he swallowed audibly. "How does it feel, Bulma?" Overcome with joy, Oolong released a swift and sudden swat against her buttocks. Bulma cried out from the spanking. Kami, this was even better than if his plan last night had succeeded! "How does it feel to have a piggy in your ass?!"

Kami, could he ever just shut up... Oh how desperately she wanted to berate him, but it took all her efforts to keep her strenuous body from breaking from the pressure she was under. Thank Kami for his small size. She couldn't imagine the discomfort if Goku ever decided to pierce her there. Sweat rolled down her heated heat, her breathing erratic. Thank Kami the boys were generous enough to give her time to adjust, even if it was only due to their own disbelief at the sensation surrounding their respective cocks.

Even Goku was rendered speechless. He was already throbbing. How? How was she was even tighter than before! Whatever Oolong did, it worked!

Finally, Bulma nodded and said that she was ready; as ready as she could be, in any case. That was all the duo needed. Goku lied down on his back, holding Bulma's waist as she rode him. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she worked Goku's shaft, bringing him wonderful sensations with her tightness and how she rocked her hips.

Hell, even Oolong was doing his part. The piglet kept in time with her, pulling out slightly as she came down and shoving back into her narrow passage whenever she pulled up on Goku – if they did it any other away, his small prickle likely would've slipped out by now, his petite frame doing all it could to keep himself nuzzled within Bulma's bowels. At times, he actually had to tip his toes to match the teen's lift. His thrusts weren't anywhere near as deep or as quick as Goku's, but she still felt him significantly. Much more than when he was in her pussy at least. Like this, he actually contributed to her wails. True, there were many instances when his thrusts bumbled and stalled, but it was never enough for the momentum to be lost. Not even the occasional oink of glee that came from his nose disrupted her rising stupor.

Oh Kami... It felt so good to have two cocks inside of her! Bulma imagined what it'd feel like to have a bigger cock fill her backside, stretching her to her limit while Goku fucked her front. Hell, it could even be that old man from the beach for all she cared! “Kyaaa!”

Unexpectedly, Oolong was the first to concede. "Bulma!" he cried out to signify his release. At least he held out longer than last time. Clutching her cheeks, he pushed forward as deep as he could. His eyes crossed upward, his cheeks bulging as he emptied his load inside Bulma's bowels. It was her third and final orifice to paint with his whites. He kept himself deep, pulsing with each burst.

When he was thoroughly drained, unaware of Bulma's efforts to cum, Oolong made to pull out of her, but her desperate hand clutched his head and urged him back inside. His dick didn't have its former sturdiness, especially after three releases, but he was stiff enough to stay inside the small hole. "Stay inside," she breathlessly told him. He made a few embarrassing sounds from the sensation of her bowels squeezing around his semi-hard cock, but did as he was told, his hands firmly on her hips, his hips pressed deep, remaining inside her arse as deep as he could. She had to be desperate if she wanted him of all people stay inside her.

Bulma was ashamed to admit that she came at the idea of the bandit from before and Goku filling her past her limits, the bandit's hands filling her wobbling tits whilst he fucked her ass. "Kyaa!" Her body tightened, muscles in both her rear and vagina narrowing and contracting. The gibberish sounds Oolong made behind her as he experienced her buttocks clenching around him would've disgusted her, but Bulma was on a cloud she never wanted to come down from. Her back lost its lift, her pressing breasts squelching against Goku's head as her body gave out, her hands clenched at his sides as her hips trashed wildly. Bulma's face wore a twisted expression, overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensation flowing through her; her mouth was agape, her tongue stuck out of her mouth, eyes half-lidded, lips twirled upwards and her entire body trembling. It was the biggest orgasm of her life.

Goku gritted his teeth whilst he tried to endure. As if she hadn't been tight enough! Her cavern collapsed around him, clamping down with such oppression that it became hard to move. Against such narrowness, the Saiyan was helpless. Driving himself as deep as he could, Goku's cock erupted inside the teen genius. He throbbed each time the goo was ousted into Bulma's narrowness, ready to journey into her womb and mingle with Oolong's earlier spillage. With her tight walls milking him for all he was worth, he kept bequeathing his seeds until his testicles were thoroughly drained.

For a moment, Bulma was perfectly content to lie her perspiration-covered body on top of Goku as their climaxes subsided, her body slack. She didn't even mind Oolong's weight pressing against her, his semi-erect prickle still anchored inside her ass, humping her like a dog. A sly grin covered her face as Goku's prick withered enough to slip out of her, feeling their releases pour down her legs. It was scary how good he had become in pleasing her. Her squelched breasts still smothered the boy, but she figured he wouldn't mind.

And she was right, for Goku would rather suffocate than tell Bulma to remove her pliable knockers from his gleeful face.

But when her senses gathered and she remembered what perverted degenerate still filled her backside, she grunted and threw Oolong off of her. Finally her asshole was unplugged and allowed to shrink, but not before she could feel piggy seeds dribble out of her hole as it sealed itself.

"Jeez, what was that for?" Oolong complained, glaring at Bulma as she lied down on the bed to take a breather. She was the one asking him to keep himself in her ass. Bitch! Though his irritation was high, his temper subsided as his eyes were directed to the young woman's bust. He licked his lips, acknowledging his opportunity. Her tits... they were finally in reach!

Goku lied down next to Bulma, his withered, satisfied prick resting against his thigh, a big grin on his face. "This was so much fun!"

Bulma felt inclined to agree. Her eyes trailed to Oolong, who had recognized his chance to finally have his greedy paws on her breasts and kept himself occupied by latching onto her tit and mantling her jug in saliva whilst he hungrily slurped her peachy nipple. His cock, though not hard anymore, hadn't lost all of its potency. Despite his quick shots, his insatiableness was commendable. Bulma wouldn't say she regretted involving Oolong in her debauchery. Not per se at least. Bedding the piggy wasn't her proudest moment, and he hadn't been even remotely talented, but he'd done his part in making the night enjoyable, and he had opened up her world to more daring sexual escapades in the future. She supposed she'd let him enjoy her breasts for a while longer as his reward for his efforts before she'd throw him off to shower and rid herself of the boys' spunk.

And who knows. If he can keep himself transformed into that handsome man from before, I might even let him join us again. Maybe he can give himself a bigger dick too! A sly, perverted smirk graced her beautiful face. The thought was actually kind of exciting.

"You two should get to bed soon, boys. Tomorrow, we'll travel to Fire Mountain!"

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